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Executive Summary

Measure your Marketing/Business Alignment

Being aligned with your business seems very simple and straightforward, yet many
organizations feel that their Marketing department is not fully aligned with Senior
Management. Measure your business alignment with Demand Metric's downloadable
Marketing/Business Alignment Tool and understand your current maturity level.

Benefits of Marketing/Business Alignment:

• Reduced Time to Market - when marketing understands the business model

implicitly, Product Development becomes much more efficient.

• Increased Buy-in & Executive Support - strong communication and the

ability to measure competencies will provide greater levels of credibility.

• Improved Recruitment & Retention - when marketing plays a key role in

hiring & developing their own staff, it's easier to attract new talent and retain
star employees.

What are the Levels of Process Maturity?

Level 1: Initial/Ad Hoc Process - when processes are not standardized, measured,
and managed, poor business alignment is a common result.

Level 2: Repeatable/Intuitive Process - an example of this level of maturity would

be to have strategic planning meetings 'as necessary'.

Level 3: Defined Process - this level results from the documentation of a particular
policy or procedure that is adhered to on a regular basis.

Level 4: Managed & Measured Process - processes are not only standardized, but
also benchmarked and measured for improvement.

Level 5: Optimized Process - full business alignment can take place when processes
are tweaked over time to incorporate Best Practices, and organizational & market

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Executive Summary

Key Areas to Benchmark Process Maturity Levels:

• Communication - getting a grip on how well your business understands

Marketing, and vice-versa, is critical. Ensure there are no major disconnects.

• Competency/Value Measurement - if you are not operating with business

and Marketing metrics, benchmarking, or assessing the value of investments,
you will have difficulty justifying your budget, or any incremental spending.

• Strategic Planning & Governance - many organizations develop a

competitive advantage by developing mature strategic planning & governance
processes. Determine if your organization is working at a Best Practice level,
or risk losing business.

Action Plan:

1. Benchmark Current Maturity Levels - download our Marketing/Business

Alignment Tool to identify your initial maturity levels.

2. Distribute to Senior Management - send the Marketing/Business

Alignment Tool to your peers to get their perspective on your capabilities.

3. Compare your Results - gather each completed Scorecard from the tool,
and compare the results. You may be very surprised with what you see. A
discussion around the areas of disparity should highlight any major issues.

4. Average the Scores - take the mean score for each category and use that
value to benchmark your current maturity levels.

5. Assess your Strengths & Weaknesses - work hard to improve areas that
are scored poorly, and exploit the areas where you are already doing well.

6. Revisit in 6-12 Months - recalculate your average score after 6-12 months
of working through each process area. Showing an improvement over time
will be instrumental in keeping this performance measurement process intact.


The cross-functional role of Marketing in your organization needs to be agreed on by

Senior Management. Benchmark your maturity levels to understand how to optimize
your department's relationship with business stakeholders.

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