Human Girl rooming with 3 Vampire Boys... Could it get any worse?

Created by XxAlexandraxX

Chapter 1 Im not going to tell you im excited. Because to tell you that, it would be a lie. I was dreading it to be exact. What was I dreading? My first day of school. Now your probably thinking, why are you dreading your first day of school so much? Well its quit simple. Im going to a new school. A boarding school if you wanted to be so specific. And not just any boarding school. An ALL BOYS boarding school. And now your thinking, why would you go to an all boys boarding school if you're a girl? Well my grandfather owns the school. And he offered me a free spot at the school. My parents are obsessed with money and jumped at the opportunity to send me to a famous school. Free.

So here I was, boarding the plane that would send me to my doom. I know. Im being a drama queen. But who wouldn't if they were in my position right now? I just hope that grandfather gives me my own suite. That would be cool. For some odd reason this school was located out in the middle of nowhere. So we of course, have to go on a private plane, for the students only. You can just imagine the looks on all the boys faces when they saw a girl board the plane. I swear I saw three or four of them start drooling. Can you say EW? I even heard a few boys wolf whistle

" man she's fucking hott" one of them said to their friend

I felt my eye twitch. But ignored it. Wow. I didn't know I had so much self control. Normally I would turn around and be like. If you have something to say, say it to my fucking face. Yeah. I have an attitude problem. So what? I silently sat down in an empty seat. The whole time the guys were staring at me. I felt so violated. Half the guys were practically undressing me with their eyes. I was so thankful when I sat down. I looked up and glared at any guy that looked me in the eyes. They quickly looked away. Smart boys. Of course there is the few that wouldn't divert their eyes. Instead they winked or something of that sort. Me being me flicked them off with my manicured finger. They would smirk then. I hate those type of guys.

"you obviously don't enjoy the attention boys give you huh?"Someone said

I jumped in surprise and turned to see a boy about my age sitting beside me. That's what you call hot.I rolled my eyes, " I don't mind guys attention. Just not that type of attention" I said

" I see. My names Nate by the way"

" Felicity"

He held out his hand for me to shake. Which I did. His hand was freezing. I pulled back instantly and said

"your hands are freezing"

" yeah that tends to happen when your out in the cold" he said

We both laughed at my stupidity.

" so what brings you here?" he asked

" my grandfather owns the school" I said

" your grandfather is the headmaster?"



"If you say so. . ."

"you don't want to be here do you?"

" not particularly no"

" not to sound rude, but why are you here then?"

" my grandfather offered me a free spot at his school and my parents jumped at the chance to get rid of me. They said it would be a great opportunity for me to mix with the opposite sex"


I didn't even know why I was telling him all this stuff. We just hit it off right away. He was like the brother I never had.

" do you know who your roommates are?" he asked

" no. I was hopping I would get my own suite"

" we wouldn't have enough room for you to have your own suite. You would have to share it with three other people"

" but im a girl and the headmaster is my grandfather"

" you might be lucky. Im sharing a room with two others. Aiden and Chaise. We have all been friends since I can remember. Maybe you will get to share a room with us. We have room for one more person"

"that would be great. At least I would know someone" I said with a smile For the whole three hours all we did was talk. I notice a lot of guys giving Nate dirty looks. It almost

made me laugh. I also met his roommates. Me and Aiden didn't hit it off too good. I could tell that we weren't going to get along. Chaise, well he didn't talk much. All he said was hey and then turned up his ipod. But I would have Nate if I shared a suite with them so I didn't care.

I was stiff when I got off the plane. I made Nate carry some of my bags. Gotta love boys and their egos :P when I got off the plane it was freezing. I shivered from the cold. Aiden who was standing beside me said

" get the fuck over it. Its even colder in the castle"

" what the fucks the matter with you? All I did was shiver. No need to have a hernia."

" you wanna fight? Im not scared to hit a fucking girl. That is, if you are a girl" he said while grabbing my arm and squeezing it. I hauled back my fist ready to punch him in the face but Nate grabbed it. He said

" Dude, like seriously, is fighting all you know how to do?"

" well she asked for it" Aiden said

" I asked for it? All I did was shiver due to the cold you idiot" I said

" what the fuck ever" with that he left

I gingerly rubbed my arm while glaring at his back.

" just ignore him. He has permanent P.M.Sing" Nate said

"I noticed"

Chapter 2

With that we got into one of the carriages that would take us to the school. This reminds me of that book Harry Potter. whatever. I didn't like that book. Weird. Inside the carriages it was no warmer. What's up with the cold? Beats me. . .inside there was enough room for 6. There was me, Nate, Chaise, Aiden, and two others. The two unknown ones were looking at me like I was a piece of meat.

Maybe my choice of clothing had something to do with it as well. I was wearing a black corset with lime green lining making my breast practically pop out of it. A black flowing mini skirt that barely covered my mid thighs with lime green socks and black trimming that went to just above my knees. And 4 inch black sandal heels. I know. Your probably thinking. Why would I wear something like that when I knew I was going to an all boys boarding school? Well I was always the teasing type. I like to play hard to get, but I flaunt off my body. Im a total tease. And I love it.

I must say. There was definitely something different about these guys. And I was going to find out, one way or another. They all seemed . . . inhuman. I was stuck next to the door with Nate on my left side. Chaise was next to him and Aiden was across from me. The other guys were beside Aiden and across from the Nate and Chaise. The whole time all Aiden did was glare at me. I shifted closer to Nate for some warmth. Little good that did me. He was colder then the carriage itself. I said only loud enough for Nate to hear

"why is he glaring at me like that?"

" who aiden?, he hates it when people goes against his orders or talks back to him. You will find that out in due time." he said

" yeah, well I hate it when people try to tell me what to do. It doesn't go over good. He better accept that and fast." I said

Aiden must have heard what I said because his glare only deepened. If that was possible. I guess it's a good thing you cant die from a glare. Cuz I would be six feet under long ago. . . I just smirked back. You

could tell it was taking all of his self control to not jump me. Like I said. Im a tease. I plan to piss him off till he breaks. And he knew that. Nate obviously knew as well, for he said

" watch it Felicity. No one has ever gone against his orders before. He will make sure that you listen to him."

" I would rather die then listen to a bastard like him" I said

"you obviously don't know who I am do you" Aiden stated though clenched teeth

" yeah an ass named Aiden. What else is there to know?" I said

His eyes flickered the color of crimson for a split second. Wait a minute. Since when did eyes turn color like that? Must have been my imagination. At that moment the carriage stopped in front of a huge castle like building. It looked to be about 200 years old. creepy. Aiden quickly jumped out of the carriage and sped off towards the school with his luggage. Loser.

"watch what you say around him. He doesn't take things lightly. He was born into a noble family where he was the leader his whole life. He will break you till there is nothing left of you" I jumped at the sound of Chaise voice

" nobody has been able to break me before and like hell someone will be able to now. He needs a major reality check." I said," and by the looks of it, im breaking him"

Wow. That's the most Chaise has ever said to me. Not that I knew him for long. I looked at Nate, who had a worried glimmer in his eyes. What's the big deal? By the way everyone is acting, you would think he was a king. I hate people who uses authority and power to control others. They suck ass.

I heaved all of my luggage out of the carriage and onto the pavement. I felt eyes on me so I turned around to see almost every guy looking at my ass

"What? Is there something wrong with your eyes?" I said to them all. They all quickly diverted their eyes. That's better. Nate shook his head while he helped me with my luggage. A smirk on his face. I also had a smirk on my face. I have them all wrapped between my fingers. And I only just got here. This should be an interesting year.

Chapter 3 What she didn't know was that Aiden had many things planned for her. It was definitely going to be an interesting year. Interesting indeed.

As I was walking up to the school a boy about two years younger then me came up to me and said

"the headmaster asked me to give you this"

He handed me a folder full of papers. I nodded my head as a thanks. He quickly walked away after giving Nate and Chaise a nervous glance. I set all of my luggage down and opened the folder. Inside it had my name and then my room number. It read 6 - 67. Nate who was looking over my shoulder grabbed me around the waist and twirled me around while saying

"your in my room! Welcome to the family!"

We both started laughing as he kept twirling me around. Im sure everybody got a good view of my lacy thong but I didn't care. I was with Nate! That's totally awesome. The only problem was that I was also going to have to share a suite with Aiden. Oh well, beggars cant be choosers.

When he finally stopped spinning me around. Only cuz I was about to barf. We headed up to our room. The whole time he told me all about their traditions. During school breaks they all stayed at school and had guitar hero contest 24/7. Aiden usually won. Not for long. . .I am awesome at guitar hero. Its not uncommon for someone to pull a prank on another. Usually ranging between dying their hair pink to taking all their clothes and leaving rags in their place. They like to make bets a lot. They love to pull all

nighters. They hold the best parties on earth. They never run out of beer. I don't know why he told me that but ok. They also get friends over on weekends and they watch horror movies, making fun of them most of the time. And so on. Like I said. Its going to be an interesting year. Im surprised we all fit into the elevator. There was only 4 of us. There was a guy named Damien that was good friends with the others. He was sooo fucking hott. His suite was next to ours.6 - 66. isn't that coincidental? His name is the name of the so called devils son and his room was 666. The devils number. I think its hilarious. Anyways all that matters is that he is hot. Im so shallow sometimes. Even though I act like a slut, im proud to say that I had never fucked a guy before.

Ok back to us fitting in the elevator. Like I said it was a tight fit with all of our luggage. I, of course had the most. My bad. Well I am a girl, what can you expect? The whole ways up, all the guys talked about was guy things. I didn't bother listening to them. I was thinking about how I was going to annoy Aiden. They did say that he hated it when people disobeyed him, so I was going to go against every word he said. I think what would totally piss him off, would be if I beat him at guitar hero. The only problem is that I don't know what he would do if I went too far with it. Oh well, I will just have to remind him that im the headmasters granddaughter. Either that or just kick his ass. I got a black belt in Tae-kwon-doe for a reason.

By the time I was done thinking that, we had reached our floor. All the guys only had one suit case and a book bag, while I had five suit cases and two book bags. So with the help of the three guys, I was able to get all of my luggage to the suite. Nate unlocked the door with his key and let us in. I was met with the living area. It was actually quite luxurious. There was a 64 inch wide screen tv with all the newest game systems along with a DVD player in the entertainment center around the tv. There was a black sofa set ( which looked extremely comfortable) in front of it. Which consisted of the sofa (of course) a love seat and the rotating chair. There was also a lazy boy chair there as well. There was the coffee table and the end tables with lavish lamps on them. Aiden of course ruined the perfect picture by coming out of another room and sitting down in the lazy boy. I rolled my eyes. He looked over at all of us as we walked in the door. When his eyes met mine a scowl came across his face. I couldn't help but smirk.

"What is she doing here?" He asked

"Im staying here. Why else would I be here?" I said

"You seem like the whore type if you ask me"

" you obviously don't know what a whore is. Then again I cant blame you. You've been one your whole life, so you wouldn't know the difference"

He got to his feet and walked towards me with a menacing glare. Ohh he's scary now. Note sarcasm. Once he reached me he got right in my face and said

"Listen to me, and listen to me good. I run this place and what I say, goes. So you better keep that mouth of yours shut or I will keep it shut for you. Clear?"

" no actually, not clear. You see, my grandfather owns this place, and well, since im his granddaughter, I run this place. Plus, I pretty much have every guy wrapped between my fingers" I said back, "and also, there is a thing called personal space. So get the fuck out of mine now"

With that I pushed him out of my way. Without warning he grabbed my upper arms and slammed my back against the nearest wall. I struggled to get out of his hold but he just tightened his grip on me.

"Let go of me!" I yelled

I saw Nate take a step forward to help me but Aiden turned his head and said

"Don't come a step closer. She is going to learn to obey me one way or another"

Nate hesitantly stopped from taking another step closer. Damien said warningly "Aiden"

Aiden just ignored him, and shoved me harder into the wall. I could feel my whole body bruising by the minute. This kinda hurts. Without thinking, I head butted him in the nose. It didn't even affect him. What is he?! I let out a scream of pain. He yelled at me to shut-up. Me being me kept screaming. He let go of me and backhanded me across the face. Hard. My breath got caught in my chest as my body twisted and I fell to the floor. I laid there for a second as everything went quiet. My body hurt all over. Hes gonna pay.

After about a minute I looked over at the guys and saw Nate and Chaise standing there by the door with worried looks on their faces while Damien was struggling with Aiden to stop him from attacking me. I slowly got to my feet.

I said " you think your so cool by showing people that your stronger. Well reality check, people like you get no where in life"

Aiden stopped what he was doing. He looked me in the eye and said " you don't know who, or what I am. You shouldn't make enemies with those you don't know anything about."

" I don't care! You have no right to boss me around like Im yours or something!" I yelled, "cuz im not!"

"Fuck this shit" he said and with that he stormed out of the door and down the hall to gawd knows where. Damien followed him. Probably to talk some sense into him.

Once they were out of view Nate came up to me and asked me if I was ok. I nodded my head and with Nates help, made it over to the sofa and sat down.

" you know Aiden is right. You don't know what he is. Your better off being on his good side. Those on his bad side never survive" Chaise said as he walked over to the sofa as well.

I ignored him and said "so who am I sharing a room with?"

" well you were going to share a room with Aiden, but I don't think that's a good idea so your going to share a room with Chaise" said Nate

"Why Chaise?" I asked

" because me and Aiden have a habit of getting up early and it pisses Chaise off cuz he likes to sleep in, and you seem like the type that likes their sleep"

" that makes sense"

"Good, then its settled" said Chaise

Chapter 4 We all sat down on the sofa lost in our own thoughts. Eventually there was a knock on the door. Nate reluctantly got up to answer it. I wonder who that could be. If it's a guy to ask for my number, or whatever it is they ask for around here, he can kiss my ass. I heard someone ask for me. Nate told them to get lost and slammed the door in their face. I laughed and said

" your officially my newest hero"

"Does that mean I get a kiss?" he asked jokingly

" your funny" I said back with a laugh

"Aww your no fun"

I stuck out my tongue at him. Chaise shook his head at us. So for the hell of it I stuck out my tongue at him too.

"Is that an invitation?" someone asked as they walked in the door

We all turned to see Damien there with a smirk on his face while staring at me. I smiled flirtatiously at him and said

"Only if you want it to be"

Aiden was standing behind him with a disgusted look on his face. If I didn't hate him I would be laughing at him right now. They both took off their shoes and came into the living room. Aiden sitting as far away from me as he could. Loser.

" so we have decided that Felicity isn't going to share a room with you after all" Nate said to Aiden

" no. She can share a room with me"

"What?!" everyone (including me) yelled. We all looked at him like he had two heads.

" Damien is right. I shouldn't let a mere hu. . .girl get under my skin. Plus it would be too much of a hassle to change around mine and Chaises stuff"

" Hes right. I shouldn't let some jackass get to me. So i'll share a room with him." now everyone was looking at me like I had two heads

"Are you guys ok? I think they have a fever" Chaise said to the other two.

They all nodded their heads. Nate placed his hand on my forehead while Damien placed his hand on Aidens. I jumped at Nates cold touch.

" you would think after being in a warm place for so long your hands would be warm by now" I said

Everybody stopped what they were doing and looked at me. You would think it was a crime to state that his hands were cold. meh. Nate looked at me sheepishly and said

" my hands are always cold. I don't know what it is, their just always cold"

I nodded my head to show that I believed him. I didn't buy it for a second. Just like I didn't buy Aidens excuse for me to share a room with him. Hes got something planned. I just know it. And its not good. Well karma is a bitch, and it will slap him in the face twice as hard.

Aiden jumped to his feet and said " well we mind as well get her stuff into my room before we go to bed"

we all sluggishly got to our feet and started carrying my stuff into the room. The room was just as nice as the living area. There was two double beds on each side of the room. There was enough room in between them to fit a single sized bed there if we wanted. The rather large window was in between them. There was also a night stand by both beds with an individual lamp and alarm clock on them. Im totally setting the alarm for like 4 in the morning to piss him off. There was a stereo, 27 inch tv with a DVD player in the room as well. The overall theme of the room was black with red trimming. Gothic much?

"What's up with the two doors?" I asked no one in particular

" one is yours and one is mine" Aiden said

I jumped at how close he was to me and turned around to find only him in the room.

" they went to their own rooms to finish unpacking. Damien is gone to find his roommate." he answered my unasked question.

I went towards the doors and was about to open the one on my right but Aiden said that, that was his closet. So I opened the other door and was met with a walk in closet. But it wasn't just a closet. It also had a vanity desk and stool and a body sized mirror that 5 people could easily see theirselves in. Cool. Their was tons of hangers for my clothes and shoe racks for my shoes. There was also a drawer for my undergarments.

After 10 minutes I was finally able to get all of my stuff into my closet. No thanks to Aiden. Ass hole. Just sitting on his bed trying to look like god himself. Or in his case Satan. Watching me struggle. I closed the door so that he couldn't stare at me anymore. Now normally this would be where I start unpacking, but instead I got out a pencil and paper and started plotting ways to make Aidens life hell.

Ways to make Aidens life hell 1. Set alarm clock for 4 am. Don't forget the ear plugs for myself 2.say your scared of the dark and that you need the light on, and if he turns it off when he thinks your asleep start screaming at the top of your lungs about monsters under your bed and in the closet 3. Hire interior designers while Aiden is gone, and get them to paint the walls pink and change the bedding to pink and lacy. Put butterflies and flowers on the walls 4.put fake spiders in his bed 5.throw itching powder on all of his clothes 6.turn off his alarm at night, and sleep out on the couch with the alarm on my cell set, that way he will be late for school. 7.while in class talk out loud about how I walked in on him masturbating while moaning some guys name. 8.while in the room together, randomly start crying, make up a random guy and start going on about how you like him but he doesn't like you back 9. Just make his life hell :P

Chapter 5 I smiled at my list of things to do. I, of course was going to think up more between now and then. With that I stuck it in one of my drawers in my vanity desk that could lock. I quickly got up and started

unpacking. I took out my iPod deck and turned it up so loud the whole place was shaking. As I was unpacking my stuff I was singing along with the songs. Sometimes I would get a brush as the microphone and dance around the room. I must say, I defiantly had fun. Who would think you could have fun when unpacking? Well this is me we are talking about. I was right in the middle of the song "bleeding love" when there was a knock on the door. Who the hell is bothering me? i turned off the music and asked


" were going to the cafeteria for supper. You coming?" Nate asked

" sure"

I said as I opened the door. I wonder what kind of food they eat here? Only one way to find out. I linked arms with Nate as we walked outside into the hall way to see Damien, Chaise, Aiden, and some other guy waiting for us.

" its about time. I thought I was going to die of starvation. Lets go" said Aiden

I rolled my eyes when he had his back turned to me. But none the less we all followed him into the elevator. Once we were all inside the elevator I looked at the new guy confused. He must have noticed the look because he said

" my name is Daemon. Damiens twin brother. Your Felicity right?"

" the one and only"

He held out his hand for me to shake. Which of course I did. This time I wasn't surprised at how cold his hand was. Their not telling me something and I hate being in the dark about things. I took a look at Damien and again at Daemon. I couldn't help but notice how much they do look alike. The only

difference was that Damien stood with an air of authority, while Daemon stood in a more carefree stance. I cant believe I didn't notice that they were twins. Oh well. Sometimes the most obvious things slip pass me. Im famous for that.

We finally reached the ground floor which was where the cafeteria was located. Even though there was still a week left till school started the corridors were filled with students. I did notice that all the students would move out of our way as we walked by. I even noticed a few bow their heads towards us in respect. Respect for what? Were no different then them. Besides me being a girl of course. I take it that they run the school here. I mean, the fucking teachers were bowing their heads! Even through most of the students were bowing their heads. Their was the selected few that were glaring at us. Well the guys. They were looking at me with lustful eyes. Just to tease them some more I started shaking my hips more. That's when the wolf whistles started. Nate shook his head at me. Damien was smirking at my teasing, Aiden rolled his eyes, while Chaise ignored it and Daemon wrapped his arm around me in a joking manner.

" you really like to tease those boys don't you?" he said

" I love it. I think its hilarious when guys want me but cant have me"

" I like you already. I don't see why Aiden hates you so much"

" hes just jealous cuz I get more attention from the guys then he does"

Everyone except Aiden burst out laughing. Even I had to laugh at my own joke. Aiden had a scowl on his face as he glared at me. I just smiled an innocent smile at him, which made him glare even more at me.

I saw the cafeteria ahead so I grabbed Nate and Daemons hands and started running towards it while dragging them with me and yelling

" come on! Im starved!"

I ran in there to be met with a bunch of guys starring at me and glaring at Nate and Daemon for holding my hands. I let go of their hands and ran to the line up. Seconds later someone came up behind me and tapped me on the shoulder while saying

" Felicity, what are you doing?" it was Damien

" waiting in line. What does it look like?" I said not really paying attention. I was too busy looking at all the food.

I was pulled from my fantasies by someone grabbing my arm and dragging me to the front of the line. I looked at the owner of the hand and saw that Damien was the one dragging me.

" hey. We cant just cut" I said

" yes we can"

I looked at all the people in the line and saw that they were all willingly moving back to let us in the front. Ok, that's just a little weird. Back where I come from. People would jump you if you tried to cut. The others were still placing their orders as we reached them. I squealed at the special treatment and jumped in front of Aiden who was just about to take his order.

" I want the biggest slice of pizza you have. Umm a large Poutine with extra cheese. Three of those cookies. And a bottle of root beer. Oh and a slice of that chocolate cake."

Aiden sighed in annoyance and told the lunch lady to take my order. Nate who had already took his order and was just waiting for it said

" Felicity, who or what do you plan on feeding? An elephant?"

" nope. Me myself and I. Like I said, im starved"

As if on cue my stomach let out a rumble of hunger. Nate let out a laugh while I smiled an innocent smile. Rubbing my flat stomach to ease the hunger pains. When was the last time I ate anyways? I think it was yesterday during supper. Wow that was 24 hours ago. I noticed another table with like 50 glasses of this red stuff in it. Every now and then a guy would go and take a glass. Almost every guy had a glass of that stuff. Nate had already gone to sit down with the others so I turned to Aiden and asked

" what's that red stuff?"

" what red stuff?" he asked

" that stuff" I said while pointing to the table.

" oh that. You wouldn't like it"

" that doesn't answer my question"

"*sigh* its cranberry juice"

" ewwww!!"

" told you, you wouldn't like it"

I stuck out my tongue at him as my food came. I took my tray and walked over to the table that everybody else was seated at. There was two more guys there that I didn't know. I sat down between

Nate and Daemon. There was enough room to fit 8 people comfortably. Everyone except me had a glass of Cranberry juice. When Aiden and Damien sat down, they also had a glass of that cranberry juice. Ok if everyone has a glass then its obviously good. I want one.

Chapter 6 With that thought in mind, i got up from my seat and started to march over to the drinks. Everybody looked at me curiously while Nate asked " where are you going?" " to get one of those drinks" What else would i have been doing? did i not just say that i wanted one? I guess Aiden thought this would be a good time to become part of the conversation because he said " no your not" " yes i am" Since when could he tell me what to do? i don't remember anybody dying and telling him that he was boss now. He really gets under my nerves. The guts he has to try and tell me what to do. *sigh* Aiden stepped in front of me and said again " no, your not" "yes, i am" i tried to step around him, but he kept stepping in front of me again. what the hell is his problem?! all i want is to try the fucking drink? is that to hard to understand? actually, it probably is in his case. " get out of my way Aiden" i said annoyed " make me" There reallyis a god! i have been waiting so long for him to say something like that. if that's what he wants, that's what he's going to get.

I pulled back my hand and balled it up into a fist. I'm going to enjoy this so much. Without a second hesitation i swung my fist at him. Now,I would have loved to tell you that it hit him and sent him flying. But it didn't. Actually, nothing close to that happened.I can, however, say thatI came close to hitting him. But Mr. Nate here desided to grab my fist at the very last secondand stopme. He also bet me to talking as

well. "Felicity please.Can you just drop this?" I have to admit, his voice almost sounded desperate. Like he was begging me. But since he stopped me from hitting Aiden, i wasn't planning on listening. That is, until i turned around and looked at his face. That actually stopped me from saying some comeback. he was desperate. " fine, but you owe me." i said grumpily I stomped back over to the table where everyone was watching us. Noisy much? i plunked my ass down and started playing with my food. I didn't bother listening to the conversations that were going on around me. I was still to mad to do that. I noticed that Aiden had gone over to the lunch ladies, and was telling them something. Then he pointed over towards me. great.I bet you 100 dollars that he just told them to watch me and make sure i didn't drink that stuff. Like hell their going to stop me. I sighed and slowly started to eat again. I managed to finish the pizza and cake, but that was it. i was playing around with my poutine when this brilliant thought came to mind. I wonder what would happen if i was to accidentlythrow this poutine at Aiden. Well i guess there's only one way to find out. Actually. I could always make it look like an accident by innocently walking by with my tray and tripping. Then they can't get mad at me. That's perfect! Let's see how good my acting skills are. I slowly stood up while picking up my tray in the process. This could really work. But i guess my face didn't betray innocence, because everybody was looking at me suspicously. Especially Aiden as i got closer tohim. I couldn't help but let a smirk grace my face. It was just too hard not to. It seemed like slow motion as i let myself trip. The food went flying through the air and landed all over Aiden. Nobody said a thing. The whole cafeteria had gone quiet. But that only lasted like 5 seconds. As soon as i looked at Aidens face, i burst out laughing. There was no way i couldn't have. His face was priceless. There was fries in His hair with Gravy dripping off of it. there was pieces of left over food all over his clothes and on his face. I can gladly say thati laughed for 10 minutes straight. Everyone in the Cafeteria looked at me like i was crazy. Then they looked at Aiden. I have never seen a cafeteriabecome empty so fast in my life. It doesn't even empty that quick when there is a fire drill. Now that's pretty sad. Me being to busy laughing, never realised that me and Aiden were the only ones left. It took me a long

time to stop laughing. Mainly because i couldn't breath. It took me even longer to be able to look at Aiden in the face without laughing. That was a task itself. The whole time i was laughing, Aiden was patiently waiting for me to finish. Why you may ask?I have no sweet clue. But he did. Maybe he learned some self control? Yay! He learned self control! I was pulled from my thought by Aiden grabbing a handful of my hair by the back of my neck and pulling me towards his face. He was beyond pissed now. Serves him right. Telling me what to do, i'll never get over that. I screamed from the pain. I take back the whole self control thing! " what did you just do?" Aiden asked angrily Now that must be the most stupidest thing i have ever been asked. I thought it was quit obvious myself. He is, after all, covered in my food. So i told him, " what does itlook like?" I even gave him the stupid look.Go me. " No. Why would you do something like this?" Again with the stupid questions. " Because i wanted to" "Your going toregret to day you ever met me Felicity. I guarantee you that" With that,he threw me to the ground and walked away. I must say, this has definetly been the highlight of my life.I can't wait to see what happens next time.

Chapter 7 Even though my head still hurt from him, I happily walked back upstairs with an air of accomplishment. I'm totally going to do that again. It was too good to only do once. The only problem is, he'll probably know what's going to happen the next time I try it. I was the only one in the elevator, so I did a happy dance. I know I'm weird. But if you were in my shoes, you would be doing the same thing. I shivered and wrapped my arms around myself to try and keep myself warm. I'm going to need to talk to grandfather about the lack of heat. I've seen heaters, but their never turned on. I'm going to freeze in the winter. The elevator stopped on floor 5. Hey, this isn't the floor I wanted. The doors opened to reveal a boy that looked about my age. When he saw me, he smirked. Why am I getting that feeling that I should get off,

like, right now. Have you ever gotten that gut feeling? Yeah, you know you should listen to it, but you're too stubborn to. Well look on the bright side, it's only one floor. I can live with that. Any longer with this guy and I might have a heart attack. The guy was looking me up and down before the doors were even closed again. Creepy. "What is a beautiful girl like you doing all by yourself?" He asked flirtatiously "none of your business" I said. Plain and simple. I think I know why I get in trouble so much. I can't keep my comments to myself. Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's why. "Now, that wasn't very nice. You could hurt somebody's feelings that way you know" he said while trying to sound hurt. It didn't work on me. "I don't care" I said carelessly "I think me and you could get along very well" and now he's dropping hints. Get me a paper bag! I'm going to throw up. He started running his finger up and down my arm. OK buddy, you've gone too far. I pulled away from him viciously and said "Get your fucking hands off of me! Do I look like a whore to you?!" How much longer is this elevator ride going to be? I can't take much more of this. I guess I pissed him off because his flirty smile turned into a scowl. Yeah, I'm pretty sure I did. Before he could say another thing. There was a ding and the door was opening. Thank you! I dashed out of there without looking back once. But if I did, I would have seen a smirk, holding many dark secrets. It's a good thing I didn't then. Let's hope I never have to see him again. I thought Aiden was annoying. They should make a group together, to annoy the hell out of me. I ran the whole ways back to my dorm, and slammed the door behind me while panting like a madwoman. I leaned against the door while trying to catch my breath. Chaise was the only one in the living room to see me like that. He looked at me in question. "Creepy. Guy. Was. Trying. To. Hit on me!" I said in between breaths He looked at me for about two seconds and then went back to the TV show he was watching. Thanks for the help. Not. I glared at him as I tried to gain control of my breathing. Ass hole.

Once I was finally able to catch my breath, I was able to hear the shower going. That made me laugh out loud. Chaise looked at me again. This time I didn't answer him. pay backs a bitch. I walked into my room and lied down on my bed under the covers. It wassoooo comfy. Definitely one of my top five beds. I closed my eyes, and that was whenI realized how tiredI really was. Then again, what could you expect?Imet so many new people. Some nice, and some bad. I really needed a good nights sleep. And that's what I plan on doing. I only had my eyes closed for 5 seconds when I heard the shower turn off. 10 seconds later, Aiden was walking into the room. He stopped for a second, for gawd only knows what. Then he went into his closet, closed the door and locked it. I then fell into a dreamless sleep.

Chapter 8 The next morning I was woken to someone moving around the room. I looked at the clock and it read 9:13. Who in their right mind would get up at this hour! I still feel like I'm half dead. "Why are you up so early?" I asked groggily I pulled the covers over my head as he turned on the main light. I made a frustrated noise to let him know I didn't appreciate it. Why do I have this feeling that he's ignoring me? Probably because he is. Must I repeat myself? Asshole. There was more rummaging around the room. What is he doing? I pulled the covers away from my face and looked at him. He was pulling a t-shirt over his head. His hair was still a mess, and he had no lip ring in. yeah, he has a lip ring. I rolled my eyes and said "Can't you do that in your closet?" I asked patiently "No" "And why not?" I asked. Getting more agitated by the second "Because" OK buddy, I'm done with playing nice. "Well turn off the fucking light!" I half yelled If you can't tell, I'm not a morning person. And Aiden was about to find that out the hard way. "No"

He was pissing me off, and he knew it. Well one thing he's going to learn very quickly. Don't piss me off in the morning. I pulled the covers away from my body and got out of bed. It was freezing and I was only in a camisole and some short shorts, but I didn't care. He was getting a piece of my mind. "I said," I turned off the light," turn it off!" "and I said," he reached over me and turned it back on," no" I flicked it back off. He flicked it back on. I flicked it back off again. He flicked it back on again. We did that for about two minutes before I pushed him away from the switch. He grabbed my arm and dragged me with him. I didn't care. The light was off. I win! He must not have seen something on the floor, because he tripped and fell backwards, dragging me with him. I screamed, but it was muffled by his chest. I hate to admit it, but he had a pretty firm chest. Bad thoughts! I sat up on top of him. I couldn't see a thing, so I had no idea what his expression was. I can tell you that my expression was one of disgust though. The others must have heard the commotion going on because the door opened to reveal Nate and Chaise with bed hair and sleepy expressions. I would have laughed at them, if it wasn't for the situation I was in. Nate was rubbing the sleep from his eyes when he asked "What's going on?" Chaise let out a yawn at that moment. And we all know, that if one person yawns, the whole crowd yawns. And that's what I did. I can just imagine what Nate and Chaise see right now. Aiden pushed me off of him and said "Nothing" He then got up and turned on the light. He turned to me with a smug look and said "I win" I growled and got to my feet. Yes I growled. I highly doubt it sounded intimidating though. 'Cause it didn't to me. I guess Aiden didn't find it too intimidating either, because all he did was raise an eyebrow in my direction. Jerk. He could at least pretend to be intimidated. "Is that suppose to scare me?" he asked "Depends" I walked over to him and turned off the light. This time he growled. And I just got one thing to say. Holy shit! That sounded like an actual growl! Well, more like a hiss, but same thing.

"Is that supposed to scare me?" I mocked him I couldn't see him, but I could feel that damn smirk on his face. I repeat, asshole. He leaned down by my ear and said "Your heart beat sped up, did it not?" "Oh yes, and you would know too right?" I pulled away from him. Talk about lack of personal space. He had to have awfully good hearing to hear my heart beat. And that was very unlikely. Well, I was too awake now to go back to sleep. Great. I hate getting up early. It makes the day seem to go by slow. And when you live with Aiden, you want it to go by fast.

Chapter 9 I'm assuming Nate and Chaise had left after they saw us fighting. I walked out into the kitchen to get something to eat. They were both sitting at the island with bowls of cereal. There's a dinning room table for a reason. I guess they only use that when the whole gang is here. Nate was wearing a pair of boxers and a plain t-shirt, while Chaise just had on a pair of boxers. They still had the milk and cereal out. I just needed to find a bowl. This could be a problem. I looked around helplessly for a few seconds, trying to figure out where they would store the bowls. I randomly decided on the one above the sink. There are a lot of cupboards. This kitchen is actually a big kitchen. Nate and Chaise weren't much help either. They were too busy eating their cereal to realize I needed help. Thanks a lot. Aiden then decided to show himself. I glared at him. There was no way I was asking for his help. I have too much pride for that. But I guess he knew what I was looking for. He opened the cupboard at the far end and threw a bowl at me. Out of instincts I caught it. I didn't bother saying thanks. I don't think he was expecting one either. I sat down at the island next to Nate and grabbed the cereal box closes to me. It was fruit loops. I'm not ashamed to admit that I love this stuff. I poured it into the bowl, along with the milk and started munching away. Yum. Nobody said anything for the first seven minutes. We were all too busy eating. Finally I broke the silence by asking "What's planned for today?" Chaise and Aiden shrugged their shoulders while Nate said

"Guitar hero sounds good to me" I nodded my head. I haven't played that in such a long time. All my friends get annoyed with me, because I always beat them at it. It's not my fault I'm better then them. "I just want to get in the shower first" I said "Don't lock the door. I want to get in the shower to" Chaise said "And I need to brush my teeth" Aiden said. Nate nodded his head in agreement. "Well you guys can wait till I get out" I said "In this dorm, we don't lock the bathroom door, we all take showers, and baths when we feel like it, even if someone else is in there, so don't be surprised if you're taking a bath or whatever and one of us walks in on you." Aiden said "Well i'm a girl so it's different" I said "We don't care" Chaise said "I do" "You don't seem like it. Look at what you're wearing now" Nate said "At least now, certain parts of my body are covered" I said stubbornly "Well suck it up. Life's a bitch, so deal with it" Aiden said angrily "No I will not suck it up, I don't want you guys walking in on me when I'm showering" I said just as angrily "Too bad" "I will scream at the top of my lungs if one of you guys do. And I scream loud" I said as a after note "Then I'll just shut you up. You don't want me walking into the shower with you, now do you?" "Fuck you" I said With that, I got up and marched into the bathroom. Good for nothing boys. Not only do they have no personal space, but they have no privacy either. I wanted to scream in frustration. This is going to be a long school year. And I have a feeling this isn't the beginning. I walked into the bathroom. It had two stand up showers in the far left and right corners of the somewhat large room. To my right, was a huge corner Jacuzzi tub. Between the two showers, was two sinks connected by a counter. There was a large mirror hanging from the wall above them. There was a closet on my left, which held all of the towels and toilet paper. The toilet was between the closet and the shower. There was a shelf that was above the toilet, there was a clock on that and some candles. Awww

how romantic. Not. There was also a picture of the three of them. They all looked so happy. They all had their arms slung over each others shoulders. Aiden seemed the happiest of them all. He sure doesn't seem like the happy type to me.

Chapter 10 I grabbed a towel from the closet and hung it on the rack closes to the shower that I was going to use. I then stripped out of the clothes I had on and threw it in the hamper, which was in the closet. Now that I think about it, why do they have so many showers? Isn't one not good enough? I can understand the Jacuzzi. But two showers? I'll have to ask later on. I adjusted the water temperature, then let it run down my back. I always did this. I would get in the shower, but I would never start washing myself right away. I would just let it run down my back for about ten minutes. My parents always got mad at me for it because I would always use up all the hot water. But I'm pretty sure they have an unlimited supply of hot water here. Why else would they have so many showers? I looked at the different types of shampoo, conditioners, and body washes they had. They just had finesse and sun silk. However, they had vanilla scented body washed. I guess they all like the scent of vanilla. Actually, that's my favorite scent too. I chose the green sun silk and washed my hair with it. I put the conditioner in my hair and left it there for about five minutes. Just as I put the conditioner in my hair, I heard the door open. I opened my mouth to scream, but whoever it was bet me to it. "Scream and I'll shut you up" I rolled my eyes, it was Aiden. "I thought I said, not come in here" I said "Too bad" Luckily, you couldn't see through the glass to the shower. It had this stuff on it, which made it all foggy looking. Not only that, but there was a nice bit of steam on it. I continued to scrub my body with the scrub thingy until my skin had turned red. I was very frustrated with him right now. If you couldn't tell. While I was doing that, Aiden was brushing his teeth. I also heard someone in the other shower. Must be Chaise. Great. This is just what I need. Taking a shower, with two

other guys in the room. "Is it clear?" asked Nate as he too walked into the room. Can't a girl get any privacy around here!? I mean hello?! Do you not see that someone already has this room occupied? This time I did scream. And it was loud. I was also smart enough to hold on to the door. Good thing I did too. Aiden tried to open it. I told him to fuck off, and then I started yelling about privacy. Yeah, I was beyond pissed. "GET OUT!!" I yelled "SHUT-UP!!" he yelled back He couldn't get the door opened. Sucks to be him. There was no way I was letting go. And there was no way I was shutting up either. "Get the fuck out!" I yelled again. Just not so loud this time. I think I gave poor Nate a heart attack when I screamed. I saw him jump half a mile, and then dash out of the room. Closing it behind him. Their all going to learn to stay out of here when I'm in here. I think I was hurting their ears too. I just heard Chaise telling Aiden to shut me up. Not happening. Eventually I stopped yelling, and just concentrated on keeping the door shut. He'll eventually leave. He stopped, but he didn't leave. I could see his silhouette outside of the shower. Probably waiting to pound the shit out of me. Not likely. I hurriedly finished getting the conditioner out of my hair and turned off the water. The water to the other shower was still going. I opened the door a bit and reached out for my towel. I aimlessly reached around for a few seconds, before Aiden was nice enough to put the towel in my hand. I pulled my hand back in, but Aiden grabbed it before I could. "Wh-"I screamed as he pulled me out of the shower. I tried to cover myself up, but he wouldn't let go of me. What the fuck?! I tried to pull away from him, but he was stronger then I thought. I screamed again. "Let go of me!" I yelled Aiden pulled back his hand, and back handed me across the face. Chaise must have heard the racket going on, because he opened the shower door and looked at us. He didn't say anything though. Why won't anyone stand up against him?! Must I be the only one that will?

Chapter 11

I bit my tongue when he hit me, so there was blood rolling down my chin. Aiden froze, so did Chaise. I guess they don't like blood? To be honest, neither did I. Aiden let go of me. I quickly wrapped the towel around my small frame and rushed over to the mirror. It was fogged up, so I grabbed a hand towel and started trying to clear it. Stupid ass hole! Who does he think he is? slapping me like I'm his fucking whore! Finally I was able to clear it. The sight was horrible. My hair was starting to dry, but it was all frizzy. There was blood rolling down my chin, and there was a hand mark on my cheek from where he hit me. That's gonna be ugly later on. Aiden was standing behind me with a blank expression. I glared at him through the mirror. He saw me, and smirked. "What the hell was that about?!" I yelled "I keep true to my promises" he said it like it was no big deal That just made me even more angry. "Well I keep true to mine too, and I promise you that I'm going to make your life a living hell!" I said His smirk grew even bigger. You don't know how much I wanted to slap that smirk off his face. He took a step towards me. I pulled my towel tighter around me. He's already seen all of me once, like hell he's going to see me twice. "Good, because I plan to make yours one too" He grabbed my upper arms and pulled me towards him. The look in his eyes made me freeze. For some reason, I feel like I should be fearing for my life. My heart beat sped up as well. He leaned in and licked the blood from the side of my mouth. I tried to pull away, but I didn't even put up that much of a struggle. His eyes scared me. The whole time, he looked me in the eye. Then he said into my ear "And that's a promise" His breath was cool against the skin on my neck. It made a cold shiver travel down my spine. Then he let go of me and left the room. I stayed there motionless for a few seconds. It wasn't until Chaise made a noise that I was pulled back to life. The first thing I said was, "EWW, he just licked up my blood! That's soooooo disgusting!" I exclaimed I could feel his saliva against my skin, it was disgusting. I grabbed a face cloth and started scrubbing the place where his tongue made contact with me. Even after the rest of the blood was gone, and my skin was red from the scrubbing, I still wasn't

satisfied. I shivered in disgust. Chaise finished his shower, and got out. He was wrapped only in a towel. He walked up beside me, and looked in the mirror. I was still scrubbing my face. "Why don't any of you go against him?" I asked in anger. Chaise looked at me in the mirror and said "Maybe you should follow our example, and listen to him" "It's not in my nature to be a follower" I said stubbornly Suddenly, the door was burst open, and Nate came running in. He looked frantic. He said in a hurry "Felicity, I would love to wait till your out of here, but I gotta piss like right now!" Thanks for sharing. Not. Chaise rolled his eyes, while I looked at him in disgust. Nate ran over to the toilet, and wasted no time in pulling down his pants. I turned around, that way I wouldn't have to see anymore then needed. "You know, your good at pissing Aiden off. I've never seen him get that mad before in my life. And I knew him for a really long time." Nate said "Let me guess, your going to tell me to start listening to him too?" "No. I think it's time someone went against him. He needs a reality check. Just don't tell him I said that" Nate said with a playful smile I smiled back. Finally, someone who is on my side. Well, sort of. Nate finished his business, and came over to one of the sinks to wash his hands. Omg! A guy who washes his hands after he uses the washroom! Wow, I thought I would never see the day. I gave up on trying to get the feeling of Aidens saliva off my face. I threw the face cloth down into one of the sinks. Both boys looked at it, before looking at me. I had a scowl on my face. Nate looked confused. "Aiden licked the blood off of her. And she didn't like it" Chaise explained. I didn't look at them. I was glaring at the sink instead. Nate made an "oh" noise. I grabbed my toothbrush, which I had put there last night when I was unpacking, and started brushing my teeth. Nate followed my actions as well. Chaise had finished brushing his teeth, and was putting his lip ring back in. why don't they just keep them in when they go to sleep? They all had a lip ring. Chaise and Aiden had one on their left side, while Nate had one on his right. I spit the toothpaste out of my mouth and rinsed it with water. I whipped my mouth with the hand towel and cleaned up my mess. We never said anything. Chaise left, as did I.

Chapter 12 I walked into my bedroom. It was so cold. I had Goosebumps before I even got into the room. I ran into my closet. Too bad there was no thermostat in here. I did the usual stuff that I do after every shower. Get a change of clothing, which consisted of a pair of jeans, with a few tears on the legs, and a reddish t-shirt. I also blow dried my hair and straightened it. That took about 2 hours alone. I have really curly hair, and it's a pain in the ass. And that's on good days! I finally finished, adding the last touches to my make-up. Which was black eye liner, black mascara, and some clear lip gloss. I try not to go overboard with the make-up. I left the room, and went out into the living room. There was nobody in sight. I knocked on Nates and Chaises bedroom door. There was no answer. Great. Where could they have gone too? I decided to then go and pay Damien and Daemon a visit. Gawd only knows what those two are up to at this hour. It's only 12:30. Maybe the others had gone down to the cafeteria for some lunch already. I didn't bother putting any shoes on. It was only across the hall. I knocked on their door, and walked on in. Only because someone yelled for me to come in. I guess they trust the people around here? I wouldn't just say come in, if I didn't know who it was first. Maybe they expected me over? Inside was the same format as ours. Damien and Daemon, along with Aiden were sitting down in the living room talking. I walked in and sat down as far as I could from Aiden. I glared at him as I did. He smirked. Creepy kid. The other two just looked at us confused. "Do I want to know?" asked Daemon "There's not much to know, Aiden's messed up in the head." I said nonchalantly. "You know nothing, felicity" Aiden said. I could hear the anger seeping back into his voice. "I don't know?! You're a freak!" I yelled. Deep down, I knew I was going to regret this later, but I was pissed. And I knew I had hit a sensitive area for Aiden. Aidens bewildered eyes landed on me. He looked so pissed right now. He stood up and started walking towards me. I'm scared now. "Of course you would say that. But you're just a fucking human. What else would you know? Your kind is in denial, denial that there might be something more powerful on the food chain, then them!" He yelled.

"Aiden, you know the rules just as well as I do" Damien said warningly What. The. Fuck. Did he just refer to me as a human? What's he then?! "What are you going on with?!" I yelled while pointing a finger at my head, to show that I thought he was crazy, "You say human like you're not!" Aiden turned around, and headed for the door. I'm not finished with him yet. He's going to tell me what's going on right now! I jumped up, and chased after him. He was already out the door before I had walked two steps. Instead of going back to our dorm, he took a right turn, and started walking down the hallway.

"Where do you think you're going?!" I yelled after him, "I want to know what's going on right now!" He ignored me and kept walking. I kept following. Men piss me off so much. Like my mom always said, "men, you can't live with them, but you can't live without them" how true that saying was right now. The only thing is, I could live without Aiden no problem. Actually, I think I would be the happiest girl alive if I had never met him. "Would you stop ignoring me! Answer me!" I yelled again I think I was attracting attention. Some doors were opening, and there was boys sticking their heads out of them, to see what was going on. I didn't care. "Aiden!" I yelled He turned around sharply and yelled "What do you want?!" I slowed down till I was standing in front of him. We both got in each others faces. Neither one of us backing down. I refuse to back down. It's not me. Damien and Daemon caught up to us, and stood back, watching to see what we were going to do. "Tell me what's going on" I said through gritted teeth "There's nothing going on" "Stop lying! I know there is something different about you guys, your all cold as ice, I've seen your eyes turn red. And you licked my blood. Don't tell me that's normal, 'cause it's not!"

Chapter 13 Me and Aiden stared at each other for a few minutes after my outburst. I think we we're just trying to see who the weaker one was. The one who looked away first was the weakest. Well, that's what I was

doing. "Do you really want to know?" he asked slowly. As if trying to control his anger "I wouldn't be asking you if I didn't" "Go ask your dear grandfather then. He's the one who bought you into this mess. It's not my responsibility to tell you." I was about to say something else, but Nate and Chaise popped out from around the corner. Well, Nate did. Chaise just kinda followed, looking rather bored. I turned on them. "and where have you guys been?" I asked angrily They both stopped walking, and took in their surroundings. Me and Aiden were still in each others faces, Damien and Daemon were standing not too far behind us looking amused, and there was a bunch of boys with their heads poking outside their doors watching us. "What's going on?" asked Nate confused "Felicity is getting too curious for her own good" Damien said. Finally coming into the conversation. I was kinda hoping he would side with me though. I stomped my foot like a two year old and said "I have every right to know. I live with you guys, it's only fair" I really need to grow up sometimes. Sometimes. "Well you're not allowed" said Damien. The way he said it, was to end the conversation, but I wasn't satisfied I opened my mouth to say something back, but Nate butted in "Why don't you come with me, Felicity, and help me plan for the party we're having tonight" I turned to him confused and asked "What party?" "Me and Chaise decided that we're going to have a party tonight" "I did?" asked Chaise Nate rolled his eyes and said "well, I decided to have a party tonight, but Chaise didn't object" Their so trying to change the subject right now. I looked at the both of them for a few seconds and then looked back at Aiden. He looked kind of bored from our conversation. I glared at him, as he looked back at me. He rose and eyebrow, as if to say, what do you want? "I'm leaving with them, but don't think I'm going to forget this conversation easily" I said He rolled his eyes, but I chose to ignore him. I turned my back on him and walked away with Nate, Chaise, and Daemon. Damien stayed with Aiden.

Now that the anger from Aiden was fading away, it was quickly being replaced by the idea of a party. I wonder what I'll wear to it? I wanna make sure that the boys never forget who I am. You only get one first impression. Why not make the best of it. I smirked at my thoughts. They we're never going to forget who I am, I can assure you that. The three boys looked at me suspiciously. Probably thinking that I was thinking up ways to piss off Aiden. That actually didn't sound too bad either. "So why are we having a party?" I asked "We have nothing better to do" Nate said "Must be nice" They all shrugged their shoulders. We have a lot of planning to do. My question was, how are we going to get the news around? I'm sure they got their ways of getting the news around. I ran into the dorm, with Nate following close behind. "So what do we need to do before the party starts?" I asked "Well, first we get the news out. That won't be hard. So lets not worry about that. Aiden and Damien are probably already gone to get the alcohol. Umm there isn't much to do." What was the point of asking me to help plan the party then? It was probably just to get my mind off of what Aiden said. I plopped down onto the couch and turned on the TV. There was no point in standing there and trying to figure out something to do before the party. Daemon sat down beside me and picked up the remote. There was absolutely nothing on TV. Over half the shows I never even heard of. Well that's just great. I guess it's a good thing I'm not into TV that much. I had just let out a noise of frustration, when the door opened. The two guys that sat with us in the cafeteria we're standing there. I don't think they told me their names. I guess I'm about to find out.

Chapter 14 "Hey guys, what's up?" the one on the right asked They walked in and shut the door behind them. Come on in guys. Nobody said you could, but come on in. I looked at him in question. The one on the left noticed and said "I don't think we were introduced properly. My name is Dante, and this is my boyfriend Alex" He said with a smile

Boyfriend? Then again, what else would you expect in an all boys school. I smiled back and gave a little wave as I said "My names Felicity" "We know" "Oh" What else would you say if someone you only met twice, knows who you are? "Oh" sounded good enough to me. They both walked over and sat down in the love seat together. Isn't that sweet. They both looked at me, both deep in thought. I gave them a questioning look. "You know who she looks like Dante?" asked Alex "Yeah she looks like princess-" "Well, we still have a lot to do!" yelled Nate, cutting off Dante from whatever he was going to say. What? I look like some princess? But who? I really hate it when they don't tell me stuff. I feel like I've been left out in the dark ever since I got here. "And what, may I ask, do we have to do?" I tried to ask as politely as possible. I can assure you, that it didn't come out like I planned. "I never thought that far yet. . ." Nate said dumbly Everyone stared at him like he was the stupidest person on the face of the earth. Which he probably was.

I groaned in annoyance and got up, marching to my bedroom. There was no point in talking to them, if they were just going to lie. I'll make sure to get Aiden before we go to bed, and make him tell me. Walking into my bedroom, I was surprised to see a big brown box on my bed. It was all packed up, with my name on top of it, and the school crests along the side. Please don't tell me this is what I think it is. I looked at it curiously for a few minutes, before deciding to open it. I'm gonna have to do it anyways, before school starts. Just asI thought. My school uniform.All the clothing was packed in separate plastics bags inside the box. There were two sets of school clothing, along with a set of gym clothing. The school clothing consisted of two black blazers, two black pleated skirts, two plain white blouses, two pairs of white socks that probably reachedabove my knees, two black ties, and a pair of black, polishable, slip on shoes. Overall, it was a traditional school uniform.

Eww, the skirt is way too long. I'll definitely have to hem it up a nice few inches before school starts. The blazer had the school crest on the left side. The rest, I can handle. But that skirt has got to be fixed. The gym clothing was just a red baggy t-shirt, and a black sorta kinda mini skirt. The skirt was similar to a cheerleader's skirt. I actually liked it. I would definitely be able to tease the boys with this on. And in gym class none the less. I guess the schools colours are black, red, and white. OMG! Just like a newspaper. I don't even get the point of that joke. Do you see red on the newspaper? Because I sure as hell don't. When my friend asked me that joke, I thought she was going insane. Either that, or she was seeing things. At that moment, the door opened and in walked Dante and Alex. My gawd, do they ever look gay. I can't believe I missed that when I first saw them. Goes to show how observant I am. Not that I have anything against gay people. Actually, one of my best guy friends was gay. He was the first person I would go to when I had fashion problems, or boy problems. Daemon walked in after them, and sat down on the bed like he owned the place. I couldn't help but laugh. "Is this your uniform?" he asked curiously as he picked up the skirt "Unfortunately" I replied glumly He smirked and got up, and started dancing around like a little princess while holding the skirt up to his waist. I rolled my eyes at him. Wow, I've been rolling my eyes a lot lately. That's a good way to piss off Aiden.

Chapter 15 The party was planned to start in only two hours. That so isn't enough time for me to get ready. I knew I shouldn't have sat on my bed and talked away three hours for nothing! Aiden and Damien had shown up about an hour and a half ago, with enough beer to feed 1000 alcoholics. I don't even know how they got it home... Actually, I don't want to know. So at this very moment, me and Aiden were constantly running into each other, in our attempt at being ready on time. When you're in a hurry, your bedroom seems to get a lot smaller. How annoying. "I call bathroom!" I yelled as I rushed out of the bedroom with nothing to change in. I haven't gotten

that far in my thoughts yet. "I need to take a shower too" he said as he followed me Not happening! I turned around, and pointed my finger in his face. "NO!" I guess he wasn't in the mood for fighting right now, because he grabbed my neck and shoved me into the bathroom, in two seconds flat. I fell onto my ass by the sudden actions. Did I ever mention that I hate this kid? Yes? Well I'm gonna say it again. I hate this kid! "I'm taking my shower now, and you're not stopping me. So either you take a shower now as well, or you wait and be late" He left the door open for me to make a choice. There was no way I was going to stay in the same room as him, when we're both naked. I'm not that kinda girl. I got up and glared at him. I had gotten a shower this morning, so I'm not that desperate to take a shower. I glared at him, and got up from the floor. I stalked pass him and back into my bedroom. How many times have I called him an ass hole now? I stormed into my room and yanked open my bedroom door. Hopefully, finding some clothing will occupy my mind from him. I looked through my closet full of clothing, and went to the section that included all of my club clothing. They usually consisted of Short dresses and skirts. Tube tops, and a few pairs of extreme low rise jeans. Tonight I was in the mood for a dress. I owned about 11 short dresses. All only reaching to the top of my thighs. If I was to bend down, everyone would have a nice view of my ass. And I liked them. A black one was in mind for tonight. So I grabbed a few black ones, and laid them out on my bed. I examined them for a few minutes before giving up and calling in the boys. It was only Nate and Chaise, because the others had gone home, and Aiden was still in the shower. "Which dress should I wear?" I asked They both looked at them and then back at me. Shrugging, Nate said "I dunno, they all look good to me" "You're not much help" I said while rolling my eyes. Chaise was about to say something, when Aiden came in and asked "What are all of you doing in my room?" "It's not just your room anymore pretty boy" I said without looking up.

"We're deciding on a dress Felicity should wear for tonight. I can't decide on one. Which one do you like?" I don't want Aidens opinion. He will probably choose the ugliest one there. Even thought there are no ugly ones. Aiden walked over to my bed, and like the other two, examined the dresses. After only 20 seconds, he pointed out the one on the end. "That one" he said before going back to whatever it was he was going to do. The one he pointed at was a flowing, black (obviously), halter style dress. It was a basic dress, with no designs to make it more appealing. It was simple, and one of her favorites. The type of fabric was light, and easy to move around in. This was the longest one, but it still barely covered her ass. Nate and Chaise nodded in agreement. I guess they like that one too. Why didn't they say that then? Boys are so confusing sometimes. "OK, everyone out of my room. I need to get changed" I said while pushing them out of my room. "It's not just your room, sweetheart" Aiden said mocking me. "Fuck you" I said without thinking Did I just say that? Wow, I don't usually say that. Goes to show how much I hate him. Aiden looked just as surprised by my outburst as I was. But unlike me, his surprised expression turned into a smirk. "Is that what you wanted? All you had to do was tell me" That fucking cocky bastard! And that, my friends, is why I don't say it. Fewer complications. But I decided to play along. "Really? I just thought you were gay" I tried to sound convincing. I think it worked too. I could tell that it pissed him off. He was on one side of the room, and in the blink of an eye, he was standing right in front of me. I literally screamed bloody murder. Out of fright, and surprise, I fell down onto my bed, which I was standing beside at the time. He pushed me onto my back, and leaned over my small frame. His face mere inches from mine. I was speechless. Nobody can move that fast. It's impossible. All I could do was stare into his eyes. I knew that he knew I was scared. He was enjoying it too. Bastard. I was actually shaking underneath him. But can you blame me? What would you do if someone just appeared in front of you?

Chapter 16 He placed both hands on the sides of my head, and said into my ear

"Whatever gave you that idea?" There was a bang on my door, and Nate yelling "Felicity, Are you done yet? You're taking and awfully long time you know" I jumped at the sudden noise. It also knocked some senses back into me. I placed both hands on his chest, and tried to push him off. He's heavier then I thought. "Get off of me" I demanded He slid one hand underneath my head, and grabbed a handful of my hair. He pulled my head back, exposing my neck to him. I froze. I felt like my life was in danger. My heartbeat sped up, and I had goose bumps on my skin. My hands started to shake. Why am I acting like this?! This isn't me! Nothing, and I mean nothing scares me. How can he make me feel like this? I was kidnapped, and I still didn't act like this. "Aiden" I said unsurely He placed his cold lips on the side of my neck, and started sucking on it. Shivers went up and down my spine, and not in a good way either.Why is he doing this? Is he trying to prove something to me? It's not going to work. If he thinks I'm going to listen to him after this, he's going to be very disappointed. Nate banged on the door again "Felicity? Is everything OK?" I tried pushing him off again. He was making me mad now. No surprise there. "Aiden, I said get off of me" I said more forcibly. He completely ignored me. I was determined to get him off of me now.

"You don't understand how easy it would be to kill you right now" he said. "Of course I'm not going to understand. You guys never tell me anything!" I yelled Anger coursed through my veins. I can't believe he would do something like this. When did I say that he could touch me this way? Oh yeah, that's right, I didn't! Nate was still on the other side of the door, yelling my name. Aiden let go of my hair. My neck was stiff now. Thanks a lot. Not. I tried to get up, but Aiden wouldn't let me. I opened my mouth to say something, but Aiden bet me to it. "The next time you say something like that, I think you should think about the consequences of it" "What are you? My father?" He got up, just as Nate burst through the door. Talk about horrible timing. Couldn't he have burst through

the door, when I actually needed help? Nate looked confused. I was lying on my bed, while Aiden was standing in front of me. "Nothings wrong Nate. Me and Felicity were just having a chat. Go get ready for the party" The last part he said to the two of us. I glared at him, and sat up. I must have gotten up to fast, because the blood rushed to my head, and I got a dizzy spell. "Having a chat, my ass" I said angrily while holding onto my head. I could feel his saliva on me. This is worse then the time he licked me. And we all know how I felt about that. Nate looked at us for a few more second, before taking Aidens word and leaving. The door wasn't even shut for two seconds, before I blew up. "What the hell was that?!" I asked/screamed Aiden shrugged like it was an everyday thing. He started walking towards his closet. Oh no buddy, I'm not letting you off that easy. "Where do you think your going?! You don't just touch a girl like that and then walk away!" Aiden was all out smirking by the time I was finished talking "Would you like me to do it again?" he asked

"NO! I wanna know why the hell you did it!" "Stop screaming" he said calmly "I'm not!" OK, so maybe I was, but that doesn't really matter right now. I was pissed. Then again, when am I not pissedat him? "If you must know. You said I was gay, so I proved you wrong." He gave a little shrug after that I was really starting to hate it when people shrugged. And when they smirked too. "So you sucked on my neck? What, may I ask is that suppose to prove? That you have a fetish for necks?" He ignored me and walked into his room, closing the door behind him. Did I say he could leave? No, I don't think I did. So why the fuck did he just leave?! I let out a scream of frustration, and stalked off into my own closet, with the dress I was going to wear for the night.

Chapter 17 It hadn't taken me as long as I thought to get ready. Actually, I was done in only half an hour. That's a record for me. But the only reason I was done early, is because my hair was still straight from this morning. I'm not going to deny it, I looked hot. Aiden actually has good taste in clothing. I'm not going to say that out loud though. We can't let dear Aiden think he's a god, now can we?

I walked out into the living room, to be met with a handful of paper cups. "Could you put these on the table?" Nate asked in a rush Everybody was running around everywhere. Half of them were banging into each other. That's what you get, for deciding on a party at the last minute. I have no sympathy for these guys. I turned on my heel, and walked over to the table. In the middle of the table, was a huge thing of fruit punch, well, I assume its fruit punch. I put the cups on the table, and grabbed a couple of chips while I was at it. I jumped when Damien said "No chips till the party Felicity" I flipped him the finger, and grabbed a few more, just for spite. That should teach him not to tell me what to do. I really need to practice on my listening skills. That's one thing I think I'll always lack. Oh well. I sat down on the couch. But I wasn't even sitting for five seconds, before there was a knock at the door. "Felicity, could you get that!" one of the boys asked "What am I, your servant?!" I yelled back, but none the less, I got up and answered the door. I opened the door with a dull expression. "Why hello there sexy" one of the guys said flirtatiously *BANG* I slammed the door in his face. I'm not putting up with that. No way in hell. Aiden being the unfortunate boy to see me do that, marched over to the door and opened it again. He turned to me, and said "You don't close the door in peoples faces" he sounded more annoyed then angry "Watch me" I said while walking away. Well, trying to walk away The guy grabbed my arm and said" I'm sorry babe. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings"

What is up with boys, and just grabbing whatever they feel like grabbing? I pulled my arm from his grasp, and turned to him with my finger in his face. "OK, first of all, my name isn't babe. Second of all, you have no right to touch me. And third of all, DON"T CALL ME BABE!" Daemon came over to us, and started ushering me away. He said with a smile on his face, "Don't mind her, she's just PMSing" "I'm not-" "Why don't you go help Chaise with the beer? I'll answer the door from now on" he said while slightly pushing me in the direction of chaise, who was stacking all the beer up by the fridge. I groaned and walked over to him. I didn't even get a word out of my mouth, before he was shoving cases of beer into my hand and telling me where to put them. There were three different types, and they all had their own spot. How organized can one person be? So for the next 20 minutes, I was dragging around cases of beer. Wow, I really need to get a life sometime soon. By the time I was done, most of the guest had shown up. Well, I hope most of the guests have shown up. If not, we're screwed. I couldn't even find a place to sit. By now, there was music blasting out of the speakers, and I could barely hear anyone. I saw Aiden and Damien talking to some people, while Alex and Dante were making out on the couch. Nate was laughing at some joke, and Chaise was sitting in a chair watching him. Now where is Daemon? "BOO!!" someone yelled into my ear, while grabbing my sides. I screamed and turned around, getting ready to slap the person across the face. I stopped when I saw a laughing Daemon behind me. I pouted and crossed my arms over my chest. "That wasn't funny" I said childishly He slung his arm over my shoulder, and said "Of course not. It was hilarious!" Well look on the bright side. I found Daemon. More like he found me. "You looked lost, so I thought I would help you" he said. Proud of himself. "Right" I said, and started to walk towards the dining room table, which was where all the food was. I got myself a cup of fruit punch, and took a sip of it. Daemon popped up in front of my face, and asked all hyper like. "What cha doing?" I was sooooooo close to spitting out all of my drink all over him. What is up with him tonight? He's

normally not this hyper. I saw a beer in his hand. Well, there's your answer. He grabbed my hand, and dragged be behind him. I almost spilled my drink in the process. "Come on, I want you to meet some people" I groaned. This better be worth it. Daemon dragged me over to where Aiden and Damien were talking to those two other guys. I have a feeling this could get very awkward. Damien was the first to notice us. He grabbed my other hand, and dragged me into the circle. I'm starting to feel like a rag doll. Everyone's dragging me everywhere. It's getting very annoying. The two guys, and Aiden just looked at me. Probably wondering why the hell Daemon dragged me over here. I was still thinking the same thing. But more along the lines of, why the fuck did he bring me way the hell over here, especially by Aiden. Both guys held this air of authority. They also looked like they didn't want to be anywhere near this place. I don't blame them. The six of us stood there in an awkward silence for about a minute. Finally, i decided to break it.

"My names Felicity" I said while holding out my hand for them to shake. The one on the Left brought up his hand to shake mine, but right before he touched it, Aiden grabbed my arm and pulled me back. "Don't touch him" he growled I pulled away from him, and said harshly "What the hell is your problem?" He wrapped his arm around my waist, to keep me by his side, and away from them. "Aiden, let go of me" I said Damien stepped slightly in front of me, partially blocking my view of them. What was the sense of bringing me over here, if they were just going to keep me away from them? "What game are you playing at?" Damien asked angrily Both men smirked at his question. I stopped struggling against Aiden, and looked at them curiously. I was also extremely confused at the moment. "What?" I asked "Get the fuck out of here" Aiden said venomously What's going on? All the guy did, was try to shake my hand. Well, I think that's all he tried to do. I hope

that's all he tried to do. The music stopped, and everybody was looking at us. Nate looked alarmed and asked "What's going on? Why are they here? Aiden, why are you holding onto felicity?" What is this? 20 questions? I was just as confused as him. The guys were still smirking, and looking at me. Neither one of them taking their eyes off of me. So this is kind of nerve wreaking. It all happened so fast. One second he was standing six feet away from me. The next second he was right in front of me. Less than an inch away. Damien had a knife to his neck, while growling at him. Aiden pulled me further away from him, while hissing. All I did was scream in surprise. Nate and Chaise both jumped over the couch, and was by my side before I could blink. What are these people?! How can they move so fast? I think this is what they were hiding from me. There's no way they could be human. The guy said, "It was nice meeting you Felicity," He looked me up and down, before saying, "I hope we can meet again. Sooner rather then later" I could tell exactly what he was hinting at. And everybody knows me, I don't put up with that shit. Before I even realized what I was doing, I had pulled back my fist, and right hooked him in the jaw. Serves him right. He stumbled backwards, and would have fallen, if he wasn't caught by his friend. He held onto his jaw, and glared at me. Without a word, the two left the dorm. Hopefully, to never come back. He was probably just embarrassed that he was punched by a girl, and in front of a bunch of boys too. Once the door was closed, Daemon grabbed me out of Aidens grasp, and yelled "I fucking love you!" Unlike him, I wasn't in the mood for celebrating. I wanted some answers, and I wanted them right now.

Chapter 18 "What's going on?" I asked angrily "What are you talking about?" asked Nate confused "Don't play dumb with me. I saw the way you guys moved" "I don't know what you talking about" He said again I sighed angrily. This is hopeless. Their not going to tell me, no matter how much I try. "I need to get some air" I said while pushing myself out of Daemons arms.

I just felt like pulling all of my hair out. You don't realize how frustrating it is, to be left out in the dark. And for those of you who do, welcome to the club. I knew it was stupid and dangerous of me to leave the safety of the dorm, with those guys out there somewhere. But I didn't care. Actually, I want to meet up with them. That could help me release some of my frustration. I left the dorm and decided to walk down the five flights of stairs. I could have taken the elevator, but the stairs are more fun. Not really, I just wanted to take my own sweet time. The stairs were a lot lighter then I thought they were going to be. I'm used to stairs in buildings being dark and cold. This wouldn't be a good place for a horror movie. I sighed as I reached the bottom stairs. A thought suddenly came to mind. Why don't I go and try out the red drink in the cafeteria? Nobody would be able to stop me. It's not like anybody was going to be there. The majority of the school, well, the ones that came early, were all up at the party. A smirk came upon my face as I started to walk towards it. Unfortunately, I didn't get very far. There was the noise of screeching tires outside the building. Alarmingly, I looked out the closes window, and saw a big white van come to a halt at the front doors. I stayed silent as a guy got out of the van, and went around to the back. Why the hell is there a van out here so late at night? That didn't make any sense. I have a feeling that I'm not supposed to be seeing this. "That's Ralph" said a guy from behind me, "He's the one in charge of the humans" I jumped about 50 feet into the air at his voice. "OMG, is it necessary to scare me like that?" The guy didn't look like the other boys here. Unlike the rest, he had his own style. He had dirty blonde hair. He also had on baggy jeans with a polo shirt. He stared at me, as if he was trying to read me. I crossed my arms over my chest and stood in a manner that told him, I had an attitude, and I'm notafraid to use it. So back off. "You're a human too" he said as a matter of fact "Wow, way to state the obvious. Then what are you? The boggy man?" "Look out the window" he said, and pointed out the window. Ignoring my question I turned around, and looked out it once again. Ralph had unlocked the back door, and was dragging out a bunch of teenage girls. My breath got caught in my throat. They were all gagged, and tied to one

another in a line. Holy shit. Am I witnessing a kidnapping? This is not good. "He's going to take those girls up to the prince's party, where the vampires are all going to probably rape, torture, and suck them dry" "WHAT?!" I yelled at the top of my lungs "You don't know, do you?" "Vampires? What is this? a freak show?" I said For some reason, i didn't want to believe they were vampires. It was to unreal.But deep down, i knew he was telling the truth "Come on, we have to get there before him" he said as he grabbed my hand, and started running, while dragging me behind him. I looked out the window one more time, and saw the last girl getting dragged out of the van. I cried out, as I recognized her. It was my best friend, Libby. She was crying, and by the looks of it, she was bruised, badly. What the fuck did they do to her?! Hold on Libby, I'm going to save you, even if it's the last thing I do. I started to run faster. I was bare foot, but I didn't even notice the cold floor anymore. I was more then determined to beat Ralph to my dorm. I'm not going down without a fight. I can promise you that.

Chapter 19 We skipped the elevator, and went straight for the stairs. I knew it would take forever for an elevator to come, and we still had time. Hopefully, they were still outside. I literally flew up the stairs. It's a good thing I was in cross country running before I transferred here. If not, I wouldn't be able to take another step. I knew I had to be fast, I wasn't going to make it, if I wasn't. I skipped every second step. The mystery guy only one step behind me. Please legs, faster! I have to save Libby! "Faster!" I yelled out loud No matter what you say, going full pelt up five flights of stairs is not easy. But my friend's life depended on it. Whoever did this, was going to pay. I burst through the top door, with a loud bang. I still had to run another good 40 feet before I would even be able to see the door. I couldn't stop for a break. I knew that if I did, I wouldn't be able to run

again. Finally, after turning the corner, I could see the door to the dorm room. I saw the elevator doors open. I started running faster then I ever did in my life. "NO!!" I screamed, as I started sliding on the floor, and stopped right in front of Ralph, who was about to open the door. I spread out my arms, that way he couldn't get pass. Who knew you could slide on floors, bare foot. All the girls started trying to yell for help, all of them crying. They all looked tired, and beaten up. But when they saw me, hope glimmed in their eyes. I'm not letting these girls die. Not tonight, and not while I have a say in it. The door opened, but I didn't turn around. I was too busy glaring at Ralph. The other guy that I was running with stood beside me, making sure that Ralph wouldn't attack me. "Felicity?" asked the person behind me. It was Nate. I let my arms fall to my side. "I'm not letting you, or anyone harm these girls" I said determinedly "Wha-"He looked in front of me, and saw the girls, "Aiden, did you order some girls again?" asked Nate "Yeah, why?" asked Aiden as he walked over to the door too. I whipped around at him, and glared at him. Trust me, if looks could kill, he would be not six feet, but twelve feet under. "Why the hell would you order girls?" I asked angrily "Move out of the way Felicity, Let them through" "NO!!" "Felicity! Don't go near them! Their not human!" Yelled Libby I turned around to face her. She had managed to get the cloth out of her mouth. The look of fear was so evident on her face. Someone grabbed me around the waist, pinning my arms to my sides. "Exactly, That's why you're going to move out of the way, that way we can get the girls inside" Aiden said "Let go of me!!" I yelled at the top of my lungs I head butted him in the face. That's so going to hurt in the morning. He yelled in pain, and let go of me. I need to get them out of here. I jumped on Ralph, knocking him to the ground. This better work. I hauled back my fist, and punched him in the face several times.

"RUN!!" I yelled to the girls. They didn't hesitate. All of them ran. I jumped off of Ralph, and ran after them. We jumped into the elevator. I saw the boys running after us. I hit the button to close the door repeatedly. Hurry! Does the doors have to be so slow?! I could feel the adrenaline running through my veins at five miles a minute. I don't think the doors are going to shut in time. I screamed as the boys got closer, the other girls screamed too. At the very last second, the doors shut. Thank you! We all let out a huge breath of air. I hit the ground button, and turned to the other girls. What do I do with them? Take them to grandfather's office? The majority of them were still gagged, so I went around and took out the cloth from their mouths. All of them said thank you. My adrenaline was starting to die down. I probably ruined the party, but there was no way I was going to let my friend be led to her death. What am I going to do about the vampire thing? There's not supposed to be such a thing as vampires. Aiden could have bitten me so many times! And I didn't even know. What if he didn't bite me, because he was trying to keep it a secret? What if now that I know, he won't hold back from biting me? That would be just like him. I angrily punched the wall. This was too much for me. I was suppose to just finish school, go to a nursing school, and live my life. Not this. I don't want to be a part of this. I want to leave, but I can't. I can't leave all the friends I have made here. I don't even think they will let me leave, not that now I know the secret. Libby walked up to me and started rubbing my back in a friendly manner. I turned to her, and pulled her into a hug. "Are you ok?" I asked, my voice full of concern "I thought I was a gonner" she said back All the other girls nodded their heads. I'm going to have to take them to grandfather's office, and get him to fly them back to their homes. They can't stay here. That much I knew. The doors to the elevator dinged, and then opened. I was the first one to step out. The rest followed me like a bunch of lost puppies. Which they probably were, here at least. Libby stayed by my side the whole time. At first I didn't even know where I was going. I had never been to the office before. Which I am not proud to say. I should have gone and visited him when I first got

here. I just walked down a bunch of different hallways, until I came to a door that said headmaster's office. Well, at least now I know where it is. I didn't think that our first time meeting each other, was because of something like this. But not everything in life turns out the way we want it. I quickly knocked on the door, while looking down both sides of the hallway, making sure nobody was looking for us. That would be bad. I just wanted to get into the safety of my grandfather's office.

Chapter 20 I didn't have to wait long for an answer. Thank god. I don't think my nerves would have been able to handle much more of it. "Come in" said a voice. I'm assuming it was my grandfather Without hesitation, I opened the door, and ushered everyone in there. We all stood in the somewhat cramped office, which was probably only meant to fit 10 people at most. The man sitting at the desk, was nothing like I imagined him to be. This man looked like he was in his late 20s. The one I was expecting to see, was suppose to be in his 60s for sure. So you can understand me, when I asked, "Who the hell are you?" The man raised his eyebrow, and said in a smooth, calm manner "I am the headmaster here, and your grandfather" I was stunned for a second, and then a little voice in the back of my head said "Vampire" I walked over to the desk, and asked, "Are you a vampire too?" "Yes" he said with a nod of his head Great, my fucking Grandfather is a vampire too. This is just perfect. How long has he been one? Why didn't anyone else in the family know? How could they have not known? "Felicity?" Libby said, pulling me from my thoughts. I quickly came to my senses, and said urgently, "You have to find a way to get them out of here, and quick" "How, may I ask, did they get here?" "They were kidnapped!" I yelled a little too loudly

But it's not my fault. He was acting like this was no big deal at all. He should be running around, trying to find a way for them to get out of here. But all he was doing, was sitting at his desk, looking at us, like this was an everyday thing. He calmlypicked up his phone, and dialed a number, letting it ring. He better be phoning someone, that's going to help us. "Hello Paul?. . . Yes, I have a group of girls here that needs to be brought back to their homes. . . Ten minutes?. . .Yes, They'll be outside waiting, goodbye" He hung up the phone, and looked at all of us. He stayed quiet for a few seconds, waiting for god knows what. This is getting very annoying "Well?!" I yelled/asked "There will be a plane outside waiting for them in about ten minutes, to take them home. But before they can go anywhere, they will need their memories erased. Nobody is to know about our existence." A few girls made a few gasp, but the majority of them stayed quiet. Probably still too freaked out to realize what was going on. I couldn't argue with him on that. I knew there was no way that I could win that argument. Once again, Grandfather picked up the phone, and dialed another number. Now who's he calling? "Hello, Aiden?-" "NO!!" I yelled, "He's the one thatordered forthem to bekidnapped! You can't let him near them!" "Felicity, please. I'm on the phone, Could you quiet it down a few notches?" He said, with his hand over the receiver. Did he not just hear a word I said? I crossed my arms over my chest, and looked away from him. Immature I know, but who cares? I refused to hear what he had to say to Aiden. When he hanged up to phone, he stood up from his desk, and walked around it. "Now, Aiden is one his way down here. He is going to erase the girls memory, and send then to the plane. I told him, that he is not to harm the girls in any way possible. So Felicity? For the sake of peace, would you just stay quiet? I've heard about your many arguments." "I can't promise you" I said stubbornly He sighed, and picked up a bowl of candies, while asking, "Would anyone like a candy?" You're not serious. He did not just ask if they want a candy. Is this some kind of joke? I'm sure if this was some anime show, all of us would have fallen to the floor, and there would be dust everywhere.

I'm starting to worry about the sanity of my grandfather. Who would ask a bunch of girls in distress if they would like a candy? Not me, that's for sure. I just shook my head, answering for everybody else. He shrugged, and placed the bowl back on top of the desk. As if to say, 'Your lost' As soon as the bowl touched the desk, the door opened, and in walked Aiden. I wouldn't look at him. I could already tell that he was still pissed at me. I have a feeling that we're going to have another fight soon. No surprise there.

Chapter 21 When he walked into the room, everything went quiet. I swear you could hear a pen drop, if one did. The whole room had become really tense. I could tell that the girls just wanted to get away from him. I don't blame them. I sure as hell wouldn't trust him.

Aiden, the little bastard, looked like he was enjoying every minute of it. That just made my blood boil more. Does he not have a heart? Then again, I know nothing about vampires, maybe this is just the way they are. Did I just defend Aiden? I think I'm past tired. "Are you able to erase all of their memories at once? We don't have enough time to do them all individually" my grandfather asked him "Sure. Should I erase her memory as well?" he asked while looking towards me Oh hell no! Nobody's messing with my memory. I think I'll keep it, thank you very much. "Are you able to? She has such a strong mind, that I don't think anyone can" he asked A scowl appeared on Aidens face. I couldn't help but smirk. My minds strong? Who would have known. I must have made him even madder, because he started to walk towards me, trying to be intimidating. I, being me, stood my ground. But before he could reach me my grandfather butted in. "Aiden, Felicity, We don't have time for these petty arguments. We have bigger problems at hand right now." "It's his fault!" I said while pointing towards him. "If he would have justkept his bloodlust under control, we wouldn't be having these problems" I said angrily "They weren't for me sweetheart they were for the guest. You know, the ones that had to leave because of you?" he asked sarcastically

"Don't call me sweetheart, vampire boy" "So you finally figured it out. It's about time" he said, walking in front of me I poked him in the chest, and said "No thanks to you" He opened his mouth to say something else, but I guess he thought better of it. Who would have known that he was smart? Now if he could do that all the time, there wouldn't be any fights. He turned around, and faced all of the other girls. Without warning, they all dropped to their knees, holding onto their heads. Some yelling in pain. Holy shit! What's going on?! I grabbed his arm, and started shaking him, while yelling "Stop it! You're hurting them!" I needed to help Libby. I ran over to her, and got onto my knees. I grabbed her head, trying to stop the pain. I didn't know what else to do. What could I have done? Surprisingly, she stopped yelling, and looked up at me. "Felicity, your hands. They stopped the pain" I didn't know what to say. All I knew was that I couldn't let go of her head. I hate seeing my friends in pain. And I wasn't about to let her go through pain again. The others girls all fell to the floor, all of them unconscious. I looked at them. I could have saved them from the pain too, but I only have two hands. I was pulled from my thoughts, by someone grabbed my upper arm, and pulling me to my feet. "What did you do?" Aiden asked angrily, while grabbing onto my hands, and looking at them. That just made me mad. How dare he get pissed off at me, for trying to help my friend. With all the strength I could muster, I pulled away from him, and slapped him across the face. I highly doubt a slap is going to have any effect on him, but it's worth a try. Before either one of us could say anything, Grandfather asked, "Aiden, can you transport them to the Plane on top of the building? It's been out there for probably ten minutes now." "What about Libby?" I asked Libby was still in the process of trying to get to her feet. I gently grabbed her arm, and helped her up, letting her support herself against me. "Well, we can't just keep her here." Grandfather said thoughtfully "We could always send her to my place, where she can become a maid" Aiden said, with a smirk "NO!" me and Libby yelled in unison. "Well, do you have a better idea?"

"Take her home" I said like it was the most obvious thing in the world "We can't do that. She might tell someone our secret" Grandfather said "Do you really think people will believe me?" asked Libby quietly, "I think I would rather keep my mouth shut, then end up in a mental hospital" "See? We have nothing to worry about" I said "I don't trust her" Aiden said, while scowling "Of course you wouldn't, you don't trust anyone" I said while glaring at him. "No. I just don't trust humans" "Did you ever even try to trust one?" I asked. He was starting to frustrate me. "Yeah, actually I did. And then she tried to kill me" "I can understand why" I said, while rolling my eyes "I was in love with her" He said, not as angrily this time What? Did I just hear that right? He loved her? I looked him in the eye, waiting for him to break out into a smirk, and tell me he was lying. Instead, he stared me back in the eyes, as if daring me to say something else about it. Deep inside, I could see that he was still affected by it. "So what's going to happen to me?" asked Libby. Breaking the silence. "I vote, that we let her go home" I said "Of course you're going to. I vote that we send her to my place" said Aiden "I wanna go home" Libby said We all looked at my grandfather, waiting for his answer. Please say she can go home. I don't want her to go near Aidens house. And I highly doubt that she wanted to, too. "I'm sorry Felicity, but I can't let her go running around, knowing that she knows our secret." Libby started crying, and I just wanted to cry with her, but I couldn't. One of use has to stay strong. I Hugged Libby, trying to comfort her. "Will I ever be able to see her again?" I asked "I'm sure she can go with you to your place during holidays, can't she Aiden?" asked grandfather "Sure, whatever" Aiden said, probably not paying attention. With a click of his fingers, the other girls all disappeared. What the hell? How is that possible? they were just there a second ago. Grandfather must have seen the look on my face, because he said with a reassuring smile, "They were

just transported to the plane. There's nothing to worry about"

There better not be anything to worry about.

Chapter 22 I was helping Libby over to a chair, when a brilliant idea came to mind. There's no way they could argue with this one. "Why don't we just enroll her into this school?" I asked Both of them looked at me for a second. Grandfather was the first to speak. "We don't have enough room. Plus, it's too dangerous" "Oh, but it's not dangerous for me?" I asked sarcastically "You have my name to protect you. And Aidens scent is all over you" That's supposed to be a good thing? I looked over at Aiden weirdly. Why would his scent stop the boys anyway? He looked over at me indifferently. "Well, we mind as well leave now" With another snap of his fingers, I was pulled into some kind of portal. I couldn't even scream if I wanted to. It felt like the air was being pulled out of my lungs, and squeezing them. It stopped just as suddenly as it started. I, like Libby, fell to my knees. I gasped, and tried to take as much air as I possibly could into my lungs. I never want to do that again. Libby was lying on the floor next to me, and Aiden was standing behind us. Probably smirking. "What the hell did you do?!" I screamed. I shakily got to my feet and glared at him. Like I predicted, he was smirking "Well how else did you expect to get here?" "I don't know. Have you ever heard of a car?" I asked sarcastically again. "A car isn't going to get us here" He said "Where are we then? Out in the middle of nowhere?" I grabbed Libby's hand, and tried to help her up, but I was still shaking from my own fall. I don't think that helped her injuries at all. She looked like she was going to throw up any second. Aiden then sighed in frustration at our pathetic attempt of standing. So he pushed me out of the way, and grabbed Libby's arm, dragging her to her feet, in a not so nice manner.

"Do you always have to be so rough?" I asked annoyed "With you, yes" "Oh yes, and she looks like me too right? "You're all the same to me" I ignored him, and took Libby out of his grasp. I wasn't letting some ass hole touch my friend. "Where are we anyways?" I asked while looking around The place was huge! There was a grand staircase and everything. We must have landed in the entranceway, because, the doors that went outside, were behind us. Me and Libby looked at each other in amazement. Aiden started walking away, so we followed him. Where the hell are we? I've never seen this place before. This is like a dream castle or something. There were portraits of important looking people hung up on the walls. Our footsteps echoed across the halls. This is almost eerie. I only then just noticed that I still had no shoes on. The floors were freezing. Wow, I'm observant. We continued to walk in silence. Well, this is boring. "Where are we?" I asked again "My Palace" He said blandly "Your palace?" "That's what I said" "I know that's what you said, but your palace? What are you? Some kind of prince?" "Precisely" "Oh let me guess, you're some vampire prince?" I asked mockingly while rolling my eyes. He turned around, and glared at me, "What if I am?" "Puh-lease, don't think so highly of yourself" I said while waving my hand, as if to dismiss it. I walked by him, but he grabbed my hand, and dragged me back to his side. One of these days. . . "Where do you think you're going?" He asked "Away from you" I said, annoyed "Well, you're staying with me" "What if I don't want to?" "My place, my rules"

I pulled my hand away from him, and walked back over to Libby, who was able to walk on her own now. I think the power is getting to his head. "We're going to take Libby down to the servant's quarter. Then me and you are going to go talk to my father" he said "I don't want to" I said "To bad"

Chapter 23 Before I could say anything, he started to walk off again. I rolled my eyes, and followed him, Libby following me. Everything was quiet again. Don't you just hate it when it's silent? I certainly do. I'm not usually one to complain here, but my feet hurt really badly right now, and I was beyond tired. I'm not sure about you, but I wasn't up for some random meeting at the moment. Maybe I can meet him another day. He's probably not going to even talk to me anyways. My feet started to drag behind me, and pretty soon, I was going slower then Libby, who was going slow for obvious reasons. I just want to lie down for a few minutes. And then maybe we can turn those minutes into hours? That would be nice. "Felicity, hurry up!" Aiden barked from somewhere in front of me. "I'm tired. What time is it anyways?" I asked drowsily "It's 3:54" Libby said, while looking at her watch No wonder I'm so tired. I've never stayed up past 2:00 before. And it's almost 4:00 now! I groaned, but none the less, I continued to follow. We started to go down stairs, and the further down we went, the colder it got. There was goosebumps up and down my body. Is it necessary to always be this cold? I sighed as we went down another set of stairs, where the hell are we going? The dungeons? It wouldn't surprise me if they had one in this place. "Where are we?" Libby asked, pulling me out of my thoughts He ignored her, and kept on walking. I glared at his back and said angrily "She asked you a question, you know" "I know" he said indifferent "Well, are you going to answer her?"

"I don't talk to the dirt under my feet" I stopped in my tracks, and stared in disbelief. I can't believe he would say that. Actually, coming from him, I can. But still, you don't just say that out loud. Asshole. I think I should start keeping a tally of how many times I've called him Asshole. Let's start with 21. I looked over at Libby, and she looked hurt in the face. I can't blame her. She had always been the sweet quiet girl everyone liked. Nobody had ever insulted her. That thought just mad me madder. I balled my hands up into fist and said, "You have no heart, do you?" Aiden stopped, and looked behind his back, towards me. "I'm a vampire Felicity, vampires have no heart. I thought you already knew that" "No, you just choose to have no heart. Everyone has a heart, working or not, you still have one, and as long as that heart is in your body, you have feelings." That was deep. Who would have known, that I would be the one to say that. Aiden fully turned around, and walked up to me. He suddenly shoved me against the wall, and pushed his lips against mine. I stood still, shocked from the sudden actions. He took my hand, and placed it over where his heart was. The kiss was forceful, but not enough to bruise. I just stood there immobile, still in shock. What the hell? I think he's over tired too, and doesn't know what he's doing. His lips were cold, but soft. With his other hand, he placed it on my waist. I tensed up at the touch. After 30 seconds, yes I counted, he pulled away, and said "Do you feel that?" ". . .No. . ." "Exactly" He let go of me, and said while walking away, "I have no heart... or feelings. Sex is sex." I stared after him for a second, and then looked at Libby. She had a look of disbelief on her face. He's always doing this. It's frustrating as hell. I stomped after him, Libby following behind me. I grabbed his arm, but before I could say anything, this woman popped out of nowhere. Who's she suppose to be? She was dressed in a traditional French maid outfit. I pity her. I would kill myself before I wore that. The woman looked to be in about her late 20's. The woman bowed, and then said, without looking into his eyes not once, "I'm sorry for being late your highness" I just rolled my eyes. How pathetic. I would never let myself go that low, and serve a jackass. Or anyone

for that matter. Aiden ignored her apology, and said "Take the blonde, and get her changed into a maid outfit. She will be the new maid." "And the other girl?" she asked. "She's with me. I will find some clothes for her myself." "What's wrong with the clothes I have on?" I asked angrily The maid looked surprised that I stood up against the prince. Big whoop. He's not great you know. "You're not wearing it" Aiden said it like that was the end of the discussion. But this is me he's talking to. "I like what I have on, and if I remember correctly, it was you that choose this dress" "That was for a party, this is to meet the king of all vampires" "So?" "Do you always have to argue with everything I say?" "Do you always have to try to tell me what to do? You would think that by now, you would realize that I don't take orders well. I do what I want, when I want." "Felicity" he said dangerously low "Aiden" I mocked him I think my problem is that I always have to have the last word. But so does he! Why can't he just accept the fact that not everyone wants to suck up his ass. "We're leaving" Aiden said as he grabbed my arm, and started to drag me away. "Hey! I want to say goodbye to Libby!" I yelled in protest "Well then say it" "Let go of me!" I yelled, while trying to pull away Now just before I tell everybody what I did, this is something that I would only do in emergencies. I consider it a cheap shot, and I hate it when I see other people do it. I kneed Aiden in the balls.

Chapter 24 would have laughed at the look on his face, if it wasn't for the situation. But it's his own fault! What part of 'let go of me' couldn't he understand? I should have started running the second I hit him, but this is me we're talking about. I looked at him and laughed. Nobody said I was smart.

"You bitch" he said through clenched teeth. At that I turned by back on him, and calmly walked over to Libby, who was looking at me like I had three heads. I probably did right now. But who cares. I couldn't help but smirk. I never knew how satisfying it would be to hit Aiden, but now that I know, well, he should be scared. I dropped my smirk when I saw the look of fright in Libby's eyes. I quickly hugged her and said "Don't worry, I will be coming here every chance I get, and if I see that you aren't being treated nicely, I'm taking you out of here, OK? I don't care what anyone says" "OK" she said quietly. I stepped away from her and gave her a reassuring smile, before turning towards Aiden, who looked pissed beyond belief. I looked at him innocently, acting like I didn't do anything wrong. He just gave me a look that said, don't even go there. "Well, come on. We have a king to meet" I said, and then walked pass him. "Not dressed in that" he growled out. "I thought I said that I'm not changing out of this" "I thought I said you are" "Who died and made you boss?" "When my father dies, I will be boss. That means you will have no choice but to follow my orders." "The last time I checked, you were the prince of vampires, not humans. You will have no more control over me, then what you do now. Which is none." "How long do you honestly think that you're going to stay human? You're in a school full of vampires Felicity. There's no hope for your humanity." I turned around, and poked him in the chest with my finger, "There's hope, as long as I say there's hope" I said angrily He smirked and said, "Did I hit a nerve? What if I was to turn you right now? You wouldn't have the power to stop me." "Probably not, but I would have the power to kill you after I'm turned" Hah! He can't say anything to that. We both know I would kill him without an ounce of hesitation. But the bastard smirks. Let me guess, he already had this planned out? "You see sweetheart, you wouldn't be able to kill me. The bond between the creator and the newly

turned is that strong, that if you kill me, you will only be killing yourself as well. That's why a vampire is only allowed to turn one human. More then one is too dangerous. Most vampires don't even turn any." "Which is why you wouldn't turn me. The last thing you would do is create a bond between us." "How much are you willing to bet? I'm not sure if you realized it, but I enjoy watching my enemies suffer. And you're my enemy." As he said that, he pushed me against the wall, and rested his lips against my neck. I shivered at his touch. Why do they have to be so damn cold? I use to enjoy the cold, but not anymore. "Get away from me" I said demandingly "Or what? There's nothing you can do about it. "That's what you think" with that I smashed the palm of my hand into his nose. He yelled in pain and jumped away from me. Blood started pouring out of his nose. But I never stayed long enough to find out if he was OK. I quickly ran out of there. I'm not sure how far I was going to make it, but it's worth a try. I don't even know where I am! All I know is that I have to go up some stairs. Load of help that's going to be. "Get back here!" I heard Aiden yell from somewhere behind me Great, now I have a mad vampire after me. What a crappy way to die. I always thought that I would die of old age in my bed, but no, I just had to piss off the vampire prince. Adrenaline was coursing through my veins with each step I took. I can at least die knowing that I tried to escape. A stairs came into view, and I wasted no time in running up them. "You're going to pay for this, I promise you that!" he yelled "Sorry, but I didn't bring my wallet with me!" I yelled over my shoulder. That probably wasn't the smartest thing to say, but I'm not the smartest person on the planet. I guess now I should hide from him until he calms down. So that's what I did. The first door I saw I ran into. Luckily, it was unlocked. Unluckily, it had no lock. Who has a door with no lock?! I looked around the room, and it looked like a sparring room. There were weapons lined up along the walls, while the rest of the room was empty. Talk about horrible coincidence. I have a mad vampire after me, that probably wants me dead, and I walked into a room full of weapons. Lets hope he doesn't know how to wield a sword.

Chapter 25

What do I do? I'm stuck in a room with a bunch of weapons, but I have no clue how to use them. Why would they have a room made for fighting anyways?! I have no luck what so ever. My heart is beating ten miles a minute, so he probably heard me already. The only thing I can do is try to wield a sword, when I never held one before in my life. "I found you" I heard Aiden say from the doorway. He had this evil smirk on his face. I don't think I want to know what he's thinking right now. "Look Aiden, it's not my fault I had to hit you. If you would have just let go of me, I wouldn't have hit you" Although it felt really good. I just won't tell him that. "Maybe if you say sorry, and give me a kiss, I might reconsider killing you" Now we all know, including him, that I was not going to apologize to him. "What?! I'm not apologizing for defending myself! What are you? Crazy?!" I really need to learn how to keep my mouth shut sometimes. And I wonder why I'm always getting in fights. . . Aiden suddenly appeared behind me with no warning. I didn't bother screaming. It was bound to happen. But I did tense up a great deal. Wow, I'm making it sound like this was supposed to happen. Aiden turned me around to face him, and then crashed his lips against mine. It was almost like he was trying to show me that he was the dominant one here, the more powerful one. Like I care? I managed to pull away from his kiss, and yelled, "What are you doing?!" "I like to play with my prey before I kill them" he said sadistically "I'm glad you think of this as a game" I said dryly. The look of an animal was evident in his eyes. It was like he was going crazy. I seriously don't feel like dying by this thing right now. Or ever to be honest. "It's been so long since I drank straight from the source" He whispered. I could practically feel the excitement and anticipation coming off of him in vibes. Maybe I should start screaming now. No hurt in trying. So that's exactly what I did. Or tried to do. Aiden must have expected it, because he covered my mouth with his hand, and said, "I forgot that they all like to scream before they die. But I can fix that" I glared at him. What does he think I am? A lobster? Actually, don't answer that. OK, I've had enough

with just standing here, letting him assault me like this. I have a reputation to keep up you know. So I did one of the most stupidest things ever, I bit his hand. Yeah I know, stupid. Who in their right mind bites a vampire? I hope I never gave you guys the impression I was in my right mind, because I'm not even close. Good bye to my reputation. "Is that supposed to hurt?" Aiden asked while smirking. Supposed, being the key word here. That's what I would have said if his hand still wasn't over my mouth. I crossed my arms and stood there stubbornly. I've got problems. Now there was amusement in his eyes. I'm glad he thinks this is funny. I don't know about you, but I don't like it when someone is stopping you from talking, and is planning your death. Not my idea of fun. He pulled me closer to him, and started to smell my neck. Ewwwww, that is so disgusting. I tried to pull away, but he pulled me closer. This brings me back to the personal space issue. Although I probably shouldn't be worrying about something like that right now. Maybe later on, if I get out of this alive. I should also get some self defense classes after this too. I closed my eyes tight as I felt his fangs graze against my neck. He's not seriously going to bite me, is he? I know this sounds really cliché, but I'm too young to die! He must have heard my sharp intake of breath, because he looked me in the eyes, and asked, "You scared yet?" I looked him in the eyes defiantly, and shook my head no. Sure I was a little nervous as to what he was going to do to me, but I highly doubt he's going to kill me. If he wanted me dead, he would have killed me long ago. He moved my head to the side, exposing my neck better. Oh god, this was never supposed to happen to me. Without hesitation, Aiden drove his fangs into my neck. My eyes opened wide in shock. My knees started to give way, as wave after wave of pleasure went through me. Aiden took his hand away from my mouth, as he used both hands to pull me as close as humanly possible. I couldn't help but let a small scream escape my lips, followed by a moan. What is he doing to me? I thought there was suppose to be pain, not pleasure. My legs gave out from under me, but Aiden held me up, as he continued to suck from my neck. Sex couldn't even compare to what I was feeling right now. This was heaven, only it was because of my enemy that I was feeling like this. "Aiden" I whimpered out I wasn't going to let myself moan from pleasure, I knew that would boast his ego a couple hundred

degrees. That first time was out of surprise. But damn, it felt good. The pleasure didn't even subside over time, it just got more powerful with each wave that hit me. I soon became too weak to even keep my eyes open. I'm not sure if it was from the blood loss, or the extreme amount of pleasure that was coursing through me. I didn't want to know. I started to see black spots, I knew I wasn't going to last much longer. My body couldn't handle the amount of blood lost, and I don't think my body is going to handle much more of this pleasure either. Aiden pulled away, right before I was lost in complete darkness. He let go of me, and I fell to the ground. We just stayed like that for a few minutes. Me sitting on the ground at his feet, with my hair covering my face as I looked at the ground, and Aiden standing over me, probably staring at me with that stupid smirk of his. I wasn't to cry in frustration and anger. Frustration out of letting this happen to me, and anger towards him. "That felt better then I thought" he said "I hate you" I whispered. I even let a few sobs escape my lips. I've never hated someone so much in my life before, that it made me cry. "Get up. We will meet my father another day" I slowly shook my head, and whispered, "I can't" "Get up" he said more demandingly. "I can't, gawd damn it!" I tried to yell. My voice even cracked at one point. I looked up at him and yelled again," Look at me?! Does it look like I'm capable of standing up right now? Just leave me alone! I can take care of myself!" "If you can take care of yourself, then why are you in this predicament?" I wouldn't answer him, I refused to answer him. Isn't it obvious as the why I'm like this? Aiden is what happened. Everything was perfect before I met him. I wanted to graduate from high school, and go to nursing school. I wanted to have children and live in an average sized house with a husband. But ever since I met him, everything had been going downhill. I never wanted to know vampires existed. I never wanted to be a part of this. Like they say, ignorance is bliss. But it's too late now, there's no turning back.

I'm never going to have my normal life. Aiden's greedy, I realized that, and he's not going to let me live a normal life. He's going to make it a living hell, or if he keeps to his word, an undead hell.

Chapter 26 With a huge sigh of annoyance from Aiden, he bent down and wrapped his arm around my waist. With no effort what so ever, he heaved me up onto my feet. Well at least now I know why he can do that. Assuming that vampires have inhuman strength. And by the looks of it, they do. I made a noise of protest, but reluctantly wrapped my arm around his neck. Mind as well cooperate. It's not everyday you see Aiden helping me. "Why can't you just leave me here?" I asked annoyed "Because the others will get mad if I don't bring you home." And that, my friends, is why he didn't kill me. Nice to know someone cares what happens to me. I thought everybody listened to him, not the other way around. "I wanna go home" I whined "We are" "No, I wanna go home, home. As in Canada" "Well, that's not going to be happening in this life" It took a few second to actually sink in what he said, but when it did, oh boy. "WHAT?! You mean I can never go home?!" So much for being in pain. What can I say? I have a temper worthy of anger management. Not really, I just thought that suited my thoughts right about now. Aiden glared at me, and said "I never said you can never go home, I meant that you will never be able to go home to live" Remember when I said Aiden will never let me live my normal life? Well, this is why. "Since when could you decide how I'm going to live my life?" I asked angrily "Since you decided to dig into our business, when you had no right to. I'm doing what's best for my people, and if keeping you away from human civilization is what it's going to take, I will gladly do that" "No. . .No! I'm going home tomorrow, and you're not stopping me!" Aidens grip around my waist tightened until I could barely breathe. I tried to pull away from him, but that was pointless. "Oh yeah? We'll see about that" he hissed into my ear. "Yes we will!" I yelled defiantly I don't remember telling him that he can tell me what to do, do you?

Chapter 27 I'm going to go to my grandfather the second I get back, and demand to be bought home. I'm not spending another second with this asshole. I stopped walking as I got a dizzy spell. I grabbed my head to ease the weird feeling, but that never really does help, does it? Aiden stopped as well, not that he had much choice. If he's going to help me, he's going to have to stop as well. He didn't say anything, which was a good thing; I'm fed up with his voice right now. Until he learns to stop bossing people around, I don't want to hear him say a thing. Before I could even get over my dizzy spell, he did that weird thing that transports you to different places. Getting the air squeezed out of your lungs, and your head feeling dizzy isn't the best combination in the world. I felt my stomach do a couple of flips before I spewed out all over the floor. Ewwwww, that is so disgusting. I'll have to brush my teeth at least five times before the taste leaves my mouth now. Aiden just looked at me in disgust. I'd like to see you try this buddy. We were in our living room. I'm assuming that the others were gone to sleep, because there was no one around. I weakly pulled away from his grip, which he gladly let go. I stumbled to the bathroom, where I pulled out my toothbrush, and coated with tooth paste. I'm not going anywhere with stinky breath, I thinks it's the most disgusting thing when someone's breath smells bad. I turned around with the brush in my mouth, to see Aiden leaning against the doorway, watching me. "Wh a ou ookig af?" I tried to ask He raised an eyebrow towards me, before pushing himself off the doorway, and fully walking into the room. I glared at him, as if daring him to come any closer. Of course this is Aiden we're talking about, so he completely ignored my warning signals, and got right in my face. I turned my back on him, to spit out the foam in my mouth. While I was turned around, Aiden place his hands on the counter, on both sides of me. Is there any class's that involves personal space in this school? Because if there is, Aiden should definitely sign up for it. "I know what you're going to do. You're going to go down to the headmaster's office, and demand to be taken home. I'm not going to let that happen" Aiden said into my ear

I turned around in his arms, and stared him straight in the eye. "Oh yeah? Stop me" I dared I shoved him out of my way, and made my way towards the door. Aiden walked behind me the whole time, until I got to the door that leads out into the hallway. Right before I could place my hand on the door knob, he grabbed my elbow and turned me around. "Do you know how many vampires roam the streets of your perfect little world?" He asked wile pushing my back against the door. "They'll smell my scent off of you within a mile radius. You're only putting yourself in danger by leaving this place. They will kill you without a second thought" "I can take care of myself" I said angrily "Against hundreds of vampires? You can't even defend yourself against me, let alone all of them. All you've got is that mouth of yours. What are you going to do? Talk your way out of being killed? This is the real world Felicity. It's time you realized that" "You make it sound like I'm oblivious to the whole world. Well I'm not! I know about the wars that are going on in Iraq, and Afghanistan. I know about the poor and sick children in Africa, I know that there are mass murderers and rapist out there, waiting for the right moment to hurt you. I'm not stupid Aiden" "That's nothing compared to the things that lurk in the shadows every night. You've heard of all those fictional characters. But they had to come from somewhere, did they not? You have no idea what's really going on out there. All those things you said, that's nothing." He had a point, but I wasn't telling him that. I want to go home. "You're going to put your family in danger by going home. You're better off where you are now." He continued I sighed, and pulled by arm away from him, before storming over to the couch and sitting down. Why does he always have to be right? I really don't want to be a part of this mess. Now I might never see my family again. All I asked for was for a normal life. Is that too much to ask for? Aiden walked up behind the couch, and leaned down towards my ear, before saying "Face is Felicity; you're never going to have a normal life" I spun around on the couch, and glared at him with so much hate in my eyes. I slapped him across the face before he could even comprehend what was going on. "And you know why?! It's because of you!" I yelled at him. I don't care if

I wake up the other two. I think I'm just extremely overtired right now. But then again, who wouldn't be? It's like 5:00am. Before I could even blink an eye, Aiden had a handful of my hair by the back of my neck, and literally pulled me over the couch. I screamed in pain and surprise, and punched him in the stomach. He grunted, but didn't let go of me. What will it take for him to leave me alone?! He pushed me in front of him, and shoved me towards the bedroom by my hair. This kinda hurts. . . "Let go of me!" I yelled Just to piss him off, I started screaming at the top of my lungs. Nate and Chaise had better wake up soon. "Shut up!" Aiden yelled He slammed me headfirst into the wall closes to us. He's going to be the abusive husband when he gets older. I pity whoever falls in love with him. I slumped to the floor, and just laid there seeing stars for the longest time.

I'm going to kill him, was the last thing i thouht before i lost conciousness.

Chapter 28 ~*~*~1 Week Later~*~*~ I grumbled under my breath as I waked down the hall towards my grandfather's office. This is the sixth time this week that I was called down there, or sent down there by the teacher on duty. Ever since last Friday, everything has been crazy. Me and Aiden haven't even been talking to each other. But whenever we happen to walk by each other, we always bump shoulders harshly. Well on his behalf it is. I've been making sure to take long showers, with the door locked as well, and drinking all the milk. He loves milk, so I made it my duty to drink it all before he can touch it. After he knocked me out, I have been giving him the silent treatment, and he seems to be doing the same to me. Of course there has been many times where I just wanted to tell him off. Oh the joy that would have brought me, but since I'm such a stubborn little girl, I refuse to talk to him. Not without an apology, and even then, I'll still have to think about it. I finally reached the head office, and walked in without knocking. I was surprised when I saw Aiden

sitting in one of the chairs in front of my grandfather's desk. What the hell is he doing here? I thought this was a meeting between my grandfather and me, not him too. I cautiously walked into the room, before closing the door behind me. "Take a seat my child" My grandfather said I pulled the seat away from Aiden, before sitting in it. But not before sending a glare in his direction. He ignored me though. "What's going on?" I asked suspiciously "I've heard that there has been a bit of conflict going on between you two" My grandfather stated while raising an eyebrow I snorted. That's the understatement of the year. A bit? That's almost laughable. Aiden rolled his eyes at my immature act. Well suck it up, ass hole. "Well, if he wasn't so controlling, there wouldn't be a problem" I said. My amusement quickly turning to anger. "Well, if you weren't so stubborn, and did what I said, I wouldn't have given you a reason for the problem" Aiden retorted back "See what I mean?! Who gave him the right to tell me what to do?!" I yelled towards my grandfather. He was staring at us with an amused twinkle in his eyes. I'm glad he finds this funny. Note sarcasm. "Why can't you listen to me? I thought whores liked to be dominated" Oh no he didn't!! "Really? Because the last time I checked, Assholes wasn't on the list of people to listen to" I know, it wasn't one of the best comebacks I could come up with, but it worked. Aiden jumped out of his seat, and placed both hands on the side of me, on the armrest of the chair, baring his fangs in my face. "You wanna take this outside?" he growled "No thanks, right here is good enough" I said, before I right hooked him in the jaw. He wanted a fight, he got a fight. Aiden stumbled back into my grandfather's desk, and knocked over all the paper on it. I couldn't help but smirk. The look on his face was priceless. I put my hands in front of me, as Aiden started charging towards me. I don't plan on losing this fight. One week of pent up anger was in me right now, and I plan to fight it out. But of course, before we could fight, grandfather appeared in between us. Why am I not surprised? Are

you surprised? "I'm going to stop this childish behavior before my office looks like a tornado hit it" He said calmly, before adding "Besides, I have an assignment for the two of you" Is he crazy?! What idiot gives two of the worse enemies in he worldan assignment together? I thought he had more common sense then that. "You two are to go into town, Aiden knows where it is, and pick up some documents for me from a friend. I'll write down the address for you" This should be interesting. . .

Chapter 29 I grumpily followed Aiden out into the garage. I didn't even know there was a garage. If I would have known, I wouldn't even be here right now. After a short argument, which resulted in Grandfather getting mad again, Aiden got to drive. I don't even know why I couldn't, it's not like I'm going to speed the whole ways. Which it wouldn't surprise me if he did. Aiden had stopped without any warning, causing me to walk straight into his back. He growled at me, while I just ignored him, and rubbed my nose. Stupid vampire and his hard back. And why does he always growl? I thought that's what werewolves did, not vampires. "Are you coming or not?" Aiden asked I looked at him, and noticed that he was already in the driver's seat of some fancy black sports car. What is up with vampires and their lack of colours? Everything is black, with the occasional red. I rolled my eyes, and walked around the car, getting into the passengers seat. "You better not be a crazy driver" I warned He ignored me and pushed the gas peddle down to the floor. I grabbed the dashboard and yelled "Aiden slow down! You may be able to survive a crash, but I can't!" He knew that too, we all knew he only did that to piss me off. Ass hole. He slowed down the car, but not without a roll of the eyes, and a glare in my direction. Don't you roll your eyes at me buddy. It's not my fault I have more common sense then you. "There, now was that so hard?" I asked him, like he was a two year old. "Keep your mouth shut, girl"

"Kiss my ass. And for your information, my name's not girl" "Whatever" I hate it when people say whatever. It just boils my blood. "Don't whatever me, fang boy" That was hypocritical of me, but who cares. He's not going to be smart enough to realize that anyways. Aiden started to speed up the car again, and kept looking out of the rear view mirror. What the hell is wrong with him now? "Fuck" Aiden said under his breath. I still heard him though. He took a sharp turn, squealing the wheels. Should I be worried right about now? I looked out the back window, and saw a black car not too far behind us. Oh great, my first time out of the school, and I get followed by some creepy car. Talk about bad luck. "Who's that?" I asked hurriedly, while holding onto the dashboard as we took another sharp turn. This wasn't my ideal way of how I was going to die. Then again, I never wanted to live with vampires either. "Do you remember those two guys that were at the party last week?" He asked "Yeah" What do they have to do with this? "Well that's them. I'm expecting some of their men to pop out of no where any moment" The words were barely out of his mouth when this other car cut us off. Aiden drove onto the gravel, and quickly got back on the road again. Me screaming, of course. "Call Damien" He said while throwing his cell at me. "I don't know his number!!" I yelled at him "It's in the contacts list!" he yelled back. It wasn't hard to tell that he was getting frustrated. Then again, that was kind of stupid of me, but what do you expect? When you're panicking, your mind doesn't exactly work correctly. The only thing running through my mind right now was get me the hell out of here. Damien's number was at the top of the list, and I quickly hit the 'call' button. Only two rings went through before he picked up. The first thing he said was, "Yo Aiden, where are you?" I screamed as Aiden once again swerved around an oncoming vehicle.

"Felicity? What's going on?" He asked confused "We're being followed by those creeps that were at the party last Friday!" I yelled into the phone I'm pretty sure Damien just lost hearing is his ear. But that means that Aiden should be deaf by now. "What?! Where are you guys?!" Aiden grabbed the phone from me, and started talking to him. Isn't it illegal to talk on the phone while driving? I looked ahead, and saw another car speeding towards us. Aiden wasn't paying attention to the road anymore, so I had to yell, "Aiden look out!!" What kind of idiot doesn't pay attention to the road? That, my friends, iswhy people get killed. And why talking on cell phones while driving is illegal. And don't forget to wear your seat belt kiddies.(I just had to add that) Aiden swerved around it, probably nipping the side in the process. This just doesn't seem to be my day. "Do you know how to use a gun?" He asked me, while closing the cell phone. "Not really" "Well you're going to learn, and very quickly. Open the glove compartment, and punch in the numbers, 23-6-1-7. I have a few guns in there, give one to me, and grab one for yourself. You're going to open the sun roof above us, and shoot at the cars behind us. I'll shoot the ones ahead of us. Damien and the others are going to meet us at the other end of this road, which is only about ten minutes away, and back us up" He trusts me with a gun? I've never held one before in my life, except those water guns. But I don't think that counts. I did what he said, and found three little black, hand held guns. I grabbed the first two, and gave one to Aiden. I swear, if I die, I'm coming back and haunting Aiden for the rest of his life, which just so happens to be forever. Sucks to be him. I don't even want to take off my seat belt. What if he crashes into another car? I'll go flying for another good ten Kilometers. At least they won't be able to find my body. I don't know if you guys realized it, but I have this horrible habit of always seeing the good side of everything. Although I don't think I see a good side in killing people. No more people trying to kill me? Let's go with that.

Chapter 30 I can't believe I'm doing this. I was currently standing on the seat of the car, after Aiden made me take off my shoes, and had the gun pointed out in front of me. There were no cars yet. Maybe they saw the gun, and got scared, so maybe, hopefully, they left. Now what do I do now? There are no cars, and Aidens just blasting the music. How the hell are we suppose to communicate with the music blasting? Beats me. I could always kick him in the face. If he gets mad, I'll just say I slipped. That's exactly what I did, the only problem was, I wasn't expecting him to catch my foot and yank on it. I screamed from surprise, and fell down onto the seat, in a very uncomfortable position. "What do you think you are doing?" he hissed at me "I slipped?" "I slipped my ass" "Oh bite me, ass hole" "When we're out of this mess, I might take you up on that offer" I rolled my eyes and said, "Whatever" Does he honestly think I'm scared of him? He's got a lot of learning to do if he thinks I am. "Shit" Aiden said under his breath I, of course, heard it. Now what's wrong? This time when the car swerved to the side, I didn't even flinch. That's pretty sad if you ask me. So before he could yell at me again, I got up and poked my head out the window again. Holy shit!! We've got three cars behind us, and two in front of us. I did scream when there was the sound of a gun shot. Hopefully it was Aiden that shot that. Surely enough, a car swerved off the road, and into the ditch. I put up my gun, and pointed it at the closes car drivers head. Adrenaline was coursing through my veins. Mind you it wasn't because I was about to kill someone. It was more so the fact that I had my head stuck out of a speeding car, and we were being chased. Fun right? I positioned the gun, right at the guys head. I closed my eyes, my finger slowly pushing down on the trigger. Oh god, I don't want to do this. There was a gun shot, but not from my gun. I shot open my eyes, and saw the driver I was about to kill was dead. I turned my head, and saw six figures lined up across the road. I quickly realized it was Damien, Nate

and all of them. I've never been so happy before in my life. By the looks of it, Chaise was the one that killed the driver. The car came to a sudden stop, and before I could blink, I was in Daemons arms, and he was standing beside the others again. Aiden was also standing with us too. All of us had guns. He set me down on my feet, as all the other people from the other cars got out. You would swear that this was war, because all of us were lined up, and all of the other people were lined up. Only problem was, we only had 8 people, while they had at least 24. That's like a three to one ratio. Totally not fair if you ask me. "We don't want to fight" Oh really? Then why the hell did you chase us all the ways out here!! "Then what is it you want?" Aiden stepped up and asked "Hasn't anybody here ever heard of a good old cup of tea before? You immortals are so violent" I said They ignored my comment, and one of the enemies said, "We want the human girl" Say what? Why the hell would they want me? "I thought angels protect humans, not kidnap them" Damien said "That is exactly what we're doing. We're taking her away from you vampires and demons" Oh, well then in that case . . . wait a second, demons?! Where do you see the demons too? Before I could say a word, Aiden stopped me with his hand, and said, "You can't have her." I feel like an object that two five year olds are fighting over. Don't you? "I knew you would say that, that's why I have a proposition for you. Give us the human, and we will stop the war between vampires and werewolves, and angels and demons." Are you confused right about now? Because I am. I thought those wars between the different immortals were myths. Apparently not. "I said you can't have her" "And why not?!" You could tell he was getting annoyed now. Aiden smirked and said; "Because I marked her" He grabbed my arm and pulled my hair to the side, exposing my neck where he bit me so long ago. Ok maybe not, but I wish it was a long time ago. There was a bunch of gasp from both sides. I guess he didn't tell his friends? "Sorry Abel, but she's mine" He said with no ounce of sorrow whatsoever in is voice. I angrily pulled away from him and yelled "I'm no ones!"

"That's where you're wrong Felicity. You do belong to me. For an eternity" "Well I guess it's a good thing I won't be around for an eternity" I said, showing major attitude in the statement. "Why did you mark her? I thought you were against the whole marking people thing?" Nate asked Aiden looked at me, with that stupid smirk of his, and said "I changed my mind" I rolled my eyes, and said "Of course you did, anything to ruin my life"

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