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So You Think You Are A Christian – Tim Gray

Covenant Community Church Retreat – Pinecrest – Sept. 4-7 2009

Notes: Sat. morning 9/5
11 Tests to know that you are saved from 1 John
Religion – Jesus preached more to the religious people of the day.
Called their religion/worship worthless.
We are saved by the spilling of innocent blood – not by anything
we did. Am I saved by “my goodness” or by the Blood of Jesus?
We need to be a “Missional Church” – A willingness to do
anything, short of sin, for God to get the message of the Gospel
out. Willing to do whatever He asks of us?
“All of life is Repentance” – Martin Luther
Everybody has stuff in their lives that need to be rooted out!
Vertical love of Godis first and foremost – Everything else is
balanced from there in that relationship. All other horizontal
relationships, healing etc. stem from that relationship with God.
Living w/ the “right heart” makes your joy complete. Admonish
one another. Col. 3:16
Love the Lord your God with your whole being.
Test 1) Those who are born of God, Keep His Commands.
1 John 2:3-4 People who don’t pick up their bibles don’t really
want to know what God says. Is obeying God’s commands truly
your heart’s desire?
10 Commandments – All sin in your life is rooted in idolatry –
What are things in my life that distract me from my vertical
relationship/love for God? (entertainment, food, relationships,
approval/acceptance of man,etc.) 1 Jn. 3:24 We accept Jesus
without counting the cost.
Notes: Sat. night 9/5
Test 2) Those who are born of God walk as Christ
walked. Whoever claims to Know/Love Christ, must walk as He
So You Think You Are A Christian – Tim Gray

walked. Isaiah 61:1 If you’re going to help the broken-hearted

(those in bondage), it is going to be messy!
How uncomfortable are we around sinners? We must repent
of Religion! It’s a sure sign you haven’t repented of religion when
you are hesitant to minister to the undesireable people in the
Test 3) Those who are born of God don’t hate others,
but love them. 1 Jn. 2:9, 1 Jn. 3:14, 1 Jn. 4:7,8 Living in
“Authentic Community”. Bacteria – white blood cells rush in to
fight it, but “die” in the process for the benefit of the whole body.
1 Jn. 4:20 You’re hating your brother – if you put your own
needs above his. We can’t get close to God w/ unforgiveness in
our hearts.
Test 4) Those who are born of God, Don’t love the world.
(ways of the world) 1 Jn. 2:15 Coveting – one of the most
unconfessed sins in the world. Seeking comfort; “Comfort Food”
– Idolatry – Seeking comfort from something other than God.
• Make a List of idols in your heart: A short list could be;
relationships, kids, jobs, church world. These can be
“good” things we’ve stuck in a “bad” place.
Rom. 1:25 We’ve exchanged the Truth of God for a lie. Idols –
where do I seek man’s approval? Pride is – I love my current
existence over what God says. Worship the Creator over the
Test 5) Those who are born of God, confess the Son &
receive (have) Him. 1 Jn. 3:23 Denying the Son is
disobedience – Apathy. 1 Jn. 4:15 , 1 Jn.
Notes: Sun. morning 9/6
So You Think You Are A Christian – Tim Gray

Test 6) Those who are born of God, Practice

Righteousness. 1 Jn. 2:29 What is practicing righteousness?
American church preaches “Do’s & Don’ts” lists. Your list to get
into heaven should be nothing more than Jesus’ blood. * Filter –
Jesus’ blood is the filter through which God sees us as a pure &
spotless bride, without wrinkle or blemish.

Test 7) Those who are born of God, don’t make a

practice of sinning.
There’s a difference between “slipping” & “practicing” sin. When
slipping becomes a commonplace, then it becomes “practicing”.
“Conquering Addiction” – a Christian 12 Step program used at
the Bridge. It is a “Repentance Ministry” http://www.thebridge-

Slippery slope - Everybody’s addicted to something. 1 Jn. 3:6

“Live in the Light” . “Sexual Idolatry” - Steve Gallagher
Thinking I have no sin! 1 Jn. 3:9-10 If you are
practicing idolatry/sin, you are a child of the devil. Gal. 5:19-20
Gossip – in the guise of a “prayer request” – w/o a person’s
knowledge or presence is gossip - *Forgive me God! 1 Jn. 5:18
“Insanity - Cycle of Sin” begins with a “spiritual malady”
Not born of God, born into sin due to sin of Adam & Eve . 1st
joint, 1st drink, 1st sexual encounter, 1stexposure to pornography
= Seeking Peace (Desire for relief) > Temptation > Think /
Obsess (1strelationship) > Act on desire (sin) > Spree (drunken
binge – any kind of binge)( Spree of sin, leaving God) > Result –
Injuries/Pain > Remorse “sorrow” (Godly sorrow = Repentance) 2
Cor. 7:10> Hope Rom. 8:20-21 World’s sorrow – “ God if you
get me out of this, I’ll never do it again” . Godly Sorrow brings
repentance and NO Regret! Worldly sorrow brings death! We
come back around to the “spiritual malady” when we don’t have
So You Think You Are A Christian – Tim Gray

EARS to hear – we’re not open to hear from God (or listen to Him).
We then repeat the cycle.
“Confession is NOT Repentance”! Repentance is turning
away from sin. People coming to the alter in worldly sorrow –
crying their eyes out – but not willing to turn away – going back to
the spiritual malady. (*This has been me.) Jer. 17:9 – The heart is
deceitful or desperately wicked. When we hold ONE THING back
from God, we repeat the cycle. Rom. 1:21-25 God “gave them
over” to their sin. They exchanged the TRUTH of God for a LIE. 3
times it says “God gave them over”. Many times we/I have
changed one addiction for another.
Village Church – Dallas, TX Michael Smetzer created “Insanity –
Cycle of Sin”
Ps. 16:11 No such thing as “More righteousness” than the cross.
“It’s either the programs of men or it’s the power of God” – Marvin
Bowler quoting Repentance can be gauged by the
willingness to stay at the table – Connected to God. Every time
we open our mouths, should give glory to God – to draw people to
Notes: Sun night 9/6
Test 8) Those who are born of God, Possess the Spirit of
God. They are filled & led by the Spirit of God. 1 Jn. 3:24 The
Spirit that wrote the Word lives & resides in me. “Spiritual Tuning
Fork” - If I am not changing daily to be more like Jesus, there is a
break or flaw in my Vertical relationship w/ God. Luke 18:18-30
Rich Young Ruler – Are you willing to give up everything? 1 Jn.
4:13 Do the people you hang around with most see the power of
God in you like they’ve never seen before? *no
God wants “crazy people” – people like David, Moses,
Gideon, Elijah, John the Baptist, Jesus himself…. People willing to
act on whatever God says, when it makes NO sense to us
So You Think You Are A Christian – Tim Gray

Test 9) Those who are born of God, listen submissively

to the inerrant Word of God. 1 Jn. 4:6 There are two
choices: Believe it OR Deny it. Who you trust to teach this to
you (the inerrant Word of God) is the (one of the) most important
decision you can make.
Test 10) Those who are born of God, overcome the
world. 1 Jn. 5:4 We have the Victory in Jesus! Jesus has (past
tense) overcome the world!
CHALLENGE: Read the Bible w/ a NEW expectation this week!
The church is the white blood cells that rush to the aid of
members of the Body that are hurt ing or injured.
Test 11) Those who are born of God, believe that Jesus
is the Christ. 1 Jn. 5:1, 1 Jn. 3:11-15
Other Authors; John Piper, Francis Chan
So You Think You Are A Christian – Tim Gray
So You Think You Are A Christian – Tim Gray