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January 07, 2014 Mr. James Andrew Freeman Zabel * Freeman 420 Heights Boulevard Houston, TX 77007 RE: Ms. Wendi Elizabeth Hammond Law Office of Wendi Hammond 7325 August Circle Plano, TX 75025

Case Number: 13-0886 Court of Appeals Number: 06-12-00113-CV Trial Court Number: 80810

Style: THE CRAWFORD FAMILY FARM PARTNERSHIP v. TRANSCANADA KEYSTONE PIPELINE, L.P. Dear Counsel: The Supreme Court of Texas requests that respondent file a response to the petition for review in the above-referenced case. The response is due in this office on February 6, 2014. PLEASE NOTE pursuant to Misc. Docket No. 11-9152 - Electronic-Filing Rules, Attorneys must e-file all documents (except documents submitted under seal) through Persons not represented by an attorney may e-file documents, but e-filing is not required. Two paper copies of the requested response must be filed within three business days after the response is efiled. The paper courtesy copies must be the printed version of the file-stamped e-filed response and must comply with Texas Rules of Appellate Procedure 9. You may file up to midnight on the due date. For more details, see the Courts Order Requiring Electronic Documents in the Supreme Court of Texas at Please note all notices or communication about this case will be sent by email in lieu of mailing paper documents. (See Misc. Docket No. 11-9152, Electronic-Filing Rule No. 9). Sincerely, Blake A. Hawthorne, Clerk by Claudia Jenks, Chief Deputy Clerk