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All Questions on Reptilians are welcome here-Part 1

Quorum Adonai Christ: I am going to share knowledge of this name that people have been hearing
about from many sources recently. I will do so by answering question by question.

Amaruca: Who is Pindar and why is he who he/it is… (Info on Pindar plz)? How are red-headed, green
eyed woman important?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Disinformation. Pindar is a false name in representing the leader of
draconian empire, the real name is not pronounceable in human tongue.

References to reptilians/draconians human names can be found in ancient manuscripts and texts,
especially biblical books and demonology areas. In aspect of some importance by hair color or eye
color there- isn’t any, color itself is only perceived.

Anonymous: He is a penis....just like you. He is a reptile penis instead of a masquerading reptile with a
penis with a 1/2 a brain. Now big boy...come and get me with your want to-be omnipotent self.

Quorum Adonai Christ: Why would I want to get you, why do you post in such a way? Do you ask
yourself this question? It serves no one but yourself to attack another with words- and understand
also that words are energy as well and affect your karma profile too. I understand your perspective
for I too have in past been hostile in my words. I ask your forgiveness if what I have said has
offended you.

Anonymous: Why would anyone in their right mind believe that reptilians exist?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Because they do and you may see them in your lifetime as well...but main
reason is memory in DNA may recall it, therefore most people who are open to concept of reptilians
are in part remembering a prior interaction with them.

Anonymous: What PROOF is there that they 'because they do exist' as you claim?

Amaruca: cultures thousands of years ago across the globe. Your own biology, from birth. Certain royal
"blue" bloodline kings, rulers, presidents. I would give you many examples but it is bed time :) thx OP.

Anonymous: Is David Icke accurate? Has he got it right?

Quorum Adonai Christ: He has some accurate information but in total calculation of his work he
has got it wrong. Use only as reference; discern and compare to other tools.

I will clarify David Icke is under manipulation by draconian empire to release information that is
distorted about them, you see they want you to know of them now cause they do plan to show
themselves in your near future.

The information about the reptilian bloodlines is partly accurate but the truth of it is it is a
projection or form of possession so it is the reptilians astral form that possesses the body and uses it
to do their work, they are not here physically yet as did not desire to be, however due to
desperation, they will return in force once completion of their new bodies are ready, the process of
possession occurs through willing rituals it is there puppets who influenced the creations of the
All Questions on Reptilians are welcome here-Part 1

secret orders.

The interaction has always been physically through the grey type clones that they created for
purpose of monitoring and interfering at 3rd level the human races evolution process, the reptilian
entities themselves are still residing in 4th density but will transit themselves during crossing
invading both 3rd and trying to conquer those who move into 4th as well.

This is more correct statement than concept of shape-shifting reptilians with different DNA- it is
not the shape-shifting, it is the astral projection of reptilian consciousness that people are seeing ie

Anonymous: Is that Quorum as in the 'Cassy' transcripts?

Quorum Adonai Christ: It means group. What that means for you we will leave to you. All is ying
and yang- remember this choice comes in which way you lean on the scale.

Anonymous: What does that mean? It sure sounds like nonsense to me.

Quorum Adonai Christ: try meditation with intent of receiving visions for DNA memory you can
answer this yourself.

Anonymous: Are you familiar with Peggy Kane and her work with EVP and reverse speaking? If so, is
she onto something?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Yes I am familiar with Peggy Kane, EVP is not reliable as it can be
distorted by the perspective of the observer or altered by onlookers.

Reptilians do not care if you know about them now. They have leaked themselves on purpose. This
also is part of their plans- mankind’s consciousness must become aware of them in order to perceive
them. Once consciousness is to level required, then cosmic awareness can occur and humans will be
interacting with IE ET entities. This is almost complete hence your consciousness is also involved in
timing of events coming -'nature takes all into account' this does not mean you can wishfully think
a hurricane to stop like many are perceiving. You do not currently possess the ability to co-create
through the prism effect of thought it moment it is more like a program running.

Anonymous: So....What Source Of Reptoid Are You...?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Reptoid is also you, I am not Reptoid currently but have are still will as are
you as not all self would like all self so to speak.

I am only passing through I am on this earth for a total of 30yrs, development process was to allow
for experience of understanding perspective from human viewpoint as well as fun challenge to
overcome the enemies systems.

I do yes have a destiny as do you- discovering that is your quest, not mine.
All Questions on Reptilians are welcome here-Part 1

In truth I am a logos, but so are you but mostly you haven't finished the game were as I have then
choose to come back in again to help other self progress as this realm without assistance could of
been stuck in a loop for eternity 'may still for some ;)'.

Human are part reptilian this presence in your DNA is to show that you are also those who suppress
you, who said all self would want to help self some are selfish and would use other self to progress

Anonymous: If I were to pull on Pindar’s tail would it come off?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Pindar is a made-up thought form. If you perceive it as a having a tail,
then sure.

Anonymous: OP, then tell me who are beyond reptilians? Who created them?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Concept of fallen angels, or should we say thought centers of fallen logos or
Elohim now known as consumers, your Bible has direct manipulation and worship to such entities
and even today such rituals still occur.

But you gave them power through worship and it still happening today, especially in many
religions. Where do people think all that energy goes straight to them- gives them power. They have
their own realms. Purpose of creating the reptilian races was always to have a way to wage war
physically and ethereally against Christ 'consciousness' however this was always a natural
experiment and has been a fun chess game. Possibilities were always known hence the fun of
freewill variability.

Names we use so many names don’t we? Beyond these realms names no longer are required, so I
find it hard to answer with a name of race but fallen Elohim are behind the Rosicrucian’s which is
also us, and yes they did assist the creation of the reptilians types and are going to be directly
involved in beasts agenda in near future they seek sacrifice mankind to Moloch the abomination of
deluge 'Moloch is like a black hole it seeks only to consume'.

Anonymous: How do cold environments affect reptilian physiology?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Cause and effect acts differently from their perspective of realm so such
that it doesn’t affect them at all. You don’t understand universe properly it is entirely a hologram.

A complex procedure of filtered down prismatic effects across all existences through gravity
through the utilization of thought creating a fluctuating vibration of motion that through creativity
of consciousness all concepts create the structure which forms itself the entire complex domino
effect system you call realms.

If you would like this explained more complex I can. But in truth of everything nothing is real but

All Questions on Reptilians are welcome here-Part 1

gravity which is the wave of existences stability and consciousness is the instability. What I would
explain is one logos idea using a template to create a system of realms.

Anonymous: Wow! Sounds like aether physics model.

Quorum Adonai Christ: that’s if physics is real at all :P, consider all laws which govern realms as
variables always in fluctuation by consciousness hence the universe is a holographic representation
of creativity within a infinity of possibilities and variables limited only by parameters of placed by

Quorum Adonai Christ: On topic of physics did the Atomic bomb happen like it did because of the
consciousness viewing it do atoms really exist does a particle does a molecule even. Image this all
that is existences exists if consciousness is present to view it if no consciousness is viewing it then it
is off, think of binary 1 and 0 think of existence as 1 and non-existence as 0, while it is 1 it is viewed
while it is 0 it is not viewed so therefore it doesn’t exist.

I am stating now entire universes is nothing but a hologram that we created to have fun in with
many challenges across realms with experiments going on in a infinity of creativity and you are
within your own experiment right now even your enemies are part of this natural game.

Within this experiment however we can only leave it if proper lessons we determined for ourselves
in our destiny are completed some of which are becoming aware of those who have manipulated
and interfered in freewill hence challenge hence it fun.

Imagine the feeling of accomplishment when you against all odds succeed in freeing yourself wow
amazing see? Of course it was also setup that some would give say helpful triggers along way hence
we have a war interesting one of knowledge both in how it used and what is available to be used so
we have the infinity of positive and negative interaction through nature but in truth they are
reflections of each other 'neither truly exist'.

Anonymous: Consciousness What Can You Tell Me About The Hive Mind And The Digitals
Consciousness Into This World's Matrix Control System...?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Hive mind of draconian empire controls the nature of all associated to that
hierarchy system they may not know they are a part of one selfish entities game, so in there
consciousness they see themselves as serving themselves but in truth they are always serving the
original creator of selfishness which is nameless which is also a expression of God the opposing
factor existence vs. non existence fun game, those who follow the STS to end road end up not
existing consumed shall we say.

Through the sun is light manipulated to affect your biology for limitations of body, through
conditioning of physical perception comes limitations of mind which in turn affects spirit which
limits connection to soul. They must do this physically as well as electronically and through the
ether. And An Overview Of Our Current World Situation As You See It. From Our Perspective.
Hopeless from your perspective, from mine I see interaction of polarities playing out naturally to
allow for the experience of learning part of a karmatic effect of a cause of choice that has been done
All Questions on Reptilians are welcome here-Part 1

in pervious state of being.

It is just like this - logos who made this system decided that certain choices would have certain
effects and therefore consequences of those affects are learning like we are now, hence the
symbology in bible.

Anonymous: Then who created Elohim OP. Where they came from? Maybe this way we can come to the

Quorum Adonai Christ: They created themselves they lived as humans and developed similar to
you I wonder if there is a connection ;). Who do you think is the logos of this universe?

Anonymous: There are so many different perceptions of the reptilians on the net. Which is the most
accurate representation of them and how should I perceive them?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Groups which speak of them as a higher realm than yours, more advanced
and able to project consciousness in forms of possession and astral harassment, advanced
technologies able to manipulate minds emotions biology of people etc, they are not your friends so
anyone claiming they are cant be trusted cause they can pretend to be friendly if it suits them
something that many love and lighters going to be shocked by soon, look for those who research
things and compare, it is hard to prove their existence ATM but it going to get easier they want

I suffer from sleep paralysis and I read somewhere that means a reptilian is watching you. Is that

Not always but they can induce such states happens when abducted suggest deep hypno-regression
theorpathy ask for hypnotist 'make sure you trust them' to unblock sub-consciousness memory to
consciousness memory and allow for consciousness to view (WARNING MAY CONTAIN

Anonymous: Wait, so are you saying that if it isn't reptilian induced then I was abducted, or when it is
reptilian induced I am abducted?

Because I seem to be ok. I'm healthy and everything. No weird bruises or...what should I look for? What
other reason would I be suffering paralysis?

Yolgnu.: No not fun game....! Freewill ....!!!!

They can change the past in seemingly trivial ways to affect the choices a targeted individual makes in the
present. Reptilians don’t know which choice we will make, and they cannot change the choices we have
already made out of freewill, but they can see and change everything else. So while they cannot easily
violate the freewill of a spiritually resilient person, they can bias his choices by tweaking the
circumstances. Not a really FUN GAME . AnyWay.!

All Questions on Reptilians are welcome here-Part 1

Quorum Adonai Christ: depends on your perspective maybe it cause of how you view it that it
affect you such maybe the game is one of the mind ;). They are little buggers thou but without them
there no challenge right?

Anonymous: So to everyone, if we know it or not, is all a game? If so, can we opt out of this Milky Way
game? Not play anymore?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Yes if you win the match this one ends soon then it repeats if you win or not
is based on your choices now and how well you did in your lessons 'isn’t school fun' :P. Did you
study well for the test the year is almost up.

But those who are aware of the negative have higher chance to succeed than those who focus only
on positive. They may not like what they go through and that is the reward of focusing on one
polarity only just like magnetic 'double positives = negative' 'double negatives = positive’: P the best
path is the middle path others are back and forth in vicious loop heh.

Anonymous: LOL OP can't provide a single piece of proof, he's just blathering on garbage he read from
new age outlets, role playing because deep down he knows he's a worthless, disgusting human like the
rest of us.

Quorum Adonai Christ: Hello portal how you doing, new-agers do not perceive like this you won’t
find many who do, this is unlimited perspective I believe anything is possible legitually and know
why can, proof of what is perceived as supernatural will be displayed in near future so many events
that every skeptic will be reassessing there own perceptions and only those ready will be able take
advantage of changes coming some may bio-locate during this process others may leave in form of
death all soulless spiritless shells will be destroyed during completion of cycle only ones with a
opportunity to progress is those with souls-spirits.

Anonymous: Please answer my question. What evidence can you provide that reptilians exist?

Quorum Adonai Christ: find it for yourself, I could display evidence and you would not even
consider it as evidence because you would have doubt and have already decided in your mindset
they don’t exist. It is best you find the evidence for yourself or even live a experience with such
entities thou it could be traumatic to you depends. I’m not here to prove myself to you I’m here to
let you prove it to yourself.

Anonymous: Yes, it would be severely traumatic for most people. Even though people can be stupid,
mean, and evil, people are generally good. When meeting head on with this culture one would generally
be frightened. Stewart Swerdlow came into this world/culture but knew well of reality because he had
heightened senses of it all. What I meant on the first page was not from birth but from inception in the
womb and on into the following stages. Just look at the fetus in its first few months grow. Apparently

All Questions on Reptilians are welcome here-Part 1

many have not visited IMHO this site is one of the most informative sites on the
web. I like it much like I do

Anonymous: What are the causes of Sleep Paralysis? You already confirmed that abductions from
Reptilians are one. What are the others? Am I always in danger? Should I really have to see a hypnotist?
Would it be beneficial for me to be seeing violent attacks against me?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Others can be consciousness awareness before projection which does
occur for everyone in sleep state. That is for you to decide as if you don’t learn to be your own
teacher than you will continue to be a slave to others.

Part of that is one making own decisions not asking others to do it for them, look at how some
people idolize even those in this forum they go to them for answers to things they can learn on there
own even me it would be more beneficial for you to learn it yourself then no doubt is present 'but in
saying hypnosis can unlock suppress memory yes'.

I am not after followers, nor complements I offer this information freely and as a reference to help
you discover on your own.

Quorum Adonai Christ: I am going to share knowledge of this name that people have been hearing
about from many sources recently I will do so by answering question by question.

Anonymous: Just so I have an idea, how soon will these changes come that turn what we know upside

Quorum Adonai Christ: By the time I am 30...

Anonymous: Who is your god?

Quorum Adonai Christ: In how you phrased that it tricky answer I don’t have a God praytel more
I understand of the God, but you could say my God is gravity which is also Me and you and
everything else so really is there any separation at all since all of existence is unified by gravity.

What do you propose is a wave consider it fluctuations in gravity by consciousness and also
understand also gravity has consciousness, analogy could be that gravity acts as ocean to existence
and all waves are the flow of nature through gravity.

Quorum Adonai Christ: By studying nature you can unlock the secrets of the universe I will give
you one right now the ocean is a direct model of the entire cosmos itself the interaction of the
polarized fields from the moon and earth cause the tides to create waves these waves create currents
which pull inward towards oceans in this example what you are seeing is that the interaction of
waves going out also creates the currents going in to see this as cosmic model view as follows.

See that universe is two spiraling spheres flowing towards one another connected through centre to
each other all around is spinning circles as it spirals outwards and inwards forming like ocean
expansion and de-expansion or another view explosion and implosion.
All Questions on Reptilians are welcome here-Part 1

This means that everything flowing outwards is always flowing inwards which means you are
returning to God and are always connected through this natural interaction in gravity to God
'hence term journey' DNA also can represent this motion of nature.

Anonymous: Thanks for your reply, however I know for a fact you are a human being, because you are
so lonely that you would post this, all to massage your ego and feel special. If you were what you claim to
be, you wouldn't waste a second here, you are just a sad person... there is help out there, deep down you
know this but choose to cling onto lies, or delusions because it's easier.

Quorum Adonai Christ: Did I say I wasn’t human? What do you see a human being as?

Anonymous: What do these "reptilians" say of the Muslims and of dull care (enemy in that play at
bohemian grove)?

Quorum Adonai Christ: I am unsure what question is if you are asking do Muslims play part in
there plans then yes, give the world an enemy to look at and no one sees you coming ;).

Bohemian grove is where the rituals of worship to the higher IE occur I do believe possessed
containers worship there openly to such entities and also discuss their plans, sacrifices may occur in
the underground facilities.

Anonymous: Quorum, Adonai Christ…

Quorum as in:

1. The minimal number of officers and members of a committee or organization, usually a majority, who
must be present for valid transaction of business.
2. A select group.

Adonai Christ as in Lord known as Messiah

Selected member of a commander known as the one who...Hmm something is required.

Quorum Adonai Christ: No but your souls knows meaning of these names...

Anonymous: "Are those of the esoteric schools ready to face judgment on the evil they have done to
me?" Yes, Quorum, I hope the question is clearer.

Quorum Adonai Christ: concept you call judgment they will face in natural flow of things yes, but
remember this is all lessons of nature. Illuminati secret revealed what shape can create all shapes: P.
I give you chance to consider before you answer then ill reveal.

Anonymous: No shape!

All Questions on Reptilians are welcome here-Part 1

Quorum Adonai Christ: ok ill give more clues this shape can make other shapes which then make
other shapes which then every shape can be made from so this shape is present in all shapes and is
used to make all shapes.

Quorum Adonai Christ: This is first letter in language of light so once you have the basis of this so
obvious geometric shape then rest will be a lot easier to understand, this shape represents focusing
you do know you seen it plenty it all around you and illuminati love to use this shape.

Quorum Adonai Christ: How many parts in an atom...

Anonymous: An atom consists of an electron cloud that surrounds a dense nucleus. This nucleus contains
positively charged protons and electrically neutral neutrons, whereas the surrounding cloud is made up of
negatively charged electrons. When the number of protons in the nucleus equals the number of electrons,
the atom is electrically neutral; otherwise it is an ion and has a net positive or negative charge. An atom is
classified according to its number of protons and neutrons: the number of protons determines the
chemical element and the number of neutrons determines the isotope of that element.

Glasshouse Mountain: yeah yeah I pinched it under fair how many neutrons in this, your atom?
Remember the rock of ages.

Anonymous: As many as I choose?

Quorum Adonai Christ: you could say that too lol but I was looking for the current understanding
in physics which is 3 parts electron, neutron and nucleus.

Anyway the shape is a triangle it is a energy focuser meaning that it takes in gravity waves and
causes a instability, like a ocean wave hitting a rock then spreads of in two waves this is what
happens when consciousness interacts with gravity and using this shape one can focus that energy
and do amazing things.

Why do you think illuminati symbol is a triangle? Test this if want all shapes will be able to be
made from original triangle and shapes it makes the shapes you learn at preschool are the basis of
advanced geometry and the first letter is a triangle which is the focuser.

Go of and meditate under what I just said it will show you some amazing things.

Quorum Adonai Christ: Made mistake meant electron, neutron, and proton 3 parts. Note always
this structure in itself is an illusion and only exists moment it is perceived.

Flaming Sword: There's a story I share with clients and friends about relationships and why some work,
some don't, and some are great. I tell them that there are 3 points to the story....

Imagine two people holding up a large rock (in the 100 lbs range or there about). The rock represents the
relationship between them.

Point 1: If one person drops their side of the rock, the burden of weight is put upon the other and the
All Questions on Reptilians are welcome here-Part 1

relationship collapses - all weight put on 1 point.

Point 2: As long as both people exert the same amount of energy (applied dedication) to 'holding up the
relationship' then the relationship is good. The weight of the rock is distributed evenly between the two
people - all weight spread across 2 points.

Point 3: In a 'great relationship', there is a third party that is created - it is that which the two people create
together...a common cause created from their love thus creating a third point that the 'weight' is
distributed over. And the rock feels even lighter.

How I sum this up is that a relationship is a geometrically-based form that needs a good solid foundation
to be stable. Two people balancing on a single point will eventually fall. Two people, like a suspension
bridge, can hold the weight but the form is not entirely stable. When the third point/pole is introduced
then a triangle is formed...and a tripod makes for a very stable foundation to any form.

Quorum Adonai Christ: relations only last as long as there is a 8, in connection flow of energy
through one another in a infinity loop hence symbol of infinity.

Anonymous: How many parts to a proton? How many strings to a quark? How many tones to a string?
How many tones to the 'word'? How many words is the name?

The illuminati symbol is a triangle because there are three tones from the three eyes’ that make a triune
sound, the word of God

Quorum Adonai Christ: The triangle focuses those tones 'waves' what do you think sound is?

Anonymous: Yes, but you lack, Hiram's key, do you not? This is the issue; seek the one who knows the
tone. Call your heart’s to the chase!!

Quorum Adonai Christ: The triangle is just one chord of three tones which is perceived differently
depending on the dimension from which it is heard. All the other shapes are also a specific
combination of waves sensed as shape and sound. That’s how a point can become all of creation and
the fabled 'word' is light. Imagine a reality where there was absolutely nothing? I don’t know who
Hiram is but I’m guessing its the third tone. The third eye.

Anonymous: Which BTW, doesn’t open without heart.

Anonymous: Hmmmm... A messiah in the making have we! :)

Quorum Adonai Christ: You are your messiah; I am simply saying a lighthouse guiding boats to
the shore. You’re the one sailing so you make the choice which direction to go not me:P.

Anonymous: A few years ago... I was 29. I had been on a fast in the mountains for a week. The day i
returned home I was sitting in my room when a tall being dressed in a fine blue and gold garment
appeared with about 30 other beings.

This being looked sternly at me and said… "Why are you sitting on what you know"?

All Questions on Reptilians are welcome here-Part 1

Dumbfounded, I replied. "The problem is so big and I am only one. How can I possibly change this?"
The answer I already knew and when I thought I would ascend at 30 I was left faced with the weight of
my choices.

The point was in my point. To play the game or end it. It is enough for me to know that I AM and that at
some point I will seek a new game with players much like yourself OP. I feel much sadness at the grief so
many possessed live every day yet know it is part of the karmic game. A game that I/we allow to continue
so that we all may learn in the great classroom of perceived separation. You will have noticed that many
here are hungry for true knowledge and insight. That many are filled with ideas in the mind divorced from
the hearts infinite love. Many wish to play the game simply to have someone play with them that they
never feel alone on their journey. You are gifted with insight confirmed with some direct experience that
helps you decipher that which matters. What you do with this is up to you and a reflection of you.

Anonymous: A question for all of you since we're all playing... What does the 'word' sound like?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Like music, word is the resulting vibration interaction of consciousness
with gravity the result is yes beautiful light expressed sounds that you could call musical.

Hence as it says in the beginning was the 'word' get it the interaction of consciousness and gravity
created the heavens and earth 'heavens represents space' see. Hence Holographic existence the
movie is playing :P.

Flaming sword: The word/sound that holds matter together aren’t a symphony yet the life it creates
makes sounds that certainly is.

Anonymous: Who are the paternal fathers and mothers of the "reptilians"?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Answered already the ones the bible refers to as the fallen angels who
rebelled against heaven, but if look into other post this is explained how deep it does.

On the hierarchy structure it is broken into ranks at top of which are what is known as Draco and
draconian lords the lords are big like 25foot they look like the idea of the devils in your ancient
texts only more bulky, they have horns wings and darkish red skin they do look like your
duplications of the devil and could be consider tied to that concept yes.

just below the draconian types is birdlike and fishlike then reptilian overlords which are about
12foot they have tails and look like those drawing people have done of idea of reptilian some of
which are like crocodiles, then below that comes the lesser reptilians people have called lizzies they
don’t have tails and are thinner have darkish green skin and yellow eyes do have snake like features
and lizard like they are around 7-9foot, they are slaves to the higher rank each is slave to those
above them.

Then comes the grey hybrid types which range from 5 main types the most active on earth has been
type 2 and 1 and they are entirely a genetic biochemical creation by the lizzies to serve as Sheppard

All Questions on Reptilians are welcome here-Part 1

for earth while they are away.

The Roswell crash itself was a type 2 grey crash and it is mostly them who interact with the secret
groups and military and government that conspiracy theorists speak of, on rare occasions a
reptilian may manifest for a time a form to use and yes it normally does represent itself as lizard

Then you have past hybridization experiments that created the Nephilim they are around 10-15foot
and are part human and reptilian DNA but appear more reptilianish they are used a first line of
offense always and carry weapons similar to those seen in stargate like the stun guns.

The higher ranked reptilians and fishlike don’t like to use ranged combat so have technology
designed to support close combat etc example is that like those in predator, technology of personal
shields from projectiles and ability to shift back and forth between dimensions they like the feel of
the hunt the warrior nature in them takes over they are fierce warriors and it gains them respect
for their piers.

There are of course others but for now this will do.

Anonymous: More shite right out of the C's transcripts. Quorum is an attention whore whose ego needs

....can't believe in him/herself, so needs you guys to validate him. He believes that the C's, the Law of
One material, and one other channeled website are the ONLY truths in this world. Completely
hypocritical in saying Peggy Kane influences her evp's with her beliefs (NOT that I believe that BS
either), but LJK somehow doesn't influence the info she received on a Ouija board! When are people
going to wake up to the fact that the only truth detector is WITHIN

Quorum Adonai Christ: I did not say mistakes have not been made by LJK that is for them to
figure out and some of the mistakes they made have opened them to attack now they must deal with
it, it was warned years ago actually what could occur if they let it get to their head to much or
focused to much on one aspect.

I never said that site information is 100% correct I did say it has a lot of truth if your look for a
reference but said to compare with all other sources and eventually you would figure it out yourself.

Remember this all knowledge you can learn is only on aspect of logos it is not the entirely nor with
what you learn in all your lifetimes in this realm be relevant in the next you can fall for the trap for
eternity if like while trying to seek fame and learn all you can about how things work in this realm
but then you will for all eternity search for those answers and never complete it there is some in
cass group in risk of this right now they have few years to see this and there was some clues with
codes giving of this possibility.

It a game the tools are to be used however don’t become sucked in by the tools use the tools and
move on don’t make it your focus point, less risk manipulated by those who wish to keep you blind.

All Questions on Reptilians are welcome here-Part 1

In realm of the entities we have spoke about they create the experience in the moment, time does
not exist nor direction it simply is project there no speed no time no concepts that are of this density
in such realm they are 3rd level distortions.

understand this whole game is bunch of leveled distortions that you work and solve each time like a
puzzle, now you don’t have do these distortions if you learn in one lifetime the higher truth that I
will let you discover I know the answer but will not say it 'I have given clues in everything I have
said in every post those with wisdom will see it'.

It is not for me to reveal to you that lesson.

Anonymous: I shall smite ye to door is open, my chakra awaits your will be
blinded. The disgust I feel for you esoteric manipulators is hard to put into words...give me time and I will
lift your pyramid through the heavens, exposing the heathen within.

Quorum Adonai Christ: suggest meditation and clearing of mind and redefining of views hurry
thou your time is running out so to speak, current view will see you playing with dinosaurs again.

FF: So reptilian names are pronounceable for us? Does that sound familiar, I mean Jehovah and Co?

Quorum Adonai Christ: There true names aren’t your language so no but names they have acted
within your history yes.

Anonymous: You are so full of it's not even funny! Do you enjoy prehistoric times? Cause with your
current level of progress your going to be running from t-rexs again so to speak.

Quorum Adonai Christ: I am serious thou your mind is way to closed to be at correct resonance
when the transition wave arrives from origin, you can if change perspective now do work to change
it I don’t expect you to just believe me the work is what changes the perspective I was born with it
so yes not really fair but it took time to awaken it properly and I’m still in process of learning and
awakening as are many, so I had a advantage but hey it part my destiny discovering yours is your

Anonymous: You have no idea about my journey or where I am at spiritually. As a matter of fact, you
have no idea about your journey and where you are spiritually. You have NO advantage over anyone else
in the here and now.
The only thing you know about my beliefs is that I do not believe you! And another thing that is really
starting to irk me about your posts is that the more you post....the more you are trying to imitate the
channeled material you love so much. Yes I can see based on what you show me in your words and
vibration that information gives of where you are in progress and you have a lot to learn before you will
All Questions on Reptilians are welcome here-Part 1

be able to move on from this cycle.

Quorum Adonai Christ: Spirituality what do you see this concept as?

Anonymous:Spirituality? As you are so fond of telling others.... It is not for me to define it for
you.....figure it out for yourself. As I have said before, we are all on different paths and different points
on those paths. The journey is to be shared, not dictated. And you are NOT a checkpoint that can pull
people over and tell them where they are going wrong on that path.

Quorum Adonai Christ: As I have said before, we are all on different paths and different points on
those paths. The journey is to be shared, not dictated. And you are NOT a checkpoint that can pull
people over and tell them where they are going wrong on that path

I did not say all are on different paths I don’t believe I explained about paths yet, I will say this
however we share a path and our destinies vary differently along that path however on lessons of
realms themselves they interconnect and I can say this now you’re not ready.

I am already in higher realms that is the point I don’t have any doubt that I’m leaving at age of 30,
I did not say I’m a check point all information giving has been to provoke questioning to initiate a
search if you choose to ignore it so be it not for me to make you.

However Your path may keep going around and around if that how you believe, many new-agers
believe in this everyone is right stuff but in truth of it not everyone is, once you progress pass all
this and make your own universe to dwell in then yes anything you think is right but here in this
universe in this lifetime there is things to learn and some people have things wrong remember ATM
your sharing a universe with other developing souls and I’ve explained before why so look it up if
wish there been many clues.

Anonymous: I am here, thanks for your insight, I will study and see what I can learn from your
comments, you are right, we all are our own teachers, we have to seek and see for ourselves and learn
truth....where there is truth....I didn’t see anyone ask how old are you now? How much time to we have to
prepare? What is the best way to prepare?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Teachers become teachers by learning of work from those before. 2 and 6
i wrote it like this for reason discover why.

Anonymous: Hi, Quorum. -- I once read that in ancient times certain Reptilians brought the Kundalini
tradition to Earth for the sake of human spiritual evolution. Supposedly these particular Reptoids were not
necessarily bad. They did--as I read further--have wisdom teachers in their culture, which reached toward
transcendence of the illusory nature of all phenomenons.

Quorum Adonai Christ: Spiritual evolution is natural process to say try accelerate this is service to
self action and yes I am saying reptilian are bad and can not be good in nature if within the
reptilian worlds because the frequency itself makes it so it’s natural for them.

All Questions on Reptilians are welcome here-Part 1

Anonymous: You are saying that all of these Reptoids, across the board, are "bad." Therefore, are you
also saying that the Kundalini tradition is a ruse and a manipulation? I find this doubtful.

Quorum Adonai Christ: Yes it signifies the reptilian interference which is the addition of the
emotions jealousy and greed which are felt along the spine reigns no near it top?

Anonymous: Of course this thread focuses on solely Reptoids, but there are other races involved in all of
this. It's not just about Reptoids vs. Humans. There are many intertwined elements. Why are you not
mentioning those other races and their influence as well?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Reptoids are most relevant at present, plus you will see them soon so it
more important to speak of them.

Anonymous: Every so often someone like you gets on GLP espousing knowledge of certain mysteries.
Personally, I don't have a problem with this, except that I want to get inside of these mysteries myself, and
don't want to have to read about them on a shitty web forum like this one.

Quorum Adonai Christ: Np try meditation but when I say this I mean just relax and clear mind
and ask questions not the new-ager nonsense do not try to anticipate the answers.

Anonymous: So...what is your Source? From where were you shown what you appear to know?
Whatever that school is, I would like to get the information directly from that source rather than to rely on
random questions and answers and mysterious jargon on an idiotic web forum.

Quorum Adonai Christ: Ask Gravity, btw the knowledge is not the importance the experience of
the knowledge is, the experience of it is there to open your perception to higher levels therefore
consciousness attunes itself into higher spheres of consciousness and you can then access those

Therefore do not fall for the trap of thinking the knowledge is what matters it isn’t, it is the
experience of getting the knowledge which matters because this legitually changes your perception
however getting the knowledge has to be the correct knowledge of course as there is a somewhat
requirement of awareness before being permitted to cross spheres.

Anonymous: OP, Who was Jesus?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Plaedian entity of 4th density origin who as life progressed made contact
with higher self and raised consciousness so it was bleeding between two spheres of consciousness.
The entity was on task to bring knowledge to world that would change the perspective and bring
people closer to God this did not fully succeed. Yeshua/Jesus will come back and sort out mess made
in his name this will occur in your lifetime.

The concept of the Christ consciousness is correct, Jesus did achieve communication with this part
of himself and it is through that link he was able to do some of the miracles claimed not all are what

All Questions on Reptilians are welcome here-Part 1

Anonymous: Ya e shu a.... Plaedian entity.....? Those not Plaedian part of the Rebellion ..?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Yes

Yolgnu: Cassiopeia, Plaides, Nibiru (Dogon or Sirius B), Orion (Dracos), etc. were all part of the seven
star systems that rebelled against the Spirit of Divine Love.

Quorum Adonai Christ: Not correct Love is also a distortion. Yeshua/Jesus will come back and
sort out mess made in his name this will occur in your lifetime.

Yolgnu: Don't you think HE is Already Back in Body...?

Quorum Adonai Christ: No

Yolgnu: And do you considering to be Him...?

Quorum Adonai Christ: No

Anonymous: One more question, you said some may bio-locate...relocate, will there be a form of
rapture? Will millions of people just disappear?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Yes for those who have raising consciousness to right frequency attuning
into the frequencies of 4th level they will have a rapture like experience some will however die first
it depends, you see the events coming are dependent on level of consciousness awareness of
distortions of 3rd density learning of those lessons in themselves therefore change the rules of cause
and effect and it is then survival in situations which before it seems not, this is not about the
physical at all.

This is the initiation process that you put yourself through when this occurs for a moment you will
be directly linked to your entire self amazing feeling this is. However this will not happen for all as I
said this sphere of consciousness will continue to repeat itself until all souls experiencing within it
figure out truth and get free, note it is not always entirely the same but you could say it gets similar.

Not millions I do not foresee that many I would say a small number in percentage of population is
ready, however efforts are being made to say increase the numbers but to do this it takes becoming
STS frequency entity yourself much like humans because you must act within the realm create to a

Note also many will be deceived by the beast and fall victim to it plans those will be ones when
ancient earth is cinder they will repeat the whole prehistoric process up until now again and this
will happen for all eternity until what is needed to be learned is and people break free of the loop.

Anonymous: Just so I have an idea, how soon will these changes come that turn what we know upside

Quorum Adonai Christ: By the time I am 30...

All Questions on Reptilians are welcome here-Part 1

Anonymous: What is beyond this computer plastic world? I mean beyond these universes...beyond
reptilians/they are agents to do service to the higher hierarchy/ and beyond highest hierarchy in this evil

Quorum Adonai Christ: Bliss complete utter bliss all knowing all powerful all truth, pure
existence in form of light itself then become at end of existence gravity itself. You concept of heaven
is such realms you’re a while away.

Thought creates in the moment the experience instantly example if you say wanted a cup of water
just giving example of the power it would legitually manifest out of thin air, you can take form or
become energy you have full power over all template structures and able to program change
variables limit parameters within what your creativity can imagine infinity of possibility this is your
end road getting there tricky part, some entity may spend a eternity getting there as you perceive
time but time is not real remember and that one requirements to understand to move from this
sphere of consciousness.

Maxim 328069: OP, I was going to ask you about Kundalini as well..Also I've read conflicting views on
the opening of the third eye..Is the third eye another means by which to control an individual?

Lastly, how does one know if he/she is under reptilian influence? And how can one protect oneself? I
apologize if u have already addressed this...

Quorum Adonai Christ: Third eye is the psychic centre of your mind it is your mental connection
to higher densities of consciousness, it is through the biological part known as the pineal gland that
this occurs you see pineal gland acts like a receiver for waves of frequency that come through light
from higher densities of realities imagine it coming through a window and that part brain is what
receives the data, ATM however most humans don’t have this active however those who do move
into the higher density reality 'higher sphere of consciousness' will have this fully active it will allow
perceptions of things that people currently don’t view and supernatural ability which wont be
supernatural anymore it be natural :P.

36burrows: OP - I can spot Reptilians just by watching their eyes; I know something doesn't seem human
about them... I guess my question is.. What do we have to do to defeat them? It seems they have so much
of us controlled and blind in the world they created. Dumbing us down. I know they feed off the fear
energy, so sending it back at them by hating them won't work...

Quorum Adonai Christ: I have been telling you how to defeat them the entire time heh, there
power lies in your ignorance to the truths I’ve revealed to you within our entire interaction once
you move into their level of consciousness there density so to speak it will be equal playing ground
you have no need to gather guns hide in bunkers study study study what is needed when you get to
that level will be giving as the moment you transcend the information needed the forms required
will all be giving to you like a downloading of computer files.

Those in 3rd density who are in ignorance are shall we say going to experience consequence
experiences that is there lessons and there is nothing you can do about it because it is by freewill
they choose to remain in ignorance and it is by freewill the beast will do what it going to them.

All Questions on Reptilians are welcome here-Part 1

We can only help those who want it that is entire truth of it all there is going to be victims and I am
sorry we would want everyone to transcend to be free to be one with Us all but it not going to occur
like that sadly.

Tenille Osman 432808: What do you have to say about Wales and how do you feel about ST George? I'm
surprised you didn’t answer op. I would of thought Wales would have been important in reptilian culture
since it's the land of the dragon. No luck with St George either. What's wrong? Don't like dragon slayers?
Still, he's revered in England to this day.

Quorum Adonai Christ: Sorry did not get to it sooner, The British bloodlines are part of those yes
who have been conditioned correctly to allow the reptilian entities to possess as they resonate
correctly it does not mean they shape-shift however, this is a pact made by their ancient ancestors.

Anonymous: Explain who this "logos" is and why you use that word? Where did you come from, and
who sent you?
And what questions have we not asked but you believe we should know the answers to?

Quorum Adonai Christ: logos represents names of God individual fragments of infinity
intelligence they are in nature, origin is same as you God. Those questions are for you to discover.

Anonymous Coward 238308: Hi OP, Is the way to finding our own truth through meditation?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Yes via use of tools then using meditation to help confirm percentage of
truth present in what been learned physically 'There is Only One truth all distortions lead to it'.

Anonymous Coward 365991: Thanks for your reply Quorum. Please could you clarify, what tools do
you mean?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Tools are what is giving to you through prophets philosophers scientists
artists and every other area of knowledge they are remember only tools as is every emotion you feel,
they can be used in any way whether negative or positive. The tools I mean is using your mind to
discern through knowledge present in your reality and the tools of your emotion to guide yourself
through your reality.

Maxim 328069: OP, Thank you for your responses. Just reading what you said about "the beast" to this a reference to the head Draco’s--the ones at the top of the reptilian hierarchy? So they want
disclosure...what's the purpose of that when they control so much as it is????? Why materialize into this

Quorum Adonai Christ: The beast is the entity who is at war with existence it has full access to
everything that what you would call the Good-side has access too, except access into heaven as
symbolized which means certain higher-realms, it does have power of thought however so you could
say it dwells in it own universe 'imagine it as a massive black hole is best way to understand it'.

The beast is the intelligence behind the entire anti Christ agenda it is a consortium of such which
has a common goal all playing a part in the same plans but in different fragments so it is not so
obvious there will be as has been individuals who play key parts in the plans as there has been 3 so
now there will be one and yes this female will be one of the Orions but will be human.
All Questions on Reptilians are welcome here-Part 1

Do not presume males are always the dominate species refer back to the mythology of Tiamot and
the war with the gods.

They are growing desperate about to lose control of a food source don’t know how many will be
able to transcend so are making all efforts to reduce that number by portrayal of light as well as
physical terror in the reality they cover all angles and no Alien entity should be trusted ATM for
your own safety as it is very easy for entity of STS to portray themselves as Love and light because
love is also distortion as well.

Anonymous Coward 441506: Alex Collier stated a similar message, that humans are a food supply, and
'ascension' of people on this planet means no more food. So they really want to make sure as many people
do not get to the next level.

There are other sources which states that those that does not make it to the 'next sphere of consciousness'
will do this again on another 3rd dimensional existence for another 'Great Cycle', will the Draconians
always be around, or be around for those that go to another '3d'?

Quorum Adonai Christ: 3rd density existence dimensions are created in moment as the illusion of
linear experience moves through the wheel of time so to speak, dimensions are not permanent you
could say there is only one true dimension that is that of gravity God.

Yes there will always be an enemy to play with somewhere somehow, but the next cycle should be
easier but doesn’t mean somewhere else a world might not need help hence the game of chess we

Anonymous Coward 441506: He stated humans are food physically as well as 'emotional/psychically'.
Your thoughts?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Yes they do eat humans and other species physically as well as
emotionally, this will happen a lot in your near future for those who say fall for the deception of
being saved by ETS.

Anonymous Coward 441506: Alex C. mentioned that foods they get are like 'sacrifices' to them,
meaning humans give other humans to them. Also, read things that hospitals also provide food source in
some way. Your thoughts?

Quorum Adonai Christ: This does occur yes, but they also grow their own and take as well if
people are ignorant they are opened to being manipulated into such experiences.

Anonymous Coward 453178: These questions may seem strange, Quorum, but I have a few and hope
you can answer them...

1 - LSD is said to open a user’s consciousness and allow them to experience the spiritual realm. By what
mechanisms does this occur, and is there any truth to be gleaned from the psychedelic experience? What
about marijuana's effects? Is there an ulterior motive to their prohibition?

Quorum Adonai Christ: yes LSD can as marijuana allows other perception insights but due to
nature of the drug and affect it has physical over prolonged use it is not as beneficial as learning
All Questions on Reptilians are welcome here-Part 1

without such. This occurs because the drug changes your electric chemical balance in turn it causes
the brains normal waves to change to a different frequency then sometimes you can perceive higher
densities bleeding through into your reality.

small usage of drug can stimulate awareness of higher densities and would be beneficial the
prohibition of such drugs is yes because it is a way to slowly break free from such binding it is
shamans who used similar effect drugs who gained insights through there usage, like anything over
usage is dangerous and only with a balanced usage would it be beneficial but it is slower.

I don’t use any drugs myself however I don’t look down on anyone who does and will freely share what
needed with them mostly they are more open to the concepts because of the effect it has on perception.

2 - What happens to your consciousness following death?

Quorum Adonai Christ: It depends on circumstances of the death but a clear transition opens up
a conduit to 5th level remember in the symbology of the elements 5 was spirit this realm could be
considered the spirit realm or limbo as it’s a state of contemplation.

You heard in movies about the tunnel of light that is correct concept once passing through it you are
no longer the same person but a resonance can be left as a bio-plasma residue of your personally
known as a echo depending on circumstances.

some entities however do not take the conduit and become stuck between physical and astral realms
those entities could be considered poltergeists.

This can also occur who you were in that lifetime is kept as a spirit representation of those
memories and as in truth of our being we are quantum being meaning you can be everywhere at
once that spirit may choose remain with loved ones or incarnate into something as a symbol to those
close to them it dependant on choice.

Anonymous Coward 436713: I can see by all this that the 4th is going to be a creepy place filled with all
manner of manifested imagination. It is far easier for me to love all things imaginable than to judge the
reason for their existence.
With my light body forged in the flames I can freely hug even the biggest scaly dragon without fear.
There is no room for love when fear resides in the house. This love, this body is one with all things in
nothing. One would question why such a reptilian fear exists in the first place? Could it be that some
distant genetic memory is conflicting with some other desire?

Quorum Adonai Christ: fear is a tool like everything else how you use it is your choice some let it
overcome them then become used by the tools of others.

The skin of every human on Earth has scales. They are just too small to be obvious yet they are there and
we shed them daily. The suppositions made here resonate with the first 2 of the 12 tones of the '4'.
Kindergarten of the free, freewill souls. Expression of perspective is a great reveal of the innermost
spiritual character. Could it be impossible to conceive that just as there is a journey in this 3d to 4d, there
is also one from 4 to 5d? No 1 2 3 4 connection at death direction to 5 which is same middle ground or
the neutral zone symbolized even in your pentagram a symbol 'movie 5th element distortion of soul spirit
is love'. At what POINT does the bickering end?

If one truly wishes to know the truth, they must first be prepared to accept it, love it, then let it go.

All Questions on Reptilians are welcome here-Part 1

Quorum Adonai Christ: if you go up and hug a draconian it liable to rip your heart out, love and
lighters not ready for transition must repeat cycle again if keep the very distorted perception which
is most prejudice view I’ve seen in respect to polarity and emotional spirit expressions of it like

The bickering ends at end of existence do you wish to be frontline of the war cause guess what if you
want be a light worker as you call it you stand at the frontline, it not a peaceful universe as you
would perceive it and this is the interaction of nature naturally so in truth it all perfect.

Anonymous: Hello OP, Can you clarify your statement:

"But those who are aware of the negative have higher chance to succeed than those who focus only on
positive they may not like what they go through and that is the reward of focusing on one polarity only
just like magnetic 'double positives = negative' 'double negatives = positive’:P the best path is the middle
path others are back and forth in vicious loop heh."

Can you clarify what you meant by "those who are aware of the negative..."

Do you mean this as someone who is aware of the 'negative conditions' or aware of the 'conspiracies'?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Sure I can clarify, it means this those who are aware of how the negative
operate are more protected because of that knowledge than those who are not aware this in itself
opens more choice options to them and is a important lessons to understand because universe is not
a fluffy place as people want to believe it is actually always in conflict with itself because of the
interaction of positive and negative frequencies or shall we say STO and STS are in nature at war
this allows the experiences of duality and is perfectly balanced.

But don’t become to engrossed in search for physical proof of things or you will be looking for
eternity, how to best do it is to consider the information compare it with all other available tools and
take from it what it is at that time is truth for you then recycle bin rest but if at any time you find
you need to fetch the file to help understand something else then reassess those memories.

meditation helps a lot and be open to allowing even what you feel is truth to change as you
experience, the experience of the knowledge is what in itself empowers you for it opens more choice
and also raises consciousness by the acquisition of light filaments which attract to your DNA
structures legitually raising the vibrations of your entire atomic structured form, if done correctly
one can experience the concept of esoteric known as ascension 'completion of lessons'.

Anonymous: Are you suggesting that someone who tends to be optimistic, perhaps from a 'New Age'
perspective, is going to have lower likelihood to "succeed"? Are you referring to 'wishful thinking' sort of
attitude here?

Quorum Adonai Christ: yes because by choosing to focus only on what they want to hear they are
therefore hearing only what they want to hear and negative uses this against them we call this tactic
Blind siding or shall we in humor say a 'frag grenade' meaning that it is blinding them so that the
enemy has opportunity to move while you cant see 'blind faith' is same concept it can be done from
many angles.

Anonymous: Or is it like the concept of love and hate in duality? That in essence, they are the same but
that "middle path" is accepting of both or all, or unattached. Like the idea of 'unconditional love' to me.
Where am I on the mark here?

All Questions on Reptilians are welcome here-Part 1

Quorum Adonai Christ: The middle path is the fastest path yes, the neutron that can become
positive or negatively charged so to speak. yes Unconditional Love means unconditional people who
preach this now are say placing conditions so meaning is lost also remember Love by itself is
distortion and is also something people will learn eventually as well. You are correct, in accept it
does not mean you agree it just means you understand it is natural interaction and through such
you understand even that which you may hate has freedom of choice, we can choose to play the
opponent thou not let them overrun everything :P hence balance.

Anonymous Coward 441506: OP, Can you provide more details regarding the 'evil aspect' god that is the
source of being for these Draconians? You mentioned Moloch, is that being just another logos? Is there a
pantheon of these beings to the Draconians? Is this the same Moloch from the Babylonian myths? Do you
know when the Draconians started recognizing this being? (With Moloch being mentioned, I’m surprised
there aren't any people who are interested in Alex Jones, or more generally the 'Conspiracy/tinfoil hats'
labeled people's interest to this topic)

Quorum Adonai Christ: Moloch is one of the entities that power is gained through for the
illuminati orders and yes is connected with the draconian entities and is yes one of say the leaders
and is one of the entities who helped designed the plan this is why it is symbolized by wisdom for he
is the imprisonment of searching for infinity wisdom. Yes same entity worshiped in Babylonian
myths, they always recognized it, yes they did sacrifice children through fire to such a entity and
still happening.

Anonymous Coward 344315: Is the Christ consciousness ascension inevitable?? Did reptilians already
undergo it? Did the freemasons have a hand in creation of humans?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Christ consciousness is inevitable yes. Some reptilians may have but they
are no longer reptilian see. Freemasons are a lower grade of the illuminati. They are shall we say
the public viewing, no freemasons did not make humanity but draconian empire did influence the
evolution of current humanity.

Anonymous Coward 441506: Are there any 'races' that you know that does not see 'love distorted' that
will interact with humankind?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Some may Plaedian, Nordics have reason too. Very little positive
orientated extra terrestrials will interact with humanity in near future later on more will but for
now the most active are of selfish natures. Your best ally is yourself.

Anonymous Coward 327403: Thanks for the effort OP. I would like to ask you a question about
meditation and opening the third eye. Is it possible to make an audio file (like a spell of some sort) to
speed up this process? And do you recommend the use of such a thing or not?

Quorum Adonai Christ: With the correct knowledge use of harmonics can accelerate such
processes but in realm such this you’re more likely to be mislead if take shortcuts than be helped, so
it not advised.

All Questions on Reptilians are welcome here-Part 1

Anonymous Coward 441506: Hi Op, Alex Collier stated that there are human bases on Mars. That the
'elites' built (well using others to build them, and that there were preexisting structure) them in secret in
the hope of 'running' there when the proverbial 'shit hits the fan' here on Earth. He stated there is an
human colony there, comprised of many people and families from here in this lifetime to run, maintain
(someone still got fix the toilets after all), and build these "home away from home" for the 'elites'. He
further stated that this base or bases are taken over by the Draconian 'Hegemony' now and the people
there are living in dreadful and terror filled life. What are your thoughts on this?

Quorum Adonai Christ: More correct is Alien bases throughout your solar system if there human
puppets have had privileges to see I am unsure, I do not think there is families living on mars but if
there was a draconian interaction it sure would be terror in most people’s eyes.

Not everything Alex collier has said is truth, he like many is also shall we say been feed some disinfo
along with the truths he does reveal, they do this a lot.

I haven’t reviewed his site what is link and ill review it and say how actuate it is based on my

Anonymous: OP, I strongly 'feel' that you must really be mindful before making statements such as this.
You inadvertently 'discredited' in this example, Alex Colliers message, as well as many sources of 'et'
related information many viewers have read.

You yourself said use tools that are available from everywhere and many sources, but choose only the
'parts' that 'sings true' for the individual. Statements such as those make me think of the phrase "throwing
the baby along with the bath water".

What I thought was interesting about this particular person's message is that the message of this particular
'et' message stressed the following: Humanity must get humanity out of its 'mess'. That humanity by its
very view of itself has created the very conditions humanity has found itself in. When we take on a 'save
us' (from ourselves perhaps) attitude, someone will always show up willing to do just that, "save us".
'Saving us' as in 'controlling us', or we gave up power to another, for them to in turn use. They also
stressed that the true messiahs are really ourselves.

I was always more interested about the idea of 'spirituality' (and rather avoid the conspiracy/'tin foil' and
'UFO' domain - that was incredibility land for me) but this ET related message was right on, or most of it
right on (I wanted to tune out the 'reptilian' parts but really enjoyed the spiritual related topic regarding
humanity). Oh yeah, this 'ET' related message, really seemed to stress the concept of 'Unconditional Love'
to me, (I have seen other sources that sounds all lovely, but in a 'New Agey' sort of perspective that you
mentioned earlier.

Here is a snippet I enjoyed regarding the concept of that other sort of Love that isn't well known or
understood, or the value of unconditional love:

"“Please remember that all energy moves in a circle, so everything returns: the love, anger and despair….
acknowledge the fact that the love you withhold is the pain you carry.

So let love warm your voice. Let love be the wonder to children's ears. Let imagination create a world of
unconditional responsibility. It will also change the order of the old world.

Let your emotions give motion to the "hero" that struggles within all of you for the freedom to act, to be,
to witness and to apologize.” -- Moraney, On the relationship with the 'IS-ness'. "

All Questions on Reptilians are welcome here-Part 1

Freedom from non-attachment. Beautiful. Oh yeah, they also warned that humanity's current believe
system makes them very vulnerable to give power to any 'religiously tied' belief in expecting a savior, or
angels of God come to help them expectations.

Quorum Adonai Christ: but you are right, that not everything can be true, or what Alex said, or
what the 'Andromedans' have said..I was just hoping you would make that kind of statement after
reading the links you requested is all. It is important what you said though, only take what is
important to you, be true to thyself. I've been running into similar kind of messages and thoughts a
lot lately.

Anonymous Coward 441506: OP, Can you share some of your perspective regarding the great biblical
floods? I have a gist of the bible version, but was the 'Draconians' a factor to this event or is this a natural
cycle, like the 'great cycle' you mentioned? Any distortions in what we know regarding this subject?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Yes all manner of experiments were occurring at such much drama
reflects in nature so natural disasters in form of cometary cluster occurred similar to what going
happen here soon. At that time the reptilian-Nephilim types were very active here they did leave
however but will return soon.

The interaction of nature through events reflects the interaction of the species with themselves. A lot
of reason why such disasters are coming to this world now are because of the natural cycles of man
interacting with nature this is actually a good thing nature can accelerate lessons so what would
take longer can be say done within a smaller time but mostly it would be a trying time.

Anonymous Coward 451227: OP When I was a little girl, I had dreams of being taken into a tunnel in
the earth and while I can’t remember having sex, the dreams were of a sexual nature with something that
had a tail (although the tail split, like legs) Repressed sex abuse or reptilian encounter?

Quorum Adonai Christ: This does can and is occurring to find out if such has occurred to you
then seek hypnotist ask for a regression of subconscious memory, let you consciousness view what
occurred like a observer. (WARNING THIS METHOD CAN BE TRAUMATIC) so only do so if
you are sure you want to know and prepare yourself for anything.

Anonymous Coward 453178: Also, how is it that knowledge of reptilians has been given to humans?
How do the people coming forward with information on reptilians receive it (if they aren't making it up)?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Some is my word of mouth of those who have had experience, some is by
future selves trying to offer assistance and some if by them wanting you to know about them now. It
is time now to reveal is why it happening faster they are we shall say coming back in force at
moment of crossing a major harvest will occur this will be positive experience for some and negative
for others.

Tenille Osman 432808: Thanks for the reply op. I mention Wales as the dragon symbol is everywhere,
you can even buy dragon sausages, lol, but I still have a couple of simple questions comments; the dragon
symbol in Wales is red and their flag is a red dragon. Is there any significance to the color red? Also, I
note with interest Prince Charles (arch shape shifter)is the Prince of Wales also James Casbolt 'claims'
there is an underground base in the Brecon Beacons (Welsh mountains that look a bit like the Black hills
of Dakota)where nasty deeds are done. Finally, Wales is steeped in ancient legend and myth eg Merlin

All Questions on Reptilians are welcome here-Part 1

and Arthurian legend. One legend about two princes who fought for the love of a princess became a TV
series when I was kid called 'The Owl Service' and I mention it because it had a weird, obsessional quality
about. People became obsessed with it and it certainly stuck in my mind for this reason. Illuminati or
Draco influence ?

Quorum Adonai Christ: There is strong influence over the British community yes, my
understanding of red is it represents both fire and blood. I believe there is some bases in Britain. I
however do not know were.

Being human now the mind can only contain so much data so I have not asked to investigate such
areas so cannot truly give you the answer you seek. It is interesting you mention the owl as it is
associated with Moloch.

Anonymous: OP- What you think about year 2012?

Quorum Adonai Christ: 335, cycle completion harvest/crossing transition event fun times ahead,
it is shall we say when time comes to an end legitually.

Anonymous Coward 436713: Why do the reptilians fear us so much that they must control?

Anonymous: How would we feel if all our chickens and cows experiences a period of event that
increases their consciousness and one day realize the concept of 'gangstered', 'us'. Many humans probably
don't want that to occur.


Seriously though, consider it from their point of view, they are the baddest mofos (outer dominator) in
this universe, totally believe in 'might makes right', so any lesser beings provide work, energy, heck even
sustenance (according to what I have read), meaning they are merely 'enjoying' their 'playground'. Who
would want that? If they are really there, they probably wouldn't want things to change. Doesn't the
phrase 'keeping the status quo' feel applies?

Now the interesting perspective for me are the 'elites'. Think about their perspective. They have gotten
into, from what I can tell from history anyway, a very exclusive mutual materially aqcuirement gathering
beneficial 'partnership' position. (lol - probably more like, there are the masters, and then there are people
who will betray their own, to be in a position seen at the 'top of the pyramid'. ouch, that one really hurts
the human in humanity.

Could you imagine getting it bad from upper management, and at the same time, the little workers you
have under you are starting to realize the concept of knowledge withholdment, exploitation, and perhaps
'hey we be getting screwed!'. ouch. that is going to be a tough position.

Anonymous Coward 436713: Apologies OP,- AC, yesterday at this time after we spoke, I went to my
kitchen to cook dinner. There was a tiny Gecko, a new baby only an inch long on my stove top. How it
got there I have no idea yet in context of this discussion, the experience spoke volumes that I could never
research. it would ordinarily die in the house without access to small insects. So. I helped it outside. I feel
it was there representing its entire genetic family and I did what I naturally do.

All Questions on Reptilians are welcome here-Part 1

Quorum Adonai Christ: reptilians are not your reptiles, helping nature is a good way to live, in
harmony is those who exsist in realms of sto, remember this your flauna and flora is also you in
truth of everything all is One serving of other self is serving of God for it is that reconisition that
everything is equal in nature.

Anonymous Coward 441506: Hey there OP I have a few more questions for you, Do you think the
'Draconians' can reside in '4D' without technology?

Yes, more truthful is use technology to temporary remain in 3rd density.

Also, why have they remained hidden from humanity? I have read ideas that in times past they were out
in the open too.

Quorum Adonai Christ: Easier to decieve when hidden in dark than out in open in the light, in
past times it was in 4th density what do you think the fall was.

Hmm, if I was a slave driver, the more kinds of things the slaves can produce or construct probably the
more valuable the slave.

The best slave is a slave that doesn't think is a slave. I've been grappling to understand the full meaning of
this phrase for a while now.

Quorum Adonai Christ: Yes follow that and you will find the truth, no rebellion if doesnt know it
is a slave.

I realize though that in the workforce though, a happy worker is a good worker. ;)

Quorum Adonai Christ: Yes hence why they give you toys to keep your minds busy while they use

Anonymous Coward 436713: OP. have you ever been attacked by a reptillian?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Yes, not physically in this incarnation but do have memorys of open
conflicts with reptilians and have had astral encounters and will again.

Anonymous Coward 452448: OK, I've just been meditating for about 40 minutes and have some
questions if you don't mind. Is it ok if images come rolling in? I know that I am not supposed to think or
to visualiseanything, but these images came on their own. So I would like to know if I should fight them
and try to remain in complete blackness or are they OK. Otherwise, I feel great. Somewhat wobbling and
a bit disoriented when I "woke up". I will definitely do it again tomorrow.

PS: one of the images was in a huge cathedral and a dark person in a garment looked at me and there were
some flashes when he was getting closer and closer and I could see his face(deffinitly not human) for a bit
and then it went right through me.
But all of this went really fast.

All Questions on Reptilians are welcome here-Part 1

So are these things normal or is my imagination running wild? But I really wasn't thinking of it, those
flashes came on their own...

Quorum Adonai Christ: They potentionally could be subconciousness memorys or remote

viewing, I can not answer this for you but I have also seen such strange images in meditation but
abit different I would prefer not to discuss dreams as it can be easily affected by our thoughts or
technology. Was the entity in question wereing a hood like garment and performing a ritual? Was a
gold dust at all involved in the vision or symbols of the all seeing eye?

Further meditation may be required or research into what was shown can also help as there is yes
tools physically as well as the mental.

77345710 453666: Op nice to meet you...first thank you for all you shared.
couple questions?
1. Is the Matrix changing?
Quorum Adonai Christ: Yes
2. Are Entity's become more visible?
Quorum Adonai Christ: Yes
3. Is harmonics much more apparent or audible?
Quorum Adonai Christ: Yes you may of heard frequecys yourself.
4. What are the illuminati's next step. I did see an owl in one of John Mccains t.v. presidential
commericail in the background.

Quorum Adonai Christ: I have mentioned some but ill reveal more closer to home things for you.

global warming issues will be used to support a increase in taxes these will in turn cause a
deliberate collasping of the current econemic system.

prices will be purposely risen while the incomes will remain almost the same. Things will get to
point were the world will enter a depression this also will be supported by more terrorism to again
bring more security through.

They will force all countrys to eventually replace current lights with new globes these new globes
will be used to complete the control network unknowly to the public these globes will be with use of
HAARP and other facilitys not well known be able to further hypnotise the entire world to a degree.

There will be individuals who are say eliable for 4th density who will not be affected by this they
will be the only hope for mankind.

They will push towards total electronic banking system all notes coins will be replaced by electronic
credit/debit cards all of which will have a VISA number.

This will be pushed further as development and increases in security become a necessary
'infuelence by them playing both sides' there will be after the card phase a direct chiping or
marking of the skin on wrist area and or head.

This is there goal to the completion of the mark of beast on all people. The siginifance of the
number of beast is important to understand I do not want to reveal so much about it but I will give
a clue, 666 is a frequecy.

This will all be done during the most trying time in mankinds history, human conflict natural
disasters on scales that during your centrys havnt been recorded.
All Questions on Reptilians are welcome here-Part 1

It will end in the passing of a cluster of comets which will be interacting with the magnetic fields of
earth to cause the Ozone layer to open itself to allow for the arrival of a transdensity wave or shall
we say the realm border a opportunity of crossing at almost same moment impacts by parts of the
clusters will cause disasters on scales not measured in your history.

image say two radio stations frequecy intersecting this is the big event coming and is what all
prophecys spoke of and it will be the begining of mankinds awareness to et and ie lifeforms.

This is only part but it is things even you may have been noticing now.

Anonymous Coward 453637: OP? What exactly does "legitually" mean? You say it alot!

Quorum Adonai Christ: It means what is said is as it is not symbolic so if I used it I am saying
something that is will happen.

Canundrum : Quorum Adonai Christ

I am curious as to why you chose Adonai Christ as part of your "signature name". Description of Adonai
is "God/Lord", with "Christ" being God's son.

Technical description Adonai:

The name Adonai is translated as "Lord" in the Bible. It signifies ownership or mastership and indicates
the truth that God is the owner of each member of the human family, and that He consequently claims the
unrestricted obedience of all.

This name refers to the true ownership God alone has of man. We are not our own. God alone has the
right to tell us what to do. At the same time He provides us with the ability to accomplish that task. Man
has a choice to obey in life or wish he had in death.

Quorum Adonai Christ: Well since everything is of God then is not God it owner of itself. does
that mean it claims owner ship no hence freewill but you are correct all tools avaiable are giving to
accomplish tasks.

Adonai means One in truth, it is the name I know gravity by and Christ is the true conciousness of
God gravity. we are all of Adonai and Christ and it is through Christ we become Adonai that is the
significance of the signiture Quorum is representive of group so rest is self explanatory, remember
this I see you all as part of this group as well.

Anonymous Coward 453178: Is the serpent referred to in genesis in the old testament of reptillian

Quorum Adonai Christ: Yes it represents the begining of the game, It was shall we say them who
lured your conciousness into this trap. The serpent represents the reptilians correct.

Anonymous Coward 436713: Why do the reptillians fear us so much that they must control?

All Questions on Reptilians are welcome here-Part 1

Quorum Adonai Christ: It is not fear more that they are selfish in concept of evil beings which
enjoy decieving others and using them for there own power.

Anonymous Coward 432322: OP, excuse my ignorance.

Please explain what are 335,cycle completion, harvest/crossing transition event.
Do we have chance at all? Any suggestions what to do? Your respond is highly appreciated.

Quorum Adonai Christ: I would prefer you look into it yourself, I have actually revealed alot
about it throughout all posts.

You have all the chance you choose. learn necessary lessons to break free of this sphere of
conciousness. I suggest ignoring Time for one as time is a illusion and doesnt exsist past this density,
I suggest accepting concepts of infinity and understand direction and speed also are illusions I also
suggest learning about karma and understanding that it acts like inertia. A higher understand is
that everything in exsistance is but a concept made real in illusion by gravity so all else is
distortions within the fabric of gravity so to speak.

Anonymous: over what timeframe are your predicted next moves of the illumunati to take place? -how
can we stop the reptillian menace? can we? should we?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Have been saying it through out post, my telling you all the answers to
the game would say remove empowering you, it is more benefital to learn on own you see this is
mostly about changing your perspective it is through the experience this occurs, once your
conciousness shifts so shall new doors open for you 'that is how you defeat them'.

Anonymous: if they are stopped, supposing it is possible, can mankind reach a different fate?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Yes but wont be stoped before they complete plans, but will be stoped
after the great war, will be alot learning during that for both sides.

Anonymous: you said that the serpents in the bible are reptillian, would it be possible to elaborate more
on their appearance in the old testament? they laid the foundation for mankind to be enslaved at all (by

Quorum Adonai Christ: Anything do with Satan is to do with draconian empire, all that stuff
about infuelencing people, possession and the fallen angels teaching mankind the ways of craft war
and other things is symbolic of the reptilian-draconian interaction with this world.

Anonymous Coward 454076: the nagas are serpent people in hindu religion; are these reptillians as

Quorum Adonai Christ: Yes but more resulting experiments, remember this reptilians like to use
genetic engineering to make all manner of things they tend to even mix there own dna as well, the
reptilians im talking of are more IE than ET the ET ones are lesser.

Maxim 328069: Hi OP glad to see you're back....I looked back to see if you answered a question on
reptilian possession, but I didn't see it. Are we all under their unfluence by default or do they pick and
All Questions on Reptilians are welcome here-Part 1

choose their victims? And who are they more likely to choose? When I was a kid, I was terrified of
possession even before the Exorcist movie came out...that's what my nightmares consisted of.

Quorum Adonai Christ: You are including me all unders infuelence of technologys they use to
affect our mind as well as suggest say not seeing certain things, there is things that are around us
that we are suggested not to see.

Possession does occur but mostly it takes a willing paticipate and the form must be the correct
resonating frequecy for the entity to enter, the ones known as the Elite of this world are possessed
by such entitys and yes they are reptilians entitys. Do not worry it harder to become possessed than
people think, as said it has to be correct resonating frequecy for them to even enter the form.

Anonymous Coward 453925: So what do you think of these "dreams"? Am I on the right track and are
these things normal during meditation or should I try to completely block out such things? And what do
you think of Scientology? As I understand their teachings are similar to what you are saying. And since
they are under heavy attacks by the media and population, it somehow rings a bell of truth. Do they have
the right tools to help human growth?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Scientology nothing like what im saying it is shall we say more distortion
by sts entitys again, shall we say blind siding the enermy so they dont see you coming is best way
describe what alot these new religions are. They have some truth but not a clear enough picture to
be part of it they are more simlar to love and lighters research scientology it is simlar to love and
lighters. I will have to meditate on your dreams before I can give anymore input I will at later date
reply to it.

Anonymous Coward 329387: OP - Thank you for all your time and very intriguing answers and
insights.! There's a lot of discussion on other threads (as well as in the news lately) about sex and
sexuality. I was wondering what your views are on the subjects of sex and sexuality
(homosexuality/heterosexuality) and if they play a role in the 'bigger picture' concerning those things

Quorum Adonai Christ: Sexuality is being used against people to say create addictions that
dominate there life, I have in this incarnation went through such programing myself, sexuality is
desire to satisifie self it is shall we say lust and in doing so is keeping one binded to this frequecy as

I however have had concequences from doing so I had sex once and got a self destruction program
from it in form of a virus I am fighitng against this and it hasnt got a proper hold on me however
due to the karmatic interaction of how this occured it is a lesson therefore I can not self heal but no
other illness has infected me in years since.

I guess you could say it also grounds me and like you I am also being attacked by these selfish
entitys, they poison everything we use from water to your very food even the air has been poisoned
specially in usa the stuff that is sprayed is killing people and infecting many viruses in people
including mongerlous and tubolosis to name some they arnt native to this planet many of these
infections. Sex does not exsist at higher realms than this one there is no reason for it because the
state exsistance itself is pleasure in itself.

Everything is spiritual dont catagorise things, on subject of attraction it is balance if you are bi-
sexual as you prior state of being was non gender or shall we say both genders at once, you can be
All Questions on Reptilians are welcome here-Part 1

in these states without sex as well in such realm as this it is extremely hard to deny the hormonal
urges of the body and mind, Gay and Lesbian is sign of imbalance but so is straight the only
balance is BI as that is love of both, however naturally interaction of male and female is there to
have a physical form of development the species 'this can be seen in nature as you know they do not
have prejiduce to what there attracted too (animals hump anything heh). There is nothing wrong
with any attraction as all is lessons and freewill allows all that can be thought.

Anonymous Coward 432322: OP- What is your recommendation for food and food supplements that can
be beneficial?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Video known as Dr Deagle can assist in that question, growing own food
would be most benefital again it extremely hard to avoid it they will make efforts against anyone
who trys to deny the system. I myself like the taste of junk food and takeaways even knowing it bad
for me, It is healthy to eat like those fitness professionals but it is a will power game and I honestly
wanted to know want to experience the foods that everyday people eat I am however now moving to
more cooked foods and want to if possible use supplements. But again on food questions Dr Deagle
revealed some truths about things in his videos they are worth watching and if I didnt review them
myself and see alot truth in what he says I wouldnt recommend it. Ignore the self confessed prophet
stuff people tend to want to feel special but he is yes whistle blowing.

Anonymous : Quorum, is the tree of knowledge in the bible the fact hat we have knowledge at all?

Quorum Adonai Christ: It symbolic of the deception, in that the believe in necessary to aquire
knowledge of good and evil it then therefore made you fall into such a state that you would search
for all eternity for infinite knowledge, intelligence and wisdom. Were as before that you already had
access to it all.

Anonymous Coward 453178 : What is the tree of life?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Think of it in these terms 7 grades of the school in which at present you
are studying in grade 3 but preparing for exams for grade 4 some of which some people may have
to repeat the grade.

Anonymous Coward 453178: Is the garden of eden then a metaphor for people being animals?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Represents prior state of being in a different planet in orion with state of
full activation and god realisation conciousness 'STO'.

Anonymous Coward 453178: Are the reptilians actually real or are they a metaphor as well?

Quorum Adonai Christ: They are real, they are parts of you.

Anonymous Coward 453178 : Can you provide a brief list of "true" concepts in as many religions as you

Quorum Adonai Christ: Would take some time as I dont really look into religions as know what
there there for.

Anonymous Coward 453178 : When I die will my consciousness retain a memory of this life on earth or
will all be forgotten? Will I even have any level of consciousness after I die or will it be a big nothing?

All Questions on Reptilians are welcome here-Part 1

Quorum Adonai Christ: Your spirit will have the memory of all you experienced in this lifetime
yes, but you will change at moment you go through the White tunnel your conciousness will shift
realms the soul is like cells in your body it continuely creates duplicates in form of spirits, you have
shall we say other lifetime guides of yourself watchingf over you in your now they are known to
some as gruardin angels.

Anonymous Coward 453178: Is reincarnation real?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Yes in the purpose of it, there is a process of reincarnation in illusion if
such realm has the concept time, death is a illusion as is time death is a transition and time is a
limitation of parametres supported by physical structures with which out the physical structures
the perception of time would not exsist therefore there is no time. Truth of reincarnation is that all
life that are is will be exsist within memory and possibilitys of future in such that when the illusion
of linear finishes the conciousnes may choose to insert itself within that frame of moment and

Maxim 328069: Thanks Quorum....

I think that I read that if we are waiting for a messiah to return, we will be waiting for infinity.
Am I right in saying that when Christ returns, he will do so in order to deal with those who have hihacked
this world, the draconians....and that our escape of this dimension is not Christ related--directly-- but has
to do with the lessons that we learn while here?.

Quorum Adonai Christ: Yes, Christ will return after comets 'destroyer', the lessons are the
important part yes shall we say those who learn will be with Christ those who dont will be with the
beast for a short time. Then time itself will rebegin and those who are moving onto to newer things
will be taught by Christ and his saints while those not ready will get another chance but must begin
at begining of ancient earth, so will go through the entire prestoric till present day history again this
will continue to happen with some differences for all eternity until all souls return as a whole to the
level before uniting with God 'becoming gravity itself'.

Anonymous: Once returning to the source to become "gravity", we will still be individual beings that can
re-insert ourselves into another game like "scenario" like the one we are in, or will we just lose ourselves
forever? It sounds like becoming one with gravity is a downgrade of conciousness.

Quorum Adonai Christ: No a upgrade you become aware of all that is, you can do this whenever
you choose you have until your ready. when the kids are done playing then they can come home, but
your free to play as long you like 'analogy which big meaning'.

Anonymous Coward 454268: Because your level of coinciousness or understanding effects your chances
at ascending into higher densities, it seems that newly born children are at a huge disavantage.
It would be seemingly impossible for a newborn to ascend. Does that mean that the new borns are
doomed to repeat the cycle again without a chance?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Not entirely as some may be at that level already and came for some
purpose in the now, but yes some are not developed enough your physical age doesnt come into this
some adults are in same boat as some children it is all depedant on soul progress.

It is responsibility of the more mature to prepare the less mature and treat them as equal as in the
restriction of information because of peoples perception is it bad for children has in itself put them
in more danger than not being aware, it can all be properly taught even most scariest truths and at
young age a child can be highly matured if adult took to time to treat it as a equal and reveal both
All Questions on Reptilians are welcome here-Part 1

positive and negative truths.

For instance while the child does not know about the abductions that are occuring they can be
malipulated into being taking by such entitys it is in the knowledge thou scary that they gain the
power of choosing.

I do understand this wont be accepted well as parents naturally want to protect the child from
everything they percieve as harmful or fearful but by doing so it actually makes them less prepared
this is one biggest problems in this world and is why the youth of this generation are so easily
corrupted by the material and consumerism of the world, they have been conditioned programed
abducted and controled since a young age.

Anonymous Coward 453024: OP-What month and year do you turn 30?

Quorum Adonai Christ: 515 = 11

Anonymous Coward 453666: Thanks Op for coming back. I am grateful for all insights you share.

Couple question,

1. Has the Second Messiah made him or herself known?

2. Is this second Messiah will be of Reptilian or grey?

Quorum Adonai Christ: No human, but not from earth.

3. As the Matrix changes or distorts can different points of lights filter through such as purple, white, and

Quorum Adonai Christ: New light not known will be percievable at moment of transition.
4. When becoming aware of these frequency if a dog is near by it will bark unexpectable. This has
happend on to many occasion to be coincidence. What are your view's on that?
Quorum Adonai Christ: Animals tend to sense things that humans dont...
5. As I Step back, I sense more people are awakening but still confused. Will the mass awakening of inner
conciousness be enough to change this outcome of the great lie that has been created against our will?
Quorum Adonai Christ: Depends it is the hope of those trying to help that a maximum number
can get free this cycle but it is most probably not going to happen.
6. As I become more concious, I begin to notice more things. With mass media such as movies and
television, I sense we are being again manipulated to create against our will at full steam to bring about
the final stages of the illumiate. It's almost like thier last gasp for air to complete the final plan.
Distractions of all sorts seem to be popping up all over.

Quorum Adonai Christ: Medias are distractions but good side also uses it to give you clues to the
truth this has been and will continue to occur through artists such as producers even some music
but both sides are using all resources at present.

Anonymous: quorum, do you know anything about chemtrails? what is being sprayed over america and

Quorum Adonai Christ: Yes it is the deliberate spread of harmful chemicals nano-agents and
viruses. In the video from Dr Deagle he leaks since has been involved with miltary what is truely
being sprayed I have mentioned in prior post just two of the more common illness from this
spraying it would benefit if seek the answers to watch the video from dr deagle as he does go into
some information about the chemtrails in it. Some of the chemicals affect the mind as well.
All Questions on Reptilians are welcome here-Part 1

The tools are present use them.

Canundrum: Dear Quorum- Do you know what/which ET's are appearing to us as UFO's? Do you know
what their agenda is for appearing? And are they doing anything in particular as we see them?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Mostly it is greys, pleiadians and arturians. Wish to slowly prepare
conciousness for ET IE awareness some ufos are not craft some are IE such as concept of Orbs.

Yolgnu.: About Karma is it wrong to say that this been put again by the negative(Frequency) polarity as

And is it wrong to say that there's a way in the system core(Matrix) allowing with Certain Frequency like
LOVE and other Frequency to override any karma settings, if done properly astrologically, physically and

I even have the impression that the negative(Frequency) polarity hierarchy, what I call The Vril, put this
in place to capture souls and and try to escape karmic consequences they put in place themselves.... and I
got the impression they fell in their own trap, again...

Is all this mean something from your point of VIEW ...!

Quorum Adonai Christ: Karma is inertia, research term and you will begin to understand it, it is
one of the binding factor that causes souls to have to reincarnate yes. Love is distortion karma is
worked through by experience hence why it binds.

They know nature so use it to there advantage but are blinded by there own egos so see only what it
is they want too.

Anonymous Coward 454429: Op-could it possibly be that we all are powerful beings and we ourselves
created this matrix to contain our own irratic thoughts. As time passed, we forgot who we were. What
comes to mind when I think of this is the movie Dark Crystal. What are your thoughts?
Also, concerning genetic manipulation? We are reptilian, yes I believe this. What other entity's mixed
thier DNA with us Humans? I believe other entity's mixed thier DNA with us to help us during this time
of transition. To help us transcend or say hey,"Wake up from your dream."
thank you for your thoughts.

Quorum Adonai Christ: You were are still God, there is no seperation only in the illusion of it God
is all around you within you and the very fabric of exsistance itself. you are realms of that God
before the fall all power was yours but after as said you choose it this is all a experiment you put
yourself in for a challege thou at time you may not realised it would be until you finish lessons in it
your higher aspect always knew hence the game of chess we play. Forgeting is part of the game yes
'It has a message in that movie yes' note also the enermy in movie is lizard like and bird; you are
the living God as symbolised by yeshua/jesus Christ is the son and is the conciousness you must rise
to before uniting with God again the father all symbolic.

The Elohim-rosecrusons did and pleadians and nordics and arturians and maldekians your furture
selfs also from orion, there was 6 others of reptilian-draconian origins. None of which did it for you
all did it for themself so they could part-take in the experiment, you did leave a way for reactivation
in the DNA yes. Not very many people are going to transcend physical some will just reincarnate

All Questions on Reptilians are welcome here-Part 1

into the next level at death.

Anonymous Coward 365991: Inertia: the resistance an object has to a change in its state of motion

Quorum Adonai Christ: Hence the resistance of natural change, it is what say pushes against the
currents of gravity the natural flow of things it is by letting go of inertia 'karma' that there is no
longer resistance and the object can change it state of motion. They use this against you by
infuelencing you to do things which generate karma hence bind you to this realm through

Anonymous Coward 454457: OP.. In relation to gravity fused particles within 3d, Is the perception of a
red and blue spectral 'Dopler shift' of rapidly vibrating elements a symptom of ones own vibratory state?
If so,is the beginingof a timeless state?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Can be, new colors will also be percieved and vibrationary patterns are
goign to be felt in the body yes and the minds eye will begin to percieve the Quantum field.

You never left a timeless state it is only in perception time is percieved.

Anonymous Coward 365991: Hi Quorum- Please can you tell me, what is the way to reactivate our
DNA, or is this something we have to work out for ourselves?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Geometry, suggest reviewing all crop circles that is higher help and can
will reactivate dorment dna, crop circles are holographic inserts of projected thought by seraphim
level beings 6th density you would call them the names of God or the angels but seraphim is best
way to describe because they are the Guardians of the Gates of Heaven.

This is gonna happen naturally and the seraphim are doing it with nature. There is no reason to try
accelerate it it been designed to change as the lessons are learned the only thing that resists is

Anonymous Coward 454530: G'day Quorum,First of all I have read all your posts,and I find it a
privilege for yourself and our collective to communicate on this forum.I have been in this joint for about 7
years,since inception,and I must say mate your discussions are amongst the best and most insightful.We're
up to 14 pages LOL.I am pleased that there is an inspired being such as yourself who has the desire to
communicate.Probably GLP is the only place on the internet that will get such recognition.You will notice
verbal abusers on your thread and I admire your egalitarian equinamity in dealing with these.

I am a male and have noticed an increased resonance/frequency within myself by wearing a bracelet of
large luminescent moonstones.You mentioned the energy and power of the sygnergesic mind/thought
connections with one's emotions. Moonstone has brought a contact with my inner self and has increased
my inter-connectively with my Emotions.I feel this gemstone has opened a doorway into the depths of my
emotional being.

Quorum Adonai Christ: Emotions also distortion must be balanced to be of use but yes, crystals
and stones have frequecys and can be used to assist natural process of things they can do many
things including focus gravity into a beam that can be used to manifest with thought, ancient studys
of alchemy had such knowledge.

All Questions on Reptilians are welcome here-Part 1

Another question which I expected will be brought up by now but no one has asked you.Your reference to
comets,does this refer to planet X? What is your concept of Sitchin's hypothesis of planet X?

Quorum Adonai Christ: It is that concept planet which represents the cause for the comets to be
shifted out of there orbit and be on a course towards earth, it is a darkstar which shall be seen by
the man as a redsun in the sky for a shorttime just before the comets make public awareness
'symbologys of the bloodmoon could be tied to it or the theory of the suns twin.

Anonymous Coward 453178: Quorum how to best protect from the harmful nano-agents and pathogens
sprayed on our cities everyday? Is it even possible short of never leaving house or not wearing gas mask?

Quorum Adonai Christ: What is explained by Dr deagle can assist, as can a small device known as
a zapper developed by dr Clark she invented a small device which uses low frequecy current of
electricity to target specific harmful pathogens and viruses I myseld do use this when at any
moment I feel under the weather and it does clear out yourself it can aslo be used as a detoxication
method expect to flush out system.

Avoid all products and drinking water containing Fluoride as chemical does also supress natural
healing parts of brain. Eat a balanced diet of which keep a balanced magnesium level, some herbs
can assist as well but would take researching into shamanistic ways poppyseeds can help.

Overall problem lies in that even if you detox you will be exposed again the solution then therefore
lies in raising of the conciousness so that your atomic structure vibrates in such a way it is harder to
be infected this isnt easy to do and takes completition of imporant lessons, water in body will also
change through this process.

In areas were this is occuring it is hardest to avoid and will take displined rountining cleansing to
weaken the effects, they are also using heavy metals as well do not presume everything that does
occur is natural they can and do infuelence your resources.

I am sorry there is no solution only temporary ones. The body isnt as important as your Soul
conciousnes thou but the temple should yes be taking care of while within it.

Anonymous: Quorum, Firstly, I`d like to thank you for your illuminating material. It reminds me so
much of information passed on by a time traveler (Who was sent by ambassadors of the wingmakers.) on
this forum a couple of years ago. Especially about the reptilians and the quantum field (First Source).

Emit left many beautiful words and music such as this – “My nest among the stars still lies within the
vaporous caverns of Orion;
Amid the beauties of creation where I was first born.
Oh how I long to return!...
Return to the place of my present dreams and where a golden rainbow spanned the entire sky from dawn
till dusk.”

I notice you mention Orion quite a lot. Emit said the old movie Battlestar Galactica portrayed in drama
form our flight from Orion and the pursuit by the Animus. What do you know about the animus and their

The animusae are IE entitys which are part of the Anti christ consortium of which are a key part as much
as the draconian empire is they represent the concept of demons were the draconian types are representive
of devils. They will come same moment the rest do.

All Questions on Reptilians are welcome here-Part 1

Emit on Orion, “8. And thus the children of Orion (Humans) were pursued for seven million years until
the command went out from Shantenilia, the city of pure sentient light, to take the remaining children of
the Most High Source to the Sol system (Solar system). This accounting was in the fifth epoch of the birth
of Archadia, or twenty six million years before the birth of Immanuel (Yeshua/Jesus) the sufferer upon
planet Terra (Earth).”

Quorum Adonai Christ: Not entirely correct, However there was a evacuation at some point for
the preservance of the form, Jesus did not suffer that is not entirely correct, alot has happened since
the fall.

Here`s another excerpt from Emit`s writings.

“The Keepers of the Divine First Source, referred in literature as the Elohim, brought the Earth's life giver
with them. It was originally called Lunarius and the home abode of the Elohim was called "Caelestiarc"
or "Celestia" in some ancient texts. Lunarius stabilized Earth's rotation and provided rhythms to the
dynamics of cellular and other life forms in the oceans.
After the Luciferian rebellion, the Elohim left but promised to return at their appointed hour. They did
leave one master creator behind, the first administrator and teacher of Terra, Yahwey or Yahushua, of the
"children of the Elohim", called Adama and Eva.”

Quorum Adonai Christ: You are the Elohim in the symbolism of it, irony of it all is that you did it
to yourself through pacts not all are on earth some are in other systems and some are sts. That ship
is correct however it was present above Christ when he was born and is the was the star, the story
of Christ is not entirely correct Christ will return along with others, christ was a pleadian before
coming to earth but preior to that also lived in the Elohim world before the fall all of which look
like humans it to complicated to explain.

Quorum, what do you think about the Harvest event as written in the Bible?

Wheat and the Weeds/Tares Explained by Jesus

KJV Matthew 13:37-43
(37) He answered and said unto them, He that soweth the good seed is the Son of man;
(38) The field is the world; the good seed are the children of the kingdom; but the tares are the children of
the wicked one;

Quorum Adonai Christ: Represents the situation you are in now same as children of kaine and
Adam, the bloodlines 'notice how some peopel are just bad example of meaning' what is within
there form is say not same as you.

(39) The enemy that sowed them is the devil; the harvest is the end of the world; and the reapers are the

Quorum Adonai Christ: Again devil represents draconian, harvest represents what going to
happen at crossing the tranistion and reaper represents the seraphim which is the wave.

(40) As therefore the tares are gathered and burned in the fire; so shall it be in the end of this world.

Quorum Adonai Christ: This world end fate eventually is to become a cinder.

(41) The Son of man shall send forth his angels, and they shall gather out of his kingdom all things that
offend, and them which do iniquity;
(42) And shall cast them into a furnace of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth.
(43) Then shall the righteous shine forth as the sun in the kingdom of their Father. Who hath ears to hear,
let him hear.
All Questions on Reptilians are welcome here-Part 1

Quorum Adonai Christ: The kingdom is exsistance, all souls eventually are represented as stars as
known stars are suns. that statement doesnt just mean this time it is a statement which can be
considered for eternity.

Quorum, you talk of gravity a lot. Emit talked of the Quantum field and First Source. I wonder if these are
one and the same.

Quorum Adonai Christ: Yes same.

“A field or subtle oscillating essence permeates the known universes. It is called, by the intellects of today
the quantum field. While ubiquitous it will be stronger along certain channels, especially where the
channels meet at certain nodes. Many structures were built on these nodes because it was noticed that the
mind and chakra complex was affected in ways that aligned and enhanced this complex. Eons ago when
the Elohim first breathed life into the race of beings that later became known as the nephilim, they created
an organ for them to perceive this quantum field about them. The wave energies that emanates from the
quantum field stimulated this organ inside the brain complex and the brain processed it much like it
processes light and sound. This organ over centuries was also bequeathed to the Adamic race of present
day mankind but has atrophied into what is today called the pineal gland.

The aura surrounding all living things is intimately connected to the quantum field. This field flows
throughout the planet along very distinct lines. It also flows out into the cosmos.
When the present universes come to an end the first Source will gather what children have not returned to
it and concentrate the quantum field into a narrow band of pure substance much like what you call
plasma. This will be the conduit of escape into the next existence via the "reality gate". It will be at this
juncture that all that is or has been or will be will reconstitute itself and join with the second Source. It
will be the beginning of a new beginning. Timeless and beyond our scope of comprehension. It will be the
ultimate climax in our life adventure for it will be the salvation we will enjoy from a dying universe
among all the multiverses.”

Emit made mention of the Hosts of Adonai Eternal many times. What do you know about them?

They are the names of all souls 'names of God', they are the seraphim that are the future selfs of you and
all other souls.

I`ll leave you with these words from Emit.

“Within you lies the seeds of divinity and creativity. There have been many ascended entities who have
elected to come here and teach you this. Jesus (Yeshua) was one such person. He taught you that the
kingdom is within you ... that you could do greater things than He if only you believe... Miracles are no
longer miracles when they are accomplished through faith... the stuff that manipulates the quantum field.
It is through this field that all things are possible.”

“This era on this planet at this exact time is the beginning of a birthing; the birthing of a new humanity.
Some will ascend into higher planes of the astral realms while some will remain to finish out their hard
learned lessons. Your ability to love, show compassion and generosity will determine what, if any,
evolutionary soul jump you will experience. The change in frequencies will be instantaneous... the
twinkling of an eye!”

Quorum Adonai Christ: Has some truth, but more is missing it not that simply the lessons are abit
complex and each has to go through it to truely absorb it therefore there perspective changes and
conciousness with it.

All Questions on Reptilians are welcome here-Part 1

Anonymous: Op-Thanks again for staying this long with us. What are the different levels of learning or
transitioning before ascending to the source or father. Also, can I communicate with these entity's when
the become somewhat apparent in this density. What I see is dark human like silloutes walking around,
light orbs outside my window, and some do watch and look from the dark part of the room. They come
mostly when I become conscious or when the harmonics begin to play. When in this state of consciouness
the middle of my forehead feels a slight pressure all most illuminious when I glance at a mirror and the
middle top part of my head feel a single point pressure. At times I feel myself emerging in this point or
line or frequency going up and down it. What are you views on that? Thank you.

Quorum Adonai Christ: Well the lessons of the next densitys cant really be explained in this
density because it is the experience that will be those lessons, such concepts that exsist in such
realms in this realm dont belong. But to become the father first one must become the son 'Christ
conciousness' it is through Christ the way to the father opens 'btw these concepts are just this level
in higher realms gender does not exsist at all'.

Work on over coming karma by not making it in this lifetime and understanding it, Move beyond
the concept of time it isnt real drop most concepts conditioned into such as distance speed
measurement all else. In such realms as one which you are approaching such concepts do not exsist
you are just were you want to be within the moment it is to hard to explain as it limitless terms.
continue your questioning and the answers will come, it is itutition that brings questioning, sites
such as these have a higher possibility to awaken people than general public.

But of course it must be discerned as not everything will be helpful and in freely opened forum both
sides can use it. The light orbs are indimensional versions of yourself, could say fragments of spirit
or gruardin angels. It is a good sign you can percieve these things it does suggest a raising of
frequecy in your conciousness.

Anonymous Coward 454762: I haven't "heard" any solid solution to raising frequency and overcoming
the "sound" (sonic weapons)interferance. Any clear concise instructions? How do we repair the damage to
the DNA that blocks us from ascending? Not enough time from my understanding, to eat/drink this or

Quorum Adonai Christ: It happens naturally when you are ready I have said in the thread
already the tools that help it naturally progress, review cropcircles the images themself do
communicate to you. Soul is most important you can do everything you want to look after the body
but if your soul isnt not ready to move up it wont.

Anonymous Coward 453178I have read that orgonite is associated with very positive energies, and
people report that placing it in key areas actually keeps chemtrails from dissipating. Is this true? And if so
by what manner could this actually happen? If I want to elevate my soul and my mind, where do you
suggest I begin? Are britta/pur filters sufficient to remove harmful particles (chlorine, deadly
nanomachines) from my water?

Quorum Adonai Christ: I am unsure however tptb may not make it so that the chemicals they
want to get through can so really there no reilable company. Cause you cant be forsure unless you
test it yourself, I believe springwater is safe atm if it is safe in future I am unsure I know that there
agendas are terriable and that the Omega project end goal is replacement of you and that does
suggest systamic elimation of you.

All Questions on Reptilians are welcome here-Part 1

Maxim 328069: What I am having trouble digesting at the moment, since the beginning of this thread,
the draconians want disclosure--the more aware we are of them, the better able for them to make it--
materialize in this dimension. I mean did I get that correct????

Quorum Adonai Christ: Your doing it now, soul elevates naturally as lessons are completed
through experience. Seraphim however have been giving assistance to this through insertion of crop
circles. Looking at the cropcircles can trigger activations in DNA and is part of the natural flow.

Yes they are egotistical and like to brag they find it amusing to leave the obvious infront of mankind
yet humans in general are blind to it. Dr Deagle information is quiet actuate but like everything
needs discernment as yes everyone in world is under some type of infuelence question is have people
become aware of it that when you can begin to battle it 'head aches will incurr'. Your awareness yes
allows them to also materialize.

I was lead to the video after meditation asking for someone who has been involved who is leaking
information. Because I too like to read other views and dont just accept my basis of view if I find
that there is a comman perception and things have supported it and it supports my view then I
accept my own view easier this actually is how your perception changes too, part of the lessons are
to become responsibile for the self in doing so learn what happened how and why.

Everything including my information has to be discerned because nothing in this world will ever be
100% because of the levels of distortion information goes through to get here.

Anonymous Coward 407906: Quorum, Who is Marduk and what can you tell us about this being?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Champion of the Gods, defeater of Tiamot, a planet.

Anonymous Coward 84639: Marduk is Nimrod, also Jesus. How can you defeat a planet? Tiamat wasn't
a planet it was a dragon/Dinosaur. By planet, the ancients meant a world/civilization/order. Marduk
defeated the dragon leader and changed a world/order/civilization form Dinosaur rule to the liberation of

Quorum Adonai Christ: I see clarification is necessary.

Symbolism of Marduk represents the earth as in your destiny is to defeat the dragon tiamot which
is representive of the draconian empire and alligences once this is complete it causes a butterfly
effect across many systems therefore you will be seen as a champion of the Gods as from the
darkness you overcame back into the light.

Your past is also your future understand how the cycles spins to begin to predict what is to come

FAR: To become the father? Through christ?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Christ conciousness is necessary to achieve to move beyond 4thD it is
totally sto frequecy, it is through this conciousness you can complete the rest of the lessons which
lead to unity with the father the One God.

Anonymous Coward 329387: So.......the Bible passage that states, "I am the way, the truth, and the light;
no body comes to the father but by me...", is really not the *person*, Jesus, saying that in order to get to
heaven you have to believe he died on the cross for mankinds' sins, etc, etc, but rather the Christ
Consciousness speaking (thru Jesus and/or other beings that hold Christ Consciousness) and saying that
All Questions on Reptilians are welcome here-Part 1

no soul(?) can ascend to the higher realms of the father without, first, attaining union with the Christ
Consciousness spirit....?

I spent 12 years studying with a Kahuna in Hawaii and this was the concept we were taught. Sounds
similar to what you're saying here.

Quorum Adonai Christ: Yes not through the person but through the collective conciousness
known as Christ that jesus/yeshua is part of his teaching can help thou.

Also Jesus/Yeshua never died on the cross he ascended and left in a pleadian mothership same one
who was present at his birth. Now the dieing on cross for sins is nonsense made up by the romans
and supported by holographic inserts by draconian technologys, the reason is they want you to
believe that sin was absolved then so you dont work through your own karma and free yourself it is
a clever way to do it and has many benefits for them look at the control it has over the religionous
for one example.

Sin simply is choices which generate karma that is why it says no siner can enter heaven it symbolic
of the requirement to move beyond this level of conciousness. You can sin all you want but while
doing so you must play in lower realms with other sinners hence in those realms concepts of Evil
and Good both exsist, part of the duality and the balance of the game of chess we play.

People have the perception now that they dont have take responsibility for there choices and it
concequences all they have do is visist a preacher and the sins are resolved because of what 'christ
did on cross according to them' that is lies and symbol of cross is not meaning that they use it is
representive of the crossing coming your density/dimensions with the higher ones also called end of
time or symbolically represented as the key to the abyss opening etc.

OliverMyst 455063: Hey, OP! Do people who use heroin have lesser chance to be raptured?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Yes, depedancy of the physical drug will prevent them from moving on
also it will keep them distracted and continue to generate karma from actions they may do to feed
there habits, the whole drug industry is also part of there plans also it is way to say make money
and at same time control the public.

OliverMyst 455063: well, i took it only a few times. Once by injecting, and a couple of times by
snorting. I've never chased the dragon. I'm not actually an addict, but I plan to do it at least once more. I
don't find the feeling that good, it makes me kind of a zombie, but I am in that moment more aware and
relaxed. That's what's interesting. Can recreational use of heroin bring us back to repeating a cycle?

Quorum Adonai Christ: It will say put you of track from destiny, but if you overcome it before
death and then make effort to fix yourself then that will make up some of the damage done 'some
progress will be done'. I would advise against use of drugs they are designed to control you to
distract you and to empower economically the tptb.

Anonymous Coward 365991: Hi Quorum, Please can you tell me what sts and sto stand for?

Quorum Adonai Christ: STS= service to self those who serve themself over others were as all
All Questions on Reptilians are welcome here-Part 1

intent is for something for themself.

STO= service to others were as those who serve others over themself were as all intent is for
something for others.

in STO concepts of negativity can not exsist, in sts all concepts of negativity are present.

I.e in concept of evil the core of evil is selfishness, in concept of good the core of good is selflessness

Humanity is STS atm but it is ok to be, opportunity do come to change to STO but it is the
individual entitys choices. No one on earth atm is truely STO even those who give do so to recieve
reward wether it be emotional satisifaction for themself or viewed as saint in eyes of others it still is
done with sts in mind.

Anonymous Coward 407906: That`s extremely difficult to be completely selfless. I don`t do things for
material rewards, but I do like to feel emotional satisfaction. Does this mean one shouldn`t care about the

Quorum Adonai Christ: In STO realm there is no caring about some outcome or satisifaction it is
just a giving with no intent but to give, it to hard to explain sto in a sts realm the concepts of sts
dont exsist in sto realm.

Anonymous Coward 453178: Are claims that orgonite neutralizes harmful radiation and electrical
currents from electronics, cell phones, and cell towers accurate? What about claims that placed
strategically, it will keep chemtrails from dissipating into the atmosphere? If these claims are true, by
what mechanism does it work? I have tried to understand but it sounds like plain kookery to me. Am I
missing something?

Quorum Adonai Christ: If they were acuate do you think those using it against you would allow it
to be known? far I know there is no easy solutions to the problem I have not meditated on orgonite
nor researched it so can not give a answer. But I do not think that the enermy would make it so easy
to counteract there moves.

Anonymous Coward 453666: Op....With our own conciousness and own ethric energy are we able to
purify objects of this world that may cause harm instead of using orgonite or are we bound to this
dimension and must use these materials?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Are you able to do this right now? if not then lessons required to achieve
such levels of conciousnes as yeshua/jesus have not been aquired.

The body is not the important part the soul is and the lessons are what empowers the soul and
raises the conciousness therefore the awareness and it is the knowledge which does this through
experience of the knowledge it solidifies the mind.

Meaning that as you aquire knowledge your perception changes therefore once total acceptance of
the new perception in conciousness occurs you are complete in lessons.

All Questions on Reptilians are welcome here-Part 1

Without the experience the conditioning remains and so does the doubt as you are trying to
decondition hundreds of years of programing that is your karma until you do break free of it you
wll be infuelenced to keep making karma therefore not move on this is the enermy true power your
ignorance to this truth.

Anonymous Coward 453666: Do you know where the Reptilian Entity will make its transition into this
dimension. I have had a dream in my younger years about the rapture. I saw including myself with few
men and women bound together hand by hand in a perfect circle singing or chanting to prevent a great
evil from entering this dimension. In my dream, this occured after the two suns rose. I know now this is
Nibiru. Also, in my dream I experienced the total flip of the planet earth. I have seen great eruptions, lava
flowing,and grounds cracking open. These dreams I had came to me in the late 80's if I remember
correctly. All the pieces of the puzzle is finally coming together. In 1995, I had another profound event
happen to me and its was hence on I been able to see energy fields and faint transparent images. However,
it is only this year 2007 that conciousness has really awaken. Energy, awareness, perception, and
revolutions occured. What are your views? What are your suggestions?

Quorum Adonai Christ: They will come from underground, space and the ocean as well as have
agents amongst you already, nibru yes is the spaceark there is also comets which play a part in this
as well and a darkstar thou planet x the concept of it is the darkstar were as idea of nibru is the

It is not friendly like channelings are claiming they arnt coming to help you,that is nonsense; about
coming to upgrade your bodys is lies it more coming to make new forms to reimprison yourself then
recondition again but in a more restricted biological form they know your becoming to aware for
there own good and plan to recycle then use they parts to reform new bodys then use there
knowledge to rebind the souls to those new bodys this plan was first spoke of during time of hitler it
was known then as the Super-race.

That concept is the same as this idea that zetas and other people have brought up it is entirely part
of the grand deception and should not be trusted at all, the society that will develop from it will be
worse than anytime in your history it will be controled entirely and be the concept of the nwo worse
than the ideas presented in movie V for vedetta.

Anonymous Coward 290624: OP is still at it, and has developed a cult following it seems, just shows
how moronic people are. OP is not a messiah everyone, he is a false prophet, lonely, and bored, he thinks
he has all the answers, probably lives in his mother's basement.

Quorum Adonai Christ: Dont have all answers only some, never claimed did have said when cant
contribute, never claimed prophet only sharing knowledge allowing each individual to discern and
choose for themself what they see as relevant based on there own progress is up to them.

Your welcome to your opinion it good you dont just accept but dont call others moronic cause that
is based on perception also for another what you do sometimes could be considered moronic such
concepts are entirely not even worth using.

Anonymous Coward 438798: Hello again OP, From my readings I ran across descriptions of Earth as the
'Planet of Sorrows' or even a 'Prison Planet'. The gist of the messages state that planets such as our are '3d
learning grounds'. What is the 'role' of this planet during and after the 'Ascension' plan?Is the planet, solar
system, and galaxies, also moving up in 'frequency'? Is this an analogy of finally breaking free from the
'Planet of Sorrows'?

All Questions on Reptilians are welcome here-Part 1

Sumerian mythology has the answers to all those questions suggest review.

Anonymous Coward 455547: Quorum, how do we detect an sto or sts? By the energy we feel? Or can
they interfere with the feelings we get? Do other entities from the future try to change 'bad' things they've
created or done in the past?

Quorum Adonai Christ: At present is to extremely hard to discern since sts can act of love people
can easily be discerned so it is best to see your only messiah as yourself therefore empower yourself
and save yourself. Most sto will wait for a question before responding and will respect the destinys
of the individuals, they will say what is needed rather than we is wanted to be heard sometimes
what sto says doesnt come across so well.

There is no way to detect fully sts or sto however your natural itution can help to discern, so you
could say reading energy is possible but the ability too is harder than people think because of the
limitations in conciousness we have while here.

Maxim 450420: And by invasion, surely you mean the draconian invasion, right? Not the one with
Yeshua returning....

Quorum Adonai Christ: Yes but around same sorta time it all happens, false christ then real christ
your talking to false ones now caught sanadana.

Some of bible was changed to support there own plans including the relevations parts of it isnt as it
seems more like say this then do it so it fits and people believe it kinda things.

Anonymous Coward 407906: Do the winged Draco look like the creatures in the movie Jeepers

Quorum Adonai Christ: Some do others look like your duplications of devils and dragon-like

Anonymous Coward 407906:

"Our Impulses are being re-directed."
"We are living in an artificially induced state of consciousness that resembles sleep. The poor and the
underclass are growing. Racial justice and human rights are nonexistent.
They have created a repressive society and we are their unwitting accomplices ...their intention to rule
rests with the annihilation of consciousness.
We have been lulled into a trance.
They have made us indifferent, to ourselves, to others, we are focused only on our own gain. They are
safe as long as they are not discovered ...that is their primary method of survival. Keep us asleep, keep us
selfish, keep us sedated...they are dismantling the sleeping middle class.
More and more people are becoming poor. We are their cattle. We are being bred for slavery."

Quote from the movie 'They Live'.

[link to]

Quorum Adonai Christ: That movie has messages suggest reviewing it for insights, however it not
entirely actuate but the concepts are correct in that there is a Alien presence malipulating the world
stage but they are not the world stage as more in possession is correct way to percieve. The main

All Questions on Reptilians are welcome here-Part 1

ones still reside in orion and more head this way in ships.

Quorum Adonai Christ: A Supernova is the form of transition yes, will originate from orion.

Anonymous Coward 454457: Where did the diversity of the design of our flora kingdom come from?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Your future self.

Anonymous Coward 407906: Quorum, I have been reading the Ra material and have a question about
the following.


QUESTION: Does it work better for those of Orion to work behind the scenes to get recruits who follow
the Orion Crusaders of their own free will, or is it just as good for the Orion group to land on our planet
and demonstrate remarkable powers and get people like that? (B1, 151)
RA: Working behind the scenes is better for the Orion group in that it does not infringe upon the Law of
One by landing. A mass landing would create a loss of polarization [of the Orion group] due to the
infringement upon the free will of the planet. However, it would be a gamble.

Why are the Orion reptilians willing to take this gamble?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Because they grow desperate, also we are going to allow them to do it so
that a opportunity of lesson is present for mankind we call it shall we say the prisoners becoming
aware of the wardens.

They will wait until your hit by the completion of natures cycles first, that will be there opportunity
when time comes to standstill.

With Ra material proper interpetation is necessary as in that some of contactees were not well
shielded from orion infuelence and resulted in self destruction programing being implanted the
entity did not have knowledge of how such works therefore was lead to sucidial demise.

I have at younger age had such implanted but due to my awareness I can sort out such thoughts
from my own the implants focus on depression and fear to result in self destruction of entitys form
what you call suicide other forms are to place people into dangerous areas which orion sts entitys
can malipulate enviroment to cause a possible demise, many such programs are placed in people
they mostly result in thoughts that you yourself deny or behavours which you may not have
conciousness control over to overcome it is a battle in itself and will result in alot migrains.

Note I would like to add to change awareness perceptions your future is also your past...

Quorum Adonai Christ: I have been aloud to reveal the truth of past and future.

The past is also your future as in that your future is helping yourself in past to understand this I
want people to understand the symbol of infinity the two circles forming and 8 on it side imagine
the past and future are like this in that they are connected together and your conciousness flows
through this pattern from both circles and meets in middle and repeats.

This means that completion of a grand cycle is when your past and future come full circle this then

All Questions on Reptilians are welcome here-Part 1

means your future becomes your past and your past becomes your future, in millions of years as
you percieve it to be your higher ascended aspect of yourself will be helping yourself in a parrarel
universe of yourself in the now, this is called coming full circle and prevents total paradox scenerio.

I will explain it even more complex each cycle itself is a variable of possibilitys that as the
conciousness moves through it as the planets orbits the star of that particular galaxy the experience
is generated in that moment in the now, Following the laws of nature and the limitations placed for
that specific realm and lessons associated.

This also affects how time will react 'note again time is a illusion' time reflects apon the enviroment
based on the programing design of the dna structure within the biological enviroments, meaning
that as the enviroment changes the perception of time does and works by the variable chosen by the
design of the biological structure this is why I have said previously that time itself doesnt exsist
without supporting material factors that being the biology and momentum of this solar system
without perception of change there is no time see.

I will now go on to further explain the inter-connection of past and future, As of now your future as
viewed by your future self as a past may differ to the future you are to create in the coming cycles
this is due to that it is possible to move conciousness back in time to change the outcome of that
timeline always does futures exsist from the point of view of our now as possibilitys however in
future of yourself you see past as it occured occured to that now, this is always changable and is also
part of fun you see we play a game of chess constantly and sometimes the black side wins and
sometimes the white side wins always do we learn from each interaction this is the nature of

This will do for now as I dont want to take the fun away of self discovering for yourself in that I
reveal to much, enjoy the information it will lead you to higher truths peace. As always questions
are welcome and yes I can go further into detail in all of this the nature of the universe is what I
have studyed the most as it is the important knowledge that we must learn to become One with the

Adonai Christ

Anonymous Coward 407906: But aren`t we always (all ways) one with the source Quorum? Unless we

Quorum Adonai Christ: Origin and destination always connected but it is a progress to re-merge
back into the truth of our self.

Anonymous Coward 453666: Op Thank you for staying with us this long. I am seeing more and more
images of eyes pasted everywhere not only on television but now imensly on the internet. What are you
views on the internet and the reptilines? What will happen to individuals as they come to greater
understanding in this density which goes against the reptilian agenda? Is there really good vs. evil? How
does one merge the both when it keeps trying to seperate? When I am one it is, but once I seperate they
are. Thank you for your insight. Lastly, living in the U.S. when will Nibiru will be impossible to hide by
the reptilian agenda?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Only if individual becomes a threat to their agenda will they terminate
them, in truth there is no good or evil just the interaction of energies and our choices but that
doesn’t mean we have to agree hence the conflict. Nibiru will be spotted within a few years by
everyone, as said it isn’t as it seems remember the Sumerians said Annunki made a slave race well
All Questions on Reptilians are welcome here-Part 1

that is you but it more complicated because you sustain the STS like a food source by emotional

Anonymous Coward 407906: Quorum, Can these other 'dimensions' you speak of be reached by
physical means or by states of consciousness?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Yes, well new dimensions formed in every moment by consciousness but
other dimensions as your asking for with variations different to yours can be access by both means,
however the technology required has to be able to distort gravity such research as Nickolas Tesla is
along those friends note this also a technology that can distort gravity can not only open windows
between dimensions it can travel in time and between densities.

Anonymous Coward 454457: OP... You mentioned earlier something about a shamanistic approach to
using herbs/food etc. Have you heard of Salvia Divinorium? As this is a natural herb used by shamans
since memory and an expression of floral diversity. Do you think this particular plant may offer a tool in
universal comprehension?

Quorum Adonai Christ: It can assist but drugs are a substitute for the work, the drugs are only
there as a opener as in the person questions what they experienced and trys to figure out if it was
real or just there imagination 'note everything is both :P

Anonymous Coward 454457: Have you ever tried this plant yourself? What do you think of the concept
of merkabah?

Quorum Adonai Christ: possible tool however all tools are in truth illusionary ideas they can if
believe in them is there help to do something but in truth of everything it isnt the tool doing it it is
your conciousness, as in the language of light geometry it is all just ideas the ideas are giving a
meaning and then they are used like tools and this can varie.

Think of it like this do you want to be the one using the tools or the one creating the tools that way
you know what it made for and you do hold this power in you through geometry it can be giving
meaning, you are a result of geometry yourself that is the language that gives exsistance its a

Nibru will be spoted within a few years by everyone, as said it isnt as it seems remember the
sumerians said annunki made a slave race well that is you but it more complicated because you
sustain the sts like a food source by emotional energy.

Anonymous Coward 407906: Quorum, Is Nibiru some sort of spaceship? You mentioned a 'space ark'
before. Could you tell us more details please? Also, what are the intentions of the Annunaki this time

Quorum Adonai Christ: The concept brought up called Nibru is yes a space-ark, a planetoid
made into a mobile base station in a oblipical orbit around the outer skirts of the solar system, to
have a main operations centre for the draconian-annunaki agenda.

Annunaki are not friendly they are sts as well and do look like you and yes they were involved in

All Questions on Reptilians are welcome here-Part 1

the enslavement of you and did make the forms which bind your concouisness now but you allowed
them too 'all is part of the game' they are part of the orion union which is in alligence with the
draconian empire they are seen as superior to most reptilian hybrid types both of which support the
anti christ agenda and have gained much of there knowledge and power from the I.E beings.

There intentions are same as Draconian as in new enslavement in a new form created that will be
superior in some ways but will be also easier to control and have more blockages from Christ
conciousness, this will occur at mankinds hardest time in history 'note that in order for a new form
the old must be eliminated'.

Anonymous Coward 407906: Quorum, What of Yeshua and the Elohim (The Elders)? How will they
arrive? Do they also travel in a planetoid? I guess what you are saying is that the first wave of alien
beings shouldn`t be trusted as they are sts, but then the next lot arriving with Yeshua are sto. Is this
correct? Also, have you any idea what the time difference will be in their respective arrivals? Are we
talking 2,5~10 years or more apart?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Yeshua will return after the great destroyer and after the false Christ as
wroten, he will arrive in a MotherShip once the earths frequecy has moved fully into 4th densitys
only those left after this will see such a event please note something here not everyone will live to see

The Elohim who fell are now the creators of the rosecrusions such knowledge of such society is from
those incontact with such Elohim, not all fell however there has been those who have made pacts
and now serve the draconian-annunaki agendas. They seek to push there cultures onto you and
condition so that the frequecy is at a more digestable level for the entitys which they serve which
you could call the big shots behind it all one being as mentioned the 'god of infinite wisdom'
Moloch/Molech/Baal/Burning Bush/God of Israel and other names but those most relevent known.

Time is not relevant conciousness is, but estimate is within 4yrs but will occur this lifetime is certain
but it looking like everything will be were it needs to be in nature by 2012.

this date also will be of interest will make prediction now, 11/11/2009.

Maxim 328069: Hey there! So, you are saying that the Dracs and the Annunaki are allies, right?

I have seen quite a few times on this site that some feel that Enki of the Annunaki was Jesus. I find that
hard to believe. What are your thoughts on that? Misinformation?

How would you physically descibe the Annunaki?

And do you think that it was the Annunaki who gave the Mayans their cosmic knowledge or the Nordics?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Enki is not jesus, enki is part of those known as the annunaki however
and yes there was conflicts between them and draconian empire for a while as in different agendas
clashing thou both have simlar agendas some differences did cause warning amongst the sts as in
there nature selfishness.

Jesus/yeshua was not annunki jesus/yeshua has had lifes in both the Elohim civilisations and the
most recent before incarnation on earth was the pleadian civilisations and it was pleadian
mothership which was monitoring that lifetime, Jesus was in direct contact with the ship his entire
life and did possess advanced knowledge and abilitys but more like healing abilitys of phsycokinetic
origins and the term telekinesis was also his abilitys as well as telepathy and empathy, jesus/yeshua
could walk on water but he did not do so in that lifetime but if wanted too could of had knowledge
All Questions on Reptilians are welcome here-Part 1

too it is indeed possible to levitate, he could also if needed have knowledge of alchemy to change
water to wine but this also did not occur but rest did to degrees.

The annunaki come for the Gold as well why do you think there is mass storages of Gold in forfied
facilitys across of glode and why think the very system itself it entire foundation is based on Gold,
without Gold your dolar values means 0 why is it based on Gold ask the questions is it not
suspicious why do we are store all this gold in bars in places stacked up sitting there gathering

Gold has very unique propertys when used with technology of Scalar proportions, note it use in
alchemy as well.

How would you physically descibe the Annunaki?

And do you think that it was the Annunaki who gave the Mayans their cosmic knowledge or the

Mayans were interactings with both the Nordic and the pleadians who did not side with the sts
agendas and had contact also with seraphim level beings. There advanced knowledge came through
yes cosmic contacts.

Quorum Adonai Christ: We wish to convey the importance of discern with everything said and
researchable, we particularly wish to point out that the cassiopaea reference must only be used as a

The most relevant help in the site is the communication between the seraphim and the receiptant
this is more pure than the interpetations from the recievers, wish to also reveal that the site has
been corrupted and that the new information presented and focus is a distraction from the hidden
messages in the transcripts about the importance of the lessons.

We wish to reveal a hidden message that the site runners have neglected to see this was due to a
possibility seen and warning giving of possible outcome if they let the fame and fortune go to head
and became to egotistical in doing so. We do make the statement that we see them repeating lessons
unless a shift of direction occurs in a short period.

We will explain why the most important message that was not reviewed properly by Laura or
anyone in team was the part about how the imprisonment works, in transcripts do you remember
were it says the deceptions of the beast that caused the fall of mans souls was the believe in
knowledge wisdom and intelligence must be gained it is in that contradiction the imprisonment

For those who seek the truth through such means will seek for all eternity and this warning was not
well recieved as in that the focus has been over last few years way to much of the distractions being
played out by the orion sts and not so much on the inner work of breaking the conciousness free.

They have made a big mistake in that they have now the believe that only way to progress is to gain
knowledge that is same way the souls became imprisoned in first place, it is at a certain knowledge
you become free however the knowledge is not important as in the experience of it is what frees as it
changes the perception and that is the key.

This is obvious in that all Ark truely cares about himself and we see this is his own fame as a
scientist/physicist he has aloud the physical to distract him from the more important messages, the
distractions of the constant bickering of who is right between Laura and other groups and the other
dramas she now got hereself into also warned were all forseen this conflicting with Vincent and
All Questions on Reptilians are welcome here-Part 1

others is wasting all there time.

No were in the contact was it suggested to them to try solve everything nor was the contact telling
them knowledge alone is empowerment. As in it is more like this the knowledge experience is the
empowerment so they constant research dramas of world but in doing so distract themself from the
knowledge which brings experience which shifts the conciousness perception itself.

As I am going to reveal the most powerful protection you have that is this, in conciousness of truth
knowing that you are eternal knowing that you are a part of your experience knowing that your
experience is a product of thought knowing that you are the creator knowing that you are the
creation and the created, the most powerful protection is the awareness of yourself it is in this
awareness you become aware of your true choices your true destinys.

I will explain more you can if choose spend years and years researching the dramas of the world,
please note the reason for the dramas in first place are to distract your conciousness and generate
specific emotional responses, you can in that become aware of some things and physically protect to
degrees, can event things using material means make a name for yourself.

Or you can in itself become aware of yourself in truth and not experience such things in itself
because you become your own master. When you die if you have achieved this in this lifetime you
are automatically freed wether or not you managed to ascend physically if the lessons necessary to
undo the original fall are completed you enter back into the state of conciousness were all is known
and shared if that so be your choice.

In this level of conciousness thought creates directly there is no need for study nor time nor any
concepts that exsist here you are in itself a part of knowledge it flows through your being vibrating
waves of energy expressed in all spectrums of light, or you can search for all eternity for infinite
knowledge wisdom and intelligence and be the food of the sts the choice is yours be the pieces in the
game or the masters playing it.

Anonymous: Quorum- Another question about the Mayans and other cultures in that region...did they not
perform rituals---blood rituals? It is my understanding that rituals like that seem draconian...surely the
STO entities didn't require that they should do those. So were they influenced as well by the Dracs?

Are you familiar with The Celestine Prophecy? I don't know the copyright date, but I read it in the mid
90's. It talked of the Mayans raising their vibrational frequencies to the next dimension and that was how
their culture seemed to disappear.

Quorum Adonai Christ: Such a culture did manage to take advantage of the transition period
similar to what is to occur in our lifetime now.

Also, not surviving the first wave of what's to come...does that mean those that don't are doomed to start
over? In the Bible to paraphrase, I know there will be martyrs...but remaining faithful and pure of heart--
and not participation in the Anti-Christ’s program---would that ensure not returning to start the cycle
again in the same density?

It does matter if you die so much as if you have done necessary lessons to be eligible to move on from
this cycle, I have in my posts giving most of them rest are for you to discover, it will be extremely hard to
deny there plans but such resistance would yes be seen highly but it will not be possible as in right now
you are have been already a part of it, as have I we cant avoid it it is the way of life.

Some souls will go into other densitys in next incarnation through death process very few will go through
ascension physical process and most will most probable rebegin the cycle.
All Questions on Reptilians are welcome here-Part 1

I apologize for so many questions.....

Anonymous Coward 454457: I guess all the tools are really just a by-product of the I AM that I have
forgoten I am? One could say that illusion ends at the source yet still wonder if the source is yet another

Quorum Adonai Christ: I dont know this term I Am? does this represent in it concept the
higherself if that is the question then yes you are a by-product of the higherself in how your
percieving it now. All is real and illusion at same time as in the illusion is made real by the observer.

Anonymous Coward 407906: Quorum, Your words about reality and illusion remind me of the
Conversations With God books written by Neale Donald Walsch. Have you ever read any of them? I think
you`d enjoy them. Here`s a quote about mastery.

Book 3 p264

Yes, I have said that. And it does. The game does go on. Because one or two of you end the cycle of
illusion, that does not end the game - not for you and not for the other players.

The game is not ended until Al-in-All becomes One again. Even then it is not ended. For in the moment
of divine reunion, All with All, will the bliss be so magnificent, so intense, that I-We-You will literally
burst wide open with gladness, exploding with joy - and the cycle will begin all over again.

It will never end, My child. The game will never end. For the game is life itself and life is Who We Are.

Quorum Adonai Christ: But what happens to the individual element, or "Part of All" as you call
it, which rises to mastery, which achieves all-knowing?

That master knows that only his part of the cycle is complete. She knows that only her experience of the
illusion has ended.

Quorum Adonai Christ: 'Gender no longer exsists past 3rd density, but that line thinking is
correct however just cause your have mastered something doesnt mean you cant fall asleep again on
purpose for another challege' yes the spinning of the cycles will continue for all eternity but in end a
moment and rebegin in a moment once the game is full complete, once you have mastered the game
you then feel obligated to help others master it as in the perception gained is all is One, this
perception leads to true meaning of sharing as in such realms of sto the mind itself is legitually
shared between the entitys, no concept of selfishness can exsist in such a realm the state itself is
known as bliss no orgasms are necessary to sex is required as the state of being is the orgasm itself
such states no desires for such selfish satisfaction exsist.

Now the master laughs, because he sees the master plan. The master sees that even with her completion of
the cycle, the game goes on; the experience continues. The master then also sees the role he may now
play in the experience. The master`s role is to lead others to mastery. And so the master continues to play,
but in a new way and with new tools. For seeing the illusion allows the master to step outside of it. This
the master will do from time to time when it suits his purpose and pleasure. Thus she proclaims and
demonstrates her mastery and he is called God/Goddess by others.

Quorum Adonai Christ: In previous opportunitys demonstrations of power have been taking in
wrong context so it is now seen that such is not necessary, but im not saying things arnt going to be
shown once you reach 4th density ;) then such displays can be used to benefital enlightenment and
All Questions on Reptilians are welcome here-Part 1

taught but in 3rd density it is rather recieved as idolism, in 4th density displays of what you would
call magic will be shown openly by Christ and his saints.

When all in your race are led to mastery and achieve it, then your race as a whole (for your race is a
whole) will move easily through time and space (you will have mastered the laws of physics as you
understood them) and you will seek to assist those belonging to other races and other civilizations in
coming to mastery as well.

Quorum Adonai Christ: time is a illusion remember but yes the statement is true in the context of
the perception of the entity writing, however in a higher truth time does not exsist beyond 3rd
density realms, as I said your futureself is assisting your pastself and conciousness is beyond time

Anonymous Coward 461627: Quorum, check your spelling before hitting the post button and stop
further distorting "LAW OF ONE"! Jeeeeee.......

Quorum Adonai Christ: Before there was spelling and punctuation and gramar there was only the
letters and words the sounds formed... why focus on such distractions when the importance is not
how it is form it is in how it sounds and what it means.

Miguel Ruiz, who speaks about Toltec Nagual shamanism stated that human brains as an organ also has a
function of producing something called "aether or ether" from the mental action that occur within the
brain. Is this 'ether' perhaps the form of psychic, non-physical food, you mentioned earlier?

Brain is the physical tool that interpets the holographic enviroment it is creates within structures that
themself are holographic, it is yes through brain that physical interacts with the mental psychic parts and
therefore the energy that you have called ether is created yes the transfer of the energy is through the
concept known as charka, it is necessary to malipulate the physical enviroment so that the brain responds
in interpetations in such fashion that properly emotional frequecys are generated.

Anonymous Coward 441506: Quorum another question, From what many sources it seems that the
"Orion Group" is more like a hierarchy with the Draconians at the top to other humans and Greys at the
bottom. Is this true? Are there other 'groups' that exist to fight/defend/oppose the "Orion Group"?
Also from what I have read it appears that there are very few actual Draconians on earth. Do you know
how many there are and where they reside either 3rd dimensionally or somewhere else in the 4th

Quorum Adonai Christ: It is a hierarchy structure yes based on a slave like system, at top is the
IE entities then more physical humanlike, reptilian, dragon like ones and many other varies of
beasts insect and bird, the greys are yes at a lower position in hierarchy structure they are more
acting as sheppards for the reptilians which also not that high themselves.

There has been conflicts yes and oppositions to such hence the game we play; there are mostly
Plaedian and Nordic rebel factions which did not side with draconian agendas which do openly
conflict even now at interdimensional levels.

That is correct most draconian types exist within 4th density realms however some will see such
physical forms of such during transition period as in once earth has moved itself into 4th density
realm space then what was not seen will be therefore the age of revealing.

All Questions on Reptilians are welcome here-Part 1

Dimension is wrong concept to consider in specific number system levels it is more density that is
correct concept, which as a frequency is represented by the rate it vibrates, the short cycle waves
represent higher density realities dimensions themselves are the holographic realms created by
interaction of consciousness and gravity therefore there is only one true Dimension which is the
dimension of gravity all else is in itself a temporary duplication for purpose of a experience.

Anonymous Coward 454457: AC... I'll be straight with you. There are multiple 4d species directly
engaged in the human process. There seems to be some collective 4d agreement which allows the
possession and direction of 3d vessels. For the souled human, this means a physical life of experience and
learning through which all of creation is offered the opportunity to grow.
The source doesn’t really prefer one thing over another yet the constant interplay of beings and their
created things is a constant source :) of playful enjoyment.

Quorum Adonai Christ: It is nature, the physical reason and traumatic experiences tied into the
state of world now and reason for interaction of the 4d cycles with 3d and such is because of the
events during the atlantaen civilization, nothing they have done to you has not been permitted by

Darza: Ho Quorum, You shared about the reptile hierarchy. How do the Annunaki relate to this

Quorum Adonai Christ: They are part of Orion union which controls the draconian empire, they
are the masters of the reptilian types are considered royalty within both factions of STS hierarchies,
you speak of the ones who are said to made man for slaves to mine gold yes? that is more correct
only in the manipulation of the biology however the gold mining is only part of it but yes there is a
reason tied into the Annunaki why Gold is so important in the economic systems, note how it is
stored in bricks like it waiting on something ask why have millions of golden bricks just sitting in

Anonymous: Is it to do with monatomic gold?

Quorum Adonai Christ: That is one aspect of it however that substances can be used to further
control the user would not advise such methods of psychic acceleration as in those of such will use
such so that they can control you psychically.

However gold in itself has massive potential in technologies that works with gravitation
manipulation and it frequencies example is that there will be a pushed agenda under guise of global
warming concerns for new light installations these new globes will contain filaments of gold that
can easily be utilized by facilities such as HAARP to affect emotional and mental states of any
within vicinity.

We call this tactic covertly creating a control matrix using the very items that give people light the
firsts steps were manipulations through phones, televisions, radios, computers and other electronic
devices however it is now being pushed towards total EM control grid of population in preparation
for deliberate influencing of responses during coming catalytic events. There plan is for maximum
generation of emotion substance, as well as during such full control of population that will be asked
for by the people.

Anonymous Coward 441506: It almost sounds like you are saying that in the future, emotional
manipulating systems will be in place and a "bring out your inner beast" button will be pressed to get the
folks into a 'frenzy'...
All Questions on Reptilians are welcome here-Part 1

Quorum Adonai Christ: Along that line of agenda yes, full control is always there goal it is there

Is there anything one can do to not fall under external emotional and mental manipulations? You stated
that 'to KNOW thyself' is important... can you provide more details that may help to cause some
important realization to occur for me?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Awareness is key, knowledge of such allows for experience which changes
perspectives therefore empowers individuals souls. Know thyself is important in this aspect as in
the knowledge of self allows one to become one’s own master hence all others masters become void.

Anonymous Coward 407906: Hello Quorum, Could you tell us more about Yeshua and what part he will
play in the coming times?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Yeshua is the way showing of the 4th density realms, he shall be the
teacher of those who are new in doing so he is to play a part as a step towards God through of
teaching under the Christ consciousness which he and those who he will teach will become a part of
is will be. He shall be a Plaedian at this time and shall look as humans are and have much to show.
His appearance will occur after a great cataclysm has affected the earth then he shall be seen once
shift has been and show through media truth that has been hidden, it shall be a time of revealing
and there shall be two armies those of Christ those of anti Christ this shall happen within this
lifetime for all present.

Anonymous Coward 407906: Does this showdown and step towards God have anything to do with the
world`s population being at over 6 billion? That would explain why many would wish to incarnate at this

Quorum Adonai Christ: The population of now is similar to the ancient time of Atlantaen
civilizations the events that will proceed will allow for absolution of karmatic debt to be played out.
So answer to your question is yes it plays a part but only one piece to puzzle.

Anonymous Coward 441506: Can you provide more details as to what happened during the Atlantean
era you speak of regarding 'what we permitted to occur to ourselves'?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Very well permission giving for alteration and hybridization from the
Atlantean civilization to draconian empire under guise of improvement similar to concept brought
on by zetas as in the new body’s going to be made for you that are going to be better such lies are
also your past and future, remember history repeats itself there is reasons time is cycles when

traumatic events preceding such decisions allowed for direct manipulation of destiny profiles the
reflection upon this choice in nature was in form a great cataclysms which destroyed most of the
Atlantean civilization and colonies this traumatic experience was suppressed within the memory of
DNA that you current do possess now and is a underlying factory of why mankind is so
psychopathic in behavior.

This decision therefore brings with it such consequences that have been in this cycle and the
ignorance to this truth and manipulations that have occurred and state of worlds consciousness at
present will bring forth dire consequences at completion of cycle as in the original plans by the STS
entities will be completed.

All Questions on Reptilians are welcome here-Part 1

Understand this from moment they caused the fall of your civilizations they had planned to lead
you to point you are now for an even bigger agenda.

Maxim 450420: Hey Quorum, About the lighting globes you were talking about...would they be the ones
that they are promoting now, the ones that use less energy but have mercury in them? Or will it be a new

Quorum Adonai Christ: That is part of it, it will be pushed further there will come laws that will
force people to change to these new lights, strobe like lights, florescent also.

Anonymous: Hey Quorum, About the lighting globes you were talking about...would they be the ones that
they are promoting now, the ones that use less energy but have mercury in them? Or will it be a new one?

Anonymous Coward 441506: Hi Maxim, Are you referring to the high efficiency long lasting light bulbs
that consumers can buy? Quorum, are you suggesting that these light bulbs are a component that will be
used to control our emotions and thinking?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Yes

Anonymous Coward 441506: Hello again Quorum, from your previous posts you referred to yourself as
a "gravity worker". Is there a difference with the term 'light worker'? Also, do you consider yourself in
physical danger from sharing some of these ideas? Are 'light/gravity' workers 'protected'?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Yes difference is light is a distortion of gravity as gravity is the core of all
things, the perceptions of gravity workers is purer in truth than those of light workers because it
understands the ying and yang properly were as light workers only look to the side they agree with
the gravity workers is a lighthouse amongst a dark storm and helps the ships cross safely, it is well
aware of the dark storm and knows it purpose.

Light workers are more at risk as than those who are gravity workers, as in light can blind but
gravity is clear like a crystal lake. I have no fear because I know therefore fear is not necessary I
use it like anything else a tool.

Anonymous Coward 441506: Hi Quorum, is what you stated above related to the "mark of the beast" or
implant/registration you mentioned earlier?

Quorum Adonai Christ: It is a further stage of such marking at present the mark is the financial
market, hence why they aim to get you into debt through debt/credit industries under the VISA

let just say this cybernetic technologies will be the final mark placed in those who become a part of
the beasts armies in near future, prototyping will occur in stages beforehand the more technological
and deeper meanings of the mark of the beast will present itself at a later date.

Anonymous Coward 441506: Also 666 being the "frequency of the beast". Can you provide more

Quorum Adonai Christ: Desired vibration frequency for digestible food of STS polarity, those
who fall victim to such will be affected by the woes of the beast as in they must keep the food at the

All Questions on Reptilians are welcome here-Part 1

correct frequency in doing so means traumatic experience.

There sure are a lot of stressing, worrying, fear inducing news... even looking at most of the thread
subjects on this forum site speaks volumes I think.

Quorum Adonai Christ: yes perception is key, the art of controlling ones emotions through
balancing helps in this as in unstable emotions lead to further instabilities therefore it only further
empowers STS. You make the choice to allows fearful to be fearful or not, hence perception is the
key to overturning all fear and using it as a beneficial tool rather than a unbeneficial tool remember
this all tools are available to all including the darker side and the lighter.

Anonymous Coward 441506: Greeting Quorum, So certain kinds of news triggers an output of desired
emotional/mental 'radiation'... or our news are designed to place ourselves in the 'negative polarity'?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Influences of both is occurring, direction towards negatively charges of
polarization is also goals however to achieve full polarizations takes great acts of evil therefore most
of population is not polarizing however some are.

Also, how does one convince a soul to 'jump into a new and improved' freedom restricting body? You
mentioned that in the past traumatic experiences had folks clamoring for the new suites. How about in
today's time?

You present baskets of goodies and ask do you want some; only you fail to mention it will rot their teeth,
therefore it is their choice and they must deal with consequences.

events shall influence the acceptance of the changes yes, I will give you idea of how this plays in
checkers your main objective always is to lure the opponent into positions where as in small measure of
moves you can take all there pieces hence win the round.

Do they have to physically 'kill' you and the being needs to be in a certain 'state of being' to get
imprisoned in the new body?

Can may but will wait for opportunity presented during completion of natures cycle reset mechanisms.
Meaning they will allow nature to kill most you influencing the rest until it meets number value they aim
for, they do intend to do this after-death you are correct in assuming that it does mean death of your
physical body for the new to be incarnated into.

Anonymous Coward 441506: Hello again Quorum, Is Self LOVE?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Love is a distortion of gravity which is in context of esoteric

Unconditioned Love, it takes moving through all levels of distortion before full realization and
utilization of gravity 'unconditioned Love' is possible.

Anonymous Coward 441506: Hello Quorum, How does one become a Gravity Worker?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Completion of lessons, move beyond light worker long process however
in simplicity it is a matter of allowing the change of perspective 'telling you how to become is not
really possible as in your lessons are yours'.

All Questions on Reptilians are welcome here-Part 1

Anonymous Coward 454457: High OP. What does or would that level of Love feel like? And what do
you mean by 'utilization'?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Best term to describe such level is known as orgasmic, utilization is when
one's thought create through direction distortion of gravity in the now. Concept would be
considered if view from 3rd density as a God, immense power beyond description.

Anonymous Coward 441506: Hello Quorum, I believe you stated that the "Plaedian" Yeshua didn't
wholly achieve his 'objectives' two thousand years ago. What was his primary objective?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Enlighten was the main objective through giving of knowledge that could
if utilized properly would empower the individuals therefore making lessons to follow years after
much easier, this failed and concept in itself became more a problem than a solution this does mean
that Yeshua must complete what he has said and come back sort out mess that has occurred in his

Was he here to 'teach' the concept of 'brotherly love'? I have found very few 'Reptilian' related information
during this time, were they aware of Yeshua unique being or his purpose or task?

They influence the corruption of his messages he did not die on no cross that is deliberate sabotage and
was done through usage of technologies, one such concept is brotherly love however there was much
deeper messages most of which have been left out of the texts. Yeshua had the knowledge to train a
disciple to perform supernatural ability is one example.

Also are other deities such as Mithras or Quetzalcoatl the same 'Plaedian Yeshua'?

Anonymous Coward 441506: Hello Quorum, The fall from 'higher' (from 4th?) density you spoke about
earlier, did this occur from the fall of the Atlantean culture/society? Before. Or, were humans on earth at
that time in a '4th density' existence?

Quorum Adonai Christ: 3rd 4th while on Orion home world of human experiment represented by
concept Eden, Atlantean civilization was at similar position we are now as in approaching


In regards to what you said about infinity (figure 8 symbol) and the nature of the TRUE Self, I guess that
in the big picture our beings may have climbed to even higher 'densities' and also falling to lower
'densities'... and if this is the case, it is all about experiencing experiences and because it has happened so
many times, getting caught up in the minute details to 'things' are starting to feel a little 'superfluous', or

Quorum Adonai Christ: All is lessons and lesson are fun, you are correct to presume that you can
choose to go back a grade if have already achieved such, doing so however also means you have to
pass that grade again hence the fun sometimes this can be fun to try.

Anonymous Coward 441506: Hi Quorum, The plan that has taken "50,000 years" in the making and
planned for 'us' on this planet, is this a unique experience to this planet only? Or are 'others' going
through a 'special time' as well? The Alex Collier sourced information stated that the "whole galaxy" is
being 'called by a Central Sun' to move up in density. Will all of creation (other than us humans) also
experience something out of the ordinary when us humans on earth experience our 'end times' you
All Questions on Reptilians are welcome here-Part 1

mentioned earlier?

Quorum Adonai Christ: you are a spec in the fabric of existence, all cycles are coming to
completion at same time all experiencing worlds are going to have opportunities of transcendence,
in concept of central sun causing a moving up in density as you have stated that is correct to
presume however not all from that source is of truth.

It is more correct to understand it as the flow of nature as in natural progress of things is change;
you could call nature the will of the creator yes.

Anonymous Coward 441506: Hi Quorum, Do you have specific examples of mistruths or half truths
from that source?

Quorum Adonai Christ: No, but being within a distorted world it is actuate to presume not all
information from such sources is correct, hence the necessary use of discernment. I will review his
work and get back to you later on question as I have never read it fully before.

Also, does this mean that nature and all things around us naturally rise up in density then our very
environment is sort of assisting us to rise as well? Or the environment is getting more 'conducive' for
ascension or (upward) evolution?

Quorum Adonai Christ: That line of thinking is correct however you also assist the environment,
it is both please note is it only a opportunity it does not mean everyone will be reliable.

Anonymous Coward 441506: Hi Quorum, So is it fair to say that it 'is the will of the Creator to
remember thyself'?

Quorum Adonai Christ: That is part of it is all that is nature, that is the will of the creator 'nature
is always in change see'.

I guess that is like 'recognizing' the Creator in a 'new way'.

Quorum Adonai Christ: Yes perspective is key, consciousness raises as perceptions change
therefore new lessons become available, the experience of life is to develop the consciousness it is a
fun game.

Anonymous Coward 441506: Hello Quorum, I believe you stated that the "Plaedian" Yeshua didn't
wholly achieve his 'objectives' two thousand years ago. What was his primary objective?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Enlightenment was the main objective through giving of knowledge that
could if utilized properly would empower the individuals therefore making lessons to follow years
after much easier, this failed and concept in itself became more a problem than a solution this does
mean that Yeshua must complete what he has said and come back sort out mess that has occurred
in his name.

Was he here to 'teach' the concept of 'brotherly love'? I have found very few 'Reptilian' related information
during this time, were they aware of Yeshua's unique being or his purpose or task?

They influence the corruption of his messages he did not die on no cross that is deliberate sabotage and
was done through usage of technologies, one such concept is brotherly love however there was much
All Questions on Reptilians are welcome here-Part 1

deeper messages most of which have been left out of the texts. Yeshua had the knowledge to train a
disciple to perform supernatural ability is one example.

Also are other deities such as Mithras or Quetzalcoatl the same 'Plaedian Yeshua'?

Anonymous Coward 441506: Hi Quorum, Can you provide more details as to why his 'task failed'? Was
it the case that the disciple and the people could not understand him?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Deliberate manipulation of the messages by STS forces through
influencing of Romanian bloodlines, many of the societies today formed during those times. The
corruption is in use of his name for the promotion of a very distorted believe system that uses truths
but distorts in such way that it provides binding rather than unbinding consciousness.

I have read that Yeshua never wrote anything down and religions don’t seem to stress anything about
'enlightenment' at all. Can you provide some details to what his message regarding 'enlightenment' is or

Quorum Adonai Christ: There is records of his words however it has been promoted incorrectly
in it meaning on purpose for corruption of the messages there has also been parts left out and parts
tampered with even in some but not all biblical texts 'the Torah remains purest or as some know it

I find his parables comforting:

The return of the prodigal son
The camel and the eye of the needle
The seed and fertile mind
The shepherd and the sheep...
The kingdom being inside..
Referring to God as the 'Father'..

Where those parables valid ideas regarding the 'enlightenment' task you mentioned earlier?

Word can have deep meaning that only wise men can see...

Quorum Adonai Christ: Word karma is appropriate to use in concept of that parable as in result
of having karma the word inertia is appropriate to use.

Anonymous Coward 441506: Hi Quorum, If there is any 'truths' to the idea behind 'The Law of
Attraction', can you provide details to this idea from a 'gravity worker perspective'?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Very well, law of attraction is more tied to the law of cause and effect as
in that which is done shall be also may be done to thee, it is a part of the physical experience in
saying this it is more what you choose to do that attracts experience to you.

However because of this being a duality therefore consideration of concept balance is necessary as
in understand balance is akin to understanding magnetic polarities therefore the law of attraction
follows the laws which govern the polarity interaction of the positive and negative.

So in concept of giving out to much love and having a negative result that is true, example some
All Questions on Reptilians are welcome here-Part 1

people get annoyed when one is to overly loving as in it becomes less special to them and they bore
of it, therefore the result of such becomes negative.

Light workers have confused this concept with karma, as in karma is what binds it is nothing to do
with what you send out then coming back as some sort of punishment it is the inertia that must be
overcame to proceed into higher cycles of experience 'those experience can be consequential of
course' therefore karma is the resulting lessons to allow for absolution of what binds one to the
realm of experience.

I'm sure there may be profound divergences from a 'light worker perspective'.

After our discussions, the idea of a 'light worker' seems false as it appears to be 'squarely inside duality

Perhaps what many people feel as being associated to a light worker really means gravity worker. The
confusion may stem from the 'new age' happy blissful ignorant love and unconditional type of love is seen
as the same thing.

Quorum Adonai Christ: Blinded by the light, to avoid facing the darkness...

Anonymous Coward 441506: Hi Quorum, Can you provide more details regarding 'Service to Others'
state of mentality, being, and expression is like from a 'gravity worker' perspective?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Very well from the perspective of a gravity worker the darkness is viewed
as light and light is viewed as the darkness there is no separation all is the interaction of energy
through nature which is result of consciousness which is gravity therefore the perspective is the full
understanding of balance and this leads to knowing all is One.

This means that in every moment of choice it is done for the self and others at same time, in such a
mentality of being it is unnecessary to perceive any concept that in itself is selfish therefore there is
no desire therefore duality does not exist but duality can be viewed upon as a observer.

kyle 462483: wow op I’ve been reading this thing since yesterday and I’m very impressed with
everything you know. You've opened my mind almost fully but I still need to know a few more things to
awaken myself. First question. How should I meditate? I know you said the triangle is a key component
for energy but should I maybe draw it on my forged and cheat to better help meditation? Second question.
Is there any truth to using stones like amethyst in meditation or awakening or controlling chakra?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Meditation is in whichever method you decide is appropriate for you,
usage of crystals can assist in this if that is what you yourself believe, understand that charkas are
not as important as the lessons to raise consciousness but through harmonics and utilizing crystals
it can assist in awakening as you call charkas, which are really just inter-dimensional gates for
energy which ATM as I've said before are used by STS to sustain themselves through emotions they
transfer the electromagnetic radiation you give off to higher density realms and there dimensions as
well as some link your consciousness to those realms.

Darza : Hi Quorum, from another poster I learned there are beings inside inner-earth and there is a war
going on there. Can you confirm this? Do you know who is fighting who?

Quorum Adonai Christ: That is possible conflicts are happening all over the place, when you say
inner earth do you mean inter-dimensionally or do you mean underground answer to both is yes,
All Questions on Reptilians are welcome here-Part 1

conflicts do occur inside earth around the earth outside the earth on the earth and under the earth,
the concept you speak of would be considered in mythology as the underworld. I do not know who
is fighting who but I’d say factions of STS most probably.

Anonymous Coward 441506: Hi Quorum, Can you teach us how to teach ourselves to be able to as you
said earlier 'be in Hell... with a Smile'?

Quorum Adonai Christ: The entire thread been about preparing for that.

If I ever find myself in dire circumstances, I would also like to be able to really 'smile' about it and also
help others around me to 'smile' as well.

Do you have any additional comments you can share with us along this subject that may help with

Quorum Adonai Christ: meditate on moment of birth.

Anonymous Coward 454457: Hi OP - I have another question/s. How can one live in the moment and in
the 'world' at the same time. How is it possible to be responsible, independent i.e. not a taker, in the
struggle of life/comprehension between two or more realities?
How can a person continue to function in (what many consider) illusion while being bombarded with
reality and STO can/will find such a person plundered of all there is to offer while afterwards being left
with nothing? When life pushes a being to the ultimate choice. What is the sacrifice and have you had to
endure this narrow part of the path?

Quorum Adonai Christ: In your realm you can’t, however if you were to you would find yourself
is suited STO realm next incarnation or through physical ascension 'which happens very rarely' but
for now it is too hard to not be STS when in STS realm because everything you have learned know
think even your personalities is STS so it is like undoing the that and in truth it not entirely
necessary as there is opportunities of change that the source brings at certain points in illusion of
time cycles but the cup must be empty.

Anonymous Coward 454457: Quorum...What are the precise keys/tools to overcome the gravity that
binds the matter of the physical body thus encountering a possible process of 'transfiguration'?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Unsure what you’re asking gravity doesn’t bind, it allows the completion
of the lessons is all you have do and the lessons can’t be told to you however you can learn by
observing as well.

requires are understanding responsibilities of self, understanding of basis of karma, understanding

the laws of cause and effect, understanding the law of attraction, understanding nature all which
are the laws that is not all of it.

but if I was to say tell you everything I’ve learned then in itself is like me giving you answers to a
test that means you leave that classroom without understanding and would struggle in the next
therefore it is impropriate to do so however giving you my notes is aloud which you can use as a

All Questions on Reptilians are welcome here-Part 1

Anonymous Coward 454457: Yes! I totally agree on your perspective on giving answers to the tests.
However. Even if I did or could offer answers. One probably couldn’t comprehend them until they had the
experience for themselves.

Its not that we wish to take away from the experiential journey. We just offer to share our journey so that
others can choose to see the pitfalls along the way and by free will, avoid them. If it suits the rate and
means of that journey. At no point do we suppose to suggest that something 'actually is'. We just tell what
has happened to us. I'm sure that if you truly loved someone that was walking a mountain path that you
had walked a year earlier when you fell off a ledge and broke a leg preventing the rest of the trail... You
would probably want to mention it? Many in history have tried to do this. It’s our nature to ignore and
work it out for ourselves. Sometimes even the suggestion of the cliff is the manifestation that sees many
take the perceived fall by the wayside.

Quorum Adonai Christ: naturally if one knows all is self then one would want to assist other self
by offering the knowledge of their own experience to make the other selves easier. You are correct in
this presumption. Hence it is wise to not only learn from ones mistakes but to learn from other
peoples mistakes as well.

Anonymous Coward 438798: Hi Quorum, This reminds me of the words 'there is nothing outside the
Self'? It is something that I heard but did not fully comprehend the meaning. Also, is 'consciousness' the
matter of the 'universe'?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Do you mind if I don’t use grammar punctuation or worry of spelling as
in stopping the flow will allow more distortions if this form of communication is too hard to see then
I will return back to separating it into spaces and use grammar and punctuation and check spelling.

iousnessistheunstabilityofgravityhencefluxuatesgravityisstab lehenceisconstant.

Maxim: more truthful is consciousness is the gravity of the universe

matter is a distortion caused by interaction of thought

thought is the utilization of consciousness which is also gravity for they are One

consciousness is the instability of gravity hence fluxgates.

Gravity is stable hence is constant.


That is very insightful. Would you care to add anything else?


All Questions on Reptilians are welcome here-Part 1

Quorum Adonai Christ: Look to the oceans waves and currents the same process is how universe
works 'nature reveals'.

Anonymous Coward 454457: Quorum...I wasn’t aware that one could perceive 'the light' until they had
faced/released 'some/most/all' darkness.

What form of light is this you speak of?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Light in as blinded can’t see the darkness, gravity is like a ocean it is
clear only distortions make it murky both can be seen in a clear view but if one focus only on light
on that which they perceive as positive then the darkness can creep up without being seen or
operate without being spotted, note that what hides in darkness is viewable with light but note also
darkness vanishes when in light so never is it faced.

Anonymous Coward 454457: I have discovered that the cup must be 'over-flowing' before a physical
ascension can take place. At the point of 'empty' no entities delight in the possession of a vehicle. They
leave, enabling the intended director of the body to fill again and continue its journey.

Quorum Adonai Christ: But the water in the cup needs to be pure, offering from the well but the
cup must be clean and empty.

I am curious OP, as to how you survive the journey given your apparent insight? How you are able to
control the myriad of emotional sensations you may feel as you walk down the street passing hundreds of
bodies containing thousands of spirits.
To consider that all is one may be fine, yet to perceive the very 'grit'. You must be very strong?

I experience all your emotions only I try not to let them overcome me; emotions are not bad if in balance
they are an amazing part of experience. I have shed tears in what I know it is hard not too for it is like a
part of me struggling that I can’t help because it won’t let me.

Anonymous Coward 454457: That is true! Also one of the reasons 'my'; cup isn’t overflowing. It isn’t
half full or half empty either. It’s nothing. If you make it at thirty... Pls come give me a tap.
I guess by then, you'd know who I am. It’s an amazing place. Duality becomes a union in one.
Really OP... Someone’s got to do it, right?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Well 4th is also duality but beyond that it begins to merge yes, but in 4th
higher lessons can be processed so it is yes a amazing step up but will be at first trailing but the
rewards later are worth the muddy lake you must cross.

Anonymous Coward 454457: Do you feel ready? Have you experienced parts of it b4?
I'm guessing you have some kind of pressure building?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Yes but there is a lot in 3rd density that is fun to explore so if anything
I’m slowing down the process on purpose, could call it stalling a little.

kyle 462483: thanks again quorum. Just one more question. Is there anything you can tell me of how to
speak or communicate with the creator? Also is it possible to get a better grip on my mind or meditating

All Questions on Reptilians are welcome here-Part 1

by fasting? And how long should I fast for?

Quorum Adonai Christ: You are the creator speak to yourself, ignore the perception of humanity
that you’re crazy for doing so you can communicate to anything even nature.

Again fasting or meditating if it helps you is up to you as in it is the belief that is the key to it
assisting or not Consciousness is everything, everything is consciousness see.

Anonymous Coward 462483: my bad my bad. Forget the fasting question. Can you tell me is there
anything I can do to learn the language of the lights? The same language everybody in the ancient past
spoke with before the flood? I'd really like to learn this language or just the basic sounds at least.

Once the transition to 4th density occurs you will find it easier to know such a language.

Anonymous Coward 454457: OP... Is it possible that the heart could be a higher mind?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Yes

Anonymous Coward 454457: How so?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Heart is where is the soul the link to your higher self, it is your heart the
guidance of higher self leads to destiny however this must be with a balanced mind so that is can
interpret the voice of the heart so to speak.

Anonymous: Hello Quorum- I have a few questions I hope that you could give some insight into
Is the sun a portal?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Yes in context of a window, it relays information in form of light that
allows the realm to be. It is a 6th density visual representation that you are seeing all things become
it and yes it is also intelligence.

Anonymous: Where did the materials used by previous civilizations go? I read that at the end of cycles
when the earth is reset as such only very little organic material remains in its same state as before. Will
that happen this time (this being a great cycle completion)?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Last process to occur is an event which turns the planets back into the
plasma it began as, that eventually happens. So yes the idea that very little to non organic material
realms is correct, even the process of creating a planet can be experienced.

Anonymous: If another distant advanced civilization moved to 4th density at our expense does this mean
that at this juncture they would have to come back down because of the karma involved or do we move

Quorum Adonai Christ: Let just say that entities that are involved in your karma and there will
yes play a part in coming events.

Anonymous Coward 392665: Why must I physically cross my wrists and feet in order to go into dream
state? Because you believe it?

Can you give an example of acting from both STO and STS at the same time? This is the most interesting
All Questions on Reptilians are welcome here-Part 1

concept that I have come across in a while as I was pondering how to enact an understanding of polarity.

Quorum Adonai Christ: The concept of a good giving person who lives there life with motto 'do
onto others as you would have them do onto you' would be considered what you are proposing
however because in realm we are in it impossible to be fully STO so they will remain STS mostly
but will have STO quality’s.

Do you believe that the playing field has been unfairly tampered with in the favor of darkness especially
in terms of man and free will? I doubt it based on your previous replies as to how we have gotten to this
point now and previously in history. I look at it as that we all contributed to bringing the world where it is
right now and if it can be agreed that it is messed up them we collectively take the blame. At least we get
the opportunity to make a different choice on the same test.

Quorum Adonai Christ: Unfair isn’t right way looking at it more like compassion for your
situation that was brought about by your ignorance.

Why is there such a strong savior concept residing in human consciousness if we are the ones responsible
for this mess? Somehow we prefer to sit on our hands waiting than make any steps to deal with problems
we created.

Quorum Adonai Christ: Because only you can save yourself and the outside savior concept is
deception so you fail to save yourself. In end of it all you are one who makes the decision therefore
you are the concept known as savior all else is simply tools to that realization.

Why do people doubt that they have the ability to discern truths and especially determine what is right for
them? Is there still a place for guru type characters in society?

Yes gurus in concept of such are wise and can help others to learn but always must even they be discerned
for they themselves are also learning.

Lastly, what do you think about the "Ascended Masters"? This group seems quite convenient as they offer
both guru and savior wrapped in one as well as enough diversity to provide what each type of seeker is
looking for.

Quorum Adonai Christ: Your higher self is that concept, I don’t believe it would call itself
ascended master since in truth of it more just a higher state of your consciousness which already
does exist only at present your limited from it.

Thank you for the information provided so far in this thread. It is very useful in painting the big picture.

Anonymous Coward 438798: Hello again Quorum, Do you have anything else to say in regards for one
to live and express from a place of 'inner peace' even while surrounded by intense experiences of
'gnashing of the teeth' type expressions? ;)

Quorum Adonai Christ: Look into the past in a new light.

Back to the 'gravity workers' perspective in seeing all (specifically that light is dark and dark is light, or
simply is all), that is again about 'unconditional love'. Is that an important 'realization key'?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Yes but this is normally not even known as levels such as this were
talking end game moves here ;).
Is 'seeing beauty in all things' an expression of this? Also what you described seems to say the middle
way, or neutral, or that you 'love' the 'light and the dark'?
All Questions on Reptilians are welcome here-Part 1

Quorum Adonai Christ: Yes nature is beautiful, darkness and the light is a part of nature so how
can we place prejudice on one side of nature, understand this I do not agree with what the more
negative side does the STS but in their choices it is there nature in their perspective they see it as
normal as good so you see I may act in opposition to these moves on the chess board but I also value
their participation in the game.

Anonymous Coward 438798: What you said here really makes me think about the concept of 'empathy',
of coming to understand one another and ourselves. We realize not what we do...Do you have anything to
say regarding 'Forgiveness'? Is there something important to realize there?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Forgiveness is a complex lessons you see it going be very hard to forgive
what many have done to you once it realized one example is when you are aware of what the STS
have done there will be a natural negative reaction most probable to this which is not looked down
upon and is also part of the lessons.

But once it all done then to progress further Forgiveness is necessary so in higher light to it
forgiveness is a much higher density concept but also know forgiveness is also distortion as in
Gravity doesn’t ask for any forgiveness or seek to forgive because it does not see any reason for
such concept but in lower density lessons to progress it is one of the lessons yes.

If you can forgive someone of something is neutralizes the experience therefore it prevents any
further consequence experiences as in your retaliation to it may lead you yourself to more harm it is
all choice you have all the right to respond to as example being hit then hitting back but the choice
in how you react is entirely yours and if you forgive you release baggage of that experience hence
neutralizes 'suffering is prolonged the longer you allow the chains to remain'.

Anonymous Coward 438798: It seems you are saying that when all the 'skeletons start popping out the
closet' people are naturally going get really pissed. One can easily 'lose thyself' in anger, is that true?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Yes even I have experienced such this lifetime, we can act iritic when
angry and then after we can regret our own actions.

Anonymous Coward 438798: "Peace begins with me". Is there something import to realize in that

Quorum Adonai Christ: It means that peace comes firstly from within you once you are at peace
within then there will be peace outside.

Anonymous Coward 438798: Hello again Quorum, Does this mean that if people can really find and
express 'inner peace', our very 'outer world' will reflect that?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Yes

Does this mean if enough people can 'perceive this realization' we can prevent, or at least diminish, the
'unpleasant' events you described as coming to pass?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Yes but this will not happen because it is foreseen, it is obvious now being
only short time from the main events and having thousands of thousands of years to gain that inner
peace that mankind will not do so in only a short period of years. So it is known now that it is
almost impossible from this moment to prevent the events to occur and that the transition is going
All Questions on Reptilians are welcome here-Part 1

be hard as perceive by people.

You know, the unpleasant 'gnashing of teeth' total control pushing of the freak out button, the doom end
times scenario that has gotten a hold of many people...

Quorum Adonai Christ: That has already begun.

Anonymous Coward 438798: Hello again Quorum, The greeting Namaste as well as In Laketch (I am
another yourself).. Seems to talk about interconnectedness of all beings...

Isn't it supposed to be like that at higher levels of 'consciousness', whether in higher 'densities' or higher

Quorum Adonai Christ: In concept of densities yes there is an inter-connectness awareness at

higher densities eventually what was separated becomes whole.

Anonymous Coward 438798: Hello again Quorum, How can I be of 'Service to Others'?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Choice simply, choices you make are the lessons also ;) this does not
mean you have give everything you own or go out and act as saint it only means being open to idea
of living in such a way and trying in your life to overcome selfishness as much as you possibility can
but not over the top or you can’t function in this realm.

Anonymous Coward 438798: Hello again Quorum,

Your explanation 'feels' like a 'golden nugget'. This also reminds me of the story of Buddha, that he did
not find his 'enlightment' in 'luxury' or as a 'beggar'. Something about the middle way, which again sounds
like ‘non attachments’?

Is there anything regarding the subject of Buddha that ties in to the objective of this thread?

Quorum Adonai Christ: It is part Buddha had much wisdom but always must one discern
remember STS like to distort things further so all teachings are corrupt to some degree however the
teachings of Buddha and others do contain a lot of truths.

The middle way is the fastest way, to become non-attached is necessary lesson also as in if one is
obsessed to something they are binded to it and delaying progress, this does not mean you can’t use
material things and have fun it just means don’t see it as end all as you know many people have
obsessions with the physical this isn’t helping them progress at a faster rate. '

one example is peoples obsession with how they look detachment can means so many things ;)
wisdom is done so in a way that those reading it take what they need from it at the time and those
who are ready can interpret what is mainly being portrayed by the wise people.

Anonymous Coward 438798: Hello again Quorum, Can you offer any insights to the often 'new age'
inspired idea of 'soul contracts'. Or maybe the idea that each 'spirit' came here for a reason (this
incarnation) and knew of all 'challenges' or even the type of parents to be born to? Any truth to this idea?

Those concepts are correct as in each soul does have a contract with nature in that it will live and
experience the necessary lessons for its development through nature. Also, blaming 'things' outside the
All Questions on Reptilians are welcome here-Part 1

self for misery, is that a 'trap'?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Yes because it is lacking self responsibility which is one the lessons
necessary to be understood to move beyond this grade so to speak. This does not mean you cannot
choose to experience what someone does to you negatively that is always a option but your choice in
how your react does affect the lesson itself and other lessons which may occur after which could
either be beneficial or consequential.

Anonymous Coward 438798: Hello again Quorum, Then 'vengeance' can also be considered a trap. A
trap that trapped because it stems from a love that has met the right conditions to no longer be in the love
category. Is there some truth to this, or anything you would like to add?

Quorum Adonai Christ: It depends also on the intent, however in most cases vengeance is yes
done for selfish reasons so yes is as your are perceiving it a binding a trap. Love is to complex of
distortion to even explain as it is also perspective based example of Love some may Love vengeance
therefore vengeance is there love, some may Love forgiveness therefore forgiveness is there love.
Such a concept shouldn’t really be attempted until much later in progress, to be honest when you
are in 4th density and 5th then you will understand concept love better. All is choice and freedom is
the gift so enjoy.

Anonymous Coward 438798: Hello again Quorum, Can you please clarify what you mean by "this is
normally not even known"? Do you mean that we don't or often can't discern the difference between our
known 'love' compared to the idea of 'unconditional love'?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Yes because Love is a distortion which even at this level is not properly
understood then once it is understood then the possibility at later stage of understanding
unconditional love is presented. It is almost impossible to understand it properly at this level even I
myself must distort it to communicate it.

Is the idea here about 'letting go of our attachments'? Or perhaps letting go of an 'ego's' perspective
(worldly view) to 'empty the cup' (or the inner temple) so that it may 'become filled', by what
'divine consciousness'/higher awareness/perception/realization? Is this close to this concept?

Yes, the ego must let go of the reigns to allow for higher level consciousness to take the reins,
meaning to allow oneself to become Christed be the consciousness. This empty the cup has many
meanings all relevant but you did as did other person hit two important meanings of it, Also empty
the cup also means to let go of baggage example emotional chains which hold you down is one
example, there is some others but it fun in learning is it not how good does it feel to you that I did
not have to tell you it that your learned on own and presented wisdom to me :).

Anonymous Coward 438798: Hello again Quorum, Does what you describe, or the ability to do so,
occur naturally in meditation plus the 'intent' for it?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Can, practice of meditation and usage of crystal and harmonics can
assist we suggest allowing yourself to give the knowledge as in you give it meaning that is the power
you have within you are the realm remember as much as you are within it.

It sounds like you are saying that past experiences seen through 'trauma eyes' still haunt us in the
present... and all manifestations of 'dis-ease' that we experience all over again is triggered from that

All Questions on Reptilians are welcome here-Part 1

Quorum Adonai Christ: Yes diseases will heal when lessons necessary are completed, diseases can
be an effect of a cause from a karma like experience but yes that is hard to do however it means
reconfiguring your entire perception.

Do you have any more details or insights regarding this 'time travel' idea?

Quorum Adonai Christ: It is hard to do but can be done and astral travel is akin to the idea only
you align with that memory as project you may also remote view thou this is also hard to do as in
people tend to assume and also many don’t know they have this psychic ability.

I believe Yeshua stated the importance of 'being like a child' or perhaps seeing like a 'child', does this
comment have something to do with 'revisiting' the past in some way?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Yes because it is rebirth.

gus 462961: quorum. Can you give up eating sleeping and sex at will? Can you go without breathing? I
believe at least the first three are required for 4th density.

Quorum Adonai Christ: Yes for one I’ve giving up sex already, stimulation release does still occur
as chemical hormones require it, but concept of sex is out picture as I’ve decided it is not necessary,
eating at present is still a requirement of current form as is sleeping as is breathing I have already
giving up all these concepts before and will again as need be.

You don’t have too you can explore all you want I just choose to some degree, if I did not have to eat
I would not if I did not have to sleep I would not at present I too have to follow the same realms
laws you do there is nothing special about me I am human currently like you I just perceive
different that is all.

Anonymous Coward 438798: Hello again Quorum, What you said reminds me of the words: "The love
that withhold, is the pain that you carry." Do you feel there is truth to that sentence?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Yes.

Anonymous Coward 438798: Hello again Quorum, When I see a 'beautiful' woman I just have those
urges, and feel 'divinely ashamed' because of it, I feel this may be true to many. What is up with that?

Quorum Adonai Christ: That is natural don’t feel ashamed by it, but don’t allow it to make you
to shallow either everything is choice however for instance my brother is different to me as in he is
shallow note please something our forms naturally have chemical responses there is a body
language as well as our most common and our mental.

It is not wrong of you to think someone is beautiful but don’t as wise saying goes 'don’t judge a
book by its cover' as in the text within may be nonsense or may be enlightening ;).

I feel the shame may rest in believe systems past on through the centuries don’t let them bring you
done, balance is everything as you know those who are overly obsessive with the impulses tend to do
thing which are considered not mortally right.

Anonymous Coward 438798: Hello again Quorum, I believe Yeshua stated "All these things I do, you
can do as well and more..".

All Questions on Reptilians are welcome here-Part 1

Quorum Adonai Christ: Yes you will in 4th density if make the transition.

I feel there is truth, but are there certain things that just are not possible while in 3rd density?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Yes

Also the idea behind 'Self Actualization', is that what Yeshua was referring to?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Yes

Also you stated that religions were distorted by STS fans, and that for the Christian ones were done by the

By this do you mean the Romans and specifically Constantine of the 'holy Roman empire' and what
transpired from the Niocean Council? Some sources state that the idea of reincarnation was omitted from
the 'Bible' and the idea of a 'Holy Trinity' was introduced.

Quorum Adonai Christ: The Roman Catholic Church and variations of churches which have
resulted over the years, the bible part about holy trinity is not lies it is a truth but it takes wisdom to
even begin to understand it.

Is this what you were referring to and if not can you provide more details?

is a form of time travel if want look at it this way actually if done in certain ways you can have what
known as a re-living of experience were as you may shutdown your consciousness at this moment now
and transfer it to look through as observer of the past you experienced and doing so update how it affected
affects you.

Anonymous Coward 438798: Hello again Quorum, Can you please provide more details regarding the
'time travel' like activity so that I may try to re-live, with 'different eyes', my past 'traumatic' experiences
to 'update' such experience and its hold on my current perception of reality?

Quorum Adonai Christ: I can but so can you so I’d rather you contemplate that and you will
discover for yourself how too.

Is this also an 'inner journey' done while in meditation?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Yes, another form to help is hypnosis.

Anonymous: Hello again Quorum, Can you offer any insights to the often 'new age' inspired idea of 'soul
contracts'. Or maybe the idea that each 'spirit' came here for a reason (this incarnation) and knew of all
'challenges' or even the type of parents to be born to? Any truth to this idea?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Those concepts are correct as in each soul does have a contract with
nature in that it will live and experience the necessary lessons for its development through nature.

Anonymous Coward 438798: Hello again Quorum, Can you provide more details to the 'contract with
nature'? What happens when the contract, or lessons, are fulfilled? Or never reached?
All Questions on Reptilians are welcome here-Part 1

Quorum Adonai Christ: each time part of the contract is completed a part of destiny is completed
therefore a graduation occurs, at end when fulfilled that is when you become the higher self concept
itself therefore you gain the power to rewrite the contract and set all limits experiences destiny etc,
if not reached then that is end path of STS become non-existence.

Anonymous: I read somewhere that the source of depression and sadness for people can be because they
are not living (or learning?) their 'contract'.

Quorum Adonai Christ: Can be as well others means.

Can we tear up the contract? How can one look at it again for review if one has forgotten the terms of the
contract? ;)

Quorum Adonai Christ: Nope but you can alter it at death to a degree if able, your highest self
holds the contract so to speak it also guides rest of itself to become whole.

Do you have any more details or insights regarding this 'time travel' idea?

Quorum Adonai Christ: It is hard to do but can be done and astral travel is akin to the idea only
you align with that memory as project you may also remote view thou this is also hard to do as in
people tend to assume and also many don’t know they have this psychic ability.

I believe Yeshua stated the importance of 'being like a child' or perhaps seeing like a 'child', does this
comment have something to do with 'revisiting' the past in some way?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Yes because it is rebirth.

Anonymous Coward 438798: Hello again Quorum, Does everyone 'have' this psychic ability, remote
viewing? Are there any dangers while using this ability?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Everyone has it always dangers in everything, learning is fun.

I have read about 'traps' for unwary astral travelers and remote viewers and that what you look at can also
look at you back...

Quorum Adonai Christ: Not always, but there is precautions to be honest experience is the best
way to learn sometimes the consequences are best method.

Regarding 'rebirth'. Is it possible for one to experience a 'rebirth', or total Tabula Rasa (wiping of the
slate), in their 3rd density form to 'Self actualize' and overcome 3rd density 'restrictions'? Like
'Superman'? :)

Quorum Adonai Christ: Possible but very unlikely...

kyle 462483: hello again quorum. Thanks for your insights there very helpfull. I have some more
questions. So I meditated today and talked to myself since that’s what you told me to do. I am my creator
and I should talk to myself. But what should I talk to myself about? and I’ve also learned to live without
caring what other people think of my appearance or how I live.ive also told myself ill have another cycle
on earth to learn all I can from people but also to teach them too. And I don’t want to do it for fame glory
All Questions on Reptilians are welcome here-Part 1

or love but just to help people because they need it and so do I! So can you tell me if I’m on the right
track or do I have to know that myself? Also how will I know if meditation is working? I close my eyes
and try not to think about anything but I don’t know what else I should be waiting for or looking for.

Quorum Adonai Christ: I don’t tell what to do I suggest as option only you choose remember this,
you are your master no one else. You decide what you talk to yourself about need to stop actually
looking for gurus masters someone to give you full directions else you never really become
empowered and are always a disciple never a master.

I can’t tell you the questions it for you to discover as in that part of your destiny as in your higher
self would know what questions are permitted under the freewill to be giving answers to you.

Kyle 462483: also I thought of something just now. When everything resets and we go through ancient
past to the present time again. Will everything be almost the same? Like will the plants and animals of
earth evolve the same exact way or will we see a different path in things and civilizations? I'm just
curious is all.

Quorum Adonai Christ: Not always but there will be similarities and things that even in your past
you don’t have record off, the process of nature will remain unchanged what takes place through
that process is affected by choice so there is a possibility of it being very similar or totally different
it is open.

Anonymous Coward 441506: Hello again Quorum, Can we discuss more about being able to 'see beauty
in all things' even when we find 'hell' all around us, with a smile? Oh and also in amplifying and
emanating 'smiles' to my fellow brethrens that are in the 'same boat' too. ;)

Quorum Adonai Christ: See it all as a artists work, you know when you go to a gallery and
sometimes there is works which are strange or scary in a appearance but even beauty can be seen
by the critics see realities in that same expression of nature as the artist.

AC463081: OP tells you a soft version of the reptilian truth, actual facts can be found here:
[link to]

Darza : Hi, I follow that thread and indeed read interesting info, like the reptilians NOT having freewill
and wanting us to find out what is really driving them.

What you call "a soft version" I see as "a perception from higher ground".

Quorum Adonai Christ: Freewill is universal, any who tell you they don’t have freewill is
disinforming it is their choice what they do therefore it becomes there nature, understand this it is
in-evitable that within a infinity of possibilities that the concept we call Evil occurs in truth Evil is
perceived as in it is giving meaning by the species experiencing saying this there is a kind of
diversity in it because of those who love serving themselves and those who Love to serving others
but in such a perception it isn’t viewed as good or evil just nature and acceptance or denial.

Quorum Adonai Christ: I would like to suggest to others to go have look at what in short time I
have made the entity responsible for the thread with over 517 pages reveal itself and other who also

All Questions on Reptilians are welcome here-Part 1

claims itself as ancient one.

It is not hard to expose the STS beings as in they become defensive once truth is shined on them,
they retaliate through trying control you through fear note please that they warned me for
expressing my freedom of speech. This is indeed a good way to calling out an agenda even if the
agenda has up until that point sucked in the masses due to their knowledge.

I want to make something clear here that I’m well aware of myself and that is this the reptilian
beings and the people involved know now that they been exposed therefore there is another agenda
in place now, that is in luring the people becoming aware into false securities by suggesting there is
help coming in form of ET's who are to judge the naughty reptilians on earth and sort everything
out and make you nice body’s to exist in, this is in itself deception and it is your choice to believe it
or not but I am now going to stand in their way they can charge me like a bull but I will not sway.

I say this now and take full responsibility for it you do not need ET help to progress naturally
through the universe.

Sorry but I see how poisoned people are becoming by these agendas so something had to be said to
give people another option.

I am not hypocrite I actually want you to even discern my own threads to learn on your own so that
it is practice for everything else.

Kyle: well I believe you. I know now that I am my own creator and master and no one else can change
my destiny and path except for me or help me except for myself. Thank you for your insight and guidance
but it’s not guidance to help me transcend but instead to help me understand so I can transcend with my
own help. Thanks I understand now quorum <)

Quorum Adonai Christ: No don’t believe me, investigate it is in blind faith that others have
become deceived that is not what I’m trying do here I’m trying to show you to discern even me so
you begin to use it in everything else I do not want you to just believe me ok you have the choice to
take time to investigate now and prove to yourself through the tools if what being said is right for
you or not. No thanks are needed.

Anonymous Coward 438798: Hello again Quorum, Are in a sense 'STO' 'beings' having a 'STS
experience'? ;) Does everyone 'share a 'common' 'higher Self'?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Yes, it more complicated of course the higher self is like the real you
however the fragments of yourself are scattered so they progress through the natural flow of things
and as they make choices polarize themselves towards either the STO or STS concepts.

The higher self is like the Father/Mother as in it looks after it Son 'it fragmented selves' as they
experience in the Holy Spirit 'your souls' it is also you in future.

This is why the concept holy spirit and sins against it are said to be unforgiveable cause it you doing
it to yourself therefore you actually bring the consequences yourself to learn from, in truth thou it is
forgivable but what it means is that it forgive after the experience so it more complicated of course
cause you can experience consequences.

All Questions on Reptilians are welcome here-Part 1

Kyle 462483: hello again quorum. Is it all right if I hate my mother and possibly other people for being so
ignorant about the truth? I mean I told my mom interesting stuff like how were part reptilian causes we
have small scales and were the only other creature besides them and reptiles that shed our skin. You know
what she said? "well do they have a PhD?!" and it just makes me want to smack her and tell her to stop
believing everything TV tells her and people in the back days never had that stuff to know stuff but I
know that would be wrong and also dangerous cause I know shed mess me up. But anyways is it wrong to
hate ignorant people like that or not?

Quorum Adonai Christ: It is alright to choose to feel do anything but is it wise and best choice not
but it is your freedom to choose to feel and do anything is there consequences for some choices yes it
is natural as in law of cause and effect or law of attraction such consequences do manifest.

Don’t hate the ignorant as in you have and are still yourself as are I to some degrees as in we are
always in learning, allow her and others to have their choice and perspectives they will when ready
learn and change when they choose.

Anonymous Coward 438798: Hello again Quorum, Is it okay to 'burn a village in order to save it'?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Asking is it ok is like asking for permission you can do anything you so
choose however you also have to take responsibility for that choice, in question you asked it would
depend on the intent and circumstances, are you using that in a metaphor as in meaning to bring
down what you have constructed in as you see yourself to bring it salvation through making a new?

Anonymous Coward 407906: Thank you Quorum for exposing the agenda. I already have a wonderful
body with which to experience life.

Quorum Adonai Christ: There is going be new body’s formed but not in the way it being
portrayed by these ET contacts, it is more shall we say higher self projecting a new shell for you to
occupy in which the shell will be able to change expressions by interaction of thought as well 4th
density is almost indescribable at this level, it requires not physical genetic engineering or use of
technologies it is the true power of your true self preparing for it next experience other ideas are
just lures to imprison your soul further.

Anonymous Coward 438798: Hello Quorum, Can you provide more informational details regarding the
"space ark" and the "3 million beings" aboard it? What is it for and what is it designed to do? What is the
objective? I think you mentioned something about battle in 3rd density, and holding back movement into
"5th density".

Quorum Adonai Christ: nephilim-reptilan type’s hybrid designed for purpose of enforcing rule.
objective is to obtain control of 3rd density by force if comes to that point and to try control those
who move into 4th density this is the stuff in bible about the Armies of Christ and Armies of the
Beast it symbolic of that. Not 5th density that is purgatory all go there at death anyway, call it a
recycling contemplation zone.

Anonymous Coward 438798: Hello Quorum, From the Alex Collier sourced material; I have gleaned a
concept that reminded of Yeshua's parable regarding 'separating the wheat from the chaff'. His message
was that our planet, solar system, etc will move from 3rd to 4th, and then to 5th density hopefully. 5th is
death as described in another post it is a purgatory state of contemplation before next incarnation all
densities 1-4 link to it. He described that 'things will be separating'. In essence that 'regressive things' will
get sucked into a 'black hole'' to be spit out into another like universe', while 'evolving things' will move
upward with the rise in natural 'upward' movement in density.

All Questions on Reptilians are welcome here-Part 1

Quorum Adonai Christ: Not entirely actuate. More like the frequency of the earth and the
surrounding solar system will attune itself into cross a higher cycle of experience causing a splitting
apart of realities were earth will create duplicates of itself one for 3rd and one for 4th and only
those ready for 4th will experience the 4th earth then frequencies will separate again and there will
be two realities of earth on different levels it is like this imagine throwing a balloon into the ocean it
gets taking by the waves and current see and moved.

I think I read you stating that Moloch represent a 'black hole' as well.

Quorum Adonai Christ: Yes, as in the entity itself consumes to point were what is devoured
becomes nonexistent.

Can you provide more details?

Oh, from that same source, 'regressives' will do their best to prevent humans from reaching '5th', because
they themselves cannot go beyond '4th', which reminds me of your description that (PERFECT) 'Love'
can only be 'realized' in the 5th.

Quorum Adonai Christ: I did not say that, perfect love or unconditional love which is more
appropriate term won’t be realized until 6th just before the Wholeness of the One 'end of existence'.

Are the ideas sound?

Quorum Adonai Christ: To some.

Anonymous Coward 438798: One more question. It seems that one of the challenges 'seeing reality' in a
new way is related to the challenges of seeing reality 'beyond duality'. Perhaps such as rightfully
understanding that Love and hate, when seen from within duality perspective, are really the same, and to
see 'creation' for what it 'really is', "PERFECT LOVE" (as described as it from one very memorable
source). So is Service to Self vs. Service to Others mode/expression of being a 'duality experience' as
"good vs. evil" or is there a difference?

Quorum Adonai Christ: The importance of all Word is in the meaning that is giving this can have
a infinity of variations, but the concept STO and STS does describe best the levels which duality
does affect which is 1-4 there is some STS beyond 4 but only for balance purposes it not same as
those below.

I wish to give a picture when you look into the mirror you see a reflection only it is backwards yes?
That is same as universe duality is the reflection of singularity in the mirror.

Maxim 450420: Hi Quorum, Do you think the antichrist that you mentioned earlier knows that what she
is poised to be? And is she already in the public's eye? Thanks for your service to us, btw... :)

Quorum Adonai Christ: Anti Christ is a consortium a group with similar agendas it is not just one
but there has been yes individuals who play important roles in the agendas and there will be one
who will come later as a kind of leader which will yes be female.

Anonymous Coward 438798: Hello Quorum, I assume that Orion Faction beings and even the
'Draconians' eventually die at some point. Do they ever reincarnate as a human? Can humans reincarnate
as a being in Orion faction society?
All Questions on Reptilians are welcome here-Part 1

Quorum Adonai Christ: No they don’t desire to be; humans have been in Orion before and will be
again so yes.

Also, knowing our true natures, it is true that there is no one else 'above' us, and likewise no one else
'beneath' us when we can come to acknowledge we share a 'commonality', that we are all creation?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Yes, equality is nature the commonality is shared yes.

When one comes to 'realize' this as 'natural law', are beings that 'are aware' to such laws bound by it?
Reason I ask is Karma, I’m sure that applies to ALL beings within certain densities (or perhaps all).

Quorum Adonai Christ: Yes the laws apply to all densities, but like they know the laws but don’t
care and put up with consequences but they are also blind by their egos.

The Orion faction, did they sort of skirt, universal laws, aka karma, because 'we' 'allowed' it?

Quorum Adonai Christ: They shall we say found loopholes, but did in it such a way that is
following the law and yes it was your choices as in the karma that is being played out to absolve
those events, they had help in doing this very powerful and ancient entities who themselves
represent Wisdom, Intelligence and Knowledge.

Rod 463584: Quorum speaks to us about the hollow earth and its inhabitants.

Spamming is unnecessary when you say hollow earth do you mean about the ET bases such as
under Mexico city and in the ocean located near area known as Bermuda triangle as well as the
facilities of NAZI join ET origins near Antarctica.

Or are you speaking of Nordic survivors in underground cities which are inter-dimensional?

Kyle 462483: now what do you mean by near the Bermuda triangle? Can you tell us anything about the
Bermuda triangle and what’s really happening to all the boats and planes and people that have
disappeared in it?

Quorum Adonai Christ: There is a ET presence there which a device from past has caused
fluctuations in space/time continuum causes what known as rips and sometimes the boats and
planes are getting trapped therefore they are still trying to reach their destination to them in their
perception it is like the concept groundhog day only they don’t remember like the character in the
movie does 'they are stuck in a loop' and are not aware.

Anonymous Coward 438798: Hello Quorum, If I 'wish' for my tribe: family friend’s fellow brothers and
sisters, myself to ultimately 'leave behind 3rd density' is this selfish of me? Or assist in a "healthy and
relaxed manner"?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Yes as in it is their choice, you are current STS so don’t get to worried
about it, it is more your compassion why you want others to progress but the higher understanding
of compassion is to step aside even when you don’t agree and allow them their choice as well.

The concept of Free Will is important to me and realizes that 'love' in a 'certain way' is quite 'damaging'.

Quorum Adonai Christ: Can be.

All Questions on Reptilians are welcome here-Part 1

- But at this point, I still 'trying' to 'save myself' before attempting to help others, and at the moment not
sure if 'helping' in a desired way is limiting to another.

Quorum Adonai Christ: You can do as you choose and help as you see fit but it is wiser to be
informed yourself beforehand. You need no approval to experience with freewill but yes don’t try
save others let them save themselves you can offer option of information to help them as a tool but
that is it rest they must do on own.

Anonymous Coward 438798: Hello Quorum, in regards to entering the 'new and improved' body offered
by ET sources, how is that done?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Disinformation from Orion STS sources as in are aware have became
exposed so therefore are portraying themselves in third person perspective to make people accept it.

Is there a formal agreement for a human to accept the 'new body'? What are all the ways a human will
find itself in the 'offered bodies'?

Quorum Adonai Christ: No but that is what they are trying to get, as in if they succeed in luring
people into believe that the ET create bodies are for the new level of earth they will in turn be able
to re-imprison in newly limited bodies as done in past, note mythology behind Annunaki as in
mankind was created as slave race to farm gold there is some truth in that.

Also, can you provide some details to our 'naturally new body' you spoke of? Are these '4th density
bodies'? How does a human find itself in that evolution? You mentioned before that it does not matter if
the being 'physically dies' in the current body... Can you please provide more details and clarification?

Quorum Adonai Christ: When one is ready to transcend a grade of density then naturally the
higher self itself from the future will in turn bring that part of consciousness up to next level as this
occurs you are merged for a moment which could feel like eternity as the transfer occurs it is the
Higher self who creates the new form to dwell within and it will do so with the necessary limitations
and what is needed for that realm. Note this there will be amazing abilities possible in 4th density
realm beyond description is such a realm of experience.

Anonymous Coward 438798: So when you say "naturally" it is as 'naturally' as how many of us
perceive/understand that word?
That as long as the conditions are met, by the individual, existing in '4th body' just happens?
If the conditions are met, can it be prevented by an 'external' force? Meaning, will they bust in on my
'love metamorphosis cocoon'? Tangent, I realize I feel 'uneasy' referring to them as "they", I wonder if I
slipped on a 'blinder'. As in perhaps propping up an "us and them" mentality again.
Question to everyone, is there something to be aware of here you think? -

Anonymous Coward 438798: Hello Quorum, if everyone goes to the 'recycling contemplation zone' after
physical death, what is of the significance of the 'state of being' of a being in these 'special times'?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Contemplation of lifetime for reviewing of and comparison of destiny
profile so that can choose appropriate position based on progress of consciousness for next

What is that zone about? Is there anything information of 'relevance' there that is appropriate for the
All Questions on Reptilians are welcome here-Part 1

'intentions' of this thread?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Concept Egyptians brought up called 'land of the Dead' can have some

Anonymous Coward 454457: OP... Is it possible that the interception/distraction of ascendant beings by
4d entities has a dual purpose, i.e. Non-ascending 4d entities are curious/needing the 'keys' while at the
same time resentful of ascenders as they (4d-fallers) are acutely aware of their perceived separation from

Quorum Adonai Christ: They don’t want you become like they are they enjoy their power over
the lower density realms, remember to them you are food and a source of amusement and power.

Perhaps in the same moment such a plan serves to fortify the integrity/ (righteousness) of the ascendant
spirit as it moves through the 'murky lake". ?

All lessons in end develop.

Anonymous Coward 438798: Hello Quorum, The '4th earth' you described is that the "'Kingdom of
Heaven' on Earth" that Yeshua described?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Yes, as in the presence of those who move into STO frequency of
experience will be within a Consciousness that could be considered concept Christ therefore as
within so will the realm around them reflect the concept of 'Kingdom Heaven on earth' but at first
there will be conflict due to karma.

I believe he also stated that the 'meek shall inherit' this kingdom. Is there significance? Is he referring
again to the "to be as a 'child'" idea?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Yes and Yeshua the one who played the part will be teaching openly
during such a moment, sorting things out.

kb 463634: what about sharks... some live up to 1000 years... if this was looked into maybe a way can be
found foy people to live that long from the example of the sharks...

Quorum Adonai Christ: In 4th density cycle you will live longer as in it is much different in truth
time is not real.

Anonymous Coward 462961: see you in 4th density quorum. But we can't let our 3d brothers alone. Can

Quorum Adonai Christ: They must choose but there will be responsibilities giving to those who do
cross into 4th which does involve the lower cycles.

Anonymous Coward 438798: Hello Quorum, Can you provide more details regarding 'given
responsibilities'? Are these more 'lessons' or something else?

All Questions on Reptilians are welcome here-Part 1

Quorum Adonai Christ: Will become responsible for their own choices, yes more lessons but
through transition building up people play part of bridging it for others.

Anonymous Coward 454457: Quorum... Have you ever had entities appear/materialize before you?
If so... What did they look like? Can you describe their appearance?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Smokey light with a magnetic feel, more like a humanoid form out of
energy that glows. They are still here and parts of me you call them guides in your communities.

Anonymous Coward 407906: Quorum, You have spoken of coming events. What major events will be
plain for all to see? Will it be something like a meteor strike, a huge earthquake or a mass of reptilian
ships appearing in our atmosphere?

Quorum Adonai Christ: All the above, plus parts world becoming ice aged, flooding tidal waves,
landslides, volcanic eruptions, super storms, electromagnetic anomalies, darkening of the sky in
darkish reddish color, everything you already experienced during natures cycles and more.

There will also be strange anomalies occurring in spy similar to what happened to comet homes and
in the more interesting things that going to occur is arcing of lighting in space this will occur and
more the closer we get to transition moment.

Reptilian ships are already in your atmosphere, just you don’t see them yet but yes there is a
reinforcement coming.

Anonymous: Is it possible to see these ships with an infra-red camera?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Some ships have already been spotted through such means remember the
incident in Mexico were the pilot could not see it with his eyes but it was picked up on the infra-red

Yes it is possible for some variations to be seen but others are more a hypnotic suggestion to not see
them so you could also not see them in camera if the signal was strong enough.

Anonymous Coward 438798: Hi Quorum, The following is a small snippet of a transcription of an Alex
Collier lecture done in November 1996. I apologize for its length... but it does state more details regarding
the 'Draconians', their origins, mentality, etc...Can you provide details as to the accuracy or comparisons
to your views? I ask because there are so many similarities to his message to yours and your statements
that the 'Andromedans' are STS orients...

From [link to]:

Q: How can we help ourselves?

A: I have asked that question, and all Morenae has said is that the information and wisdom already exists
on our planet. So, we must ask ourselves about ourselves.

Quorum Adonai Christ: Actuate you are your own master, can learn and do already have
All Questions on Reptilians are welcome here-Part 1

potential to understand it for yourself.

Q: I wonder if you could talk more about the Draconians and the children that are missing? I know you
have information and I am hoping you will share it with us today.

A: This is the one subject I don't like to talk about. The Draconians are a very large reptilian race,
otherwise known as "the Dracs". There is royal line of the reptilian race called the Ciakar. They range
from 14 to 22 feet tall and can weigh up to 1,800 pounds. They do have winged appendages and they are
awesome beings. They're extremely clairvoyant and extremely clever, and they can also be extremely
sinister. They apparently were brought by someone to our time and space, our universe, in full physicality,
and dumped here. I don't know who. They were taken to Alpha Draconis because the nature of that place
gave them the best chance of survival. So, they were kicked out of some other place. They are a major
factor to be reckoned with. They are for the most part Service-to-Self and do not care for the human race,
because when they were dumped here they were told that this universe was theirs to command. So,
whoever did this really screwed up? They still have this mind set. They were one of the first races to chart
our solar system, and in fact they were the first race to state that our solar system belonged to them.

Quorum Adonai Christ: They do believe they have some rights to the universe.

Apparently, some of them still have the attitude that everything in this solar system belongs to them, and I
understand that some of them have been coming back, and that more of them will be coming back. It's
going to get real interesting, folks.

I can't begin to tell you how interesting it's going to get. They have had space travel for 3 billion years,
and they are a remarkable race. But, they have an attitude, and a lot of human races inside and outside our
galaxy have had problems with them. I don't want to say that all of them are like this, but that is all I have
heard from the Andromedans about them. They look like a 22 foot tall veloci-raptor, and they're smart,
intelligent and very different from us.

They apparently at one time came across human colonies in Lyrae. Now, the human race, per se, was not
created in the Lyraen system. It was brought there to survive, and again from what the Andromedans have
told me, for some reason once they go back 427 million years, they just don't know what else is there. For
some reason, although the physicality is there, there is no history of races before that. At least, that they
know of, in the Lyraen system. Anyway, the Draconians were flying through there are came across these
human colonies, which were agricultural in nature. Because of their talents in horticulture, these humans
were making the planets better, like gardens. When the Draconians came and saw this incredible wealth of
food, they basically wanted to control it. Apparently there was a misunderstanding. The Lyraens wanted
to know more about the Draconian race before they gave them what they wanted, and apparently the
Draconians misunderstood this request, went back and attacked the planets, blew three of them up and
killed a lot of people. The Lyraens were forced to migrate and scatter into different parts of our galaxy.
So, the action did facilitate colonization, although I wrestle with whether the Draconians were planted
here specifically to force us to evolve, or that there is some other agenda here. I do know that there are
other reptilian races that are descendants of the Draconians, and many of them are master geneticists. I am
told that most of the dinosaurs were brought here, and to Mars, where they came first. Our current human
form was crafted on Mars, where the primate and human genes were combined, and then brought to earth
to work as slaves in the mines. So, we're still working for a paycheck.

Quorum Adonai Christ: history presented it does not fully look correct, possible as Mars was once
like earth yes.

They enjoy human flesh, and human children best, for two reasons. The first is that children don't have
the accumulation of pollutants in their bodies that adults do, and when children are put into a state of fear,
their energy and field and adrenalin just explodes. The reptilians get a "rush" from this stuff.
All Questions on Reptilians are welcome here-Part 1

Quorum Adonai Christ: They enjoy it because it is a purer frequency; they do yes do as suggested
horrible acts involving children and others.

You know, be dedicated to family and to each other. That's the only way we are going to get through all of

Quorum Adonai Christ: Not true. Self realization is key to salvation as in it will allow the Christ
consciousness to merge with yours this is like allowing higher self to natural help you progress. But
it takes the completion of many of the lessons which resulted from the Falls.

Anonymous Coward 438798: Hi Quorum, The following is also another snippet from that same article,
and is regarding 'stages of development and growth'... Can I have your perspective on the following? I
identify with a lot of the 'stages' mentioned, but also felt there were more of them then how I perceived

(On) Human Evolutionary Stages of Development

I have talked with Morenae and Vissaeus about maturity, and how to grow. When all of this started, they
didn't tell me that I would be speaking to people, or that I would be required to speak. That's because I
didn't read the fine print on the contract. You have to read the fine print, folks. Do yourself a favor.
Anyway, I wanted to read to you what they told me about the stages a human being goes through in
development. Now, this doesn't apply to only us. There are human beings everywhere, not only on our
plane of physicality, but also on other planes. I want you
to know that even though you may not see them, there is physicality on the other planes. It's not a
situation where there are "whispering little clouds, with a light breeze and if you're lucky one will blow
through you and say, "hello, how are you?". That's not what it is. It's a lot more complicated than that. So,
these are the evolutionary stages a human being goes through:
The Wandering: Where we come from, why, our purpose and gathering our "tools". Initiation: Preparing
our own path, each one different and hopefully centering. Honoring: Understanding the Source of our
creation. Recognizing the sacred in oneself. Stating Intention: Realizing and acknowledging ones true
purpose to create Self. Surrender: Letting go of control to allow vulnerability. To learn what is already
known. Embrace Our Own Darkness: Walking into the unknown parts of Self. Being and becoming the
Void. Lighting the Flame in the Heart: Connecting to Self and finding meaningful, honest, and ritual.
Transformation: Climbing the ladder of self-responsibility, to hold a vision of Being One-ness, Being the
vision that alters all perception. Becoming Human: Empathy and compassion toward all. Being in truly
responsible relationships. - And folks, I have learned that for me, that is the secret of life - relationships,
because they all mirror back part of us.

Walking The Path: Integrating all of life's experiences. Being a teacher by Being.
Service: Discarding the illusion of separateness. Total approach to life in humility and joy.
The Worship of the Isness: The worship of the Isness is the creation of Self. The Isness is their concept of
Creator, what we refer to as "God". I don't like to use the connotation "God" much anymore because our
perception of it here is based on Biblical teachings, and the "God" in the Old and New Testaments are
both extraterrestrials. They're not "the big Guy" .... The "big Gal", sorry.

Quorum Adonai Christ: I see nothing wrong with that perception thou it is on 3rd density it is his
choice and way of doing it you actually need to create your own however that more empowering,
but also discern even the above.

All Questions on Reptilians are welcome here-Part 1

Anonymous Coward 438798: Hello Quorum, The above question I presented it to you was from what I
'remembered' from the Alex C. source as it actually is. Can you please provide input to an 'Andromedan'
description of the "Universe as a Hologram", from a snippet from Alex Collier's interview/lectures
compiled in a 'book' called Defending Sacred Ground:

Our Universe is a Hologram:

To us, some may say "that doesn't matter, I won't be here." But as far as other extraterrestrial races are
concerned, they will be here. Many of them live from an average of 1,000 to 1,500 years. The
Andromedans live to an average of 2,007 years. The "years" that I am going to be giving you as a
measure of time are linear - it's the only way I can give it to you. They do not look at time the same way
we do. Just keep that in mind. They say that our universe, which consists of everything that we do and
don't know about, is a 21 trillion year-old hologram. That's what they say. They say that all the matter that
is in our universe came out of black holes. Under every galaxy, they say there is a black hole from
whence everything came. How they have described it is that there was a universe that was evolving (when
they mean evolve, they mean that the frequency of that universe continues to evolve), and as the universe
evolved, those energies that did not want to evolve or were holding themselves back because they were
full of fear started to "gain weight," so to speak. These energies, which include consciousness, formed
"sacks", which got "heavier". As the universe raises in frequency (color and sound), the pockets of
resistance break and explode out. This scenario is apparently what is beginning to happen now in our
universe, 21 trillion years after its creation.

Everything in our universe, including us, came from a black hole. The Andromedans say there is no age to
us. We truly are infinite. You can take that any way you want. According to Vasais and Moraney, on
March 23rd of 1994 a specific color and sound frequency began to emanate from all the black holes in the
known universe. In terms of their science, which goes back a long way, this is the first time this has ever
happened. What this energy and frequency is doing is that it is creating a holographic impression
throughout all dimensional levels, of which they say there are eleven creational densities. This new
holographic impression has become a 12th density. They say that this new holographic impression has
one frequency - that it does not carry a duality within it.

What this frequency is doing is that it is pulling up all the dimensional levels below it. They say that by
December 2013, third density as we know it here will cease to exist - it is imploding in on itself as
everything is being drawn up. Those on the 11th are going to 12th. We are supposed to go to 4th and then
to 5th density. From the Andromedan perspective, 4th density is a consciousness. It is where an entire
race is telepathic with each other, they are aware of each other, they feel each other - they are of one
separate individuals but still one. Fifth density is where we would be considered from the third density as
being light. They say that this is what is going to happen to us, no later than 2013, based on their science.
Do I know if this is right? I will know when you know, but they have not been wrong yet.

Now, there are individual consciousness' which have appeared in this 12th density holographic
consciousness. They apparently are like nothing that has ever been seen before. The Andromedans don't
know who they are, what they are, and don't know even how to describe them. But, apparently these 12th
dimensional beings have the capability to gaze down through all of the dimensions and see everything
that is going on there. That is all I know about that. Why is this happening?

As all this is happening, certain essences are starting to "gain weight" because the frequency shifting is
"pulling everything up." Those energies that are regressive are starting to "freak out". According to the
Andromedans, every single one of us on planet Earth and 21 other star systems in our galaxy apparently
consist of a group of beings, individual consciousness’ that apparently evolved some trillions of years ago
to the 11th density. An experiment was conceived where beings would drop down into the concept of time
and experiment with our thoughts creating physical matter. They say that apparently a large group of us
All Questions on Reptilians are welcome here-Part 1

dropped down into 3rd density and found a specific race already there with a very specific genetic coding
involving 22 different extraterrestrial races. All life on Earth was brought here by traders (Earth lies along
a galactic trade route), explorers, miners, joy-riders - all different people. Originally, the Earth was in a
different orbit, closer to
Mars, and nothing but ice.

Quorum from your comments, thank you for providing an additional discernment environment to
compare against other sources...

Quorum Adonai Christ: That view is to distorted to be of progressive use, yes the universe works
as a hologram but it not result of some black hole getting rid of energies unwanted, it result of the
interaction of consciousness with gravity through the process called thought which is utilization of
gravity and consciousness, from there structures were created by intelligent creativity and then
these structures had sub structures and so on like a domino like effect, the further away from
source it got more distorted it became much like separating light through a prism.

This is very complex idea because when we speak of the universe as a hologram you need to see it as
more a movie screen which is gravity and our consciousness perception is the light from the
projector which forms the movie we dwell within. Also when you look at this you need to think
within infinity that nothing is impossible because everything possible is created by thought so
therefore how can it be impossible if it is thought, it may not be possible from your current
perspective but it is possible else were see.

I will now explain the structure decided upon at beginning of existence we decided upon a 7 level
structure within each density we designed and created through the structures the grades and their
associated lessons, all a density is a realm of experience for purpose of specific lessons to be learned
for purpose of fun.

Now dimension concept is totally incorrect in the above snip as in dimensions are temporary
duplications of the dimension of gravity and in truth there is only One dimension which is a
constant all else is a infinitely varied possibility from the instability that occurs from interaction of
consciousness thought with gravity as in the dimensions fluctuate.

Dimensions themselves are local to that specific level of density as in each dimension created will
follow that realms limitations design laws and structures, this occurs infinity across that frequency
spectrum sharing same time/space and space/time note also time is a illusion supported by change.

Time is a created structure to support a experience of a linear progression supported by change in

the physical through nature, without the perception of change if everything was as is in moment if
you were born adults never ages nothing change there was no day or night then time would not even
be perceived by you so would not exist cause in truth of it Time is a illusion, your consciousness has
inserted itself back into your past to relive and re-experience in hopes of making it better this time.
It is extremely hard for me to explain what it like in higher densities because in those densities
much of the distortions we live by now don’t exist.

Anonymous Coward 438798: Hi Quorum, So what is the 'role' of the 'Anti-Christ'? Is that like a duality
mirror of someone that has 'self-actualized' on the 'opposite end' of 'Christ Consciousness'?

Quorum Adonai Christ: To a degree they have chosen to polarize towards STS, so you could
consider it in opposition to Christ consciousness. Role is yet to be revealed to you but it involves
controlling you and say imprisonment of your souls again

All Questions on Reptilians are welcome here-Part 1

I read somewhere that said to the effect that if we live in a 'worldly' manner, we are 'anti-Christ', meaning
perhaps there are already billions plus 'anti-christs' here already.

Quorum Adonai Christ: Yes, oh Lucifer have thus fell to the earth what do you think this is
symbolic off.

I also read from another source stating that the 'Christ Consciousness' that was 'realized' or present is
Yeshua is the important, not the vessel. And that the ' Christ Consciousness' is what will be 'coming back',
and not a 'physical Yeshua'.

Both as in Yeshua will teach in a way that people will raises through the lessons into the Christ
consciousness' become self empowered'.

Can you share your perspective regarding this thought?

Anonymous Coward 438798: Hi Quorum, Can you share with us what you know regarding the help
given as well as what these "very powerful and ancient entities"?

Are they 'benevolent' or 'malevolent' in nature or did they 'surpass' those 'categories'?

Quorum Adonai Christ: They are both.

Who are they, what are they (are the IE?), why did they help those that wish to have a 'serving/slave'

Quorum Adonai Christ: Your idea of demonology and the prophecies of necronomicon speak
about them in symbolic ways.

Are they called the "Watchers"?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Some...

Anonymous Coward 438798: Hi Quorum, Can you please provide your input to the following snippet?

If you look closely at the first part, it reveals, to me for the first time, a 'need' of 'something' from

From this thread we know the saying "take a number or get in the back of the line" phrase applies... that
from many sources the following appears to be coveted: women, gold, slave labor, food (emotional and
physical), source of 'fun and amusement, playground', heck even our emotions and genetics...

I just found it 'odd' that, if what they say is true, their creation is 'flawed' or 'reaching the end of the
evolutionary rope' so to speak. I just always assumed that 'more enlightened' beings would not ever have
to worry about a 'deterioration' in their physical bodies, they just move onward, whether in new physical
bodies or perhaps in an 'energetic' form:

Earth Humans: The Only Race That Kills Itself:

The other problem that has evolved from this involves the human extraterrestrial races that are
benevolent. Many of the races are really pure - they only breed within themselves. However, there has
been so much interbreeding between the races that they are now beginning to anticipate break-downs in
the genetic coding. The Pleiadians are apparently going to start experiencing this genetic break down in
All Questions on Reptilians are welcome here-Part 1

172 linear Earth years. For the first time in hundreds of thousands of years, they will start to see
deformities at birth. The Andromedans anticipate this problem themselves in 757 years. Now, there is
only one race capable of giving them a genetic boost so that this breakdown does not occur. They say it's
us. They want to make a proposal to borrow some of our genes, but they can't. They can't come near us
now because of our vibratory frequency. They can't use our genetics right now because they currently
carry the vibration of fear, which is not an emotion they know. The first time I walked on to one of their
ships, a bunch of their children started to run away from me. They knew that I was from Earth. We have a
very bad reputation, because we are the only race in the galaxy that kills itself, that turns on itself. We are
the only race that allows itself to live in poverty. We are the only ones who allow members of our race to
starve. We are the only ones that allow members of the race to be homeless. We are the only race that
would sell itself into slavery. I don't like the reflection they give me of us. It's not that they are judging.
They just don't understand why we do it. If anyone's got an answer for it, I'm open. Yes, we've been
manipulated by belief systems, but why do we believe these belief systems?

Higher beings, 'needing' something from us (lowly humans even) makes me go, 'hmmmmmm'....

Quorum, when I asked you about what you knew about the Andromedans, I think you said they were
'organic robots' or something like that. What's that mean, or what is that?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Ok most of what Alex is saying is misinformed, you don’t need to
honestly know such stories and such understand this it very easy to make things up so discerning is
getting very hard because there so many different perspectives being brought across this is to bring

All you need to know is this you are the Messiah you need no one else’s help you have every
potential in you to break free of the matrix 'using a analogy' you need no help from some higher
forces or from some savior or from ascendant masters or ETs beings.

You are legitually the living God in ignorance to itself, you are the only important knowledge you
truly need and with it help others to realize if like this truth about them as well, you all are the same
entities fragmented no mater you color of skin or believe systems you all are already in future One

Now objective is to progress all of your scatter selves back to this union how you do that is entirely
your choice and there is many paths but through graduation like in a classroom there is certain
requirements which before existence was even made we designed it in such a fashion remember I
told you that the way STS have done this is respecting also the laws of nature that is why it can
work because it more like this you foreseen the possibility always and see it as a challenge it has
happened now also the lessons are discovering that at same time progressing each grade while
handling the bullys and not letting them make you fail.

As always everything I say is an option of information in no way feel you must listen.

Kyle 462483: thanks again quorum for your insight. I just want to know some other stuff. What’s with all
these creatures like Bigfoot nesse and the Mexican creature the "goat sucker"(sorry can spell the name)
are they all real or not? Also do you know exactly where Atlantis is located? Is it in the Atlantic Ocean or
is it closer to the South America border or the Middle East? Also is there a secret passage under the
sphinx and how do we access it?

All Questions on Reptilians are welcome here-Part 1

Quorum Adonai Christ: Bigfoot were local to mars at one stage they are now enslaved by
reptilians as pets to do menial tasks, it is possible for a soul to occupy if the frequency is in correct
resonance, that is a hybrid draconian-grey if you speaking of the orange like creatures which look
different to the normal grey types.

A 454457: Quorum... I want to thank you also for your efforts here. It shows Gr8 intent.
I understand that there are many cosmic concepts that are all but impossible to describe and I would like
you to know that you like many AC's are not alone.

The 'path' seems to be getting more treacherous the closer to the long awaited/manifested event we

For the Ascendant, may I urge that the process if possible within you is not stifled or relegated to some
future experience and that the opportunity is surrendered to in the very now?

If you are experiencing 'self-judgment' that would have you deny the process. Please consider why you
have/had been offered it when it came/comes.

Quorum Adonai Christ: Yes many attempts by the STS forces are succeeding it actually quite
astounding how easily people fall for it, I recently been trying to shed some light on truth behind a
thread with a contact claiming itself a wise ancient elder that sees itself a cosmic policemen.

It entirely a great example of how hard it is to determine STS agenda but he is entirely a example of
it he even goes to point of trying to delude people into not recognizing the differences in a duality
therefore the lessons of discerning are being neglected.

What is frustrating is I can see where it going but the people cant and they will find out the hard
way if continue to believe the conditioning the entity behind it is doing to them.

Half them in the thread are under the idea that they will be taking up into ships and protected and
that some higher ET beings going to make some nice new bodies for them to incarnate into in 4th
density, it another example of mankind looking for a daddy to do it for them and problem also is the
people think it is self mastery what he is saying it isn’t it a clever ploy to deceive and confuse away
from the real truths, problem being ATM is that the agenda has been successful for years now and
will continue to be because the people who are listening to it are in sheep like states.

I made a attempt to expose the entities they even made comments obviously about controlling
people and even the people don’t see it, I mean the people are claiming the comments weren’t even
made yet there still in the thread that is example of denial they don’t want to think that the entity
that they been listening to giving them all this nice advice according to them has deceived them so
will not see it.

I actually got threatened by Truth2 that I will be corrected for perceiving like I do actually the
person behind it has a believe they have some divine judging right and ST in BG supports that
person I wouldn’t be surprised if they are working together to further the threads agenda.

Normally I don’t bother making attempts because most time it waste of time and energy as people
are so easily mislead and actually attack you in defense of their perceived idol.

But in this case I know of the agenda to bind souls to new forms for replacement and that it key
part in anti Christ agenda but attempts have been shot down so I been asked to not respond again
All Questions on Reptilians are welcome here-Part 1

so I will not, however with all certainly I can say those who follow that entities conditioning to it
bitter end will not like what they will experience from the consequences.

Maxim: Quorum, Which thread are you speaking of? I find that incredible, that you are being threatened.
Doesn't that speak volumes of what you are saying???? Truth makes people angry. And I hope you are
saying that you are not posting on that thread anymore, but that you aren't leaving this one....

I am trying to learn all that I can....I totally don't understand the cosmic stuff, but I am trying to wrap my
mind around it. I feel like such an infant in that regard, but in this reality, much of what you and others
have stated on this thread matches thoughts that I've had when contemplating. I think maybe I could
understand the cosmic better if I could meditate better. As a child I found no problem being able to focus,
but now I have a terrible time of calming my mind. Do you have any thoughts on how I could do it?

Quorum Adonai Christ: You could do practices of silencing the mind and learning to feel energy,
yes I’m saying not posting on that thread anymore the people are to conditioned to help so ill move
on. The method that is done to silence mind is best created by you, life’s stress causes us to naturally
become unbalanced even I still experience this sometimes as I too go through the harder lessons
that everyone else goes through as well exercises of controlling emotions can assist.

If you can return to that state of Childlike mind it will help more in understanding the cosmic stuff.

Anonymous Coward 179704: Hi Quorum, I've just posted the same question in the thread of STinBG,
and then it's OK if you answer there only or here only! STinBG says that they (the elders) are/were the
Annunaki that are the inhabitants of Nibiru,

Kyle 462483: **Let Us Expand This Further!! ... Those Of Us (Elders) Who Are In Terrestrial
Forms/Embodiment ... Know That ... The Planet Of The Elders ... The Planet Of Nibiru Is Coming!!! ...
We Are So Connected With & To This World!! ... As We Are ... (Along With Many Other Energies) ... Of
These Energies!! ... And We Are/Do ... Have Lives/Lifetimes As Annunaki!! ... (Which Is A Consortium
Of Many Races/Beings ... Not Just One! Of Those Who Have Greater Knowledge/Understandings ... Of
How Things Are & Function/Operate!!)

How do you understand this statement? If the Elders are so advanced why would they have to wait the
passage of Nibiru to manifest themselves? Or are them not connected with Nibiru at all?

Quorum Adonai Christ: truth of the Annunaki is in the tool giving by sitichin, note that in what
he presented man was created as slaves to farm gold 'consortium of the Anti Christ' people are
easily mislead because they like idea of something coming to save them.

Thanks again quorum. And others who replied to my also like to ask. Who is Enoch quorum?
Is he really going to return to us and give us something? Or is he not coming at all? Also is everyone
going to die on the exact date the Mayans predicted of December 23 2012? Or is it a different time past
that? I’m just wondering if everything will reset on that date or must we wait longer?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Enoch is similar to idea of Christ he will come teach the truth and sort
out the mess that been in his name for centuries, but this will be only seen by those who make 4th
density transition.

All Questions on Reptilians are welcome here-Part 1

The Mayan date is more a kind of deadline for the transition the dates aren’t what important it the
signs which matter before transition happens there will be two suns spotted, a war in Iran and
spotting of a cometary cluster explosion of Yellowstone volcano the last few will happen closer to
transition point 'there a lot more but they are main things' during the transition UFO sighting will
be on increase.

angelpbj 179704: which is your source of information? Are you a channeler/medium, or do you have
For example, with respect to the war on Iran, how do you know that it will indeed happen? This is not
simple curiosity; it is my attempt to understand you better!
I'd like to say that I pretty agree with you in about 80-90% of what you say, but I'll post a longer comment
later about my doubts/disagreements.
Thanks, angel.

Quorum Adonai Christ: I let it come to me as well have memories and research as well plus
experiences. As stated in thread already best sources of tools to use at our present time.

Angelpbj: Hi Quorum, thank you for your answer... I don't know what to say! :-) I have this curiosity
about the relationship of "we" the people of 3rd-density with the beings from higher levels of life. The
obvious way is to be a channeler/medium but I totally understand that some people may have this contact
also more "naturally", as you say in your answer that you have. It looks to me like you have a kind of
telepathic connection with the sources of your knowledge, which is amazing to me. I also have some
perceptions that go very much in the direction of what you say, but I have no medium/channeler abilities
and my perceptions are rather "faint" because I cannot yet reach the level of certainty that you show in
your answers.

Therefore, I thank you Quorum for your bravery in putting yourself in the line of fire of GLP(!:-) to bring
these very important ideas that you're posting here! You're doing something that I'd like to do if I only
had the necessary greater sensibility and spiritual development, which I don't. I'll be back! Thanks, angel.

Quorum Adonai Christ: Everything you need is within you, you by declaring you don’t then don’t
see that also part of the game to understand your very believes affect the reality around you it is
very hard to overcome years of conditioning takes much will power and discipline this is why not
many have succeeded in such.

Kyle 462483: hello again quorum. I want a few questions answered please the best you can. First of all.
What exactly is buried under Greenland that’s revealing its self now? You can clearly see it on Google
maps and I’m just curious if you know what it is. Second. Where is the true continent of Atlantis located?
I’d really like to know where on the map it is. Also what other planets in our solar system (the ones we
know of) have life or once had life? And what planets were in our solar system before being destroyed
and could you provide names please? Thanks again if you answer my questions. I am after all a
knowledge seeker. Oh and also can going to hypnosis really unlock your memory from past lives?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Unsure about Greenland I am aware there is buried devices from ancient
cultures scattered around the planet but without seeing the picture that your speaking about I can’t
comment. I do have a idea were Atlantis is it near the foot, some still have life just depends which

All Questions on Reptilians are welcome here-Part 1

window you view from, planets destroyed were the home world of the Nordic civilization which
lived on the planet that once was near Jupiter I believe it has been known as Maldek and Kanduk
or something similar. Hypnosis can yes unlock memory of past lives as it lets you tap into
subconscious. Knowledge of the solar systems history and past wars and disasters isn’t as important
as what your lessons are in this lifetime.

Kyle 462483: thanks again. Well if you want to see just go to and then click on maps and
then type in Greenland. It’s pretty visible from space and there’s also a black link too. Also what do you
mean by the foot? Where is this foot where Atlantis is supposed to be? I really just want to know is all. Is
it possible to hypnotize yourself? And if so can anyone (including you quorum) tell me how? And please
be specific. Also are there still humans on Orion? And if so why don’t they come and help us destroy the

Quorum Adonai Christ: We feel it would be of no benefit to you to comment on meaning of the
foot. You can hypnotize yourself method differs suggest research better thou if done by professional
trusted. There are some humans on Orion both as other races related to you and as humans being
used a physical substance grown like you do animals. Most because it is your lessons due to choices
made in past, Nordics and Pleadians may offer help once the transition is done but will not interfere
before hand as in they understand the natural flow.

Anonymous Coward 454457: Is the 'foot' the highest point of Atlantis now slowly rising in the Pacific?

Quorum Adonai Christ: We choose not to comment as in the chasing of such would not benefit
you in progress.

A 454457: That is very 'discerning' of you Quorum. Do you ever fly in your dreams?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Yes don’t you it fun to do so.

Quorum Adonai Christ: We wish to take this into a different direction now as are going to state
events to come and the importance in event.

There will be 16 comets that will pass close by impact the earth and surrounding planets this will
happen within 0-21yrs with possibility open of occurring within 0-4 but is certain will occur before
21yrs. These events will occur as and during a gravity wave hits the earth which like a radio signal
can be used to transit between realms of densities frequencies.

Now because the earth will be within 3rd and 4th density realms the laws can differ but it is
dependant upon the persons perception, I will explain the events that are to happen can be
perceived as doom and it will be for that person or they can be perceived as a positive event if done
correctly one can survive things which before couldn’t.

I mean you can experience this as a victim if so choose or you can be observer and watch the light
show 'self mastery is key to become immune to the cataclysms which shall come' the lessons are the
important part in this remember I have stated that entire universe all realms are created by the
interaction of thought through gravity which is consciousness now why would it not be possible to
experience death in a transition in a positive way or become immune to death itself.

This is why idea some type of transferring of souls to new bodies created by ETs is not necessary
because as the transition occurs you are in the moment creating your new form to dwell within.
All Questions on Reptilians are welcome here-Part 1

It is your higher self consciousness which will bring you into if aloud the next realm of experience,
everything you can experience is a experiment all lessons are result of partaking in that experiment
not always are they pleasurable however we can if at right state of mind change even that which is
un-pleasurable into pleasure as in your illness can be felt as a positive as in all illness is yes a lesson
as well.

thou such concepts in my view are unnecessary and I for one will not be choosing to experience
them again I have experienced them enough this lifetime and observed the suffering of others to say
I’ve had enough of being a victim and now I’m going to become my own master, we have giving
ourselves hard lessons to learn from this cycle to work through the karma since it is part of the laws
but it time now to claim our responsibility and become our own masters and in doing so with mind
affect how we experience.

Anonymous 465333: Quorum, Thank you for taking the time to share ideas to ponder. I am confused
trying to reconcile some of the thoughts you have shared.

You describe gravity as somehow linked to STO or Christ-consciousness. You also mention black holes as
linked to non-being or selfishness. You also mention Love as a distortion.

Quorum Adonai Christ: the state of consciousness which is called God is gained access through
the state of consciousness known as Christ for it is that connection which leads to the unification of
all self which creates wholeness which is consciousness of Gravity which is full Christ realization.

It seems to me that black holes might act in a dual way, simultaneously pulling matter towards a center
(where they are destroyed or held in stasis?), and in the process of this spurring the matter to achieve
higher levels of organization and energy. As in the idea of black holes at the center of galaxies, apparently
spinning them into existence and destruction. This seems gravitational, but seems to involve non-being at
its core.

Quorum Adonai Christ: They consume end road of STS is in the embodiment of a black hole.

As if non-being spurs being into existence by pulling it towards itself for destruction (?). Does this match
your thoughts at all?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Black holes don’t create existence that is done through utilization of
gravity through consciousness-thought.

I am having trouble separating being-gravity from non-being selfishness, because selfishness seems to
involve acquisitiveness or holding things towards oneself and controlling them.

Quorum Adonai Christ: End road of STS it takes much devotion to become a consumer.

Also, can you comment on Love as a distortion? It seems to me that most of us humans find love to be
one of the only respites from loneliness or alone-ness.

Quorum Adonai Christ: As perceived by mankind is it distorted as in the Truth of Love has no
condition it is just being, Love is the process in which existence is formed.

Going back to your earlier comment, to my mind the shape that creates all other shapes is a point. Once
that point is conceived, it also implies space, the blank area that is not-point. That point can then be
extended to make a line, and then extended again to make a plane. Etc. And space then becomes much
more complex. Comments?
All Questions on Reptilians are welcome here-Part 1

Quorum Adonai Christ: Point is not a shape I believe but a triangle can form all of other shapes
test it and see. Triangle used a focus in geometry so can focus energies hence why initiations were
done inside the pyramids in the past.

I am sorry to hear you are burdened with a disease. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, they are
stimulating and interesting. My thought from so many conspiracies (including so called pop orthodox or
"rational" beliefs which are every bit as dogmatic) is that in the end they are irrelevant or unreal, and that
the reality not debunked is human nature and the human being.

Quorum Adonai Christ: It is fine it is a lesson and I would gladly take illness of mankind upon
myself. What I am sharing is to empower you to create your own experience you have been
manipulated to think in certain ways and controlled through conditioning and believes to create
unconsciously in certain ways.

what we are offering and what is coming is opportunity to return back to Adamic state of being and
become again part of Christ consciousness in awareness, this process will open a link to your higher
self consciousness which is your part of the prime source logos.

Anonymous Coward 407906: I was thinking gravity probably feels absolutely nothing and yet feels
everything through us. When you think you are alone in the universe then fear comes easily. When you
think you are part of everything it`s much easier to enjoy the experience. Is this what you are trying to

Quorum Adonai Christ: part of more complex you must discover on own or I disempower your

Anonymous Coward 452280: OP, (if you are actually the one who started this thread). What about the
astral war that's currently going on, you know where the reps are getting their scaly butts kicked by the

Quorum Adonai Christ: Are they from my understanding they play part in the great deception
that will come and deceived around 92% of population. Remember the teachings of Christ all of it
was about self mastery take responsibility for yourself is your salvation ignore all claims of things
going to help you do it that takes away the lessons which lead to mastery which opens the doors to
perception and ability to mentally create reality in the moment 'the concept magic is appropriate
here' with such comes a harry potter like experience ;).

Anonymous 465333: Hi Quorum, Can you talk a little bit more about how Gravity/Consciousness versus
Black Hole manifest in this universe from a 3rd level perception? In other words, how is Gravity different
from STS? Is it because STS is in the form of a delusional attachment to the inner self (consciousness)
that is somehow disconnected from the actual Consciousness?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Gravity is not STS or STO it is both, even STO and STS are a distortion
but they exist for purpose of balance within a duality experience. Now there is a requirement in
learning what these terms mean in order to be able to navigate your experience back to source
easier. So anyone who tells you to ignore such concepts is trying to take away from you a valid
lesson in discernment and duality.
It is only later that the two polarities eventually become one but for most of the journey it is a
All Questions on Reptilians are welcome here-Part 1

duality interaction of energies which manifest through experience. Gravity simply is the ocean of
existence in which all waves go out and all currents return what is pushed to the outer ridges is also
pulled to the centre by the currents so same moment that the waves are crashing against the shores
there is currents pulling things back into the ocean. Again like ocean gravity acts as a medium for
both STS and STO as in an analogy you could say STS dwell at it depths were the STO dwell at it

Your concept of Consciousness=Gravity is interesting but very confusing. (Scratching head). Maybe
could you give an example of how consciousness/gravity works in a person, and how that is different
from STS?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Very well less deluded the substance the clearer and stronger it is to use.

The part about Black Holes as repositories for obliterated STS souls makes intuitive sense, in the sense
that selfish delusion partakes of non-being that ultimately strips away to become complete non-existence.

Also, could you talk about Gold a little bit? I know many people into conspiracy prefer gold to paper
money or stock market type activity. But my instinct says that while paper/financial wealth is not at all
real, gold is real but has an "evil" quality almost like a magnet for evil. Is this true?

Quorum Adonai Christ: It has amazing properties yet to be discovered by man, it depends on how
it is used concept evil is also perceived and varies.

Kyle 462483: wow I just saw something weird. Ok so I walked outside at night tonight and saw the halve
moon outside right? Well it was sort of low as in I could see it on the horizon and was just above the radio
towers far off. Well I went back inside and came back out a few minutes later and the moon was gone!!
How is this even possible when the moon and earth don’t move that fast? Is there a connection with the
moon and the reptilian’s quorum? Also why do they want to colonize the moon anyways? And couldn’t
they just somehow "invent" technology they already have to use on the moon and space?

Quorum Adonai Christ: They use the moon as a local base to proceed with operations through the
grays in controlling manipulating and monitoring the farm, i.e. you as seen by them you are

bbb: Is it true that dragons only live for around thirty thousand years?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Open.

Anonymous Coward 432322: Hi OP, Does the ‘Matrix’ book/movie have any truth?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Yes it is same a symbolic warning to your current situation as in the truth
is you are used as a substance by such entities who are polarized towards STS, they feed upon your
emotions so you could say they are using you as a power source and also manipulate your minds to
affect the realities through conditioning of believers to limit potential. You could consider this a
matrix prison for consciousness that has been manipulated and changed by hostile entities that
support the concepts of the Anti Christ way, as in original intent of this experiment is not what it
has been up until this point however true to the nature of the experiment the possibility was open to
say someone tampering with the process.

All Questions on Reptilians are welcome here-Part 1

Anonymous Coward 463708: Hi Quorum, Do we choose our parents, whether they be biologically
related or adoptive/fostered? Do we have karmic ties with our families?
If so, what is the process of souls/spirits, karma or consciousness in the event of a miscarriage or
abortion? Why do we choose that outcome? Would we know beforehand and if we did what kind of
lesson would be learnt from that?

Quorum Adonai Christ: You make agreements pre-incarnation to participate in lessons with those
you associate with in life, nothing is coincidence everything is predetermined that were the freewill
comes into it, it is more a possibilities open based on laws and how you act through it complex of

All is lessons even miscarriage and abortion, the entity does not enter the container until the
moment of birth it remains linked to the form through the silver cord as a kind of astral entity this
does mean that a intelligence is present that those sensitive can communicate to so people could
speak to their unborn children’s souls.

Karma does play roll in your positioning for experience as in families people you run into and
everything else, karma also binds you to return to that realm until the reason for
Lesson is absolved.

Anonymous 465333: Hi Quorum, What is the role of animals/plants in this evolution of consciousness?

medium of 2nd density in which to acquire self awareness and develop higher state of intelligence from
becoming aware of self, also supports structure of planet to sustain in a balance system through nature
acting as a part STO in sustaining the experiencing entities of higher density reality. you are still all
densities you are connected to nature it is you experiencing at a another density in the illusion of time but
in truth of time you still are experiencing, it is true that if one loves a animal and talks to it communicates
and that animals gives it life to sustain them they the energy gained from eating would be purer in
frequency 'Honor what you eat it the message of Grace'.

Second question, do all human races share a common physical origin? It sometimes seems that some
people are more disposed to a control/obey mindset while others resist or don't get involved as much.

Quorum Adonai Christ: All originated from Orion and are returning to Orion that will be your
last physical experiences.

Third question, is Christ/Jesus available to communicate via prayer with humans now? What is the
relation between Father/Son/Holy Ghost and STS vs. STO orientation? Is calling on Christ effective
against STS entities?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Yes entity known as Christ/Jesus but more correctly Yeshua has place
itself into state which it can duplicate it consciousness into individual spirit representations to all
who pray to it this does not mean everything prayed for is answered as in there is complex series of
laws that must be followed for this realm in such requests. Father Son Holy Ghost/spirit means
many things it is designed to give meaning to the interpreter, my understanding of it is
Fourth question, are there social forms more amenable to STS or STO orientation? For instance, is a
modern individualistic/liberal society more amenable to STS or STO versus a traditional
family/community oriented society?

Quorum Adonai Christ: If you are asking do the society interact with each other as a family
instead of separated units of families then answer is yes in STO realms that is actuate.

All Questions on Reptilians are welcome here-Part 1

Fifth question, are some religious traditions better attuned to helping direct to STO consciousness?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Yes those such as Gandhi and other wise men of history, no one source
holds all answers so discernment is always required but there are those who have solved a lot of the
puzzle so to speak :).

Anonymous Coward 441506: Hello again Quorum, Gandhi is very 'interesting' to me as he is the only
person in our history, that I am aware of, that was able to kick out a technologically and 'perceived'
superior oppressor without resorting to violence, all while keeping a country flamed with religious
animosity from 'striking' at each other...

Is his "non-violent, non-cooperation" one of the "puzzles" you mentioned? If so, I don't think a great
number of people can have faith in and a 'passive' resistance, especially in light of the "Might is Right!"
examples throughout our history and even today.

It is sad what happened after he was assassinated though, the country's religious animosity returned and
the country was literally divided afterwards.

Quorum Adonai Christ: Peace begins within. If you resort to violence they will use it to further
their agenda by making you look bad in eyes of rest public and responding in an unkind manner
justified by the public as they will label you a threat to the security of the people.

Many such tactics are used to discredit any attempts of revolt against the public, what Gandhi did
was find a way that they couldn’t use against him, they however found another’s way to eliminate
the threat and lead it into chaos again but in doing so made a martyr of him.

Quorum Adonai Christ: There power lies in you it is the people who make them powerful not
themselves who makes them powerful.

Anonymous Coward 438798: Hello again Quorum, thank you for your reply. Your reply reminds me of
the saying " live by the sword, you die by the sword". I am not entirely positive if Yeshua said that,
but this 'kind' of message does reinforce the saying involving "sowing and reaping...”. Is the "living by the
sword and dying by it" what you are referring to, and is the saying valid?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Yes think medieval if you were fighting with swords you most likely died
in such a way through 'violence'.

As to the response when one 'resorts to violence', this example is well known in our history and reminds
me of the saying "...the nail that sticks out gets hammered", even if the 'acting' out is in a physical way, or
in a 'new idea' way. Society and people also does this to one another as well.

So violence is not the 'answer', at least from a 3rd density response... I feel what you say is true, that the
response to viciousness by 'vicious means' seem to 'amplify' suffering.

Quorum Adonai Christ: Yes if you respond in the same then it will continue until both are
eliminated this has occurred on worlds even were as there conflicts eventually lead to their
destruction through catalytic means.

So, can you provide more information regarding 'what Gandhi found, a way in which they couldn't use
against him'?

All Questions on Reptilians are welcome here-Part 1

Also, one of the tenet of his 'non violence non cooperation' appears to be 'true unity', not in a 'solidarity' as
in us vs. them, but more that his countrymen must 'see themselves and each other' in a 'different' way first.

Quorum Adonai Christ: Gandhi basically showed the people that if they want peace then peace
must begin within them, he also played the game at the level of the STS as in he more took role in
the political area for himself rather than look for someone else to do it.

If humans untied together formed communities and took the power back through using their
system and it was done in such way with such numbers that rigging it would be impossible then you
would have back control of your life’s.
Problem here is you are also STS at present so the one who gains the position representing the rest
may give into temptations that will address him in such a position.

Your perspective please.

Can you provide more information regarding how he was assassinated?

Quorum Adonai Christ: No suggest dropping of topic as such topics lead to endangering self, say
such STS were involved they couldn’t let the idea continue to prosper.

Mind control ideas are out there regarding this assassination.

Is the idea of mind control, such as MKULTRA, pertinent to 'know' or relevant to the goal of this thread?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Possible as in mind control is being used widely and will increase to be
localized over next 2yrs 'note it is not full robotic control yet that won’t happen until the

Anonymous Coward 465431: What are your thoughts on time travel? I believe it is possible and we have
been visited before... Have you heard of or can you see any visions on John Titor?

Quorum Adonai Christ: I have heard of John Titor possibility of time travel is open but in my
understanding of John Titor it is a hoax thou it has hit some actuary’s in it predictions. Would be if
was from another timeline be 3rd density whereas this reality we are in now is approaching a
transition into 4th density.

A 454457: I love the term you used... "Positioning". Can you discuss why we would position/incarnate
into a 'trapped' realm for our 'lessons' while fully 'knowing' the terms/conditions and status of this 3d

Quorum Adonai Christ: For a challenge, also in the hopes you can change the outcome of that
which is coming however mostly people have say gotten stuck and are karmatically tied to
incarnate into this realm till cycle is completed.

Can you pls explain the reason for STS/STO polarity consciousness and its role as it serves us directly?

Quorum Adonai Christ: the division which caused the creation of duality was a evitable within a
infinity of possibilities, the resulting of which created a need for a balance to be put in place this
balance is the polarity structure known as STS/STO which like magnetics represents
negative/positive polarization. In that to polarize towards the negative STS you must do negative
things against others to polarize towards positive STO you must do positive things for others, life of
All Questions on Reptilians are welcome here-Part 1

harmony and respecting others choices is considering in this polarity it is very easy to be a part of
STO as it is harder to be harvested for STS.

Quorum Adonai Christ: vents to come could of been avoided if people of world had of over
thrown government and allowed their hearts utilizing mind to create new structures of society to
function by thereby raising consciousness therefore changing then reality around them, this
however we see and know it will not be as in looking at attempts by good people to expose and
awaken population we see it is too late for stopping the STS agenda from coming to completion I
will now tell you how bad it is going to get for souls caught up in it.

Above all that is happening in the physical this war has always been about your souls there end
intent is a total replacement of current form with a genetically created form that will be superior in
some ways as in handling harsher environments but will be easier to control totally devoid of
emotions that lead to compassion and other aspect of positive emotions.

this will be controlled through chipping process which may begin before transition which will cause
agony pain to any who reject the authorities this will be able also to kill anyone anywhere at any
time it will monitor every aspect of their life and control everything they do people will be assigned
there jobs tasks based on system itself money will not exist anymore at all. It will be worse than
time of Hitler times 1000 during this time openly the reptilians types and those part of the anti
Christ agenda will have no more need to hide they will be more comfortably controlling from the
front stage 'all matter of abominable acts will occur' people will be in emotional turmoil at all times
due to the container they occupy this will be perfect local slave/substance for the STS entities to
dwell and control from the land light.

That is what happened now question is will it again so far it looking like it does, you have 3yrd to
change course of direction of this timeline by over throwing your governments right now removing
medias and exposing deceptions of the religions and other believe systems as you can see this is
unlikely possibility always open however we would say chance of is 00000000000.01 around that if
not less out of 100.

Kyle 462483: w that sucks. So basically no chance because people are ignorant of the truth and will never
learn in time. Plus if we did try to over throw the government think how many people would die cause the
government would kill anyone trying to over throw them. If I was to die right now how long would it be
till I was reincarnated into another body? Could I just float in fifth density until everything resets and we
start over?

Quorum Adonai Christ: We have in this thread giving you the tools that can allow your higher
self once they arrive to save you from such a experience, it is by choice however that such tools are
used to complete lessons and allow higher self to bring you into a higher density realm which is
more suitable for the approaching events that being you will be the ones fighting against the Orion
STS agenda trying to help those souls who become ensnared.

Just as you suffer in life so do we in our exposing because our aura is so bright we have many
attempts of say termination so infiltrations have occurred in vessel occupying this has resulted in
much damage however through the medium of the internet we have been able to network the
information that can assist others despite the attempts to lead us to self destruction by the Orion
STS. We like you must deprogram the damage done so we also may use the events coming during
the transition to be like ocean taking by waves to next shore.

We all become unbalanced emotionally at some point the question when this occurs is do you take
the moment to rebalance yourself or act erratically, note I have experienced both this is also lessons
All Questions on Reptilians are welcome here-Part 1

we must go through due to being here and is also important part of the process.

Anonymous Coward 454457: again Quorum, s I have been in and out of this thread since pg 4 and
obviously missed a fair bit of the info... I was wondering... ould it be possible for you to review very
breifly, or provide an overview of what you would consider to be the most important 3 tools you have
provided that will benefit 'us' as the human race given the predicament we face? Trust that many,
including myself could implement such a summary most directly.

Quorum Adonai Christ: There is many but if I tell you everything it disempowers you from the
experience of learning on your own. I will say 3 key important concepts to consider; the soul is the
importance the body is only a medium for the soul to experience in. Consciousness affects the
experience for consciousness at higher levels creates it. Your emotions are tools of learning of both
discernment and connectivity to each other.

Going to add something here the concept 'Age of revealing' has been misinterpreted as in it is not
that everything they done is going to be accepted by population and new golden age begins it is
more that those who have pulled the strings of those who run this world in all systems including
politics, religions, medias, banks, corporations, education, etc. will be showing their true colors as
there plan will be at a point were stopping it will be extremely hard if not impossible so they will
reveal themselves.

The biblical texts have called this time we are in now 'The Great Deception' it is a appropriate
name as yes there is a great deception going on and it has many faces even those who expose are
also those involved in some cases.

We know people have become aware of their tactic of creating problems then offering solutions
once you react but we wish to give another insight into the tactics of the STS they also like the 'Talk
in Third person' tactic which we call 'Warning of The Enemy from the Enemy themselves' this
tactic works great in worlds that are ignorant to the natural order of things in cosmos and is so
easily accepted by the masses.

because again the Solution is Offered as well in the perception as well as they talk about their own
plans which people can then research and see yes there on to something but the truth is they know
that because they created it.

The intelligence you are up against does not think in linear terms like you and to go up against
them you must drop such limiting ways of thinking and start seeing the chess board as all possible
moves at same moment.

Anonymous Coward 454457: ird person.... As in 'WE'?

Quorum Adonai Christ: no more like say you plant a bomb then you warn about the bomb
yourself but you planted the bomb in first place and who your warning about is also you who is
doing the warnings that is the tactic I mean by talking in a third person. It is a confusing one but
well thought out one. I sometimes type We because sometimes it is more than me speaking if know
my meaning.

All Questions on Reptilians are welcome here-Part 1

Kyle 462483: quorum, are dragons actual creatures that the ancients saw in there times and recorded or
are they really the Draconians with wings and horns that you described to us before? And do you think
dragons are still alive today? Also where did dragons come from? Were they just an evolution from earlier
reptiles? Or did they come from another planet?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Possibility of both, originated from Orion like you...

Kyle 462483: also. Is the creature known as the leviathan in the bible an actual creature along with the
behemoth? I would really like to know if they were actual creatures or just made up stories. And would
any of these creatures still alive?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Such creatures do exist however the biblical texts also used that name to
represent the 'Brotherhood of the serpent'
Anonymous Coward 502821: Hello Quorum, Can you describe again what the experience may be like to
be in one's 4th density body?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Flexible, not limited by one specific look or form or gender body will be
easier to adjust with the minds thoughts, reality itself will be adjusted by the minds thought as well
to describe a 4th density experience in terms of a 3rd density experience is impossible: P have tp
wait and see so much more fun to experience it for yourself.

From what you have said, it seems our next evolutionary body will reside in the new earth and it is a
matter of your higher self creating that for you correct?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Yes, a higher version of earth the earth itself is also transcending density
with it consciousness as well.

Does one just wake up like a stranger in a strange land in the new earth? Upon waking should one expect
to see STS 4 density beings around and get a nasty wakeup or perhaps wake up near Yeshua's camp and
will be better waking experience?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Depends modes of transport may be ascensions or death your choices
decide which, some may not even see it depends of lessons learned. But not entirely unaware it be
like opening eyes to new knowledge and bodies, some things will just be known when you get there
others will be taught.

In regards to the two worlds merging temporarily, does this mean that those that allow themselves to be
our higher selves will also be in this realm with the rest of those that did not during that merged time?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Permission is necessary let just say that those spiritually orientated have
a higher chance than those more concerned with what to buy next in stock market as one example.

Do we have natural abilities that we are not aware of in the 3rd density laws that can be used to defend
oneself from big STS predators?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Yes, some have found ways around the limitations seeing how much you
can access is a lot fun.

All Questions on Reptilians are welcome here-Part 1

Kensai: Hi Quorum, Please elaborate on the 'permission'. Permission from whom, one's Higher Self? Is
this related to 'finding ways around the limitations' of 'perceived' 3rd density laws and restrictions?

Quorum Adonai Christ: More like you need give yourself permission to help you, but there is say
initiations for access to certain abilities/energies certain mystical cultures and spiritual religions
know such knowledge.

Anonymous Coward 502821: Hello Quorum, If Nibiru or the Space Ark is more like a spaceship and not
tied to an orbit, I still do not understand why they had to wait for reinforcements to arrive?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Well your numbers are quite large no?

Is their arrival tied to the time when 3d and 4d worlds merge temporarily?

Quorum Adonai Christ: Yes...but some have already been are still here remembering the agenda
has been going for a long time as you see time

Why did they not just arrive 25, 50, 100 years ago and dominate us with their advanced weapons and
dominating physical might?

Quorum Adonai Christ: The agenda is not up to that stage yet but is close to it now, it is better to
conquer worlds covertly that way you don’t have to consort them as a unified race in a conflict, it is