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By. Brother Omar Elmoughrabi

Peace and Blessings to those who read these words. May these words have
the blessing of the Most High and assist those that read it.

I wanted to just put in my two bits when it comes to preaching the Koran
only theory and its implications if one follows it by the word, but not the
spirit of what is being said in the Koran.

Firstly, I do agree with the notion that the Koran is fully detailed and it is
complete for the salvation of individuals that want to find the One True God.
Please place a caveat in the belief of Koran only that needs to address also
that the Koran can lead to destruction also. It is said in the Koran that this
revealed book will lead into Bliss or total destruction; Although God points
out both paths in clear and specific terms. It is said in the Koran that the
book of Bliss and the Book of misery are both mathematically structured
books. So let us all be careful of what we choose and what we follow. The
best path of course is the path least desirable for humans. The feeding of the
poor, even in the times of need. Helping those that are oppressed because
religious conviction. Prayer, devotion to the One True God and Charity of all
kind being the two most important things that a person should do in order to
attain certainty. I say they are the most important because they are
mentioned disporpotionatly high occurences of the two. Remembrance of God
being the top most priority, giving thanks in the times of need and in the
times of plenty. Remembering that all things and all power ultimately belongs
to God and nothing in His creation have any power whatsoever besides Him.
All are dependent on Him and He is dependant on nothing. Knowing His
qualities, of which are mentioned in the Koran. The list is of course endless.

Secondly, verify all things for yourself. Just because a translator said it is so,
you must use all the resources available to you in order to better desiminate
the information for yourself, using logic, common sense and of course God as
the only True Guide. Don't take somebody's opinion for it at face value. Play
the devil's advocate at all times and be very critical in your thinking at all
times in order that you may attain this certainty. Even properly used logic
can lead you astray, if you don't have God on your side.

Thirdly, you must really find it in yourself to evaluate all things that you do in
your life to see if it contradicts with God's way - as you see it interpreted in
the Koran. Again being critical of everything you do is important here,
because even the simplest things in our sight, is a gross offense in His eyes.
The idea here is to have the right attitude in order to attain pleasure in the
eyes of the One True God. In this there is a lot of striving to do. This is the
holy struggle (jihad) that God talks about. It is an internal battle with your
conscience in the middle, between what is obviously good and what can be a
hidden evil or bad deed. Think about this next time you look at a good
looking woman/man - it will become clearer in your mind. The way we think
and act are very important facets of religious and spiritual thought and
cannot be ignored. The signs are of course within ourselves and also all
around us to investigate and criticize.

Fourth, The idea of critical thinking is the most important facet of good
healthy thought patterns. In the end of the battle of the intellect, you attain
a better understanding of the subject and eventually come to a successful
conclusion to the endless discussion in your head - God Willing of course.
Critical thinking means that whenever we hear information, assume it is false
until it is proven fact, after due diligence is completed and exhausted. Gather
all evidence and use all the power and resources at your disposal in order to
attain this 'certainty' of thought. Constant prayer and true devotion is the
only way to attain these qualities. The study of the religion of God is certainly
a devotion to God and will surely be counted in your favor.

Five - You will certainly be tested using various facets of weaknesses in the
human psyche. Whatever your weakness - God will certainly test you in order
for you to see that it is the weakness you must muster and control in order
to attain God's pleasure. It may be money, family, friends, possessions,
human behavior or thought. He shows us these weaknesses in order for us to
be aware of them and eventually reach a stage of control - with God's help. If
you think you can do it on your own - that is just ego stroking and misleads
very easily.

Six - Put your trust entirely in the One True God. Place all your questions to
Him alone - we don't need anything on this existence to become closer to
God. All we need is Him and our constant seeking of Him and only Him. Even
when we read the Koran, or its translation or the opinion of others, one must
always seek God's guidance otherwise you have easily fallen into shirk
(placing others beside God). Its no wonder that the majority of people will be
led astray. So, when you do read the Koran - seek refuge in God, from Satan
the Rejected. When you listen to others opinion - seek God's help in
understanding the opinion or translation of the Koran. Even if you read 1000
translations of the koran you will never attain the certainty of having God
clarifying it for you. If you truly seek Him alone, you will ask Him for help
also - this would be true devotion to God.

Finally be aware of God at all times. He is in the trees, in the birds, in the
child, in the poor that beg for assistance, in the crying baby, in the baby that
is laughing, in the kind words that you say to one another, in the feeding of
the poor and the needy, in the morning rays in the darkness of the night, in
your laughter, in your tears, in the injured and in the healthy ones, in the
treatment of others throughout our lives, in the times of plenty and the times
of need, in sickness and in health, in all His marvelous creations, there is
plenty of proof of Him and thus when you see it and witness all these events
and much more, Thank Him for showing these signs for you. Thank Him with
all your heart with all your soul with all your might, let your heart soften to
His signs and to His Beautiful Words, and let your tears flow and bow down to
Him and let Him help you through your life. At that moment you will know
never to despair of His Mercy and Forgiveness. The more you Thank Me the
More I Thank you. The more you remember Me the More I will remember you
in the Day of the Great Meeting.

God Bless us all.

Verify all these themes I mentioned in the various Koranic search engines
available to you.