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D.Saran Kumar, s/o K.P. Devendran, New 37, kollupuram Illam, ground floor, theppakulam st-2, o!m"atore-#$% &&%, 'am!l Nadu. (ma! Phone num"er: 91-99947 7 49

!R"#ESS$"%&' "()E*+$,E: To work in a globally competitive, team oriented environment and seeking for a challenging job in a concern that would provide me a chance to enhance and shape my skills and prove my ability to the concern. E-!ER$E%*E: %. Presentl) work!ng !n *+/s (ng!neers Ind!a ,td-, +.P, /+undra .hat!nda P!pel!ne ltd0 pro1e2t as a 3eld!ng/ND' (ng!neer, through +/s 4arv! (n2on Pvt ,td. 2. *.haarat Inspe2t!on 5erv!2es- as a 6ual!t) 2ontrol eng!neer /7ef no8.I5/6 /&&9%/2&&:0 from +a) 2&&7 to ;une 2&&9. RES!"%S$($'$+$ES: %. 7ad!ograph!2 <!lm Interpretat!on of welds and evaluat!ng !t as per 2ode and standard. 2. 3elder =ual!f!2at!on as per 2ode, >ultrason!2 test!ng operator =ual!f!2at!on. 3. he2k!ng the raw mater!als as per 'D and attestat!on re=u!rements and allo2at!ng !t as per attestat!on to the g!ven =uant!t) !n produ2t!on draw!ng. $. 5tud)!ng the ops, =p, wps, p=r for feas!"!l!t) of se=uent!al operat!ons. ?. 5tage !nspe2t!on of pressure parts as per draw!ngs. #.@!sual !nspe2t!on of welds for atta2hments !n pressure parts. 7. Inspe2t!on, f!t up of tu"ular produ2ts l!ke <!n welded panels, <us!on welded panels, (2onom!ser 2o!ls, 5uperheater 2o!ls and 7eheater 2o!ls. :. oord!nat!ng w!th ND' department for 2he2k!ng of welds us!ng proper ND( methods. 9. @er!f)!ng the preheat, postheat, P3A' w!th respe2t to =p, wps and 2odes. %&. <!nal d!mens!onal !nspe2t!on of 2omponents as per dwg re=u!rements. %%. Preparat!on of var!ous do2uments re=u!red ") I.7 and 2oord!nat!ng w!th 'h!rd part) !nspe2t!on agen2!es for 2learan2e of produ2ts

2ourse from 37I /3eld!ng 7esear2h Inst!tute0 . * 3eld!ng Inspe2tor. . o!m"atore.. $%-!'&%+ +R&$%$%.&# D /Karpagam 2ollege of eng!neer!ng. o!m"atore. o!m"atore. .evel F II /45N'0 +agnet!2 Part!2le 'est!ng 8. >ltrason!2 'est!ng 8. var!a"les !n weld!ng pro2esses l!ke 5+43. Pro-( 3!ld <!re 3. : • In-Plant tra!n!ng for a per!od of two weeks !n :&m<al +rainin2 *3n5r3. &*&DEM$* RE*"RDS: • • • . 'am!lnadu0-5tate"oard &RE&S "# $%+ERES+: • 3eld!ng 'e2hnolog) !R")E*+ DE+&$'S: +i5l3 Dura5ion +3am Si83 : Dual *oolan5 +3mp3ra5ur3 S3nsor : +a) &# to +ar2h &7 : <our !ro93c5 5yp3 : 5ponsored ") :!ricol 'imi537. 5ele2t!on of ele2trodes B weld!ng parameters. o!m"atore. 'r!2h).!=u!d Penetrant 'est!ng 8.+e2han!2al .33 D /5hr! Nehru @!d)ala)a. * 7ad!ograph!2 <!lm Interpreta!on. 3. : 3!ndows EP.E.%2.7$.. 'am!lnadu0-+atr!2ulat!on . %3..2ourse from I35 /Ind!an 3eld!ng 5o2!et)0 7ad!ograph) 'est!ng 8. +E*/%$*&' 0U&'$#$*&+$"%: %..73 D /5hr! Nehru @!d)ala)a. 3!ndows 9:. +IC/+4C.evel F II /45N'0 *"M!U+ER !R"#$*$E%*1: 'an2ua23 !ac4a23 !la56orms Us37 : . /.evel F II /45N'0 .as!2s of language.td0.:?. 'am!lnadu0 EII E . 'IC.(. 2. Knowledge !n 54P env!ronment. : 4>'G 4D.:3.. o!m"atore.evel F II /45N'0 .A(.harat Aeav) (le2tr!2als .

EME%+S : • • Aeld 2lass =r7 !n f!rst semester. . /"(($ES: • • N!th)a dh)anam +ed!tat!on. DE*'&R&+$"% I here") de2lare that all the !nformat!on furn!shed a"ove are true to the "est of m) knowledge . !lac3: o!m"atore.U&. : C3&?$&#2 : K.'am!l. ?ri53 : (ngl!sh. Sp3a4 : (ngl!sh.'am!l. 3at2h!ng 2r!2ket.5akunthala.'am!l. : +ale : Ind!an. :5uper!ntendent. G"ta!ned 1s5 mark !n :.!n the ?th semester.Saran Kumar. : D. &23 : 2$ )ears '&%. !ERS"%&' DE+&$'S: %am3 Da53 o6 <ir5h .PA . : +.ES K%"?%: R3a7 : (ngl!sh.3n73r %a5ionali5y !asspor5 %o #a5h3r>s %am3 "ccupa5ion Mo5h3r>s %am3 "ccupa5ion.P. : 29-&9-%9:?.' Dynamics an7 Spac3 !!ness.Pooluvapatt! .&*&DEM$* &*/E$. Devendran :Harn .

S&R&% KUM&RA .Da53: @D.