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- Dr Praveen Saxena

We are all a toxic cesspool from a lifetime accumulation of c emicals - c emicals t at are foun! in our air" foo!" an! #ater$ Stu!ies of c emicals store! in t e fat of umans s o# t at %&&' of people teste! ave !ioxins" PC(s" !ic loro)en*ene" an! x+lene$$ ,or no# #e ave t e proof t at it is t e stea!+ silent accumulation over a lifetime t at pro!uces most !iseases" inclu!in- cancer$ (ut t e present tren! merel+ sees ever+ !isease as a !eficienc+ of some !ru- or sur-er+" or tells us t ere is no .no#n cause or cure$ T ere is no# no /uestion t at t ese accumulate! toxins are )e in! nearl+ ever+ !isease" s+mpton"

in0ur+ an! malfunction of t e )o!+$ If #e -et t ese u)i/uitousl+ unavoi!a)le toxic c emicals out of t e )o!+" #e can reverse an! even cure t e most opeless !iseases$

PEOP1E IND213IN3 IN THE ,O11OWIN3 NEED TO 4TTEND TOXICITY IN CITY 555 2se plastic containers or #rap to store foo! 555Eat micro#ave foo!s t at ave plastic pac.a-in5552se su-ar su)stitutes or eat foo!s #it su-ar su)stitutes 555 Eat non-or-anic cereals" )rea! or ot er -rain pro!ucts 555 Drin. non-or-anic coffee 555 Eat foo!s t at contain +!ro-enate! fats" suc as !al!a" mar-arine 555 Eat foo!s t at contain canola oil or cottonsee! oil 555 Eat fat-free foo!s or snac.s ma!e #it fat su)stitutes 555 Drin. tap #ater at ome or at restaurants 555 Drin. )evera-es from a can or plastic )ottle 555 6e-ularl+ eat )roile!" frie! or )ar)e/ue! foo!s 555 Eat fis 555 Eat non-or-anic fruits" ve-eta)les" -rains" meats or !air+ foo!s 7all t+pes8 555 2se aluminum or non-stic. coo.#are 5552se lotions" soaps an! s ampoos #it s+nt etic fra-rances 5552se antiperspirants 5552se cosmetics" air colorin-" nail polis 5552se ma.e-up 5552se sunscreen #it P4(4 555 2se toot paste or mout #as #it fluori!e" # iteners 555 Have or ever a! mercur+ 7metal amal-am8 fillin-s 555Smo.e or ave ever smo.e! 555 (reat e cit+ air 555Sleep on a mattress containin- flame retar!ants 5

5552se ome cleanin- pro!ucts t at contain s+nt etic c emicals 555Wor. or live in an area t at as #oo! ca)inets or ne# furnis in-s 555Wor. or live in an area #it painte! #alls 555Wor. or live in an area t at as s+nt etic carpetin555 2se pestici!es an! fertili*ers on la#ns" trees an! s ru)s 555 2se furniture polis " s+nt etic air fres eners" )leac

555Ha! cancer" !ia)etes" eart !isease !epression" o)esit+" liver !isease or i- )loo! pressure con!itions treate! )+ p armaceuticals 555 S o# s+mptoms suc as aller-ies" ras es" sensitivities to foo!s or c emicals Sometimes ave fati-ue or nausea 555 S o# si-ns of num)ness" pain or stiffness 555 Sometimes feel !i**+ 555 Sometimes ave memor+ loss or ina)ilit+ to concentrate 555 Sometimes ear rin-in- in +our ears 555 Sometimes feel irrita)le or !epresse! 555 Experience ea!ac es 555 Sometimes ave !ifficult+ )reat in-" or currentl+ use an in aler 555 4re prone to -et a col! or flu or fre/uentl+ -et sic. 555 4re over#ei- t