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The rising amount of pollution to the environment thru water, air and sound are
the major effects to the climate change nowadays. Human activity such as open
burning, releasing harmful chemical thru river and machinery sound from the
factory are examples of pollution that occur daily that effecting the world
climate. The effects to human, country economy and the country itself are several
effects of the climate change.
The effects of climate change to the human and the civilization occur when the
human had to live in the harmful environment condition. The polluted air and water
make the condition become worst. The polluted air contains several chemical such
as carbon monoxide. While the water contains some toxic waste and rubbish. Besides
that the climate change also makes human cannot leave freely because been
surrounded by threat. Because the amount of pollution is higher the government had
to release an order to command the citizen to stay at home. Other than that the
number of birth will also decrease because of low health condition. The food that
is contaminated by the polluted water and higher amount of fertilizer makes the
food become not nutritious. The government had taken several actions to ensure
that the climate change doesn’t giving much effect to the human by stopping some
human activity that contributing to the change. But does all the action worth? ,
some of it may but as a citizen we should take several precaution such as
reporting to the authority if one of the activity is ‘trespass the barriers’.
According to NASA’s James Hansen, we must move decisively to return CO2 levels to
300 or 350 parts per million. If we wait too long to prevent climate change, we
will-perhaps sooner than later- create conditions beyond the reach of any
conceivable adaptive measures. With sea levels and sea temperature will not
stabilize until long after the year 2100.
The second climate change effect is the effects to the country’s economy. The
climate change giving big impact not to the human only but also the country
economy, it’s happen when the are the changing in ecology and biodiversity of the
environment, when it happen the country cannot producing any product. The corps
will damage because the polluted air and water thus the country cannot export
their product thus it will reduces the county profit. Besides that the country
economy also been effected because it cannot employ any workers to work to the
organization because most of the citizen fall sick. The changing in the climate
makes the wheatear become unstable, when it rain it rains heavily and when it’s
hot it is too hot, thus it will affect the citizen health. Moreover the countries
also have to support the medical treatment for the unwell citizens because of this
most of the money will be needed to buy a large amount of vaccine and medicine.
And it will affect the country growth rate. Is the government knew about this
situation, It is true that government is really care about its citizen but in the
same time it is important to ensure that the country still develop.
Lastly, the effect of climate change is to the country as a whole and to the
environment. Because of the change of the climate the country has to put big
effort to suit the change, such as the country has to forgone its best opportunity
to suit others. There will no development occurs to the country because most of
the provision is used for recover the environment. Cleaning the river from rubbish
are some of the examples. Besides that the number of productivity of the country
also will fall or decrease. More attention is needed to recover back the entire
environment. But all of this can be solved by a strategic planning, just compare
to other country such as United Kingdom although its suffering a heavy snow
because the change in climate but still the country recorded high profit.
As for the conclusion, we can conclude that there will be a huge effects to the
world because the change in climate but are we as a unity are ready to face this
difficulties, or is the government has a plan in the future to solve of this
problem? We have to bear in mind that we have to find some ways to live in the
climate change. It will happen but the time will tell when it happening now or in
the future.