"Mom I am not going!

Y ou cannot mak e me go spend my entir e summer a t a camp in the mid dle of n owher e with him!" yelling a t my mom and then tur ning ar ound to g lar e a t the onl y per son in the w or ld tha t can tr ul y mak e my li fe miser able. His name w as Aar on T homas. His mom and mine ga ve bir th to the both o f us in the same hospital r oom (o f cour se me being bor n f ir st by 4 minutes) and they became best friends e ver since. Aar on and I, not so muc h. He had br own hair a t ear s le gth with haz el ey es and a taned body fr om playing soccer and ska te boar ding. He w as a bout 5'11 and I w as 5'6. P eople at sc hool thought w e look ed alik e because I too had br own hair but blueish g reen ey es. But w e w er e f ar fr om alik e. I r emember on my 9th bir thday par ty, w ell, our par ty because our moms insisted on a joint par ty, I w as going to w alk up to him and say tha t it w as time f or cak e. He w as by the pool with his best friend S am ar guing a bout something so I quic kened my pace to hear w ha t w as going on. "You can' t tell!" y elled Aar on. "W ha t ar e y ou going to do if I do , huh? Oh look its Emil Come o ver her e Emil y" said S am. y.

I w as no w skipping to war ds them as i f i didnt hear the yelling. Aar on didnt look to ha pp y with Sam or me. I didnt do anything y et. But tha ts ho w Aar on alw ays look ed a t me. Anno yed. "I w as just talking to Aar kno w y our opinion on it." A little confused I ans on a bout something and w anted to

wer ed, "Sur e, w ha t is it?"

"W ha t w ould y ou say i f I-" T ha ts w hen he did it. Aar on pushed me into the pool be for e I e ven had a c hance to hear S am finish his question. W hy didn't Aar on w ant me to hear Sam's

question ? I w as ang r y! Not onl y w as Aar on r ude but he pushed me inthe pool with costume on. W e w er e the po wer ranger s because unli ke mos t gir ls I w asn' t gir l y(I w as the yello w one e ven though my mother w anted me to be the pink one. Aar on w as the r ed one so w e w ould ma tc h.) Anyw ays, I tried to s wim up , but my costume w as too hea vy. I had my my helmet on and my coustume w asnt v er y light. I sa t at the bottom of the pool w aiting f or someone to come and help . Aar on w as a jer k but I knew he w ouldnt let me die. Or at leas t I hope he w on't. Something had div ed in f aster than I actuall y thought. I couldn't tell if it w as my dad or some other par ent because my ey es w er e be ginning to sting. T hey br ought me to the surf ace and by tha t time ther e w as a cr owd of people w aiting to bring me up . I sta r ted c hoc king out some water and a fter a f ew minutes I w as fine. "Honey ar e y ou ok? Do "No Im fine. W go?" y ou w ant some w ater ?" mom said. her e did he

ho pulled me out? I dont see dad. W

"He w ent to get mor e sodas. him a huge thank y ou."

Aar on pulled y ou out. Y ou o we

"A thank y ou! HE WAS T HE ONE T HAT PUSH ED M E IN! I WOULD HA VE DIED BECA USE OF HIM AND Y OU WANT ME T O SAY THANK Y OU!" "W ell if it w asn't f or him y ou may not be br ea thing right no No w I don't w ant anymor e fuss f rom y ou. S ay thank y ou." w.

I tur ned to Aar on. Ga ve him a f ak e smile and said" T hank y ou Aar on.....FO R NEARL Y K ILLING ME ON MY BIR THD AY!!" W ith tha t I got up and w al ked into my r oom. He ne ver said sor r y or anything and f or the r est o f the night he just ignor ed me. And n ow 6 y ear s l ater our par ents still ma ke us hang out with

eac h other w hen c lear l y w e do not lik e eac h other a t all. "Emil y Anne T aylor y ou do not speak to a guest li ke tha t. You ar e going to camp with him w hethe r y ou lik e it or not. No w go get y our things y our f ather is w aiting in the car . " S he tur ned to Aar on. "Sw eethear t w hy dont y ou get in the car , Emil y will be ther e in a second." "T hank y ou Mr s. T aylor" he said. He tur ned to me with a smug smile lik e he w on f ir st priz e and decided to sho w it of f lik e I got second. P ar ent s lik e to think tha t he is suc h a g rea t guy and alw ays admir es him sooo muc h. I on the other hand dont buy f or his little games. I kno w his sc hemes, his tric ks and they dont w or k on me. I w ent to get my ba gs upstai r s and sho ved them into the tr unk. I se riousl y de ba ted g rabbing Aar ons sui tcase and thr owing it in the r oad f or a car to r uno ver but my mom w as watc hing me with one o f tho se y ou-bette r-beha ve-y our self looks. S o i just c limbed in the bac k sea t and s tay ed as f ar aw ay f rom Aar on as possible. W e pulled out of the driv ew ay and hear d mom say , "Ha ve a g rea t trip honey see y ou in a couple w eeks. T r y to ha ve some fun f or me okay ." I tur ned to look a t Aar ons ar rogant smile. "T ha t w on' t be possible." I w asnt too ha pp y with my par ents a t this point. I mean ar ent par ent s suppose to mak e y ou ha pp y and w ant to giv e y ou a good summer . T hey kno w I ha te Aar on but despite tha t they still mak e me go on this stupid trip with him. I w as infuria ted! Ho w could they do this to me?! Do the y w ant me to suf fer? Do they w ant to tor tur e me? I guess I couldnt blame my par ents. Ev er since J ak e and I br ok e up I had been mopp y and depr es sed. I r efused to go out with my friends f or a w eek and almost alw ays sta yed in my room. I didnt w ant any one to see my lik e this. I w as hear t

br ok en. Jak e w asn't special or anything but he was my fir st bo yfriend. I alw ays f elt li ke I could tr us t him and tell him anything. He w as onl y a couple months older than me and was the star in var sit y f ootball. He w as 6'1, v er y tanned body , had a six pac k, his ey es w er e blue li ke mine with br unette hair sha ped into a r eall y good f ohawk. It alw ays r eminded me of Da vid Bec kham. Anyw ays, J ak e w as a jer k. He had dumped a gir l in our c lass named Laur en Sw an f or me. I can see w hy he w ould dump her though. S he w as head c heer leader and w as v er y coc k y. She ne ver lik ed me a fter she f ound out J ak e had dumped her f or me. She e ven put dead fish in my loc ker to scar e me o f f, lik e a w ar ning. Bu t I ne ver got scar ed. J ak e ask ed me out a w eek la ter and I couldnt help but say y es. I mean he w as just so hot! It all w ent pr et ty good a t f ir st. He had said tha t I w as "his one and onl y".( Ha, right!) But the sad thing w as, is tha t I belie ved him. He w as soo con vincing and I w as lo ve s tr uc k. Two w eeks la ter I w ent to his house to giv e him soup because he had told me he got the "flu." I w as going to supri se him and c limb thr ough his windo w but as I w as climbing, I saw him giving head to another gir l in our Eng lish class. I w as so disa ppointed in myself . Ho w could I ha ve belie ved him?! T he ne xt day I called him up to meet me a t Starbuc ks. It w as over. I made it as simple as pos sible. "J ak e, I think w e should br eak up . Maybe e ventuall y w e can be friends but nothing mor e than tha t. Im sor r y J ak e. By e." End of stor y. I had a new pr oblem on my hands. Ho w to get out of going to camp . But tha t w as IMPOS SIBLE. T her e r eall y w as no point in ar guing with my dad because I knew he had nothing to do

with this. Mom alw ays planned these things. I tried to calm do wn and just r elax. Ho w bad could it be right ? Wr ong. "Hey dad? W her e ar e w e going?" view mir ror. I said looking into the r ear

"W e ar e heading onto the fr eew ay to go to the dr op y ou tw o kids of f."

air por t w her e I

"THE AIRPOR T! WHA T! PLEAS E TELL ME T HAT HE," pointing to Aar on, "I S ON ANO THER PLANE A T L EAST!" "Oh Ems dont same plane." thr ow a fit no w. And y es, y ou tw o ar e on the

"Dad! T his is so un fair! I dont w ant to sit ne xt to him f or another hour or ho wever long the f light is going to tak e." "You ar ent the onl y one E mil y. Its not lik e I ask ed f or thi s to ha ppen to me either . Id r ather be ska ting than hang out with you" Aar on said. Aar on w asnt looking out the windo w anymor e. He w as no w glaring a t me with his stupid ey es. I guess tha t means he wants w ar. W ell I will giv e him w ar. "W ell maybe, Aar on, you should mind y our o wn buisne ss instead of e avesdr opping. Y ou ar e so r ude!" "W ell maybe, Emil y, it is my buisness. You ar ent the onl y one tha t has to deal with this. And a t least Im not thr owing a huge fit lik e a little ba by." "Maybe y ou should jus t go to hell! And w hile y ou'r e a t it y ou-" as easil y

T ha ts w hen my dad decided to step in. He w anno yed. A tr ait tha t I ha ppen to inherit.

"ENOUGH! I am tir ed of y ou tw o alw ays fighting! No beha ving or else!" "Hmph." W hy cant Aar on shut up and mind his o No w w e ar e both in tr ouble.

w star t

wn buisne ss!

I decided to just star e out the windo w the r est of the w ay to the air por t. I didnt f eel lik e ar guing anymor e and ha ving my dad y ell a t us. I tried to se t aside my anger and just r elax. It wouldnt hur t if I tried to ha ve a good time. Maybe I will mak e some new friends. Y eah tha ts it! I will just mak e some new friends and ignor e Aar on. T ha t might just w or k. In onl y a ma tte r of minutes w e w er e a t the air por t. M y dad was a pr etty f ast driv er, e ven f or his a ge. Bu t w hos to complain, a t leas t Im ne ver la te f or sc hool. "Ok guys w e ar e her e" dad said. He got out of the car . Aar on quic kl y f ollo wed, lea ving me last to get out o f the car . By the time tha t I got out my lug ga ge had alr eady been tak en out and sa t a t the sidew alk. I w alk ed up to my dad and ga ve him one huge bear hug. Although, I w as alw ays the one to giv e up f ir st. "Cant.....br ea the!" I mana ged to say gasping f or air . My dad let go and be gan to laugh. "Haha sor r y E ms. N ow y ou tw o tak e car e ok. I dont w ant the air por t calling me saying tha t y ou tw o tried to st rang le eac h other . I will miss y ou guys. Ha ve fun ok?" "Dad dont w or r y. I f I tried to kill Aar on it w ont be fr om st rang ling. Although tha t is a good sug gestion." My dad ga ve me his serious f ace. "Ok, ok I w ont kill him. J ust f or y ou dad." "Good. No w y ou guys bette r get to sor r y. Lo ve y ou tw o. Beha ve." y our ga te. Bet ter saf e than

W hy do par ents alw ays seem to say tha t. Better saf e than sor r y. T ha t w as alw ays the one thing tha t I could ne ver figur e out. Oh w ell. We got to the door s and tur ned ar ound. My dad w as w aiting a gainst his car to mak e sur e w e a t least go to the door withou t killing eac h other . W e w aved him goodby e and headed to the c hec k-in line. I dont kno w w ha t it is a bout air por ts but they ar e alw ays cold. Its li ke the people w or k her e ar e coldblooded and can onl y f unction with the cold a tmosphe re. I ha ted air por ts. Security w as alw ays the w or st. You not onl y had to w ait for ever to get to the fr ont o f the line but y ou also had to tak e of y our shoe s. I mean common tha ts just so unsani tar y. It took almos t an eter nit y to r eac h ga te 24. And on top of tha t, w e had to w ait another 20 minutes f or a plane to be ready to boar d. I didnt r eall y w ant to ar gue with Aar on right no w so I sta red out and w atc hed as people just st rolled by . T he best par t of air por ts is tha t they ar e so div er se. I alw ays lik ed just obser ving di f fer ent kinds o f people and ho w the y go about their day . Its inter esting. W ell a t least I think its inter esting. Alw ay s something new to obser ve. I must ha ve been deep in my thought because a t f ir st I didnt hear Aar on yelling to get my a tten tion. "Emil y! Hellloooooo! Any one home" Aar on said w hile w aving his hand in f ront o f my f ace. "W ha t do y ou w ant Aar on?" I said with a har sh tone. "Look w e ha ve another ten minutes and I m bor ed."

"W ha t do y ou w ant me to do a bout tha t? W hy dont y ou go to the top o f the building and see if y ou can fl y? T ha t should be

fun." "No need to game." be so har sh Em. I w as thinking w e can play a

"A game? You ar e suc h a kid. W ha t game can w e possible play in an air por t?" "T r uth or dar e," he said smiling. "T r uth or dar e? Haha, tha ts suc h a kid game." "W ell, Emil y, I can see tha t y ou ar e being a little ba by and is too scar ed to play one little game, so I w ont ma ke y ou play ." "I AM N OT A B ABY! I f y ou w ant to play so bad then go fir st. T r uth or dar e?" "T r uth." "Ha look w hos the ba by no w. Ok, hmm. Name all the gir ha ve lik ed this y ear ." ls y ou lets play . I

He r aised his ey ebr ows and then sta r ted. "Hmm...W ell Sar ah O. since she was my gir lfriend. J ac kie K. and then Laur en S." "LA UREN S WAN! YOU LIKE HER! SH ES SO MEAN THOUGH. I CANT BEL IEVE Y OU LIK ED LA UREN SWAN. I MEAN TH ERE ARE SO MANY O THER PEO PLE Y OU COULD HA VE L IKED!" "Geez Ems ar e y ou jealous ? I didnt kno att ractiv e to y ou." w tha t I w as tha t

"HA! You wish. I am not jealous. S hes just lik e the meanest per son aliv e. Ugh ne ver mind I dont f eel lik e ar guing a bout her o f all people. Its y our tur n and I c hoose tr uth." "And I was the ba by. I cant think of any other question so Im

going to

steal y our s. W ha t guys ha ve y ou lik ed this y ear?" ned to

"Hm...W ell ther e w as J ak e the jer k, Ed die, and..." I tur face the g round " and Sam."

"WHA T! SAM AS IN SAM MY BE ST FRIEND! HE S NO T EVEN YOUR TY PE. EWW HO W COULD Y OU L IKE SAM OF ALL PEO PLE?" "Look w ho sounds jealous n ow. You dont e ven kno w my type. I didnt kno w tha t I w as soo a ttr acti ve to y ou." "I w ouldnt k eep y our hopes up . I mean I m just saying T her e w as no one else r eall y?"


"It w as jus t a f all ba ck dont w or r y. I dont e ven lik e him anymor e. T r uth or dar e?" "T r uth." "W ha t gir ls ha ve y ou e ver secr etl y w anted to kis s?"

He brings his hand to his c hin and star ts to think f or a minute. "I w ould say J ac kie, S ar ah, E lsie tha t gir l tha t liv es on the cor ner and-" "ATT ENTION ALL P AS SENGERS. W E WILL NO W BE BO AR DING ROWS A-B . P LEASE T AK E Y OUR BEL ONG INGS AND L INE UP BEHIND THE FR ONT DE SK. A GAIN, BO ARDING ALL S EA TS IN ROWSA-B ." I w as tak en by suprise f rom the lady speaking tha t I near l y jumped of f my sea t. I guess it look ed r eall y f unny to Aar on because he w as laughing hyste ricall y and c lutc hing his side lik e he w as tr ying to hold himself f rom f alling a par t. "Ugh it w asn t tha t funny Aar on."

I stood u p, took my lug ga ge, and took my place in line. It didnt tak e tha t long f or Aar on to come and stand by me. "Ok sor r y Ems I didnt mean to mak e y ou f eel bad. But couldnt e xpect me to not laugh." "I guess. W ha te ver, I f or giv e y ou." ket to the lady and w aited f or her to let me y ou

I handed my tic thr ough.

"Aw w ho w cute. Y ou and y our br other ha ve a fun and saf e trip ." she said looking a t me and then a t Aar on and bac k to me. "Oh um w e ar ent r ela ted" looking bac k a t Aar on, " I dont e ven kno w him actuall y," smiling a t Aar on. She handed me bac Aar on. k my tic ket and let me pass. T hen I hear d

"Actuall y shes right w e ar ent r ela ted because she s my gir lfriend. Shes jus t a little cr ank y because she ha tes it w hen Im ar ound beautiful w omen suc h as y our self . Ha ve a nice day ," winking to the lady . "W ell thank y ou Mr . T homas. Same to y He tur ned and w alk ed to my side. "T ha t lady w as lik e tw enty something y ear s old and y our hitting on her! And w hy did y ou tell her I w as y our gir lfriend. T ha t w as r eall y idiotic" I said tr ying to w alk in fr ont o f him "W hy does it ma tter ? Its not anytime soon." lik e w e ar e going to see her ou."

"W ha te ver." We w alk ed into the plane and g reeted the staf f. Aar on let me tak e the windo w sea t because I guess he w anted the aisle sea t. But I thought tha t w as w eir d because he lo ved to windo w sea t, as do I, so I thought he w ould giv e me a hassle about it. T ha ts w hen I r emember ed a bout the little game w e wer e ha ving. "Hey y ou ne ver finished y to f ace him. our ans wer" I said tur ning my body

He took out a blank et fr om under the sea t, mo ved ar ound a little bit and said "Maybe w hen w e play tr uth or dar e a gain. I m tir ed. I didnt get sleep last night." He opened his ey es to look a t me and then I said, " Do y expect me to belie ve y ou?" ou

"No I didnt," he sighs and sits up ," Im tir ed because my ba by sis ter Hannah w ouldnt shut up and cooper ate with me w hen I tried to ba bysi t her y es ter day . M y par ents came home la te even w hen they said they w ould be home ear l y this time. Plus, Hannah ne ver stopped cr ying last night r esulting to me being tir ed." "Oh ok tha t sounds tr ue. I h ate ba bysit ting Lance. Hes suc pain." "Yeah ba by sitting suc ks." "Mhm. S o ar e y ou going to finish or w ha t?" h a

"Ne xt time I m bor ed in an air por t with y ou then I will tell y ou the r est of my ans wer." "Ugh y ou ar e impossible. W ha te ver its f ine."

W ith tha t w e w er e alr eady on the of f. "Nite Aar on." He adjusted himself

r un w ay and r eady to tak e

and said, "Nite Ems." f.

And then the plane took of

T he plane ride took longer than I had e xpected. F our hour s! Well, it didn ’t seem too long since I slept f or most of the ride. Don ’t get me wr ong I w as sleeping f or pr etty long until Aar on decided to mess with me. I w ok e up after a w hile because I hear d laughing. No doubt it was Aar on but I didn ’t get why he w as laughing. “W hy ar e y ou laughing?” I ask ed half asleep .

“Laughing? I w asn ’t- Ohh y eah I w as laughing because the mo vie said something funny .” Aar on said pointing to war ds the T.V. “W ha te ver, I ha ve to go to the ba thr oom.”

I star ted w alking to the ba thr oom w hen I saw this r eall y hot guy . He w as a bout my a ge and he w as looking a t me! But then he sta r ted laughing lik e I just told him some hilarious jok e. He pok ed his f riends ar m to look o ver a t me and then his friend joined in. W hy w er e they laughing a t me! I couldn ’t handle it. I sta r ted to r un f or the ba thr oom not reall y sur e w ha t I w as r unning fr om in the fir st place and shut the ba thr oom door behind me. T hen it hit me. I look ed in the mir ror and ther e w as writing on my f ace!!! I am going to kill Aar on! He wr ote C AUT ION DO RK ALER T all o ver my f ace! No w onder those guys w er e laughing a t me! Aar on s suc h a jer k!

I scr ub bed o f f all the wri ting on my f ace and ad ded mor e ey eliner on since it w as smudged and w alk ed out of the ba thr oom. T hose tw o hot guys w er e still laughing w hen I came out. I hear d one o f them sa y: “W hoa Brian w atc h out the dor k is coming up the isle.” “J er ks” I mumbled onl y f or them to hear .

I a ppr oac hed our isle and w aited f or Aar on to stand up and mo ve so I could get to my sea t. He w as still laughing as w ell. Jer k! “Plane tic kets: 89 dollar s. Ma gic Mar ker : 4 dollar s. T he look on y our f ace: Priceless!” “Aar on, y ou ar e suc h a jer k y ou kno w. F or once I thought maybe y ou could c hange and actuall y be a decent human being but tha t’ s unli kel y isn ’t it?” “Aww come on Ems. Ok look I’m sor r y. W ill y ou f or giv e me?”

He put on his a ttempt o f a pupp y dog f ace. Lik e tha t w ould wor k. Ha “I will f or giv e y ou w hen I get y ou bac k. So w atc h y our bac k.” T he r est of the flight w as alright. Aar on insisted on anno ying me and w e got in tr ouble with the stew ar des s a lot. Hey , it’ s not my f ault he’ s anno ying, lady . We landed in some place I didn ’t car e a bout in P ennsylvania. As w e w er e e xiting the plane I smiled a t the stew ar des s and said," T hank y ou v er y muc h." S he g lar ed ba ck, “I hope y ou had as muc h f un as I did, s weetie.” S omeone w as pmsing geez! Aar on and I got our stuf f and f ound someone with a sign with our names on it. At least our par ents w er e on top o f things. A shor t man in a suit, pr oba bl y in his 40s, smiled a t us and took our b a gs.

“My name is J ar ed and I will be escor ting y ou to Camp Gr eenside. W ould y ou lik e to stop anyw her e along the w ay?” Aar on being the jer k he is star ted bossing him ar ound. H ow r ude can y ou get? T he poor guy pr oba bl y ha tes his job and no w he has to driv e to teena ger s ar ound. I f elt bad f or the man. “Aar on just shut up f or once and lea ve the guy alone! Geez ho w r ude ar e y ou,” I tur ned to J ar ed," You can just tak e us to camp , J ar ed. I’m sor r y tha t y ou ha ve to driv e Aar on ar ound so why don ’t w e do this. J ust tell our par ents he w ent to idiot camp with some other guy and just le ave him her e. T ha t sounds lik e a lot of f un huh J ar ed?” “Mis s Emma I am oblig ated to obey to Mr . Aar on her e as w ell. I must say y ou tw o look lik e a couple though. T een a ge lo ve, I tr y to k eep my tw o gir ls aw ay fr om it.” “WE.ARE.NO T.A.COUPLE! W hy is e ver yone saying w e look lik e a couple? Ugh! Can w e just get ther e alr eady?” “Sur e thing Mis s Emma,” he c Aar on star ted laughing. “J ar ed y ou don ’t ha ve to listen to her . She’ s just upset because she’ s not my gir lfriend. W e all kno w she w ants me.” “Yeah right. Lik e I w ould d ate you! You ar e the hugest idiot on the planet.” “Sur e, sur e. W e all kn ow the tr uth. No need to hide it Ems.” “W ha te ver, Aar on.” T he car ride ther e w as fr ust rating! Aar on w ouldn ’t let me change the r adio sta tion. He kn ows I ha te countr y. He ha tes it too but he lo ves to see me ang r y. At least the ride w asn ’t long. About 45 minutes a t the most. W hen w e got ther e it w as a bout 12:00. T he place w as amazing! T her e w er e ca bins tha t I f igur ed w ould pr oba bl y be huc kled.

gender separ ated. T her e w er e tr ess e ver yw her e and I hear d a riv er of f to my right. T her e w as a huge building tha t r ead: CAFETERIA and a medium siz ed building tha t r ead: GYM. We w alk ed into the o f fice building on the left of the caf eteria and w er e g reeted by an older lady a t the inf or ma tion desk. Her name ta g r ead Gr etna. I mean no of fense to any Gr etna’ s out ther e but tha t is suc h a typical old lady name. “Hello kids. W ha t can I do f or y ou?”

Aar on ans wer ed fir st. “Hi my name is Aar on T homas and this is E mma T aylor . W e came her e f or the summer camp . Can y ou kindl y dir ect us to our ca bins?” Ugh! I ha ted w hen he pulled the, I’m suc h an innocent kid act. I t w as so anno ying! Ev en those stupid gir ls a t sc hool f ell for it. T ha t’ s w hy they w er e alw ays all o ver him tr ying to get his a ttention. J ust a bunc h o f w hor es. F or e xample, this gir l named J ade dr opped her pencil in f ront o f him and w ent d own to pi ck it up e xposing her self . T r ust me ther e is a lot w or se too . T he sic k thing is tha t Aar on enjo yed it. He pr actical l y had a gir lfriend e ver y other w eek basicall y. All gir ls a t my sc hool had a cr ush on him, e xcept me. Ev en tak en gir ls f lir ted with him. It w as jus t g ros s. But w ha t do I car e? I don ’t so wha te ver. “W ell w elcome Aar on and E mma. W ha t y ou can do is go look on tha t boar d to the right and y ou will see a list of names and the ca bins y ou ar e as signed to . T her e ar e 50 b oys and 50 gir ls so tha t means 10 people in 1 ca bin.” Wow no w my head r eall y hur ts. “Her e ar e some ma ps and guidelines as w ell. T her e will be a meeting in the g ym f or intr oduction s and an activity . Ha ve fun kids.”

Um lady do I look lik e a kid to y ou ? Ugh this place is pr oba bl y going to suc k. I mean w ho goes to summer camps anymor e. Yeah some people but not me. So basicall y this is going to be the w or st summer e ver. Bef or e I e ven had c hance to e ven m ove Aar on y ank ed me by the ar m and star ted heading out the door . “Hey! I didn ’t e ven c hec k w ha t number ca bin I’m in!” w e ar e

“You'r e in ca bin 4, right acr oss fr om me. Ha guess going to liv e near eac h other .” “W ow, God must punishment.” r eall y ha te me right

no w fr om this kind of ace him.

Aar on stopped w alking and made me f

“God ha te y ou ? He lo ves y ou right no w. Putting y ou right acr os s the w ay f rom the hottest guy tha t w alks the f ace o f ear th!” “Coc k y muc h, Ms. Concei ted?”

Bef or e Aar on e ven had time to r espond I soc ked him right in the stomac h. I leaned do wn to him and w hisper ed, “Kic kbo xing lessons: 10 dollar s a month. Kar ate lesson s: 13 dollar s a month. Sw eet r evenge and the look on your f ace: Priceless! “I AM GO ING T O K ILL Y OU!” he y elled But I w as alr eady r acing to war ds my ca bin. I r an into the ca bin and slammed the door shut. I tur ned ar ound and ther wer e a bunc h of gir ls sitting in a cir cle on the floor . T hey wer e looking a t me li ke I had thr ee heads. I guess I couldn blame them. A petite gir l r ose fr om the cir cle. She had long blac k hair with an electric blue bo w tie in her hair to ma tc h her blue ey es. She w as also w earing bright blue skinny jeans and a Bullet f or my V alentine shi r t with vans. She ob viousl y had e ’t

st yle. “Hi I'm Mir anda. You must be E mma. W hy don ’t y ou put d own your ba gs and come sit by me in the cir cle so w e intr oduce our sel ves.” She seemed pr ett y nice. Hmm w hy not. I dr opped my ba gs wher e I w as and w alk ed o ver to the cir cle. I counted out 9 gir ls. I guess tha t mak es me 10. Once w e sa t do wn Mir anda be gan a gain. “Ok so n ow tha t w e ar e all her e lets be gin this thing. So f ir st w e ar e going to intr oduce our selv es and then w e can pic k our bunk par tner s. Fir st say y our name then w her e y ou liv e and then ad d another detail. Her e I will go f ir st. Hi my name is Mir anda and I liv e in Calif or nia. T he other day I w ent to a Metr o Sta tion concer t and I s wear to god it w as the best day of my lif e. W hy don ’t you go?” I guess tha t meant me. Her e goes. “Hey my name is E mma but you can call me E ms. I also liv e in Calif or nia. T he other day I went to some r andom mo vie my friends and I pic ked and thr ew popcor n a t r andom people just to piss them of f.” I bet tha t sounded w eir d but hey w ha t can I say . I'm not lik e other people. And I w asn ’t l ying. My friends and I actuall y do tha t. T ha t’ s pr oba bl y w hy I'm banned fr om 2 mo vie thea ter s. O w ell. I didn ’t notice tha t the meeting w as o ver so w hen someone ta pped me I almost punc hed them. It w as kinda a r efle x y ou get w hen y ou do both kar ate and kic kbo xing. P lus e ver since some guy outside S af ew ay tried to mug me, I’ ve alw ays been ver y aler t and r eady to kic k some ass. “W hoa scar ed y ou ther e huh?” It w as Mir anda “Haha y eah a little. T he meetings o ver?”

“Yeah it ended li ke 10 second s a go . Hey y ou w ant to be bunk bud dies ? All of the other gir ls ar e too shy f or me.”

“Haha, y eah sur e. Do y ou w ant the top or “I think I’ ll tak e the bottom if scar ed o f height s.”

bottom?” ha t

y ou don ’t mind. I'm somew

“No tha t’ s fine. I usuall y sleep on the top bac br other is scar ed o f height s too .” “W ait! W ha t! You and y our br other sleep in the

k a t home. My same r oom?”

“Haha, y eah. My mom just had a little bo y so w e ha ve to reno va te the house so w e can all f it. My br other and I h ave to shar e a r oom until it’ s done w hic h is taking f or ever. W e don ’t reall y mind though. Me and my br other ar e a lot alik e. W e both tak e kar ate and kic kbo xing lessons together . Plus w e usuall y sneak out o f the house to go to concer ts too . He’ s a year y ounger , Brian is his name.” “W ow he sounds hot! J ust kid ding! Haha. So w e should pr oba bl y get our bunk and star t unpac king be for e the meeting.” “Yeah tha t’ s a good idea.” We got the bunk by the windo w thank god. I l ove to look out the windo ws. W e finished unpac king our stuf f and sa t on the bottom bunk talking a bout r andom stuf f w e lik e w hen the loud speak er came on: “W EL COME GRE ENSIDE CAMPERS! TH E INTR ODUCTION ME ETING W ILL BEGIN SHOR TLY. PLEAS E EXIT YOUR R OOM AND MAKE Y OUR WA Y T O T HE GYM.” Clic k. All the gir ls w alk ed out o f the ca bin making Mir anda and I the last ones out. I guess w e must ha ve been the last ones in the g ym because e ver yone w as alr eady si tting on the f loor talking to one another . T hen I saw Aar on with a bunc h of gir ls sur rounding him flipping their hair this w ay and tha t laughing a t his s tupid jok es. He tur ned and saw me too and stuc k out his tongue to me. I flipped him o f f and w alk ed on to tak e our sea ts. Some guy pr oba bl y in his tw entie s w alk ed out with a bunc h o f

other people behind him with shir ts tha t said: Leader s. He talk ed up to the mic and be gan. “Hello bo ys and gir ls. My name is T yler and I will be the head leader . No w w e ha ve planned a little activity f or y ou guys to meet eac h other . It’ s a sca venge r hunt!” Wow I r eall y must be in a kid camp . I mean r eall y a sca venge r hunt. Don ’t get me wr ong I use to lo ve tha t game but w hen I was li ke 7. Ugh. “Bef or e w e be gin the game y ou guys will need to find a par tne r and then I will e xplain the r ules. So go get y our par tne r s!” T yler said. Man he w as e xcited. I w as going to ask Mir anda but w hen I tur ned to her she wasn ’t ther e. Damni t! W ell I guess I could ask Aar on. I s tood up and look ed f or Aar on in the huge cr owd. W hen I finall y spot ted him I w as alr eady too la te. T her e w er e a g roup of gir ls alr eady all o ver him be gging him f or him to be their par tner . S kanks. W ha te ver I do n’t car e I’ ll just be alone. I do Ugh this blo ws. n’t need a par tner .

I guess I w as deep in thought because w hen someone ta pped my shoulder I jumped and tur ned ar ound in my fighting stance. Ha bits ne ver die. I loosened up once I saw w ho it was. T her e w as a tall guy , pr oba bl y a bout 6’1 standing in fr ont of me. He had blac k hair tha t hung a bo ve his g reen ey es. F rom wha t he w as w earing he look ed pr ett y built up . He had an At reyu shir t on with blac k pants and con ver se. I could see a good siz e six pa ck under nea th his shir t. Man w as he hot! “Hi I'm Damien. Aar on s P.O .V I decided to c hose some gir l named J essica. S he w as the Do y ou w ant to be my par tner ?”

hotte st one ther e so w hy not. I knew Emma w ould be jealous. Ahh just to see the look on her f ace. S he alw ay s ha ted the gir ls tha t w anted me. I tried spo tting her but I couldnt see o ver the gir ls her e. I pulled J essica out of the cr owd and then sta r ted looking f or her . W her e the hell is she! T hen I spotted her . Some guy w as walking up to her . I guess she didnt find her par tner . W ho is this guy? And w hy is he talking to E mma! My Em- I mean Emma. I w as going to star t w alking o ver ther e and tell him to bud o f f but J essica caught my ar m "Ba be, w her e ar e y ou going?" Ugh this gir l w as going to get on my ner ves.

"Um no wher e. W hy dont w e sit do wn? Say ...o ver ther e w her e those tw o people ar e." I pointed to E mma and new guy . "W ha te ver, ba be." Yes! E mma will get a kic k out of this. One: She is going to ha te tha t I am sitting ne xt to her . T wo: She will ha te the f act tha t I am bringing another one of my slut s as she calls it. And T hr ee: I can see w ha t this new guy w ants with Emma. _____________________________________________________ Emma's P.O .V I star ed a t this guy lik e he had thr ee heads. He w as gor e gous and w anted to be my par tne r? I c losed my mouth and tur ned to my right f or a second to think. T ha ts w hen I sa w the de vil Aar on w as bringing his new slut o ver her e. He knew I ha ted his pic k o f gir ls. And he alw ays tries to mak e me jealous. I ne ver sho w it but, I do get jealous. But then a gain ther e is a reall y hot guy in fr ont o f me. Hmm this can get inter es ting.

I tur ned to Damien. "Onl y i f y ou help me get the jer jealous. Do w e ha ve a deal?"

k coming to

us right no w

He look ed confused f or a second but this guy has one cute smile. "Sur e. W ait I ne ver got y our name."

then he smiled. Oh man

"Oh sor r y it s Emma but call me Ems. Quic Kiss me!" "Um ar e y ou sur-"

k her e he comes.

I cut him of f by pulling his nec k c loser to mine and star ted kissing him. At f ir st he just stood ther e but then he got it and wr apped his ar ms ar ound my w aste and star ted kissing me bac k. W e did this f or a bout another thir ty seconds and then was inter r upted. Yes! "Ahem! E ar th to Emma!" I knew tha t v oice huc kled

I pulled a par t f rom Damien and ga ve him a wink. He c in r espon se. I tur ned to Aar on and smir ked. "W ha t Aar on, I w as kinda busy!" "W ell I ob viousl y saw tha t Ems. I just w new f riend her e. Her name is-" "J essica! You can call me J tho gladl y shook it. "Hey J essica Im Emma i

anted y ou to meet my

." She held out her hand and I

f y ou didnt

ca tc h tha t ear lier ." on.

She smiled in r etur n. I tur ned to Damien and then to Aar T hey w er e g laring a t eac h other . T hen Aar on spok e up .

"Ems ar ent y ou going to intr "Oh y eah this is Damien asshole and J essica."

oduce me to y our new friend." is Aar on the

my par tner . Damien this

"Pleasur e to meet y ou guys." Aar on smiled. I knew tha t smile. It w as the 'dont giv e a sh.t about w ha t y ou think smile'. Y es! I made him jealous. "W ell Aar on it w as hor rible talking to y ou so me and Damien ar e going to lea ve. La ter J essica. By e jer k." I took Damiens hand and star ted to w alk aw ay. I look ed behind me and Aar on stuc k his tounge a t me. I just smiled and pulled Damien c loser . We ended up going to the bleac her s and sit ting do wn.

"W ha ts up with y ou and tha t Aar on guy ?" "Oh w e w er e f or ced to be friends e ver since w e w er e bor n. Basical l y w e ha te eac h other and striv e to mak e eac h other s lif e a living hell." I look ed up and smiled a t him. He smiled d own a t me. His ey es w er e ador able. Y ou can seriou sl y get lost in them. T hen he star ted mo ving c loser to me and stopped w hen he w as onl y inc hes fr om my f ace. I fr o ze f or a second but r e gained my composur e and look ed him st raight in the ey es. "Ho w bout w e tr y this a gain?" W ith tha t he cr ashed his lips into mine and w e s tar ted making out. He w as a good kisser alright. He pulled aw ay and all I w anted to do w as to wr ap my ar ms ar ound him and kiss him a gain.

"Ho w w as tha t?" "It w as alright. But maybe ne xt time I should lead."

"Ne xt time huh? And w hen will tha t be?" I look ed ar ound and saw e ver yone sta ring a t us. T hen I saw Aar on and f or a second he look ed mad but w hen he sa w me he smir ked and planted one right on J es sica. It w as shor t but once he pulled aw ay he smiled. Not a t her , a t me! Well if he w ants w ar then he will get one! W e alw ays do this. Sometimes w hen w e go to par ties together he w ould get a gir l and star t making out with her w hen he w as talking to me, so I'd get a guy and do the same. I kno w I kno w. T his pr oba bl y sounds w eir d but its w ha t w e do . Aar on k ept looking a tur ned to Damien "I think right t me w aiting f or my ne xt mo ve so I

no w is a good time."

He smiled and w e both star ted kissing. Man this guy w as good. It didnt las t long because I didnt lik e the a tten tion. Y ou see unlik e most gir ls, mostl y gir ls a t my sc hool, I dont lik e attention. Unlik e most, I dr ead it r ather than cr ave it. Instead o f tur ning bac k a t Aar on lik e last time, I just k ept my ey es on Damien. "W hy dont w e get to kno w eac h other without do y ou say Damien?" kissing? W hat

"I think tha ts a good plan. Plus Aar on looks lik e hes going to go on a r ampa ge. S o mission one w as a succes s," he look ed bac k a t me,"w e mak e a g rea t team." I smiled a t him.

"Sur e do . So w ha t do y ou w ant to kno w a bout me?" He smiled bac k a t me. "Lets star t with..." Damien sa t ther e f or a minute just thinking.

"Ar e y ou sing le? Because I'm not the kind of guy w ho da tes tak en gir ls. Unlik e most guys I lik e to stay with the sing le gir ls" Wow finall y a guy w ho w asnt o ver any hot gir l e ven if she may be tak en. A t my sc hool a bout 80% of the guy popula tion would kis s any gir l e ven if she w as tak en. Same with some of the gir ls. I thought it w as idiotic but tha ts me. "Yeah I am the same w ay. And y es I am sing le. I ts good to meet a guy w ho doesn' t alw ays w ant a gir l e ven w hen shes tak en. Mo st guys a t my sc hool do tha t. I ha te it." "W ell I guess I m dif fer ent fr om most guys and y ou ar e dif fer ent fr om some gir ls. W ait, if y our sing le then w ha ts the deal with Aar on. W er e y ou guys e ver a couple." "W ha t! No w ay! Me and Aar on will ne ver be. I guess it s complica ted. See e ver since w e w er e bor n w e w er e f or ced to be with eac h other . I mean it w asnt too bad in the be ginning. I could toler ate him. But sud denl y he got mean and w e sta r ted ha ting ea ch other . T ha ts just the w ay its alw ays been." "Hmm. It is a w eir d situa tion. An yw ays, w e should pr oba bl y go get a sea t. I think they ar e going to announce the r ules soon." Damien g rabbed my hand and led me to the fr ont of the g ym. Just holding his hand made my body ting le with e xcitement. So f ar he seemed r eall y g rea t. I mean he has good standar ds and it f eels lik e Im kind of f alling f or him. But I cant get attac hed. Last time I did tha t, he br ok e my hear t.

We sa t do wn a t the fr ont of the g ym. I look ed behind me and saw Aar on sta ring a t me. At fir st it w as kinda nice. He actuall y w asnt g laring! Sho cker! But y ou can gues s w ha t ha ppened w hen he saw me looking a t him. Y up , he g lar ed. I mean Aar on w asnt so bad. I could see us he mak es it incr edibl y har d. His loss! being friends. But

"Ok kids. T he r ules ar e tha t y ou cannot c hea t. W e ha ve ar ranged dif fer ent lists so no one can cop y or f ollo w eac h other . W ho ever gets to the final destina tion win s. R eady ? Ok come up and g rab a list!" I tur ned to Damien. He nod ded. Good because I m being lazy and dont w ant to get up . Y es I am lazy dont judge me. I w as sit ting ther e jus t playing with my blac k and r ed con ver se w hen f eet a ppr oac hed me. T hen ther e w as a thump . Someone w as sit ting ne xt to me? I look ed. GREAA TTT . It w as Aar on "W ha t do y ou w ant Aar on?" I sna pped "W hoa cant I just talk to my wor ld ?" he said "Yeah right. an ass ?" bestest friend in the w hole

I f w e ar e friends then

w hy ar e y ou alw ays suc h

"I am not an ass! the ass"

It w as y ou w ho punc hed me r emember! Y our ras sed me!"

"You wr ote on my f ace and embar "Fine then w e ar e e ven."

"W ha te ver. W ha t did y ou r eall y come her e f or?" "I just....jus "Huh?' ' "T ha t Dann y guy . I dont kno w a bout him. I alr eady saw him t be car eful."

hitting on some other

gir l. I dont w ant y ou to get

hur t a gain."

"W ho ar e y ou to tell me w ha t I can and cant do! His name is Damien and he's nicer than y ou a t least. And I am not hur t. Jak e w as a jer k and I m o ver it ok!" "Ok. Im just saying be car eful. Please? J ust w atc h out ok. I ha ve a bad f eeling a bout thi s guy . If I didnt I w ouldnt stop you." "W ha te ver Aar on. Im going to find Damien. La "Sur e. BE CA REFUL EM S!" W ho does he think he is? did just kic k his ass. But ever yda y Aar on is actuall something a bout Damien hur t me. I hope a t least. I can handle myself f ine. I mean I maybe I should be car eful. I ts not y serious a bout something. But just fits. Lik e, I kno w he w ouldnt ter"

Any hope of tha t w as just lost. T her e w as Damien hug ging another gir l. He bac ked out of the hug and look ed a t her and smiled. T hat w as the smile he g ave me. My smile! W as Aar on right ? I w alk ed to Damien and c lear ed my thr oa t. om bac k

"Oh hey E mma this is Clair e. S he is my friend fr home. Clair e this is E mma." "Hi Clair e." I said "Emma." she said g laring a t me

W ha t is her pr oblem? I dont e ven kn ow her . S he said by e to Damien and ga ve him a hug. I noticed she hug ged e xtr a har d so her boobs w er e lik e suf foca ting him. Slut. "Ho w do y ou guys kno w eac h other ?" I ask ed "She use to be my e x gir lfriend." he said simpl y.

"W ha t ha ppened?"

"Im not sur e. S he just w anted to br eak u p. It br ok e my hear t." Shit. He still lik ed her . It w as the look in his ey es. T he ey es of pain and sadness. He w anted to get bac k with her . Ugh. I ha ted thi s "W ell did y ou get the ma p! Lets go!" I sna pped I didnt mean to sound so mad but the tr uth w as tha t I actuall y w as. I didnt w ant to sho w it but tha t w as too la te. Oh w ell. W e both knew h ow he f elt n ow. And I w as be ginning to think Aar on might be right. W hic h I ha ted. "W hoa Ems ar e y ou ok? Did I do something?" looking do wn a t me. "Im fine. J ust perf ect." I said w alking aw ay. he ask ed

Man did I ha te it w hen Aar on w as right. T his w as going to be har der tha t I thought. W ha t w as I thinking? I can ’t belie ve tha t I actuall y thought Damien w ould lik e me. He still lik ed tha t skank Clair e. Y eah I kno w w ha t y ou’ re thinking. Maybe I should get to kno w her and she may be nice. But y ou w er ent ther e. S he basicall y ga ve me the stink ey e and just by the w ay she w as talking to me sho wed she didn ’t r eall y lik e me either . W ell y ou kno w wha t Clair e I’m guna“Emma ar e y ou alright ? Did I upset y ou or something Damien said. ?”

“No y ou did n’t upset me. It w as just y our friend Clair e. She kinda pissed me of f.” I r eplied. “Yeah she has a tendenc y to do tha t sometime s. But she can be dif fer ent too . I r emember w hen she use to go to concer ts with me or play halo . I kno w she doesn ’t look lik e tha t kind o f per son but she use to be. I still think she is deep do wn. Sometimes I w ould e ve- ” “Damien, sor r y but this isn ’t r eall y stor y time. Come on lets

go finish this

stupid thing.”

I said g rabbing his ar m.

T he sca venger hunt w asn ’t e xciting, just lik e I e xpected. Damien and I finished in 6th place. Guess w ha t Aar on ’s place was? Yeah it w as fir st. And y ou kno w w ha t? He w ould not stop br a gging and being so ar rogant. Lik e I e ven tried to be nice to him. His shoe w as untied so I tried telling him. Aar on being his idiot self didn ’t listen and replied, “Sor r y I don ’t talk to loser s. P lease shoo .” Y eah tha ts exactl y w ha t he said. I gues s kar ma kic ked in because he ended up tripping and getting a cut on his le g. Can ’t say I didnt w ar n him. I w ent bac k to the ca bin by myself . Damien w ent bac k to talk to the she de vil and I couldn ’t f ind Mir anda. I w as w alking and thinking to myself tha t I didn ’t see a log in my w ay. I tripped and landed with an Umph. I put my ar ms in fr ont of my f ace and ended up landing on lik e a f ield of r oots fr om some damn tr ee. My ar ms ended up sa ving my f ace but they r eceiv ed some dama ge. T hey landed on some stic king up root and by the looks and f eel of it, it w as de finetl y going to br uise. I got up and k ept w alking, cussing a t myself along the w ay. I enter ed the ca bin full o f gir ls and w alk ed str aigh t to my bed. I c limbed up and laid do wn. Ahh this f elt nice. “Emma! Oh my god y ou ar e bleeding!” y elled a f amiliar v oice.

I look ed do wn a t my ar m. Dang it w as bleeding. I t w asn ’t too bad though just a couple cuts. “Its ok Mir anda I just f ell. I’ ll go c lean it up .”

I star ted w alking to war ds the door . T he ba thr ooms w er e outside in the mid dle betw een bo ys and gir ls ca bin. “Em do y ou w ant me to “No its ok. Its just come with y ou?” Mir anda said on ’t die. I will onl y be ther e

a little cut I w

for fiv e minutes along.” “Ok then.

so it w ouldn ’t mak e sense if

I dr a gged y ou

I’ ll w ait f or y ou her e.”

I w alk ed out the door and star ted w alking to the ba thr ooms. I look ed a t my cut. W ow it kinda w as bad. Oh w ell I’ ve had wor se. One time my br other and I got into a huge fight and sta r ted thr owing stuf f a t eac h other . I thr ew my histor y book at him and he g r abbed w ha te ver w as near him and thr ew it a t me. Unf or tunetl y f or me one of those things ha ppened to be a compass. It hit me in the head and I star ted bleeding lik e cr azy . I k ept thinking a bout it and r eplaying the w hole scene o ver in my head tha t I didn ’t notice the cr ac king twigs behind me. Something g ra bbed my bad ar “Booo!” It w as Aar on. “Oww!! Aar on let me go! Y ou ar e hur ting me y ou idiot!” Aar on let go my ar my blood on it. m and look ed a t his hand. It had some of ning my ar m o ver so he could m and tur ned me ar ound.

“W ha t the hec k?” he said tur see my cut. “Emma w ha t ha ppened!! “No Damien a log.”

Did tha t jer k do this?” Me being the c lutz I am tripped on

didn ’t do this. ou.”

“Come on let me help y He sta r ted pushing gir ls ba thr oom!

me f orw ar d. W ait, w e ar ent going to the

“Aar on tha ts the bo ys ba thr oom!” “W ow she can r ead! R ound of a pplause please.”

“J er k” I mutter ed. So w e w ent into the b oys ba thr oom. I wish I could sa y ther e wer en ’t guys in ther e but tha t w ould be a lie. T her e w er e thr ee other bo ys in ther e. T hey w er e all staring a t me in shoc k li ke the y’ ve ne ver seen a fr eaking gir l be for e. Gaw d. “WHA T! Y es I am a gir l get o ver it!” I y elled e ven w ent out. W ha t loser s t.” Aar on

T hey all w ent silent and some “Her e I am going to c said

lean it f or y ou ok? It might hur

“Yeah sur e. Go ahead.” He sta r ted w ashing my cut and I had to bite my lip fr om the pain. No w ay w as I going to sho w Aar on tha t I w as w eak. “You don ’t ha ve to bite Aar on said y our lip to sho w y ou ar e str ong.”

“Ho w did y ou kn ow tha t?” I ask ed “You alw ay s bite y our lip w hen y ou ar e in pain. W hen y ou f ell of y our ska te boa r d and a te it, y ou ne ver sho wed it. W hen w e use to play r oc k w ar, y ou bit y our lip a lot. I ts cute in a w ay.” “Yeah w ell I don ’t lik e sho wing w eakness. I can handle myself . I don ’t w ant to be one of those gir ls tha t cries e ver y time she br eaks a nail or gets a scr atc h.” “T her e y ou go .” Aar on said letting go of my ar m.

I inspected my ar m f or any dir t. T he last thing I need is to get an in fection. Aar on w as r eall y good a t c leaning my ar m, I spot ted no dir t. “T hanks.” “No pr oblem. Hey some of us ar e going s wimming in lik e ten minutes a t the lak e. W ant to come?” “Yeah sur e. I’ ll meet y ou ther e.”

I headed out of the bo ys ba thr oom and bac k into my ca bin. T he gir ls w er e still talking among themselv es so I w alk ed over to Mir anda. “W ha t took y ou so long?” she ask ed

“Aar on helped me out.” I said “Oh tha t one hot dude. Luc often.” k y! Maybe I should f all o ver mor e e with

“Haha sur e Mir anda. An yw ays I’m going to the lak Aar on and some other kids. W ant to come?” “Yes!! Hot guys with no shir ts and I am ther e!”

W ith tha t she r umma ged thr ough her suitca se and w ent to the closet to c hange. She came out 5 minutes la ter in a bright blue bikini tha t r ead R OXY acr oss it. I pulled out my neon Hur ley bikini and c hanged. W hen I w as done I g rabbed my po wer r anger s blank et and w aited f or Mir anda to finish up her hair . “Ok Ems Im r eady . Lets go .” r espond she g rabbed my hand and

Bef or e I e ven had time to dr a gged me to the lak e.

T her e w asn ’t too many people ther e. I w as somew ha t r elie ved to see tha t Damien w asn ’t ther e. Until... “EMMA! I’m so g lad y ou ar e her e.” speak of “Hey Damien. My the de vil

f riend jus t said I should come along.” w ow! Y ou look hot!” mad he still made me melt.

“Im g lad y ou did. And

Ev en though he made me a little

I blushed and r eplied, “T hanks. You’ re looking pr etty hot too if I might ad d.” “T hank y ou lo ve. Look a bout ear lier I am sor r y. I should ha ve

told Clair e to stop

being suc h a bitc h to y ou. F or giv e me?” k too . I didnt mean to tak e it

“Cour se. Sor r y I w as being a jer out on y ou.” “Its all good. S

o w e cool?” he said.

“Yeah w e’ re cool.” “Good cuz’ no “Do w ha-” Damien w as mo ving to war ds me slo wl y. My stomac h sta r ted doing flips. W as he going to kiss me? I gues s I w as too busy panic king tha t I didn ’t r e gister ho w c lose Damien had gotten. He w as so c lose tha t I could f eel his cool br ea th a gainst my cheek. I gasped. “Did I mention h ow hot y ou look right n ow?” he pur red. w I can do this.”

“Uh n-nno .” w as all I could say “W ell y ou ar e smoking right no w. Need some help cooling o f f.”

I w as too w or ried a bout him kissing me her e in fr ont of ever yone tha t I didn ’t e ven think a bout w ha t he w as going to do . Damien m oved in a little c loser and then within a second he had scooped me up bridal style and thr ew me into the water . Lik e I had mentioned bef or e I once dr owned no thanks to Mr . Dufus Aar on so I w as a little scar ed of w ater . Especiall y deep dar k mur k y w ater . So me, being my not so luc k y-self , ended up being thr the deep end. W oopdie doo right. Wr ong. own in

See I can s wim but w hen I’m thr own in without notice and into mur k y w ater I kind of fr eak out. So her e I w as, in deep mur k y lak e w ater st r ug gling to r eac h the top of the w ater . W hen Damien thr ew me into the w ater I had onl y a limited amount o f time to suc k in air so I can hold my br ea th. I star ted losing ener g y and air . F AS T! Damn I w as going to

dr own a gain. J ust my luc k. And in f ront o f people I had just met(and kissed). I kno w w ha t y ou ar e thinking. She’ s dr owning and all she can think a bout is the kids on the outside. W ell hello I am a w eir d one. Blac k dots star ted f or ming in my vi sion and my hearing w as slipping aw ay fr om me so I w as sur pri sed w hen I hear d a big splash fr om a bo ve me. I look ed up and saw a figur e. T he last thing I r emember is str ong ar ms wr apping ar ound my w ais t. T hen ther e w as the nothing.

W her e w as I? W her e is e ver yone ? W hy do I f eel so lonel y? All I can see is the ocean. Oh y eah I f or got to tell y ou. IM I N A FREAKING SAILBO AT IN T HE MIDDLE OF NO WHERE! Gaw dI would kill to ha ve a t least someone with me. Ev en Aar on. Yes I said it. EVEN AAR ON! I ha te this place. Ev en mor e than I ha ted tha t slut Laur en Sw an. (she w as in the fir st c ha pter) I just w anted someone! I kno w people say I'm emo a t sc hool or a fr eak, w ha te ver, but I needed someone. T hen the ocean tur ned blac k. W ha t the hec k is going on? I sta r t looking ar ound me and see tha t I'm heading st raight into a w hir l pool. I be gin to look ar ound f or something to stee r this thing but ther e isn't a steering w heel. I mean r eall y wha t kind o f boa t doesn't h ave a steering w heel. T her e isnt aything! I don't w ant to die. T her e ar e so many things I h aven 't done, ha ven' t said. I can't go n ow. I ha ve to sk ydi ve still, go to London, tell Aar on I lo ve him! Wait hold up , WHA T! I lo ve Aar on? I do . I lo ve him. Ev en with all the f or ced occasion s, f or ced pictur es, same sc hool, huge fights, I lo ved Aar on T homas. And y ou kno w w ha t? I had to tell him. I w as too s tupid to r ealiz e tha t I w as in the w hir lpool no w

and my boa t w as going do wn. I tried s wimming up and y elling but I s wallo wed w ater . T he ne xt thing I kno w I'm leaning up hea ving w ater on this dec k? Dec k? W her e did this come f rom? S hoot i f I knew ther dec k I w ould ha ve doc ked theI look ed to me right and I see a g roup of kids looking a lik e I'm some f reak sho w a t the z oo . "WHA T TH E HELL ARE Y OU L OOKING A T?" I sna pped. "Ems, ar e y ou ok?" a v oice said I knew this v oice. I lo ved the per son it belonged to after all. dr owned a little bit." e w as a t me

"Aar on I'm f ine. I just

"A little bit! Y ou w er e under w ater f or 3 minutes! T hat idiot over ther e w as too f reak ed out to e ven sa ve y ou." Aar on said pointing to Damien. "Aar on its fine. Ev er ything is fine no w, ok? J ust c hill." ou he isnt good f or y ou." ou' ve

"W ha te ver Ems. I told y

"T hanks though Aar on. After all it is the second time y done this. Ev en i f the f ir st w as y our f ault."

"Hey tha t w as Sam. He dar ed me to push y ou in. And I ne ver sho w w eakness. Maybe this should be my new par t time job. Sa ving Emma's li fe cuz I seem to be doing it a lot." "W ha te ver." Aar on helped me up and sa He w ent to go get some to t do wn on the benc h n ext to me. wels. T hats w hen Damien came. he

"Emma I am so sor r y. I f I w ould ha ve kno wn I w ould ha ve ne ver done tha t I s wear . W ill y ou f or giv e me Ems, please?" said "One condition."

"Any thing. I will fl I had to ."

y to A us tr alia to get y ou a ba by kangar oo if me to get my

"W hoa its nothing lik e tha t. Can y ou come with shoes ? I don't w ant to slip" "T ha ts it? Um ok sur e."

He held out his hand and I g ladl y took it. W e w alk ed to the end of the doc k and right w hen Damien w ent to pic k up me flip flops. J ust gues s w ha t I did? I F y ou ar e super cool then you guessed it right. Yeah, I pushed him in. Onl y...I didn't w or k out so w ell.

I thought I had succeeded in pushing Damien in the w ater tha t I didn ’t e ven r ealiz e tha t his hand w as r eac hing f or my ankle. OH! I f or got to mention. I kinda sor ta pushed him in the shallo w end so it w as especiall y bad tha t I f ell on top of and w e ended up hitting r oc k bottom. him

I r ushed to the top of the w ater and loo ked ar ound f or Damien. He w as no w her e to be f ound! Ok this is r eall y a bad jok e. T hen I spotted him. But I r eall y wi sh I hadn ’t. Damien w as flo ating on top of the w ater with his f ace and stomac h in the w ater . T ha t definitel y w as not good. “D AMI EN! OH MY to his body . GOD! HELP! D AMIEN!” I y elled r ushing o ver

I tur ned him o ver and saw tha t his ey es w er e c losed and his mouth slightl y open. I g ra bbed his shir t and put his ar m o ver my shoulder and pulled him up onto the doc k. Ev er yone ar ound us w as still shoc ked. I mean I w ould be too . One per son dr owned and then another in less then 10 minutes? Yeah v er y w eir d. “Cr ap, cr ap, cr ap. Damien! Please w ak e up! Please!” I said

shaking his body . So as y ou kn ow I do kar ate and kic kb oxing so I am v er y od d for a gir l. W ha t I didn ’t mention is tha t I also knew CPR because my dad is v er y cautious and w ants his “mon key” to alw ays be pr epar ed f or the w or st. So I w as going to ha ve to do CPR. Tr uthfull y I w as scar ed. I mean I knew ho w to do it and all but the thing with CPR is tha t it doesn ’t alw ays w or k and sometime s y ou can br eak the per son ’s ribs pr efor ming it. I had just made this guy unconscious and no w I might ha ve to br eak his ribs. But I had to do it. I bent do wn and put my mouth on his. I tried ignoring tha t ur ge to star t making out with him but I had to sa ve him. I blew a br ea th f or a tw o-second count. T hen I lifted my head and sta r ted pumping his c hest. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12-then T hank God! Damien look ed up and smiled. God this kid w as w eir d. He w as looking a t the per son tha t almost killed him and he smiles! Ver y od d. “Emma if I w ould ha ve kn own all y ou w anted w as a kis s then you could h ave just ask ed. No need to dr own me fir st.” he said smiling. He leaned in and pec ked me on the mouth. Ev en tha t ga ve me ting le s do wn my bac k and butte rflies in my s tomac h. W owza! Maybe this summe r w on ’t be so bad after all. Bo y w as I wr ong. After the w hole dr owning incidents w e w er e all called bac k to our ca bins to c hange and r epor t bac k to the g ym. Damien helped me bac k to my ca bin and kissed my hand goodby e. I use to think tha t w as soo cor ny but w hen he did it, it sent he star ted coughing.

shiv er s do wn my ar m and thr ough my body . “Ems, w her e w er e y ou? W e w er e all jumping of f this boulder at the lak e. I tried to look f or y ou but I couldn ’t see y ou.” Said Mir anda “Sor r y Mimi I w ent to the shor almost died.” I said. “ALMOST died? W e with Aar on and Damien. I

ha t ha ppened?” she said

“W ell it’ s a long stor y. I will tell y ou la ter cu z I ha ve to still change and w e ha ve to go to the g ym r emember . “

“Yeah tha t’ s a good point. I need to get hear d w e ar e ea ting lasa gna!”

c hanged too . OH! I

“Haha lasa gna is good. W ell Mimi I'm going to go c


“Ok I will w ait f or y ou a t the g ym.”

“Ok thanks.”

“No pr oblemo ba be.”

I w alk ed into the c

hanging r oom and but

on some pur


jeans with a Cobr a Star ship shir t and electric blue k eds. I walk ed out of the ca bin g r abbing my jac ket and took of f to war ds the g ym. I w as w alking the long w ay thr ough the w oods just because I felt lik e it. I r eall y h ave no idea w hy I do the things I d o. So I was w alking and then I hear d a twig sna p. I look ed behind me but nothing w as ther e. Hmm ok I thought, must be my ima gina tion. So I k ept w alking but then I hear d it a gain. Wtf ? I look ed bac k a gain and didn ’t see anything, a gain. “Huh w eir d.” I mutter a gain ed w hile tur ning bac k to star t w alking

I star ted w alking but r an into something har look ed up and scr eamed. Speak of the de vil.

d and tall. I

“J eez Aar on mus t y ou alw ays scar e the living hell out of I said w alking ar ound him.


Aar on star ted f ollo wing me and then w e ended up just walking side by side. W hy ca n’t he e ver lea ve me alone f or once? “Cour se cupcak e, y ou kno w I can ’t r esist.” Aar on said. “I think I figur cupcak e.” ed tha t out y ear s a go . And don ’t call me k with cupcak e, Cupcak e.” Aar on said

“No I think I will stic with his smug smile.

Man his smile w as so cute. W ait w ha t! Oh gaw d right. I lo ved him. Its f unny h ow y ou can ha te someone so muc h but still

lo ve them will all y our hear t a t the same “Look Aar on I ha ve something to tell


y ou.”

“Oh me too! Let me go f ir st. T her e is this suppper r r hot gir l named Clair e and I think she lik es me and I am thinking a bout liking her too . Y ou kno w, just f or the time being since ther e is no one else her e w or th liking. So w ha t do y ou think?” So muc h f or telling him I lo ve him, he lik ed the v er y gir l tha t I didn ’t. Maybe this w asn ’t meant to be. I mean w e acted lik e we ha ted eac h other all the time. Maybe it w as just meant to be lik e tha t f or the r est of our liv es. A par t o f me br ok e right then and I can ’t e ven e xplain ho w I f elt. “Um I- Maybe y ou- Ugh. J ust do w ha te ver y ou w ant, I don ’t car e anymor e.” I star ted r unning aw ay. It w as onl y w hen I saw Mir noticed I w as cr ying. Lif e can be so cr uel. Aar on ’s PO V As she r an aw ay I be gan to r eplay w ha t I had said to her . T her e w as no w ay she w as r unning because she lik ed me right ? No Emma ha ted me. She pr oba bl y didn ’t think I noticed but I did. She star ted cr ying. W hy? Man the things I w ould do to get into her head. Lo ving her w as just to har d. I mean f ir st I see her f lir ting and kissing some guy , w ho by the w ay I ha ve v er y w eir d f eeling about, and then I see her all cut up and br ui sed, w hic h br ok e my hear t, then she almost dies in my ar ms today and no w she cries. I ca n’t e ven f ocus no w. Wait didn ’t she ha ve to tell me something? Ugh it can w ait. I think I will jus t let her settle do wn and I need to think a bout wha t I am going to do with this situa tion. anda tha t I

Emma’ s P OV So I f ound Mir anda and w e sa t on the floor to war ds the fr ont of the g ym. T he leader s just told us w her e to go and tha t after dinner w e w er e to come bac k to the g ym f or the night activi ty. Dinner w asn ’t too g rea t. I didn ’t get anything to ea t because I wasn ’t r eall y hung r y. T he w hole Aar on & Clair e thing k ept my mind busy . I w as somew ha t in a tr ance thr ough dinner and the w ay to the g ym. No one bother ed me and I think Mir anda kind of sensed tha t ther e w as something wr ong. S he w ould look a t me time to time but I didn ’t f eel lik e talking right no w so I sent her a small smile. W hen w e got to the g ym w e took the same spot on the floor as alw ays. Damien tried talking to me but Mir anda thankfull y pulled me aw ay. I could hear Aar on laughing with his bud dies and tha t skank Clair e o f f to my left but I didn ’t car e. “Hey kids so the activity f or tonight is night hik es. W e ha ve set y ou up in g roups o f 10 alr eady so listen f or y our name being called and w ha t color g roup y ou will be in. Please listen to y our leader because people easil y get lost o f her e and don ’t w ant any one to s tr ay fr om their g roup . Ok so her e ar e the g roups.” I kind of z oned out f or a bit but then I hear d my name.

“Case y, Zac k, Y vette, J osh, J ames, F rancis, S ophie, R ober t, Emma, and…” Please not Aar on, Please not Aar on, I c hanted to myself . roup .”

“Aar on. You guys will

be in the teal g

I w alk ed to war ds the tall guy holding up teal pa per f or our g roup and sa t do wn. Someone sa t ne xt to me but I didn ’t need to look o ver to kno w w ho it w as. “W ow y ou got some luc luc k y.” Aar on said k huh? In a g roup with me. V er y

“Yeah, luc k y me.” So basicall y the night hik e is suppo se to be a bonding experience. W e w er e as signed to par tne r s and togethe r w e would bond by taking a separ ate hik e together f or half the hik e. Gr ea t. We had r eac hed the hal fw ay point w hen our leader , Etsy ra, tur ned ar ound. I mean seriousl y w ha t kind of name is Ets yr a? Her par ents pr oba bl y w er e playing sc rabble or something. “Ok kids. I ha ve a lis t of par tner s her e. Come up and I will tell y ou w ho y ou ha ve been assigned to .” Etsy ra said. Ha Etsy ra. I w aited f or e ver yone to go up and see w ho their par tner w as hoping tha t my par tner w ould just come right up to me and tell me. But noooo , lif e w ant s to be cr uel. I dr a g my f eet up to Etsyr a and w ait f or her to tell me. “Yes little gir l?” she say s. Man she’ s asking f or it.

“I am not little. I could sna p y ou with bar e hands if y ou made me mad enough, Etsy ra. W ha t kind of name is tha t? W er e y our idiot par ents looking do wn a t their alpha bet soup ? No w w hy do y ou think I am her e? I w ant to kno w my par tne r, duh.” I said Yeah I w as acting lik e a bitc h right no w.

“I’ d w atc h y our mouth missy . You may ha ve mor e ener g y and st rength but I got po wer o ver y ou. No w go on hope o ver to you par tner . He is o ver ther e. T r y not to trip . Although, I wouldn ’t car e if y ou did. Y our f ace is alr eady scr ew ed up .” Ok I giv e her some pr ops. No one e ver stands up to me.

I look o ver to w her e her bony f inger is pointing and see the de vil. Ugh! Aar on. I w alk o ver to him and w onder w hy he is just staring do wn into the valley . He w as ne ver a na tur e

per son. Or maybe he w

as ?

“Hey w e’ re par tner s. Can y ou hur r y up so w e can get on with this ?” I say He tur ns ar ound and looks a t me. T ha ts all he does. He just looks a t me. Not looks, but r eall y looks li ke he’ s sear ching. But, he stops and star ts w alking ahead. “You could w ait up y ou kno w?” I say “Yeah I could. But.....I didn ’t w ant to .” he say s

We w alk thr ough this par t with a lot of tr ees and br anc hes and guess w ha t he does ? J ust guess. Y eah he doesn ’t hold any o f the f or me. He holds out the br anc h till I’m right ne xt to it and then he lets go and WHAM! it hit s me. “Geez Aar on could y ou a t least be a gentleman and hold it f me?” I say “No y ou ar e w ay too slo w. Hur r y up . Y ou ar e soooo slo w, gaw d.” Aar on r eplies W ha t a butt! W ho does he think he is, speaking to me lik e tha t? I sho ved past him and star ted r unning, ignoring all the br anc hes tha t ha ppened to scr ape my ar ms. “Come on slo w ass! Hur r y u p. Y ou ar e slo wing me do wn!” I yell behind me. But w hen I don ’t her e his witty r epl y I stop . He does tr ac k, so he should ha ve gotten to me by no w. I w ait f or f ootstep s but hear none. T hen I hear twig s br eaking to my left. I s wir l ar ound and Aar on tac kles me to the g round. “Ouc h Aar on! Get of f me.” I y ell “No I think I lik “I.Said.Get.Of “I.Said.NO!” e this position.” f !” he says or

“Ugh can y ou pr etty please get of

f with a c her r y on top?”

“You didn ’t ad dr ess me cor rectl y. Its Aar on the sme xiest guy to e ver w alk this ear th to y ou.” “Ar e y ou kid ding me? Fine, w ha te ver. Aar on, the sme xiest guy to e ver w alk the ear th, will y ou please get o f f me?” “Hmm.....” “Aar on!” “Fine, fine.” He gets of f me and helps me u p. I br ush as muc h dir t of f my clothes as I can and then I r eali ze some thing. “Shit.” “W ha t is it Ems?” “W e ar en ’t on the pa th.” “J esus Aar on, I told y ou w e alr eady past tha t tr ee.” I said We had been w andering ar ound f or hour s no w and night time didn ’t help one bit. I f elt blind and it w fun. In the past f ew hour s I had tripped 11 times, 1789324 cuts on my le gs and ar ms, and y elled a t about...the w hole time! “Emma just Aar on said tr ust me. I think I see lights, just it being asn ’t any gotten lik e Aar on f or

f ollo w me.”

“T ha t’ s w ha t y ou said f or the last couple o f hour s! And I am so tir ed, vans ar en ’t r eall y made to be w alk ed in the f or est.” I said “W ell its not my f ault y ou ar e w earing them. J ust deal with and hur r y up its getting cold.” “Please Aar on, can w e just sit getting anyw her e.” do wn f or a second? W it

e ar en ’t

Aar on tur ned ar ound r eady to y ell but I alr eady knew tha t was coming. I put on my pouty f ace and acted innocent. And guess w ha t he sa ys. “Ugh, fine Ems. W minutes though!” I am sooo good a e can sit on tha t log f or 5 minutes. J y contr ol minds. ust 5

t tha t. I can seriousl

We sa t do wn on the log and look ed up . W ha t w er e w e going to do? I wish I could be a t home, with my ipod, just laying out on top o f the r oof and“Ems?” “Yeah?” “W hy ar e w e alw ays fighting?” T ha t w as so not w ha t I w as e xpecting a t all. But I w as a bit curious so I held bac k my fr ustr ation and ans wer ed calml y. “I think its because e ver since our 9th bir thda y par ty w e just made it tha t w ay. I think w e could ha ve been friends but w e didn ’t.” “I think y ou ar e right. I ne ver ha ted y ou. I acutall y li-” CR ACK! “OMG Aar on did y ou hear tha t!” “Yeah! W as tha t y ou? “No . W as tha t y ou?” “No . Emma I think w CR ACK! “T his is r eall y s tar ting to cr eep me out, Aar do?” on. W ha t do w e e need to g-”

I g rabbed Aar on ’s hand and look ed all ar ound us. I kno w w e ar e suppo se to ha te ea ch other and be pulling eac h other’ s

hair but I w as r eall y scar ed and I needed someone. someone w as Aar on. “Its ok E ms. I am right her e. Don ’t be scar ed.”

T ha t

He squeez ed my hand then and pulled me into a hug. RA WW RRR RRR!!!!!! T ha t w as not just a bear be ha ppening. “EMMA R UN!” Bef or e I e ven get up on my o wn, Aar on had pulled me up and sta r ted dr a gging me. I k ept f alling o ver and o ver and o ver. Jesus! I do n’t w ant to die. Please not y et “Aar on y ou ar e going to f ast. I am not in tr said ac k r emember?” I g rowl w as it! N o, no , no . T his can ’t

“Ne ver mind tha t Emma k eep r unning. I’ ll stay in the bac k just in case.” “In case of “In case the w ha t?” I ask ed scar ed f or the r espon se. bear is after us. I don ’t w ant y ou to get hur t.”

RA WW RRR R!!!! “OMG!!!! Aar on w e ar e going to die!” I said

“No w e ar en ’t Emma. J us t k eep r unning.” So I k ept r unning. I pic ked up the pase a bit too . No w ay w as I going to die because o f a bear . No w ay. I can ’t die. God, please send me a mir ac le. And then I saw it. “Aar on ther e is a lak e! W e ha ve to get in it. I can s faster than r unning. Come on I kno w w ha t to do .” “Ok, I tr us t y ou.” wim a lot

T ha t made me stop making Aar on r un right past me. He tr usted me? I thought he ha ted me. Oh no! My f eelings w er e coming bac k. Oh jeez! “EMMA COME ON!” “Shit!” I said and sta r ted r unning a fter Aar on.

We got into the w ater not r eall y kno wing w ha t to do . All w e did w as s wim. But it w as fr eezing cold! Not onl y w er e w e going to die o f a bear but also fr eezing to dea th. W ow, this will be g rea t f or the news. “Em..ma ar ...e y ou o ..ok?” Aar on called fr om up fr ont. “Ye...eaah I a....am. A...r e y o...u?” e ar e go ...ing to

“Ye..s. I se..see a boulder u...p ahea...ad. W cli...mb up it an...nd r es t f or a b...it ok?” “Uh...hu..hh. It’ “I kn..o ww.” s... so ...soo ...co .ooolld d”

We r eac hed the r oc k and Aar on star ted c limbing it. He helped me up and then w e w er e on top . W e stood a t the top and look ed do wn. It w as pr et ty f ar up so the bear couldn ’t get us. I tur ned to a shiv ering Aar on. “Emma tak e of f y our c lothes.” Wait w ha t? He did not must be cr azy! just say w ha t I think he did right ? He

“Um w ha t?” I said, my ar

ms still wr apped ar ound myself . y ou will

“Emma, y ou need to tak e y our c lothes o f f or else fr eez e. P lease.” Aar on said. “Ar e y ou kid ding me! Y ou per v!”

“Ems! Y ou will die i f y ou do not tak e of f y our c lothes. And am not a per v! J ust tak e o f f y our c lothes jeez!”


“W ha te ver.” I unwr ap my ar ms f rom my w aist and unzip my jeans. T hank god I didn ’t w ear w hite underw ear or br a today i f y ou kno w wha t I mean. I finished up and right w hen I put my shir t do wn I see Aar on without his shir t or jeans too w hic h stunned me. I mean I ne ver r eall y look ed a t his body till no w and man w as he hot. He saw me look ed a t him and ga ve me a cr ook ed smile. “Yeah I ha ve tha t e f fect on gir ls.” He said still “Psh, y eah right. I w as not looking a t y ou.” t me and dr ooling smiling.

“Sur e so y ou just ha ppened to be looking a if I might ad d f or no a ppar ent r eason ?” “I w as not dr ooling! Or looking a “Its ok y ou can admit it, y winks a t me t y ou.”

ou w er en ’t the onl y one looking.” he her e

“Ew per v! Ugh I can ’t belie ve this is ha ppening to me. W ar e w e anyw ay s?”

“I ha ve no c lue. But the sun is coming up soon because I see a bit o f light fr om o ver the mountains. W hy don ’t w e sit do wn and talk a bout something to get our mind of f the cold?” “I guess so .” I f eel

We sit do wn and look of f to war ds the w ater and then something cold slide acr os s my w aist. “Ahh!” “Chill its just me.”

“You ar e f reezing! W ha t ar e y ou doing?” “K eeping us “Uh ok then. w ar m.” W hat do y ou w ant to talk a bout?”

Aar on looks to the something.

sk y and thinks

f or a bit. Finall tha t.”

y he sa ys

“I didn ’t lik e Clair e if y ou e ver thought

He tur ns to me and smile s. Y es! He didn ’t lik e her! But still doesn ’t mean he lik es me. “T ha ts good because she w “Yeah I noticed. If Damien?” as a bitc h.”

tha t

y ou don ’t mind me asking,

w hy do y ou li ke

“W ell, to tell y ou the tr uth I think I did n’t REALL Y lik e him. I lik ed him but he didn ’t r eall y giv e me tha t gut f eeling or anything.” “Ar e y ou guys together?” “No .” “Oh. T ha ts good.” “I guess.” After tha t it w as kind o f awkw ar d. W e didn ’t r eall y kno w w ha t to talk a bout. W ithout r eall y thinking I leaned my head onto Aar on ’s shoulder and star ted drifting of f. I am not sur e i f I w as dr eaming or Aar on speak. “Because not but I think I hear d

y ou guys shouldn ’t be together . W e should be.” d someone say

“Emma!” I hear “Hmm.”

“EMMA WAKE U PPP!” I hear d tha t anno ying v oice a gain. H ow dar e the y w ak e me up! “Ugh w ha t?” I opened my ey es and saw Aar on without a shir t. I look ed ar ound us and saw tha t w e w er e by a lak e and on a r oc k.

Gr ea t, tha t w asn ’t a dr eam. Aar on stood up and held out me up . a hand. I took it and he helped

“W e need to s tar t m oving. I w ent on the other side o f the roc k and ther e is a little dam someone built leading to land. On land ther e is a pa th and I think w e should f ollo w it.” “Ok as long as it gets us home. I am tir ed of this” t w hic h con fused

He look ed somew ha t hur t w hen I said tha me. But he quic kl y r eco ver ed. “Put y our c lothes on lets go .”

Wow someone w as cr abby. I ignor ed tha t comment and put my shir t and jeans on. Aar on sta r ted w alking ahead so I tr udged behind him. He w as right. T her e w as a little dam made our of r oc ks tha t led to land. Once w e got to land ther e w as in f act a little pa th. Long sto r y sho r t w e took the we hear d v oice s. “Oh my gosh! Aar on w e did it!” I w as going to s pa th f or a bout an hour or I said so till

tar t r unning w hen Aar on g rabbed my hand.

He pulled me bac k ar ound to f ace him and then he leaned in and kissed me. It w asn ’t a long kiss but it made those butte rflies in my stomac h. Aar on did lik e me. He pulled aw and look ed a t me bef or e speaking. “J ust w anted y ou to kno w tha t y ou’ ve alw ays had another option.” And with tha t he w alk ed aw ay. Aar on ’s P.O .V. I knew she w as going to go bac k to Damien


once w e got ther e

so I kissed her . Y eah I knew she doesn ’t f eel tha t w ay but she needs to kno w after all these y ear s. Yes y ear s. I needed her to kn ow tha t I alw ays lo ved her . No w the decision w as in her hands. I w alk ed to the of fice and planned on talking to the people in char ge and let them kno w w e w er e okay . Emma w as pr etty tir ed and is pr oba bl y hung r y. I hope w e didn ’t cause too muc h pr oblems f or them. As I w as w alking up the steps to the of fice I hear d a scr eam.

I tur ned ar ound and saw tha t shor t gir l with the blac k hair , Mir anda I think, r un up to Emma and giv e her a hug. Ha gir ls, they ar e v er y inter esting. I tur ned bac k to the door and w to do this. Emma’ s P.O .V. I cannot belie ve he did tha t. No w I h ave to c hoose betw een Damien and Aar on. Ho w could he do tha t! I mean I ha ve alw ays lik e Aar on deep do wn but h ow do I kno w he is r eal and not just joking? W ill he s till be r ude to me i f w e ha ppened to da te? Ugh! And Damien. I kn ow I just met him but he seems r eal and nice. But w ha t a bout Aar on? Ugh! I pushed it out o f my head and k ept w alking. I did n’t f eel lik e ca tc hing up with Aar on, I needed to be alone. I w as almost a t the gir l’ s ca bin n ow w hen I saw something shiny on the g round. I stopped w alking and knelt do wn. It w as a ring. I pic ked the ring up and r ub bed of f as muc h dir t as I could. It w as a r ed hear t with a gold lightning bolt thr ough it. T hen it hit me. It w as kind of li ke me and Aar on. Sometimes we can cause f riction, lik e the lightning bolt, and w e w ant to kill eac h other . Bu t, lik e the hear t, deep do wn w e lo ve eac h other and tha ts all w e need. alk ed in. I r eall y didn ’t w ant

So then I decided I w with Aar on.

as going to f or get Damien and tr

y things

Just as I w as standing up and placing the ring on my inde x finger I hear d a scr eam. I didn ’t get a c hance to look up because the ne xt thing I kno w something is hug ging me. W ait its someone. I look a t the per son ’s head and see long blac k hair with a neon g reen bo w c lip in their hair . Mir anda. I pull bac k and smile a “Hey” I say . “Hey? T ha t’ s is all y ou say! J esus Ems I thought y ou died! W ha t ha ppened to y ou?” she said pulling me into another hug. “W ell Aar on and I lost the pa th so w e tried to find it a got lost. W e got c hased by a bear , almost died o f hypothe r mia, and f ound our w ay bac k. So her e I am.” Mir anda pulls bac k and laughs. “W ow Emma y ou r eall y ar e something. I’m just g lad y ou ar e okay . Y ou will not belie ve ho w anno yed I got with tho se gir ls in the ca bin. I s wear , I w as a bout to go on a bloody massac re!” T hen its my tur n to star t laughing. Man I am so g Mir anda. lad I met gain but t her .

“Haha w ow Mir anda you reall y ar e something. Hey , um can w e go get something to ea t? I am so hung r y I can pr oba bl y ea t ever yone her e!” “Haha y eah sur e Ems. W hy don ’t y ou c hange fir st. No o f fense but y ou stink lik e cr ap.” “You ar e right, I pr oba bl y d o. Let s go .”

Mir anda link ed ar ms with me and led us up to the ca bin. Oh no . T he gir ls ar e going to fr eak w hen they see me. Ugh. Her e we go . Mir anda opened the door and I r eall y wi sh tha t she didn ’t.

1 2 3 “EMMA!” “Shes aliv e!” “Oh mm Gee! She lik e stinks”

“Emma! Ar e y ou okay?” “Yeah w ha t ha ppened Emma?” “GIRLS! SHU T UP FOR ONCE IN Y JEE Z!” OUR LIFE! L ET EMMA RE ST.

I look to my right and see Mir anda br ea thing hea vil y. I squeez e her hand and sa y thanks and w alk to my suitca se and get some c lothes and shampoo . I w alk past ea ger ey es and head st raight to the sho wer r oom. I w alk past some other gir ls and guys all w hispering. Abou t me ob viousl y since their finger s ar e pointing a t me. I see almost e ver yone. But by e ver yone I mean e ver yone but Damien. I need to tell him tha t things betw een us w er e just a thing. But with my luc k, I n ever saw him I w alk into the scar y looking building. Ha ve y ou e ver wonder ed w hy buildings seem scar y w hen y ou camp? Maybe its the f act tha t y ou ar e out in the mid dle of no w her e. Or maybe its the f act tha t ther e ar e 1,000 living bugs in ther e. I mean I can handle bugs but not spider s, and they ha ppen to be all o ver the building. Anyw ays, I w alk into the ba thr oom and stop dead in my tr ac ks. I put my things do wn on a benc h and w alk bac k to wher e I w as. I look ed into the mir ror and sa w disgusting wri tten all o ver me! Ho w did I let people see me lik e this? I look lik e I just died and came bac k to haunt my e x lo ver or something.

I had cuts all o ver my ar ms tha t had dir t pasted on top o f it. My w hole outfit w as r uined by mud and tear s fr om f alling do wn and r unning into bushes. My f ace had liter all y tak en on tw o dar ker shades fr om all the dir t. My mak eup had smear ed all o ver w hic h didn ’t help either . And then my hair . My god! It was tang led all o ver. T her e w er e lea ves stuc k in it and a bout a pound of dir t. M y point is tha t I needed a sho wer, pr onto! I w ent into the sho wer stall and tur ned the nob all the w ay to right. Hot. I lo ve hot sho wer s. I ne ver r eall y lik ed the cold, even winte r or any thing. I took my c lothes o f f and hopped right into the sho wer. W ow it f elt sooo good. I look ed do wn and saw all the dir t just dripping of f o f me. T ha t is nasty . I pic k up the soa p and star t scr ub bing myself . I s wear I think ther e w as a bout enough dir t on the floor of the sho wer to build a dir t castle. Ne xt, hair . Be for e I w ent in I br ushed it and man w as tha t painful. I squeez ed out a w hole hand ful and sta r t scr ubbing my hair . T he w hite shampoo tur ns br own and I tak e tha t as my que to rin se and r epea t. I did this f or a bout 3 times and then I got out. I c hanged into my W e the Kings shir t and y ello w skinny jeans with pur ple z ebr a con ver se. Y eah they w er en ’t z ebr a but tha ts w hy man cr ea ted shar pie. My hair is na tur all y str aight and w as alr eady pr ett y dr y since it took me a bout 10 minutes to get r eady and suc h. Once I w as completel y done, I headed ba ck to the ca bin. I kept looking ar ound hoping I w ould see Damien but I didn ’t see him. J ust my luc k right. I w anted to tell Aar on tha t I f elt the same w ay alr eady , but I had to talk to Damien fir st. I sighed and continued w alking Mir anda had told all the gir ls w ha t ha ppened with me and Aar on so I didn ’t get ask ed too many question s but I did receiv e some g lances. “Hey E ms y ou w an-” Mir anda tak es a step bac k and looks a t my entir e outfit

“You c lean up nice.” “Haha thanks. W ha t w er e y ou sa ying?” I r epl y w hile putting aw ay my dir ty c lothes “Oh y eah, do y ou w ant to go to dinner or do y ou w anna just chill her e? I can sta y her e if y ou w ant to just r es t.” “No w ay! I ha ven ’t ea ten in soo long. Scr ew sleeping lets go!”

I g rab her hand, still laughing, and r un outside. Bef or e I could stop myself , I tripped on one of the last steps. Gr ea t, I just took a sho wer. S ince I w as holding onto Mi randa I pulled her do wn with me too . “My butt!” she y ells

“My ar m!” I y ell I landed on top of her so tha t pr oba bl y suc ked f or her . But her le g landed on my ar m so tha t r eall y suc ked, f or me a t least. I got up and br ushed myself of f and then pulled Mir anda up . “Sor r y Mir anda. Y ou okay?” I ask “Yeah I am fine. I you ar e bac k.” am still ha ving tha t ha pp y r ush n ow tha t

“Oh r eall y. I ha ve a r ush to . I w ant to ea t! Hey , do y ou lik e challenges?” She looks a t me kind of funny but smile s a gain

“Of cour se! W hats the c hallenge?” “Race y ou!” Bef or e she had e ven a c hance to r epl y I sta r ted r unning but I am pr ett y sur e I hear d a “Hey! T ha ts no f air!” I w as bea ting her someone. by almost 10 y ar ds w hen I r an str aight into round with me

T he per son and I both w ent fl ying to the g

laying on top of them. I opened my to look a t the per son. Oh cr ap. God r eall y ha tes me. I mean r wor ld ?

ey es and r ai sed my head

eall y. Of all the people in the

Clair e?
(Got y ou guy s huh?) “Lik e EW! Get of “Aww did the slut up . f me! Ew ew ew!” Clair e said. I r epl y getting

get dir t in her e xtensions?”

“No! I do not ha ve e xtension s!” she says still br ushing the dir t o f f her pink skir t I stand up and see Mir anda pas s me by . “I am going to win!” she y ells. Oh no she w on ’t! I look bac k a t Clair e and smile. T his is w ha t she deser ves! I kic k up some dir t lik e a ca t does in a litte r bo x or a dog kic king up g rass and sta r t r unning. “Hey! I am going to “I’ d lik e to see get y ou bac k y ou bitc h!” she y ells

y ou tr y tr amp!” I y ell bac k

I star t sprinting as f ast I can but it doesn ’t help . I get to the door , panting lik e cr azy , and spot Mir anda sitting do wn with a drink in her hand. Damn. “Hey E ms. About time y smile. ou sho wed up .” she say s with a smug ?” I say some other

“Yeah y eah. W her e did y ou get the drink She points kids. o ver to the drink

display occupied by tall guy .”

“Ov er ther e by tha t skinny

I w alk o ver ther e and w ait in line. As I w ait in line I look ar ound. W her e is e ver yone? I look up to the c loc k. 5:43. T hey must still be getting r eady . I get my drink and w alk ba ck to war ds Mir anda. “T hey alr eady put dinner say s out. W ant to get fir st dibs?” Mir anda

“Hell y eah I do! Lezz go!” I stand up and g rab her hand, dr a gging her to war ds the f ood bar . As w e w alk to the f ood bar I smell something be pasta with gar lic br ead. P lease. gar lic y. Please

We a ppr oac hed the f ood line, being fir st o f cour se, and w hile I pic k up my pla te I see something r ed in the cor ner of my ey e. I w hip my head to the right and see hea ven! P asta and gar lic br ead. Y es! I lo ve ha ving super smell. I get my pasta and with e xtr a gar lic br ead. Hey , I ear ned it. Mir anda gets some too . But not as muc h as me. I s wear if y ou put our pla tes ne xt to eac h other mine w ould ha ve look ed lik e a w hole countr y w hile her s look ed lik e a villa ge. Haha oh well. We sit do wn and I do n’t hesita te to star t ea ting. I notice some people star t coming in but pay no a ttention to them. I am sta r ving! I e ven see Aar on and Damien but lik e I said, I was star ving. T ha t can w ait. After I ha ve tw o mor e ser vings and a bo wl o f fr uit I stop . I put my bo wl to the side and see Mir anda staring a t me with wide ey es. “W ha t? I w as hung r y shee sh.” I say Mir anda star ts laughing and then T hen my stomac h star ts getting I can ’t help but laugh along. mad. Oh no . Better stop .

“Hello kids! I hope y ou enj oyed y our dinner . As y ou may ha ve noticed, Aar on and Emma ha ve saf el y r etur ned bac k to camp . T hey got lost but f ound their w ay bac k. Please let them r es t

and set tle do wn, I am sur e they ar e v er y tir ed. W e ha ve planned some f ree time f or y ou guys tonight. In the e vent center ther e will be dodge ball and v olleyball. I f y ou do not wish to par ticipa te then y ou can hang out in the teen center and w atc h mo vies. T hank y ou.” say s another leader . Hmm. Dodge ball sound s pr ett y fun. But, bef or e I need to talk to Damien. I need to get this w or ked out and then I can talk to Aar on. “Ems w ha t do y ou w ant to do? You?” Mir anda sa ys I w as thinking dodge ball.

“Um tha t sounds fine. I need to talk to Damien Can I just meet y ou in ther e?” I r epl y “Sur e, sounds good.” S he s tands up “Her pla te. Or pla tes. Haha” “No y ou do n’t ha ve to Mi randa.” “Oh come on. I am ca pa ble of handling some pla wor k a t R ed R obins.” “T hanks.”

f ir st though. our

e let me get y

tes. I use to

I hand her my pl ate s and she w alks aw ay. I look ar ound f or Damien but don ’t see him. Most people le ft f or activi ties. I drink the r est o f my Cok e, get up , and w alk to war ds the Ev ents Center . Ok so don ’t go har d on him Emma. J ust say lets be friends. I mean w e w ouldn ’t see eac h other anyw ays a fter this. But dont be mean! He w as a good friend. Ok so I can star t o ff with Hey Dam“Oh Aar on, y ou ar e so ador able.” a gir l’ s v oice said. W ha t the hell? W hy did a gir l think Aar on w as ador able? My Aar on. I s tar ted walking to war ds the tr ees. W ha t the hell w as going on?

“Clair e I -” Aar on ’s v oice said “Shhh. Lets not talk.”

By this time I had spo tted them. I hid behind a tr ee and k ept watc hing. I leaned in c loser f or a bette r hear and stepped on a twig tha t ha ppened to sna p. Shit. I look ed up and saw Clair e giv e me a g lance but I w asn ’t entir el y sur e if she spot ted me. “Aar on I am g lad y ou called me her e. I am just stunned tha t you li ke me too . You ar e just soo cute.” Clair e’ s v oice cooed. “Clair e I don-” I w aited f or him to finish or f nothing. or Clair e to continue but I hear d

W hy did he stop? I look ed o ver past the tr ee and saw them making out, Clair e w as all o ver him tha t slut. I think my hear t ripped to shr eds. I thought it w as me he lik ed. Clair e? He said he didn ’t lik e her . Ho w could I ha ve f allen f or it? I am suc h an idiot. He w as pr etending all thi s time. I w as so ang r y with him and myself instead I w alk ed fr om behind the tr thr ew it a t his head. “Ow!” he y elled. He tur ned ar ound, confusion written all o ver his f ace, and spot ted me. His f ace w ent fr om confused to hur t and sadnes s. “I can ’t belie ve I lik ed y ou! Y ou ar e suc h a fuc king jer k Aar on. If y ou didn ’t lik e me then do n’t kiss me and put these lies into my head.” I y elled tear s str eaming do wn my f ace “Emma I didn-” “No , stop! Don ’t e ver talk to me a gain. I don ’t w ant y ou anyw he re near me e ver. F or once in y our lif e just lea ve me alone.” tha t I w anted to kill. But ee, pic ked up a r oc k, and

“Aww the poor ba rang. “Clair e shut the

by sad tha t she w as lied to?”

Clair e’ s v oice

hell up .” I y elled g laring a t her .

“You ar e just jealous tha t he didn ’t w ant y ou. I ca n’t blame him. I mean w ho w ould.” she said. “Oh go fuc k a co w.” I y elled and tur ned ar ound to w alk a way. I w as w alking pr ett y f ast w hen I almost tripped on some stupid r oc k. I c losed my ey es w aiting f or the contact but all I felt w as a w ar m hand wr ap ar ound my w aist. I tur ned ar ound and saw Aar “Emma, please-” “Listen ? No Aar on I will not listen to y ou. F or once I w as sta r ting to belie ve tha t y ou w er e a good per son and I star ted liking y ou. And then I saw tha t. Ho w could y ou?” “I didn-” “J ust stop . I’m done.” I sho ved pas t him and k ept w alking to the ca bins. But because God lo ves me soo muc h, Aar on g rabbed me a gain. “I don-” he be gan k of y ou. Get out of my w ay. I ha te on. Luc k y me.

“Lea ve. Me. Alone! I am sic you, Aar on.”

I w alk ed ar ound him and this time he didn ’t stop me. I guess the h ate par t r eall y caught him of f guar d. I had ne ver been this ang r y with him. Ev er. I w asn ’t f ar because himself . “W ha t the hell just ha I could s till hear Aar ppened?” he said. ying, and on talking to

I w alk ed thr ough the door

o f the ca bin, still cr

look ed out the

windo w.

“You jus t lost me.” I said. Aar on ’s PO V: W ha t the hell? T ha t did not just ha ppen. I ne ver told Clair e I lik ed her . I ne ver told her to meet me. And I definetl y did not think she w as cute.

Clair e had told me to meet her . I get ther e and she’ s all lik e “Nice shir t.” I am all lik e y ou did not just bring me out her e to say tha t. I stand ther e w aiting f or her to say w ha te ver it is she br ought me her e f or. I w anted to see Emma. But she doesn ’t say anything. She is e xamining her nails.
I am a bout to tur n ar ound w hen she finall y star ts talking. S he keeps talking a bout ho w she thinks I lik e her and ho w she is so ha pp y I ar ranged this meeting. And all I can think of is did I miss something? She k eeps r ambling on a bout stuf f tha t I ne ver e ven said so I am a bout to tell her tha t I li ke Emma and NO T her . But then she does something w ay out of line. S he kis ses me. I tr y to pull aw ay f rom her but she digs her nails into my ar m. Dang! She needs to cut those nails. I am still tr ying to pull aw ay w hen something har d hits me in the ba ck of the head. W ha t the hell is ha ppening right no w? I tur n ar ound and see Emma. Cr Oh cr ap. T his is not ying. lik e. Cr ap, cr ap, cr ap

w ha t it looks

I tr y thinking of w ha t just tells me tha t I ca yelling a t me and Clair r uined it. I blew any c

to sa y but I can ’t. T he look on her f ace n’t get out o f this one. S he s tar ts e and all I can think of is Emma. I hance I had with her .

I am still lost in thought w hen I r eali ze tha t E mma is gone. I push Clair e aw ay fr om me and r un after E mma. I spot her and sprin t f aster . I can ’t belie ve she just sa w tha t. W hy do things

alw ays ha ppen to go wr right ?

ong w hen things

ar e star ting to go

I get to her right w hen she is a bout to f all. Man she r eall y can be a klutz. She tur ns ar ound and her f ace f ills with anger . Oh no not a gain. I tr y to r eason with her but she w on ’t allo w it. S he tur ns to lea ve, a gain. I r un after her , a gain, and she y ells a t me some mor e. W hy won ’t she just listen to me? F or once, this w as not my f ault. And then she say s it. “I ha te y ou, Aar on.”

I mean she has said it bef or e but ne ver lik e tha t. T his time she r eall y did mean it. And it sounded lik e she w ould ne ver for giv e me. “W ha t the hell just ha ppened?” I mutte r

I can ’t belie ve it. She li ked me and thing s w ould ha ve w or ked out. My dr eams and hopes w ould actuall y ha ppen and become reality . But then stupid Clair e. God I am in deep cr ap. “I need to tak e a w alk.” I say e.

I star t w alking to the lak Ho w am I going to get Emma’ s P OV:

out o f thi s one?

“He did w ha t!” Mir anda y elled I had told her e Clair e. ver ything. F rom him kissing me to him kissing

“I just told y ou the w hole stor y Mir anda, w ha t do y ou possibl y not get?” I say with no emotion. We ar e laying on the top bunk of our bed. She had star ted looking f or me w hen I ne ver sho wed up f or dodge ball and she came into the ca bin to see me cr ying my ey es out. T her e wer e liter al l y pud dles on the floor of the ca bin.

“I don ’t get w hy he w ould lie to y ou though? He could ha ve hur t y ou any other w ay. W hy this w ay?” Mir anda said twir ling her hair . “I don ’t kno w Mir anda. I’m just yawned. “Oh, I’m sor bed.” con fused. And a little tir ed.” I

r y hun. It’ s been a long day

. W hy don ’t y ou go to

“T hanks Mir anda. I am r

eall y g lad I met y ou.” c heek.

Mir anda got of f the bed and kissed my “As am I .” she r eplies

Mir anda didn ’t lea ve me. S he actuall y w ent to bed too was onl y 9:12. She w as no w the onl y per son I could tr her e. Aar on ’s PO V:

w hen it ust

I skipped the last of many r oc ks into the lak e. I w as still confused and hur t and ang r y. Confused because I did not get wha t Clair e just did. Hur t because I had made Emma sad. And ang r y because I was the r eason. “Guess I better go bac k.” I said to no one.

I tur n ar ound, sho ve my hands its cold.

in my poc ket, and w alk. Damn

I star t kic king a r oc k on my w ay bac k. I wish I could tur n bac k time and mak e this all better . I mean the look on Emma’ s f ace. Her sadnes s. I couldn ’t bar e it. Maybe I can talk to her no w and ask her“Yes I did it! Did I not just sa y it?” a gir l’ s v oice said.

Wow tha t sounds so f amiliar . It w as coming fr om behind the bo ys ca bin. I r an into the ca bin and did not tur n on any lights. T he windo ws w er e alr eady opened and I k ept the lights of f. And then I peer ed out side.

W hy w as Clair e with Damien? “Ok so y ou ar e sur e she saw it?” Damien W ho ar e the y talking a bout ? Emma? “Yes she saw it. It w as the r eason she blew up on him and cried. S he is suc h a ba by. I don ’t e ven kno w w ha t he see’ s in her any w ays.” r eplied Clair e Emma. T hey w er e talking on? “Ok good.” “You ar e so hot w hen y ou ar e planning people’ s miser y, ba by.” Clair e said sliding her ar m ar ound his nec k. “Man I can ’t belie ve she thought I lik ed her . I w as just using her . Lik e y ou w er e using tha t kid, Aar on.” he said And then they kis sed. W ha t is ha ppening! I w as a bout to tur n when they pulled a par t and star ted talking a gain. “W ha t a bout y our bo yfriend?” Damien said. a bout her . W ha t the hell is going said.

“W ell w ha t a bout Emma? I kno w y ou lik ed her . And f or get about my bo yfriend. He’ s not her e.” she said “I did bef or e I saw the w ay she star ted looking a t him and the way he r etur ned the look. T hey can ’t be together . S he w as mine fir st.” he stops because she sta r ts w hining, “But y ou kno w ba be tha t I am just using her . Li ke y ou and y our bo yfriend.” He w as using her! My E mma! I need to tell Clair e did tha t! I get it no w. “Oh I kno w hunny bun. Y ou can kiss her bo yfriend and look a t me n ow.” her! No w onder ave a dude

. I mean I h

T hey star t kissing a gain. God I am going to kill this once I talk to Emma.

“W e better get going. P us gone.” Clair e say s

eople will star

t to talk

i f they notice

“Sur e ba be. Any thing f or y ou.” T hey w alk of f holding hands to war d the e vents cetner . lights. I w alk to

I mo ve aw ay fr om the windo w and tur n on the my bed and lay ther e sta ring a t the ceiling. Emma is not going to belie ew ed. ve me.

Shit. I am so scr Emma’ s P.O .V

I w ok e up bef or e any one else. I guess it w as the f act tha t I was the f ir st one to sleep . Y eah, tha t might be it. I jumped do wn fr om the top bunk and w ent to my c loset. It was pr etty cold since it w as onl y mor ning so I took our swea ts and put them o ver my g reen and bla ck plaid bo xer s. I got my pur ple f ox jac ket and slipped my shoes on and w alk ed outside. I could smell the scent of pine tr ees and hear the songs of bir ds. I n ever r eall y a ppr ecia ted na tur e and it w as kind of nice and soothing. It w as the kind of thing I needed to help me with w ha t I w as going thr ough. My hear t w as tor n and shr ed ded to pieces. I still can ’t belie ve w ha t ha ppened e ven with the unpleasant dr eams I had last night. Maybe I could giv e Damien a c hance. At leas he didn ’t mak e me f eel this w ay. I had gotten to the lak e this time. I w alk ed up the doc k and sa t do wn. Looking ar ound I r emember ed the last couple of days her e. Dr owning and w aking up to Aar on, getting lost with Aar on, finding out w ay bac k home after multiple li fe thr ea tening e vents with Aar on, kissing Aar on, and then ha ving my f eelings cr ushed by Aar on. T his w as so complica ted.


I w as so con fused. I w as mad and sad but I still had f eelings for him despite w ha t he did. W e had endur ed so many things togethe r tha t mak es it so har d f or things to end. “All camper s ar e to r epor t to the ca feteria in 5 minutes. W e will be h aving a fr ee day and y ou will get to v entur e on y our own. Again, e ver yone must be in the caf eteria in 5 minutes. T hank y ou.” Gr ea t. I did not w ant to see Aar on or the skank hey , it was a fr ee day . I got up , br ushed the pine needles of to war ds the g ym. my butt, right no w. But and headed

I w as w alking to war ds the caf eteria w hen I hear d a y ell. Not a y ell tha t someone mak es in f ear , but a tten tion. “Emma! W ait! J ust giv e me 5 minutes! Emma!” the v oice said

But y ou all knew w ho the v oice w as coming fr om. And so did I. But the thing is, I just w anted to be alone and think. I didn ’t w ant to deal with this right no w. Aar on r an up ne xt to me panting and took a second to some air . get

“Look Emma I am sor r y. I kno w tha t I need w ay w ay mor e than tha t to mak e y ou f or giv e me but I need to talk to y ou. W hether y ou w ant to tear my thr oa t out or not. I did not kiss Clair e. S h-” Aar on says DID NO T KIS S CLAIRE?! ? Y ou got to be kid ding me right no w.

“W ha t! Do not say y ou didn ’t kis s her . Y ou did. T ha ts it. I w as ther e, don ’t tell me I need my ey es c hec ked. I kno w w ha t I saw .” I y ell “You don ’t under stand. Clair e and Damien things f or us. T hey-” ar e tr ying to r uin

“No w Damien ? Clair e is one thing but Damien ne ver did anything to y ou. And the us no longer a pplies.”

“No Emma listen. Clair e and Damien lik e eac h other . T hey made a plan to tear us a par t. I saw them making out last night.” “Oh so n ow y ou ar e mad tha t Clair e actuall y has taste and is tr ying to get bac k a t Damien?” “T ha ts not w ha t Im saying E mma, y ou don ’t-” ou in guys

“Look, I’m not going to kill y ou but I don ’t w ant to talk to y either . J us t let me think okay . I ha ve to go f ind Mir anda. Sor r y.” “But he’ s using y ou.” he say s

I didn ’t car e w ha t he said. I took of f r unning then. T his w as too mu ch. WA Y too muc h. W hy w ould Damien do tha t? He wouldn ’t w ould he. I mean I don ’t r eall y kn ow him but still. And w hy w ould Aar on lie? T her e ar e a million things Aar on could ha ve said to me. And honest l y, I w ould ha ve ne ver guessed he w ould say tha t. I r an thr ough the door of the caf eteria and took the sea t by Mir anda and some other gir ls. She had a questioned look on her f ace but I mouthed “la ter” and she took it. Luc kil y the leader s hadn ’t sta r ted y et. I saw Damien of f a t another ta ble. He caught wink ed. He couldn ’t use me. Right ? my ga ze and

“Ok kids. Today is y our day o f f since y ou will be lea ving tomor row. Yes, y es I kno w it is v er y sad. W e ha ve had a lot o f fun. T her e will be tons of activities today tha t y ou can do . Or , you can just c hill in y our ca bins. So ha ve fun guys.” “Hey , Emma.” I hear d to my le ft.

Geez Aar on. Le ave me alone f or a bit. I w as a bout to tell him to go get a li fe and stop bothering mine but w hen I look ed up it w asn ’t Aar on. It w as Damien.

“Uh, hi um Damien.”

I say a little ner

vou s.

“Do y ou w ant to go canoeing with me? T her e ar e some other people going too . I thought it w ould be cool if w e w ent together . I ha ven ’t had the c hance to talk to y ou la tel y.” I w as kind of hoping to just c hill in the ca bin. Maybe r ead some T wilight books or something. But then I caught sight of br own sha gg y hair standing up to the right. Aar on. He must ha ve hear d w ha t Damien said because his hands wer e balled up in fists and his f ace w as flushed r ed with anger . He took a thr ea tening step f orw ar d. Hmm. Aar on had put me thr ough a lot. And hey , this w as our last day . No har m in ha ving a little competition fun right. “I’ d lo ve to Damien.” I r epl y

I hug him then and see Aar on. He is still pissed o f f but his ey es ar e tr ying to communica te with me. He’ s tr ying to plead with me to not go . I can see it. T hen I smiled and wink Pay bac k is a bitc h. Emma’ s P.O .V : Ok so using Damien f or paybac k w asn ’t f air f or him but its not lik e I w as e ver seeing him a gain. Y eah he w as a good guy but lets be honest her e. I still lik e Aar on. “Okay kids my name is Etsyr a and I will be the instr ucto r f or our canoeing e xperience. P lease f ollo w my lead and no one is to str ay fr om the g roup . So w e ar e set, let s go .” Haha! It w as Ets yr a a gain. J ust my luc k. We w er e all in our Etsy ra to hand out b athing suits w aiting on the doc k f or the lif e ja ckets and lead us to a canoe w e ed a t him mo cking l y.

would be as signed to . I w as standing ne xt to Damien w hile he was staring of f a t something in fr ont o f us. I tur ned and follo wed his gaz e and saw her . Clair e. W hy w as he sta ring a t her? Did he lik e her lik e Aar on said? Ugh. Speaking of Aar on he had decided to join the canoeing g roup . He w as saying ho w he ne ver w ent canoeing be for e and thought it w ould be fun. Y eah right! W e w ent canoeing in Utah last summer . T he onl y r eason he w anted to come w as to watc h and mak e sur e I didn ’t do anything stupid. Geez, I didn ’t need a ba bysit ter . “Oh look w ha t w e ha ve her e.” I hear I tur n ar ound and see Etsyr a g laring a t me.

“W ell hey hi ke leader . Mi ss me?” I sa y smiling a t her “Of cour se. I r eall y w anted to see the gir l w ho almost fir ed f or losing tw o camper s.” she says “T ha ts w ha t I lik e to hear . She hands Damien a lar ge blue li fe v est w hic h he puts on. He kind of look ed confused w hy E ts yr a and I w er e acting lik e this. I can tell him some other time. T hen Etsyr a tur ns to me. “Oops. Looks lik e w e ar e out of bitc h siz ed lif e v ests. Guess you will ha ve to put up w on ’t y ou.” she says She star ts laughing and w alks aw ay without giving me a lif e ves t. I guess she hear d a bout my dr owning incident and is counting on it to ha ppen a gain. I’ ve got to say , she has some guts. “W ha t w as tha t a bout?” Damien say s. “Oh nothing. J us t ca tc hing up with to our canoe. a friend .” I sa y as I w alk got me

Etsy ra must be r eall y upset because she ga ve us a one sea ter canoe. T her e w er e tw o sea ter canoes left too . Gosh this gir l can r eall y get on my ner ves. Ho w the hell did she e xpect us

to maneuv er this thing? “Uh Damien, h ow ar e w e going to use this tur ning to war ds him. T his ma kes him smile. I didn ’t say anything um canoe?” I say f unny did I? Hmm.

“You can si t betw een my le gs and I will r ow. Y ou must be tir ed fr om the other day and plus y ou don ’t ha ve a li fe v est. Her e let me go f ir st.” Damien c limbs into the canoe with his oar . He position s himself and then opens his le g and pa ts the spot w her e I guess he w ants me to sit. J ust g rea t. I’ d r ather go with Aar on. I am a bout to c limb in w hen someone passe “Emma please don ’t go with him” the s me.

per son say s. he is? I

I sho ve Aar on aw ay and c limb in. W ho does he think can handle myself thank y ou v er y muc h. I position

myself as f ar aw ay as I can get fr om Damien.

“R eady ?” I ask. Damien g rabs me ar ound the w aist and pulls me c a gainst him. “I am no w.” Wow I can f eel his 6 pac k. Hot. loser

Damien pushes the canoe a way fr om the doc k and star ts rowing. W e ar e still e xiting the doc k w hen something bangs right into the right side of the canoe. “Hol y shizz! W hat the hell?” I y I look to the right and see the ell.

thing tha t slammed into us.

“My bad. I did n’t see y ou guys.” Aar on says Maybe this w asn ’t the bes t idea.

T his de finetl y was not a good idea. Damien and Aar not let it go .

on w ould

For e xample, Damien w ould br ush his hand do wn my thigh but when he w as getting to touc hy Aar on w ould splash him with his oar s. T her e w as sho ving, splashing, name calling, and Aar on almost tipped our canoe! Long sto r y sho r t, w e ended up on land soaking w et. My w hite T he Maine t- shir t had become see thr ough and my r ed shor ts wer e no w deep r ed lik e blood almost. Etsy ra saw us and fr owned, shaking her “I don ’t e ven w ant to kno w nor do I car head. e.” she said

I’m a bout to tur n ar ound and g rab my to wel and ba g w hen a st rong hand g rips my ar m. I jer k bac k. “Hey , w ha t the hell?” I y ell w anted

“Geez Ems its not lik e I am tr ying to r ape y ou. I just to talk.” Aar on say s “T hen talk.” Aar on r uns a hand thr ough his hair and sigh s.

“Emma please don ’t do this. Please don ’t hang out with him. He is bad news Emma and I do n’t w ant y ou to get hur t.” he say s looking deep into my ey es For a second I w ant to just go right on up and hug him and say “Ok I w on ’t hang out with him, I will stay with y ou.” And I think I w as. I can ’t stay mad a t him f or ever. But thinking and doing isn can onl y do one. “Aar on I -” And then I am cut o f f. W hy God? W hy can ’t I just ha ve this ’t alw ays in sync. Sometimes y ou

one moment

to mak e things right

? W hy mak e it complica ted? says wr apping his ar m

“Emma! T her e y ou ar e.” Damien ar ound my shoulder .

I kno w he knew tha t Aar on w as ther e and tha t w e ar e talking but he made it seem the other w ay ar ound. “Oh hello Ale x.” Damien says

Aar on s teeth c len ch together . “Its Aar on” he hisse s

“Oh right. S ame thing.” Damien say s. T hen he tur ns to me. “Emma I kn ow this cool place with a small w aterf all. W ant to go with me?” he say s I tur n to look a t Aar on. His ey es ar e pleading with go” they say . But r eall y, w ha ts the har m? “Uh sur e. J ust f or a little Right Aar on?” me. “Don ’t

bit. I pr omised Aar on a w aterfight.

Least I w as giving Aar on a c hance. “Yeah she did. Be quic k.” Aar on sa ys

Damien g rabs my ar m and sta r ts to pull me aw ay. I tur n to look a t Aar on and mouth a sor r y. He nods and w alks aw ay. I tur n bac k to Damien and w alk on my o wn. e

“So ho w f ar is this e xactl y? I don ’t r eall y think f lip flops ar the best f or our little adv entur e.” I say . He tur ns and smiles a t me. he says

“Not f ar. But, I could giv e y ou a pig g y bac k ride.” “Haha I think I can mak And he w as right. It w He stopped right in fr e not f ar.” I r epl y asn ’t f ar a t all.

ont of this beautiful w aterf all. T her e

wer e r oc ks a t the bottom and with the wind, it blew mist into our f aces. T her e w er e tr ees all ar ound us. T his w as r eall y gor geous. “W ow Damien this is r eall y pr etty .” I sa y

“Not as pr etty as y ou ba be.” he says I tur n to him. I am a bout to tell him tha t I ne ver reall y lik ed him. I mean yeah he w as hot and e ver ything but my hear d had alw ays and will al way s belong to him. But I didn ’t ha ve the c hance to do tha t W hy might y ou ask? Because Damien ’s lips cr ashed into mine. I stood ther e shoc ked and confused. I star ted pulling aw ay but Damien wr apped his ar ms ar ound my w aist and shor tened the distance betw een us. Gee z dude k eep it in y our pants! And get the hell of me! “MM MMM!” I mumble. I can ’t r eall y talk w hen lips ar e kissing who could? I am a bout to kic k him w her e the sun pulls aw ay. “D AMI-” I sta r t “W ha t the hell w as tha t? Did y ou not see ho w she did not want to kiss y ou? W ha t is wr ong with y ou!” y ells another voice Oh cr ap. Not Aar on. Again. Oh geez not a gain. ol.” I said me f or cefull y. I mean

don ’t shine w hen he

“Aar on cool it. I had it under contr

Aar on f inall y tak es his ey es of f Damien and looks a

t me.

“Under contr ol? Ar e y ou kid ding me? T his guy w as all o ver you! I told y ou to not go with him.” He y elled Damien mo ved aw ay fr om Aar on and spok e. “W hoa dude c hill ok.” T his r eall y tic ked of f Aar on. Aar on spun ar ound and soc ked him in the f ace. Damien sta gger ed bac k but then gained r ebalance. He w furious. He got up and c har ged a t Aar on. “You ar e going to pay f or tha t Aar on.” as

Damien w as still w alking to Aar on w hen I r an o ver to w her e the f ight w as a bout to be gin. Ok so I kno w tha t it is r eall y stupid f or the gir l to stand in the mid dle o f a fight but this w as r eall y stupid. And I w as sur e they w ouldn ’t hit me. I hope. I r an in fr ont of the tw o but they “Hey r etar ds! Stop okay! J just pushed me aside. I y ell

ust stop!”

But my y elling w as going to stop


Damien w ent up and punc hed Aar on in the s tomac h. T his made Aar on cr ouc h o ver and then Damien seiz ed tha t c hance and sta r ted punc hing him e ven mor e. “NO!” I y elled sprin ting o ver to them. I r an right in fr ont of Aar on but it w as a second to la te.

Damien pulled his fist bac his ar m bac k but instead

k the same time I ar riv ed. He s wung o f Aar on ’s stomac h, it w as mine.

“Ahh!” I g roaned f alling o ver. I laid on the floor c ha ve a mean ar m. lutc hing my stomac h. Man did tha t guy

Damien and Aar on both stopped with wide ey es.

mid fight and look

ed a t me

Wow I w as in pain and all the idiot s could do w as w atc h. Ugh wha t is with my taste in guys la tel y. Aar on w as the fir st one to r eact. “W ha t the f uc k man! Y ou jus t punc hed Emma! W ha t w er e y ou thinking? Look a t her” Aar on said pointing his f inger a t me and ja bbing his other finger into Damiens c hest. Damien w as still in shoc k. r ted in the

“I-I-I didn ’t mean to-” Damien sta But he didn ’t finish because cor ner o f his ey e.

Aar on soc ked him right

Ugh! T his w as getting w ay too muc h f or me. I came her e thinking tha t I w ould die o f bor edom. N ow I’m thinking I am going to die o f dr ama with bo ys! I w ould ha ve ne ver thought. T he bo ys k ept cussing enough. and hitting eac h other and I had

I sa t up and c lutc hed my mid section. J esu s this is going to lea ve an ug l y br uise. I slo wl y got up and sta r ted to w alk aw ay. Her e I am thinking tha t maybe my las t day her e w ould be good and maybe e ven the best day her e. But noooo . I had to ha ve some bo ys fight o ver me and ha ving one of them e ven hit me. I w as w alking to the boa t and f elt the star es of some shoc ked people. I mean its not e ver yday y ou see a gir l w alking out fr om the w oods holding her stomac h. I bet I had some dir t on me too f rom f alling. God, I h ave been getting r eall y dir ty la tel y. I r eac hed the boa t and f ound a little par tner . I couldnt just lea vepr oblem. Damien w as my

Wait w ait w ait. W hy can ’t I? T hose jer ks can shar e a canoe for all I car e. Hell I bet they w ould f ight and kill ea ch other about it. But I could car e les s. I w as done. T his trip w as done. I w ant to go . So I hopped into the boa t and took br ea th, and pad dled aw ay. the oar s, took a deep

“Emma look I kn ow tha t y ou ar e upset and don ’t w ant to talk to Aar on but he is r eall y be gging me to get y ou to talk to him. He seems r eall y desper ate. Please Emma?” Mir anda said. I bet y ou think I am a bitc h f or not talking to him but w ould you? I f y ou had all the dr ama I ha ve been going thr ough la tel y wouldn ’t y ou w ant to ha ve a minute to y our self ? T o think, relax, and jus t be y ou and ha ve no one else r uin the pictur e. I sighed and sa t up fr om my bunk bed.

“Mir anda I r eall y just w ant to be alone and to think. I don ’t want to deal with any b oy or anybody right no w. Can ’t y ou get tha t?” I said. Yeah ok maybe I am a bitc h. Bu t could y ou blame me?

“Please Ems? Damien and Aar on f ought all the w ay bac k fr om the la ke and the y ha ve some pr etty good w ar scar s too . T hey ha ve been thr ough a lot too . J ust think a bout tha t ok? It would mean a lot.” Mir anda said. She sighed, tur ned ar ound and left the ca bin. Ev er yone w as still ar ound outside. It w as onl y e vening. Not to mention my last day her e. W ould it be the same bac k w hen w e get home? I DID NO T w ant any dr ama a t home. Maybe it w ould be good if I did talk to Aar on. Maybe sor t this all out to sa ve us some awkw ar d silences. I mean those ar e pr etty deadl y. “Ugh fine, fine.” I mutter ed to no one in par ticular

I scooted to the edge of my bunk and jumped do wn. I w alk ed over to the c loset and g rabbed my con ver se and slipped them on.

I guess ther e r eall y isn ’t any thing to do but to f or giv e Aar on. I should ha ve done it a long time a go but I w as upset ok. I mean if y ou saw the lo ve of y our lif e kissing a damn w hor e, wouldn ’t y ou be mad? But the past is the past. It is time to mo ve on to the futur e. W ho kno ws, maybe Aar on could be apar t of tha t. I w alk ed out the door and to Aar on ’s ca bin. “Hey Aar on I f or giv e y ou” No tha ts a w hor e but I f or giv e y ou.” No

Ho w do I star t it though? not good.

“Hey I kno w y ou just kissed not tha t. “Hi, can w e maybe be-”

“I can ’t belie ve he hit y ou ba by! I mean I kno w he lik es tha t tr amp but I didn ’t think he w ould f ight f or her!” some squeak y voice said “I kno w ba be. He got in some good punc hes too . But I w as holding bac k. Didn ’t w ant to kill the poor kid.” a males v oice said W hy do I r ecogniz e those v oices? And ar e they talking a bout Aar on hitting Damien? Or the other w ay ar ound? No it can ’t be tha t. Aar on has a di f fer ent v oice. I w ould ha ve kno wn it was him talking. I headed to war ds the v oices w hic h w er e behind the bo ca bin. I tried to not step on any twigs or anything want the se people to kno w I w as sp ying. ys’ n’t

because I did

I got to the cor ner of the ca bin, my bac k f acing the ca wall. I slo wl y look ed ar ound the cor ner . It w as Damien and Clair e!


W ha t w er e they doing together and ba by ?

? And calling ea ch other ba be

And then it c lic ked. Aar on was right. I am so stupid. “Aww ba by does it hur t? Anything W ha t a w hor e. “Yeah. Can said y ou kiss the boo boo? I think I cut my lip .” Damien I can do?” Clair e said

His bac k w as to me but I could tell he w man w hor e. Clair e r eac hed up and wr pulled him do wn. Ho w dar e they!

as smi r king. T ha t nec k and

apped her ar m ar ound his

I stepped out fr om ar ound the cor ner and mar ched right up to them. T hey will pay f or this. Ho w could I not belie ve Aar on? T hey w er e tr ying to br eak us up! W ha t e vil skanks! I y ank ed Damien aw ay fr om Clair e with a g rea t f or ce tha t he stumbled bac k. Bet he w asn ’t e xpecting getting caught because w hen he saw me his ey es g rew wide. “Hey! You bitc h! W ha t is y our pr oblem?” Clair Oh tha t is it! “You!” I scr eamed bac k. I r aised my ar m, pulled bac “T ha t is f or being an ann Aar on.” k, and s wung a t her f ace. h and f or kissing e scr eamed.

oying conniving bitc

Clair e w as c lutc hing her bloody nose in shoc k. I bet she didn ’t kno w I had a mean pun ch because i f she did w ouldn ’t ha ve pis sed me of f bey ond my limits. I tur ned to Damien. And I r aised my hand making him think him too . I w as going to punc h

He r aised his hands

to pr otect his f ace.

“Stop” he w himper ed. W ha t did I e ver see in this guy ?

Instead o f punc hing him, I kic ked the idiot w her e the sun don ’t shine. He f ell bac k and cried out in a gony . “And tha t w as f or kissing me y ou bastar d. I don ’t w ant either of y ou in my sight or talking to Aar on. I f y ou do , then y ou might w ant to set up an a ppointment f or the doctor because when I am done with y ou, y ou w on ’t be a ble to e ven blink.” God. T ha t f elt reall y good. “I can ’t belie ve Damien did tha t to y ou Ems!” Mir anda said

I had come bac k fr om bea ting the living hell out o f Clair e and Damien and told Mir anda e ver ything. F rom them tr ying to br eak us a par t, to them kissing, to me giving them the bea ting of a lif etime. But still hadn ’t seen Aar on. Dinner w as ser ve y our self so people came in her e and ther e. But I n ever saw Aar on. He must ha ve ea ten bef or e I got ther e. Mir anda and I w er e sitting on my bunk bed ea ting some candy bar s and milk. I guess its a gir l thing. W hene ver y ou ar e st ressed out or ang r y, y ou just go up and get some c hocola te. “Me either Mir anda. I mean I totall y belie ved him too . And the par t tha t kills me is tha t I belie ve him and not Aar on. I f eel lik e suc h an idiot.” I said biting into a Cr unc h bar . “W ell he deser ved it. Ha ve y ou talk ed to Aar on y et?”

“I tried. I look ed f or him a t the caf eteria and a t the lak e. And I can ’t go into the bo ys ca bin so I’m guessing he is pr oba bl y ther e. I r eall y w ant to a pologiz e.” I sighed and r eac hed f or my milk.

“W ell Ems, y ou can alw ay s mak e up with him on the plane or something. Lets go do some thing!” she said jumping up “W ha t? It is dar k outside. keeping w atc h.” “Come on E mma. It is asleep . P leaseeeee?” And the leader s ar e pr oba bl y ls ar e

our last night her e. And all the gir Mir anda pleaded

Ugh she w as giving me the pout “Ok fine. But

y f ace. I just can ’t r esi st.

w ha t do y ou w ant to do?” oah. Something definetl y had

She look ed a t me and smiled. W something planned. “I got this.” She stood poc ket.

up and pulled something silv

er out of her bac k

Was tha t a“Its a k ey. I got it o f the b oy’s ca bin leader .” she said winking

“Oh my god! Mir anda y ou had se- ” I s tar ted but she co ver ed her hand with my mouth. “No jeez. I’m no Clair e. I just slipped him some v odka. I f ound it in the bac k kitc hen. I thought w e could do something f un. But no w tha t y ou told me a bout Damien. I’m thinking its time for some paybac k.” “And w ha t do y ou think w e ar e going to do? F lip him o ver? P ut a spider in his hair? W e don ’t ha ve anything to w or k with her e.” She smiled a gain. she

“Did I e ver tell y ou I w anted to w or k in a hair salon?” said winking. “You br ought stuf f ?”

“Oh mor e than stuf f. Not onl y can w e giv e him a little trim, but a new color might suit him too don ’t y ou think?” she said. I smiled along with Well, I do . her . Did I e ver tell y ou I lo ve this gir l?

“T his is going to be fun.” “Ok ready Emma?” Miranda said. I bent down and picked up my backpack. We both packed different stuff. Miranda had glue, scissors, and shaving cream. I had all the dyes. Purple, white, green, and hot pink. “I was born ready babe.” I say. “Ok then. Lets do this.” We silently walked out of our cabin and towards the boys’ cabin. I couldn’t wait until we got Damien back. Revenge was fun and exhilarating. “Oh my god Ems! This is going to be sooooo much fun!!!” Miranda yelled. “Shh! You are guna get us caught!” I whisper back. “Oh, right. Sorry.” We get to the cabin steps then and we slowly tiptoe up the steps. CREEEAKKK! “Shh! Go slower or they will hear us.” I whisper. Miranda was just way too excited for this. When we finally reached the door Miranda took out a silver key from her back pocket. She slid the key in slowly trying to make as little noise as she could and turned the knob. The door didn’t make much noise when she opened it, so we quietly walked inside and silently shut the door. “Phew. Ready?” she said. “Yup. You cut his clothes. And I will die and cut his hair.” I whisper back. “Don’t forget glueing his clothes together and his fingers together.” “Right, you can do that.” “Ok, lets go.” We quietly walked around the cabin in a slow circle. We checked each bunk to make sure we didn’t miss him. There was only three boys in here though so we found him easily. Miranda went off to his cubby full of his clothes and started cutting holes in his shirts and jeans. She was so much fun. I walked up to him. Thank god he was on the lower bunk. If he was on the top bunk that would have been so much harder. I unzipped the backpack carefully and took out the scissors. “Hello love, I think you are due for a trim.” I said so low he couldn’t have heard. Please be a deep sleeper! I inched my way closer to him and then when I was close enough took a strand of his beautiful hair and SNIP! His once gorgeous hair was now lying on the hard wood floor.

“Huh, looks kinda...horrible. Ha.” I whisper I continue cutting strands of hair until I am completely satisfied. “Done.” I take a step back and look at him. Wow what a mess. His hair has all sorts of lengths. Kind of yells out “ I just escaped from the mental asylum where I went crazy and cut my hair without thinking.” Good job Emma. “Now for your new colors.” I kneeled down and pick up the dye bottles. I stand up but then one of the bottles slip our of my arms. Uh oh. Clunk! I immediately look at Damien thinking I would see an angry face but he just moans and turns towards me. Phew. I pick up the bottle and open it. Hot Pink! I turn the knob to OPEN and spray some of the pink in his hair. This should last about a month or so. Once I am done spraying pink in random areas I pick up another bottle. Green! I turn the knob and spray green in random areas as well. I continue this with the colors white and purple. I step back and admire my hideous work. His hair looks like a disease! Different colors mixed in with each other and whatnot. Kind or reminds me of something I made in pre-school. Ha! And then I get another idea. “Hmm.” I say I pick up the Hot Pink! and turn the knob back to OPEN. I lean down right next to his face. “Thanks for ruining my summer jerk.” I whisper I take the bottle and point it at his eyebrows. Pink eyebrows might suit him. I spray a couple times, stopping for a couple minutes in between because Damien would scratch his face. Haha what an idiot. When I am finally done I pack up my supplies and slowly walk to Miranda. I tap her shoulder and she jumps up and squeals. I clamp my hand over her mouth and look behind me. “Shh, its just me.” I reassure her. I lift my hand off her mouth. “Geez Ems I thought you were some psycho murderer coming to kill me.” “No we are fine. Are you done?” “Yep. Like it?” She steps back and turns to her masterpiece. It’s genius. She cut wholes in the back of his jeans, Glued his socks to his shirts and jeans. Cut up his shirt so that it was only strands of clothing left, and cut the front of his shoes open. “Fantastic!!” I say. “Thank you. You did a good job too love. Is that pink eyebrows?”

I beam at her. “Mhm!” I say smiling. “Sweet! Now lets get out before anyone wakes up. The silence is killing me.” “Yeah, I hate silence.” She packs her stuff and we walk to the door but are stopped. By laughing. No, its not inside. Its coming from the outside. “Crap!” Miranda says. Oh no. Now I really wish there was silence. This might get ugly. “Emma Emma! What do we do?!” Miranda yells Damn it. I thought we were at least going to get out of this alive. I mean really. What are the odds? The one time I actually have fun, I get caught because of it. Then I hear more laughing. Closer now. “Quick, get into the closet!” I say back. Miranda quietly, but fast, speeds off to the closet and holds it open for me to get in. Man, we should have brought flashlights. “Emma, we can’t stay in here the whole night. How are we going to get out?” she says “Umm...” I look around for any way of escape. No alternative door, no secret passage way, no- eww! is that last weeks pizza. Gross. Oh hey! Look at that. “There is a window right up there.” The window is on top of the very last cubby. It is big enough for Miranda because she is so small, so I will have to give her a boost. But I will have some trouble getting out. I’m not that small. “But its way up there! How can I get out?” Miranda says looking scared. I guess she wasn’t too good with escape plans or getting caught. “Chill dude. I will give you a boost up there and then I can climb out after you. It’s as simple as that.” She takes a deep breath and exhales. “Okay. Lets do it before-” She stops at the sound of footsteps. Entering the cabin. We have to hurry. “I thought you said you took care of the cabin leader!” I whisper-yell. “I thought I did! Hurry, before he decides he needs to change or something!” I stand up and help Miranda up. I climb up on some cubbies and struggle with the latch. Oh come on window. Please with some oreos and milk? CREAKKK!

Stubborn window. Least its open. “Shhh! They are going to hear us!” Miranda says. “I didn’t mean too. Here give me the backpacks.” Miranda bends down and hands me her backpack. I take it and throw it out the window and it lands with a thud. Then I turn back to her and she has the next backpack ready for me. I take it into my hands and heave it out the window. It lands next the other backpack. The ground isn’t too far off. The land is raised higher on this side since its on a hill. So about four, three feet. Not bad. I turn back to Miranda and climb down. “Ok I am going give you a boost and you just jump down. It isn’t a far drop.” “Uhh...” Then we hear another voice. A male voice. “Bro! That was the best party ever!” he says. Crap. “Hurry up Miranda or else I am going to throw you out.” Miranda nods and places on foot on my hand and the next on a cubby shelf. She lifts her foot off my palms and starts for the window. Once she gets there she places her head out and takes a look around. “This isn’t a tourist attraction! Get a move on!” I say Her body moves farther out the window until its just her feet. Then I hear a small thud. I’m guessing she found groud. I climb up and look out the window to see Miranda laying on the ground staring up at the sky. Till she see’s me. “Sorry. Adrenaline rush. Come on before you get caught.” she says sitting up. She stands up and is ready for me. I climb up higher on the cubbies and place my head out the window. Miranda grabs hold of my arms and slowly pulls me out. Man, what a plan. Almost there. And then the worst happens. “Ugh! Come on!” Miranda yells frantically pulling me. “My butt is stuck!” I yell back. “Oh come on. I pull and you try to squeeze out.” she says “Ok.” “One, two, three!” She pulls as hard as she can and I try and wiggle free. Oh come on butt! “Hey. What the hell? What’s going on?” No, not me. And not Miranda. Someone from inside said that. Oh no. “HEY! Watch it!” I yell. Did he just poke my butt? What the heck? Did someone just poke my butt? Wow, they must be really drunk or retarded. “Miranda pull! They are violating me!” I yell Miranda grunts and with all her might, pulls me out of the window.

I fly out and land on the ground. Ouch! I get up and look over the damage. My arms are a little scraped but other than that I seem fine. “What the hec- Emma?” Oh no. “Uh hey Aaron. Whats up?” I said as if nothing was wrong “What was your butt doing in the boys cabin?” he said with his head out the window. “Oh um I wanted a place to sit and I didn’t want to sit on the ground.” “Emma. I know when you are lying.” “Yeah well Aaron I’d love to stay and chat but I have to um-” “She has to pee! Bye!” Miranda said Pee? Wow she must not be really thinking if peeing was the only thing she came up with. But it was pretty funny. Miranda grabbed my arm and started walking away. “Didn’t want to be caught huh?” “Yeah, yeah. You know I can’t deal with it. It’s embarrassing. I mean I love doing stuff I’m not suppose to but thats when I’m at home. I don’t care if I get caught by my parents.” She handed me a back pack. “Yeah well its the last day. And tomorrow we are leaving. There is nothing they can do.” Miranda didn’t answer. After a while. I heard some noises coming from Miranda. I looked at her. She was walking with her head down and her black bangs hiding her face. Then something hit the floor. “Miranda are you crying?” I asked softly. She didn’t answer. I stopped walking and made her stop and face me. I tilted her face up. “Whats wrong hun?” “Its just, you are officially the bestest friend I’ve ever had. And now we are leaving!” “Did you forget? We both live in California. I can see you all the time!” “Yeah but it won’t be the same.” “Well where do you live? I live in San Diego.” “I live in San Fran! That’s so far!” “Its fine. We can still visit each other. Don’t cry Miranda. Please. For me?” She wiped the tears away and sniffed. Then she smiled. There we go. “Okay. Promise me we will keep in touch.” “Of course!” “Ok. We should get back now. I’m a little tired. Crying makes me sleepy. Haha.” “Same here.” We started walking back to the cabin. Once we reached the door, we slowly opened it with our key and saw that all the girl’s were sleeping. Thank God. If they saw us come in they might get a little suspicious. We walked to our bed and set down the backpacks. I hugged Miranda goodnight and climbed up to my bunk.

As I laid down I thought about this whole trip. Before I came here, I already hated this place. I thought it would be a bunch of hormonal kids, which there was some, but I made a best friend here. One I will never forget. I also figured out that I really do love Aaron. And that he might feel the same way. My summer wasn’t so bad after all. But tomorrow was something I was dreading. 1. I had to say goodbye to all my new friends, especially Miranda. 2. I have to pack my stuff, which I hate doing. Hate with a passion 3. But I get to see Damien and Claire. I get to see my masterpieces. Haha. 4. Then, I have to tell Aaron how I feel. I have to tell him I love him And hope he feels that way too. This is going to be interesting.

I was having a really good dream. It was sunny and I could smell the ocean and hear the crashing waves. I wiggled my feet in the sand and closed my eyes just soaking in the whole scene. But something on my hand made me open my eyes. There was a hand entwined in my own. I trailed my eyes up the tan skin of this mystery person and looked into beautiful sparkling eyes. Aaron. For some reason I just knew he loved me. We were together the way we thought we never would be. But like all good dreams. Something always wakes up. “Where is she!” I heard I rolled over and tucked the pillow over my head “Mmm go away. “ I said I thought I heard Miranda yelling with someone but I was out. I am so tired. I know Miranda can take care of herself. “Hey what do you think you are doing!” Miranda yelled. Ugh I guess I better get out of bed and see what’s up. But I didn’t get a chance. As I was sitting up, someone pulled my sleeping bag off the bunk making me fall flat on the floor. Ouch! “What the hell!!” I yell raising my head I look up and see her. The man stealing whore. Claire. “Stay away from Damien! You know what you did? You ruined everything! We were going to go back home and be the cutest couple but noooo. You just had to ruin it by making him this disgusting piece of crap. Thanks a lot. Not!” she said yelling I stood up and put my hands on my hips. “Oh no problem Claire. I had soooo much fun doing it. We should schedule the next appointment.”

“Oh you think you are sooo funny. You are lucky we don’t have one more day here or I would tear you up! Ugh I’m so done. Bye loser.” She started walking out of the room. “Bye skank!” I called back. “Whatever.” she replied flipping her hair She thinks she is all that! She’s the lucky one. I could have done so much stuff to her. I should have. But Damien deserved it more. In my opinion. I already gave Claire a black eye. “Hey Ems you alright?” Miranda said walking up to me “Oh I’m fine. But a little hungry. Why don’t we go get some pancakes?” “Sure.” I walk into the closet and pull out my purple zebra jeans and a black tank top. I walk out not caring about my hair. I can just put it in a messy ponytail. “Come on Miranda lets go.” I walked up to Miranda and pulled her hand and walked towards the door. “Hey Miranda remember when we raced to the cafeteria?” “Haha yes, and I won.” she said laughing. “Up for a rematch?” I asked She looked at me and smiled. “One, two, three, GO!” she yelled We both took off at GO! and I was winning. I would have won the first time but I came in contact with the she devil. I was about 2/3’s of the way there when heard Miranda yell. “Emma! Watch out for that rock!” I turn back to where I was going and see “the rock” But it was too late. “Ahhh!” I yell as I run right into the rock causing me to fall. “Not again!! Ouch!” I yell out. I see Miranda laughing at me and she runs past me. Dang, she is going to win again. I look down at my knees and see that the right one is somewhat bleeding. But I can’t feel it. I can just put ice on it. “Need help, madam?” I grab the hand outstretched to me willingly and am lifted up off my ass. “Thanks Aaron.” I say I brush off all the dirt off my jeans and smoothen out all the wrinkles. Hey, it’s always nice to look presentable. “No problem Ems.” he says I start walking back to the cafeteria but my leg gives out. Thats what I get from constantly falling. Karma is always catching up with me these days. I almost fall down but Aaron grabs ahold of my waist and supports me back up. “Whoa there Emma. Let me help you to the cafeteria.” he says wrapping his arm arond my waist and lifting my arm over his shoulder. “Thanks.” I say

We start walking to the cafeteria in awkward silence. I am so nervous. I want to tell Aaron how much I care for him and that I really do love him. I just never really realized it till now. Before I can talk, Aaron starts. “So, I saw Damien. He didn’t look too happy this morning. I wonder why.” he says eyeing me. “Haha yeah that was me and Miranda. She did his clothes and I gave him a makeover. Did you like it?” “Yes I did. Compliments him very much. I thought you liked him though?” “Oh yeah, about that. First I want to say that I’m sorry. I should have believed you all this time but seeing you and Claire kissing. It just made me sooo mad so I didn’t believe you and then I used Damien for payback. I was going to find you after we came back from the lake but I overheard Claire and Damien. They were up to this the whole time so I punched them and came back for another revenge quest I guess for Damien.” “Wait, you didn’t like Damien?” Typical Aaron. I just said I was sorry and all he can say is that. “No I didn’t like him. At first I did but then when you and me spent some time together, when we got lost, I realized I really didn’t like him.” “Oh, so you used him for payback when you saw me and Claire?” “Yeah.” “You were jealous.” he said smiling down at me. I hit his head with the hand that was around his neck. “Hey!” he yelled “I was not jealous.” “You sure? Because it sounds like you were. It’s fine with me. I have to admit I was jealous of Damien.” Whoa what? Aaron jealous? Noooooo. “You were? And yeah I was jealous I guess.” We were almost to the cafeteria now. Coming up to the entrance. Damn, I wanted to talk some more. There was no doubt Miranda would want to spend our last breakfast together. “Emma when I kissed you that one time when we came back, I wasn’t just fooling around. It was real. I’ve liked you for a while now. Just never wanted to accept it. I didn’t know how you would react either. But it was real, and I’m glad I did it.” By this time we had entered the cafeteria. I wish we didn’t. And, I can’t believe this. He did love me too. I was so happy now. The pain that was once in my leg was now gone and filled with pure bliss. We loved each other. My fears had been washed away. I took my arm off his shoulder and stood on my own. I turned and faced him and looked deep into his eyes. “Aaron, I don’t hate you. I kind of actually li-” “EMMMMMMMAAAA!” Great. Miranda. And perfect timing too. I stop mid-sentence and turn around to see Miranda waving me over.

I turn back to Aaron. “We can talk later I guess. See ya then.” I said walking to Miranda I wasn’t really upset that I didn’t get to say what I wanted to Aaron because I already knew how he felt. I didn’t have anything to be scared of. I was happy. And in love. Aaron’s POV: Emma turned away and walked off to the small girl. Miranda I think. But before she left it sounded like she was going to say she liked me back. Man, I wish I would have heard that. I mean I just like professed my liking of her. After all the years oh hatred. Or maybe she didn’t like me. God, that would suck. Right when I put things together and realized what I really want, she rejects me. I really hope not. I shake it off. We are going to be together for a couple hours. I walk over to my friends Jake and Linden. I guess I can wait. I would wait an entire lifetime just to hear her say she felt the same way. Emma’s POV: After breakfast was over, Miranda and I walked back to our cabins to take out our suitcases and put them near the loading zone where we would be picked up. I was feeling really good. “Emma I am going to really miss you girl.” Miranda says “I am going to miss you to Mimi.” I say “Mimi huh?” “Well you don’t really have a nickname. It’s not fair if I do and you don’t.” “Hmm. Sounds kind of exotic. I love it!” We approach the front door and walk into a bunch of girls hugging and crying. Oh no. I will not cry! I repeat, I will not cry. “EMMA! MIRANDA! Come over here guys!” they all yell Miranda pulls me towards the group and we are engulfed in hugs and tears. “I am going to miss you all!” Miranda says. “We will miss you to Miranda, you too Emma. You guys are the best!” someone says. Oh no. No, no, no. Pull it together Emma. Do not cry. “I will miss you guys too. You made my summer so great.” I say back. “I love you chicas!!!” Miranda yells. Then the tears start pouring down. I can’t help it. These girls are great. Even though I didn’t spend as much time with them, we did have some good times. And at least they were better then being in Claire’s cabin. I look over at Miranda and see she’s crying too. This really has been a great summer. As we are all hugging and laughing and crying together, someone walks in. Etsyra. “Come on girls. You have to leave now.” All the girls run over to her and tackle her with a hug. She may not be the best person in the world but she was a lot of fun.

After all the girls are done hugging and thanking her I walk up to her and give her a hug. “Thanks so much for the good time. I had a lot of fun fighting with you.” I say She pulls back and smiles. And then I am stunned to see a single tear escape her eyes. “I will miss you Emma. You are definetly one of a kind. It’s refreshing to see a girl with as much attitude as you.” We hug once more and then pull apart so I can go grab my stuff. I grab one of my towels and wipe off my speared makeup. It still looks fine. I grab my suitcase and drag it out the door along with the other girls. All of the other kids are doing this as well. I spot Aaron and he sees me as well. We both smile at the same time. Then I see something pinkish blueish white. Damien. I walk over to where he’s walking and end up walking side by side with him. “Oh hey Damien. Didn’t see you there. What happened to your hair?” I say all innocent. He huffs. “Oh nothing. Just some girl mad at me. The usual.” he replies “Poor baby. Don’t be sad. It looks really ugly on you. Kind of like your face. Well, have a nice life.” I say as I walk away. Yes, I am mean. But I will never see him again. I place my stuff next to Aaron’s and walk over to where all the other kids have gathered for the goodbye meeting. I see Claire and shove her with my shoulder and keep walking. I spot Miranda and sit by her. “Hello kids. I just wanted to say thank you all for a great time. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. I really hope you guys can come next year so we can see you all again. Have a safe trip home and have some fun on the last couple days of summer.” one of the leaders say. We all cheer and stand up to hug one another. After all the goodbye hugs and exchanging of numbers, I head back to my suitcase to find Aaron already there. “Hey.” I say “Hey Ems. This was a pretty good summer huh?” “Yeah, I’m actually glad I came here. But I’m really tired from um, staying up last night.” “Haha staying up hmm? Sorry about poking your butt too. I didn’t know who it was or what it was for that matter.” “It’s cool. Harry in my English class use to poke my butt all the time.” I say “What!!!” Aaron says “Kidding, kidding. Haha.” “You better be. That kid is a creep.” I spot our car coming up and out steps Jared. I missed Jared. “Hey Jared!! How are you?” I yell “Hello Miss Emma. I am doing quite well. How was your stay?” he replies He is so proper.

“I had a lot of fun.” I reply. “That is good to hear. Hello Mr. Aaron. How did you like your stay?” “I also had a lot of fun Jared. Thanks for asking.” Aaron and I help Jeffery pack our stuff into the trunk. Right before I follow Aaron into the car I spot Miranda packing her stuff away in some car too. “LOVE YOU MIMI! Call me!!!” I yell She turns around and a smile as big as her face spreads. “LOVE YOU TOO EMS!!!! I will.” she yells back. I laugh and enter the car. Aaron is already in the car and set the station to some country music. Again. “Ugh Aaron! You can’t be nice and let me listen to good music.” I say “Emma, I will never change. Now, suffer.” He says laughing. I take out my ipod and turn it on that one Twilight song, Spotlight. I stick my tounge out at him and rest my head on my arm. I’m still pretty tired. I feel something rub my back and I try to wrestle my eyes to open and see what it is. But I lost that battle. But my hearing was still in tact. “Sleep well beautiful.” a voice says I would know that voice anywhere. Aaron really does like me. I was at home. Well not home, but close to it. I was at the park sitting on the swings. I felt myself being pushed and then there was a sudden wind on my face from flying forward. Then back. I was being pushed. I looked around and saw Aaron with a huge smile on his face. Like this was the way things were. Us, just enjoying ourselves, and each other. Aaron stopped pushing me and sat himself on a swing next to me. We kept swinging and swinging. And laughing too. I was actually having a really good time. Then he stopped. At first I tried thinking about what I did wrong. Was I suppose to be mean to him? Was this, the fact that we were getting along, too much for him? I stopped swinging and stopped to stare at him. His eyes staring straight back into mine. Then he smiled. I guess he wasn’t mad then. He leaned toward me. Uh oh. I knew what was happening. But even though I knew what was going on, it still didn’t stop me from leaning forward too. Then, before I knew it, my lips met his. I didn’t feel repulsed or grossed out, it felt right. Until that is, he pulled away. “Wake up.” he said What? I am awake. What is he talking about? “We are here Ems. Wake up.” he said again. I felt my eyes open and then instead of looking at the park with Aaron, I saw the inside of a car. But at least Aaron was here. Why couldn’t it be true? My dream. It felt so real and right. I wanted to go back. I hated when you would have a dream, a really good one, then wake up back

to boring reality. This was one of those days. I wish I could fall asleep again and have that dream again. Or have the dream become real. “Emma, come on, we have to go. Don’t you want to go home. Where you can spend the last few days with me.” he said winking “Don’t hold your breath Aaron. But yes, lets go.” I said getting out of the car. Jeffery had already taken our suit cases out and set them on the side walk. “Enjoy your flight back. I really will miss you two.” he said Aww. Jeffery was a good guy. So I ran up to him and gave him a huge hug. “I’ll miss you too Jeffery. Visit some time.” I said into his chest. “Of course Miss Emma, of course.” he said I pulled back and took my place next to Aaron. He too went up to Jeffery and gave him a hug goodbye. And then we were off. Back home. Back to reality. We picked up our bags and walked to the entrance of the airport. Once we got to the sliding doors I turned around and waved at Jeffery. He was such a nice guy. I turned around and followed Aaron to the check in counter where we gave our suit cases to the check in people and got our boarding tickets. As we walked to the security check I suddenly felt cold. Did I ever tell you guys that? I probably did but I will say it again. I hate airports. They stink and they are cold. Like they store dead bodies in the side rooms or something. We were at the front of the line when they asked Aaron to walk through the metal detector. Then I was motioned to go through. I walked through and he gave me the okay. But then another guy came up to me. “Miss can we check you over here. It is just procedure.” he said “Uhh sure?” I replied I walked after him to the side where he searched me. I was kinda nervous. I’ve never been searched. I went to the guy and he started searching me. But not with a scanner. With his hands. First he checked my legs then my arms and then searched my back with his fingers. Uhm can you say creepy? This guy was like as old as my grandpa. Eww. Then he got that scanner thing where it beeps if you have metal. He searched above and under my arms and the outsides and insides of my legs and my back. Then he scanned my stomach. BEEP BEEP BEEP “Uhm Miss?” “What?” I snapped. I really don’t like it when people invade my space. Wasn’t freaking touching me with your hands enough Grandpa? Geez “Are you hiding a metal object under your shirt?” he said “Are you kidding me?” “This is not a joking matter. This is security, if you violate any-” “Okay okay old man. Look.” I pulled up my shirt to my belly button where my zipper piercing was. Did he never hear of belly button piercings?

“Satisfied perv.” I snapped “You may go.” I shoved my shirt back down and walked out of the security checking. Where the heck is Aaron? I looked all around me and he was no where. “Even old men are after you.” I heard from behind me Aaron. I turned around and glared at him. “That guy was a perv. Does he not know of piercings? Its not like a teenage girl had a bomb under her shirt. We aren’t that crazy.” “You sure about that?” he said smiling down at me. “Yes, now lets go. I don’t want him secretly watching me or something.” I pulled out my ticket from my pocket and read Gate 17. Then I looked up to the sign. Gate 17 was down to the left. I smoothened my shirt and began walking. I was walking down to the Gate with Aaron to my right when some guys about my age started whistling. Not again. “Hey there beautiful. Did it hurt when you fell from Heaven?” one of the guys said. Wow dude. That is sooo old. How old is this guy? 11? I’ve really had it with guys today. Well, every guy except Aaron. He hasn’t pissed me off yet. “Did it hurt when they kicked you out of Hell because you are definetly not hot enough.” I said back. I heard Aaron laugh to my right. The guys still behind us kept walking though. I obviously didn’t upset them enough. And getting in a fight at an airport was not an option. “Aww baby don’t be like that. Why don’t you come over here and ditch that loser next to you?” the other one said. This time before I could say anything Aaron spoke. “I’m a loser? I don’t hit on girls at the airport. Of all places. She obviously isn’t into you so I suggest leaving. Please, spare our eyes and just walk away.” he said I couldn’t help it. I just started laughing. Really hard. Not only was that pretty lame but it was still funny. The two guys walked away and gave Aaron the finger. But that didn’t stop Aaron from doing it right back to them. Once we reached the Gate Aaron and I sat down. “That was hilarious Aaron. Props.” I said laughing still “Those guys were stupid. Just be glad I didn’t punch them.” “Aww, was somebody jealous?” He turned toward me. “Yes.” Whoa. Was not expecting that. But I kind of liked it. He was jealous of random guys. When he secretly had my heart. “Hey, wanna play truth or dare again like last time?” I asked turning towards him and crossing my legs He started laughing but agreed. His laugh was so cute.

“Ok. Truth or Dare?” I asked “Hmm. Lets start with a dare.” “Ooh. Stepping up with the big boys huh. Ok. Hmm. You see that boy over there?” I pointed to a boy about 20 years old. He was wearing causal clothes yet stylish. He looked somewhat gay. No offense to gay people out there. They rock! “Yeah...” he said “Ask him for his number.” “What!!! NO WAY! That is, just, no.” “Haha its a dare. You have to.” Aaron sat there looking at the guy. Probably contemplating whether to actually follow through on the dare or not. “Fine.” he muttered Aaron walked over to the guy. Once he reached them I saw his lips move. He better be saying what he was suppose to. His lips stopped and then I looked at the guy. He smiled and gestured to Aaron’s arm. Then he wrote something down. Oh. My. God. Aaron came back with a sad face. “Happy?” he said He showed me his arm and there was a number. It read: 865-7743 Call me anytime pretty boy ;D “OH MY GOD AARON! That is hahaha oh my god that is hilarious.” I said cracking up “Yeah sooo funny Ems.” “Haha ok ok. Go.” “Fine. Truth or dare.” “Hmm. Truth.” I replied “Aww you meanie. Ok, did you really like Damien?” Gosh, I knew he was going to ask me that. “No. I only used him really. That one day when we were suppose to pick partners, I looked for you because I wanted you to be my partner, but you had all the girls on you. Then Damien was there and everything started. The kissing was nothing. Actually, he wasn’t that great of a kisser.” I replied “Good. You shouldn’t have even kissed him in the first place. And for the record, all those girls really pissed me off. I hate it when girls try sooo hard to get attention. I find that very unattractive.” “Why did you date all the annoying girls at our school then? Not to mention that they were bitchy too. Ugh, like Claire. ” Aaron sighed and ran his hand through his hair then looked back at me. “I only dated them because I was bored really. Some of them I actually had interest in but they became really annoying and clingy. So I usually broke up with them. And for Claire, I did not like that girl. She was obnoxious and mean. As for the kiss, I hated it. I would rather it be with someone else. I only went with her because the one I really wanted hated me.” YES! He didn’t like Claire. I hope she becomes a lonely cat lady. Her and Damien can go to heWait. Was he talking about me? Did he still think I hated him?

“Who might this hater girl be?” I asked looking down “Oh, she is really beautiful. Her name rhymes with Dema. She happens to be my age and go to my school. I was born in the same room as her. She can be evil and conniving too.” I hit his arm then. “Hey! I am not evil. Just smart and I know how to pull some good pranks.” I said defending myself. Before Aaron could start again I started talking. “Aaron, before you say anything else, I need to tell you something. Something I probably should have told you before. I don’t hate you. I don’t think I ever did, I just liked messing with you and making you angry because it was so fun. I never thought I had or would ever have feelings for you, but the thing is, I do. I have always liked you, just never showed it or wanted to accept it. When you told me you liked me, I wanted to tell you but I couldn’t. But I am now. I like you Aaron and actually don’t hate you.” I looked down then. I just couldn’t look at him. I didn’t want to see how he would react even though I knew he felt the same way. It was just weird I guess. After a couple moments, Aaron took my hand and intertwined his own. “Emma, you don’t know how long I’ve been waiting to hear you say that.” he said softly I looked up then and saw Aaron looking right at me. His eyes fixed on my face. He smiled then and I smiled back. Aaron pulled over to him and I leaned my head onto his chest hearing his heartbeat. This felt right. We could still be the same people, just together. We didn’t have to act all sweet and baby talk to each other. We were the same people still and I liked that. Then I remembered something. “Hey, remember last time when I asked you who you liked this year, you didn’t say me. Then you never finished that one question. You said we would finish it another time. I asked you who you would ever want to kiss. ” I said. “Haha yes I do remember that. I didn’t say you because I didn’t just like you this year. I’ve liked you for longer. I’ve liked you since we were nine years old. As for the kissing question. It was you who I never finished with. Its been you all along. All those girls I’ve dated. I never wanted anyone but you. But you had Jake and then we were in that prank stuff. I just never thought of it. But its been you. It’s always been you I wanted.” he said Oh wow. That was one of the sweetest things Aaron has ever said. I really wish I had that on tape because I would listen to it over and over again. My heart felt really warm. I also had the butterflies. You know when you really like a guy and he tells you something that makes you smile. Its like that but times it by a million. I looked up and kissed him on the cheek. Just that action said it all. It said: It made me so happy to hear that, I’m so happy to be with you, I’m so happy that you feel the same way.

We sat there for another couple of minutes when the announcer said it was boarding time. Aaron and I took our places in line, hand in hand and began boarding the plane. “May I have you tickets.” said the boarding attendant Aaron gave her both our tickets from his pocket. “Aww how cute. Brother and sister bonding?” she said smiling “Actually no, she happens to be my girlfriend.” Aaron said I squeezed his hand. “Aww isn’t that sweet. Well you two have a safe trip.” she said handing our tickets back. Aaron and I walked in to the hall and boarded the plane. 17 B. Dang, I had a aisle seat again. I found row 17 and gestured for Aaron to move in first since he got 17 A the window seat. “Why don’t you take it? I know how you liked the window seat.” he said I smiled and moved in next to the window and took a seat. Aaron moved in next to me and grabbed my hand and rubbed it with his thumb. After another ten minutes the pilot began talking. “Okay folks the plane will now begin takeoff. Fasten your seat belts and make sure your seat is in the upright position. Enjoy your flight.” said a deep male voice. Just as the plane was taking off Aaron started talking. “I’ve always loved you Emma.” he said I think my heart just stopped. “Me too. I love you.” I said back Just then the plane took off into the air. Aaron leaned over and kissed me. Unlike last time, I was prepared and kissed back. It was passionate yet gentle. And everything was set right. Aaron and I were finally together. We pulled back and I leaned onto him and placed my head on his shoulder and sighed. I guess some dreams actually can become reality. This could not be happening to me! Right when my life was pulling itself together and was actually going good, this had to happen. I mean why? Why me God? He seems to have a wicked sense of humor to dump this on me. Of all times. Now, you might be thinking, “What the hell is she talking about? What happened?” I might sound a little delusional right now but I promise you, you will be thinking the same thing once I tell you. In other words, let me rewind for you. Aaron and I had exited the plane, hand in hand of course, and went off to go get our luggage. I practically ran to the baggage claim. I wanted to be home already! I mean yes I did want to spend time with Aaron, a lot of time I might add, but I wanted to be home already.

We got our luggage quickly. It was fairly easy to spot our a bright neon suitcase covered in zumiez stickers. Thats why I loved my suitcase. I mean who else would have a bright neon suitcase covered with stickers right? Haha yeah thats what I thought. “I can’t believe this.” Aaron said brushing a strand of hair out of my eyes We were sitting on a bench waiting for my dad to pick us up. Our luggage was flat on the ground and I was sitting on Aaron’s lap with his arms wrapped around my waist. I lifted my head off his shoulder and gave him a puzzled look. “What can’t you believe?” I asked “This. Me. You. Together. I just never thought it would happen.” “Oh believe me, I didn’t either. But I guess its funny how things end up. We hated each other and now we happen to love each other. Kind of twisted if you think about it. Hate to love.” “Haha yeah I guess so. It make be twisted but I’m glad it happened. I’d rather we be a twisted, weird couple then not a couple at all.” “Same here.” I leaned down and gave him a kiss on the lips. After dreaming of these lips on mine I finally have them. Who would have guessed right? HONK HONK !! Aaron and I pulled apart and looked over to the source of the noise. My dad. I got up and ran over to the car where my dad was now emerging from. He ran over to me and gave me a huge hug that lifted me into the air. “I missed you so much dad.” I said into his chest “Me too Ems. Looks like you and Aaron finally got along. Really well I might add.” I pulled away from my dad and hit him softly in the arm. “Haha hey dad! You and mom kinda made it happen. After all these years of pushing us together and I guess this is what happens.” Yeah, my dad and I are really close. My whole family is. I’m really lucky to have a family like I do. Two parents that are still in love after 16 years. And three great siblings. We aren’t really the Brady Bunch. We still have the occasional feuds between siblings and whatnot but other than that, we are a pretty close-knit family. “Aaron’s a good kid Ems. I have no problem with you to together. I know it will certainly make your mother happy. “Bet so.” My dad turned his gaze to the figure standing behind me. “Hey there sport. Hope you had a good time.” he said giving Aaron a hug “Yeah I actually did.” Aaron said winking at me. “Well, why don’t we get your stuff loaded at head home.” They pulled apart and we all helped in putting the suitcases away in the trunk. Once we had everything loaded we all went into the car for the ride home. “So, anything interesting happen at camp?” my dad said. Aaron and I looked at each other and smiled.

“Well, Aaron and I got lost in the woods overnight. Wasn’t such a big deal though. We found our way back. Oh! A bear was after us too.” “Holy Dingo! A bear?” my dad yelled. My dad said holy dingo yes. It’s something my grand-dad said too. I could tell my dad was super surprised because I could see his eyebrows just barely reach the tip of his hairline. “Yeah a bear dad! It was soooo scary. But we got away from it. Right Aaron?” I said turning to Aaron “Yeah we did. Now I’m glad my mom put me in boy’s scouts. They taught us a few ways to escape a bear encounter. I was amazed I even remembered.” he said smiling “Wow kids, thats amazing. I remember when your father and I went hunting up north and we spotted a bear. It was a mean one alright. Heard us walking through the woods and started charging at us with full force. Your dad and I were scared shitless but then we remembered we had guns on us. Pointed our riffles at the sucker and BANG! Dead. Haha, will never forget that day.” my dad said “Oh yeah, I remember my dad talking about that. He told me he had such a great time. Personally I thought he was crazy but now that I’ve been chased by a bear too, I’d have to say it was pretty fun.” Aaron said laughing Were they crazy! Being chased by a bear and almost dying was not fun at all. I mean yeah it was exhilarating for the moment but if I had to have a do over, I would definetly pass. I can handle a lot of things but almost dying was not one thing I wanted to repeat. “Are you guys insane! Being chased by a bear was fun? I swear, girls will never fully understand the man’s mind.” I said to both of them “A man’s mind is full of danger, intelligence, and romance.” Aaron replied smugly “Romance? Danger? If only you had a dare devil side. You never do anything dangerous.” “Hey! I am full of dangerous stunts. You are just never around to witness my magnificent work. You are too busy reading your Cosmo Girl.” “I do not read Coso-” I was about to yell at Aaron when I heard loud laughing. Aaron and I both turned our attention to my dad. He looked like a mad man when he laughed. “It’s good to see you two haven’t completely changed.” my dad said still laughing “Yeah, I guess old habits never die.” I replied looking out the window and see a familiar neighborhood. My dad made a left turn right into our driveway. My house wasn’t all that fancy. Two story house with lots of windows, it had a beige color with a white door, and had lots of flowers and trees surrounding the house. My mom loved to garden and even had me help her sometimes which I hated, but I was glad that she planted some trees by the side of the house. Sometimes, secretly, I would sneak out of my room and use the tree to get down since my room was on the second floor. “Home sweet home.” my dad said He turned around and smiled at us.

“Why don’t you kids go inside and get something to eat or drink. I’ll unload the car.” “Are you sure? I can help.” Aaron said “Oh no its alright kid. Go on inside.” Aaron and I shrugged and stepped out of the car. He waited for me to get to him and then he grabbed my hand and we headed up the stairs for the door. “I’m so glad my mom made me go to camp with you.” I said “Actually I should really thank your mom too. If she didn’t make you go, I would have never gotten the girl of my dreams to be my girlfriend.” Before I opened the door I smiled up to Aaron and gave him a kiss. After about a minute I opened to door and BANG! “SURPRISE!!! WELCOME HOME AARON AND EMMA!!!” Holy geez! I think I jumped up two feet in the air while my heart pounded against my rib cage. Who knew our moms would plan a welcome home party. Aaron rubbed my hand with his thumb and gave it a squeeze of comfort. He probably felt me jump back. I smiled as I looked around the room. I saw Aaron’s mom standing with my mom. Aaron’s seven year old twin siblings, Crystal and Johnny. I saw my best friend and fourteen year old brother, Cale holding our newborn baby brother Jimmy. Standing next to him was my seven year old sister Madison. I even saw some of Aaron’s friends standing among mine. But then my smile disappeared as I saw another familiar face. Jake. My ex-boyfriend. This can not be happening.

What the hell was Jake doing here? Of all people, I never expected him to be here to say welcome back. I mean he cheated on me. What does he expect anyways? For me to say, "Oh hey Jake I'm SO glad you made it. That's not going to happen. "Hey guys, thanks for coming," Aaron said by my side. "Come on Aaron and Emma! Let's eat some cake," Aaron's mom said. Aaron started walking towards the kitchen when I tugged his hand back. "Uhm. I got to go to the bathroom. I'll meet you there." "Sure thing Ems." Aaron let go of my hand and kissed me lightly on the cheek. Man, that still gave me butterflies. I looked around and spotted Jake looking at old pictures of me on the fireplace. Greatttt. I walked over to him and put my hand on my hip. "Jake, what are you doing here?"

Jake turned around and looked at me. Then he smiled. Just that smile alone made me knew something was up. But then again, he could be here just to stop by right? Ugh no, Jake was bad news. "Pissy much?" he said still smiling "Yes I am. Why are you here? And don't say it's because you wanted to say hi." Jake stopped smiling and turned so he was facing only me. "You're right. I know you know about what I did. When you broke up with me, I just thought it was because of something else. I came here to apologize. So, Emma, I'm sorry. For everything." Okay not what I was expecting. Honestly, I didn't know what to expect from Jake. When we went out, he was super nice and caring. Then when I saw him cheating on me with another girl it felt like I was watching his evil twin. Jake was never that type of guy. It just shows you how much you really know about someone. "Jake, I don't know what to say. I don't know if I can forgive you. You really hurt me." He took my hands then and squeezed them. "Emma I never wanted to hurt you. I was drunk and stupid. And as cliche as that might sound, its true. I still have feelings for you, I've always had." Oh shit. This can't be happening. I finally just got a boyfriend. A boyfriend I loved for crying out loud. But deep down I wanted to be with Jake. It was always hard for me to throw away past feelings. Jake and I were the couple back then. I can't be feeling like this! I had a boyfriend! "Jake, I- I um have a-" I began to say "Boyfriend. She has a boyfriend," a stern voice said. Crap. I turned around and saw an angry looking Aaron. "Aaron this is-" "Jake. I know who he is," he said again in a rock hard voice. I looked down and realized that Jake was still holding my hands. No wonder Aaron was upset. He was looking at his girlfriend holding hands with her ex. Just great Emma. I backed away from Jake and looked between Aaron and Jake. Aaron was obviously mad because his lips were in a thin line and his face was turning a burning red. Jake was relaxed though. His posture was comfortable and his face edging with a smile.

"Sorry if I made you upset. I just wanted to say hi to Emma," Jake said in a relaxed tone. Aaron put his arm around my waist and pulled me closer to him. I would have enjoyed it a lot more without the tension flowing between these two and because Aaron's grip was a little past comfortable. "I know, I saw. So you've said your hellos, now you can get out." My mouth dropped. Aaron was being a little too over protective. "Aaron! Geez what is wrong with you?" Aaron finally looked at me. But it wasn't exactly pleasant. His eyes still held anger. "No worries Emma. I have to be somewhere anyways. Don't want to piss off the boyfriend any more than I have. I'll call you later. Maybe we can hang out again," Jake said moving towards the door. Before I could respond Aaron was already talking. "Oh she might be busy, you know, with her boyfriend." Jake turned around at the door. He looked at me and smiled, his eyes sparkling. Then he turned to Aaron and gave him a stiff nod. Once Jake was gone, Aaron let his grip loosen. "Why are you so upset? He was just saying hi," I stated. Aaron turned and faced me. His facial expression showed that he wasn't happy with me either. "Why am I upset? The minute I leave you alone guys are already crawling all over you. It makes me mad to see them trying to get with you." Aaron turned around and sat on the couch and let his head fall into his hands. I guess I couldn't blame Aaron. I mean if I saw a girl flirting with him I would be mad too. But Aaron should know I'm in love with him. Despite my past feelings for Jake, I would never leave Aaron for anyone else. I've loved him for too long. I sighed and took a seat beside Aaron and laid my head on his shoulder. "Aaron, you know that I love you. You shouldn't be jealous of another guy. Because thats just it. Every other guy is just another guy. They should be jealous of you because you are the guy. The guy I happen to love." Aaron lifted up his head and looked deep into my eyes. Then before I knew it he was kissing me. And not softly. I grabbed the back of his head and pulled him closer. "Ahem." Uh oh.

Aaron backed off me and sat up. We both wiped our lips and smiled at our mom's. "Can you guys at least wait until after cake? Come on," my mom said standing in the doorway of the kitchen. Aaron laughed and picked me up bridal style. "Hey! Don't fall!" I yelled and laughed at him "Babe, I've already fallen for you." I picked my head up and kissed his neck. That was the only thing I could reach. Aaron set me down once we reached the kitchen. All our friends were surrounded by the cake and cleared a spot for Aaron and I. "Ready guys? One, two, three," my dad yelled. "WELCOME BACK!" everyone yelled But instead of cutting the cake, which I thought was going to happen, all our friends dug their hands in the cake and threw it at us. My surprise gift was a slap of cake in the face. Can you say fun? I wiped off the cake on my face and turned to a laughing Aaron. "You think that is funny?" I asked He responded with more laughing. So I grabbed a handful of cake and shoved it into his face. We must be the weirdest couple on earth. Aaron stopped laughing and stared at me with wide eyes. Then his shocked face turned into one of joy as he grabbed more cake and started throwing it back at me. We all ended up throwing cake around at each other. Even the parents, which surprised me. I was on the floor because I slipped on cake when my butt vibrated. No, I did not fart. I took my phone out of my pocket and opened up my new text message. I really do miss you. We need to talk. -Jake Just great.
“The Haunting of Connecticut? I heard it was really lame,” I said messing Aaron’s hair with my hand. Aaron swatted my hand away and messed up my hair.

The party was a blast. I had a lot of fun, other than seeing Jake. Not that I completely hated the guy, I just didn’t trust him. How could I? But I couldn’t help but think about it. Anyways, Aaron wanted to do something before school started so here we are, sitting in the park, talking about what to do before school. Which happens to be on Monday. Today being Saturday. “Ems, lets just do it. If we don’t like it then we can raid the candy counter and run out. How bout that?” “Hmm….” I loved stringing him along. Aaron started tapping his fingers. “Well?” “I dunno…” I said smiling “Okay then,” Aaron said smirking. Oh no. What was he uI was going to finish my mental question when Aaron tackled me causing him to be on top of me. “You asked for it,” he said. “Asked for wha-“ That’s when Aaron did the evilest thing anyone could do. He tickled me. Every girl is ticklish somewhere. And the worst thing, is telling your boyfriend about it because they will use that weakness against you whenever they can. Never tell them you are ticklish. Ever. Deny it! Aaron kept tickling me on my stomach. My stomach happens to be my weakest point so I had to give up soon or else I would piss my pants. And I didn’t really feel like walking home in piss pants. Not today. “Okay, okay! Stop,” I yelled at Aaron while I tried prying him off me. Aaron never stopped. “Will you go with me on a date to the movies Emma?” “Haha-yes-HAHA! YES! Please stop already,” I said rolling around on the grass. Aaron got off of me and laughed. Then something strange happened. “Ma’am! Are you alright?!” some random lady asked. She came running up with a baby in her arms. I looked up to her and felt my eyebrows scrunch together. “Uh, yeah I’m fine,” I said up to her sneaking a glance at Aaron. He looked confused too. The strange lady looked between both of us. Laughed. And left. I turned to Aaron and gave him a questioning look. “Um…” Aaron laughed and kissed my cheek.

“I think she thought I was raping you. I mean, it did kind of look like that. This is what she saw: guy on top of girl, girl yelling, motion. Yeah, I would say that it looked like I was raping you. Ha.” I thought about it for a minute before I fell back on the grass and started laughing. “I guess you are right. It looked that way. I wonder how…” Now it was my turn. Aaron always had a soft spot above his belly button. I turned towards Aaron and smiled. Then I tackled him. “GAH!” Aaron said as he fell down I started tickling him and put my knees on both sides of him so he wouldn’t move. I guess I was straddling him. Now it looked like I was raping him. “Who’s the best girlfriend in the world?” Silence. I tickle him even more. “I said…. Who is the best girlfriend in the world?” I say again I tickle him even more. “OKAY! STOP! EMMA IS THE BEST GIRLFRIEND IN THE WORLD!” Aaron yells I know he could have pushed me off if he wanted to. Least this once I could win something. But again, there was a price. “You never answered my question. Are you up to going to the movies tomorrow?” I brush my hair back and look over at Aaron. Even though I don’t want to do this, I answer. “I guess. But you have to buy me a coke,” I said giving him a kiss on the cheek. Aaron smiles and picks me up bridal style. “I love this girl named Emma!” he yells out to the world I smile and hit his arm. “People are going to look at us!” He looks down and smiles. “Good.” I laugh and just go with it. If Aaron has his mind set on something then nothing will stop him. Aaron ended up carrying me bridal style all the way home from the park. It was amazing how he never let me go. I thought he would get tired. We planned to go to the movies around two and he would pick me up early for lunch. Once we got to my door Aaron finally set me down. “Aren’t you tired?”

“Ems, you weigh like 100 pounds. I lift way more than that for baseball training.” He smiled and kissed me. I smiled into the kiss and wrapped my arm around his neck pulling him down. “Don’t be late,” I say pulling back from him. Honestly, I don’t think we will be watching much of the movie anyways. Aaron smiled and started heading back towards the street. I was actually excited for tomorrow. Not just so we could make-out but also just to chill with my boyfriend. Ahh, those words sounded good. Boyfriend. I’m glad its Aaron. But then felt a little worried. When I went upstairs and on myspace, I had a new message from Aaron’s ex Lauren. Don’t think I don’t know about you and Aaron. You made a big mistake and you are going to regret it. Aaron is not yours. He never will be. You better watch it. And this ladies and gentlemen, is what sucks if you go out with the school’s hottest guy.
"You can't choose both of us Emma. You only get to choose one." Ugh. My life sucks major ass. Here I was, standing in front of Jake and Aaron, and I had to choose which one stays and which one goes. I already knew my answer. Aaron. But there was something else going on. Like something was telling me I wouldn't and shouldn't pick him. After looking back and forward of the two, I knew who I would choose. I smiled at Aaron. He was wearing my favorite shirt, a gray long sleeve with white stripes. Then I looked at Jake. He was wearing his usual attire. Black jacket with black jeans. Typical for Jake. I opened my mouth, took a deep breath, and smiled. "Jake." In my head I was freaking out because that is not what I wanted to say. But after I said it my body moved to Jake against its own will. I felt like this wasn't me. It couldn't! I would never choose Jake before Aaron. I love Aaron, not Jake. But nevertheless I still continued moving to Jake with a smile on my lips. I was soon embraced in Jakes arms. It felt weird but familiar. I happened to look to the side and caught sight of Aaron. His body was slouched in defeat and his face was full of sadness. Looking at him I wanted to cry. His eyes were red and droopy. Just as one tear slid down his beautiful face, he vanished. Aaron disappeared. Shit, what the hell were you thinking Emma. Jake? Over Aaron? Come on you need go back. Tell Jake you made a mistake. Do something! Even though my head said one thing, my body did another. As I was yelling at myself, I reached up and pulled Jake's neck down to mine and kissed him. "EMMA! TIME FOR SCHOOL," I heard off in the distance. I pulled off Jake and looked around. Hmm, I don't see anyone. Just I was about to go in for another kiss something hit me and I woke up on the floor. I look around my room and find my brother laughing his ass off at me. "Oh you're gonna get it now," I say to him, an evil smile tugging to my lips. Before chasing after my evil brother I glanced at the clock. Holy freaking time! I have 13 minutes to get the bus. "Crap, crap, crap," I muttered to myself.

There goes my plans of taking a shower. Awh man. My hair is going to look gross today. I threw open my closet door and picked up black jeans and my Devil Wears Prada shirt. After I quickly changed into my clothes I went and slipped on my gray converse. "Emma! You are going to be late for the bus," my mother said. No really mom? "I know! I'm trying to get there," I replied putting my messy, bed hair into a ponytail. I went and threw all of my school stuff into my side bag and ran downstairs. "Here Emma, take this energy bar. You better run to the bus stop. I would take you but I have a staff meeting soon," my mom said. "Its fine. Got to go. Bye mom," I said while taking the energy bar from her hand. I threw the door open and ran outside. I made a skidding halt as I tried to remember which way to turn. Shit. Which way do I go? Left, right? "Honey, its left," I heard from inside the house. I waved my mom a thanks and heading down to my left. I passed by some people rushing into their cars for school too. I guess I wasn't the only one that was late. But they had cars. Ugh. Then I saw it. The yellow twinky looking bus. Oh thank god. I made it on time. God, you must reaThen I stopped. The bus doors closed and starting pulling away. "Wait! Hold on. Stop!" I yelled but it was no use. The bus was already making its way to school. I sighed and took a deep breath. I guess I will have to run to school. Least I already printed out my schedule so I wouldn't have to wait in line for it. But damn. I was surely going to be late. I starting running and then stopped. I didn't need to run. I was already going to be late, it won't matter if I run. I will just be even more late. I guess I can always skip first period. It's not like I haven't done that before. I reached into my bag and took out my ipod. I walk into the club looking kind of sexy now. I see the shorties in the corner, they started making out. They pull their panties down, They take their pants off. The amazing lyrics of brokencyde filled my ears. Then they started getting freaky on the dance floor. Shake it mommy give it to me like you need some love. I got some- HONK-bottles in the caddy that we can-HONK HONK-open up. I take off my earphones and look around. "Get in Emma." Jake? "What are you doing?" I ask. He parks his black mustang next to the curve and opens his door to stand outside. "I'm telling you to get in the car," he says with a smirk. "Why?" "Because you are walking. You are going to be even more late if you do that. Just get in Emma." I sighed and walked to Jake's car. I opened the car door and took a seat. "Thanks for the ride. I guess," I said looking around the car. There was a lot of CDs everywhere and some clothes. What the hell? I looked closer at the back seat. Is that a bra? "You aren't too good with thank you's are you?" I took my gaze off whatever was in the back seat and turned to Jake. He was already driving and had turned off the radio. "Well, I wasn't really planning on getting in. You kinda just made me get in." He smiled at the road and turned left. "You will thank me later. What's your first period anyways?" "Oh I think its Chemistry with Mr. Shaber. What about you?" "Chemistry with Mr.Shaber," he said with a laugh. "Weird." Yeah I know. But what was I suppose to say. "Oh goody, lets just walk in late together and no one will suspect a thing." No, that wasn't really a smart move. First day back and you walk in late with the school's man whore. Not a good idea. "Uh, Jake. I was planning on skipping first period anyways. So you can just let me get out and I can get there on my own time." I looked at him and waited for his response.

He didn't say anything at first and then when we were almost to the school he began talking. "I will skip with you. It's not like I care about my grades anyways." "Haha I should know. Last year you made us get a D- for baby care." Jake smiled and began easing into the school parking lot. "Hey! It wasn't my fault that eggs are breakable." "What? You are suppose to be gentle with it because it was a baby." Jake laughed and pulled into a parking space. "Well, it was an ugly baby anyways." "It wasn't real smart one." "Yeah whatever." It suddenly got quiet after that. "So....." I said. "So, you and Aaron huh?" "Is that a bad thing?" "Haha, no. I'm just saying. How is it?" I looked out the window. I bet Aaron was wondering where I was. We had planned on waiting for each other by our lockers. I hope he's not mad. "Emma?" I turned back to Jake and smiled in which he returned. He seemed like he changed. He use to be very stubborn and hardcore. Or maybe it was fake. Jake was definetly a mystery. "It's good. We haven't been going out long but I have a good feeling about it." He looked at me and turned his head to the side. "Didn't you hate each other?" he said with confusion. I laughed and turned towards him. "We didn't really. I guess it was just a cover for us liking each other. Its a love hate relationship." He frowned and looked out the window. Another awkward silence. "So, how's your love life? Still busy being a player?" He laughed and turned back to me. "Oh but of course." He laughed again. "But seriously, no. Honestly, after you dumped me I felt guilty for everything. I knew why you dumped me too. Which made me even more upset because you were the girl any guy wanted and I blew it." I stared at him with awe. He had never been open about anything ever. He was always shielded from everything and everyone. "Sorry, that was weird," he laughed. "Haha, its fine. Thats basically my life. Weird," I laughed. He laughed and then stopped to look at me. "Isn't everyone's?" Then guess what? Yup. Another awkward silence. "This is really awkward," I said looking out the window. "Yeah. I guess this talk about relationships and past ones." "Mhm." Wow Jake that really helped ease things. "Look Emma, I'm sorry. I know I never said it for what I did to you. I really did like you but I wasn't relationship type. Can we just be friends?" Wow. Even MORE awkward. But hey, I guess he was trying. "Sure. But its going to take a lot to trust you. What you did hurt and I lost the trust I once had for you. But we can work on it." He smiled and hugged me. I didn't hug back at first but then I wrapped my arms around his slender body and squeezed. "Thank you Emma," he said into my hair. I smiled and hugged tighter. "No problem Jake." Just as we were pulling away I head a knock. Shit, the staff caught us. I let go of Jake and turned towards my window.

"Sorry. We just got here and we were-" I began. "Emma?" Fuck. This was worse than the staff.
"Hey Aaron."

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