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ity is now t for men Mission Statement and high-end facil seeking treatmen serenity for those onwoods discrete and The Ark of Little Cott individual healing p. The Ark provides mountain backdro avioral disorders. beh and ns ictio add

located in scenic

Provo, Utah with a

spectacular tal health,

What We Treat

ing who are experienc onals and adults in treating professi rders, as well as t facility specializes and personality diso d ping men moo treat shop r ion, even orde ress dep The Arks multi-dis rders, gambling and lems like anxiety, ictions, eating diso des cognitive mental health prob a broad range of approach that inclu endency, sexual add in a like chemical dep multi-dimensional ities s a rder activ uses ial diso team rient ive t compuls treatmen itude of other expe fully credentialed 12-step and a mult addictions. The Arks ical stabilization, modification, med therapy, behavior ng. h: setti spiritual Treating Adults Wit Problems Mental Health Levels of Care: lems Prob lth Hea ) ral days Behavio Residential (30+ endence t Substance Dep Day Treatmen ictions Add ral t avio atien Beh Veterans! Intensive Outp Homeless American NOW Assisting Outpatient nal Housing sitio Tran ive port Sup Aftercare !

We have moved to





of Little Cottonwo



OM ARKRECOVERY.C (801)733-0200 | CALL OR VISIT vo, UT 84606 Pro | uth So 299 East 900


The Ark

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Turning Point
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Alternative to 12 Step Based Rehab

The Turning Points Non 12-Step Approach

Turning Point Centers is a non-12-step based rehab center. This is not to say that we don support AA, CA etc. or the Fellowship. Its simply that we understand that addiction is deeper than ones relationship with his/her higher power. This is not to say that were not a Tspiritual facilitywe certainly are. We just understand addiction is a disease of the brain and is not caused by a persons character, sanity or spiritual beliefs. -History The 12-step approach was started in the 1930s before medical professionals truly understand the causes and treatments of addiction. While the 12-step approach has helped many people achieve and sustain sobriety over the years, it should be noted that it is a peer-based community support group--basically one addict or alcoholic helping another. It is a culture of recovery based in the personal opinions of meeting attendees. It does not take into account the science of addiction, the role of the mid-brain, or the overwhelming presence of co-occurring mental health issues for those suffering from this disease. Licensed professionals do not moderate the meetings. However, the same fellowship and support found within 12-step groups are present within our program, made up of individuals seeking a holistic, therapeutic path to recovery. And we encourage our clients to take advantage of the 12-step approach once they complete residential treatment. Our Approach Our approach for treating Dual Diagnosis substance abuse issues is based on the assumptions and principles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and specifically on Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT), a form of CBT. CBT and REBT are evidenced-based approaches (clinically proven and supported by SAMSHA) for dealing with affective and addictive disorders. Albert Ellis, the American Psychological Associations most influential psychologist of the 20th Century, first developed REBT. Becau

each An assumption of REBT is that people act the way they do because of their perceptions of clients treatment need s are uniquely reality, not by reality itself. In other words, behaviors, emotions and thoughts are driven by be- ssed through addre individualized attention and care liefs that people hold about how things should be rather than how they are. REBT therapy can in a sophisticated, retreat-ba help individuals discover underlying and often unconscious, inflexible and self-destructive sed, healing setting. beliefs about themselves, others and the world. Once these beliefs are identified, challenged and reframed, individuals are able to increasingly accept themselves and others without Our caring, profession al staff of doctors, licens emotional distress. This results in reducing overall stress and anxiety levels, improving mood ed professional therapists and educators is deep and gaining control over self-destructive behaviors like addiction. ty of care The last week of a clients stay at Turning Point covers relapse prevention. At this time, in we a safe and nurturing environment, using the actually introduce clients to the 12-step community so they can understand how it works and most revolutionary approaches see if it will help them in their sobriety. known today. All ent Do proper research on CBT, REBT and the 12-steps to be certain what is going to be best for that is specifically designed to fit their unique need you and/or your loved one. Dont hesitate to get help and ask questions! s in a More personalized one-on-one care, small er therapy and education groups combined with an uncompromising dedic ation to healing are preci sely what make Turning Point the choice for experiencin g the change of a lifetime. way that best serves their recovery. individuals who enter our program receive treatm committed to providing the highest quali ly

se of the personal settin g of Turning Point,

Life Beyond Add iction

10658 S. Dimple Dell Road Sandy, Utah 84092 and 616 E. 11000 S. Sandy, Utah 84070 (801)576-0745 or 1-888-576-HEAL (432 5) www.turningpointcent

Call our 24-hour, confidential helpline today


at 1-888-576-HEAL (43



Personal injury is our expertise

The law firm of Handy & Handy is dedicated to helping people who have been injured in accidents.

Satisfied Clients
This process is impossible without a good attorney to back you up. Handy & Handy is great and we would hire them another 100 times if we were to need them. G. Hadfield, Layton, UT Garrett Handy was always attentive to the needs of my case as well as showing genuine concern for my personal wellbeing. I would highly recommend him to anyone. G. Christensen, Salt Lake City, UT I felt like Mr. Handy was more than a lawyer to me. He fought hard for me to get the maximum I deserved and truly took the time to understand my injuries and how they affected my life. S. Morris,Taylorsville, UT Mr. Handy took over all of the paperwork for me. He also informed me of the benefits that were available to me through the insurance companies of which I was totally unaware. His compassion and expertise were invaluable. P. Kosti, Salt Lake City, UT Preston Handy was there for us, providing not only legal support but emotional comfort as well . . . In our eyes, he is the best at his profession. We would recommend him to anyone that has been in an accident. - J. Woodard, Kamas, UT
Accident & Injury Attorneys
Accident & Injury Attorneys

Preston Handy and Garrett Handy have almost 30 years combined experience handling personal injury and wrongful death cases. They have successfully resolved thousands of cases and have collected over $100 million in settlements, arbitration awards and verdicts.

Receiving a Fair Settlement

How do you know if you are getting a fair settlement? It is not a level playing field and insurance companies know that. The attorneys at Handy & Handy are experienced in handling personal injury cases and can determine the value of your case. Research shows that people who have an attorney handling their case receive larger settlements. Handy & Handy will ensure that you receive a fair settlement.

Its Important to Act Fast

It is important to contact us immediately following an accident. We specialize in auto,motorcycle, dog bites, slip and fall and several other personal injury cases. Basically, if you have been injured and it was not your fault, we can help. But the sooner we know about it, the better results we can get. Call us now so we can go to work for you and you can work on getting better.

No Upfront Fees
You will not pay us any money upfront to get your case started. We get paid only when your case is resolved and you receive a settlement.

Free Consultation Personal Attention
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Trolley Corners 515 South 700 East, Suite 3R Salt Lake City, Utah 84102
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(801) 264-6677

(801) 264-6677

At Handy & Handy, you will meet with an attorney who will personally handle your case and be involved with you from beginning to end.

We will meet with you at no cost to discuss your case and answer all of your questions. If you cannot come to us, we will come to you. Call us at (801) 264-6677 to discuss your case. You are under no obligation.

Handy & Handy

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US. As a benefit you ca

n receive:

ths interest. 60% off of your first mon A Better Deal--Receive car. $25,000) loan on your to up d (an 00 $5 a st at lea Guaranteed $500--Get inutes. a loan in less than 15 m t ge , file on ion at m or ur inf Priority Service--With yo



West Valley 3867 West 3500 South (801) 964-5626

Send in a frien !! and get $50 cash

St. George 239 North Bluff Street (435) 688-9222 South Salt Lake 3355 South State Street (801) 466-9886 Ogden 4224 Riverdale Road (801) 394-9999



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November 19th Christmas open house, 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. Take 20% off all Christmas retail. Festive trimmings for the tree, Christmas picks, snowmen, Santas and much more. November 23rd Pick up tasty pies and rolls for Thanksgiving. Open 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Bring the crew for Chunky Cinnamon French Toast or yummy sandwiches. Mom deserves a break while she cooks up a storm for the big day. November 25th We will open at 6 a.m. for breakfast for all of those who are shopping the early morning specials. Yum yum. December 1st Tree decorating class at 7:30 p.m. Orem store only. Space is limited and classes fill up quickly. Cost is $20 per person. To reserve your place, please pay your non-refundable deposit at the cash register. Class includes: 1. 10 tips for decorating a professional-looking tree 2. Whats new and hot from Colleens trips to Atlanta and Dallas markets 3. Includes 10 picks to start your Christmas tree makeover 4. 20% off Christmas dcor to those attending the class that day only




I.T. Now


Data Backup and Recovery Solutions from i.t.NOW

In 2008 IndustryPro, an international mergers and acquisitions advisory firm, was looking for ways to streamline its business and cut overall operating costs. With the rise of remote business solutions like cloud computing, the company saw an opportunity that needed to be exploited. But, IndustryPro didnt know how to best implement these cloud-based solutions. Enter i.t.NOW.

One-Sheets Montly Ads

i.t.NOW has helped our company grow from one expensive office to four virtual offices and one, smaller brick-andmortar location in Georgia.This has Solu io nsfrom First, IndustryPro needed to give its employees the abilityt to work from allowed us to expand our customer base i.t .no home on any device, to eliminate the need for expensive office real and increase our bottom line. w estate and maintenance costs. i.t.NOW migrated all of IndustryPros data to its secure, off-site data centers, and configured remote access The staff at i.t.NOW was very for each of its employees. professional, and I would recommend In 2011, Bluffdale City was looking for a way to consolidate and upgrade its data to do any business to cut searched for backup and recoveryi.t.NOW needs. To so, Bluffdalelooking representatives Second, IndustryPro was looking for a way to rapidly expand its costs expand itsand business. a company that provided a and comprehensive time-tested data backup and business. i.t.NOWs cloud computing solutions allowed the company to recovery solution. add additional employees in different states, and even overseas. With Fred Zirkle, i.t.CLOUD, IndustryPro employees could access company files and Enter i.t.NOW. founder and CEO of IndustryPro. e-mail from their homes or on the go, on any device. i.t.NOW is a Utah-based provider of I.T. solutions including data backup and To learn more about i.t.NOW and its comprehensive I.T. services: recovery, cloud computing, desktop virtualization and more. The companys i.t.BDR offering gives organizations the ability to effectively and frequently backup Phone: 801-562-8778 vital company data (as often as every 15 minutes) in secure off-site storage E-mail: areas, and recover that data when needed. Whether a company experiences an Web: earthquake, fire or some other type of disaster, i.t.NOW can get them back up and running with little to no down time. To implement IndustryPros transition to a cloud-based company, Virt ua i.t.NOW developed a custom plan of action. li z

i.t.NOW is a Utah-based provider of I.T. solutions including cloud computing, data backup and recovery, desktop virtualization and more. The companys i.t.CLOUD offering gives small businesses the ability to decrease in-house operating and hardware costs, and access vital company data on any device in a majority of locations.

Now, you can get back to work.

out i.t.N Phone: OW and its compr E-mail: 801-562-8778 ehensiv e I.T. se rvices: Web:

ore ab


Rand r for C.H. y Burgoyne, Spence r & Co.

Now, yo uc back to an get work.

Bluffdale Citys backup power supply, and its servers wouldnt restart. To fix this In 2011, C.H. Sp problem, i.t.NOW implemented an off-site server. And, because i.t.NOWs data to minin encer & g, Co to cut co power, industria ., a supplier backups run as often as every 15 minutes, it was able to restore Bluffdale City to of its sts. Co l pumost an mpsrecent backup. d m m number of server pany executive unicipal markets and related eq uipm didnt ha s s , was lo In fact, i.t.NOW had the city back up en t and running in less than 30 minutes! ve the in and hardware knew they okin g fo wanted r a wa needed Second, -house ex citys entire to scran y data center and computing needs for two to run th i.t.NOW alethe pertise to Enter i.t back the supply e bu while asin replacement was orderedall on i.t.BDR software .NOW. handle days ess, but power th e tra they from i.t.NOW. Once the new power supply arrived, i.t.NOW transitioned Bluffdale nsition. i.t.NOW is back to its old network after hours. data ba a Utah-based ck pr virtualiza up and recove ovider of I.T. so ry operatin tion solution allo , cloud compu lutions includin tin To d g ws smal virtu learn more g about i.t.NOW and its comprehensive I.T. services: and com and hardware l busines g an mor e. i.t.NO alization, co puters, ses Phone: Our trans Ws to decrea 801-562-8778 and hard sts, and reduce se in-hou ware an was seam ition to a virtual the i.t.NOW nu E-mail: se m d ber of ne software de ize less. We First, i.t.N veloped a cu eded se up different compare d office Web: grades st rvers I.T. com . d three one, with OW decreased om virtualizatio pa i.t.NOW n because nies, and chos C.H. Sp one server now the number of in plan for C.H. Sp e it co ha m encer & d -h pr ru en the mos ehensiv cer & Co Co. an es nning four vir ouse servers warrantie t e vir . W tu fro tu e started alization lasts thre s and maintenan timated $17,00 al machines. Th m four to services Thanksgi the switch the 0 in hard e to five is move . ce over Fr wa ving, an years. sa the life of iday afte d i.t.NO up and Second the mac re costs, upgrad ved W had us r running , hines, wh es by ba & Co. wi because of the there to ich typica , decrease ll see sig help with Monday. They we ck lly Spence nificant d power any addi whenev re r sa er we ne tional ne per year & Co. used cost vings. On aver consumption, ed eds helped C. upgrade ed them. They i.t.NOW, for all four server $300 per year age, each serv H. Spencer also two of ou program in electri er that C. electrica s. With r s co at city, re softw H. th l costs wi the sa i.t.NOW are ll averag e new single, vir a total of $1,2 Finally, i.t s data ba me time. We in 00 e less th tu stalled ckup an system, an $300 alized server fro scale wi .NOWs services d i.t.BDR, . th m and that recovery recover data mig its growth. With gave C.H. Spen s lo he ration be st data at cer & Co virtualiza lp come sim . te tio a momen ed us pler and n, tasks like m chnology that ts notice. wi em more co st-effect ory addition an ll To learn ive. d m

First, with its frequent data backups and constant system monitoring, i.t.NOW immediately detected the power surge from the strike. The event destroyed

C.H. Sp

Randy Burgoyne, controller for C.H. Spencer & Co.

encer &


Now, you can get back to work.

As fate would have it, Bluffdales city offices experienced an event that essentially destroyed its in-house data and computer systems: a lighting strike! Luckily, i.t.NOW was ready for the challenge.

Virtual ization

We had employees working on PCs, iPads and Macs, and other various hardware and software systems. With i.t.NOW, our transition to a cloud-based company was seamless. Our data and connections were secure, and we also saw a substantial increase in productivity without increasing our business I.T. costs.

Our transition to a virtualized office was seamless. We compared three different I.T. companies, and chose i.t.NOW because it had the most comprehensive virtualization services. We started the switch the Friday after Thanksgiving, and i.t.NOW had us back up and running by Monday. They were there to help with any additional needs whenever we needed them. They also helped upgrade two of our core software programs at the same time. We installed i.t.NOWs data backup and recovery system, i.t.BDR, and thats helped us recover lost data at a moments notice.

Like any business, you cant afford any downtime.

Experienced System Administrators Dell and Microsoft Certified Partner E-mail Management Data Backup And Recovery


I.T .


Threat Monitoring Server Solutions Network Solutions Cloud Computing Provider



Now, you can get back to work.

Call today for your free business I.T. consultation (801)562-8778, or visit

With, youll have an outsourced i.t. partner that you can trust.

Spring 2013, Issue 1

Founders Society
The Foundation is grateful for the foresight and generosity of our creators. Established in connection with the formation of the Foundation, the Founders Society recognizes benefactors who support patient safety, education and research for the Academy through the Foundation. This society has been established to allow us to distinguish individuals for their vision, their tremendous influence in launching the Foundation, and their commitment of time as well as financial support of at least $1,000 to the campaign prior to Dec. 31, 2013. It is through this recognition that a legacy for the Foundation is created, in hopes of inspiring future leadership and benefactors who are committed to patient safety, prescriber education, and credentialing and training.

Donor Appreciation
Thank you to Depomed and Purdue Pharma for their generous, early support of the campaign with gifts of $75,000 or more.

Current Founders . Society Members

Charles E. Argoff, MD James Barrett Gil Bashe Michelle Byers Perry Fine, MD Rollin Mac Gallagher, MD Elliot Krames, MD Phil Saigh Marsha Stanton, PhD, RN Kevin Weber Lynn Webster, MD We invite you to join with a gift of $1,000 or more before Dec. 31, 2013!

for more inform ation visit W W W.PAI NM E D.ORG /F OU NDATION/


Depomed is pleased to support the important initiatives of the American Academy of Pain Medicine Foundation. We believe that patient care can be enhanced through expanded education of all providers involved in treating pain and applaud the Foundations efforts in this area.

AAPMF Connection: Advancing Patient Safety is the official newsletter of the American Academy of Pain Medicine Foundation. The opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the AAPMF or its Board. The validity of opinions and accuracy of content are not guaranteed by AAPMF. Copyright, American Academy of Pain Medicine Foundation 2013. AAPMF Board: Charles E. Argoff, MD, President Marsha Stanton, PhD, RN Jeremy A. Adler, MS, PA-C Gil Bashe Michelle Byers B. Todd Sitzman, MD, MPH Patricia Bruckenthal, PhD, APRN-BC, ANP Lynn R. Webster, MD, AAPM Board Liaison Sean Mackey, MD, PhD, AAPM Board Liaison Campaign Executive Committee: Charles E. Argoff, MD Gil Bashe Michael J. Brennan, MD Michelle Byers Elliot Krames, MD Marsha Stanton, PhD, RN Kevin Weber Lynn R. Webster, MD Address all contributor correspondence and inquiries to: Susan Farrell, MPS Interim Executive Director American Academy of Pain Medicine Foundation 4700 W. Lake Avenue Glenview, IL 60025 847-375-6355 Managing Editor: Beth Dove of Dove Medical Communications, LLC, Salt Lake City, Utah, Design by XO Marketing, Sandy, Utah, 801-272-8686 visit for more information

A Foundation for Safety Founders Society
specialist for every 9,500 patients with chronic pain. It is essential, then, that pain education reach beyond the core specialist group to encompass front-line providers everywhere. In recognition of the need, the Foundation has launched a Campaign to Advance Patient Safety with the goal of raising $1.5 million. The Foundation seeks to provide funding support for a variety of goals, including: Promoting quality pain education and training for prescribers Conducting research into the causes and treatment of pain conditions and disease Supporting best practices to optimize patient outcomes Ensuring a comprehensive, integrated and coordinated system of care


AAPMF Foundation
Quarterly NewsletterEssential Tools to Expand Audience Reach FDA Panel Discussion

Advancing Patient Safety

topics at a Glance

A Foundation for Safety

The American Academy of Pain Medicine Foundation (Foundation) was formed in 2011 to support the core purpose of the American Academy of Pain Medicine (Academy). A separate non-profit entity, the Foundations role is to provide funding and infrastructure support to the Academys initiatives. In accordance with the Academys mission to eliminate pain as a public health problem, the Foundations overarching focus will be to advocate for patient safety. The goal is nothing less than to set the agenda for an international discussion on safety in the delivery of pain therapies. To understand why patient safety is a top priority, consider that some 100 million Americans suffer with chronic pain and another 25 million face acute pain, according to the Institute of Medicine. At the same time, prescription drug abuse is a fast-growing national problem, and the education for medical professionals is woefully inadequate when it comes to treating pain effectively and safely. The Journal of Pain reported that many U.S. medical schools have no pain courses, while others offer fewer than five hours of classes. Despite the extraordinary need, the United States has only one pain

These efforts will require the enthusiastic collaboration of other leading medical professional organizations as well as donor support from parties dedicated to achieving safe and effective access to multidisciplinary pain therapies for patients who suffer. Improvement in pain medicine outcomes will advance patient safety.

We invite you to learn more about the Foundations Campaign to Advance Patient Safety by talking to a member of the Campaign Executive Committee:

Specific and immediate initiatives to advance Charles E. Argoff, MD e patient safety include: Gil Bashe ine and look for the blu onl MD tion Brennan, Expanded continuing medical Michael contribution. Visit the Founda a tax-deductible education programs ke Michelle Byers ma to ton but e New web-based delivery andDonat Elliot Krames, MD knowledge management systems Marsha Stanton, PhD, RN Investments in the Early Career Kevin Weber Investigator Small Grants Program Lynn Webster, MD f, Pioneering patient-focused educational Dr. Charles Argof initiatives AAPMF president, rience is advised the that clinical expe rted it asse as er nt de -based He furth FDA panel s ponent of evidence AAPMF Presi considered opioid an integrated com ld not be ignored. to treat chronic, to FDA: bate medicine and shou

Courses patientintegrative and Interventional, a faculty include: are covered by centered care primary specialists and pain rt expe ess and Pelvic Pain of addr Abdominal omy, The goal is to s. ician phys h istent Pain: Anat muc care Acute and Pers needs of the y the educational iology and Patholog re providers, Phys thca heal of l Pain larger audience who work nced Interventiona ists Adva mac phar tech prescribers and e include Procedures New web-based ort AAPMF vision of Failed nts in pain. Thes Management of daily with patie ent De in family noncancer pain. Appropriate face delivery supp ty hy, practitioners Pain Managem Opioids vs. held Feb. safe doctors of osteopat assistants, ic hearing was Back Syndrome be advancing patient icine, physician y med mon nal The two-day publ Testi Should not inter and Treatment of Md. and more. Assessment in Bethesda, , and in ids ers nt 2013 ding tition pio Patie 7-8, inclu prac the nurse Non-O to opioid for Treating Headaches lus stakeholders, labeling limits thcare Essential Tools came from 50-p loved ones tion of Pain ted to Panel weighs average of 250 heal ting who have lost Assessment and treatment dura ery model was crea Pain reaches an al mee family members icians and and Palliative Care The blended deliv of pain dosage, indication year at the annu overdose, phys Cancer Pain cribers outside professionals a to opioid-related h as many pres of Pain Medicine onal Pain Syndrome are patients living reac for noncancer pain emy ings for s offer Acad limits cate Live rican Complex Regi of the Ame as possible. ers of professional advo with the labeling detailing the m icine tition and Myofascial Pain ider draw ulties culu med prac lgia ld prov diffic curri r mya its shou ists, er ed othe mac Furth Fibro highlight ent regimen boration with d to (Academy). Now with pain, phar One presentation rant Behaviors dental surgery, planned in colla will be A pain managem or may medicine is slate were proposed. Guide to Aber ialties and may amentals of pain addition, courses cy medicine and ers genetic variations In l al spec fund rgen tition idua eutic ions. iple eme prac Analgesic Use indiv mac of mult ff, nizat ery ing With phar orga from les Argo ed deliv ter numbers s from Associated research show a single a new web-bas id therapy, Char reach ever-grea ation. new faceand representative , casting doubt that of offered through not include opio ialties by blending Workers Compens nd video feeds, Low Back Pain rican Academy in opioid response nt need. spec ema and Ame iple patie on-d es the all mult of live, in pani ort t tment of Pain FDA com model, using MD, presiden access to ideration by the hanism-Based Trea ge cap could supp cates argued that an FDA panel ne delivery. ts, Mec cons told on-li dosa r men n, and com unde datio ce to-fa Proposals nt advo id therapy Pain Procedures urce existing recorded against Pain Medicine Foun long-term opio Physicians and patie not static Office-Based and an online reso d, the Bad evidence for and include limiting severe pain are study materials erate pain), for ss to learning ements: The Goo and ids selfmod as it weighed the g acce Agre opio d id erate on ludin s Opio base nded mod (exc s restriction of the The expa mg to severe pain ed against restriction y. Pain library. tightening labeling ort more with the mission ge limit of 100 and the Ugly states and warn . Those who supp g a daily dosa us opportunities fits of a malignanc entered Medical Medicine inuo settin not nt-C cont or Pain rial and Patie ng of ence ty noncancer pain the mate limiti emy ts, and on the pres Pain and argue that safe focused course American Acad advance morphine equivalen sed. rated The clinically restrictive labeling e, multindation) to noncancer pain. Home is pain, they stres not been demonst no a comprehensiv ation. Foundation (Fou use to 90 days for and the Law ssing, encompasses effectiveness have gh enhanced educ sed that care if Pain Medicine oach to asse NSAIDs Dr. Argoff stres patient safety throu emy and Foundation icians dont know or y of Opioids and disciplinary appr long term. But nts with president of Phys Acad relief for all oid receptors patie ptors the MD, ent Opi ing rece at Pharmacolog e dny, perc treat ers for thos Kolo 100 do Lead P), Andrew and diagnosing and therapy gives has cancer, nor on of the need ures Prescribing (PRO gniti id ing eone in as a nonLect reco Opio som s. near pent track le d is rome gaba expresse for Responsib measurements to us pain synd fit when someone d the FDA to best practices and des vario bene patients and cited gh clinical trials show only ione ting to inclu el petit mina ond the gned of mod that resp disse The nt and are desi Thou year urgency in ling the organization said Rebecca Kirch tice and to patie ebo case presentations of clinical experience, opioid example. in pain medicine e ng, said the labe the end of life, changes in prac effective than plac y which opioid prescribi new developments She said a full rang all levels itional education eting at ety. ting, limit Add mark Soci s. mee iders er in al sher man ome prov gabapentin is more rein is Canc annu refre outc ty the ed to American needed community improve for some and opathy, the reali round, not just at the field. would changes are need formulations are nt harm and providing basics in treating neur , he said. by specialists in manufacturers and enting of therapies and will reduce patie icine. rs. to experience pain is largely attended practices by drug differ. After pres nts. med information for othe patients continue d for legitimate patie because patients outcomes in pain ad under-controlle this years not block access anti-opioid practitioners emic co-chairs of ence of widespre id-safety strategies and ide evid acad prov pioid paign to the is e cam of pro-o t of ns ledg One who cated opio the Foundatio The primary inten This dichotomy serve the skills they bring expert know family members pain, Kirch advo safe use, Early support of Academy information and ff said. It does not course said the tools toughest, Several bereaved echoed ating patients on stry partners and with both practical is false, Dr. Argo or society to bear on the takethe patient who PROP petition that included educ by several indu ssionals, patients and experience enhancing drug to better manage medicine. supported the additional education osal; this use er pain proin disp ing s can canc healthcare profe are mak and or issue is e ge s. stora clinicians members thcare providers nic, end-of-lif most controversial Kolodnys assertion ; educating pain has acute, chro well. Ethical heal associate sions within back programs possible! g and pain an Mahajan, MD, e treatment deci Ahadian, healthier abuse screenin pain, said Gag health and mak Center in , said Farshad M. pain relief and on substance criptionand to Davis Medical That is powerful Patients want safe ompson, strengthening pres anesthesiology on on the program professor at UC that context. Ada Giudice-T co-chair of this assessment; and al professor of said For more informati and clinic ., s, Pain Calif MD, ome for after outc . Susan Farrell at Sacramento, tor of the Center designed so the claim by died in his sleep itoring programs is ite direc ael mon se ical desp donate, contact Mich cour , , med said son and whose years course. The ersity of California Furthermore, he omorphone. She some of mfo Univ nt journal has hydr aap the d the eme of ewed at rell@ cribe impl out e -revi sfar can peer Medicine readily ingesting pres estions to com warnings of gesic that practitioners some that no ning to ing that power to issue clear Other safety sugg xone for supporting the anal ediately upon retur San Diego. Mak will be and to urged the FDA co-prescribing nalo these tools imm published evidence 90 days, e in the trenches on opioid labels htened hearing included therapy beyond accessible to thos addictive potential supporting prescribing acknowledging heig to 52 their practices. benefit of opioid high-risk patients, studies lasting up formative. tal disorders, that the data nsion trans re men exte l ensu orbid -labe by open required rate. risk with com e, dental nd the 90 days directives are accu r quantities for acut omes weeks (well beyo onstrate prescribing fewe outc blish efficacy) dem term. tion and skills pain, and tracking t limits they the FDA to esta fit long and post-surgical opposed treatmen practical informa gned to deter nts derive bene Other speakers formulations desi patients. Dennis or cancer ioners with both that some patie the FDA id by rable opio ired vulne for ered on requ cent are onic, end-of-life to provide practit say would harm is chr test consensus nt not Arachnoiditis te, grea Extension studies the inte ugh acu The of , Altho lf e. ary has arch ty. abus o beha r rese inued safe The prim ient wh al Center. ention, Capolongo, on funding for bette to establish cont tigators also of reness and Prev the need for more ter manage the pat at UC Davis Medic bet sor oint, some inves to National Institutes fes pain the Society for Awa use hic pro gh Dr. opat , can ate throu y a required endp neur ples oci the litating coordinated te partners. on efficacy. 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Access webcast archives of the FDA hearing



s ut the Foundation For information abo please contact: ing, focus for fundrais , Interim Executive Director Susan Farrell, MPS und sfarrell@aapmfo 847-375-6355

be mai Donations may also AAPM Foundation nue 4700 W. Lake Ave 25 Glenview, IL 600

led to:

Case Study:


Delineating Groundwater Contaminatio Plume Envir n Through a onment Multip

Service: Location:


Boart Longyear


Vital Stats: 80 % les s investigation derived waste Fast and reli (IDW) Improved able performance sample quality

Sonic Ground water Samp ling Massachuset ts Military Re servation, Cape Cod, Ma Client: ss., U.S.A. Department of Application : Deep Ground Defense Water Sonic Sampling

Case Study: Alpha Stage3 Diamond Coring Bit is Field Tested


Overview: Subsurface Investigatio ns The Massachu setts Military Reservation has a unique (MMR) loc source aquifer ation, above a fast-flowin g, sole. Past militar fe y pra release of har ctic it Li es B resulted in the In mful che se mic ea als into the seriously imp% Incr dy: 75acting the groundwater environment, Stu the De partment of qua Case lity. In 1982, Defense init Restoration iated the Ins Program to tallation identify and contaminated evaluate pot sites. entially By 1989, the Environment al Protection added MMR Agency had to the Nation al Priorities Lis a Superfund t, site. An agg ressive ground making it was setto water goal work toward 100% contain numerous gro ment of the undwater plu me was used for subsurface inv s detected. Sonic drilling estigations to remediation efforts. aid in the


Product: Alpha Stage3 Diamond Coring Bit Location: A Nickel Mine in Manitoba, Canada Application: Field Testing of the Alpha Stage3 Diamond Coring Bit Compared with the Alpha Extended

Inc. & Sons, height) Hughes m crown er: LJ Bit (12m Custom SSUMX rn PA, USA t: te Produc ation Southwes g Explor n: Locatio n: Surface Corin io Applicat

Vital Stats: The average bit life of the Alpha Stage3 was 120 meters Industry first in advanced drilling products Extended bit life

The data ga thered using Boart Long years sonic drills has enabled en vironmenta l scientists understand to the complex ity of this aquifer and design effect ive remediation strategies to restore the water be Boart Longyear Drilling Services has employed the neath Cape fe The Challeng Cod. d Bit Li e Boart Longyear Alpha Extended Crown for more than To Use the Increase Advancing three years at a nickel mine in Manitoba, Canada. The SSUMX Sonic Casin Temporary g to Well Serve as a ground conditions are demanding due to the variability bits Other Remediation efforts on MM bits in the formations, not only from one part of the mine to R kicked into 1996. Sonic high gear in drilling was the other, but even within a single hole. Formations in 0ced selected ove du rotary metho Re d r an mu auger ds due to ty Manitoba are typically hard abrasive quartz mixed with and rsatili d Ve depth inform lity to rview: its abi ed pro vide accurate Ove hanc atio medium hard and coarse ground. n to En del fe,ine nd ate containme and define the er Li ble grou Long rias nt plu va aquifer strat me , even highly igra rk were not cap nd s phy a wo st . T g en he aug Co in able of rea ng brok Until recently, the 08 ABREC configuration of the Alpha er le t, dril al et of ls s ch s chi d ce ng in fa dep w an . Sur and, due sloth, Drilling e 500 to rs drille time an traditional Extended Crown had proven to be the best bit in use at ns can b ed core th nc ive ie conditio er ns e expe ost exp ugh the the mine with an average bit life of 37.5 meters. for the m ts, although mor in cutting thro ns bi ive conditio diamond d bits, are effect n ground te d up whe nge bits in impregna , but do not hol ha ny c pa nd The bit-remains sharp and requires nd illing com ip rods a soft grou 1000 eed to tr tly to both the dr very little stripping. When stripping n he . T change ns is cos - it is done without the is needed, conditio variable rew. need to reduce water r c line of and thei tile matrix sa volume. tra er Ul t v e from th ar s mos Manitoba Drill Team X bit, rt Longye ee 1500 The SSUM ts, is one of Boa diamonds and fr tional bi e tradi diamond d bits. The larg rm both ce Challenge: te ut-perfo pensive surfaThe impregna rix allows it to o ex oft. Extending Bit Life in Hard,-Abraisive Ground at s, more ard to s h m fro cutting m d bits, as well a nging Conditions ra te ns na itio eg impr cond Bit Life: With the proven performance of the Alpha Extended ground 2000 set bits in Crown, the drilling teams were unsure about trying RIG 1 nal. exceptio bits are e UMX gned, w The SS was desi bits in t bi is th 2500 Before egnated drillers ed impr x never us nd. We had si with an ou ar softer gr bits over a ye d e se es ea Th cr 34 . In that ran e of 2,903 feet Bit Life lif lts for e su ag re er av od d bits. , very go 3000 are very t or impregnate se Bit Life: surface es gh Mick Hu

Overview: Drill Teams Experience a 300% Increase in Bit-Life At a nickel mine in Manitoba, Canada, Boart Longyear Drilling Services field tested the new Alpha Stage3 diamond coring bit in a multi-site deployment. Drill ts ce set bi teams experienced bit-life gains of up to 300% over s: over surfa sts Vital Stat crease in bit life tal operating co their previous standard, the Boart Longyear Alpha in to in % n uctio 75 Extended Crown. ificant red Sign


Alpha EC

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Stage 3



eet) Depth (f







1,600 FT




2,900 FT.





$ P. R O 99 AU NE Y


28 R! th


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offer expires November 23rd!


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Sitting never felt so good!

Introducing the Cozzia massage chair 618B. This amazing chair has a microcomputer that performs various massage types and combinations. Visit Backyards of America and experience a free massage. For just $79 per month, or $3,899 total, you can own the ultimate massage chair (comparable chairs cost between $7,000 and $8,000). Available in brown, silver gray or red.

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Do you have Type 2 Diabetes and high blood pressure?

If you have Type 2 Diabetes and suffer from hypertension (also known as high blood pressure), Focus Trials in Salt Lake City wants to talk to you. Thats because Focus Trials needs 10 people with Type 2 Diabetes to take part in an important new research study. If you qualify and complete this study, you could be compensated up to $550 for your time and travel. In addition, test medications will be provided at no cost to you.

For more information and to see if you qualify for this study, call

248 W. 9240 S., Sandy, UT (801)561-0679



* Free Deluxe Display with your opening order!

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Real Foods Market

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you can buy farm fresh right here in Sugar House?

Get to KNOW
This little market is on a huge mission to change the way people fuel their bodies and think about food. The goal of having an entire collection of NUTRIENT-RICH AND CHEMICAL FREE FOODS in a grocery store may seem like an impossible dream, but that is exactly what our Real Foods Market team has created!

Raw milk is more than a delicious drink its total nutrition. Our milk is bottled, tested, shipped and lands on the shelf at Real Foods Market within three days. Now thats FRESH MILK-and it arrives daily!

See what our customers are saying:

I was happy to learn that raw milk meets or exceeds the same safety standards as pasteurized milk and it has all the nutrients in tact (vitamins, minerals, fats, proteins, and enzymes). Thanks for bringing this to the public. -P. Smoot, Midway, UT After extensive research I found that raw milk from healthy cows could strengthen the immune system and boost overall health. I made the switch and the difference in my familys health has been amazing. -K. Bush, Cedar Hills, UT

The Real Foods philosophy emphasizes eating the following foods...

raw milk organic produce grass-fed beef wild caught fish fresh eggs from pasteurized chickens sprouted grains raw nuts and seeds fermented foods healthy oils and so much more


of Redmond Heritage Farm Raw Milk*

*Restrictions apply. Free with $30 purchase. While supplies last. Limit 1 per customer. See associates for details. Expires 11/30/13.


Sat. Sept. 28th - 12:00 to 4:00 2209 South Highland Drive

2209 S. Highland Drive Mon-Sat 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Sunday 10 am to 3 pm Phone: 385.351.2664

- Talk to our farmers - Meet our baby animals - Enjoy live music, food and give-aways - In-store specials and discounts!

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Bill To

Total P 1424 lumbing a E n Eagle ast Hawk d Heating W M , LLC 801-8 ountain ay , UT 8 0 4005 (F) 80 9-0841 1-789 -6862

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servic e.



Sleep & Wellness Magazine

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Spring 2012, Issue 3 Complimentary Copy

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Myths and Current Research


Helping Autistic Children Sleep Through the Night


Parasomnias May Disrupt Childrens Sleep

An Alternative to CPAP Therapy


Interview with Lauri from The Dreamzone


More Common Than You Think