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SEPTEMBER 10, 2007

New 85hp 1.5 dCi engine boosts performance in Logan and Logan MCV

Logan and Logan MCV can now be powered by the 85hp version of the 1.5 dCi diesel engine. With its greater output and torque, it boosts the performances of both models, while further confirming Dacia’s billing as an economical line-up – both the saloon and MCV have very low combined cycle fuel consumption levels of 4.6l/100km and 5.2l/100km, respectively. CO2 emissions have also been contained, with Logan saloon emitting just 120g/km and Logan MCV only 137. Such figures are unrivalled in such roomy family cars. In Western Europe, the 85hp 1.5 dCi powers the Lauréate and Prestige versions of Logan and the Ambiance and Lauréate versions of Logan MCV. Like the rest of the Dacia range, all these versions benefit from a three-year or 100,000kilometre warranty.
In the wake of the 70hp 1.5 dCi engine, the 85hp unit is now available on Logan and Logan MCV, thus enriching the range of Dacia’s diesel powertrain packages. Developing peak power of 85hp at 3,750rpm, it uses – like the 70hp version – a second generation common rail direct injection system, which compresses only the amount of fuel that is strictly necessary. It is characterized by the turbocharger’s absolute boost pressure of 2.3 bars – 0.4 higher than for the 70hp engine.

3 seconds – more than 3 seconds fastest than the 70hp unit. while the Logan MCV takes 14.The 1.900rpm – with 90% available from 1. These figures are very low for such roomy family vehicles and help the Dacia 1. Developing torque of 200Nm at 1. CO2 emissions are respectively 120g/km for the saloon car and 137g/km for the MCV.500rpm – the 85hp 1. The Logan 1.5 dCi 85 genuinely gives Logan and Logan MCV an extra lease of liveliness.5 dCi 85 consumes a mere 4.2l/100km.5 dCi engine complies with Euro IV standards. and Logan MCV only 5. Logan 1. Unrivalled CO2 emission performances Such levels of performance nevertheless remain consistent with fuel-efficiency and CO2 emissions.6 litres of fuel per 100 kilometres in combined cycles. with one-third of them emitting less than 120kg/km. of course. 2 . the 85hp 1.5 dCi contribute directly to one of the pledges outlined in the Renault Commitment 2009 – to sell one million vehicles emitting less than 140g/km of CO2.5 dCi 85 can accelerate from standstill to 100kph in just 13 seconds (a gain of 2 seconds compared to the 70hp version).5 dCi engine ensures that the entire Logan lineup is capable of acceleration in all situations. And.

Like the rest of the Dacia line-up these versions benefit from a three-year or 100.5 dCi engine powers Logan Lauréate and Prestige.dacia-logan. an extremely attractive price.000-kilometre warranty Other information is available on the following Internet sites: www.: + 33 (0)1 76 84 63 36 3 . in In some countries the 85hp 1. High-resolution photos and illustration can be downloaded from: www.It is combined with a 5-speed JR5 manual gearbox with a shorter gear ratio. it powers Logan MCV Ambiance and Lauréate versions. of course.daciagroup. which fully exploits the 200 Nm of Press Office contact: Tel. adapted to its greater power.

2 11.000 rpm in 1st In 2nd In 3rd in 4th in 5th STEERING Turning circle diameter between kerbs (m) Steering wheel turns (half travel) (manual/power assisted) SUSPENSION Front axle WHEELS AND TYRES Standard wheels Standard tyres.750 200 1.27 39. Common Rail + Multi-injection Turbocompressor + Intercooler Diesel S 10. power (rpm) Max.36 22.15 32. torque (rpm) Injection type Induction system Fuel Catalytic converter GEARBOX Type Gears Speed (kph) at 1.25 McPherson type strut with wishbone H-shaped programmed deflection torsion beam Rear axle coil springs 6.85hp 1.25 30.59 24. torque (Nm CEE) Engine speed at max.900 Direct. front/rear JR5 5 8.85 42.56 15.0 J 15 185/65 R 15 4 .21 7.89 14.5 / 3.5 4 17.84 LOGAN MCV Manual Euro IV 5 5 (7) K9K 796 1461 76 x 80.50 4.5 dCi TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS LOGAN Engine Gearbox Pollution control Number of seats ENGINE CHARACTERISTICS Engine type Capacity (cc) Bore x stroke (mm) Number of cylinders Compression ratio Valves Maximum power (kW CEE (hp)) Engine speed at max.9 8 63 (85) 3.

610 2.075 665 410 1.3 4.2 Unladen kerb weight. trailer weight. braked Max.700 (2750) 601 (615) 1. unbraked 1.BRAKES Type of braking circuit ABS Bosch 8.000m standard (secs.205 (1255) 700 (725) 505 (530) 1. front axle X Standard Standard 259 8” 260 9’’ 167 13’’00 35''00 0.300 (1300) 640 (665) 5 .806 (1870) 2.) 1.8 5. gross vehicle weight (GVW) Gross train weight (GTW) Payload (CU) Max.36 120 5.2 4. rear axle Max.6 50 1. A°/C as option Unladen kerb weight Unladen kerb weight. in inches PERFORMANCES Max.9 4.100 575 163 (163) 14’’30 (14’’60) 36''00 (36’’20) 137 5.350 535 1. in mm Rear brake drum size.0 Electronic Brakeforce Distribution Diameter of front discs. trailer weight. speed (kph) 0-100 kph (secs.) AERODYNAMICS Cd FUEL CONSUMPTION per EEC standards 99/100 (l/100km) CO2 (g/km) Urban cycle Extra-urban cycle Combined cycle CAPACITIES Fuel tank (l) WEIGHTS (kg).