Wayseer s


Gar r et John
LoPor t o

How your rare irrepressible mind ~the source of your
greatest strengths & weaknesses ~gives you the
miraculous ability to transform the world




Given to Someone in Need through
the Generosity of Other Wayseers
Thi s copy of “ The Wayseers” e-book was gi ven as a compl i mentary
gi ft to someone who needed financi al assistance.
The Wayseers Movement i s a grassroots movement that needs your
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Fi rst we need resources for outreach, audi o & video producti on and
adverti sing to reach Wayseers throughout the worl d and turn them
on to what they are. If you’re readi ng thi s, you have already
benefi ted from thi s kind of outreach.
The second phase of our efforts i s to hel p Wayseers tune in to the
source of their i nspi ration, their geni us - the Way. The Way i s an
i ntell i gent force which can gui de our thoughts and our acti ons
towards creati ng a better worl d, wi th more l ove, truth, beauty and
grace. Soon, wi th your hel p, we wil l be l aunchi ng a weekl y event
where we wil l all be able to tune in together and experience the
power of the group through a shared experience.
Third, to create a space where we encourage each other to let go -
to let go of all the things that hol d us insi de, that keep us from
honestl y expressing our spontaneous bri l li ance and our inspirati on.
Wi thout this fi nal step our miracul ous i mpul ses can be bottled up
causi ng al l sorts of di storti on and affli cti ons.
In the end thi s three step process not onl y heals the indi vi dual
Wayseer, but releases the greater Wayseer collecti ve to cooperati vely
achieve amazi ng thi ngs together.
Hel p us make thi s movement a real i ty. Please share in the
generosi ty of thi s movement by payi ng i t forward. You can give here:

What r eader s ar e saying…
“ I have never read anything that speaks to me with such
inspiring penetration. Thank you so much for imparti ng thi s
extraordinary anal ysis that I have been searching for most of my
l i fe.”
~Howard, Writer – Perth, Australia
“ I cried almost the entire way through reading this book. Your
book affirmed what I have always fel t. I knew that God made me this
way for a reason, to ful fi ll his greater purpose. Thank You!!”
~Tiffiany Calhoun, Social & Community Services
“ I went down on my knees and thanked GOD for this book.
Thank you so much for letting me know the truth. My heart feel s
freer now… I cried wi th joy when thi s book vali dated the real me in a
way no one has done.”
~Yoges – Singapore
“ The method you share is absolutely fantastic. It reall y i s an eye
opener for me. The whol e way through reading I was amazed...
Thank You for bri ngi ng thi s book to l ife.”
~Terrick Romer, Performance Coach – South Africa
“ Thank you Garret! I now understand and thank you for
helping me save myself and my life. I have a l ot of work to do and
am exci ted about tomorrow...”
~Trey Hale, Entrepreneur, Artist, Inventor – Austin, TX
“ Garret, I can’t thank you enough for writing this book. I just
completed the book and though in the beginning I fel t l i ke cryi ng
because of the truths that were bei ng thrown in my face, I fel t total l y
empowered by the end.
I just can’t bel ieve what I now have access to. You have written a
manual for how I have grown up and operated al l my l i fe ... as if i t
were wri tten for me personal l y. I have attended so many personal
devel opment seminars over the past 15 years to see if I coul d find out
who I am and al so seen physi ol ogi sts … and personal coaches and
nothi ng has been able to stri ke to the core l i ke you have. I feel so
al i ve i t’s unreal . I am defini tel y goi ng to join that cl ub you have
started up and start my li fe the way i t was supposed to be...
I became a Chri sti an l ast year and your teachings were refreshing
because they were in al ignment wi th my fai th as wel l . It shoul dn’t be
surpri sing to me how fantasti c this book i s because Jesus has the
power to work hi s genius through people l i ke you. I wi l l be usi ng
[your teachings] to free mysel f, prayer for my fel l owshi p wi th Jesus,
scri pture as the di vine l aw and faith al one, to gl ori fy God.
Again, thank you thank you thank you.”
~Greg M, Electrician – New South Wales

“ One word..... Wow!! I'm 17 years ol d, from the U.K. and I was
di agnosed wi th ADHD a whi le back. I was kicked out of school three
years ago and I’ve never known what i s ri ght for me to do in li fe! I
have been confused about what was goi ng on around me so I bought
the book yesterday and fi ni shed i t yesterday! That's the first ti me I've
took something seri ous! Because I coul d rel ate to i t and as I slept l ast
ni ght, a l ot di d come about what i t i s I am meant to do! I woul d l i ke
to meet LoPorto and thank hi m for opening my eyes!! I'm a new
~Thomas Lee Trinkl, Student – Flint, U.K.

“ THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Garret LoPorto, you're a savior –
a genius. As I was reading this book my whole past came back to me,
how I di dn't do wel l in school , etc. At some poi nts I'd l augh to
mysel f, saying ‘damn thi s i s defini tel y ME.’ Amazi ng, you showed
me the BIGGER picture! Now I have to put i t to work...”
~Argyris Mountis, Real Estate investor – Philadelphia, PA

“ This is the coolest thing that has ever happened to me in my
whole life next to birth!
What can I say, my whol e li fe has been condensed into a book;
and for the first time as I read the book I fel t as i f I was final ly
l ooki ng i n a mirror that trul y captured the essence of me rather than
l ooki ng i n a mirror and seei ng a man that was not l iving because I
struggled wi th the “ normal ” worl d.
I am not real l y sure what i s to come next but I am reall y exci ted
and l ook forward to becomi ng me and l oving my l i fe rather than
l oathi ng my l i fe. Thank you for fi ndi ng your path and sharing with
the rest of us!
I am not sure that I have ever read a book cover to cover in my
whole l ife. I read this book cover to cover in less than a week which
i s a miracle in and of i tsel f.”
~Jason Smith, Finance Company Owner – Park City, Utah
“ The method you share is absolutely fantastic. It reall y i s an eye
opener for me. The whol e way through reading I was amazed...
Thank You for bri ngi ng thi s book to l ife.”
~Terrick Romer, Performance Coach – South Africa
“ For the first time in years I'm speechless!
I can't begin to describe the total release I feel now!
Gl ory be and thank you God for remi ndi ng me who I am and
that, more i mportantl y, who I am i s more than ok AND that who I
am i s what God al ways wanted me to be. I'm so l i berated and even
l ooki ng forward to a l i ttl e struggle of NOT even being able to turn
I came off the addi cti ons knowing the onl y one worth having was
God! what a great blessing to behol d what a wonder you are Garret
to remind us in a si mple way and strai ght to the heart that we are
bl ooming fantasti c! What a great ti me to be ali ve and I don't feel
gui l ty anymore that it's too l ate! More than a toni c, an el i xir of l ife!
Look forward to joi ni ng the cl ub and making love and geni us a habi t,
no a di vi ne fl ow!
I'd suspected i t for a l ong ti me but got depressed, even tried to
ki l l myself a few ti mes and I meant i t! Now I know why God kept me
ali ve! 'Twas no coinci dence thi s landed here wi th me now and I rang
my si ster who i s just about now ready to read i t after becoming
di sabled and re eval uating her l ife, yes she's a [Wayseer] too and I
can't wai t for her to redi scover her fire! Job well done! And wi th a
brai n l i ke mi ne, elegance, beauty and passi on are back in my heart as
I awai t my next miracle i mpul se! – I can say I trust mysel f agai n and
l i fe l ooks good!!!!!”
~Lady Bachlee Augustus, Actress & Director, London
“ It helped me realize why I always have had this fascination
with being a hero… why I struggle at school even though I have al l
the smarts i n the worl d, why I cannot work l i ke everybody el se at
work, why I procrasti nate or why people see me as lazy. Why I
daydream, why my i mages are so fascinating, thi s i s a great book
al together.”
~John Wayne – Tampa, FL

“ I have to admit I was skeptical at first, however it described
me to a tee!! I would highly recommend it … I remember of being
tol d I wore my heart on my sl eeve when I was younger maybe too
often so devel oped resi lience and struggled to fi t i n. Well now i t has
al l col l apsed and admi t I have l ost my way. Thi s book has hel ped
gi ve me the ki ck up the backsi de so desperatel y needed to get back
on track and fi nd my way again and remi nded me how I had forgot
that I had forgotten what accessi ng these moments of geni us and
spontanei ty and fearlessness were l i ke.
After several fl ashes of i nspirati on i t confirms what I always
knew and for examples of synchronici ty and coinci dence i t beats the
pants out of the Celestine Prophecy hands down ri ght to the end
where it describes useful appl icati ons of where the message
contained can be used to where I am consi dering where my future
career l ies.
Buy i t and read i t, messages from the uni verse don’t get much
deeper than thi s. Garret LoPorto obvi ousl y knew what he was
thinking when he wrote this but di dn’t know exactl y the magni tude
of thi s beacon of l i ght that woul d bring hope to many.
If an Angel or l i ghtworker were to wal k into your l ife then Garret
LoPorto i s that bei ng.”
~Paul Johnston
“ It really put together BIG pieces of the puzzle of my life. 5
STARS for this book. I i denti fy mysel f with the book 100%. If you
are searching for answers for l i vi ng the l ife you real l y want or you
feel you coul d do anythi ng if you onl y knew what i t was, then you
GOT to read thi s book.”
~Eduardo K., Pro Athlete – Long Beach, CA
“ This book has done more for me than any other book I have
read. I stopped reading the book when i t got cl ose to the part of
about … addicti ons. I di dn't want to bel ieve I coul d be better. I
decei ved mysel f into thinking I di dn't need to fini sh the book. I was
afrai d everything in the book woul d be true and it was.
I now can trust and bel ieve what the book has said because of the
experiences I have had were predi cted in vi vi d detail. When I
reached my l owest poi nt I deci ded to read the book again. My life
was completel y superfici al and I hated i t. I realized that I was just a
fake. I wanted to kil l mysel f.
Instead of ki l li ng myself I deci ded to fini sh your book. When I
resumed reading I picked a completel y random page to start on I
i mmedi atel y broke into tears and coul dn't stop cryi ng, real izing that
Garret was ri ght. Thi s exact chapter was the exact thi ng I needed to
I fol l owed my i mpul se; my mi racle i mpul se and trusted God. I
know there was divine interventi on in what happened. It was not a
mi stake I pi cked that exact page to read. I was so far decei ved. All I
wanted was true deep connecti ons i n my li fe and I had none. I
deci ded that I HAD to be myself. I thought incredi bl y deep about my
l i fe. I searched to the deepest of the deepest parts of my heart. I
reali zed that I had to serve God. I surrended my l i fe to God and Jesus
once agai n. It was ti me to be renewed.
I reali zed the power wi thin me. I reali zed that peopl e cared about
what I had to say. The words that came out of my mouth were
i ncredibl y powerful . I had the abil i ty to revi ve peopl e. I reali zed that
I was inspirati onal and coul d change l ives. I no longer desired fame,
sex, and material i sm. I real i zed that I changed and I coul dn't go back.
The things I used to desire meant nothing to me anymore. The more I
thought about my ego the stronger my conviction and wi l l to serve
God was. I am now onl y just beginning my hero journey. I know
what God has gi ven me and I want to share i t wi th the worl d.”
~Josh Gloe, Musician

“ I have read a lot of self-help books, but this is the first that I
have responded to. What an amazing book. I can rel ate to so much
i n the book. I am 54 years ol d and have always had a natural bent to
do things di fferentl y, and I pai d the pri ce for i t. I have spent a
l i feti me tryi ng to conform and thus gone through a l ot of pai n. I have
known for a while that I have had ADD and/or dyslexi a, but nothing
has opened my eyes anywhere near as much as your book.
It's like a whole new universe has been opened up to me. There
is so, so much in the book. I will keep returning to it. This book is
life changing. I have a lot of undoi ng to do. Thanks to your amazing
book though I have some directi on and confi dence. It's goi ng to take
a l ot though to reverse thi s thi nki ng. I'm ready to start.
By the way, i t is so obvi ous that school s squash [Wayseers]. I
have 5 year ol d twi n nephews who l ook to be buddi ng [Wayseers].
They are on the go much of the ti me and already don't l i ke preschool .
I just hate thinking of their hi gh spiri tedness getti ng squashed when
they go to ful l time school .
Thanks again…”
~Mark Robertson, Event Operations – Independence, MO
“ What a breakthrough for me! I attended the Sunday eveni ng
servi ce on the very day that I fini shed the book. My heart was raci ng,
my mi nd was full ; so many ‘Aha's’ that I coul dn't sort through them.
My pastor i s teaching a series on the Hol y Spiri t. Earl y in the servi ce,
I sensed the overl apping wi th the book. Then, as i f God i s assuring
me that I am final l y on the ri ght track, he used the Story of Two Dogs
as one of hi s i ll ustrati ons! I al most shouted with joy! And al l the
Aha's settled into a knowing something that I sti l l can't seem to find
the words for, but I know that I know. I wi l l refer to thi s book again
and agai n as I do my Bibl e study on the Hol y Spiri t.”
~Teresa Lee, English & French teacher; Entrepreneur – MO

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Th e
Wayseer s


Gar r et John
LoPor t o

How your rare irrepressible mind ~the source of your
greatest strengths & weaknesses ~gives you the
miraculous ability to transform the world



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book The DaVi nci Method, publ i shed by Media for Your Mi nd Press, 2005.
Li brary of Congress Catal ogi ng-in-Publ i cati on Data
LoPorto, Garret John.
The Wayseers: a vi tal breakthrough for free-spi ri ts, vi si onaries, mi sfits, rebel s & pi oneers /
Garret John LoPorto; edi ted by Heather Pei rce. – 1st ed.
p. cm.
Incl udes bl i ographi cal references and index.
ISBN 13: 978-0-9774860-2-1 (pbk.:al k. paper)
1. Personal i ty. 2. Li fe Ski ll s Guides. 3. Geneti c Psychol ogy. I. Ti tl e

ISBN 10: 0-9774860-2-8
ISBN 13: 978-0-9774860-2-1
LCCN: 2010916215
Versi on Pri nted i n the Uni ted States of Ameri ca

“First they ignore you,
then they laugh at you,
then they fight you,
then you win.”
~ Mahatma Gandhi

For our children.

THE WAYSEERS ............................................................................................ 1
WHAT READERS ARE SAYING… ............................................................. 2
CONTENTS .....................................................................................................19
THE CALL ....................................................................................................... 1
CALLING ALL WAYSEERS ............................................................................. 2
WHAT IS A WAYSEER? ............................................................................... 7
ARE YOU A WAYSEER? ................................................................................10
Take the Wayseer Test ............................................................................10
THE QUALITIES OF A WAYSEER ....................................................................11
FAMOUS WAYSEERS .....................................................................................12
THE WAYSEER TEMPERAMENT ....................................................................15
A WORD ON “INDIGO CHILDREN” ................................................................16
A WORD ON DISORDERS (ADD/ADHD, BIPOLAR & MORE) .......................16
THE ADDICTIVE PERSONALITY .....................................................................19
THE WAYSEER TRAIT ...................................................................................20
Your Wayseer Gene ................................................................................20
Thrill-seekers, Sensation-seekers & Novelty ..........................................27
The Irrepressible Wayseer .....................................................................29
ARE YOU STILL A WAYSEER? ......................................................................30
THE GIFT OF THE VISIONARY ................................................................33
An Image is Worth a Thousand Words ...................................................33
SEEING IN A BLIND WORLD ..........................................................................36
The Spirit of Cooperation.......................................................................40
The Inexplicable Path of the Visionary ..................................................44
“Indigo Children” Revisited ..................................................................45
THE RING OF TRUTH.....................................................................................45
THE WAYSEER REVOLUTION .................................................................47
UPRISERS VS. STABLIZERS ............................................................................47
Reverse Entropy .....................................................................................49
The Way .................................................................................................51
Governments at the Edge of Chaos ........................................................52
The 100 Year Sleep ................................................................................54
The American Malaise ...........................................................................55
The Battle for Control over Your Own Mind .........................................57
The Underestimated Measurable Impact of Connection & Love ...........58
A Note from the Heart: ...........................................................................61
The Vitality of Love (The Secret Ingredient) .........................................61
The New World Disorder .......................................................................62
REVOLUTIONS OF EGALITARIANISM .............................................................68
xviii Th e Wayseer s
Wayseers Abhor Hierarchy .................................................................... 69
Wayseers Correct What Corporations Corrupt ..................................... 71
The United States – Founded by Wayseers ............................................ 71
SAVING GRACE OF AMERICAN ECONOMY ................................................... 74
America’s Inheritance ........................................................................... 74
Outsmarting Global Outsourcing .......................................................... 75
SCHOOLING REVISITED ................................................................................ 77
LIFE WITHOUT RULES .............................................................................. 83
INNER LIBERTY ............................................................................................ 84
LIVING WITHOUT RULES ............................................................................. 85
REFUSAL OF THE CALL ............................................................................ 93
THE “ADDICTIVE” PERSONALITY ................................................................. 93
Boredom: “The Devil’s Playground” .................................................... 93
Suffering: “Staying Ahead of the Storm” .............................................. 94
ANOTHER WAY ............................................................................................ 97
WELCOME TO THE WAY ........................................................................ 101
YOUR TRUE WILL ...................................................................................... 102
ARE YOU HEROIC OR NEUROTIC?...................................................... 110
THE WAYSEER TYPES ................................................................................ 110
THE HERO & THE NEUROTIC ...................................................................... 112
OTTO RANK’S WILL THERAPY ................................................................... 113
TRUE HEROIC ART ..................................................................................... 114
ART FORBEARS SCIENCE ........................................................................... 115
UNIQUE BRAINWAVE STATES OF WAYSEERS ................................ 121
ALPHA & THETA WAYSEER TYPES ............................................................ 121
THE FOUR BRAINWAVE STATES ................................................................. 122
Beta ...................................................................................................... 122
Alpha.................................................................................................... 123
Theta .................................................................................................... 124
Delta .................................................................................................... 127
WHY IS ALPHA SPECIAL? ........................................................................... 127
The Zone .............................................................................................. 129
GETTING IN THE ZONE: GETTING INTO ALPHA .......................................... 130
Energy Surge + Alpha/Theta = Genius ............................................... 130
The Alpha Male Stays in Alpha ........................................................... 131
SEX, DRUGS AND ROCK & ROLL ................................................................ 131
Sex ....................................................................................................... 131
Drugs ................................................................................................... 134
Rock & Roll ......................................................................................... 139
FOR PARENTS OF YOUNG WAYSEERS ........................................................ 140
ALPHA-THETA GENIUS .............................................................................. 141
THETA WAYSEER GENIUS PROCESS ........................................................... 143
Image Streaming ..................................................................................145
Car Rides on Theta ..............................................................................149
BRAINWAVE ENTRAINMENT .......................................................................151
The Balance Needed to Express True Genius ......................................153
“THE GOAL IS SOUL.” ................................................................................154
WAYSEERS THINK IN WHOLES ............................................................157
90% DO 20% – YOU DO 100% ...................................................................158
Team Up With Other Wayseers ............................................................161
100% Jerk Behaviors ...........................................................................161
RELATING TO YOUR WORLD AS A WHOLE .................................................163
Synchronicity ........................................................................................163
What is The Purpose of Your Life? ......................................................173
“Failure” Doesn’t Really Exist ...........................................................173
LIFE AND DEATH.........................................................................................175
THE FEAR OF DEATH =THE FEAR OF GOALS .............................................176
PROCRASTINATION & COMPLETION ...........................................................180
ALTERNATING STRUGGLE & REST .............................................................183
The Power of Hyperfocus .....................................................................184
COOPERATE WITH ME OR DIE! ....................................................................185
WAYSEERS ARE DREAMERS .................................................................187
LISTEN TO YOUR SOUL ...............................................................................187
DREAMING IN A SEA OF ANSWERS .............................................................188
WAYSEERS LOST IN THE DREAM ................................................................189
THE STRUGGLE TO WAKE UP .....................................................................190
Being Brilliant & Awake ......................................................................191
BE KIND TO THE DREAMER ........................................................................192
SHARE WHAT YOU LOVE & THE MONEY WILL FOLLOW ...........................193
SURFING THE UNCONSCIOUS ...............................................................197
WAYSEERS ARE ADVENTURERS .................................................................197
LEVELS OF CONSCIOUSNESS .......................................................................199
Iceberg Metaphor for the Levels of the Mind: .....................................199
UNCONSCIOUS BODY SIGNALS ...................................................................201
IMAGINATION .............................................................................................203
Elegance ...............................................................................................205
DEVELOPING YOUR GIFT FOR PROBLEM SOLVING .....................................211
THE SOCRATIC METHOD ............................................................................213
How can you practice the Socratic Method? .......................................214
THE BIRTH OF UNCONSCIOUS GENIUS ........................................................215
You Are Not Just Your Conscious Mind ...............................................216
Breakthrough anxiety ...........................................................................217
CLEARING THE RATS FROM YOUR CELLAR ................................................220
xx Th e Wayseer s
How to Clear the Rats from Your Cellar ............................................. 223
THE FALLACY OF SELF-DETERMINATION .................................................. 225
Amor Fati ............................................................................................. 226
FREE WILL – A STORY OF RECOVERY ....................................................... 226
THE NEED FOR ENCOUNTER ................................................................ 237
EMOTIONAL HONESTY ............................................................................... 237
Judgment is dishonest. ......................................................................... 238
Judgment Halts Genuine Encounter .................................................... 239
NON-J UDGMENT =ENCOUNTER +ENERGY!.............................................. 241
FORGIVENESS: THE ELIXIR TO J UDGMENT .................................................. 243
ENCOUNTER WITH DEATH .......................................................................... 244
Death Anxiety ...................................................................................... 244
THE NEED FOR LIMITS ............................................................................... 246
ENCOUNTERS CAN HELP YOU FOCUS ........................................................ 246
CREATIVE & SEXUAL ENCOUNTERS .......................................................... 247
The People of Greatest Achievement Have High Sex Drives .............. 248
THE NEED FOR A MENTOR ......................................................................... 249
SPONTANEOUS BRILLIANCE ....................................................................... 250
TRUE WILL (LOVE) VS. APATHY ............................................................... 251
HEAVEN & EARTH – THETA & ALPHA ....................................................... 251
THE MIRACLE IMPULSE ............................................................................. 252
What is the Miracle Impulse? .............................................................. 252
WAYSEERS ARE IRREPRESSIBLE ........................................................ 255
IMPULSE REPRESSION ................................................................................ 256
ADDICTION & COMPULSION ...................................................................... 257
WAYSEERS & EIDETIC IMAGERY ............................................................... 258
Don’t Make Goals Too Important ....................................................... 268
Don’t take your self too seriously ........................................................ 271
You Were Born Spontaneous and Free ................................................ 273
REMEMBERING WHAT YOU FORGOT YOU FORGOT ...................................... 277
WHAT ARE YOU CONSCIOUS OF? ................................................................ 277
TRANSCENDING ADDICTION ................................................................ 281
“COWARDICE” – A STORY OF ADDICTION ................................................. 281
WAYSEER ADDICTION THERAPY................................................................ 283
The Solution? ....................................................................................... 285
A Story of Two Dogs ............................................................................ 286
Where is the “Method” already?! ....................................................... 288
Surrendering to the Miracle Impulse ................................................... 294
JOURNEY OF THE WAYSEER ................................................................ 297
Blind Ambition ..................................................................................... 297
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The Cal l
Once upon a ti me, an eagle’s egg was found by a farmer and
mi staken for a chi cken egg. The egg was pl aced wi th the other eggs
i n the incubator at the hen house.
Some weeks l ater that egg hatched. The baby eagl e was rai sed as
a chi cken wi th the other chicks. Al ong wi th hi s chi cken peers, he was
taught to peck and scratch. He was made to scurry al ong the ground
l i ke the other chi ckens. He was sternl y warned against fl ying,
because chi ckens don’t real l y fl y, they fl utter and fal l .
Thi s eagle made a mi serable chi cken. He di dn’t peck well . He
hated scurrying because he was al ways feel ing cl umsy and fal l ing.
He was constantl y hungry and i rri table, because the chi cken feed just
coul dn’t seem to satisfy hi m. The other chi ckens found hi m
di sruptive and odd.
After years of struggli ng to be a normal chicken, thi s poor eagle’s
sel f esteem was pretty low. He hated hi mself. “ Why am I so bi g,
awkward and di fferent?” he often wondered, “ Why can’t I be happy
l i ke all the other chi ckens here?”
“ Is thi s all there i s to l i fe?” he agoni zed, “ Where’s the thril l?
Where’s the fl ow?”
He began to do more and more di srupti ve things just to get a
l i ttle hit of exci tement. He was starved for acti on and adventure – he
desperatel y craved in hi s heart that feeli ng of soari ng – onl y he di dn’t
even know what that was – so he tried to compensate by maki ng his
own thril l s around the chicken coop, causi ng drama and
di sturbances. Other chickens cal led hi m selfi sh, di sordered and a
2 Th e Wayseer s
troublemaker. The poor eagle took i t al l to heart, believed them and
became depressed.
One day, hi gh overhead the young eagle saw another eagle
soaring in the sky. It took hi s breath away. For a moment he fel t a
surge of recogni ti on. He fel t somethi ng insi de him stir. He fel t more
al i ve than he had ever felt before.
In hi s exci tement he tol d hi s fami l y of chi ckens what he saw and
how he wanted to fl y l ike that too. They scoffed at hi m. “ Are you
nuts?!” “ You’re dreaming.” “ Get real . Chi ckens don’t fl y.” “ You are
bei ng total l y i mpractical.” “ You can’t even cl uck and scratch - and
now you think you can fl y someday!?” the chickens chi ded. “ When
wi ll you grow up and joi n the pecki ng order of thi s chicken coop.
Why can’t you be more like your peers? What’s wrong wi th you?!”
The young eagle was shamed and disheartened. He fel t hopeless
and al one as he fell to sleep at ni ght.
Days l ater, to hi s del i ght, he spotted the soaring bird and thi s
ti me i t let out the cry of an eagle. The moment the young eagle rai sed
by chi ckens heard thi s cry something unexpected happened. Hi s
body l urched uncontrol l abl y – hi s entire being responded
automati call y to that eagl e’s majesti c cry wi th a powerful eagle cry of
hi s own. He was astoni shed. “ What just happened?!… Di d that
gl ori ous sound come from me? Chickens don’t make that sound!
Onl y eagles do… Wai t… Onl y eagles do!”
The young eagle, final l y aware of what he trul y was, for the first
ti me stretched out his wings and flew. Before he knew i t he was
soaring. He was no l onger i mpri soned by the chicken coop, because
he was no l onger i mprisoned by the i dea that he had to be a chi cken.
Nothi ng coul d contain him anymore.
A chi cken coop can onl y coop up chi ckens; i t cannot stop an eagle
from soari ng – especi all y once they hear their cal l .
Have you heard your call ?
Maybe thi s i s i t…

Th e Cal l 3
Calling All Wayseers
(Tip: Vi si t for a more powerful
mul ti medi a presentati on of the foll owing secti on.)

ATTENTION: Al l you rule-breakers, you mi sfi ts and
troublemakers – al l you free spiri ts and pi oneers – all you vi si onaries
and non-conformi sts...
Everything that the establ i shment has tol d you is wrong wi th you
– i s actual l y what's ri ght wi th you. You see things others don’t. You
are hardwi red to change the worl d. Unli ke 9 out of 10 people - your
mi nd i s irrepressible - and thi s threatens authority… You were born
to be a revol uti onary.
You can’t stand rules, because i n your heart you know there’s a
better way.
You have strengths dangerous to the establi shment – and i t wants
them el i minated – so your whole l ife you’ve been tol d your strengths
were weaknesses. Now I’m tell i ng you otherwi se.
Your i mpul si vi ty i s a gi ft – i mpul ses are your key to the
mi racul ous. Your di stracti bil i ty i s an arti fact – of your i nspired
creati vi ty. Your mood swings – reflect the natural pul se of l ife, they
gi ve you unstoppable energy when you’re hi gh and deep soul ful
i nsi ght when you’re l ow. Been di agnosed wi th a “ di sorder” ? That’s
just society’s l atest way to deny i ts own il lness by pointing the finger at
you. Your addi ctive personali ty – is just a symptom of your vast
underused capacity for heroi c, creati ve expressi on and spi ri tual
connecti on.
Your utter l ack of repressi on – your wi de eyed i deal i sm – your
unmi ti gated open mind - di dn’t anyone ever tel l you?!… These are
the trai ts shared by the greatest pi oneers and visi onaries, innovators
and revol uti onaries, procrasti nators and drama queens, activi sts on
the soci al scene, space cadets and mavericks, phi l osophers and
dereli cts, business sui ts fl ying fi ghter jets, footbal l stars and sex
4 Th e Wayseer s
addi cts, celebri ties wi th ADD, alcohol i cs who seek novel ty, fi rst
responders - prophets and sai nts, mystics and change agents.
We are all the same, you know, because we’re all affected by the
Way. We are al l the same, because we’re al l attracted to the fl ame.
You know in your heart that there's a natural order to l ife –
something more sovereign than any man-made rules or l aws could
ever express.
This natural order is called “the Way.”
The Way i s the eternal substrate of the cosmos. It gui des the very
current of ti me and space. The Way i s known by some as the Wi ll of
God, Di vine Provi dence, the Hol y Spiri t, the impli cate order, the Tao,
reverse-entropy, l ife-force, l ove – but for now we’l l simpl y call i t “ the
Way” .
The Way i s reflected in you as the source of your inspirati on, the
source of your passi ons, your wi sdom, your enthusi asm, your
i ntui ti on, your spiri tual fire. The Way takes the chaos out of the
Uni verse and breathes life into i t by reflecting di vi ne order. The Way,
when experienced by the mi nd, i s geni us, when percei ved through
the eyes i s beauty, when fel t with the senses i s grace, when all owed
i nto the heart... is l ove.
Most people cannot sense the Way di rectl y... But then there are
the Wayseers – the keepers of the fl ame. Wayseers have an
unexplai nable knack for just knowi ng the Way. They sense i t in their
very being. They can’t tel l you why or how they arri ved at the ri ght
answer. They just know i t in their core. They can’t show thei r work.
So don’t ask. Their minds si mpl y resonate wi th the Way. When the
Way i s present… so are they.
While others are bli nd to i t, and society begs you to i gnore i t, “ the
Way” stirs you i nsi de. Neurol ogi cal repressi on bl ocks most people’s
awareness of the Way – censoring al l thoughts and i mpul ses from the
unconsci ous, i s their prefrontal cortex – the Gestapo of the brain.
Nothi ng which vi olates i ts soci al i zed programmi ng even gets
through. But your mi nd i s di fferent. Your mind has been cracked
wi de open to the Way - by some mi racul ous geneti c trai t, some
Th e Cal l 5
psychotropi c chemical or maybe even by the wi ll of your very soul,
your brai n’s reward pathways have been hi jacked - dopamine
empl oyed to overthrow the fasci st dictatorshi p of your prefrontal
cortex - now your brain i s free of repressi on, your mi nd free of
censorshi p, your awareness exposed to the turbulent seas of the
unconsci ous - through thi s open doorway di vine l i ght shines into
your consci ousness showing you the Way. Thi s i s what makes you a
90% of human ci vil i zation i s popul ated wi th those whose brai ns
are bl ocked to the Way. Their brai ns are hardwi red to enforce the
soci al programmi ng indoctrinated since birth. Unl i ke you they
cannot break out of this programmi ng, because they have not yet
experienced the necessary revol uti on of mind. These programmed
people take soci al i nsti tuti ons and rules very seriousl y. Society i s full
of games programmed to keep peoples’ mi nds occupied so they wi ll
not revol t. These games often cause si ck fixati ons on peculi ar
protocol s, power structures, taboos and domination - al l subtle forms
of human bondage - Thi s di sti nct form of madness i s not only
tol erated by the masses but i nsi sted upon. The programmed ones
bel ieve i n rules so forceful l y they become wil l ing to destroy anyone
who vi ol ates them.
Wayseers are the ones who cal l thei r bl uff. Since Wayseer minds
are free to reject soci al programming, Wayseers readi l y see soci al
i nsti tuti ons for what they are - i maginary games. Wayseers comfort
the di sturbed and di sturb the comfortable. Helpi ng those who are
l ost i n these games and refuse to hel p themsel ves i s a cal li ng of many
Wayseers. Since Wayseers are the ones who keep contact wi th the
ori ginal source of real i ty - they are able to di srupt societal
conventi ons and even governments to real i gn humani ty wi th the
The Wayseers are an ancient l ineage. A ki nd of priesthood -
carriers of the flame – ones "i n the know" – prophets of the day.
There must always be Wayseers to reform the di zzying psychoti c
spi nning gears of society - gi ant mindless hamster wheel s obscuring
the pure bl ue sky, keeping humani ty shackled in a darkened cage –
6 Th e Wayseer s
so Wayseers are called – to shed l i ght on the madness of society – to
continual ly resurrect the ti meless transcendent Spi rit of Truth.
Wayseers reveal thi s di vi ne truth by devoti ng themsel ves to the
bi rth of some creati ve or di sruptive act expressed through art or
phi l osophy, innovati ons to shake up i ndustry, revol uti ons for
democracy, coups that toppl e hypocri sy, movements of sol i dari ty,
changes that leave a legacy, rebell i ons against pol i cy, spiri t infused
technol ogy, moments of cl ari ty, things that chal lenge barbari ty,
watersheds of si nceri ty, momentous dri ves for chari ty…
Thi s i s your cal li ng, Wayseer.
You’ve found your tri be.
Wel come home.


What is a Wayseer ?
Wayseers are the change-agents of society. Wayseers are the
worl d’s greatest leaders, artists, entrepreneurs, i nventors, rebel s, rock
stars, revol uti onaries and pi oneers. Wayseers are the ones who know
first, who sense earliest the di sturbances i n the fabric of human
affai rs – the trends, the patterns, the fashi ons, the revol uti ons that are
afoot, the comi ng groundswel l s of popul ar demand, the powerful
ephemeral ebbs and fl ows of the Way.
Wayseers are l i ght bearers and leaders. They are the proverbi al
canaries i n the mi neshaft. Wayseers are the ones most sensi ti ve to the
Way, the most creati ve, and potenti all y the most destructi ve.
Wayseers usual l y share a common gene – a genetic
pol ymorphi sm called the DRD4 exon III 7-repeat allele (DRD4 7R for
short). This Wayseer gene causes the brain’s reward pathways to
overri de the prefrontal cortex brain’s neurologi cal l y repressi on
mechani sm, which typi cal l y censors unconscious thoughts and
i mpul ses. This di fference encourages ri sk-taking, novel ty seeki ng,
i ncreased al pha/theta brai nwave patterns, suscepti bi li ty to addi ctive
behavi or, ADD/ADHD and bi pol ar, propensity for geni us level
problem solving and creati vi ty, and gi ves one access to that
mi racul ous qual i ty that makes great heroes, chari smati c pol i tical
l eaders, rock stars, entrepreneurs, movie-moguls, rebel bi l li onaires,
i nspired arti sts, mysti cs and pi oneers.
Wayseers however are not l i mi ted onl y to those who have this
DRD4 7R gene; because other gene combi nati ons, decades of fervent
8 Th e Wayseer s
prayer or medi tati on, psychotropi c drugs or even medi cati ons li ke L-
dopa (used to treat Parki nson’s di sease) can cause one’s brain to
reconsti tute i nto a form that all ows for Wayseer consci ousness.
The i mportant qual i ty that makes you a Wayseer i s having very
l i ttle neurol ogi cal repressi on. Where the vast majori ty of the
popul ati on are qui te neurol ogical l y repressed and content wi th that,
the 10% of the popul ati on who are Wayseers have far less
neurol ogi cal repressi on than others.
Si nce l ack of neurol ogical repressi on i s often perceived to be
soci all y unacceptable, Wayseers tend to develop the maladapti ve
approach of hol ding everything back unti l there is a cri si s – a soci all y
acceptable excuse to throw 100% of themselves i nto that situati on. As
a resul t, Wayseers often fi nd or generate cri si s after cri si s in order to
feel ful l y engaged, happy and al i ve.
Another maladapti ve response to the social norms of repressi on
i s to “ shut down” . Many Wayseers preempt negati ve feedback from
their community (for being too spontaneous, i mpul si ve, unexpected,
uncontrolled and “ di fferent” ) by preemptivel y subjugating their own
i rrepressible nature wi th a veneer of inauthenti c consci ous
repressi on.
The di fference between the neurol ogi cal repressi on experienced
by the other 90% of the popul ati on and the consci ous repressi on
experienced by frustrated Wayseers, i s that the normal brai n’s
neurol ogi cal repressi on stops unconsci ous thoughts, i mpul ses and
desi res from reaching consci ousness. While on the other hand
Wayseers use consci ous repressi on, which happens in the mind, the
consci ousness – not at the bi ol ogi cal level of the brai n l i ke “ normal”
people have. Thi s leaves a Wayseer full y exposed consci ousl y or
semi -consci ousl y to a storm of unconsci ous thoughts, i mpul ses and
desi res. Since Wayseer brains do not fi l ter unconsci ous materi al , the
onl y thing left but to stop the wi l d natural thoughts and i mpul ses
from the unconsci ous from bei ng expressed i s a Wayseer’s consci ous
effort and wi l l .
A Wayseer who i s consci ousl y repressing their true sel f often
appears stiff, unnatural , soci al l y awkward, emoti onall y di shonest,
Wh at i s a Wayseer ? 9
stunted, al l -bottled-up, frustrated, anal retenti ve and even
consti pated. That i s because they are straining to hol d back the rush
of unconsci ous thoughts and i mpul ses that fi l l their consci ousness in
order to avoi d expressi ng something that mi ght be deemed
“ i nappropri ate” by their communi ty.
The other 90% of the popul ati on cal led the Normal types, seem to
have i t easy, because they are general l y unaware of all the
unconsci ous materi al that their brai ns automati cal l y repress wi thout
any consci ous effort. So i n effect, they have relati vel y li ttle confl i ct
between what they experience consci ousl y and what they can act out
behavi oral l y. Because Normal types rarel y ever experience their
unconsci ous thoughts, impul ses and desi res consci ousl y, they don’t
have to acti vel y bl ock anythi ng, so they appear normal and at ease
wi th soci al norms – albei t sacrificing the trai ts of i ndependence,
creati vi ty and “ fire” .
The consci ousl y repressed Wayseer may suffer from anxiety,
procrastinati on, depressi on, hypomani a, ADD, ADHD, bi polar
di sorder, addi cti on, compul si veness, del usi on and l ack of true
Si gmund Freud’s most creati ve protégé, Otto Rank, spent his
career studyi ng the speci al case of Wayseer psychol ogy – what he
cal led the psychol ogy of the creati ve type or “ the Artist.” Rank’s
wai ting room was fi l led wi th Wayseers stuck i n vi ci ous cycles of
consci ous repressi on, unable to ful ly suppress their irrepressible
mi nds enough to fi t in and unable to all ow themselves to freel y
express themselves enough to find happiness and peace. These
Wayseers were at war wi thin themsel ves and Rank cal led them “ the
neuroti c” .
Rank l ater went on to devel op a therapy for the neuroti c
Wayseer, which hel ps one shed their habits of consci ous repressi on
to become a heroic, creati ve, expressi ve Wayseer or “ the Arti st” . His
work was bri l li ant and effecti ve, but al as, it has been l argel y
forgotten by hi story because hi s therapy onl y was appl i cable to about
10% of the general populati on – those whom are Wayseers.
10 Th e Wayseer s
Al most 100 years l ater we l i ve in a cul ture ri ch in medical
di agnosi s and we have l abeled many Wayseers wi th some form of
di sorder– usual l y ADD, ADHD or bi pol ar di sorder. Even many non-
di agnosed Wayseers often joki ngl y descri be themsel ves as having
ADD or addicti ve personal i ties.
If you see a bi t of the neuroti c Wayseer in yoursel f, take heart.
Thi s book wi l l outl ine how you can transform yourself from a
neuroti c Wayseer into the great heroic, creati vel y expressi ve Wayseer
that you were born to be.
Are You a Wayseer?

“Thousands of geniuses live and die undiscovered
– either by themselves or by others.”
~ Mark Twain
Take the Wayseer Test
► Do you often try new things just for fun or thril l s?
► Do you often do thi ngs based on how you feel i n the moment
wi thout worrying about how i t was done i n the past?
► Are you a jack of al l trades? Do you feel more capable than most
i n adapti ng yoursel f to new si tuati ons, sol vi ng unexpected
problems, and learning new tasks?
► Do you have trouble wrappi ng up the fi nal detai l s of a project,
once the interesti ng & challenging problems have been sol ved?
► When you have a task that requi res a l ot of thought, do you avoi d
or del ay getting started?
► Do you feel compel led to overdo things just to feel more awake
or al i ve or safe?
Wh at i s a Wayseer ? 11
► Do you have diffi cul ty stayi ng organi zed?
► Do you often feel half-asleep whi le goi ng about your routine
► Do you crave adventure, new experiences and/or new i deas?
► Do you have a short attenti on span – that i s, unl ess a parti cul ar
subject has captured your i magi nati on?
► Do you act i mpul si vely or dangerousl y more often than the
average ci ti zen?
► Do you have a tendency to al l ow your mi nd to drift away from
boring conversati on?
► Do you have a tendency toward compul sive behavi or?
► Do you have diffi cul ty feeli ng ful l y awake?
► Do you have broad mood swings from very high to very l ow?
► Do you frequentl y daydream or "space out” when you are not at
the center of the acti on?
If you answered “ yes” to 10 or more of these questi ons,
congratul ati ons! You are most li kel y a Wayseer and a member of a
rare and powerful group (that encompasses less than 10% of the
gl obal popul ati on).
The Qualities of a Wayseer
The fol l owing qual i ties seem to fi t the temperament of most
Wayseers. See if you recogni ze them:
ü Impul si ve
ü Irrepressi ble (or not having much repressi on.)
ü Energeti c
ü Non-conformist
ü Intui tive
12 Th e Wayseer s
ü Di stractible
ü Insi ghtful
ü Sensati on-seeking
ü Rebel l i ous
ü Short attenti on span
ü Chari smati c
ü Thri l l-seeking
ü Addi cti ve personal ity
ü Moody
ü Ambi ti ous
ü Inquisi tive
ü Fearless
ü Lateral -thinker
ü Metaphorical thinker
ü Creative
ü “ Bi g Pi cture” oriented
ü hyperfocused and hypomanic at ti mes
ü “ Lazy” at other ti mes
ü Runs hot and col d
ü Hi gh sex dri ve
ü Hot tempered
ü Restless
ü Impetuous
Wh at i s a Wayseer ? 13
Famous Wayseers
The fol l owing i s a short l i st of the names of well known people
who have many, (i f not al l ), of the above “ Quali ti es of a Wayseer” . It
i s al so l i kel y that they too have the active Wayseer gene (the DRD4
pol ymorphi sm).
Thi s l i st coul d be much more extensi ve. However the l i st i s
merel y i ntended to show how the trai ts of the DRD4 pol ymorphi sm
have a hi gh correl ati on wi th one’s abil i ty to attai n i ncredi ble success
and geni us. These peopl e are rebel s, risk-takers, out-of-the-box
thinkers, and are chari smati c, i mpul si ve and often sexual l y
promi scuous – al l trai ts of Wayseers.
· Marti n Luther Ki ng, Jr.
· Thomas Jefferson
· Abraham Lincoln
· Loui sa May Al cott
· Napol eon
· Joan of Arc
· Benjami n Frankl i n
· Thomas Edi son
· Amel ia Earhart
· Winston Churchi l l
· John F. Kennedy (In fact most of the Kennedys
are, si nce the Wayseer trai t i s often geneti c.)
· Mother Teresa
· Bono
· Ti na Turner
· Bi l l Cli nton
· Oprah Winfrey
14 Th e Wayseer s
· Angel ina Jol ie
· Ri chard Branson (founder of Virgi n)
· Steve Jobs (founder of Appl e & Pi xar)
· Conan O’Brien
· Joe Di Maggi o
· Vi ncent van Gogh
· Syl vester Stall one
· Mi chael Jordan
· Bode Mi l ler (Worl d Champi on Skier)
· Ti mothy Leary
· El vi s Presley
· Steven Spiel berg
· Donal d Trump
· George Lucas
· Sal vador Dal i
· Mari anne Wi l li amson (best-sell ing author)
· Otto Rank (bri l li ant psychol ogi st)
· Carl Jung
· Robi n Wi l li ams
Add to this li st of Wayseers most great athletes, pol i ce offi cers,
firemen, EMTs, paramedics, emergency room nurses, jet pi l ots
(especi al l y fi ghter pi l ots), warri ors, general s, inventors, salespeople,
crisi s management consul tants, stock traders, arti sts, rock stars,
mysti cs, pi oneers, expl orers, entrepreneurs, maveri cks and
revol uti onaries; then you’l l get a pretty good i dea about the group
we’re tal king about here.
Want to see a huge list of famous Wayseers?
Go to:
Wh at i s a Wayseer ? 15

Profile of a well known Wayseer
“The most heavenly gifts seem to be showered on
certain human beings. Sometimes supernaturally,
marvelously, they all congregate in one
~ Giorgio Vasari
Leonardo da Vi nci exempli fied many of the strengths and
weaknesses caused by the Wayseer trai t. He was bril l i ant, yet he
di dn’t finish much of what he started.
Da Vi nci was an example of your l i mi tless potenti al . He was one
of the most ruthlessl y honest people of al l ti me. He was unafrai d of
di scovery – of peering into the depths of the human condi ti on and
even the dark unexpl ored terri tory of human anatomy – in order to
better mankind’s pl i ght. Hi s honesty al l owed hi m to l ook where
others never dared.
Through hi s honesty and hi s geneticall y predi sposed abil i ty to
access hi s unconsci ous mi nd consci ousl y, Leonardo da Vinci was
able to dream i n entirel y new paradi gms for art, science, engi neeri ng
and mankind.
Leonardo da Vi nci al so had hi s struggles. He fai led to complete
much of what he started. Someti mes hi s choice to abandon one
project for another was a wi se exerci se of i ntui ti on, sensing i t was
ti me to move on. Other ti mes he si mpl y coul dn’t fi ni sh a work due to
hi s fear of completi on. These incompleti ons he l ater regretted on his
death-bed, as he l amented having “ wasted” much of hi s l ife.
Otto Rank taught us that Wayseers experience every aspect of li fe
as a whole i nstead of in parts l i ke the Normal type do. So, major
completi ons can seem as scary as meeting death for a Wayseer,
because i t i s experienced as an endi ng of everything. Thi s i s al so an
element of what i s someti mes cal led hyperfocus. We wi l l di scuss this
i n more detai l later.
16 Th e Wayseer s
The Wayseer Temperament
Wayseers possess a supernormal apti tude for breakthrough
i nnovati on and heroi sm that comes wi th thei r Wayseer temperament.
People who are geneti cal l y predi sposed to free thinking are goi ng to
be more innovative and people who are geneti call y predi sposed to
greater ri sk tolerance are more li kel y to act heroi cal l y. Wayseers are
Wayseers are al so natural l y more wi l lful , sensati on-seeking,
di vergent thinking, di stractible, hypomanic and prone to
compul si ons and habi tual behavi or.
What Wayseers lack in the trai ts of stabi li ty, moderati on and
attenti on-span, the Wayseers more than make up for wi th a
supernormal capaci ty for fearless ri sk-taki ng, abundant free thinking,
ruthless honesty, transcendent vi si on, and something we’l l cover
l ater cal led the Miracle Impul se.
The Miracle Impulse i s essential l y the spontaneous i mpul se to do
just the ri ght thing at just the ri ght ti me – in harmony wi th the Way –
to encourage more equal i ty, l ove, openness, trust and happiness in
the worl d.
A Word on “Indigo Children”
If you’re reading thi s book l ooki ng for hel pful i nformati on about
Indi go chi l dren, please note that we’l l be referring to them as
Wayseers – and then l ater in the book i denti fying them as a
particul ar kind of Wayseer cal led Theta Wayseers.
A Word on Disorders
(ADD/ADHD, Bipolar & More)
Let us be clear ri ght from the begi nning. The Wayseer trai t i s a
great thi ng, but our society has not tradi ti onal l y honored those wi th
Wh at i s a Wayseer ? 17
thi s gi ft. Because 9 out of 10 people do not have the Wayseer trai t,
popul ar opini on and cul ture tends to be intolerant of the Wayseer
temperament and the Wayseers’ general approach to li fe.
Thi s intolerance comes in many forms, most of them subtle. The
general structure of our society i s geared towards cateri ng to the
i nterests of and rewardi ng the qual i ties of the Normal type.
Most Normal types thri ve on feel ings of “ safety” and fi nd
comfort i n the structured confines of l aws, rules, tradi ti on,
hierarchies, and establ i shment, because Normal types are ri sk averse
and have a l ow tolerance for change. So our instituti ons, our school s;
and our legal system reward those who fol l ow the rules and don’t
challenge authori ty; but that i s not the way of Wayseers.
Wayseers think di fferentl y, (or as the Wayseers at Apple
Computer say “ Thi nk different.” ). Wayseers constantl y challenge the
norm, questi on authori ty and work outsi de of the rules. Wayseers do
thi s because they are bril l iant out-of-the-box thinkers. Wayseers
sense the problems and inadequacies of the hierarchies in whi ch they
fi nd themsel ves in. They tend to take i t into their own hands to sol ve
Even at a young age Wayseer chi l dren sense the l ack of genuine
i nti macy in their communi ties, feel the void of spontaneous
expressi on from others and begin to see the l ack of true honesty and
i ntegri ty from the authori ty fi gures in thei r lives. Wayseers learn
earl y on that society and authori ty cannot be trusted wi th their
deepest sensi ti vi ties, their honest i nsi ghts and thei r truest i mpul ses.
General l y our culture condemns or shames unexpected or
extreme i deas and behavi ors because these i deas and behavi ors often
threaten the establ i shed power structure – or, at very least, reveal
how l i ttle control the establ i shed structure reall y has.
Wayseers are ful l of spontaneous and unexpected i deas and
behavi or. So, as you mi ght expect, Wayseers are general ly
condemned or shamed for their new approaches or spontaneous
acti ons – no matter how right they mi ght actual l y be. If thi s
condemnati on and shami ng i s internal i zed by a Wayseer chi l d i t
18 Th e Wayseer s
general l y leads to one of a myri ad of personal ity or behavi oral
di sorders.
One of the most common di sorders devel oped i s ADD/ADHD.
Some others of note are depressi on, bi pol ar di sorder, narci ssi sm,
anxiety, opposi ti onal defi ance di sorder, and addi cti on – but al l of
them seem to l ead back to the root cause of a frustrated Wayseer
temperament. That does not mean that if you are a Wayseer, you
must devel op a di sorder. But chances are i f, in your formati ve years,
you were exposed to environments hosti le to your Wayseer
temperament you probabl y have devel oped at least some traces of
what Otto Rank called “ neuroti c tendencies” or what today i s
commonl y called a “ disorder” .
So ADD/ADHD, bi pol ar and these other di sorders are basi call y
the negati ve expressi on of the Wayseer temperament. Hyperacti vi ty,
depressi on and di stractibi l i ty to a fault are generall y the symptoms
of frustrated and out of bal ance Wayseers. If you are a Wayseer and
you have not cul tivated yourself i n a way that i s compati ble wi th
your natural Wayseer temperament, you wi ll most l i kel y have
devel oped ADD/ADHD, depressi on or bi pol ar. Thi s i s curable.
These di sorders are the resul t of not worki ng to your strengths
when you have the Wayseer trait. ADD/ADHD and bi pol ar are the
other edge of the Wayseer gene’s double edged sword. Wi th the
Wayseer gene you wi ll either be “ in the fl ow” wi th your God-gi ven
bril l iance or you wi l l be struggl ing to fi t i n – trying to be li ke the
other 90% of the popul ati on cal led “ normal” . You are not normal.
You have a choi ce, let go and be bril l i ant wi th grace and ease, or
struggle your whole life just to be medi ocre. ADD/ADHD and
depressi on are the direct result and symptoms of rejecti ng your
bril l iance. ADD/ADHD and depressi on come from forcing yoursel f
to behave i n arti fici al ways, (often fueled by your desire to “ fi t in” ),
i nstead of just letti ng go of “ shoul ds” and just being you.
You can ignore your geni us, you can fi ght your truest nature, you
can try to fi t i n behavi oral l y, but in the end, i f you have the acti vated
Wayseer gene, all this wi l l do i s frustrate you and make you
di sordered.
Wh at i s a Wayseer ? 19
You – wi th the active Wayseer trai t – basi cal l y have a choi ce: Be
bril l iant or suffer from the symptoms of ADD/ADHD along wi th the
potenti al to devel op many other di sorders l i ke depressi on, addicti on,
narci ssi sm, anxiety, obsessi ve compul si ve di sorder, and bi pol ar
di sorder.
For the rest of thi s book we wil l refer to the dark si de of the
Wayseer trai t expressi on, which i ncl udes ADD/ADHD symptoms
along wi th al l those other issues, as “ the neurotic type” . The posi tive
expressi on of the Wayseer trait wil l be called “ the hero” .
“ The hero” wi ll be used throughout thi s work to descri be the
courageous di sposi ti on required to express the unconventi onal
i nspirati on avail able to al l Wayseers. Thi s expressi on coul d al so aptly
be called “ the geni us” or be expressed in the frame of other
creati ve/producti ve endeavors where Wayseers become bril l iant such
as “ the entrepreneur,” “ the inventor,” “ the leader,” “ the arti st,” “ the
athlete,” “ the rock star,” “ the warri or,” “ the explorer,“ “ the general ,”
“ the mysti c,” “ the evangeli st,” “ the healer,” etcetera.
You’l l note “ the best of the best” in al l of the above pursui ts are
ful l y equi pped wi th the Wayseer temperament and i n their worse
moments express symptoms of the many di sorders l i sted above,
i ncl udi ng ADHD and bipol ar di sorder.
The Addictive Personality
Vi rtuall y al l Wayseers coul d be sai d to have “ addi ctive
personal i ties” . In fact, when someone refers to an addi ctive
personal i ty, they are usual l y referring to a Wayseer.
Wayseers are i mpulsi ve sensati on-seekers and natural -born ri sk
takers. Wayseers crave that ecstati c hi gh – that larger than life
experience – that rush that comes from livi ng on the edge,
challengi ng the status quo and doing something new.
When Wayseers don’t reach that ecstati c experience i n thei r day-
to-day l ives they soon fi nd surrogates to arti fi ci all y create that
experience, or fi nd sel f-destructi ve ways to suppress their desi re for
20 Th e Wayseer s
i t. Later i n thi s book, we’l l show you a revol utionary approach to
deal ing wi th the common Wayseer problems of addi cti on and
compul si on in a way that transforms these addi cti ve compul si ons
back into the miracul ous creati ve i mpul ses they ori ginate as.
Before del vi ng into thi s subject i t i s often most hel pful to first
understand the Wayseer personal i ty more thoroughl y. Though, you
can ski p ahead to the secti on “ Transcending Addicti on” i f you must.
The Wayseer Trait
Your Wayseer Gene
Your Secret DRD4 7R Difference
“We all have the ‘slightly crazy’ gene that is
continually going to pop up throughout our lives,
no matter how under control we think we are.”
~ Sylvester Stallone

Ten percent of the worl d popul ati on has a mysteri ous genetic
pol ymorphi sm that origi nated thousands of years ago – thi s
pol ymorphi sm appears to be the key to being a Wayseer. The
pol ymorphi sm i s actual ly an el ongati on of the DRD4-exon III gene to
7 repeats. People who carry thi s DRD4 7R gene and whose
environments have activated i t di spl ay a novelty seeking, thril l -
seeki ng, more i mpul si ve temperament that is radi cal l y less inhi bi ted
and much more powerful l y connected to deep spontaneous i ntui ti on.
“The long repeats of the DRD4-exon III
polymorphism are related to Novelty Seeking
personality trait.”
~ American Journal of Medical Genetics

Wh at i s a Wayseer ? 21
Thi s gene has been posi ti vel y selected over the mi l lenni a since
thi s vari ati on first appeared. Experts have speculated that i t i s
because the trai ts thi s gene engenders serves one wel l in the heat of
battle, i n hunti ng, i n i nnovati on and expl orati on.
“A gene associated with novelty-seeking and
attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, DRD4,
has also been shown to have undergone recent
positive selection.

~ Human Molecular Genetics

The people who carry the el ongated repeats of DRD4-exon III
pol ymorphi sm can truthful l y be cal led carriers of the latest genetic
evol uti on i mpacti ng human consci ousness. They are the new
warri ors, di scoverers, conquerors, arti sts and mysti cs.
Your DRD4 7R gene i s a key pl ayer in the way your brai n
regul ates dopamine, whi ch i s the neurotransmi tter responsible for
your sensi ti vi ty to sensory sti mulati on. If your brai n has more
dopami ne receptors (or l ess dopamine) than someone el se’s brain
you wi l l tend to seek out more sensory stimul ati on than them.
Ri chard P. Ebstei n publ ished i n the journal Nature Genetics that
he and his colleagues at Herzog Memori al Hospital and Ben-Guri on
Uni versi ty i n Israel found that “ people tend to be extroverted,
i mpul si ve, extravagant, qui ck-tempered, exci table and expl oratory”
who have the DRD4 7R variati on.
In the Uni ted States at the Nati onal Insti tutes of Health, Dean
Hamer and Jonathan Benjami n publi shed i n the journal Nature
Genetics their finding that “ Those who scored hi ghest in novel ty-
seeki ng, i mpul sive, qui ck-tempered, and fi ckle were most li kel y to
have l ong repeats of DNA subuni ts in their D4 dopami ne receptor
DRD4 7R may not be the onl y geneti c source of these quali ties, it
may be part of a group of genes working together and DRD4 7R may
be just the first to be wel l charted. Other genes infl uencing the
22 Th e Wayseer s
expressi on of the DRD4 pol ymorphi sms coul d resul t in the variati ons
of the Wayseer trait we observe.
The bottom l ine i s that thi s geneti c di fference that makes up the
Wayseer trai t has a si gni fi cant i mpact on your brain’s relati onshi p
wi th dopamine. This new rel ati onshi p makes you parti cul arl y well
adapted to rapi dl y changi ng, i ntense si tuati ons. It makes your brain
crave more sti mul ati on and that thri ll ing sensati on of ri sk than the
average person.
The Normal type can survi ve emergencies when gi ven ti me to
think; and they can do okay tacti call y in rapi dly changing, intense
si tuati ons when they rel y on their pri mal instinct, but the normal
human pri mal instincts do not offer much grace in fast situati ons.
Pri mal i nstincts are based on the i mmedi ate innate bi ol ogical
survi val mechani sms call ed “ fi ght or fl i ght” . They don’t offer much
i n the way of creati vi ty or problem sol ving, but pri mal i nsti ncts will
get you to drop everything and run away from danger.
The Wayseer type (or ‘total human’ as Otto Rank called them) is
wired di fferentl y. The Wayseer DRD4 7R pol ymorphi sm makes the
brai n crave ri sk, acti on and adventure. So it takes a l ot more
si tuati onal intensi ty to throw a Wayseer i nto a “ fi ght or fl i ght”
pri mal i nsti nct state. When confronted wi th the ki nds of negotiable
dangers that woul d ordinari l y throw a Normal type i nto the pri mal
fi ght or fli ght state, Wayseers wil l often feel exhi l arated, more ali ve
and l uci d. Instead of causi ng terror, the acti on puts the Wayseer into
what’s cal led a high Alpha state that i s often descri bed by great
athletes as “ the zone” . From thi s pl ace gestal ts of i ntuiti on wil l fl ow
and wi ll provi de the Wayseer wi th graceful sol uti ons that transcend
anything pri mal i nstincts coul d offer. The Wayseer has overcome
vi cti mhood and become a l uci d pl ayer i n the dance wi th danger.
Thi s Al pha or fl ow state opens the door to one’s unconsci ous
mi nd and thus gi ves a Wayseer access to a third opti on besi des
pri mal instinct and intellectual pl anning – the si xth sense. Thi s si xth
sense i s an unexpl ai nable gestal t of everything one has ever sensed
consci ousl y or unconsci ousl y. It is experienced as a clear and vibrant
i mpul se towards a parti cul ar sol uti on. Some peopl e call i t “ a hunch” .
Wh at i s a Wayseer ? 23
In rapi dl y changi ng, intense si tuati ons that call for i mmediate
acti on the Wayseer wil l just “ know” what to do and the outcome of
that knowi ng i s nothi ng short of miracul ous. Thi s si xth sense does
not come through primal survival instincts that are fast but
strategi cal l y narrow or through i ntel lectual strategic thinking that i s
far too sl ow to be useful i n “ hot” si tuati ons. The Wayseer si xth sense
i s an i nstant evol uti on of everythi ng i n one’s mind i nto a perfect key,
deli vered l i ghtning fast, as a fl ash of i nsi ght at the perfect moment.
It’s l i ke bei ng thrown a sword, in the heat of battle, just in the ni ck of
ti me.
If thi s Wayseer trai t i s so great, then why is i t so rare?
The truth i s that whil e the Wayseer trai t yi el ds amazi ng
capabi li ties, too many Wayseers woul d get in the way of any mass
mobi l i zati on towards central i zati on of power. The ol d adage “ We’ve
got too many chiefs and not enough Indi ans” comes to mind.
Wayseers are i nherently maveri cks, rebel s and l oose cannons.
They don’t fol l ow rules wel l and they are often di sruptive to l arge
hierarchi cal human structures. Over the course of hi story many
powerful ci vi l izati ons have been bui l t by i nsti tuti ng l aws and
structures that appeal to the Normal types. Being part of a vast
hierarchal worker cl ass i s actuall y qui te sati sfying to the
temperament of the Normal type. However, trying to organi ze
Wayseers this way i s l ike herdi ng cats. Wayseers hate being tol d
what to do by outer authori ties; Normal types l ove it.
Wayseers’ brai ns operate from a di fferent center than that of
Normal types. Normal type brains are wel l wi red to operate from the
more task-oriented and superfi ci al level s of consci ousness where
condi ti oni ng, rules, objecti ves, soci al norms, laws and conformi ty
regi ster most promi nentl y in awareness. Thi s i s the level of
consci ousness where chil dhood condi ti oni ng i s most powerful and
tends to be a dominant thought and behavi or.
Wayseers tend to operate from a level of consci ousness that is
more fl ui d, less regi mented and less easi l y i nfluenced by parental,
cul tural and soci al programming. Thi s level of consci ousness does
24 Th e Wayseer s
not hol d onto outer directi ves as forceful l y, and thus leaves plenty of
room for improvi sati on.
The benefi t of Normal types to large conquering empires i s that a
Normal type chil d can be easi l y programmed from a young age wi th
rules of conduct that they wi ll tend to fol l ow unquesti oningl y for the
rest of thei r l i ves. Thi s propensi ty makes bui l ding vast ci vi l i zati ons,
usi ng Normal types as predictable bui l ding bl ocks, much easier than
endlessl y tryi ng to convi nce every maveri ck Wayseer to go al ong
wi th a master pl an.
The rarer Wayseers are i n a given popul ati on, the easier that
popul ati on i s to rule. When human ci vil i zati ons have needed l arge
popul ati ons of easil y programmed and compliant worker cl asses,
then the Normal type was natural l y selected – probabl y in l arge part
because Wayseer non-conformi sts woul d have been ostraci zed or
ki l led by the rul ing cl ass before they coul d pass on any more of their
non-conformi st Wayseer genes.
I s DRD4 7R Activated?
Thi s DRD4 pol ymorphi sm, l i ke many other geneti c trai ts, mi ght
need to be acti vated to l ead to the Wayseer trai t. That means one
coul d be a “ carrier” of thi s speci al versi on of the DRD4 gene wi thout
actual l y exhibi ting any of the Wayseer trai t qual i ties. Often hi gh
stress si tuati ons activate genes best equi pped to hel p one handle
those situati ons.
“We are studying how cells adapt to
environmental-stress to survive.
In order to survive under stress,
cells activate multiple genes.”
~ Toshimichi Shinohara, Ph.D.
Brigham and Women’s Hospital
Center for Ophthalmic Research
Those of us, who have the activated Wayseer trai t, have l i kel y
undergone some form of stress regarded by our bodies as l ife-
Wh at i s a Wayseer ? 25
threatening and requiring greater vol i ti on and abi l i ty i n typi call y
fi ght-or-fl i ght si tuati ons.
Even something as si mpl e as sleep apnea can cause ADD/ADHD
symptoms. These symptoms i ndi cate that one’s Wayseer gene has
been activated. Sleep apnea as experienced by the body is equi valent
to asphyxi ati on in the ni ght, so that’s clearl y another form of stress
that woul d be regarded by the body as l i fe-threatening.
Once our Wayseer trai t is acti vated I don’t believe i t’s something
we can deacti vate. I think i t becomes permanently expressed in us.
Once i t’s expressed in us we feel a need for sti mul ati on, for
excitement, for thril l s, for adrenal i ne, for expl oring and di scovering
and doi ng things di fferentl y, because now we’re wired differentl y.
Now we crave the transcendent experience of “ li vi ng on the edge”
and bei ng i n “ the zone” .
Thrill-seekers, Sensation-seekers & Novelty
“There's nothing so exhilarating
as being shot at without result.”
~Winston Churchill
Many scienti sts recogni ze thi s Wayseer DRD4 7R pol ymorphism
i s associ ated wi th some form of sensati on seeki ng, usual l y thri l l-
seeki ng or novel ty-seeking. If you crave new experiences, new things
or novel i deas, if you l ove enthral l ing sensati ons, i f you l ove acti on
and adventure, then chances are you have this gene.
It i s easy to see that peopl e wi th bl ue eyes must have the “ bl ue
eyes” gene wi thout actual l y having to test for i t. (Inci dental l y that
gene i s EYCL3 (al so called bey2), which i s the brown/bl ue eye col or
gene l ocated on chromosome 15.) It i s equal ly easy to spot the
Wayseer temperament by i ts tel l tale quali ties of persi stent
i mpul si vi ty, creati vi ty, di stractibi l ity, and sensation seeking. You can
gather that someone who has thi s temperament probabl y has the
DRD4 7R sensati on/novel ty seeking gene that scienti sts have recentl y
di scovered.
26 Th e Wayseer s
While people can wear col or contacts and exhi bi t bl ue eyes
wi thout havi ng the gene for bl ue eyes; people can exhi bi t Wayseer
quali ties l i ke di stracti bi l i ty and i mpul si veness wi thout actuall y
having the DRD4 7R Wayseer gene. The key difference i s that genetic
Wayseers wi l l be geneti call y hard-wired to have abundant creati vi ty
and the genuine desire for sensati on, novel ty or thri l ls much of the
ti me.
People who are natural ly attracted to becoming pol i ce officers,
firemen, and warri ors usual l y have the thri l l seeking expressi on of
the Wayseer gene. These are the type of people who real l y feel more
ali ve when i n the epicenter of a cri si s.
To prefer engagi ng in battle, or debate, or trail -blazi ng, or racing
at the drop of a hat into a burning buil ding – over mai ntaining a
comfortable air-condi ti oned desk job – that’s something speci al .
The type of people who are attracted to these i ntense experiences
are sensati on seekers. They li kel y have the activated DRD4 7R, which
many scienti sts have al so cal led the “ thril l seeki ng gene” .
“Genetically there seems to be no doubt that the
Kennedys must carry what many scientists refer
to as the ‘thrill seeking gene’”
~ Edward Klein
Author of the book The Kennedy Curse
After 9/11 there was an al most symbol i c awakeni ng to the val ue
of “ the hero” . We’re movi ng into an age now where those who do
have the acti vated DRD4 7R gene are once again acknowledged as
bei ng a preci ous human resource, because they are the ones who are
most l i kel y to ri sk everything, gi ving thei r li ves to rescue humani ty
from the vi olence of cold rati onal i ty. They bri ng bal ance and “ heart”
back to our overl y mechani zed l i ves.
Wayseers woul d rather usher i n a new Renai ssance than al l ow
the status quo to conti nue. The chaoti cal l y i mbal anced envi ronment
we currentl y find ourselves i n wil l l i kel y be replaced wi th a new ki nd
of order onl y Wayseers currentl y concei ve of.
Wh at i s a Wayseer ? 27
If enough of us who have thi s DRD4 7R gene can just honor the
spontaneous bril l i ance that comes through our impul ses and nurture
our desi re to create beauty, to i nnovate – col lectivel y we can usher in
a new era of genuine beauty and creati vi ty – a neo-Renai ssance –
whi ch repl aces dead ol d structures wi th new vi tali ty and heart.
The Irrepressible Wayseer
Wayseers have far less natural repressi on than Normal types.
Repressi on appears to be engendered by the fear of real i ty. Wayseers,
bei ng thri l l seekers, enjoy the rush of faci ng the uncontrol l able nature
of real i ty and ri di ng it l ike a wave. They do not fear the unknown as
much as they wel come i t.
The hi ghl y repressed make poor surfers and thus avoi d surfing at
al l costs. The Wayseers can’t hel p but surf the wil d i mpul ses of their
powerful unconsci ous, for doing so is in thei r very nature. And, wi th
a l i ttle practi ce, they can become qui te good at i t.
The great arti sts, inventors, entrepreneurs and leaders of our day
are great surfers of their unconsci ous mi nds. They may not descri be
i t that way, but that’s preci sel y what they are doi ng when they are
maki ng their most powerful choi ces.
“True genius resides in the capacity for evaluation
of uncertain, hazardous, and conflicting
~ Winston Churchill
28 Th e Wayseer s

Are You Still a Wayseer?
“I don't want to be a genius - I have enough
problems just trying to be a man”
~ Albert Camus
If you’re sti l l reading thi s, chances are somethi ng has pi qued
your interest and you resonate wi th the i dea of the Wayseer trai t,
wi th the Wayseer mi ndset and you probabl y are a Wayseer yoursel f.
Now that does not mean that you’re a great i nventor or
entrepreneur or arti st or l eader… yet.
But you can be.
You know i t’s rare that one i s able to cul tivate thei r Wayseer trait
wel l enough to experience the benefi ts of i t but thi s book i s desi gned
to hel p you get there, to hel p you become a great creator, one who i s
both successful and rewarded for your creations and al so greatly
hel pful to the worl d around you, one who i s goi ng to usher i n the
new age of innovati on, and a greater time of peace and harmony in
our worl d.
What the worl d needs now i s genui ne benevol ent leadershi p.
You as a Wayseer have a great potenti al to lead. The ti me to begin
your leadershi p is now.
So l et’s get started …


The Gif t of t he Visionar y
Wayseers are visi onaries because they have a hi ghl y devel oped
“ mi nd’s eye” due to their lack of neurol ogi cal repressi on. Thi s
“ mi nd’s eye” i s what makes free-thinkers free, because the mental
pi ctures, “ worth a thousand words,” overwhel m and unseat the
l anguage-based programmi ng code (communicated in words) used
by societies to control the short-term memory of most people’s
mi nds.
An Image is Worth a Thousand Words
Due to the l ow repressi on level s of those with the Wayseer
temperament, the unconsci ous mind i s free to fi ll the consci ous mi nd
wi th i magery. Li ke the imagery that fi l ls your consci ous mind when
you dream, these “ day dream” i mages are free to fl ash into your
consci ousness at virtual ly any moment.
It’s i mportant to note that your consci ous mind i s a very l i mi ted
regi on of your mind. Beginning wi th Freud, many psychol ogi sts
have sai d that if you think of your entire mind as an iceberg, your
consci ous mind (and your short-term memory) is just the tiny ti p of
that i ceberg. Your consci ous mi nd can onl y hol d a very l i mi ted
amount of data – that i s why phone numbers were set at seven di gi ts,
because short-term memory tends to onl y be able to recal l about 7
(pl us or minus 2) randoml y presented di gi ts whil e al so running al l of
the other processes required for consci ousness.
30 Th e Wayseer s
While most people who do not have the Wayseer temperament
think in l anguage and words by the ti me they are adul ts – most
people wi th the Wayseer temperament – despi te i ndoctrinati on into
l anguage – remai n ei deti c visual thinkers. That i s, they think in
pi ctures instead of words. Thi s si mple difference carries dramati c
While your short-term memory can hol d a long series of words, it
usual l y can onl y hol d one vi si on at a ti me, because a pi cture i s worth
a thousand words. This sayi ng i s as true in terms of actual data
management as i t i s as an allegory. (A “ word” i n computer science is
4 bytes, whi le most di gi tal pi ctures woul d be at l east 4 ki l obytes
(4,000 bytes) or a thousand “ words” .)
Because a picture i s l i terall y worth a thousand words, a vi sual
thinker’s flashes of mental i magery tend to wi pe out and overwri te
their l i mi ted short-term memory banks to make room for each new
“ pi cture” . Thi s causes three dramatic differences between l anguage
(word) thinkers and ei deti c (pi cture) thinkers.
Fi rstl y, l anguage thi nkers can rel y on the persi stence of the data
i n thei r short-term memory banks, so they can reli abl y keep l ong
stable threads of i nformati on in their short-term memory – such as a
set of rules or instructi ons, a shoppi ng l ist, a task li st, a packing li st, a
meeti ng agenda, appoi ntment ti mes, new acquai ntances names, or
the day’s to-do l i st. Even if new informati on comes up that needs to
be pl aced i n their short-term memory, i t comes up i n the form of
strings of words for whi ch there i s usual l y pl enty of short-term
memory space.
Ei deti c (or visual ) thinkers can’t count on any data staying i n
their short-term memory banks, because at any moment i t al l coul d
be overwri tten wi th a fl ash of i magery that requires a thousand
words worth of short-term memory space i n their consci ousness.
What ei detic vi sual thi nkers tend to do to compensate for thi s l ack of
persi stent short-term memory data i s commi t everything to l ong-
term memory and get real l y good at retrieving that data. That’s why
ei deti c thi nkers are often sai d to have “ photographi c memories” .
Ei deti c thinkers are li teral l y snappi ng a pi cture of whatever they’re
Th e Gi f t o f t h e Vi si o n ar y 31
goi ng to need to remember l i ke you woul d wi th your cel l phone; and
tossi ng the i mage i nto their l ong-term memory to be retrieved l ater.
The trouble is we often just can’t seem to remember what i t i s we’re
forgetti ng.
The second dramati c difference i s thought speed. While l anguage
thinkers can process and compute data at normal speeds by
computi ng threads of words-per-second or even sentences-per-
second for parti cul arl y sharp verbal thi nkers, ei deti c thi nkers can
rapi dly think at upwards of many i mages per second – each worth a
thousand words. That’s a thousand ti mes faster. Thi s makes ei deti c
thinkers remarkable problem sol vers. Some exampl es of ei detic
thinkers are Einstein, Edi son, Tesl a and da Vi nci . It woul d require a
l anguage thi nker to have great mental patience and stamina to arri ve
at the same concl usi ons as a vi sual thinker because i t woul d take
them a thousand ti mes longer to get there.
The downsi de of thi s tremendousl y powerful mode of thought i s
that l anguage communicati on becomes di ffi cul t and cumbersome,
because i t i s difficul t to sl ow down an ei detic thinkers’ thought
process enough to transl ate even the very surface of i t i nto words.
That i s why many ei deti c thi nkers find language so frustrating and
resort to supra-l anguage forms of expressi on l i ke pai nting, fi lm,
musi c, dance, poetry and body l anguage.
The third dramati c di fference is that the “ programming
l anguage” of cul ture doesn’t sti ck easil y i n the mi nds of ei deti c
thinkers. When a set of rul es can be overwri tten at any moment by a
fl ash of inspired i magery – i t’s hard to foll ow those rules. Not onl y
that, but because those rules fai l to remai n persi stent in the
consci ousness of the eideti c thinker, i t’s hard to take those rules
seri ousl y and bel ieve in them as an essenti al part of thei r being.
32 Th e Wayseer s

Seeing in a Blind World
Imagi ne a worl d where just about everyone is born bli nd and you
are one of the onl y ones who can see. Because blindness is pervasi ve,
human cul ture in thi s imagi nary worl d has developed a bl indness for
bl indness. People would not even real i ze they were mi ssi ng a key
As a chi l d growing up wi th worki ng vi si on in thi s worl d you
woul d have some pecul iar experiences. When you opened your eyes,
you woul d noti ce everyone el se’s were cl osed. When you descri bed
your abi li ty to “ see” you woul d be pl acated, i gnored and tol d you
had an overacti ve i maginati on. Eventuall y, at qui te a young age, you
woul d probabl y become uncomfortable wi th keepi ng your eyes open
– because your visi on woul d prompt you to say and do things that
di sturbed and upset your parents and teachers and peers – so you
woul d learn to cl ose your eyes l i ke everyone el se just to feel more in
harmony wi th your communi ty.
Your wel l-meaning, but bl ind parents and teachers, woul d insi st
on teaching you cri ti cal l i fe ski l ls for the bl i nd. The academic
di sci pli nes of groping, sti ck tapping and pace counting woul d be
beaten into you “ for your own good” . You woul d try to do things
l i ke open your eyes and wal k to where you wanted to go, and at first
a parent or teacher mi ght have thought you were a very advanced
pace counter; but when they di scovered that you di dn’t know how
many paces you’d traveled, you woul d be repri manded for being
careless, i mpulsi ve and fool i sh. “ Just wal king freel y” wi thout the use
of proper bl ind navi gation strategies such as stick tappi ng or pace
counting woul d be seen as reckless, i rresponsible and dangerous to
yourself and others.
You found al l of these bl ind navi gati on strategi es very hard to
focus on wi th your eyes open, because they were so unnecessary
wi th working vi si on. Your teachers may have compl ained to your
Th e Gi f t o f t h e Vi si o n ar y 33
parents that there was something very wrong with you; because you
were such a sl oppy stick tapper and a forgetful , i nattentive counter.
You si mpl y woul dn’t focus on your bl ind navi gati on studies. Maybe
they thought you had ADHD or BNDD (Bl ind Navi gati on Defi ci t
Di sorder).
At thi s point your approach to li ving as a seer i n a bl ind worl d
may have taken one of a coupl e different directi ons. The fi rst would
have been to acquiesce and become sympathetical l y bl ind i n some
way. You woul d fi nd that you coul d tolerate and focus on your bli nd
navi gati on studies much better wi th your eyes cl osed. Pl us, you
woul d fi t i n better and woul dn’t seem so strange to others. There
woul d be no gl ori ous visi on to di stract you from the pace counting
and the stick tappi ng, whi ch seemed so si l l y and useless before.
Now, i t becomes surpri si ngl y essenti al wi th your eyes cl osed. If you
had trouble keeping your eyes cl osed, a fami l y doctor mi ght
prescribe you a Bl ind Navi gati on Defi ci t Di sorder medi cati on that
woul d chemical l y bli nd you for hours at a ti me, maki ng the
di sci pli ne to keep your eyes cl osed and stay focused much easier.
The second course your l i fe coul d take woul d be that of a mi sfit
and a rebel . You woul d say “ to hel l” wi th thi s bl ind navi gati on B.S. –
you coul d get where you wanted to go wi thout learni ng al l these
“ stupi d” academi cs. Maybe instead of dropping out, you sti l l went to
cl ass, but you woul d coast. You woul d pretend to do the bl ind
navi gati on, but whenever you got l ost you woul d just open your
eyes. You’d l ose poi nts for not doing your homework and not
“ showi ng your work,” but you coul d do surprisi ngl y wel l on tests
when you weren’t accused of cheating.
Then as you came of age you mi ght begin to overcome your
shame of seeing. You mi ght start to embrace i t instead of hi ding i t.
You mi ght muster the inner l iberty to throw down your tappi ng sti ck
and do horri fyingl y ri sky things l i ke running through a forest. You
mi ght use your vi si on to make “ i mpossi ble” discoveries as far as
bl ind people are concerned. You mi ght sol ve cases i n unexpected
ways because you can see things others can’t. You mi ght invent
things, change ways of doi ng things, lead.
34 Th e Wayseer s
You woul d be heral ded as a modern day mi racle worker, for
doi ng what came naturall y to you, just because you coul d see.
“The superior man is the providence of the
inferior. He is eyes for the blind, strength for the
weak, and a shield for the defenseless. He stands
erect by bending above the fallen. He rises by
lifting others.”
~ Robert Green Ingersoll
Your hi ghl y devel oped mi nd’s eye affords you the potential
abi l ity to devel op “ transcendent vi si on” – the abi l i ty to perceive the
Way. Having transcendent vi si on in a worl d bl ind to the Way i s as
powerful and different as havi ng vi si on in the story above.
When you see through transcendent vi si on you are l ooking from
the uni versal perspecti ve. Thi s perspecti ve does not shi ft so much
from one person to the next because it i s essenti all y the same vantage
poi nt – that of the Di vi ne.
When two or more peopl e come together percei ving through
transcendent vi si on they wil l be able to much more rapi dl y come to
agreement wi th one another over even the most controversi al topi cs
because – even though they each have their own uni que and often
confl i cti ng personal i nterests – the transcendent vi si on makes them
acutel y aware of the true dynami cs of their interconnectedness and
al l ows them to quickl y percei ve their shared interests.
You may have heard the metaphor of a few peopl e in the dark
encounteri ng an elephant for the first ti me, and trying to come to an
agreement on what thi s elephant was, because none had seen one
before. Each person encountered the elephant from a different si de –
one person found the trunk, another the tail , maybe another found an
ear. Each aspect of the elephant gave a substanti all y di fferent
experience of what that creature was l i ke. Tryi ng to come to an
agreement wi th each other over what they were feeli ng i n front of
them, fumbli ng in the dark, became incredibl y di ffi cul t because they
were each percei vi ng such vastl y di fferent things. Now think of
Th e Gi f t o f t h e Vi si o n ar y 35
transcendent visi on in thi s metaphor as l i ke a pai r of ni ght vi si on
goggl es. When one l ooks through the transcendent vi si on i t instantly
becomes clear what is real l y going on. When many of the parti ci pants
i n the agreement are perceiving through transcendent vi si on,
negoti ati on becomes clear and si mple.
The Spirit of Cooperation
The human conditi on i s aptl y described in the story of the tower
of Babble. Actual l y, never mind that. We can just envi si on the
example of Washi ngton today. It’s roughl y the same…
We each have our own uni que perspecti ves of the worl d fraught
wi th mi spercepti ons, mi sjudgments, distorti ons and i nappropri ate
adjustments whi ch are compounded by downri ght hostil i ty towards
the unjust i mage of the worl d we see. None of us see things the same
way and subsequentl y none of the words and meanings we attach to
those things have much, if any, correl ati on wi th the words and
meanings others attach to those things. We then seek to cl umsi ly
communi cate by using rash i mpreci se combi nations of those words
often l aden wi th our own subjecti ve fears and emoti ons.
It’s a wonder we get anything done.
Everyone has a l i ttle piece of the truth. No one i s completel y
wrong. The trouble i s di scerni ng through the frai l ty of bodi l y
percepti ons where each person i s ri ght and where each person i s
mi staken. This i s what often leads to endless controversy.
The Founding Fathers of the United States di scovered a way to
elevate their percepti on to see clearl y their opportuni ty to change the
worl d. They came to rapi d agreement over the most controversi al
matters; and they not onl y agreed qui ckl y but chose i ncredi bly
wi sel y for posterity the princi ples upon which the Uni ted States
woul d be founded. Their col lecti ve vi si on served to gal vanize
thirteen contenti ous and di sparate col onies into one United States.
Even enshrined on the dol l ar bil l , a great symbol of transcendent
vi si on, known as the Eye of God or the Eye of Provi dence appears.
36 Th e Wayseer s
Apparentl y transcendent vi si on pl ayed such i mportant role in the
founding of the Uni ted States that i t shared about as much
prominence to the founders as General Washington who led the U.S.
mi l i tia to vi ctory in the Revol uti on. Some of the U.S. Foundi ng
Fathers must have been consci ousl y aware of thi s surprisi ng abil i ty
and left us cl ues about i t.
The Eye of Provi dence al l ows one to percei ve what lies ahead.
Provi dence comes from Lati n provi denti a "foresight, prudence", from
pro- “ ahead” + vi dere “ to see” . The current meaning of the word
deri ves from the sense "knowledge of the future" or omni science.
When you view the world through the Eye of Provi dence you see
things qui te di fferently. Your vi si on i s not obscured by the
mi sconcepti ons, prejudices, judgments and adjustments whi ch fi ll
your ordinary percepti on. Through this transcendent vi si on di rect
rel ati onshi ps can be seen wi thout interference. Thi s awareness of
how thi ngs are trul y related gi ves one what may be regarded as an
uncanny abi l ity to take i nsurmountable ri sks, escape al most certai n
catastrophe unscathed and accompl i sh “ the i mpossi ble” .
When wi tnessed from the outsi de i t appears Divi ne Provi dence
favors the wi l ls of certain heroes; but the truth is those heroes have
l earned to ali gn their wi ll wi th what Divi ne Provi dence (God)
al ready wants.
Metaphorical l y speaki ng, they are not doing anything necessari ly
supernatural l i ke commanding the ti des. They are si mpl y able to see
the rel ati onshi p of the tides to other factors li ke the l ocati on of the
moon, so they know when to ri de those ti des to victory. What may be
seen by outsi ders as supernatural abil i ty may si mpl y be an act of
cooperati on wi th the Way. Through transcendent vi si on they can see
the powerful interrel ati onshi ps of forces i nvi si ble to the human eye.
Seeing the Way gi ves you the capaci ty to work “ miracles” –
whi ch when you l ook upon the worl d through thi s transcendent
vi si on wil l seem as natural to you (and astounding to others) as the
“ mi racle” of wal king around a tree wi thout touching i t woul d seem
i n a worl d of where you coul d see and everyone el se was bli nd.
Th e Gi f t o f t h e Vi si o n ar y 37
Much of l i fe i s spent struggl ing to avoi d or overcome vari ous
obstacles. By seeing the Way, one can miracul ousl y avoi d or
transcend li fe’s obstacles, handl ing situati ons graceful l y and easi l y.
“The eye of the master will do more work than
both his hands.”
~ Benjamin Franklin
Seeing the Way gi ves one both power and humi l i ty. We have
al ready touched on how i t can gi ve you power. It gi ves you humil i ty
by showing you how i mpossi bl y powerless you are over Di vine Wi ll
(or Divine Provi dence) and thus turns you i nto i ts al l y. The i mmense
i nterrel ati onshi ps reveal ed to you are so incredi bl y powerful , al l
encompassi ng and cosmi c that you begin to real i ze how tiny your
ego’s vol i ti on i s compared to them. These gi ganti c moving arms of
i nterrel ati onshi p are the Great Rays, often depi cted as rays of gl ory
around the Eye of Providence. They are orchestrated and moved by
Di vine Wi l l and we are but fool i sh and self-puni shi ng to not
surrender our own wi l l to that of the Great Orchestrator.
“He who knows best knows how little he knows.”
~ Thomas Jefferson
The Keys to Vision
A number of factors can serve to elevate our vi si on to
transcendent vi si on – thus al l owi ng us to see the Way.
1. The abil i ty to not repress thi s more subtle vi si on.
2. The capaci ty for ei detic thinking or use of the mind’s eye.
3. The incli nati on to change and elevate your own percepti on.
4. The daring to surrender your wel l bei ng to an uncommon
mode of percepti on.
5. The utter convi cti on that you want to see the truth.
The first four factors favor Wayseers far more than Normal types
i n reaching this form of percepti on; and expl ai n why Wayseers are
far more l i kel y to reach thi s mode of vi si on and thus be able to al i gn
38 Th e Wayseer s
themselves wi th the dynamics of the Way. However, i t i s thi s last
factor of utter convi cti on to see trul y that often causes thi s greater
capaci ty to l ay dormant in unprovoked Wayseers.
Utter convicti on seems to go hand in hand wi th the abi l i ty to
perceive the Way. The ki nd of convicti on that might be generated in
the cruci ble of oppressi on experienced by earl y Ameri cans under the
tyranny of the Bri ti sh Empi re, which caused the wi sest of the
Ameri can rebels to become determined to see trul y, to percei ve the
Way, in order to establi sh something both del icate and revol uti onary
– the first nati onal democracy in mi llennia.
The Inexplicable Path of the Visionary
When you fol l ow your transcendent vi si on to lead a l i fe gui ded
by the Way, your choi ces wil l often make no sense from a worl dl y
perspecti ve. Furthermore, you may fi nd that you have great
di ffi cul ty expl aining your choi ces to the common man because they
have no frame of reference for the vi si on that you behol d. Li ke trying
to descri be the col or yellow to someone who’s been bl i nd since birth,
trying to descri be a transcendent observati on or truth to one who
l acks transcendent visi on borders on the absurd.
In addi ti on to not bei ng abl e to expl ain your vi si on for l ack of a
common frame of reference, you may often find i t chal lenging to
even remember your thought process from one moment to the next,
because your fl ashes of i nsi ght and i nspi rati on from your
transcendent vi si on tend to wi pe out and overwrite your l i mi ted
short-term memory banks to make room for each new “ picture” .
While your short-term memory can hol d a l ong series of words, it
usual l y can onl y hol d one vi si on at a ti me, because again, a pi cture i s
worth a thousand words.
“Indigo Children” Revisited
Indi go chi l dren are cal led that because of their hi ghl y activated
i ndi go chakra – the seat of transcendent spiri tual vi si on. You wi ll
Th e Gi f t o f t h e Vi si o n ar y 39
note that – regardless of whether you bel ieve in chakras – i t fol l ows
that i f you have the gi ft of seei ng the Way you coul d be cal led an
Indi go, because your mi nd’s eye i s acti ve and open to recei ving
spi ritual insi ght, vi si on and truth.
The Ring of Truth
As you read thi s book you may be surpri sed by how many
statements si mpl y ri ng true for you. When thi s happens, don’t
second guess yourself. Trust that sense of ri ghtness. That i s your
percepti on of the Way.
We li ve i n a cul ture so saturated wi th the external authori ty of
science and mass media that we have become afrai d of our own
i ntui ti on and our own percepti on of the Way. You can know
something – and be ri ght – l ong before there i s ever sol i d agreement
of i t. You can know beauty and l ove, inspirati on and truth wi thout
corroborati on. You just know i t, because i t i s.
Thi s i s the way of the leader, the vi si onary, the hero, the arti st,
the entrepreneur and the pi oneer. Every great di scoverer “ knows”
hi s desti nati on before i t is reali zed. They can see it before i t i s vi si ble.
It i s the trust in hi s own i nner-knowi ng that makes hi s di scoveries
possi ble. Bono cal l s this “ Vi si on over vi si bi li ty.”
So as you read thi s book, when somethi ng rings true, trust that
ring of truth – and try i t. If when you try i t, i t works, then trust that
experience – and use i t.


The Wayseer Revol ut ion
“Don’t ask what the world needs...
Ask what makes you come alive,
and go do it.
Because what the world needs
is people who have come alive.”
~ Howard Thurman
American clergy, civil rights activist & mystic
Uprisers vs. Stablizers
In any gi ven popul ati on there i s usual l y a majori ty of more
strai ght-l aced keepers of order and stabil i ty and a mi nori ty of more
creati ve, chaoti c maveri cks and troublemakers – i.e. Wayseers. There
i s good reason for thi s.
Just l i ke any evol vi ng system, humani ty progresses due to a
deli cate balance of stabi l i ty and mutati on of human thought,
technol ogy and culture. In every generati on there are those who are
hardwired to sustai n order and stabi l i ty by enforcing rules, hol ding
to traditi on and maintai ning the status quo – we’ll cal l them the
stabi li zers. Then there are those who are hardwired to break the
rules, to ri se up, to innovate and to bi rth new paradi gms – these are
the Wayseers, but for the moment we’l l cal l them upri sers.
42 Th e Wayseer s
In a popul ati on of onl y stabi li zers, no progress is made because
not much is ever questi oned or changed. Tradi ti on and l aw are
honored and change i s refused. Thi s woul d be l ike a system wi th no
mutati on rate – so evol uti on and progress hal ts.
In a popul ati on of onl y upri sers just the opposi te woul d be the
case. Free thinking woul d prevai l to a faul t. Tons of innovati on,
di scoveries and breakthroughs woul d be made, but then qui ckl y l ost
because nothing woul d be mai ntained. Upri si ng woul d be incessant.
Chaos woul d frequentl y ensue, toppli ng any progress that had been
achieved. Sure, there woul d be l ots of parties and rock ‘n rol l , but i t
woul d be bedlam, and any hi nts of ci vi l izati on woul d inevi tably
devol ve into disorder and randomness.
But i f we bring a populati on together wi th just the ri ght mi x of
stabi li zers and uprisers we get something very i nteresti ng.… We
have a popul ati on wi th enough upri sers to vi ol ate and break through
the sacred tradi ti on of the stabi l izers wi th innovati ons, which are too
compel l ing to be i gnored by traditi on; yet the upri sers wil l i nsi st on
i nsti tuti onal i zi ng these breakthrough innovati ons into new
tradi ti ons, thus sustaining the innovati ons to benefi t generati ons to
Thi nk of the two very di fferent temperaments of upri sers and
stabi li zers as confli cti ng but compl i mentary forces that when
combined, resul t in a miracle of sustained progress.
Imagi ne trying to bui l d a skyscraper. If you onl y have stabi l izing
i ngredients l i ke cement and ri vets, your buil ding wi l l never get off
the ground. If you onl y have uprising ingredients l i ke steel beams,
they wi l l constantl y toppl e and again the bui l ding wil l never get off
the ground. But i f you combi ne upri ser steel beams wi th stabil i zing
cement and rivots, you wi l l make sustained progress up off the
ground i nto the sky. This is the secret to progress in any walk of
Want to reach the sky wi th opti mal efficiency? You’l l need the
opti mal rati o of Wayseers and Normal types. Too many Normal
types in a popul ati on oppress the Wayseers and progress i s made
sl owl y. Too many Wayseers in a popul ati on and there won’t be
Th e Wayseer Rev o l u t i o n 43
enough Normal types to mai ntai n the progress and thi ngs wil l keep
fal li ng apart.
In our industri ali zed worl d we have l ost touch wi th our Wayseer
gi fts and yet, tend to gl orify Wayseers, viewing them as i mpossi bl y
rare heroes whom we woul d be fool ish and arrogant to presume
oursel ves to be.
So what i s the ri ght rati o of Wayseers to Normal types? Where is
the Edge of Chaos?
Based on the fi ndi ng of the human genome project and the rati o
of genes i n a popul ati on associ ated wi th free thinking (such as the
DRD4 7R gene), the Edge of Chaos i n agri cul tural society appears to
be a rati o of 9 Normal types for every 1 Wayseer. Just 10% of the
popul ati on shoul d be free thinkers and the rest shoul d tend to the
fiel ds and maintain order.
For a pi oneering society, the opti mal rati o of Wayseers seems to
approach up to 50%. Wayseers are parti cul arl y gifted at staging and
succeeding i n i mpossi ble upri si ngs l i ke the Revoluti onary War. They
are al so qui te gi fted at pi oneering new terri tories and maki ng a
l i veli hood from nothing.
For i ndustri al izi ng society the opti mal rati o for Wayseers appears
to fal l to 20% and becomes less and less as the need for i ndustri al
i nnovati on i s repl aced by the greed for power of industri ali zed
i nsti tuti ons.
The opti mal bal ance of Wayseers versus Normal types i s based
on how much the Way as an organi zi ng pri nci pl e i s reflected in the
system. The more that the organi zi ng pri nci ple of the Way i nfuses
the system the more Wayseers wi ll thri ve and the fewer Normal
types you wi l l need to enforce fear-based rul es and protective
44 Th e Wayseer s

Reverse Entropy
The Second Law of Thermodynamics really pissed me off...
The Second Law of Thermodynami cs states that i n a cl osed
system al l things move towards greater chaos. Thi s i s called Entropy.
Entropy i s the “ i nevi tabl e and steady deteri orati on of a system or
” Merri am Webster says Entropy i s “ the degree of di sorder
or uncertainty in a system … the degradati on of the matter and
energy in the uni verse to an ul ti mate state of … di sorder … chaos,
di sorganizati on, randomness”
Thi s "Law" of physics basi call y says everything’s goi ng to hell –
the universe i s inevi tabl y becoming more di sordered, chaoti c and
random. When I fi rst heard thi s my heart and soul rebel led.
Li fe i tsel f i s the opposi te of entropy and may di sprove thi s "Law”
of physi cs, because li fe brings more order to a system – not more
chaos. Life organizes and grows into ever more sophi sti cated,
i ntri cate and ordered structures. “ Laws of physi cs” are establ i shed as
l aws preci sel y because there i s no excepti on to them. The example of
Li fe seems to offer a clear counter to the Second Law of
Thermodynami cs and therefore shoul d be consi dered an i mportant
adjunct to thi s Law.
There appear to be two forces at work against one another in this
worl d - entropy and l ife, the forces of i nani mate matter and the forces
of nature battl ing it out towards ei ther greater chaos or greater order.
Li fe i s the physical reflecti on of the Way.
Th e Wayseer Rev o l u t i o n 45

The Way
The Way i s the force of nature. The Way i s a very real and
powerful sel f-organi zing force that we must recogni ze if we are to
grow out of our i ndustrial i zed worl d view.
The Way i s behi nd every mi racle of li fe we wi tness. It i s in
everything from the beauti ful order and compl exity of a leaf or a
fl ower to the breathtaki ng surge of emoti on one feel s when
wi tnessing a bi rth. The Way not onl y shapes you, but can be di rected
by your consci ousness to further shape the worl d.
The Way can be cal led li fe or l ove, the Wi ll of God or the Holy
Spi ri t. It doesn’t matter what we cal l i t. What matters i s that we
recogni ze i t and learn to honor i t.
When we cal l i t ‘l ove,’ i t anchors our understandi ng of the Way
i n the feeli ng of i t, so we know how i t feel s when we are i n harmony
wi th i t. When we call the Way ‘God,’ i t hel ps us appreci ate the Way’s
grandeur and authori ty over al l of our l i ves. When we call the Way
‘Spi ri t,’ i t hel ps recognize how the Way permeates our being and
constitutes every l i vi ng thing’s essence. When we cal l the Way ‘soul ,’
we real i ze that, by some mi racle, we are a unique aspect of the Way
oursel ves and we have the opportuni ty to develop our l i ttle part of
the cosmos towards hi gher and hi gher expressi ons of being al i ve.
Love, when released into the world,
is like an intelligent energy that continues on and
on shaping the world in its own image.
The Way i s generall y more intel l i gent than we are. It gui des l ife
towards ever hi gher expressi ons of magnifi cence and beauty. How
do we gain access to this gui dance?
The more l ove in a system, the less structure that system needs to
avoi d chaos. A system fil led wi th l ove i s a system gui ded by di vi ne
order. Thi s i s our key ingredient.
46 Th e Wayseer s
Governments at the Edge of Chaos
“Order without liberty and liberty without order
are equally destructive. “
~ Theodore Roosevelt
Di fferent forms of government work better i n different si tuati ons.
Vol ati le cl i mates (where the popul ace i s experienci ng more fear) tend
to favor more authori tarian governments, whi le more stable cl i mates
(where the popul ace i s experienci ng more peace) tend to favor
governements whi ch offer more freedom. Thi s i s due to an often
overl ooked factor i n governmental appropri ateness - the trust factor.
The trust factor describes how much trust the general popul ati on
feel s that thei r own wel l-being wi l l be taken care of by their
communi ty, society, government and envi ronment. A general
popul ati on wi th a hi gh level of distrust will gravi tate towards
di ctators and total i tari an regi mes. Democracies require much hi gher
l evel s of general trust than di ctatorshi ps – that i s why trying to force
democracies on popul ati ons whi ch are used to being under
di ctatorshi ps i s very di ffi cul t. Not onl y does a popul ati on need new
governmental structures to achieve a true democracy – the
popul ati on al so needs to cul turall y rai se i ts overall trust factor a great
deal to sustain fai th in a democrati c government.
The level of trust i s also the Edge of Chaos for that society.
Democracies won’t sti ck for l ow trust populati ons, because the
government all ows for l evel s of l iberty wel l beyond that cul ture’s
Edge of Chaos.
How does a popul ati on rai se i ts trust factor and push the Edge of
Chaos far out enough to sustai n a democracy? The answer was
revealed in our last section. To push a system’s Edge of Trust / Edge
of Chaos outward one must reduce the i mpact of entropy in the
system by i ncreasi ng the opposi te of entropy, l ove or l i fe force, whi ch
i s gui ded by the organi zi ng pri nci ple of the Way.
Increasi ng trust factor can be accompl i shed through a cycle of
greater honesty, whi ch resul ts in greater percepti on of the Way,
Th e Wayseer Rev o l u t i o n 47
whi ch el ici ts greater wi sdom, al iveness, l ove and vital i ty, whi ch
i ncreases trust and freedom, which yiel ds greater courage for
transparency and honesty, whi ch resul ts in more acute percepti on of
the Way – and so the cycl e conti nues until di srupted or hal ted.
Eventuall y we coul d reach a state of total trust and freedom,
whi ch mi ght appear to an outsi de observer to be devoi d of any rules
and regul ati on, and thus i gnorantl y cal led anarchy. However, to the
wi se parti ci pants i t woul d be a totall y graceful ecstati c experience
gui ded by a single l aw – l ove, which i s the Way.
The 100 Year Sleep
A l i ttle over a hundred years ago, Ameri ca entered the i ndustri al
revol uti on. Industri ali zi ng thi s country requi red us to trai n
Ameri cans to stop expl oring and pi oneeri ng so much and get behind
desks and the assembly l ine. We had “ too many Chiefs and not
enough Indi ans.” We needed more workers – not more leaders.
So America put i ts pi oneering spi ri t to bed and began
i mplementing command-and-control hierarchal systems that
requi red people to leave their free-nature at the door and start
punchi ng the cl ock doi ng the same monotonous job hour after hour,
day after day, year after year.
In order to rapi dl y fuel i ndustrial i zati on, American society
attempted to reshape the wi ll of the average ci ti zen from ri sk-taki ng,
rugged i ndi vi duali st, free-thi nki ng rebels i nto doci le, easil y directed
worker bees who di d not questi on authori ty and di d as they were
tol d.
Ameri ca repl aced tea wi th coffee, put fl uoride i n the water
suppl y (known to make sol di ers more compl i ant) and repl aced i ts
school-systems with a new German system desi gned to hel p
i ndustri al i ze a nati on. Shaping the wi ll of the vast majori ty of
students and breaki ng the wi ll of the most, shal l we say, “ American”
ki nds of students became common practi ce.
48 Th e Wayseer s
While Germany’s popul ati on i s rel ati vel y low i n wil lful
pi oneering soul s, America abounds in them – so thi s new system i n
Ameri ca di d al most as much wi l l breaking as it did wi ll shapi ng.
The prospect of Americans taking kindl y to thi s new soci al
structure and school system, whi ch completel y vi ol ated American
sensibi li ties, was quite low. Americans had been rebel li ng agai nst
such structures for centuries – there wasn’t a chance we woul d accept
thi s in the Uni ted States. Wel l , two Worl d Wars and a Great
Depressi on were enough to si lence us. The Worl d War II generati on
was probabl y just rel ieved to be able to return to “ ci vi li an li fe” – and
i f parti ci pating i n thi s new Ameri can dream had become oddl y
remini scent of serving in a civi l versi on of the mi l i tary – who coul d
tel l the difference? Vi rtual l y everyone had been indoctrinated i n the
command-and-control model through their mi l i tary servi ce, so
seei ng things work l i ke that at home was probably not a shock.
The American Malaise
Ameri ca i s experienci ng a societal mal aise i n which the Ameri can
temperament (20% or more bei ng Wayseers) i s fundamental l y
i ncompati ble wi th the industri ali zed society devel oped to fuel the
Ameri can industri al revol uti on. The industri al structures, the
corporate poli cies, the rules and protocol s and even corporate
cul tures have al l evol ved to the poi nt of strangli ng our very human
essence and squelchi ng our naturall y i mpul si ve nature as Ameri cans
towards more freedom of expressi on and spontaneous innovati on.
The U.S. popul ati on i s showi ng the strain of thi s societal and
spi ritual mal ai se. While we sti l l have heroes and captains of industry
who “ made i t” wi th their wi ll and bri l li ant i mpul si ve natures i ntact;
they are stati sti cal l y rare for the popul ati on. For every Steve Jobs,
Paul Newman or Oprah Wi nfrey there are tens of thousands of
potenti al Ameri can heroes just li ke them wasting away on the fringes
of society, self-medi cati ng their own i conoclasti c bril l iance into
something soci al l y acceptable to our collecti ve corporate cul ture. All
of their magnifi cent pi oneering energy i s bottled up and festeri ng
i nsi de of them and comi ng out as a myri ad of affli cti ons al most as
Th e Wayseer Rev o l u t i o n 49
di verse as the wasted i nnovati on they reflect. Al cohol i sm, food
addi cti on, drug and sex addi cti on, depressi on, compul si ve gambli ng
(both on and off Wall Street), compul si ve consumeri sm and a vi ci ous
strai n of corporate and pol i ti cal kleptomania dri ven by nothing but
voraci ous greed.
These affl icti ons are not i n spi te of the American Wayseer
temperament of heroism and ingenui ty – they are because of i t. They
are al l are si gns of genui ne Ameri can passi ons being subverted into
si ck egoi sti c reacti on formati ons agai nst a cul ture and society that no
l onger honors the potenti al l y most creati ve 20% of the popul ati on
who have now, through their frustrated creativi ty, become the most
destructi ve.
“It has been my experience that folks
who have no vices have very few virtues.”
~ Abraham Lincoln
The good news i s that thi s American mal ai se i s reversible. When
we do start to reverse i t we wil l be tapping the unexpl ored human
resource of 60 mil l i on of Ameri ca’s most inspired i nnovators. These
60 mi l li on Ameri can pi oneers are currentl y pl ungi ng virtuall y all of
their creati ve energies into the sinkholes of afflicti on (li sted above),
because thei r hearts and soul s are di senfranchised from their own l ife
pursui ts.
The pursui t of happiness has been repl aced with the pursuit of
escape, because Ameri cans have been taught to di strust their own
passi ons and their own abi l ity to see them through. Now i nstead we
contend with al l of the affli cti ons (l i sted above) which si mpl y stem
from this frustrated passi on. In truth, these passi ons are for sol vi ng
the very problems the U.S. and the worl d now face.
50 Th e Wayseer s

The Battle for Control over Your Own Mind
Empi res are bui l t on the backs of many through the usurpati on of
control over their mi nds. Over mi llennia and countless sl averies and
genoci des, the mechanics of the human brai n have been di storted
through unnatural selecti on to favor those who are easi l y
programmed to fol l ow the dictates of whatever regi me i s in rule.
Those who were not easi l y controlled were usual l y put to death,
eli minating their genetic predi sposi ti on for free-thi nki ng from the
gene pool .
Eventuall y, over many mi l lenni a, onl y a small percentage of the
worl d popul ati on even carried a propensi ty for free thinking. Then
something miracul ous happened…
The New World
A free thinker, convinced the worl d was round and not fl at, put
hi s li fe, and the li ves of many, on the li ne and di scovered a new
worl d – i roni cal l y popul ated wi th one of the onl y races left on the
pl anet who had not had their gene pool amputated of free-thi nkers.
In li ttle ti me, free-thi nkers across the planet heard the call of this
new worl d and left everything i n search of freedom. Within a few
hundred years, a new nati on was forming wi th a hi gher density of
free-thinkers than the worl d had ever seen.
If you are an Ameri can, you can bet at some poi nt that i t was
free-thinkers in your l ineage who made the heroi c leap to join thi s
great nati on.
The Underestimated Measurable
Impact of Connection & Love
Studi es using fMRI brain scans reveal that when people are in
l ove the power bal ances i n their brai n shift. The brai n becomes
Th e Wayseer Rev o l u t i o n 51
“ manic,” “ dri ven,” and “ addi cti ve” . A typi cal Normal Type brain
once ruled by the prefrontal cortex, when “ madl y in l ove”
experiences a neurol ogical coup d'état of sorts from the ri ght VTA
(whi ch fl oods the brain dopami ne overri ding executi ve authori ty i n
the prefrontal cortex), medial caudate nucl eus and nucleus
accumbens, whi ch are each reward centers of the brai n causing “ in
l ove” people to become more i mpul si ve, passionate, unstable and
uncharacteri sti cal l y “ free” .
Thi s neurol ogical change seems to open a person’s thinki ng and
behavi or to be i nfl uenced by impul ses from the Way (or l ove) wi th
greater freedom and voli ti on; and the Way (or l ove) seems to have a
speci al i nfl uence on those who have become “ love brai ned” .
Curi ousl y, when you compare typical fMRI brain scans of people
i n l ove wi th those of people who have been di agnosed wi th the
myri ad of di sorders al most excl usi vel y attri buted to Wayseers such
as ADHD, Bi pol ar Disorder, Obsessi ve Compul si ve Di sorder or
Addi cti ve Personali ty you di scover they are essenti all y i denti cal .
The fMRIs reveal that natural born Wayseers appear to have
brai ns rel ati vel y hardwired to the brain state of being i n l ove. Thi s
may i ndi cate that natural l y more i mpul si ve, passi onate, unstable and
free Wayseers may al so be more attuned to and i nfl uenced by the
i mpul ses of l ove (or the Way).
A brain state i s much like a government. In order for that brai n
state to work effecti vel y i t needs to be appropri ate to the trust factor
and honor the Edge of Chaos, just l i ke a stable government needs to.
If there i s not enough l ove in one’s psyche to support a “ l ove
brai ned” form of neurologi cal governance, the neurol ogi cal system
wi ll fall over the Edge of Chaos and di sorder wi ll ensue. Some of the
typi cal l abel s for these “ love brain” di sorders we just menti oned and
i ncl ude depressi on, anxi ety di sorders, ADHD, Bi pol ar Di sorder,
OCD, Opposi ti onal Defi ance Di sorder and a myri ad of other
“ personal ity di sorders” .
When you are “ l ove brai ned” you are natural l y more recepti ve
and responsi ve to the Way, because your brain i s more open to i t;
but, you are al so more suscepti ble to devel oping a l ove defici t and
52 Th e Wayseer s
having your brai n pushed over the Edge of Chaos i nto all myri ad of
di sorders and addi cti ons.
One recent study showed that babies and young chil dren wi th
the DRD4 7R pol ymorphi sm (a Wayseer gene), were hugel y affected
and benefited by Attachment Parenting, while chi l dren without the
7R pol ymorphi sm were l argel y unaffected. Attachment Parenting
emphasi zes expressing l ove and unbroken connecti on wi th your
chil d – and it seems that Wayseer chi l dren real ly need thi s kind of
connecti on to mai ntain their own internal trust factors and feel safe.
A Nati onal Longi tudinal Study seeking to di scern any predi ctive
factors of school vi olence commi ssi oned by the U.S. Congress after
the Col umbine shooti ngs had some astoni shing resul ts. It determined
that just about every factor one mi ght thi nk would i ndi cate a greater
l i kel ihood of vi olence actual l y di d not. Factors l i ke famil y i ncome,
parents’ mari tal status, bi rth order, GPA, etc. were shown to have no
predi cti ve meri t whatsoever. Onl y one factor i n a l i st of hundreds
was shown to be stati sti call y predi cti ve; and it was the level of
“ connecti on” that chi l d reported to feel .
The natural brain states of Wayseers require much hi gher levels
of l ove and connecti on to remai n stable. We need to recogni ze the
i mperati ve of conscienti ousl y rai sing the amount of l ove and
connecti on communi cated through our cul ture to combat a
dangerous decli ne into a worl d ri ddled wi th neurol ogi cal disorders
and chaos. Our current wi despread dependencies on anti-
depressants, ADHD drugs, and anxiety medi cati ons are indi cati ve
that thi s sl i p is already occurring.
The Wayseer Impul se i s the i mpul se towards establ i shing an ever
greater self-organi zi ng force in our worl d – whi ch i n essence i s l ove –
thus movi ng the Edge of Chaos outward. We must honor our
i mpul ses towards expressi ng greater l ove, honesty, selflessness,
i ngenui ty and courage above any rules, i dol s, il lusi ons of securi ty or
materi al i sm.
Th e Wayseer Rev o l u t i o n 53
A Note from the Heart:
When you feel l ove you are changed by that feel i ng. It affects your
choices. It i nfuses what you do wi th the essence of that l ove. It pl aces
you i n communi on with l i fe and the Way.
Li fe force can be conjured. It can actual l y be increased in both the
gi ver and the receiver as you gi ve i t away. When you express l ove
you share that l ove wi th another and that l ove mul ti pl ies i tsel f from
you i nto them. You do not l ose l ove by shari ng i t – you actual l y gain
more l ove.
When you share l ove, that l ove changes the reci pient of your l ove
and in turn affects thei r choices. Thei r choi ces become more in
harmony with the authori ty of Li fe and serve to shape the worl d in
l ove’s i mage.
Your l ove, when released i nto the worl d, i s i ntell i gent beyond belief
and serves to organi ze the worl d towards ever greater harmony. The
l ove doesn’t just go from you to your l oved ones and stop – it ski ps
from one mind to the next, infusing each mind wi th grace and
movi ng onwards through every mind that mi nd can reach.
The Vitality of Love
(The Secret Ingredient)
If you want to i ntroduce anything of val ue in the worl d you must
i nfuse i t wi th the very essence of l ife – great l ove and vi tali ty. The ol d
adage “ Do what you love and the money wi ll foll ow.” i s al most
ri ght. The true statement – al bei t less sensati onal – i s cl oser to “ Love
what you do and the money wi l l fol l ow.”
Whenever you infuse what you are doing wi th great l ove, the l ove
i l l uminates and ani mates the object of your l abor wi th an intell i gent
force that wil l carry and mul ti pl y your l ove through countless
connecti ons.
54 Th e Wayseer s
Sure, i f you do what you l ove i t may be easier to l ove what you do.
But often i t i sn’t. Someti mes when we venture to do what we l ove,
fear of fai l ure and rejecti on ari ses and causes us to i nfuse “ doi ng
what we l ove” wi th fear, not l ove. Then nothi ng wi ll foll ow.
So, i t i s better to practi ce fil l ing every object of your attenti on wi th
l ove, than to chase in fear things you thi nk you mi ght l ove.
Another twist on this pri nci ple coul d be the bi bl ical saying “ Seek ye
first the Kingdom of Heaven and al l thi ngs wi l l be added unto you.”
Which – if you believe Heaven is a pl ace of uncondi ti onal l ove –
coul d easi l y be transl ated to, “ Seek ye first to reach the state of
uncondi ti onal l ove and al l thi ngs wi l l be gi ven to you.”
We are receiving what we are giving.
The New World Disorder
So now i t seems our soci ety has coi ned a “ di sorder” to describe
the Wayseer trai t – ADD/ADHD. We are medicating chi l dren wi th
the Wayseer trai t wi th Ri tal in to make them more docile and
control lable – less rebel lious.
Now school s are under the pressure of Presi dent Bush’s “ No
Chi l d Left Behind Act” (Jan 8th, 2002) to push students through ri gid
curri cul ums and testing. Thi s can only further encourage the over-
propensi ty to get “ troubl emakers” (whi ch are usual l y the more
creati ve Wayseer students) on Ri tal in or Adderal l in order to make
them more “ normal ,” attenti ve and more manageable. These
drugged Wayseer ki ds are more manageable because Ri tali n li teral ly
suppresses the brainwave-states that al l ow for geni us level s of
creati vi ty. There wi ll be more on thi s in the chapters on brainwaves.
Bri ll i ant Wayseer chi l dren are often pressured – ei ther wi th drugs
or di sci pl ine – into behavi ng li ke just another cog i n the wheel . We
are destroying the confi dence of the very chi ldren who offer the
greatest geni us, and then putti ng them on drugs that suppress thei r
bril l iant creati vi ty.
Th e Wayseer Rev o l u t i o n 55
Maybe you’ve got adul t ADD/ADHD or your chi l dren are
di agnosed as ADD/ADHD. It used to be called LD for Learning
Di sabled, but now ADD/ADHD has become the label of choi ce.
More and more medi cati ons are springing up to profi t from thi s
new groundswell . The pharmaceutical companies are cashing in on
thi s and they have l i ttle regard for the l ong-term consequences of
medicating a whole generati on of potenti al geni uses.
Thi s i s real l y symptomati c of our society and our cul ture. Our
environment i s i n di sarray. There i s just so much i nformati on
overl oad, such constant upheaval .
Granted we have somewhat stable governments i n most of the
bi gger countries, but i t’s not governments anymore that control our
l i ves so much as the corporati ons that affect our l ives the most. These
corporati ons are just mani pul ating us, because we are naïve.
Nowadays corporati ons reall y have more of the role that feudal
states once had back 500 years ago. One way to i l l ustrate thi s i s to
l ook at what enti ties had the power during each ti me peri od, by
l ooki ng at what enti ties had the l argest, most ornate, expensi ve
structures buil t in their honor.
If we l ook at ci vi li zati ons of about 2,000 – 3,000 years ago, the
Greek and Roman Empires were the most powerful . So at that point
i n ti me these governments possessed the greatest power and i t i s the
huge government commi ssi oned bui l di ngs (l i ke the Roman
col i seum) that sti ll stand (al bei t in rui ns) today.
Then i f we l ook at the l argest, most ornate bui l di ngs bui l t about a
thousand years ago, we’l l noti ce that they’re mostl y cathedral s and
church bui l dings, because that was when the Cathol ic Church began
to have the most power.
These l arge structures were the product and evi dence of massi ve
central i zed weal th gathering.
Fi nall y, nowadays when we just wal k i n a modern ci ty we know
the bi ggest buil ding i s probabl y owned by a credit card corporati on.
56 Th e Wayseer s
So perhaps we’re real l y not so much under the control of our
governments. We’re much more under the domi ni on of the l arge
corporati ons, mul ti-national corporati ons – especi al l y banks and
credi t card companies.
What i s interesting about corporati ons today i s with al l the
mergers and acqui si tions going on, corporati ons l ack stable
l eadershi p. Many CEOs have more of a l ooting mentali ty than a true
concern for their ci tizenry. Many of the “ captains of industry” are
i nfatuated wi th the strategy of sucking every ounce of weal th out of
as many people as possible.
What that translates into i s that those of us, l ivi ng under the
tyranny of corporati ons, experience consi derable upheaval i n our
l i ves. Corporati ons aren’t interested i n creati ng a harmoni ous
environment. They’re interested i n making an environment that
provokes consumers and whi ch tends to be one of control led chaoti c
bedl am, scarci ty and rabid consumeri sm.
And no generati on has been marketed to as heavi l y. We don’t
know the consequences of thi s yet, but we can fi gure that i t is causing
some new strains of neurosi s and mental il lness.
If we l ook at the marketing, the marketi ng i s designed to evoke in
us an arti fi ci al sense of desperati on, an arti ficial sense of, “ I need
more. I’m empty. I l ack. … Unless I have THI S.”
Companies have studied how to get thi ngs to stick in our minds
and whi ch ki nds of i magery are best sui ted to l odge suggesti ve
materi al in our memory.
Chi l dren growing up are the most vul nerable and are bei ng the
most heavil y marketed to. It i s shaping thei r mindset for the rest of
their li ves.
Studi es show that the way to get someone to remember
something i s to make them have an extremel y intense emoti onal or
physi cal sensati on at the same ti me that they are exposed to
whatever you want them to remember.
Th e Wayseer Rev o l u t i o n 57
In a l ab, scienti sts had peopl e put their arms in ice and experience
pai nful col dness at the same ti me that they were exposed to a
sequence of numbers. Intense feeli ngs heavi l y rei nforced their
memory of whatever was their focus i n that moment. So i t was, that
people were much more able to remember strings of numbers, or
random data, or a brand i mage, or a ji ngle when accompanied by an
i ntense feel ing or emotion. Intense feel ings provi de the energy to
embl azon memories i n our minds.
TV and medi a si mul ate experiences that al arm us on a pri mal
l evel . Fl ashes of red, rapi d cut edi ti ng, and unexpected shocks get
our attenti on. If we l ook back 10,000 years ago, our ancestors had to
be prepared for anything. When something flashed red through their
fiel d of vi si on, i t often signaled a threat that had to be responded to
i nstantl y. Ei ther predator or adversary would not wai t for an
appoi ntment. We continue to be wi red for responding to certain
sti mul i wi th an instant rush of adrenali n and the resul tant vi gor.
Certain sti muli are supposed to grab our attention i mmedi atel y
so that we can activel y respond to them, but wi th TV si mul ati ng
these pri mal alarms we’re just supposed to si t there and passively
accept such sti mul ati on. The onl y soci all y appropri ate response i s to
focus our attenti on on the TV, but thi s deci si on does all ki nds of
things to disturb our peace of mind.
Granted there are many benefi ts to our envi ronment, i n terms of
offering us greater opportuni ties for weal th, heal th and extended l ife-
spans, but we are payi ng the pri ce in terms of qual ity of li fe
experience. We are l i ving in a ti me whi ch i s somewhat l i ke the
precursor to a neo Renaissance. We’re being over sti mul ated by our
technol ogy and bombarded wi th sti mul i that evoke pri mal , survival
mechani sms. Thi s may be prompting the activati on of our DRD4
The great arti sts, inventors, trai l blazers and thinkers of the
Renai ssance had the purpose of bringing bal ance back to thei r worl d.
Before the Renai ssance, society had been too chaotic and too
troubled. The turmoi l acti vated the geni us in each of these great
mi nds. When someone wi th the DRD4 geneti c pol ymorphi sm
58 Th e Wayseer s
experiences a del uge of l i fe-threateni ng (or even just seemingl y l i fe-
threatening) encounters, the DRD4 pol ymorphi sm activates and
turns an ordinary craftsman into a bri l li ant warrior and innovator.
When thi s gene i s acti vated i t transforms compl acency into
restlessness. It unleashes a whole new reservoir of energy, vi tali ty
and geni us. You find yourself noticing everything that’s out of
ali gnment – then feeli ng the irresi sti ble need to fi x i t al l! And if you
won’t let yoursel f start tackl ing the huge problems that you see, then
you start going crazy from frustrati on. The DRD4 pol ymorphi sm i s
l i ke an alarm bell wai ting to go off – and when it goes off there’s no
stoppi ng you. You become i nvi nci ble.
Watch the montage from Rocky II and you’l l see an awesome
depicti on of thi s pri ncipl e in acti on. Li terall y, Rocky i s gi ven the
green-li ght to honor his DRD4 acti vati on when Adri an says, “ Win!”
and we watch hi m transform from an ordi nary guy i nto a super hero.
That’s DRD4 in acti on. That’s what thi s DRD4 Wayseer gene evolved
to al l ow us to do.
When our ancestors were thrust i nto war, the ones who had the
DRD4 pol ymorphi sm coul d transform on the spot from ordinary
ci vi li an to superhuman warri or. It’s li ke watching the TV character
Davi d Banner’s metamorphosi s i nto the Incredible Hul k.
Al l these TV and movie sequences are based on an archetypal
truth we all know on some level – that when a hero (a Wayseer) i s
sti rred, they don’t just rol l over l i ke 90% of the general popul ati on
woul d do – the hero transforms i nto a super hero. The DRD4 gene
hol ds a key to that amazing metamorphosi s.
During the pre-Renai ssance peri od, people wi th the DRD4
pol ymorphi sm were stirred. Their geneti c greatness was awakened
and they turned i nto the superheroes that led the western worl d to a
more elevated state of bei ng. They led everyone from one expressi on
of society whi ch was chaoti c, hurtful and upsetti ng, to something
Th e Wayseer Rev o l u t i o n 59
The DRD4 pol ymorphi sm coul d be a safety val ve. When
humani ty gets too far out of hand, i t awakens the superheroes, (the
Wayseers), who, when sti rred, bri ng bal ance back to the worl d.
Revolutions of Egalitarianism
The other thi ng about a Renai ssance – or any ki nd of massive
cul tural change that someone l i ke da Vinci would create – i s that i t’s
usual l y ushering in a new level of egal i tari ani sm.
Heroi c Wayseers don’t buy i nto hierarchies. Heroi c Wayseers do
not buy into the superiori ty and inferi ori ty i mpl i ci t in hierarchies.
Thi s atti tude towards human rel ati ons i s part of the geneti c Wayseer
Wayseers, i n general , are suspi ci ous of external authori ty. The
Wayseers are rebel s at heart. They tend to bow onl y to God – the
Inner Authori ty. As far as outer rel ati onshi ps go, they onl y see
equal i ty wi th their fell ow men, so they seek to manifest egali tari an
rel ati onshi ps. That i s not to say that Wayseers cannot be corrupted
by power, for we are al l sti l l human. But for the most part Wayseers
seek to di scover the authori ty of Truth and worshi p onl y that, rather
than bowi ng to a man-made throne.
“Anyone who conducts an argument by appealing
to authority is not using his intelligence;
he is just using his memory”
~ Leonardo da Vinci
Today, l i ke throughout hi story, Wayseers are seen as a threat to
authori ty. Many Normal types see Wayseers as threateni ng because
they wi ll not just become a cog in the wheel and stop “ causing
trouble” (i .e. causi ng change). Al so, the bi ggest mul ti -nati onal
corporati ons and pharmaceuti cal companies are now all i ntertwined
and they have a huge stake i n keepi ng the hierarchal system as i t i s.
60 Th e Wayseer s
Wayseers Abhor Hierarchy
Wayseers abhor hierarchy. They are contemptuous of inauthentic
authori ty, because now the great level ing gene has taken over. Now
they wil l answer to onl y one kind of authority and that’s True
Authori ty – the Way.
External , artifici al authori ties and hierarchies become the enemy.
Thi s i s a ti me when the corporati ons are in power and they are the
pri mary antagoni sts that are trying to suppress the expressi on of the
Way. They have promoted the label of ADD/ADHD for those wi th
the acti vated gene (especi al l y the young ones) and they are
medicating the li fe out of them.
You know i t woul d defi ni tel y hurt their profi ts and di mi ni sh
their workforce, if peopl e weren’t wi ll i ng to work wi thin their
corporate hierarchal system of rewards and puni shments – being
good consumers and good empl oyees. If the Wayseers are sti rred
and come al i ve, then their i vory towers col l apse.
Our industri ali zed school system i s actuall y desi gned to destroy
the Wayseer trai t – or those who have i t. It was ori ginal l y devel oped
by Germans ri ght at the begi nning of the Industri al Age i n order to
break people’s spiri ts and shape them into good factory workers –
good l i feless cogs i n the wheel .
That’s what corporati ons sti l l want.
Corporate interests trul y control our publ i c school s because they
shape our academi c poli cy through their massive l obbying efforts.
They deci de where the money goes and how the money i s spent and
they even gi ve grants to publ i c schools i f they host their Coke &
Pepsi (caffei ne) machi nes. Corporati ons want two things from our
school s; good doci le consumers, and good doci le empl oyees. That
combinati on wil l ensure maxi mum profi ts and stabi l i ty for our
corporate empires.
George W. Bush began the “ No Chi l d Left Behind Act” desi gned
by corporati ons to further control our school systems.
Th e Wayseer Rev o l u t i o n 61
Bush uses hi s language to make thi s corporate juggernaut sound
l i ke a good thi ng, “ no chi l d left behind” , but really what i t i s i s a way
of control li ng al l the school systems central l y, through a series of
budget defi ni ng standards. Thi s further eli minates the abil i ty of good
teachers to offer vibrant and dynami c teaching. It al so vi rtual ly
eli minates the opportuni ty for anyone wi th the Wayseer trai t to
benefi t from that system, because the rules are goi ng to get stri cter.
The school s are goi ng to become more and more afrai d of not passing
these quotas, therefore, the students that are Wayseers are going to
be heavi l y medi cated or kicked out of the school s, just because
they’re ruining the numbers.
There’s nothi ng i n the “ no chi l d left behind” act that says,
“ Innovati on i s val uable.” Far from i t, the act i tself substi tutes
standardi zed test scores for al ternate forms of innovati ve assessment.
However, innovati on and forward thi nking i s very val uable to many
great teachers who recogni ze that creati vi ty and innovati on form the
core of what Ameri ca i s al l about. However, i t’s not somethi ng that’s
easi l y recogni zed in a standardi zed test.
School ing can be handl ed much more graceful l y when you
remove central control and trust in the ingenui ty of teachers.
Wayseers Correct What Corporations Corrupt
Corporations are inherently hierarchical. They are
designed to control and shift power and wealth from the
many to the few.
The powers that be are threatened by thi s potenti al new era of
egal i tari an beauty and the leveli ng of worl dwi de weal th. That’s what
the Wayseer led ONE Campai gn is al l about. Bono, a die-hard
Wayseer, started this powerful new organization of heavy-hi tter
Wayseer movie stars, rock stars, rel i gi ous l eaders and pol i ti ci ans to
l evel the pl aying fiel d and make poverty hi story i n our li feti me. I
recommend that you fi nd out more about i t at
62 Th e Wayseer s
The United States – Founded by Wayseers
The other thing to recogni ze i s that America has a special pl ace in
the worl d, wi th regard to thi s geneti c DRD4 polymorphi sm, because
Ameri ca i s a pl ace whi ch people self-selected and moved to when
they had the acti vated DRD4 pol ymorphi sm. It i s probabl y no
acci dent and very tell ing, i f you’ll recall the eagle i n the chi cken coop
story, that the U.S. nati onal bird i s the bal d eagle.
Other countries that have a popul ati on rich in Wayseer pi oneers
are Austral ia, South Africa, Dubai and Canada.
The tendency to pursue adventure and adapt to new
challenges was probably hel pful when our ancestors first
l eft Afri ca and started expl oring the gl obe, Robert Moyzi s
says. He's a bi ochemi st at the Uni versi ty of Cal iforni a,
Research by Moyzi s and hi s coworkers has shown that a
certai n form of a gene called DRD4 i s more common i n
people descended from ancestors who traveled l ong
di stances to settle new areas than i n descendants of those
who stayed behind.
Thi s gene form i s also more common i n ki ds who have
been di agnosed wi th attenti on defici t hyperactivi ty di sorder
(ADHD) than in those who don't have the disorder. Ki ds
who have ADHD find it hard to si t sti ll and pay attenti on
and tend to act without thinking.
~ Emi l y Sohn (ScienceNewsForKi
The Uni ted States has a popul ati on that i s a melting pot of
heredi ty al l leading back to one or another group of people who at
one ti me said “ I’m wi l li ng to ri sk everything just to find a better way
– just to find a better pl ace.” Onl y people who have the Wayseer trai t
are apt to say that. And the people without the Wayseer trait are
much more l i kel y to just put up wi th what they’ve got.
The Wayseer trai t causes one to want to adventure, expl ore, ri sk
and pi oneer new ventures.
Th e Wayseer Rev o l u t i o n 63
What makes Ameri ca great i s innovati on. America has even
i nnovated one of the most contagi ous cul tures – l ook at McDonal d’s
franchi ses, MTV, rock musi c, bl ue jeans, basebal l and the i dea of
democracy. Al l are i deas champi oned by Ameri can Wayseers and
now these i deas have spread throughout the worl d, because
Ameri can cul ture rapi dl y evol ves contagi ous i deas through our
relentless innovati on.
What makes cul ture compell ing i s i ts continual evol uti on to be
most relevant to people’s l i ves. North Americans are leaders in
cul tural evol uti on, materi al devel opment and i nnovati on because the
popul ati on is ful l of creati ve Wayseers.
“The genius of you Americans is that you never
make clear-cut stupid moves, only complicated
stupid moves which make the rest of us wonder at
the possibility that we might be missing
~ Gamal Abdel Nasser
What we’re faci ng ri ght now i s a popul ati on so ful l of Wayseers
that we’re experienci ng a cl ash between the Wayseers and the
bureaucrats (the Normal type). Thi s i s qui te rare because usual l y
Wayseers are so scarce that i t merel y appears l ike there’s one crazy
geni us up agai nst the rest of the worl d. But now, because there is an
i nsurgence of activated technol ogy empowered Wayseers, we’re
actual l y starting to feel a rift cul tural l y between the Wayseers and the
Normal types.
Saving Grace of American Economy
Maybe you haven’t noticed, but Indi a and China’s knowledge-
workforces are bi gger and cheaper than those of the U.S. The same
l i near knowledge-worker job (l i ke accounti ng, programming, x-ray
examining, tech-support, engineering, etc.) done i n North America
for $50 an hour can be done just as wel l in India or China for $5 an
64 Th e Wayseer s
hour. Wi th telecommuni cati ons and remote col l aborati ons tool s
maki ng physi cal di stance negli gi ble, soon al l competiti ve companies
wi ll outsource their most ti me i ntensive (least creati ve) knowledge
work to Indi a and Chi na.
Where does that leave 50 mi l l i on Ameri can knowledge-workers?
Wel l to start wi th, jobless.
America’s Inheritance
Ameri ca i s a mel ti ng pot of Wayseers. At one ti me or another just
about every country in the worl d has l ost a percentage of i ts
popul ati on to the Ameri can dream. And virtuall y al l of those who
woul d risk l i fe and l imb for such a far-out thing as “ the Ameri can
dream” woul d fi t the Wayseer profi le of ri sk-taki ng behavi or – thus
they woul d most li kel y carry the Wayseer gene.
Ameri ca was col oni zed by Wayseers - Adventurers, Expl orers,
Pi oneers and the kind of risk takers that say “ Hey thi s potato famine
sucks, I'm outta here.”
Because of thi s, North Ameri ca has become the consoli dating
poi nt for most of the Wayseers of the worl d. North Ameri ca has
many more ti mes Wayseers in i ts popul ati on than any other area of
the worl d.
There was a ti me when just survi vi ng l ife was thri l li ng enough
for our predominantl y immi grant popul ati on – so general l y, onl y the
establ ished descendants of the earlier i mmi grant generati ons were
restless and educated enough to become busi ness tycoons,
i nnovators and arti sts. The busi ness tycoons especi al l y, eventual l y
wanted to reinforce their accumul ated power and weal th so they di d
what any sel f-serving victi m of power corrupti on woul d do – they
teamed up wi th other tyrants l i ke themselves and devel oped systems
and hierarchies desi gned to keep the rest of the popul ati on worki ng
for them. Thi s i s the dark si de for the Wayseer.
A century l ater much of thi s i ndustrial age oppressi on sti ll exi sts
whi le new avenues of opportunity have been carved by thousands of
Th e Wayseer Rev o l u t i o n 65
newl y awakened Wayseers. Thi nk Holl ywood, Si l i con Val ley, and
Wal l Street.
Outsmarting Global Outsourcing
“Somebody has to do something and it’s incredibly
pathetic that it has to be us.”
~ Jerry Garcia
Si nce i ts col oni zati on, Ameri ca has stil l led the worl d in
i nnovati on - a pri mary Wayseer qual i ty. It i s creati vi ty and
i nnovati on that has made North Ameri ca's economy great. It i s
creati vi ty and i nnovati on that wi l l keep America great as mi l l i ons of
knowledge working jobs are moved overseas in the next 5 to 10
Thi nk about i t: North Ameri ca has a popul ation of about 330
mi l l i on. China has a popul ati on of 1.3 bil l i on. And then add to that
Indi a’s popul ati on of 1 bi l li on people. That’s 2 bi l li on more people
than in North Ameri ca!
As Indi a and China come onl ine wi th their increasingl y well
educated workforces they’l l be mul ti pl yi ng the gl obal knowledge
workforce by a factor of 10 or 20 in the coming years.
That means if you do a job that a well educated person from
Indi a or Chi na coul d do just as easil y non-l ocal l y, then you can
expect to be asked to take a 90% pay cut in the comi ng years i f you
want to keep your job.
Al l you Wayseers out there, who've been pl aying the corporate
empl oyee card unti l now, i t's ti me to Turn on, Tune in and Drop Out.
Your l i near corporate job i s al most hi story. Your pensi on i s bei ng
gambled wi th by corporate rai ders. Bai l out now and start doing
something trul y creati ve, i nnovati ve and entrepreneuri al because the
one thing the rest of the worl d can't compete wi th i s the concentrated
Wayseer gene pool that has been formed in Ameri ca over four
centuries of i mmi grati on.
66 Th e Wayseer s
Wayseers are the great innovators and leaders of cul ture, art and
busi ness. Maybe i t's ti me to stop hi ding i n your cubi cle and cl ai m
your pl ace in this worl d as the trai lbl azer you were born to be. Now
i s the ti me for Ameri ca to rei nvent i tsel f once agai n. Now i s the time
for Ameri ca to cl ai m i ts pl ace as the worl d’s thi nk tank – the l and of
i nnovati on, contagi ous cul ture and great art.
You are wasting your preci ous ti me i f you are stil l working in an
uncreati ve, uni nventi ve, unadventurous career. That ki nd of career is
evaporati ng i n America.
You better be a creator, an innovator, a trai l bl azer, or a pi oneer i f
you are a Wayseer. Don’t wai t unti l fate forces your hand, because
fate can be harsh wi th those who i gnore i ts earl y warnings.
Consi der thi s your earl y warning.
Further Recommended Reading:
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to the Conceptual Age
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Free Agent Nation: The Future of Working for Yoursel f
Th e Wayseer Rev o l u t i o n 67

Schooling Revisited
“To sentence a man of true genius, to the drudgery
of a school is to put a racehorse on a treadmill.”
~ Samuel Taylor Coleridge
The following is an edited transcript of the 2005
Commencement address made at Stanford by an
exemplary Wayseer, Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Computer
and of Pixar Animation Studios:
Thank you. I'm honored to be wi th you today for your
commencement from one of the finest uni versi ties in the
worl d. Truth be tol d, I never graduated from col lege and
thi s i s the cl osest I've ever gotten to a col lege graduati on.
I dropped out of Reed Col lege after the first si x months
but then stayed around as a drop-i n for another 18 months
or so before I reall y quit.
I naivel y chose a col lege that was al most as expensi ve as
Stanford, and al l of my worki ng-class parents' savi ngs were
bei ng spent on my col lege tui ti on.
After si x months, I couldn't see the val ue in i t. I had no
i dea what I wanted to do wi th my l ife, and no idea of how
col lege was goi ng to help me fi gure i t out. And here I was,
spending al l the money my parents had saved their entire
l i fe. So I deci ded to drop out and trust that it would al l work
out OK. It was pretty scary at the ti me, but l ooki ng back, i t
was one of the best deci si ons I ever made. The minute I
dropped out, I coul d stop taki ng the required cl asses that
68 Th e Wayseer s
di dn't interest me and begin droppi ng i n on the ones that
l ooked far more interesting.
“Just as eating contrary to the inclination is
injurious to the health, so study without desire
sports the memory, and it retains nothing that it
takes in.”
~ Leonardo da Vinci
It wasn't al l romanti c. I di dn't have a dorm room so I
slept on the fl oor i n friends' rooms. I returned Coke bottles
for the 5-cent deposi ts to buy food wi th, and I woul d wal k
the 7 mi les across town every Sunday ni ght to get one good
meal a week at the Hare Kri shna temple.
I l oved i t. And much of what I stumbled i nto by
fol l owing my curi osi ty and i ntuiti on turned out to be
pri celess l ater on. Let me gi ve you one example.
Reed College at that ti me offered perhaps the best
cal l i graphy instructi on i n the country. Throughout the
campus every poster, every label on every drawer was
beauti full y hand-call i graphed.
Because I had dropped out and di dn't have to take the
normal cl asses, I deci ded to take a cal l i graphy class to l earn
how to do this. I learned about serif and sans serif typefaces,
about varying the amount of space between different letter
combinati ons, about what makes great typography great. It
was beautiful , hi stori cal, arti sti cal l y subtle i n a way that
science can't capture, and I found it fascinating.
None of thi s had even a hope of any practi cal
appl i cati on in my l ife. But 10 years l ater when we were
desi gni ng the first Macintosh computer, it all came back to
me, and we desi gned i t al l into the Mac.
It was the first computer wi th beautiful typography. If I
had never dropped i n on that si ngle course i n col lege, the
Mac woul d have never had mul ti ple typefaces or
Th e Wayseer Rev o l u t i o n 69
proporti onal l y spaced fonts, and since Wi ndows just copied
the Mac, i t's l i kel y that no personal computer woul d have
them. If I had never dropped out, I woul d have never
dropped i n on that cal l i graphy cl ass and personal
computers mi ght not have the wonderful typography that
they do.
Of course i t was i mpossi ble to connect the dots l ooki ng
forward when I was i n col lege, but i t was very, very clear
l ooki ng backward 10 years l ater.
Again, you can't connect the dots l ooki ng forward. You
can onl y connect them l ooki ng backward, so you have to
trust that the dots wi ll somehow connect in your future. You
have to trust i n somethi ng your gut, desti ny, li fe, karma,
whatever because believi ng that the dots wi ll connect down
the road wi ll give you the confi dence to fol l ow your heart,
even when i t leads you off the wel l-worn path, and that wi ll
make al l the di fference.
I was l ucky I found what I l oved to do earl y in l ife. Woz
[Steve Wozni ak] and I started Apple in my parents' garage
when I was 20. We worked hard, and in 10 years, Apple had
grown from just the two of us i n a garage i nto a $2 bi l l i on
company wi th over 4,000 empl oyees. We'd just released our
fi nest creati on, the Maci ntosh, a year earl ier, and I'd just
turned 30, and then I got fired.
I was sti l l i n l ove. And so I deci ded to start over.
I di dn't see i t then, but i t turned out that getti ng fi red
from Apple was the best thi ng that coul d have ever
happened to me. The heaviness of bei ng successful was
repl aced by the li ghtness of being a beginner again, less sure
about everythi ng. It freed me to enter one of the most
creati ve peri ods i n my l ife.
During the next fi ve years I started a company named
NeXT, another company named Pi xar and fell in l ove with
an amazing woman who woul d become my wi fe. Pi xar
70 Th e Wayseer s
went on to create the worl d's first computer-ani mated
feature fi l m, Toy Story, and i s now the most successful
ani mati on studi o i n the worl d.
In a remarkable turn of events, Apple bought NeXT and
I returned to Apple.
And the technol ogy we devel oped at NeXT i s at the
heart of Apple's current renai ssance, and Laurene and I
have a wonderful fami l y together.
I'm pretty sure none of thi s woul d have happened i f I
hadn't been fi red from Appl e.
Don't l ose fai th. I'm convi nced that the onl y thing that
kept me going was that I l oved what I di d. You've got to
fi nd what you l ove, and that i s as true for work as i t i s for
your l overs. Your work i s going to fil l a large part of your
l i fe, and the onl y way to be trul y sati sfied i s to do what you
bel ieve i s great work, and the onl y way to do great work i s
to l ove what you do.
If you haven't found i t yet, keep l ooking and don't settle.
As wi th al l matters of the heart, you'l l know when you find
i t, and l i ke any great relati onshi p i t just gets better and
better as the years rol l on. So keep l ooki ng. Don't settle.
Rememberi ng that I'l l be dead soon i s the most
i mportant tool I've ever encountered to hel p me make the
bi g choi ces in l ife. Because al most everything al l external
expectati ons, al l pri de, al l fear of embarrassment or fai l ure;
these things just fal l away i n the face of death, leavi ng onl y
what i s trul y i mportant.
Rememberi ng that you are going to die i s the best way I
know to avoi d the trap of thi nking you have something to
l ose. You are already naked.
There i s no reason not to fol l ow your heart.
Death i s very li kel y the si ngle best inventi on of l i fe. It's
l i fe's change agent; i t clears out the ol d to make way for the
Th e Wayseer Rev o l u t i o n 71
new. Ri ght now, the new i s you. But someday not too l ong
from now, you wil l gradual l y become the ol d and be cleared
away. Sorry to be so dramati c, but i t's qui te true.
Your ti me i s li mi ted, so don't waste i t l iving someone
else's l ife. Don't be trapped by dogma, whi ch i s l i ving with
the results of other peopl e's thinking. Don't let the noi se of
others' opini ons drown out your own inner voi ce, and most
i mportant, have the courage to fol l ow your heart and
i ntui ti on. They somehow al ready know what you trul y want
to become.
Everything el se i s secondary.
Stay Hungry. Stay Fool i sh.
Thank you al l very much.”
~ Steve Jobs

“I know that I am not a man of letters
[i.e. not formally educated]
Experience is my one true mistress
and I will sight her in all cases.
Only through Experimentation
can we truly know ANYTHING.”
~ Leonardo da Vinci


Life Wit hout Rul es
“Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according
to our will within limits drawn around us by the
equal rights of others. I do not add 'within the
limits of the law' because law is often but the
tyrant's will, and always so when it violates the
rights of the individual.”
~Thomas Jefferson
The Foundi ng Fathers were acutel y aware that true freedom and
rules were virtuall y i ncompati ble. Rules are desi gned to restrain
one’s wi l l withi n the confi nes of what has already been establ i shed as
acceptable. When a country i s run by rules, the tyranny of
bureaucracy qui ckl y sets i n and then that tyranny is i nevi tabl y
corrupted by mani pul ators of the rules to their own advantage over
others – bureaucracy descends i nto pl utocracy.
Rather than pleading i gnorance of thi s mai nstay in human affairs
and succumbing to that wel l-worn path into tyranny and corruption
– the Foundi ng Fathers fl i pped the whole problem on i ts head. The
Founding Fathers would declare rights – not rules.
74 Th e Wayseer s
“There are no constraints on the human mind, no
walls around the human spirit, no barriers to our
progress except those we ourselves erect.”
~ Ronald Reagan
While rules are desi gned to restri ct – ri ghts are desi gned to
l i berate. Whi le an awareness of rules remi nds you what you are not
al l owed to do – an awareness of ri ghts remi nds you of what you and
everyone around you are free to do. That means you’re not asking
yourself “ Am I al l owed by the rules to get away wi th thi s?” You are
honestl y asking yourself, “ How does what I’m doi ng i mpact the
freedom and ri ghts of others?”
Thi s si mple shift moves one from a sel fish egocentri c perspective
of how to conduct oneself to a sel f-aware communi ty-centric
perspecti ve of how to conduct one’s affai rs. Wi th “ ri ghts
consci ousness” you are not concerned wi th how other people’s rules
affect your acti ons – you become concerned wi th how your acti ons
reflect the Way.
Inner Liberty
“The dogmas of the quiet past are inadequate to
the stormy present. The occasion is piled high with
difficulty, and we must rise with the occasion.
As our case is new, so we must think anew
and act anew. “
~ Abraham Lincoln
If we are to honor the i ntenti ons of the Foundi ng Fathers and
trul y pursue happiness in our l i ves, we must recogni ze that l ife and
l i berty are not merel y outer condi ti ons, but inner ones too. We can
not be trul y free i n our li ves i f our thoughts and acti ons are
control led by subconscious programming desi gned to enslave us to
empty l i ves of servitude to corporate America.
Li f e Wi t h o u t Ru l es 75
The first step i s to real ize that your mi nd i s not your own. You
have been programmed from birth to want things you don’t reall y
want, to fear things you don’t reall y fear, to beli eve things that are
l ies desi gned to keep you i n a box under the rul e of an industri al
noti on of sal vati on.
The second step is to recogni ze that just about every rule, bel ief
or judgment i n your mind was put there from some outsi de source.
Once you are aware of thi s you can begin the process of undoi ng the
programming of rules and judgments that run you. Thi s undoi ng
resul ts i n l i vi ng a l ife without rules – free of the tyranny of an al ien
wi ll sustained insi de of you through your i dentifi cati on wi th bel iefs,
rules and judgments that run against your own true wi l l .
Understand that computers are programmed using ri gorous sets
of rules that ensure the computer’s “ thought” processes proceed in a
very predictable manner. Peoples’ minds can be programmed in
much the same way, once you have shaped or broken one’s wi l l .
Rul es, when internal i zed i nto people’s consci ousness, can ensl ave
and di stort the wi ll .
Living Without Rules
“Hell, there are no rules here -
we're trying to accomplish something.”
~ Thomas A. Edison
A li fe wi thout rules i s a heroi c l ife. You have far more power at
your di sposal than the common rule-abi ding man. You are no l onger
bound and burdened by the dictates of others. You no l onger li ve in
fear of crossi ng some l ine that wi l l get you puni shed. You are no
l onger tempted by the taboo of breaking some rule – not because you
reall y want to do what the rule says you shoul dn’t – but because
deep down i nsi de you feel that the rule vi olates some essenti al
freedom in your being. And fi nal l y, a l i fe confined by rules makes
you feel l i ke a caged animal – needing to self-medi cate to cope with
the feel ings of i mpri sonment. Wi thout rules you no l onger feel
76 Th e Wayseer s
compel led to drown your mi sery i n food and drink and work and
sex and drama and di stracti on and whatever gi ves you the si mul ated
sensati on of being free.
“I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences
attending too much liberty than those attending
too small a degree of it.”
~ Thomas Jefferson
A Free Spirit Becomes a Burdened Adult
As a smal l chi l d you were once free. Then, as you grew up, you
had rules thrust upon you. You were trained, forced, coerced to
compl y wi th the rules you were taught.
Li ke the "burdeni ng" of a camel
where a camel kneel s down and
submi ts to having a l oad of packs tied to hi s back, you as a chi l d
were forced to submi t to havi ng your consci ousness burdened wi th
rules, bel iefs and judgments from your parents, your cul ture and
your society.
When you are ful l y burdened and constrai ned with these societal
and cul tural rules you are consi dered to have become a “ mature”
adul t. You may have become so accustomed to these rules and
constraints wei ghing you down that you don't even feel the burden
they pl ace on your consci ousness anymore. Al l you may noti ce i s that
you don't feel qui te as al i ve and passi onate as you once di d. This i s
how most adul ts appear – burdened wi th rules and "responsibi li ty"
to the poi nt that most adul ts have l ost their free-spi ri ted spontanei ty,
their l i ght-heartedness and their abi l i ty to thi nk and act freel y in their
own l i ves.
Once you have been fully burdened wi th the wei ght of rules on
your consci ousness, your spontanei ty is l ost and your true Wi l l is

Thi s parabl e i s borrowed from Ni etzsche
Li f e Wi t h o u t Ru l es 77
repl aced wi th rules – “ shoul ds” . You shoul d do thi s. You shoul d do
that. Your true wil l i s buried beneath.
Al l of these rules - these "shoul ds" - are l i ke the scales of a great
beast that now hol ds you capti ve. Each scale gl i stens wi th the things
of thi s worl d you have been taught to want more than your own
soul , more than your own freedom, more than your own passi ons.
“It is difficult to make our material condition
better by the best law, but it is easy enough to ruin
it by bad laws. “
~ Theodore Roosevelt
Your passion has been replaced with a prison.
Most “ mature” adul ts stop growing at thi s stage. Those who do
not have the Ameri can temperament can comfortabl y exi st at thi s
stage for the rest of thei r li ves. Their l anguage dri ven brains seem
perfectl y desi gned to be programmed and they become essenti al l y
bl ind to the programming rules operating upon their consci ousness.
Si nce they do not experi ence the di sconti nui ty of these rules, they
experience no i mpetus to do anything but proceed wi th their l i ves
al ong the li nes of their societal and cul tural programmi ng.
Soul s wi th the Ameri can temperament are a di fferent story
entirel y. These people reall y do feel the burden of these rules
wei ghing on thei r consci ousness, because they experience the
unsettl ing discontinui ty every ti me a mental image wi pes out the
thread of rules trying to run them. Those fl ashes of inspi rati on and
i nsi ght remind those wi th the American temperament that they have
somehow become burdened wi th another wi l l that i s fi ghting for
control of their consci ousness.
One of the most unsettl ing aspects of the experience of al ien rules
running you i s when the li ght of your soul and your passi on breaks
through the hypnoti c cloud covering of rules and warms you l i ke
vi brant sunshine for a fleeti ng ecstati c moment – reminding you that
you are l ost – that you have not been trul y al i ve unti l that moment.
78 Th e Wayseer s
Then the cl ouds of rul es rol l back in and the wei ght of their
oppressi on becomes unbearable.
At thi s point there are a few ways you can go:
1) The victim’s reaction: Find some kind of artificial escape
or substi tute for the ecstati c experience – whi ch generally
l eads to habi tual compulsi ons and addi cti on.
2) The victimizer’s reaction: Manipulate the rules in your
favor – despi te how thi s mi ght affect others – as a reacti on
formati on to having been abused by someone el se’s rules.
3) The hero’s response: Reject the rules that are ruling you.
Thi s leads to true sati sfacti on, genui ne l asting freedom
and reawakeni ng of your passi on.
The Fully Burdened Adult Becomes a Hero
Whether you’ve become a vi cti m or a vi cti mi zer – i f you don’t
want to remain another casual ty of the industri al revol uti on now i s
your opportuni ty to become a hero – and take on the spiri t of the
l i on. It may have been necessary for you as a chil d to take on the
submi ssi ve spiri t of the camel in order to be accepted and functi on in
our society; but now you are a ful l y burdened adul t. You are under
no compul si on to accept these rules, save your own i nternal i zed
compul si on. In real i ty you are free, but you must fi rst break out of
the pri son in your mi nd to trul y experience thi s l iberty.
You must be wi l li ng to tear down al l of the rul es – all of the
"shoul ds" – all of the "thou shalts" – that you spent most of your
chil dhood learning. This takes the heart of a l ion. It takes feroci ty,
courage, mi ght and wi l l . These are not the doci le quali ties of a camel
whose di sposi ti on no l onger serves you.
If you are sti ll compliant, sti l l worshi ping the fal se gods of
chil dhood rules, then you are stuck as a camel . When a camel i s faced
wi th the clash between "thou shal t" and "I Wi ll" the camel cannot
handle the confli ct between their fal se gods and thei r genui ne soul ;
and thus resorts to neuroti c indul gences to ease the pai n. The
neuroti c camel may drink to i ntoxi cati on, eat to obesi ty, work to
Li f e Wi t h o u t Ru l es 79
exhausti on, engage in never-endi ng drama, become l ost i n sensual i ty
and sex addi cti on, sink into depressi on, deflect in mani a or devel op
obsessi ve compul si ve ritual s to shiel d hi mself from the awareness of
thi s unsettled confl ict between all the rules he i s burdened wi th and
hi s true wi l l to be free well ing up i nsi de.
If you catch yourself suffering from any of the affli cti ons of the
camel , then your path i s clear ... you must learn to be a hero, take on
the spirit of the l i on and face the beast of "shoul ds" that keeps you as
a sl ave to the fal se gods.
As the l i on you tear away each scal e of thi s beast – representing
each rule you have internal ized and made more you than you. Thi s
wi ll take forti tude, courage, bravery and a stomach that can handle
confl i ct and confrontati on.
“I was bold in the pursuit of knowledge, never
fearing to follow truth and reason to whatever
results they led, and bearding every authority
which stood in their way. “
~ Thomas Jefferson
Oddl y, the more rules you were burdened wi th as a chi l d the
stronger your spiri t wi ll be in the end – so feel no sel f-pi ty if you
were one burdened by much as a chi l d – it onl y makes you stronger
i n the end.
The Hero Becomes a Self-Actualized Free Spirit Again
When you have fini shed sl ayi ng the beast of rules you let go of
the l i on spiri t, because you have won back the spi ri t of l iberty – full
of vi gor, i nnocence, spontanei ty and freedom. You are li ving a l ife
wi thout rules. That's not to say you aren't aware of rules. You sti ll do
what i s necessary to functi on in your environments. You sti ll respect
rules when you choose to – but you are not run by them – you onl y
fol l ow rules when i t is your true wi ll to do so. You may choose to pay
for things i nstead of steal i ng them, but not because a rule says you
shoul d, onl y because you genuinel y want to support the servi ces
provi ded.
80 Th e Wayseer s


Ref usal of t he Cal l
Al coholi sm, addicti on and dependency are amongst the most
i nsi di ous and pervasi ve ways Wayseers avoi d answeri ng the cal l to
their great capacity for service to humanki nd.
The “Addictive” Personality
“Your net worth to the world is usually
determined by what remains after your bad habits
are subtracted from your good ones. “
~ Benjamin Franklin
Wayseers are antagoni zed by an i ndustri al i zed society that i s
overl y confining and overl y stoi c. This composed confinement
exacerbates the two acute sources of affl i cti on for Wayseers –
boredom and suffering.
To all evi ate and sel f-medicate for these aggravated roots of
affli cti on, (boredom and sufferi ng), Wayseers are prone to binge
drinking, al cohol ism, addi cti ons, compul si ons and “ over doi ng” just
about everythi ng.
“ One must choose i n life between
boredom and sufferi ng.”
~ Madame de Stael
82 Th e Wayseer s
We now l ook at both sources of affl i cti on and comment on how
to handle each.
Boredom: “The Devil’s Playground”
“Idleness is the Devil’s playground.”
“Do not bite at the bait of pleasure, till you know
there is no hook beneath it.”
~ Thomas Jefferson
“ I take the l i berty of observi ng that you are not a true
di sci ple of our master Epi curus, in i ndul gi ng the indolence
to which you say you are yiel di ng. One of hi s canons, you
know, was that ‘that indul gence whi ch presents a greater
pl easure, or produces a greater pain, i s to be avoi ded.’ Your
l ove of repose wi l l lead, i n i ts progress, to a suspensi on of
heal thy exercise, a relaxati on of mind, an indifference to
everything around you, and final l y to a debi l i ty of body,
and hebetude of mind, the farthest of al l things from the
happiness which the well-regul ated indul gences of Epi curus
ensure; forti tude, you know, i s one of hi s four cardinal
vi rtues. That teaches us to meet and surmount di ffi cul ties;
not to fl y from them, l i ke cowards; and to fl y, too, i n vain,
for they wi ll meet and arrest us at every turn of our road...”
~ Thomas Jefferson (in a letter to William Short)
Suffering: “Staying Ahead of the Storm”
"Heroic people have heroic flaws.”
~History Channel on the Kennedys
Many Wayseers are pl agued wi th overwhelmi ng level s of
anxiety, grief, gui l t and fear because the Wayseer temperament i s
very l i mi ted i n i ts capaci ty to repress thoughts and feeli ngs. While
Normal types fi nd i t relati vel y automati c to repress unpleasant
Ref u sal o f t h e Cal l 83
feel ings and memories, Wayseers are born wi th the repressive
functi ons of thei r brai ns l argel y overri dden. While thi s override
all ows the brain think more freel y and creativel y, i t offers l i ttle abil i ty
to repress unsettl ing feeli ngs and memories, because consci ousness is
now open to the deepest thoughts and stirrings, whi ch for Normal
types remai n l argel y unconsci ous.
Senator Edward M. Kennedy's memoir sheds li ght on thi s ki nd of
suffering and struggle, whi ch – al though extreme in hi s example – i s
al l too common for Wayseers. Having l ost all three of hi s ol der
brothers and hi s ol der si ster to unti mel y and tragi c deaths, he was
suddenl y burdened at a young age to act as father fi gure to al l of hi s
brothers’ chi l dren. That enormous responsibi li ty combined with the
pressure to ri se to the legacy of publ i c servi ce hi s brothers had left
hi m, pl us al so having to l i ve with the regret hi s confused and
unfortunate acci dent in Chappaqui ddick had caused him and his
father, Teddy Kennedy, created a perfect storm of dark sufferi ng to
seek escape from. Hi s refl ecti on on hi s l ife seems to be a ti mel y lesson
for how one mi ght navi gate the rough and deep waters of emoti onal
suffering many Wayseers are si lentl y sl i pping under today.
Hi s memoir reveal s that he avoi ded deeper introspecti ons into
the vi rtual l y relentless li tany of tragedies that befell hi s li fe. He di dn't
l i ke to l ook back and peer too deepl y into the darkness he had
escaped – even in hi s memoi r – for fear that the darkness mi ght
overtake hi m and engulf hi m in despai r. Hi s coping mechani sm was
to keep moving forward to stay ahead of the storm. “ I can handle
thi s” was often a mantra of his and a code for hi s survi val .
Hi s memoir admi ts hi s excessive drinking and that he often
sought al cohol to ease hi s pai n. But he al so contends i n hi s memoir
that he was not an alcohol i c. It is possible to have a drinking problem
and not be an al cohol ic
. Bi nge drinking or binging on anything and
everything i s a problem many Wayseers can rel ate to.

“ Dr. Jeffrey Parsons, head of the Psychol ogy Department at Hunter
Coll ege says ‘i t's enti rel y possi bl e for people to have probl ems associ ated
wi th al cohol but not necessari l y dependence.’” NY Daily News
84 Th e Wayseer s
Ted Kennedy leaves us wi th a poi gnant example of someone who
– wi th all of the motivati on to throw away hi s l ife i n a fog of
alcohol i sm – found a better way of mi ti gating his sufferi ng and kept
hi s problem from becoming a dependency.
Kennedy seemed to stumbl e i nto the princi ple that if you’re
engaged i n a bi g enough chal lenge, purpose or mi ssi on, you won’t
have the spare ti me to be swal l owed up by al cohol i sm or addi cti on.
You may sti l l have a drinking problem, but your pri mary
“ dependency” wi l l be i n succeedi ng i n your mi ssi on – and through
your success in this mi ssi on you wi l l hel p assuage some of the
emptiness that haunts you.
An avi d sail or, Kennedy sai d sai l ing hel ped him, “ di spl ace the
emptiness i nsi de me with the awareness of di recti on” and it coul d
al so be sai d that the directi on hi s brothers left him hel ped hi m too, to
di spl ace the voi d left by their deaths. Pi cki ng up where they left off
i n pol i ti cs and taking on the role of father-figure to al l of their
chil dren gave hi m incredi ble purpose and chal lenge – al most enough
to keep the darkness at bay.
At the heart hi s message i s that through perseverance, wi l l-power
and forti tude we can overcome our suffering. By sti cking wi th it and
tel l ing hi msel f “ I can handle thi s,” every di ffi cult step of the way, he
was able to emoti onall y survi ve hi s fami l y’s tragedies and carry on to
become a hugel y posi ti ve force in the worl d.
Thi s i s the “ toughi ng i t out” approach to combati ng the l ure of
al cohol i sm or any other dependency that may otherwise take hol d
when we all ow despair to overtake us. Many recovered alcohol i cs
and addi cts stay ahead of their suffering through extreme forms of
i nvolvement or exerci se, becoming workahol ics, marathoners and tri -
athletes. This approach puts us “ al ways on the run,” and while it
does keep us ahead of the bl ack hole of suffering, gui l t and grief that
threatens to suck us i nto dependency, there i s another way.
Ref u sal o f t h e Cal l 85
Another Way
Being saved from the demons of grief, despai r, depressi on and
gui l t that haunt many of us often seems l i ke i t woul d take a miracle.
And i t often does.
There is a formul a for recei ving this ki nd of mi racle and that
formul a has taken many forms throughout hi story; but the essence of
the formul a remains the same – and i t i s potent indeed.
Fi rst, when you need a mi racle where do you turn?
Thi s is where most of us get hung up. Most people si mpl y
underesti mate the power of prayer. If you don’t bel ieve i n God, you
can thi nk of thi s as summoning the power of the Way through your
i nexorable connecti on to it. Love, the Way, God – whatever you want
to refer to thi s Hi gher Power as – tapping your connecti on to and
experiencing a revel ati on from thi s Source has uni magi nabl y greater
capaci ty to transform us than we real i ze.
The trick i s thi s: Love does not come uni nvi ted. True l ove wi ll not
i nfl i ct i tsel f on anyone. True l ove waits patiently for us to invite i t
i nto our l i ves. If we don’t i nvi te i t to hel p us, it i s our free wil l to
suffer al one.
When pl agued by gui l t, grief, depressi on, darkness or despai r,
our mi nds may qui ckly turn towards escape strategies. Before
reaching for a drink, or food or the Internet or whatever your vi ce
may be, simpl y try sayi ng the fol l owing prayer wholeheartedl y,
because i t can work instantl y:
I must have chosen wrongly, because I am not at peace.
I made the choice by myself, but I can also choose otherwise.
I want to choose otherwise, because I want to be at peace.
I do not feel guilty, because the Holy Spirit will undo all the
consequences of my wrong choices if I will let Him.
I choose to let Him, by allowing Him to choose for God for me.

86 Th e Wayseer s
A shorter versi on of this prayer can si mpl y be to say, “ God take
over.” And i magi ne handi ng over the steering wheel of your l ife to
God for i n moment.
True l ove has a powerful transformati ve affect on each of us,
when we let it in. If you are uncomfortable wi th the prayer above, try
maki ng this decl arati on of surrender to the Way instead:
I must have chosen wrongly, because I am not at peace.
I made the choice by myself, but I can also choose otherwise.
I want to choose otherwise, because I want to be at peace.
I do not feel guilty, because Love will undo all the consequences of
my wrong choices if I will let it.
I choose to let Love change my life, by allowing Love to change me.
A shorter versi on of thi s decl arati on can si mpl y be to say, “ Love
take over.” And i magi ne handing over the steering wheel of your l ife
to the intel l i gent force of the Way i n that moment.
For sufferers, the seed of al cohol i sm and all manner of affl icti ons
and addi cti ons is unresol ved gui l t and grievances – dark shadowy
fi gures in the deep recesses of our minds which haunt us. What
makes these dark fi gures parti cul arl y diffi cul t to deal wi th i s how
much they threaten us and our peace of mi nd. We may know these
dark thoughts, feel ings and memories cry out for forgi veness, but we
recoil from them. We simpl y cannot handle these powerful emoti ons
al one.
We need some Greater Source of Love to il l umi nate these dark
pl aces in the recesses of our mi nds and hel p us to summon enough
l ove to forgi ve. As we rai se each dark thought to the l i ght of this
Great Love, we di scover that what we thought was unforgi vable is
al ready forgi ven – what we thought unsal vageable sti ll carries the
spark of the di vine.
Thi s way of seeing, i s cal led “ Di vine wi tnessing” and i s a cruci al
step i n di scovering the Way.


Wel come t o t he Way
“You can have no dominion
greater or less than that over yourself.”
~ Leonardo da Vinci
Thi s book i s specifical l y desi gned for the 10% of the popul ation
who are Wayseers.
Thi s book wi ll hel p you more clearl y access the Way – that
supernatural force that has led Wayseers to make amazing
di scoveries, harness superhuman physi cal strength, and create works
of subl i me beauty. This is a path to the uni versal and l i mitless power
i nsi de of you, the chosen ones wi th the Wayseer trai t.
Thi s i s a path to surrenderi ng to constructi vel y real i zing the
power your soul has chosen for you. Thi s i s a path to l i mitlessness.
Thi s i s a path to di scoveri ng your truest potenti al .
“Your job as an artist, inventor, entrepreneur, or
leader is to transcend limits. You find the burden,
the dead area of your life, and resurrect it.
Your resurrection is then shared with the world
and inspires others to do the same.”
Wayseers ei ther tend to be phenomenal l y successful at what they
do – li ke Richard Branson, John F Kennedy, Thomas Edi son, Bono
88 Th e Wayseer s
(Si nger for U2) – or they crash and burn, i t all depends on where
they’re coming from.
The hi s book teaches you about the two pl aces that you can be
comi ng from – the “ hero” or the “ neuroti c” .
The hero i s courageous, creati ve, honest and expressi ve. Their
abundant creati ve energy moves from thei r inner worl d to thei r outer
worl d shapi ng the outer worl d i n their own i mage. Their awareness
of messages from their powerful unconsci ous offers them bri ll i ance
i n the face of adversi ty, depth in the face of mediocri ty, and power in
sol ving i mpossi ble probl ems. Through practice they have become
confi dent that they can effectivel y communi cate the unspeakable
mysteries of thei r i nner worl d into an outer form that their
communi ty can understand. The hero i s irrepressi ble, prol i fi c and
confi dent. The hero’s inner gui dance, powerful i mpul ses, honesty
and courage al l ows them to di scover and master the truth in
themselves and their worl d and thus become great.
The neurotic has access to al l of the power of the hero, but i s
afrai d to use it. They have turned their creati ve energies agai nst
themselves in an effort to control thei r outer appearance. Neuroti cs
don’t express themsel ves. Instead they repress themsel ves with white
knuckle effort. They second-guess their instincts; and their awareness
of messages from the powerful unconsci ous onl y confuses them
more. Neuroti cs don’t trust themsel ves or the worl d, so they hi de.
They hi de what they know and try to consci ously control what they
express i nstead of being confi dent and trusti ng of their i nner
gui dance, wi sdom and spontaneous i mpulses. They become
mechanical and control li ng in the face of the distrust of both their
i nner and outer worl ds. Thi s can exhi bit as Obsessi ve Compul si ve
Di sorder. Instead of surfi ng the powerful ti des of the unconsci ous,
(l i ke the courageous hero does), neuroti cs fi ght these unconsci ous
i mpul ses li ke a scared chi l d. In order to avoi d the thri ll ing freefall
they were born to surrender to, they hesi tate, procrasti nate, l ies to
themselves, and fake being much less than they are.
Wel c o me t o t h e Way 89
“Christ said that what he does, you, too, shall do,
and even greater”
~ John 14:12
Thi s book hel ps you overcome the neurotic tendencies you may
sti l l wrestle wi th and hel ps you final l y become the “ Hero” of your
own destiny.
Your True Will
You have one thing that i s more powerful in your l ife, that i s
more powerful in effecti ng any change you want i n your l i fe than
anything el se. It i s more powerful than your intell ect; more powerful
than your resources; more powerful than your soci al status or your
cul tural status or your soci etal status. More powerful than any
machi nes or any plans you can invent or borrow or steal or be given.
There i s something i nside you that i s ul ti mately powerful and
what that i s your true wi l l . Because your true wil l comes wi th i t the
provi dence of God. Your true wi l l when you di scover i t i s in
ali gnment wi th di vi ne provi dence. When you di scover your true wi ll
what you are tappi ng i nto i s your fai th, i s your destiny, i s the
greatest real i zati on of who and what you are. And wi th that comes
amazing assistance.
Thi s assistance was cal led “ Provi dence” by the Foundi ng Fathers.
In “ the hero's journey” Joseph Campbel l call ed thi s assi stance
“ invi si ble hands” . You wi ll notice that i n every hero's journey – the
heroi c stories that you see i n the movies or read i n books – miracles
happen al l around the hero to hel p them accompl i sh what i t i s they
are cal led by provi dence to accompl ish.
Through the character arc of the adventure divi ne provi dence
becomes what the hero wi ll s. What the hero learns they trul y want,
what the hero di scovers i s their true wi ll i s rarel y a sel fi sh act. We
don’t cheer for heroes who just want to aggrandi ze thei r own egos,
or heroes who just want to i ndul ge themsel ves wi th comfort and
90 Th e Wayseer s
l uxury. Those are not real heroes and they don’t wi n our hearts. We
cheer for heroes who have a greater purpose. And so you too have a
greater purpose.
In your heart there is a purpose so great i t cal l s upon the
al legi ance of all of God's angel s to hel p you accompl i sh i ts aims. But
al so i nsi de of you i s what many reli gi ons have cal led the devil . The
devi l is your anti-wi l l , your counter-wi l l . That anti -wi l l i s desi gned to
keep you down. That anti-wil l i s desi gned to obscure the true wi ll .
Thi s anti-wi l l coul d be called anti -Chri st. Because what i s Christ?
One who heroical l y stood up for the wi l l of God. Thi s anti -wi ll coul d
be called anti-American – because what i s trul y Ameri can? What i s
trul y Ameri can i s heroi cal l y choosi ng to stand up for freedom,
equal i ty and di vine provi dence.
So you too can stand up for your own inner di vine expressi on of
God i n your li fe. You can stand up for the greatest expressi on of
di vi ni ty and pureness and geni us in your l ife.
I was given a message today that the producti on of geni us is the
product of enthusi asm. Enthusi asm means to be i nfused with spiri t,
to be fi lled wi th God. When you accept your true wi ll you become
enthusi astic and thi s spiri t makes you unstoppable.
When you choose your anti -wil l , your counter-wil l you are
merci lessl y puni shed because then you are fi ghting against your true
wi ll ; you are fi ghting agai nst your very Self. Your power is strangled
and cut off at your own hands.
Who introduced i nto your l i fe thi s counter-wil l ? Who gave you
your anti -wil l for you to accept? We may want to bl ame our parents,
our guardi ans, authori ty fi gures in our earlier l i ves who taught us
that i t was not okay to be the way we were, that i t was not okay to
trust our hearts, that i t was not okay to trust our true wi ll . We had to
l earn al l those rules of "good judgment" and we had to exerci se this
“ good judgment” at every turn to please our guardi ans. However
that “ good judgment” often had nothi ng to do wi th what we were
cal led upon by our hearts to do. “ Good judgment” often has nothing
to do wi th our heroi c journey but more to do wi th how society wants
Wel c o me t o t h e Way 91
us to behave. How society believes our behavi or shoul d be
control led.
Today I say to you, “ You are an adul t now.” Those people who
tol d you that i t i s not okay to do what you want to do, that i t i s not
okay to trust your true wi ll , they are gone now. They may be sti ll
l i ving but you know better now than to sti ll adhere to thei r authori ty.
When you gi ve someone outsi de of you authori ty over your heart,
over your true wi l l , you are actual l y gi ving someone authori ty over
God i nsi de you. There shoul d onl y be one authori ty i nsi de of you
and that i s God. And i n gi ving your heart to your hi ghest destiny, to
your hi ghest call ing, you are all owi ng incredible power to come
through you.
The tool s i n thi s book are desi gned to hel p you di ssol ve the anti -
wi ll in you. To hel p you rel inqui sh that anti-God i n you. Foll owi ng
these pri nci ples wi l l systemati cal l y show you every bl ock you have
to the expressi on of your purest, most di vine wi ll .
In many of the ancient reli gi ons there was thi s concept of fate.
The great heroes had a fate. In Norse mythology fate was huge.
Every great hero trusted hi s fai th. Vi kings were such i ncredi ble
warri ors because they trusted thei r fate. They were not afrai d to die
because they bel ieved their death was preordained – that there was
nothi ng they coul d do about i t.
Today most of us do not bel ieve i n fate. We bel ieve i n our power
to make deci si ons – our power to control . And so wi thout a bel ief in
fate or some greater divine provi dence in our l i ves we have l ost fai th.
We have l ost touch wi th that part in us that wi l l al l ow us to just trust
the greater wi ll .
There i s a great dance happeni ng in our worl d, happening in our
uni verse and that great dance involves us. You are an i mportant,
preci ous, irrepl aceable aspect of God. And your part in thi s great
dance i s irrepl aceable. We need you to pl ay your part. Wi thout you,
wi thout your piece, the entire song i s so much less. So we need you
to exerci se your aspect of the great wi l l but the onl y way you can
trul y accept your great wi ll i s to endure the process we l ay out here
to extingui sh your anti -wi ll – your counter-wil l .
92 Th e Wayseer s
The anti-wi l l and the counter-wi l l decl are that there are rules and
l aws and worl dl y things that have authori ty over you and your
heart. Once it was your parents pl ayi ng that role, then i t was school
authori ty fi gures or some other authori ty fi gures i n your li fe, i t may
have then become bosses or the l aw, then i t may have become leaders
of state or i ndustry. Now i t mi ght just be a set of beliefs that you
enforce on yourself. You have bel ieved some things for so l ong that
you do not even think to doubt them, you do not even questi on
them. But some of these unquesti oned beliefs may be in opposi ti on to
your true wi ll . So sometimes when you are cal led by your true wil l to
do something i t i s li ke you are stopped at the edge of a divi ng board;
your true wi ll says di ve i nto your desti ny; di ve i nto your fate; but
then there i s something that wi l l not let you. It says “ No.”
You may be threatened wi th i deas of grave puni shment for
trusting your true wi l l by bel iefs you i nternali zed at a young age –
and thi s causes tremendous anxiety. But there i s nobody who trul y
has the authori ty to say “ No.” to you anymore; onl y you. There i s
something in your mind sayi ng “ No.” And i t i s your super ego.
Your super ego i s the congl omerati on of all of the things you
have been taught and told are ri ght and wrong. We need to be aware
of what those things are otherwi se we become dysfuncti onal in our
greater cul ture and society. If you want to be functi onal you have to
be aware of what others expect to be ri ght and wrong. You have to be
aware of what the rules are. That does not mean they have any
authori ty over you. And that is where the questi on of wi ll comes i n.
Everyone who you see as superi or to you, every rule that you see
i s superi or to you, every teaching that you regard as bei ng somehow
superi or to your own i nner wi sdom, to your own inner connecti on
wi th Truth – yiel ds thi s i l l usi on of authori ty and the problem wi th
the il l usi on of authority is i t takes your connecti on wi th God through
your heart and replaces i t wi th a bel ief in a fal se god from some
external device, some external person, some external l y learned rule,
some i dol that we start worshi pi ng over our own i nner truth. Then
that person or teaching or si tuati on can be used to crush our true
wi ll . It can l ive in our mi nds and hijack our l ives acti ng as an anti-
Wel c o me t o t h e Way 93
wi ll , costi ng us years, decades, even a l ifeti me of sufferi ng under a
fraudulent belief that our true wi l l i s wrong, that what your heart
begs you to foll ow i s wrong. That somebody el se knows better than
the Voi ce for God insi de you.
Look around at your l ife and your worl d and noti ce the state i t i s
i n. Does what you see bring you endless joy? If not, then there is
some outer “ authori ty” running things i n a way that i s counter to
your true wi ll . Eventual l y if you get frustrated enough wi th thi s
fraudulent authori ty you wi l l real i ze you do not need i t anymore,
because you know how to run things better than whatever thi s i s.
Every day you are maki ng countless choi ces about whether to
trust your own i nner guide, your own inner wil l or to trust some sort
of external authori ty. And every ti me you trust that external
authori ty, that anti -wi ll , you are stri pped of your peace. You are
stri pped of your feel ings of well being because you are no l onger in
charge of your own l ife and the entity that i s in charge, you do not
trust. You know thi s anti -wi l l i s something outside of you that does
not real l y care about you or anyone el se – because i t i s not trul y al ive
– i t i s a dead rel ic that our consci ousness makes appear to be l i vi ng.
That rel i c cannot save you. But when you trust your i nner di vine
gui dance, when you trust your heart, when you trust your passi on
and your enthusiasm then you are deepl y, deepl y protected. Waves
of peace fl ow over you.
You may thi nk “ There i s no good reason for what I have chosen.
There is no rati onal basi s for what I am choosing, what I am wi l li ng.”
But at the same ti me i n that i rrati onal i ty, in that lack of sensi bleness
there i s thi s infusi on of great spirit and power and you can feel it and
you can feel okay.
In that moment that you choose your true wi l l , you become
i nvinci ble for as l ong as you are choosi ng i t, because you are tapping
a power that i s so far beyond any of us as indi vidual s. The moment
you second guess your true wil l and l ook for some external truth,
some external data, something to corroborate and val i date what our
hearts are leadi ng us to we take the authori ty from i nsi de, we take
the authori ty from wi thin our hearts, we take the authori ty from God
94 Th e Wayseer s
hi msel f and we pl ace that authori ty wi th whatever that fal se god i s.
Then we are di sconnected and we are fi ghting oursel ves i n fear and
confusi on.
Thi s approach to l i fe wil l hol l ow you out. It will leave no stone
unturned in you. Because everything you do, everything you gi ve
wi ll push agai nst and push through your anti -wi ll . You anti-wi l l will
try to shut you down.
Your anti -wi ll most of the ti me i s merel y suspi ci ous of your
acti vity. Constantl y maki ng sure you are stayi ng wi thi n the secure
pri son of i ts rules and dictates. As you start choosi ng your true wi ll ,
as soon as you take your authori ty away from the anti -wi ll and you
gi ve authori ty to your true wil l , the anti-will becomes outri ght
vi ci ous towards you. The anti-wil l wi ll throw everything at you it
can to make you doubt where you are putting your authori ty now.
And you wi ll have to endure that but the way to endure i t i s to l ook
at what i t i s throwing at you and ask yourself in every moment
“ What i s i t you trul y want? … If thi s were my l ast moment on earth
what woul d I choose?” Because in that answer i s your true wil l .
You know when you are trusting your true wi ll because you feel
completel y naked, you feel completel y vul nerable. The rules are no
l onger protecti ng you; your anti -wil l is no l onger protecti ng you. The
anti-wi l l l i ves in your ego and your ego has withdrawn protecti on.
When you have sai d to your ego, when you have sai d to your anti -
wi ll , when you have sai d to al l those external rules and authori ty
fi gures that have infected your mind, “ I no l onger need your
protecti on for there i s One Greater that wil l protect me.” then you are
i n a pl ace of grace.
Then you have become you and you are no l onger l iving out the
programming of your past. You are no l onger a droi d just doi ng
what i t was programmed to do. You are a l i vi ng heart. And in that
l i ving heart you are accepti ng di vine provi dence, whi ch i s a kind of
di vi ne protecti on. It’s an experience of fai th that some may never get
to know. But you wi ll , because you can choose i t now.
You can choose your heart now. You can choose to opt out of the
protecti on of your ego’s anti -wil l . The protecti on of your ego i s l ike
Ar e Yo u H er o i c o r N eu r o t i c ? 95
extorti on. It i s l i ke a monster that comes to you everyday and extracts
from you the greatest moments of your l i fe in exchange for
protecti on from i tsel f.
Eventuall y you need to turn to a hi gher authori ty; eventual l y you
need to turn to a form of protecti on that does not requi re for you to
sacri fi ce every great thi ng that you can do wi th your l ife.
So now every ti me you are cal led upon to make a choice, every
ti me you are cal led upon to become the real you, to be a more
authenti c you, real ize that you have a choice about what wi ll be your
protecti on. Wil l you choose al l of the rules, al l of the external
authori ty, al l of the di ctates of your society to be your protecti on or
wi ll you surrender to a hi gher authori ty? Wi l l you fi nal l y honor the
authori ty in your heart and have fai th to di scover that the Provi dence
– the di vi ne protecti on – that thi s heroi sm earns i s so much more
subtle but so much more powerful than anything the worl d coul d
ever offer you?

Ar e You Her oic or
Neur ot ic?
The Wayseer types
Wayseers have a parti cul arl y strong tendency towards the
gl orificati on of their own wi ll . Unl i ke the average ci ti zen, they feel
compel led to remake real i ty in their own i mage. They are consci ous
of their i mmutable unconsci ous desire for i mmortali ty, whi ch they
can onl y achieve by i dentifying wi th the col lecti ve unconsci ous, or
the wi l l of God – the Way.
Great art can be understood as a joi ning of the materi al and the
spi ritual , the speci fic and the uni versal , the i ndi vidual and humani ty.
96 Th e Wayseer s
Thi s joining doesn't come easi l y. It begi ns wi th the will, Otto
Rank's word for the power of choi ce. Wil l i s the pri ze your
consci ousness awards to your ego or to your soul , depending on
whi ch has your attenti on for the moment. So, each moment, you wi ll
either experience will in the form of your ego’s wil l or Will in the
form of your soul ’s wi l l dependi ng on whether you choose to be in
ego awareness or soul awareness at that moment.
We are all born wi th a wil l to be oursel ves, to be free of
domi nati on. In earl y chi ldhood, we exerci se our wi ll i n our efforts to
do things i ndependentl y of our parents. Later, we fi ght the
domi nati on of other authori ties, i ncl udi ng the inner authori ty of our
soul and the inner tyranny of our bodil y and ego dri ves.
How our struggle for i ndependence goes determi nes the type of
person we become. Rank descri bes three basi c types:
Fi rstl y, and most common, i s the Normal type. These people
l earn to adapt their "wi l l" to what they have been forced to do. They
obey external authori ty, their society's moral code, and, as best as
they can, their sexual i mpul ses. Thi s i s a passi ve, duty-bound ci ti zen
that Rank says i s the average person.
Second, there i s the neurotic type – or anxious type. These
people have a much stronger wi l l than the average person, but i t i s
total l y engaged in the fi ght agai nst external and internal dominati on.
They even fi ght the expressi on of their own wi ll , so there i s no wil l
l eft over to actual l y do anything wi th the freedom they have won.
Instead, they worry and feel gui l ty about being so “ wi ll ful ” . They
are, however, at a hi gher level of moral devel opment than the
adapted type.
Third, there i s the heroic type, whi ch Otto Rank refers to as the
Arti st, the geni us, the creative type, the producti ve type, and the
‘total human’. Instead of fi ghting themsel ves, heroi c types accept and
affirm themsel ves, and create an i deal , whi ch functi ons as a posi ti ve
focus for wi ll . The hero creates hi mself, and then creates hi s worl d in
hi s i mage.

Ar e Yo u H er o i c o r N eu r o t i c ? 97
“There are three classes of people: Those who see.
Those who see when they are shown.
Those who do not see.”
~ Leonardo da Vinci
According to Leonardo da Vi nci’s quote i t can be readil y seen
that of the three cl asses of people, the first cl ass “ those who see” are
the heroi c type, the second cl ass “ those who see when they are
shown” are the neurotic type and fi nal l y “ those who do not see”
constitute the Normal type.
The good news is that if you seem to be more like the neurotic
type than the heroic type right now, you can still become the heroic
The Hero & the Neurotic
n. 1. a person who shows excepti onal courage or abi li ty. 2.
Cl assi cal Mythol ogy – a person somehow more connected to the
di vi ne order – usuall y a chil d of a god – having godl i ke prowess and
benefi cence.
adj. Overanxi ous
n. a person prone to excessi ve anxiety and emoti onal upset.
The hero and the neuroti c both l i ve from the subconsci ous and
unconsci ous depths of themselves and society. The hero does thi s
producti vel y, communi cati ng hi s experiences of the deep unsettli ng
truths – di scovered i n hi s unconsci ous – in posi ti ve ways to hi s
communi ty. The hero i s a l eader because he makes i t desirable to
fol l ow hi s way. On the other hand, the neuroti c fai ls to effecti vel y
communi cate hi s experiences of the deep unsettl i ng symbol s and
contradicti ons he encounters in hi s unconsci ous. So i n shame, he
98 Th e Wayseer s
turns inward and away from hi s fel l ow man, thus he forsakes his
opportuni ty to lead and to heal .
Both hero and neuroti c are li ke canaries i n the mi ne shaft. They
wi ll be the first to experience comi ng shifts in the cul tural
environment that are afoot and the hero may shape or even appear to
be the bri nger of that change. Since great art springs from the
unconsci ous, i t offers us a portrayal of our col lecti ve experience. Thi s
may yet onl y be present to the Wayseers who, by virtue of their
sensi ti vi ty to the collective unconsci ous grumbl ings and stirs of the
soul , l i ve on the frontier of thei r cul ture’s consci ousness.
Si nce both the hero and the neuroti c l i ve out of the unconsci ous
mi nd, they are inti mately and consci ousl y tied into what most people
i n society are l iving out unconsci ousl y. The neuroti c i s exposed to the
same unconsci ous stirri ngs as the hero, but the neuroti c fail s to give
these stirrings a producti ve outlet. The neuroti c’s energy backs up i n
hi m li ke a hose wi th a knot in i t. He puts hi msel f under great
pressure because he can nei ther deny the stirri ngs of hi s unconsci ous
mi nd, nor does he muster the courage to release these insi ghts into
hi s worl d through creative acts. He i s left stuck, and frustrated, and
bursting at the seams wi th the bile of unexpressed geni us.
Otto Rank sai d the neuroti c i s the “ arti ste manqué,” (the
frustrated arti st), because he refuses to transmute hi s i mpul ses i nto
art or acti on.
Otto Rank’s Will Therapy
Otto Rank was the most creati ve of Freud’s protégés. Because his
foremost therapy “ Wi l l Therapy” was desi gned excl usi vel y for
Wayseers, hi s therapy reall y onl y appl ies to a mere 10% of the
general popul ati on. This has led to a rel ati ve forgetting of hi s
contri buti on for l ack of awareness of to whom i t appl ies, si nce i t only
works for 1 out of 10 peopl e.
Nowadays we have become more aware of a di agnosable
di sorder cal led ADD/ADHD – the dark si de of the Wayseer type (or
Ar e Yo u H er o i c o r N eu r o t i c ? 99
‘total human’ as Rank woul d say) – we can now fi nd a sui table pl ace
for Rank’s powerful Wil l Therapy to operate. Thus we can bring
heali ng to the ADD/ADHD “ neuroti c” type and hel p them become
Rank’s “ arti st” (the hero).
If you woul d l i ke to learn more directl y about Otto Rank's theory,
hi s most i mportant works are Art and Artist, Truth and Reality, and
Will Therapy. Furthermore, a major element of the Wayseer therapy
i n thi s book i s based on Rank’s Wi ll Therapy.
True Heroic Art
“ While at fi rst gl ance i t may not seem to be, true art i s an
expressi on of heroi c courage. It takes courage to express
oneself authenticall y and publ i cal l y while honori ng the
i nner stirrings from whi ch true art ori gi nates. True art
comes from a pl ace so deep and vulnerable that i t takes the
atti tude of the hero to express that art and to share i t to the
potenti al scorn or di smi ssal of others. True art has al so been
cal led “ proper art” .
In hi s earl y autobi ographi cal novel A Portrait of the Artist
As a Young Man, James Joyce's alter ego, Stephen Dedal us,
draws on Ari stotle i n a di scussi on of aesthetics, where he
di stingui shes between improper and proper art. The former
i s kinetic, meaning i ts purpose i s to exci te and el ici t
emoti onal movement i n the observer, l istener, or reader, as
i n pornographic or di dacti c art. The focus of the creator here
i s external, for i t i s on the audi ence's response.
Proper art, Stephen conti nues, i s static, i nsofar as i t i s
i nterested onl y in the art i tsel f -- the internal -- not i ts el ic-
i ted or desired reacti on. We may extend thi s understanding
not onl y to arti sts as creators, but as performers. Whereas
creators can be fai thful to their i nspiri ng Muse and not to
the art's effect on others, performers l i kewi se can be fai thful
100 Th e Wayseer s
to the inspirati on's source, and not to thei r speci al abi li ty to
arouse emoti on in their audi ences.
A di scerning publ i c can tel l the di fference between
proper and improper arti sts and performers; those who
remain true to the genius of the inspirati on as opposed to
those who care onl y for the external gratifi cati ons -- in
Freud's famous words regarding the arti st: the pursui t of
honor, power, and l ove.”
~ Kenneth Wapnick, Ph. D.
Art Forbears Science
Art forbears science. Eros attracts Logos and together they
concei ve geni us. Before scienti fic di scoveries are made, muses
whi sper the secrets through an artist’s work. Before a great i dea i s
hatched, i t has al ready been danced. Li fe i s music so the onl y way to
understand i t i s to feel i t first.
Let us al l ow gifted percepti on to create a vi si on for what i s to
come. Let us dance the dance scientists wi ll someday vali date wi th
ri gorous reason.
“Talking about music is like
dancing about architecture.”
~ Steve Martin
As part of embracing and nurturing our artisti c productive
nature, we begin wi th the understandi ng that we wi ll never
understand. You don’t fi nd your rhythm and “ groove” on a dance
fl oor by anal yzing the tempo and measure of the musi c and
fol l owing some prescripti on for how one shoul d move to that
frequency. You just feel it. You let that feeli ng connect the musi c with
something deep insi de you, your body becomes part of the uni on
between the musi c and your soul and you express that uni on from
i nsi de out.
Ar e Yo u H er o i c o r N eu r o t i c ? 101
Sai d another way, some thi ngs are so profoundl y beyond our
current mental frameworks that the onl y way to express them i s
through something abstract enough to conjure a feeli ng and maybe a
gl i mpse of what i s to come. Here i s how Joseph Campbel l rel ates thi s
nuance of the indescri bable:
Speaking to a Japanese Shi nto priest, a soci al
phi l osopher from New York remarked:
“I’ve been now to a good many ceremonies and
have seen quite a few of your shrines. But I don’t
get your ideology. I don’t get your theology.”
The priest paused as though i n deep thought and then
sl owl y shook hi s head.
“I think we don’t have ideology.
We don’t have theology.
We dance.”
~ Joseph Campbell – The Power of Myth
The same i s true for great l eadershi p and art. To be a great leader
or arti st you don’t merely regurgi tate what you’re seei ng i n the outer
worl d processed through your sophi sti cated set of “ art” or
“ leadershi p” princi ples. Instead you al l ow your soul to genui nel y
encounter what you are experienci ng and then you must have the
courage to honestl y express the product of that encounter – the
i mpetus that the encounter has concei ved in you.
Take for example, a great moment in footbal l . On November 20
1982 the Cal i forni a Bears encountered a situati on they never
expected, they were down by one point wi th onl y seconds left on the
cl ock. There i s no “ pl an” or “ princi ple” that can hel p you win in thi s
ki nd of si tuati on. The onl y thi ng that can possibly prevai l i s the kind
of geni us we can onl y call miracul ous.
In thi s parti cul ar encounter a few courageous football pl ayers
pul l ed off one of the al l ti me greatest moments i n footbal l . Wi th an
unbel ievable 57-yard kickoff return that incl uded fi ve l ateral s, Kevin
102 Th e Wayseer s
Moen runs through Stanford band members who had prematurel y
come onto the fiel d. Hi s touchdown stands and Cal i forni a wins 25-

You can see and hear thi s extraordi nary moment of cooperati ve
bril l iance by going to this URL:

And here’s Kevi n Moen’s account of what happened:
Announcer: “ Stanford hi ts i t with 4 seconds to go! And
takes the lead 20-19! Only a mi racle coul d save the Bears as
Stanford piles out on the fiel d.”
Kevin Moen (California running-back):
It's hard to describe the feeli ng on the Cal si deli ne at that
moment. Quiet desperation hi t the team. We were mi ssing a
pl ayer as we l ined up for the ki ckoff, so I moved over to
cover the vacant area. The ki ck bounced to me. After
maki ng the catch, I remembered "grab-ass," one of Coach
Kapp's trai ning games. It had no rules, just one bunch of
guys trying to keep the bal l away from another bunch of
My fi rst thought after recei ving the kick was simpl y to
run the bal l al l the way back for a touchdown, but when I
Ar e Yo u H er o i c o r N eu r o t i c ? 103
noti ced a group of Stanford pl ayers running at me I deci ded
to reeval uate that pl an. I gl anced left and saw Ri chard
Rogers waving from near the si deli ne. He seemed to expect
me to throw hi m the ball , so I di d. Apparentl y Ri chard al so
had pl ans to run for a touchdown but, stal led by the
Stanford defense, he pitched the ball to freshman Dwi ght
Garner. Garner seemed to want to be a hero, too, and run
over fi ve Stanford guys on hi s way to the end zone, but
reali ty set i n just before Dwi ght's knee hi t the ground.
Thi ngs were real l y getti ng interesti ng now. Suddenly
Ri chard had the bal l again. He took off down the fiel d, and I
trailed behind in perfect tai l back-opti on posi ti on. He ran at a
Stanford player, made a good read, and tossed a fl awless
pi tch back towards me. Mariet Ford came fl ying up,
snagged the pi tch i nstead, and took off.
By now I was ki nd of curi ous to see how thi ngs woul d
unfol d, so I foll owed Mariet upfiel d. Before l ong, a couple of
Stanford pl ayers got close, and Mariet deci ded to do a
di vi ng, no-l ook, over-the-shoul der toss back to me. I stil l
don't understand how he knew I was there. As the bal l
fl oated down into my hands, thi ngs were getti ng reall y
strange. Stanford band members were al l over the fiel d! By
thi s poi nt I was thinking that i t reall y was ti me to get into
the end zone. Wes Howell bl ocked the l ast defender in my
way, and I pl owed on through the band. I coul d see the end
zone through a cl oud of red, and once I crossed the li ne I
started my celebrati on.
Memori al Stadi um went crazy. When the cannon went
off, i t was pandemoni um. Cal fans poured onto the fiel d.
Di d I menti on the eerie si lence and stunned di sbelief
emanati ng from the Stanford secti on? Nobody knew exactl y
what had happened; in the haze of the Pl ay even I was not
sure what had taken pl ace. But everyone was running
around hugging each other. It was the start of a celebrati on
that woul d l ast a l ifeti me.
104 Th e Wayseer s
It's hard to bel ieve that, 20 years later, the buzz of the
Pl ay i s stil l so strong. Whenever I see the Pl ay--or better yet,
hear Joe Starkey cal l i t--a smi le comes to my face. Everyone
seems to have something to say about that Bi g Game. All I
can say i s: Thank God I di dn't fumble.”


Unique Br ainwave Stat es
of Wayseer s
Alpha & Theta Wayseer types
There are two sub-types of Wayseers – the Al pha Wayseer type,
whi ch is asserti ve, scienti fi c, reali stic, grounded, practi cal , external ly
aware, pragmatic, and has good gut i nsti ncts. You mi ght say Al pha
Wayseers are “ real i sts” and have their feet fi rml y pl anted on the
Al pha types make great entrepreneurs, athletes, rescue workers,
fi ghter jet pi l ots, trial l awyers, salespeople, scienti sts, and pol i ti cal
l eaders.
Then there i s the Theta Wayseer type which i s recepti ve,
i ntui ti ve, arti stic, dreamy, i nspired and visi onary. You mi ght say
Theta Wayseers are i nspi red “ i deal i sts” and “ dreamers” wi th their
heads in the cl ouds.
Theta types make great arti sts, musi cians, fi l mmakers, healers,
wri ters, inventors, vi si onaries, mystics and spiri tual leaders.
Which one are you?
If you are an Al pha Wayseer who l i kes hard-nosed science and
external l y verifi able data, the next few secti ons wi ll probabl y please
you the most.
106 Th e Wayseer s
However, if you are more of a Theta Wayseer then you may fi nd
the next secti on on brai nwaves to be a bi t science heavy and not
i nspirati onal enough for your tastes. You’ll probabl y enjoy the l ater
secti ons of thi s book most, where we begin to expl ore the more
elevated, i nspi ri ng aspects of your Wayseer nature.
The Four Brainwave States
There are four pri mary brain wave ranges, which are Beta, Al pha,
Theta and Del ta. These make up the EEG, whi ch i s short for
electroencephal ogram. Brainwaves are ti ny osci l lating electri cal
vol tages in the brai n; each wave i s just a few mi l lionths of a vol t.
Your brai n wave acti vi ty i ncorporates Beta, Alpha, Theta, and
Delta frequencies at varyi ng level s over the course of a day as your
brai n modul ates them to match your acti vi ties. You coul d thi nk of
changing brai nwave level s l i ke a stereo equal i zer where you can turn
up or down vari ous frequency ranges – or you coul d thi nk of
changing brai nwave levels l i ke an orchestra where each instrument
represents a unique frequency that can pl ay hi gh or l ow, fast or sl ow,
i ndul ge a sol o, or pl ay in or out of ti me and harmony wi th the other
i nstruments.
Beta waves range between 13-40 HZ. The Beta state correl ates
wi th peak concentrati on, hei ghtened alertness, eye-hand
coordinati on and vi sual acui ty.
When your brai n i s hi gh in Beta acti vity, you are wi de-awake,
alert. Your mi nd i s sharp, focused. You are primed to do work that
requi res your ful l external l y focused attenti on. In the Beta state,
Un i q u e Br ai n w av e St at es o f Wayseer s 107
neurons fire, in rapi d successi on (someti mes frenetical l y), hel pi ng
you achieve rapi d reacti ve performance. Habi tual & reacti ve i deas
and sol uti ons to problems are avai l able quickl y to your brai n – l i ke a
computer rapi dly runni ng i ts programmi ng.
Increased Beta brainwaves gi ve you mental alertness and hi gher
l evel s of external concentrati on whi ch can hel p you prepare to take
an exam, exerci se, gi ve a rote presentati on, and anal yze and organi ze
i nformati on qui ckl y and effi cientl y. Abundant activi ty in thi s
brai nwave range al so increases your stress level s.
EEG Beta trai ni ng i s one of the frequencies that bi ofeedback
therapi sts use to treat Attenti on Defi ci t Di sorder. Thi s therapy can
hel p a Wayseer “ wake up” to the outer worl d more and think
l i nearl y and methodi cal ly l i ke the Normal type.
The Zone
When you are trul y cal m and awake, when you are in “ the zone”
descri bed by hi gh-performance athletes, your brain activi ty i s
resonating i n harmonic Al pha wave patterns. Your awareness
expands and fl ows wi th creati ve energy. Fears and anxieties that may
have exi sted in a predomi nantl y Beta wave driven state wil l di ssolve
i nto courageous cl ari ty in Al pha state.
An abundance of Al pha waves shi fts your waking experience to a
subl i me, li berating sense of peace and wel l-bei ng.
Al pha-centered brai nwave states hel p you tap your creati vity,
sol ve di ffi cul t problems, di scover new approaches and practi ce
creati ve vi suali zati on. Alpha offers you mental clari ty al ong with the
tranquil i ty essenti al to your heal th, weal th and well -being.
108 Th e Wayseer s
Al pha waves range between 7-12 HZ. Thi s i s a waki ng place of
i nner sti ll ness, but not deep medi tati on.
In the l ower range of Alpha (around 7-8 Hz) you can access the
weal th of creativi ty that l ies just bel ow your consci ous awareness - i t
i s the gateway, the entry poi nt that leads into deeper states of
consci ousness. Thi s gateway i s between 7.5 – 7.8 Hz whi ch i s the
resonant frequency of the earth's electromagnetic fiel d. This
frequency i s known as the Schuman Resonance and seems to
correl ate wi th the opti mal vibrati on of l ife on this pl anet. When your
brai n resonates at thi s poi nt you have pl aced your mind i n true
harmony wi th l ife; you may feel your whole bei ng buzz and ti ngle
wi th electri ci ty; and you are anchored i n a spiri tual transcendence
known as the Way, the Truth and the Li fe. This i s your sweet spot.
Thi s i s i deall y where you want to center the wei ght of your
consci ousness.
Deep Meditation
I ntuition
Hallucinating, Dreaming
Theta waves range between 4-8 HZ. Theta i s the real m of the
smol deri ng subconsci ous, and the semi –consci ous gateway to the
mysteri ous unconsci ous. It i s the twi l i ght state whi ch we experience
fleetingl y as we fal l into dreaming, whi le we are dreaming and right
as we awaken from a dream. It is full of vivid i magery, rejected
psychic materi al , fl ashes of i nsi ght, and the inspirati on of geni us.
Theta has al so been i dentified as the area of l ong-term learning
and memory. Theta medi tati on enhances learning capaci ty, reduces
stress and awakens i ntui ti on and other extrasensory percepti on
ski l l s.
Un i q u e Br ai n w av e St at es o f Wayseer s 109
A deep medi tati on in Theta brings forward hei ghtened
recepti vi ty, fl ashes of dreaml i ke i magery, i nspirati on, and your l ong-
forgotten memories and a sensati on of “ fl oati ng.” Whi le your
consci ousness i s centered i n Theta, you may feel your mind expand
beyond the boundaries of your body.
Theta sits on the threshol d of your subconsci ous/ unconsci ous
mi nd. Brainwaves in this range engage the pl aces where you hold
memories and underl yi ng emoti ons. We can store secrets, whi ch we
feel unprepared to fi x, in thi s subconsci ous/unconsci ous real m. These
secrets may haunt us in our dreams but they wil l most l i kel y be
masked by ornate symbol i sm, al l owing us to i gnore them unti l we
are ready.
Fi nall y, Theta i s an i deal state for super-learni ng, re-
programming your subconsci ous mind, dream recol lecti on, and
hypnosi s.
Drug and alcohol addi cts may feel a scarci ty of Theta, which
perpetuates their cravings for artifi ci al means to sl ow their overal l
brai nwave state. More Theta ri ch brainwave states can be achieved
wi th bi ofeedback and audi o brainwave entrai nment, whi ch has been
shown to reduce al cohol and drug dependency.
“ Frontal Mi dl ine Theta (Fmθ) is a specific EEG
frequency seen in those subjects acti vel y engaged in
cogni ti ve acti vi ty, such as sol ving math problems and
pl ayi ng Tetri s®, a Ni ntendo®game. The peak frequency i s
between 6.2 and 6.7 Hz. … Fm Theta i s associ ated cl ini cal l y
wi th the abi li ty to sustai n attenti on over a ti me, an
extroverted personal i ty, l ow anxiety and l ow neuroti ci sm.
… Of i mportance, the admini strati on of di azepam
(Val i um®) and the ingesti on of alcohol increases Fm Theta.
… In a study of those wi th marked extroversi on, Fm Theta
was found, al ong wi th lowered pl atelet MAO acti vi ty [Low
pl atelet MAO acti vi ty is associ ated with 'type 2 al cohol i sm.'
MAO acti vity i s al so affected by ci garette smoki ng]”
~ Journal of Neurotherapy:
Theta: Don’t Tread on Me

110 Th e Wayseer s
Deep Sleep
Detached Awareness
Delta waves range between 0-4 HZ. These are long, sl ow, rising
and fal l ing waveforms. Delta i s the sl owest of al l four brain wave
frequency ranges. It is associ ated wi th deep sleep, and certain
frequencies i n the Del ta range tri gger the release of Human Growth
Hormone, which can be benefi ci al for heali ng and regenerati on. Thi s
i s why deep, Del ta ri ch, restorati ve sleep i s essenti al to the physi cal
heali ng process.
Delta i s the brain wave si gnal of the unconsci ous. If you want to
access your unconsci ous acti vity you may need to medi tate so deepl y
that you are sti l l consci ous i n an increased Del ta state.
Why is Alpha Special?
Al pha waves oscil l ate at about 10 ti mes per second, wi th a range
between 7-13 cycles per second.
Al pha i s not the hi ghest or the l owest band of brainwave
frequencies. Beta i s the hi ghest frequency band and Del ta i s the
l owest. The reason the mi d-range brain waves are cal led "Al pha" i s
because i t was the first range to be di scovered (around 1908, by an
Austri an Psychi atrist named Hans Berger). Al pha i s the first letter of
the Greek al phabet.
In deep sleep there i s li ttl e to no Al pha, and i f someone i s hi ghly
aroused in fear or anger, there is virtuall y no Alpha – i t i s al l Beta.
Delta i s evi dent in the deepest stages of sleep (Stages 3 and 4). Theta
i s seen i n REM, dreaming sleep and drowsiness (sleep stages 1 and
2). Al pha i s most avai l able in wakefulness where there i s a rel axed
and effortless alertness. Beta i s most prominent i n hi gh alertness,
Un i q u e Br ai n w av e St at es o f Wayseer s 111
hi ghl y stressful si tuations, and when there i s diffi cul t mental
concentrati on and focus.
Most Normal types (and now many Wayseers jacked up on
caffei ne or Ri tali n) experience very l i ttle in the real m of Theta and
Al pha brainwaves. The consequences of thi s are a constri cted state of
l ow but consi stent and steady producti vi ty and very li ttle room for
spontaneous i nspirati on or acti vi ty.
These people often wake up out of a deep sleep (predominantly
Delta waves) wi th an al arm. Then they immediatel y move their
brai nwave state into the hyper-vi gi l ant external ized and
predominantl y Beta brain state – they may have to drink coffee or
soda, take diet pi l l s or take Ri tali n to force themsel ves i nto a Beta
i ntensi ve wakeful ness. The caffeine or methylpheni date (Ri tal in)
suppresses Theta and Alpha, while onl y promoting Beta.

Al l day working under stress, pressure, and ti me urgency causes
the brai n to stay pinned i n Beta, unti l at ni ght, people fal l exhausted
i nto deep sleep (Del ta), having spent li ttle to no ti me calml y
unwinding, rel axing, and al l owi ng their mind to medi tate or drift
(whi ch woul d gi ve an opportuni ty for Al pha and Theta to increase).
Thus many people suddenl y and forceful l y shift their brains back
and forth from Del ta to Beta, and then back to Delta agai n wi thout
ever spending ti me in the real m of the soul Al pha and Theta.
People who have increased Al pha brain waves have less anxiety
and, correspondi ngl y, stronger i mmune systems. True creati vi ty also
requi res i ncreased Al pha and Theta brain acti vi ty. Scienti sts have
shown that hi ghl y creati ve people – Wayseers – have di fferent
brai nwave patterns from normal and non-creati ve people (Normal
types). In order to have creati ve inspirati on, your brain needs to be
able to generate a surge of Al pha and Theta acti vi ty. The brains of
Wayseers – especial l y the heroi c Wayseer type – can generate these
Al pha/Theta surges, and do so when they are faced wi th di ffi cul t
problems to sol ve. Normal type people do not produce Al pha
i ncreases when they are faced wi th problems, and so they cannot
come up wi th creati ve ideas and sol uti ons. Any ti me you have an
112 Th e Wayseer s
i nsi ght or an inspirati on, you know your brain just produced more
Al pha and Theta waves than usual .
The Zone
Peak performance i s another activi ty for whi ch Al pha i s
necessary. Sports scientists have shown that increases of Al pha
brai nwaves precede peak performance. One key di fference between a
novi ce and an eli te athlete i s i n thei r brain waves. Just before hi s best
free throws, an eli te basketball pl ayer wi ll produce a surge of Al pha
waves in thei r brai n. Just before their best strokes, eli te gol fers wi ll
produce surges of Al pha waves in their brai n. Just before their best
shots, el i te marksmen and archers wil l produce a surge of Al pha
waves in their left brains. Novi ce and i ntermediate athletes do not
show this increased Al pha pattern.
One study showed that as novi ce archers trained over many
weeks, their i mproved performance corresponded to graduall y
i ncreasi ng surges of Al pha waves just before their best shots.
Increased Al pha brai nwaves are essential for entering “ the zone” of
peak performance.

Wayseers are born gi fted wi th creati vi ty and innate access to “ the
zone” for reachi ng astounding athleti c prowess. Have you managed
to keep that abi li ty? If not, take heart. You can get back to i t. Keep
Un i q u e Br ai n w av e St at es o f Wayseer s 113

Getting in the Zone:
Getting into Alpha
Energy Surge + Alpha/Theta = Genius
The amount of energy fueli ng your brain at the moment
determines how many bands of brai nwaves you can sustain i n that
moment. When your brai n i s l ow in energy onl y a few frequency
bands of brainwaves wil l be detectable. However, when you have
harnessed your creati ve energies – your soul power – and elevated
that energy to the level of the mi nd, you set your mind ablaze and
you are recepti ve to the level s of geni us whi le consci ous enough to
communi cate your moment of geni us into the worl d. Thi s i s the
geni us of the great arti sts and heroes.
Creative/sexual energy is what must be properly channeled to
accompl i sh thi s. It is a genui ne encounter wi th beauty that evokes
i nspirati on – a surge of creati ve energy or wil l – i n you. Beauty can
be found anywhere, even in the most diffi cul t si tuati ons. It i s the
wi ll i ngness to behol d the beauty i n each moment that rewards one
wi th a posi ti ve surge of inspirati on, energy and di recti on.
Wayseers being of mini mal repressi on are more powerful l y
moved by every encounter, especi all y because the i mpul se-to-join,
whi ch each encounter evokes, well s up much cl oser to the surface of
consci ousness and thus mani fests more prominentl y in
consci ousness. These i mpul ses can l i terall y ecl i pse the ego-
framework and overwhel m a Wayseer’ consci ous mi nd.
That i s why these i mpul ses can not effecti vely be control led
consci ousl y. The consci ous mi nd i s too li mi ted to di rect thi s surge of
psychic energy frui tful l y. It’s l i ke trying to hi t a basebal l or a gol f bal l
wel l , whi le thinking consci ousl y about the way every part of your
114 Th e Wayseer s
body i s moving. It si mpl y won’t work. There’s not enough room in
the consci ous mi nd to house al l that i nformati on. It must be gui ded
by a hi gher i ntel l i gence.
The Alpha Male Stays in Alpha
An interesting thi ng about l anguage i s that i t i s symbol i c and
thus offers many cl ues through puns and i denti cal words used to
descri be seemi ngl y di sconnected things.
One ni ce example of thi s i s the “ Al pha male” . Al pha male
tradi ti onal l y descri bes the dominant male of a group. But what
makes that male superior to the other males? Often i t i s merel y
strength and stature, but wi th human beings strength i s not merel y
physi cal , i t i s al so mental , emoti onal and spiri tual . I reckon the true
Al pha male of any human group i s the male who can sustain hi mself
the most consi stentl y in hi s “ zone” of power (the Al pha brainwave
state) without being i ntimi dated i nto the less powerful Beta (pani c)
brai nwave state.
Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll
Maki ng l ove i s a creati ve encounter and release that hel ps bring a
Wayseer present. Wayseers tend to l ove sex because i t puts them i nto
an Al pha rich brainwave state, someti mes even Theta (you know, if
i t’s that good). Good sex, mi xed wi th l ove, creates a momentary
uni on of two soul s. Al pha (Wi l l) reaching i nto Theta (Love) i s the
bri dge over which the soul speaks.
Sexuality & Will
Sexual energy and the energy of wi l l power are much the same
thing. Wil l fulness and hypersexual i ty are comi ng from basi cal l y the
Un i q u e Br ai n w av e St at es o f Wayseer s 115
same pl ace. Creati ve passi on and romanti c passi on are expressing a
very si mi lar ki nd of bl i ss.
In order to devel op your wi ll , whi ch i s the fire that propel s you to
success, you must cul ti vate and channel your sexual energy.
For some Wayseers who experience an abundance of moti vati on,
dri ve and fire, and have learned to channel thi s fi re into the
accompl i shment of their ai ms, thi s is a non-i ssue.
While for other Wayseers who experience plenty of dri ve, but
onl y for i ndul gences l i ke sex, food, and drugs or al cohol thi s wi ll be a
matter of di sci pli ne.
And fi nal l y, for Wayseers caught in the downward spiral of
depressi on and apathy, thi s wil l require fi rst awakening the wi ll
through exci ting encounters and then channel i ng that wi l l into
producti ve pursui ts.
Transmuting Sexual Energy
“Intellectual passion drives out sensuality”
~ Leonardo da Vinci
Wayseers have an abundance of sexual /creative energy. Thi s i s
pri maril y because Wayseers have very l i ttle i nherent repressi on, so
sexual/creati ve i mpul ses are much more li kel y to reach awareness
and they are thus fel t more acutel y. Once a sexual /creati ve i mpulse
reaches awareness i t can pl ume l i ke a geyser breaking through the
surface – your overall energy system experiences a surge of energy
comi ng up through your spi ne and through your sol ar plexus.
Because Wayseers have an abundance of creati ve energy i t i s
often difficul t to fi nd a pl ace to put i t all . Sex is an outlet for that.
When a Wayseer’s creati ve i mpul ses are stifled or subl i mated that
energy gets backed up and often feel l i ke an uncontrol l able sexual
urge. Especi al l y for Wayseer men, frustrati on of thi s urge can lead to
ever escal ati ng energy level s that force the Wayseer mind out of i ts
happy al pha-theta dominance into a beta dominated pani c. In this
state, Wayseers can be short tempered, harsh, irri table, angry and
116 Th e Wayseer s
even rageful . The Wayseer reall y just needs i nti macy, but by thi s ti me
there i s virtual l y no tenderness i n hi s demeanor and he may even be
so frustrated and angry that he can’t even fathom al l owi ng the
vul nerabi l i ty of making love.
Sex can al so provi de the “ thri l l of the hunt” for a Wayseer if i t i s
to be wi th a new partner or even with a l ong-term partner who’s
bei ng qui te pl ayful .
There i s no doubt that drugs effect brainwave state.
Many sti mulants suppress Al pha & Theta waves to produce a
greater rati o of Beta wave, but thi s i s a di mini shed Beta state for
Wayseers because i t l acks the power and resonance of a true Beta
state ful l y supported by the Wayseer powerhouse of Al pha/Theta
brai n functi on. For a Wayseer to be in Beta state wi thout the
resonance of thei r ful l Al pha/Theta functi oning i s l i ke playi ng a
vi ol in wi th white knuckl es, singing harshl y wi th no true resonance,
or pl ayi ng gol f whi le grippi ng the cl ub too ti ghtly.
Ritalin, Tobacco, Caffeine,
Yerba Matte, Green Tea and Theanine
Alpha & Theta Brainwaves reduced with Ritalin!
“Children exhibiting a positive medication
response [to methylphenidate “Ritalin”] had
reductions of theta and alpha as well as increased
beta in the frontal regions.”
~ Department of Psychiatry, University of
Colorado Health Sciences Center

Un i q u e Br ai n w av e St at es o f Wayseer s 117
Tobacco and Yerba Matte are very si mil ar plants that when
i ngested have ami no aci ds (si mil ar to Theanine) that encourage
Al pha brainwaves.
Athletes use tobacco – and not caffeine for just that reason –
tobacco preserves (and even increases) thei r Al pha/Theta
functi oning, whi ch i s essenti al for pl aying in “ the zone” – an
i mperati ve for achieving greatness i n those cri ti cal moments.
That’s why people smoke ci garettes to “ rel ax” . If you are in a
Beta brainwave state and you i ngest Tobacco, your brainwaves wil l
l i kel y increase in the optimal Al pha zone.
Now there i s a si gni fi cant and often justi fied cancer scare around
Tobacco used to be consi dered a “ heal thy” plant – wi del y used
by Nati ve Ameri cans for i ts psychoacti ve properti es. That was before
an industry of American tobacco farmers came about and started
messi ng wi th the nature of the pl ant. Thi s industry thri ved on
cul ti vati ng more interesti ng vari ati ons of the once “ heal thy” tobacco
pl ant by subjecti ng entire crops to bi zarre practi ces l i ke pl anting onl y
strai ns of mutant, sickl y, whi te seeds instead of heal thy green ones.
These whi te seeds made “ bri ght” dried tobacco l eaves, whi ch had
novel ty and frou-frou appeal . Later, i n the 1950s, bi g tobacco
companies completel y contaminated most commerci al tobacco wi th
addi ti ves l i ke ammonia and i sol ated ni coti ne. Thi s apparentl y
enhances the addi ctive properties of tobacco products. Tobacco i s
probabl y one of the most well recorded recent historical examples of
how geneti c engineering, breeding and tampering can make a once
good thing, cancerous.
Another thi ng American settlers introduced to tobacco
consumpti on was si mul taneous alcohol consumpti on. Using tobacco
i n conjuncti on wi th drinking alcohol seems to cause throat cancer,
most l i kel y because drinking alcohol temporari l y thins the
membranes of the cel ls of the throat whi ch are then exposed to
carcinogens of processed tobacco.
118 Th e Wayseer s
Now, i f you’re already a smoker, be aware that there are new
“ addi ti ve free” brands out there. Ameri can Spirit ci garettes cl ai m to
be “ 100% addi ti ve free” so even i f they sti ll use the si ckl y mutant
strai n of whi te tobacco, at least you’re not inhal i ng ammoni a and
1000 other chemi cals al ong wi th i t. I fi gure these ci garettes are not as
bad for people as most other brands (that i s if, i n fact, Ameri can
Spi ri t i s tell i ng us the truth). The jury i s stil l out on this though.
Inci dental l y, I have known people who’ve been able to ki ck the
smoki ng habi t much more easil y after swi tching to these – probabl y
because they hel p you get over the addi ti ve chemi cal addicti on that
comes wi th other ci garettes.
Caffei ne, on the other hand, throws your system into Beta
alert/cri si s brai nwave state. Wayseers using caffeine to “ wake up”
from thei r normal Theta functi oni ng wil l often use sti mul ants to
compensate and wake their systems up. Unfortunatel y many
sti mul ants over-sti mulate your system and throw you out of Theta,
past the opti mal Al pha state ri ght into the mani c/anxiety of Beta
Yerba Matte
Yerba Matte i s a great alternati ve. Yerba Matte has a very si mi lar
composi ti on to Tobacco, and makes a great tea. It has a more mell ow
sti mul ating effect. It wil l get you out of the dreamy/sleepy Theta
state and ease you i nto the hi ghl y creati ve Al pha state, wi thout the
di sruptive spi ke i nto Beta states.
Green Tea & Theanine
Theani ne i s an amino aci d found in green tea that has been sai d
to be l i ke “ zen in a bottle,” and i ts cal mi ng effects on brainwave state
have been compared to that of tobacco.
In cl ini cal tri al s, theanine was shown to i ncrease al pha brai n
waves. And a recent study concl uded theanine promotes the
generati on of al pha brainwaves
, and promotes relaxati on.
Un i q u e Br ai n w av e St at es o f Wayseer s 119
Theani ne creates a feel ing of rel axati on and enhances the abil i ty
to l earn and remember. By reducing worry, theanine appears to
i ncrease concentrati on and focuses thought.
Theani ne increases GABA – a brain chemical that i s cal ming and
creates a sense of wel l -bei ng – whi le on the other hand caffeine
decreases GABA. Theani ne's abi li ty to increase thi s brain chemi cal
can l iteral l y put you i n a better mood. Theanine al so i ncreases level s
of dopami ne –wi th mood-enhancing effects – whi ch i s ri ght where
our DRD4 dopamine receptor pol ymorphi sm is in effect.
Rock & Roll
Rock – Music
It’s no surpri se that virtual l y al l rock stars are Wayseers. Being a
genui ne rock star requi res massi ve amounts of energy, guts,
creati vi ty, spontaneous/impul si ve bri ll i ance, and a deep connecti on
wi th the collective unconsci ous i n order to be “ on pul se” wi th the
cutti ng edge of what the worl d wants and needs to hear.
Dri vi ng rock musi c tends to be very Al pha state oriented and i s
great in combinati on wi th other Al pha activi ties li ke intense athletics
or fast dri ving.
Good musi c i s good for you. Remember to uti li ze i t to restore
your brain state to one of harmony and posi ti ve energy. Si ngi ng or
pl ayi ng an i nstrument is a great way to get into “ the zone” and
exerci se and i ncrease your power of focus.
Rock – Nature
“ Rock” (as i n the ones found i n nature) – promotes your brain’s
Al pha-Theta state i n a more gentle way. First of al l most of nature is
i n harmony wi th the Schuman Resonance – the frequency that
supported the devel opment of l ife on thi s pl anet, (i ncl uding your
ancestors); so you’re automati cal l y going to experience that
resonance, which wi ll contri bute to your al pha state. Pl us the wi de
open spaces and the fresh air tend to have a cal mi ng, centeri ng effect
120 Th e Wayseer s
whi ch al so can gentl y gui de you into your brai n’s most subli me
Try thi s: go for a wal k on the grass barefoot. Do thi s for at least 15
mi nutes and noti ce how you feel. That’s increased Al pha that you’l l
be experienci ng.
Another less i nvol ved way to i ncrease your Al pha i s to si mpl y be
aware of your breathing.
A Uni versi ty of Ill inoi s study found that when ADHD di agnosed
chil dren (Wayseers) di d acti vi ties in natural setti ngs rather than i n
urban pl aygrounds they were able to concentrate much better.
… & Roll – Working Out
Working out, exerci si ng, purging and processing i nner demons
and past hurts physi cal ly i s i ncredibl y powerful and benefici al for
your temperament. A fell ow entrepreneur and reader of thi s book
exclai med, when I sai d thi s to hi m, “ Extensi ve and strenuous exercise
i s a must.” It’s what keeps us sane. We are geneti cal l y wired to need
massi ve amounts of physi cal acti vi ty. This fel l ow reader i s about to
embark on a 24 hour non-stop bi ke ri de – a true Wayseer.
Leonardo da Vinci was sai d to wiel d incredi ble physi cal strength,
even into hi s ol d age. Working out i s key to your ful fil l ment!
For Parents of Young Wayseers
Ti me and ti me again, I’ve been asked. “ What do I do with my son
who i s obvi ousl y a Wayseer but can’t seem to focus or get al ong wel l
i n school?”
My best advi ce i s this. Every morning before school , take your
Wayseer chi l d outsi de and run them ragged. Get them to run, to
sprint, to jump, to yel l , to pl ay and be totall y free and spontaneous.
They need thi s kind of release, so i f you don’t hel p them get i t first
thing in the morni ng, they wil l be tryi ng to get thei r abundant energy
Un i q u e Br ai n w av e St at es o f Wayseer s 121
out at “ inappropri ate” ti mes i n their cl assroom settings. Wayseer
chil dren need tons of expansi ve outdoor physi cal activi ty
I know i t can be diffi cul t to acquire thi s new morni ng ri tual of
outdoor exerci se before school, but i t i s better than al l owing your
chil d to suffer the consequences of having too much energy in a l ow
energy setting l i ke a publ i c school cl assroom.
You’l l find that givi ng your young Wayseer a hi gh intensi ty
workout each morni ng al l ows them to have a much cal mer and more
focused di sposi ti on during those cri ti cal cl assroom hours.
Alpha-Theta Genius
Not al l Wayseers thi nk the same. Some Wayseers operate from a
mai nl y Al pha brainwave state. Others operate from a mai nl y Theta
brai nwave state. Thi s l ittle di fference resul ts in vast di fferences in
personal i ty, experience and the ki nds of conclusi ons one deri ves
from those experiences.
The Al pha Wayseer wi ll be much more athletic and outwardl y
focused. Al pha Wayseers may not seem as creati ve or “ geni us” as
Theta Wayseers but when you get Al pha Wayseers i n a physical
si tuati on they’l l have an uncanny i nnate bri ll iance regardi ng how
they handle i t. Al pha Wayseers can be great somati c geni uses,
meaning they’ve got the “ It” factor wi th regards to physi cal presence,
i nsti ncts, communi cati on and coordinati on.
The Theta Wayseers wi l l be much dreamier. Theta Wayseers may
be the creati ve geni us, or stray mysti c, but someti mes weak or
cl umsy physi cal l y. Thi s Theta Wayseer may have learned earl y on to
avoi d sports and physi cal acti vi ties, because they are far too l ost in
thought to be good at athletics. The Theta Wayseers tend to be great
artists, inventors, phil osophers, i ntuiti ves and musi ci ans. Someti mes
they can be bril l i ant entrepreneurs, but gai ni ng the respect of cl ients
and empl oyees can be a chal lenge because of their l ack of outward
122 Th e Wayseer s
Whichever type of Wayseer you i denti fy wi th more easil y, the
goal i s to fi nd bal ance. If you are an Al pha Wayseer, you woul d do
wel l to shi ft your mind towards that dreamy Theta creati vi ty more
often to gain the inspirati on that awai ts you there. If you are a
dreamy Theta type, you woul d do well to shi ft towards Al pha to be
more present and aware of the outer worl d and your physical
expressi on wi th others, so that you can communi cate your
i nspirati on i nto the world.
The i deal center of your consci ousness i s the Al pha-Theta border.
Thi s is at approxi matel y 7.8 Hz – the Schuman Resonance. From here
you have access to the i nner inspirati on avai lable through Theta
awareness and the outer chari sma and grace of Al pha functi oni ng.
But you al so gai n something much more powerful than just those
two functi ons (Al pha & Theta). When your consci ousness i s centered
on the Schuman Resonance, you come al i ve! Your mind expands and
your energy surges wi th the vi tal i ty of the Way. Thi s is the sweet-
spot of waki ng consci ousness.
Out of al l the di fferent types of brain waves there i s a
very i nteresting range cal led the Al pha-Theta border. Thi s
state of mind brings about creativi ty, intell i gence, and a host
of other abil i ties the brain i s capable of doing when properl y
sti mul ated.
It i s a state where the central nervous system reduces
i nput from the peri pheral nervous system. The loweri ng of
sensory input serves to normall y protect the central nervous
system from sensory overl oad caused by stress or physi cal
Wi thout these outsi de functi ons for the brai n to control ,
the brai n expands i ts functi oning powers. The normal l y
unused porti on of the brai n becomes acti ve and performs at
maxi mum capaci ty. Thi s range i s between 7-8 hertz and thi s
i s not so surprising when you learn that the
resonant frequency of the earth and i onosphere i s
approxi matel y 7.5 hertz. Our brains evol ved wi thin thi s
dynamic fiel d and used i t as a standard to function on. The
Un i q u e Br ai n w av e St at es o f Wayseer s 123
mi nd experiences the body i n a hal f-in half-out state of sleep
or detachment. The feel ing i s of being consci ous of al l things
around you but the body bei ng i n deep rel axati on.
Many cul tures di scovered thi s and the methods to
achieve thi s state natural l y and artifici all y. Many of the
worl d’s reli gi ons were founded on reaching this state and
devi sed stri ct di sci pl ines to do so. The Al pha-Theta range
occurs duri ng reverie, hypnol ogi c i magery, medi tati on, and
by sel f-hypnosi s.

Theta Wayseer Genius Process
People who have the Wayseer trai t have adapted dopamine
receptors that cause their brains to resonate at a di fferent frequency
than that of the Normal type.
While the Normal type tends to be l ow i n Alpha and Theta
brai nwaves – gi vi ng thei r waki ng Beta brai nwave state precedence,
people who have the Wayseer Trai t tend to have brains that are
much hi gher in Al pha and Theta brai nwaves someti mes drowning
out the more external l y focused Beta state brainwaves.
“ People wi th ADD/ADHD … exhi bi t too much Theta
(dreaming) acti vi ty. Thi s i s the cl assi c i nattenti on for ADD.
With ADHD, hyperactivi ty keeps people from fal li ng
asleep. In essence, the person i s combating the hi gh Theta
acti vity and keeping themsel ves aroused (by increasi ng their
Beta activi ty).”
~ ADD/ ADHD and Biofeedback

What does that mean? What it means i s that beta state tends to be
a state that of hi gh external attenti on & alertness, where you are
reall y aware of what i s goi ng on outsi de of you – often at the expense
of i nner awareness. So when people are i n a hi gh beta state, their
attenti on i s riveted on what’s going on i n front of them, they are i n a
hi ghl y attenti ve state. When they are in an al pha or a theta state, they
124 Th e Wayseer s
are more dream-li ke. They have gone inward, their attenti on leaps
more easi l y from one thing to the next. It i s a l ow attentive state and,
because i t i s more dreaml i ke, i t i s a very creati ve state.
When people are i n the creati ve place, they tend to seem spacier,
sleepier, or not real l y there. You can pi cture the mad scienti st or the
crazy geni us who does not even real l y know hi s own phone number,
but can fi gure out i mpossi ble problems. (Apparentl y Ei nstein di d not
know hi s own phone number. He sai d i t was because he di dn’t want
to cl utter hi s mind wi th data that he coul d fi nd in the phone book.)
What Einstei n and Thomas Edi son and Leonardo da Vi nci all
reported doi ng when they were trying to fi gure out di ffi cul t
problems, was they purposeful l y all owed their mi nds to drift into
Theta states. Edi son even had a habi t of taki ng a nap when he was
stuck tryi ng to sol ve a problem. He woul d let himsel f drift off and as
hi s mind sli pped into Theta state, the answer woul d fl ash across his
mi nd and he woul d wake up wi th the sol uti on.
Ei nstei n di d a very si mil ar thi ng. Einstei n even l eft cl ues about
how others coul d do thi s and what i s cal led “ i mage streami ng” .
What i t i s, i s al l owing your mind to drift into the dreamer, less
vi gi l ant, less focused state and to watch your mind for what i mages
appear when you’re daydreaming. When you’re in that pl ace ri ght
between awake and asleep and those i mages start fl ashing through
your mind you can deci pher them for cl ues.
What Einstein tol d us i s that he got many of his answers from
those i mages. When he woul d have a problem that he’s trying to
work out but he coul dn’t fi gure out – he woul d real i ze his consci ous
mi nd was worki ng against hi m i n sol ving the problem – so he woul d
surrender to hi s deeper wi sdom by sl i ppi ng into Theta state and
watching the parade of imagery go by until he got hi s answer.
“A problem can’t be solved with the same thinking
that created it.”
~ Albert Einstein
Un i q u e Br ai n w av e St at es o f Wayseer s 125
Image Streaming
Ei nstei n’s way of adjusting hi s thi nki ng was to all ow hi s mind to
go i nto Theta dream-l i ke states and watch hi s mind for imagery. It i s
basi cal l y a way of l i berating hi s mind from al l of the consci ous
restraints he has already put on that problem. Now that the problem
no l onger has the conscious restrai nts, his unconsci ous mi nd can start
provi ding hi m with al l ki nds of cl ues and i magery to the real answer
that he i s l ooking for.
If you want to do i mage streaming, al l you need to do i s l et
yourself start daydreami ng, maybe cl ose your eyes, and just watch
your mind for the i mages that appear. As you do that, you wi ll
recei ve cl ues as to whatever problems or concerns are foremost i n
your consci ousness ri ght now.
Image Streaming i s a way, especial l y for Wayseers, to harness
what they are already qui te good at. Many Wayseers have been tol d
most of their l i ves that they are not bei ng attentive enough, that they
are not paying enough attenti on, and so this natural habi t of goi ng
i nto Theta abundant brai nwave states over the course of the day
whi le one i s supposed to be awake and occupied with their outer
acti vities i s a good habi t if you are in a professi on that involves doi ng
a l ot of creati ve problem sol ving.
You need to know how to manage your brai nwave state, and the
way to manage i t i s to be clear about what state wi ll benefi t you the
most i n any given si tuati on – and then have the di sci pl ine to go
To sol ve a problem, the fi rst thing to do i s get yourself worked up
a bi t. You wake yourself up as much as you can. You l ook at the
si tuati on. You say, “ Okay, these are the problems I’m tryi ng to
sol ve.” You pi ck one of them, because you do not want to be aski ng
too many questi ons at the same ti me.
Once you have gotten your most si gni fi cant questi on that you
need an answer to ri ght now, frame your questi on very clearl y.
Remember you are doi ng thi s in the consci ous, pri maril y Al pha or
Beta state – the mind states where you have hi gh external i zed
126 Th e Wayseer s
attenti on. You l ook out at the problem. You say, “ What are all of the
facets of thi s problem? What are al l the quali ties of the sol uti on I am
hopi ng for?” You need to be i n an externall y attenti ve state so that
you are aware of al l the stuff the outer worl d i s goi ng to demand of
your sol uti on.
Once you’ve got your problem clear i n you mi nd, then take the
questi on and all ow yoursel f to start daydreami ng wi th that questi on.
Al l ow yourself to move from an Al pha or Beta brain wave state to a
dreamy Theta. As you al l ow yourself to drift i nto that dreaml i ke area
of your mi nd, where you have access to your unconsci ous mi nd,
(whi ch i s far more wi se and powerful than your consci ous mi nd),
your unconsci ous wi ll start provi ding you answers in the form of
i mages.
Then what you need to do, as you are recei ving these i mages, i s
either to be able to recal l what those i mages are when you come back
i nto your more consci ous attentive state, or record yourself just
speaki ng about what you are seeing. Or you coul d have a friend
l i sten to what you are sayi ng and be able to repeat i t back to you.
Recording i s probabl y the best because, when you l i sten back to i t,
you may fi nd you are givi ng your consci ous sel f encoded messages
i n your own words. The words you chose to descri be the i mages you
were seeing mi ght actual l y have cl ues wi thin them. A friend mi ght
paraphrase what you said and thus l ose those clues. So, recording i s
best and that i s the second step.
Now wi th Image Streami ng you may get a l ot of very strange
i mages that apparentl y have nothing to do wi th the problem. That i s
qui te good i n fact; because if you are i mmedi ately consci ousl y aware
of how the i mages relate to your problem, chances are that you are
consci ousl y forcing those i mages to ari se and not actuall y retrievi ng
them from your unconsci ous.
Your unconsci ous mi nd speaks in ri ddles. Your unconsci ous
mi nd speaks in symbol s and metaphor. So when your unconsci ous
mi nd is real l y the one leadi ng the imagery in your mind, when you
are reall y into that Theta geni us state and your unconsci ous mind has
enough of a grasp of the i magery i n your mind to lead you toward
Un i q u e Br ai n w av e St at es o f Wayseer s 127
the answer, you are going to find you are getting a l ot of i magery
that does not seem to make any sense at all . It wi l l seem strange and
bi zarre, morphing and dream-l i ke.
What you want to do i s record everythi ng you are experienci ng
there. As you record al l of that, what you are gi vi ng yourself i s a new
ki nd of ri ddle. A ri ddle based on your questi on.
You have already defi ned the problem as one particul ar thing,
but thi s new ri ddle i s goi ng to hel p you redefine the problem and
al so hel p you see sol utions that may never have occurred to you
before. These new sol ution sets may never have occurred to you if
you just stayed in a consci ous Beta state. But, as soon as you all ow
yourself to move i nto that i mage-streaming Theta geni us state, then
you open for yoursel f the opportunity to gain all ki nds of incredibl y
i nspired, intui ti ve sol utions to the problems that you are working
wi th.
Once you have recorded a series of i mages, come back to your
Al pha alert and awake state. Now i t’s ti me to perform the second
half of maki ng your unconsci ous sol uti on conscious.
Review al l the i magery and apparent messages you have
recei ved.
► What patterns do you noti ce about the vari ous i mages,
feel ings and i mpressi ons?
► What i s the overall tone?
► What does i t feel li ke i t i s sayi ng?
► What does i t seem to say i n the context of the ori ginal
frami ng of your problem?
► What does i t seem to suggest about a better way to frame
your problem or questi on?
► Does anything grab you as a new avenue to expl ore?
► Does anything grab you as a warning?
Di d you get your unconsci ous ri ddle fi gured out and get
sol uti on?
128 Th e Wayseer s
If “ yes,” Great! You see? You are now are on your way to
prol ifi c bri ll i ance.
If “ no,” not to worry. Now i t’s ti me to cycle through
agai n. Thi s ti me ask your mi nd to gi ve a ri ddle that shows
you how to sol ve the first ri ddle i t gave you. Or i f that seems
too compl i cated, just ask your mi nd for another ri ddle that
offers the sol uti on to your problem in a di fferent way. Then
l et your mind dri ft back i nto that dreamy Theta state and
repeat thi s process.
Car Rides on Theta
Car ri des on the hi ghway i nduce an increased Theta brai nwave
state. It coul d be the rhythmi c sound of wheel s turning 50 to 70 mph
– creating a Theta brainwave entrainment beat frequency – or i t
coul d be the flashes of whi te dashed di vi ding l ine pai nt whi zzing by
i n a Theta generating frequency. Whatever i t i s, it’l l put your ki ds to
sleep; i t’l l induce road hal l uci nati ons when you’re already i n l ow
Al pha (i .e. tired); i t’l l knock you unconsci ous if you’re not careful .
That’s the power of external frequencies to affect your mental
state. It’s good to be aware of thi s phenomenon, because i t i s quite
powerful . It can al so be used to your advantage.

Un i q u e Br ai n w av e St at es o f Wayseer s 129
Brainwave Entrainment
Brai nwave entrai nment i s the technical term for the phenomena
descri bed above. Brainwave entrainment refers to the brai n's
response to rhythmi c sensory sti mul ati on, such as pul ses of l i ght or
sound. Knowledge of the properties of brainwave entrainment
all ows you to i ntenti onall y change your mental state by using
speci fi c sounds or fl ashing l i ghts.
Measurements of the EEG (the electrical si gnal s gi ven off by your
brai n) have led to the findi ng that brainwave frequencies correspond
to specifi c mental states, whi ch again have been broadl y cl assi fied
i nto these categories:
Dominant EEG
Mental State
15 - 40Hz Beta
wide awake but jumpy
and agitated
10 - 15Hz High Alpha alert, wide awake state
8 - 10Hz Low Alpha peaceful, contemplative
4 - 8Hz Theta meditative, dreamy state
1.5 - 4Hz Delta sleep state
You can tel l a l ot about a person simpl y by observing thei r
brai nwaves. For example, overl y anxi ous people tend to produce an
overabundance of hi gh Beta waves while Wayseers tend to produce
an abundance of Al pha and Theta brainwaves.
Researchers have found that brainwaves can be sti mul ated to
change a person's mental state, and even hel p treat a variety of
mental di sorders. Brainwave entrai nment can even be used to hel p
people access extraordi nary experiences such as "l uci d dreaming" or
amazingl y real i sti c ei deti c vi suali zati on. (See “ Wayseers & Ei detic
Imagery” for more on eideti c visual i zati on.)
130 Th e Wayseer s
Stimulating brainwaves with sound
When the brain i s gi ven a sti mul us, through the ears, eyes or
other senses, it emi ts an electri cal charge in response, cal led a
Corti cal Evoked Response. When the brain is presented wi th a
rhythmi c sti mul us, such as a drum beat for exampl e, the rhythm i s
reproduced i n the brain i n the form of these electri cal i mpul ses. If the
rhythm becomes fast and consi stent enough, i t can start to resemble
the brain’s natural brai nwaves. When this happens, the brain
responds by synchroni zing i ts own brainwaves to that same tempo.
Gi ven the ri ght kind of rhythmi c sti mulati on, ei ther through
sound or l i ght, your brai nwaves can become entrai ned to the
sti mul us. If you expose yourself to the ri ght ki nd of a flashi ng l i ght
or sound wi th a tempo of 8-10Hz, your brainwave state wi ll
eventuall y become entrained to thi s sti mulus, and you wi ll
experience the corresponding peaceful , contempl ati ve Low-Al pha
state. Li kewi se a 4 Hz sound pattern woul d hel p reproduce the sleep
state in your brain. The same concept can be appl ied to nearl y all
mental states, incl uding concentrati on, creati vi ty and many others. It
can even act as a gateway to exoti c or extraordinary experiences,
such as deep medi tati on or "l uci d dreaming" type states.
To summari ze, by usi ng the correct sti mul us (li ght or sound) you
can entrai n your brainwaves into a desi red mental state. Thi s can
provi de you wi th an easy hi gh-tech shortcut to hel p you wake up,
focus, rel ax, meditate, sleep, etc.
Many people have reported that using brai nwave entrai nment
CDs has hel ped them get out of the vici ous cycle of medi cati on:
Using caffei ne, sti mul ants (Ri tali n, etc.) in the morni ngs just to get up
and al cohol and excessi ve eating at ni ght just to come down. Instead,
many people have found that they can peaceful l y li sten to their
Hi gh-Al pha CDs in the morni ng to wake up and feel energi zed, and
then in the evening they can cal m themsel ves and come down just by
l i stening to their Low-Alpha/Theta CDs.
I’ve prepared a sample brai nwave entrai nment audi o track for
you to l i sten to onl ine and experience what we’re tal king about here,
Un i q u e Br ai n w av e St at es o f Wayseer s 131
(pl us I’ve outl ined the ideal brainwave therapies for Wayseers). All
of thi s i s waiti ng for you…
Vi si t:

The Balance Needed to Express True Genius
True geni us i s being receptive to di vi ne inspirati on – the Way –
i nwardl y (which i s a femi nine ski ll ), whi le at the same ti me capabl y
expressing that di vine inspirati on outwardl y (whi ch i s a mascul ine
ski l l).
Eros, (feminine di vini ty), correlates to the recepti ve Theta
brai nwave state where dreams and vi si ons come to you. Logos,
(masculi ne di vini ty), correl ates to the projective Al pha brainwave
state, where your outer movements and communi cati ons become
most effecti ve. Wi thout Eros (or Theta brai nwaves) your acti ons wi ll
l ack inspirati on and genui ne creati vi ty. Wi thout Logos (or Al pha
brai nwaves) your i nspirati on l acks effecti ve communi cati on and
acti on.
True di vi ni ty has both Eros and Logos. True geni us has both
Theta and Al pha. Great Wayseers are both recepti ve to deep i ntui ti on
and capable of ski l lful ly manifesting that intuiti ve inspirati on into
their worl d. Both femi ni ne recepti vi ty and mascul i ne asserti veness
worki ng together make the ‘total human’, Otto Rank’s word for the
Wayseer geni us.
Thi s perfect state of bal ance may be reached at the cusp of Al pha-
Theta brainwave states, 7.8 Hz whi ch again happens to be in perfect
resonance wi th our pl anet’s electro-magneti c vibrati on – the seat of
l i fe.
132 Th e Wayseer s
“The Goal is Soul.”
Al pha-Theta i s where your soul can speak to you of the Way.
When you are resonati ng i n these regi ons you wi ll be open to the
Ways through your own soul . When you repress these regi ons, you
wi ll feel di sconnected from your soul and the Way.
Si nce your soul i s your wel l-being, when you are in a beta state
wi thout a good connection wi th Al pha-Theta, you wi l l feel anxi ous
and di sconnected from wel l-being.
When you bring yourself into the Al pha-Theta border – the
Schuman resonance of the Earth’s i onosphere, you wi l l feel a buzz of
resonance with all l ife. Cl ari ty wil l befal l you, because you are now
i n harmony wi th the wavelength that cul ti vated al l l i fe on thi s pl anet
– and bi nds i t to thi s day.
I have come to know this al so as the buzz of truth, because, (l i ke
goose-bumps or a chil l up your spi ne), I recei ve thi s experience when
I am experienci ng a profound truth.


Wayseer s t hink in Whol es
“The part always has a tendency to reunite with
its whole in order to escape from its imperfection.”
~ Leonardo da Vinci
Wayseers (especi al l y Theta oriented Wayseers) tend to think in
wholes, because their consci ousness rests so closel y to the holi stic
(and total ) sea of the unconsci ous. The unconsci ous mi nd thinks
total l y – not in parts. It “ groks” (to steal some sl ang from the 60s)
The consci ous mind – especi all y while trapped by the ego – i s
defined by i ts parti alness. It i s just a ti ny “ part” of the whole mi nd. It
i s just a dot on the vast ocean of the total unconsci ous mi nd. It i s even
symbol i zed wi th the mere 5% of the brain that i s acti vated by the
So, Wayseers tend to be “ bi g picture” people – where they
recogni ze everything as rel ated. They prefer to gi ve “ al l or nothing” .
They run hot or col d. They are often referred to by Otto Rank as the
“ total human” because of thi s characteri sti c.
You’l l note that Wayseers (again especi al l y the more Theta
oriented ones) are sl ower to speak, because they are formul ating
their thoughts from the great wholeness of being.
On the other hand the Normal type i s much qui cker on the
surface, i s prone to running al most excl usi vel y on cul tural
134 Th e Wayseer s
programming (because thi s i s what Beta brainwaves el ici t in the
brai n), and i s more comfortable thi nki ng in parts and gi ving
parti al l y.
Li fe i n thi s society demands conti nuous partial izati on, and the
Normal type i s wel l adjusted to li ving by a conti nuous parti al paying
off, without wanting to gi ve or to preserve hi s whole being
undi vi ded i n any experience. Thi s, however, i s the pri mary endeavor
the Wayseer – the ‘total human’ – whom often succeeds in carryi ng
through hi s totali ty creati vel y, but al so, i s frequentl y shattered
neuroti call y in the attempt.
While we protect oursel ves wi th rules, i deal s, codes and
restricti ons from too quick l i vi ng out or l iving up, we feel ourselves
gui l ty of thi s unused l ife.

Thi s taken to a broader context makes up the l aws, customs and
cul tural norms, whi ch have over generati ons proven to provi de the
'average man' wi th a scheme of whi ch he i s gl ad to make use, while
the 'total human' type has di ffi cul ties fi tting in to thi s parti al li ving.
Wayseers are onl y real l y content when operati ng at 100%
threshol d of their physi cal , mental , emoti onal and spi ri tual capaci ty
wi th virtuall y no sel f–repressi on hol ding them back.
Where an average ci ti zen i s happy l i vi ng at about 30% of their
natural capacity, Wayseers are onl y happy when they are throwing
their entire being, 100%, i nto each si tuati on hol di ng nothi ng back at
al l .

Wayseer s t h i n k i n Wh o l es 135

90% Do 20% – You Do 100%

“Do or do not. There is no ‘try’.”
~ Yoda (definitely a Wayseer)

One thi ng to recogni ze, for all you Wayseers, i s that you tend to
operate at zero to 10% of your abi l i ty or 90–100%. You’re bl ack or
whi te. You’re hot or col d. Thi s isn’t normal by our societal standards.
Societal norms tend to be determined by the 90 percent of our
popul ati on that does not have the Wayseer trai t. Those who are not
Wayseers tend to work wel l wi th parti al s. They tend to operate well
on 20 or 30 percent of their potential and the reason that they work
wel l that way i s because they’re geneti cal l y desi gned to work wel l
that way. But you’re not.
Thi nk about this: the l ast 10,000 years or so our worl d has been
domi nated by agricul ture, by farming. What has been naturall y
selected as the most desi rable personal i ty temperament i n many
si tuati ons i s the humble, sl ow, and steady farmer. That farmer isn’t
supposed to use hi msel f up al l at once in a fast spurt. The farmer is
meant to operate at 20 to 30 percent of hi s physi cal threshol d al l day,
day i n and day out, al l year l ong – and that’s how the crops get taken
care of on a regular basi s. Methodicall y and regularl y, that’s how the
farmi ng chores get done.
Now the Wayseers are val uable i n a di fferent way. Wayseers
reall y work more li ke the hunter archetype. The hunter i s one who
for most of the ti me i s l oungi ng around, enjoying the communi ty, the
fami l y, the chi l dren, havi ng spi ri tual journeys and then for maybe
one to four hours a day goes hunting. Even then those few hours of
hunting are mostl y fi l led wi th leisurel y travel on foot l ooking for the
prey until one finds what they’re hunting for and then all -of–the
136 Th e Wayseer s
sudden i n the fl ash of an i nstant the hunter goes ful l bore into 100%
physi cal exerti on. Spri nti ng, speari ng, and capturing that ni ght’s
di nner.
You can fi gure on any given day a hunter i s maybe at 100 percent
for no more than an hour and then the rest of the day i s real l y about
l ei sure at somewhere between zero and ten percent of the hunter’s
physi cal potenti al.
What you need to real i ze about thi s di fference is that when you
work wi th people, ni ne out of ten people are going to expect you to
operate consi stentl y at 20 to 30 percent, whi ch i s outsi de of your
range. You don’t operate on those level s and when you try to what
you are reall y doi ng is osci l l ati ng between ten percent and 100
percent very qui ckl y and trying to get that balance so that you l ook
l i ke you’re gi vi ng 30 percent just l i ke everybody el se. That i s
i ncredibl y drai ni ng for you, because that’s just not how you were
desi gned to work.
You may become very frustrated worki ng with people who
expect l ong durati ons of 20-30% effort from you, because that’s not
how you operate. You’ll either be bored out of your mi nd or you’l l be
creati ng some sort of mischief that all ows you the opportuni ty to get
back up to that 100% level .
Now, the reci procal of that can occur when peopl e are working
for you. You need to determine whether they are Wayseers or
Normal types. Because i f they are Normal types they’re onl y going to
gi ve you 20% when you want 100%, and they’l l be confused and
i rri tated when between those 100% emergency bursts you’re letting
everyone pl ay and l ounge around in preparati on for that next
Maybe 30% i s their absol ute maxi mum and you’re going to
expect that these Normal type people – at the drop of a di me – are
goi ng to be able to turn on a 100% super-heroi c performance for you.
When they don’t deli ver, you’re going to be very frustrated wi th
them. You’re goi ng to thi nk “ What i s wrong wi th you peopl e?! Can’t
you gi ve 100 percent?! I know you can do better than that!” They
Wayseer s t h i n k i n Wh o l es 137
consistentl y won’t and it’l l dri ve you nuts – and you’l l dri ve them
Normal types worki ng for you wi l l be thi nking, “ Thi s guy’s
bril l iant but he’s nuts. He wants too much out of us. I do consi stentl y
decent work when I’m in a stable environment. I don’t l i ke all thi s
emergency!” But that’s how you operate. Emergencies are when you
are at your best.
You l i ke to perform at 100% or you don’t l i ke to perform at al l .
You’re hot or col d, off or on. You need to know thi s about yourself.
You need to know thi s about the people that you work wi th. If
they’re a 20 to 30 percent Normal type, whi ch nine out of ten ti mes
they’re l i kel y to be, then what you need to do i s honor that i n them
and put them in positi ons where they’re insul ated from your
osci l lati ons and the oscil l ati ons of the market. Don’t put them in a
pl ace where you’re going to expose them to some emergency and
expect them to be able to turn themsel ves on at 100 percent. They just
don’t do that – and i t’l l dri ve you both crazy if you try to get them to
do that. Thi s ki nd of mi sunderstanding of co-worker’s operati ng
threshol ds can create a l ot of di scontent.
Team Up With Other Wayseers
You mi ght need a couple of the Wayseers to work wi th you so
that when you do have those 100% emergency opportuni ty ti mes –
when you say “ Okay guys, now’s our bi g chance. Now we reall y
need to go for i t!” Other Wayseers wi ll actuall y be ready to go at
100%. You’ve got to have your 100% team of Wayseers so you can do
that. It’s a different team. It’s a different mental i ty and when you’re
clear about who’s a Wayseer and who’s a Normal type you can be
very effecti ve about who you use to go into battle wi th.
When I say “ go into battle” I mean when you have an
opportuni ty that needs 100% from people. You know your 100%
team and you go into battle wi th that 100% team. Then you need to
know who are your sl ow and steady farmers that wil l hel p you keep
an even keel during the ti mes when you’re l oungi ng around at your
138 Th e Wayseer s
zero or ten percent. Both qual i ties can work very well in an
organi zati on provi ded you know how to use each type towards their
strengths. Then you wi l l have a great team.
100% Jerk Behaviors
Because you, as a Wayseer, operate at 0 or 100% and you expect
that from everyone el se, you’l l often interpret a Normal type’s 20 –
30% contributi on as insuffi cient and regard i t as you woul d regard
your own 0% state. That means a Normal type wil l appear to a
Wayseer to al ways be in their rel axed state and never ful l y “ stepping
up to the plate.” When a Wayseer counts on thi s Average person, the
Wayseer may start exhibi ting the 100% Jerk Behavi ors l i sted bel ow.
(Inci dental ly these Behavi ors have been playful ly l abeled Retenti on
Defi ci t Di sorder by Dr. Beverl y Kaye, a business talent retenti on
expert, which shows unconsci ous awareness that these behavi ors are
most often perpetrated by l eaders wi th ADD – that i s, neurotic
100% J erk Behaviors
ü Demanding
ü Lacki ng Patience
ü Bl owing Up
ü Cri ti ci zi ng
ü Withhol di ng Praise
ü Setting Impossi ble Deadli nes
ü Not Li steni ng
ü Di strusti ng
ü Bl aming
ü Breaking Promi ses
ü Gi ving Mostl y Negati ve Feedback
Wayseer s t h i n k i n Wh o l es 139

As you endeavor to heal these tendencies i n yourself, fi rst you
woul d do wel l to ask:
How are you a jerk to yourself?
How can you forgi ve yourself for the things your jerk side
You can try sayi ng “ I forgive myself for judgi ng mysel f for
[INSERT JERK BEHAVIOR].” to di sarm thi s jerk-judgment cycle.
Meani ng you are clari fying that i t i s not the “ inadequacy” that needs
forgi ving but your act of judgment that real l y needs forgi ving.
Relating to Your World as a Whole
“There are people who appear to think only with
the brain ... While others think with all the body
and all the soul, with the blood, with the marrow
of the bones, with the heart, with the lungs, with
the belly, with the life.”
By acknowledgi ng everything as symboli c we bri dge the gap
between the parti al and the whole. Each parti al thing i s a symbol i c
expressi on of the entire whole that contains it.
You can rel ate to each part of your worl d whol ly and completely
through symboli sm, this i s your bri dge into geni us, because your
entire mind can be acti vated thi s way.
Learn to see the uni verse as hol ographic. Every l i ttle detail
contains al l the information you need about the whole. The devi l’s in
the detail s, but so i s God. When you try to take too much i nto
account at once you bl ind yourself to what’s right i n front of your
nose – everything symbol i zed in one hol ographic gl i mpse.
140 Th e Wayseer s
“A man of genius makes no mistakes; his errors
are volitional and are the portals of discovery.”
~ James Joyce
Synchronici ty means a coi nci dence of events that seem rel ated
but are not obvi ousl y caused one by the other.
The Butterfly Effect
Once you begin to notice the hol ographic nature of your worl d,
you wi ll see all sorts of seemi ngl y unrel ated occurrences become
fused together by invi si bl e webs of causal i ty. The smal lest detai l wi l l
have the greatest power to shape future events. The most di sparate
occurrences wil l ri ng with resonance and point your mind towards
deeper sol uti on that uproots the deeper imbal ances at pl ay. You wil l
see a small detail out of pl ace and you wi l l begi n to recogni ze that
your unconsci ous mi nd is showing you that detail for a purpose, that
there i s somethi ng powerful i n that detail .
The Butterfl y Effect i s a law of chaos theory. Ori gi nall y pi oneered
by a meteorol ogi st, the theory goes l ike thi s:
A massive level 5 hurri cane, the ki nd that can swi ftl y obl iterate
entire expanses of the U.S. Atl anti c coastl ine, coul d be “ caused” or
set in moti on by somethi ng as seemingl y insi gnifi cant as the puff of
ai r from a butterfl y’s fl uttering wings on the Africa coastl ine,
provi ded that butterfl y i s i n just the ri ght pl ace at just the ri ght ti me.
No deed i s insi gnificant, no detai l irrelevant, no awareness
negl i gi ble, no act of ki ndness uni mportant.
If you noti ce somethi ng, no matter how seemingly i nsi gni ficant –
pay attenti on to that, for your unconsci ous mind i s showing you
something – there i s a purpose to your noti cing that detai l i n that
moment. There i s method to your madness.
The di lemma i s that you don’t know what any deed wil l actual ly
l ead to, you don’t always know what i s trul y ri ght or kind.
Wayseer s t h i n k i n Wh o l es 141
That i s where prayer comes in. It is onl y the Way that knows how
your acti ons wi ll affect everything for al l ti me that coul d possi bly
l ead you to actual l y “ do the right thi ng.” With thi s awareness I offer
you thi s si mple prayer that has worked wel l for me:
“I am here only to be truly helpful.
I am here to represent the Way, which sent me.
I do not have to worry about what to say
or what to do, because Love, which sent me,
will direct me.
I am content to be wherever God wishes;
knowing God goes there with me.
I am healed as I let the Way teach me to heal.”

Thi s prayer wil l hel p you ali gn your intenti ons wi th a hi gher
purpose and i t wil l remind you who you are choosi ng to represent in
your encounters. You may fi nd that you are much more graceful in
your encounters wi th people when you are cl ear that i t i s your
i ntenti on to represent the Way and the Love of God, rather the petty
needs of your ego i n that moment.
Bono has sai d that he fi nds great steadfastness when he i s
personal l y peti ti oning Presi dents and Heads of State for his
campai gn to erase the injustice of Africa’s debt, because he bel ieves
when he wal ks through their doors he i s doi ng it as an ambassador
for God’s wi ll .
Thi s simple thought can open you to the assi stance of miracles.
Looking in Wholes
Your enti re unconsci ous mi nd surrounds you. Look at your
worl d. Look at your immedi ate surroundings. Thi s i s trul y the
content of your unconsci ous, because you can onl y see what your
unconsci ous hol ds and bi nds wi th meaning.
142 Th e Wayseer s
The worl d makes no sense. It appears as random, but i t i s si mpl y
too often beyond your consci ous abi l i ty to grasp. For example, what
do see in thi s stri ng of numbers: (120,158) (177,46) (203,166) (111,86)
Di d you see just meaningless numbers? Or di d you see a star?
The first pair of numbers (120,158) are the xy coordi nates of the
starti ng point. A l ine i s then drawn to the second pair of xy
coordinates (177,46), then to the third pair of xy coordi nates
(203,166), and so on, to create the fi ve-pointed star shape.
Your unconsci ous mi nd probabl y woul d have shown you a star
(or something symboli zi ng a star), had you i nstead al l owed your
unconsci ous to show you what i t already knows. Thi s can be done
usi ng the process of image streaming. Because your unconsci ous
mi nd i s so much vaster and more transcendentl y powerful than your
consci ous mind, i t can l i teral l y see how everything rel ates – thi s
offers a virtual 50,000 foot view of your l ife and your worl d.
So, i f you ask you unconsci ous mind to “ connect the dots” for the
events, experiences and synchroni ci ties in your l i fe, you may
Wayseer s t h i n k i n Wh o l es 143
di scover you are being shown something much grander and more
meaningful than a di sparate sequence of occurrences.
“Genius is the ability to see things invisible,
to manipulate things intangible,
to paint things that have no features”
~ Joseph Joubert
“Pay attention to this.”
By acknowledging everything as symbolic we
bridge the gap between the partial and the whole.
Everything is a symbolic expression of the whole.
Synchronici ty pl ays in our l i ves li ke a symphony showing what i t
i s we need to see. Synchroni ci ty whi spers i n your ear, “ Pay attenti on
to thi s.”
Al as, we tend to pay attenti on to more than the actual content of
the cl ue. The alarming experience of another unexpl ainable
coi nci dence captures our attenti on and ecl i pses the actual message.
A synchroni sti c event i s best peacefull y acknowledged, egolessl y.
Each synchroni ci ty reveal s the content of the heal ing i mmediately
avai l able to us. It is a cl ue, not a fact. It is a means, not an end. It i s an
effect, not a cause. Follow the cl ue to di scover a deeper prejudice
hol ding you prisoner from wi thin your own mi nd. It i s your
opportuni ty to let go of thi s prejudi ce.
What are you being offered to forgi ve? What have you been
unwil l ing to admi t, to accept, to learn up until now? What are you
wi ll i ng to accept graceful l y now – that onl y a moment before mi ght
have thrown you. The synchronici ty i s an invi tati on to heal further
al ong the way shown. However, i t stil l requires egoless wisdom to
hel p you to interpret your synchronici ty accurately.
Pain i s the gi ft of the ego. When you are in pai n, you have chosen
the wrong teacher. Your Spiri t is accompanied i n joy. Choose joy
first, then del i berate over your dilemmas. When you have turned to
144 Th e Wayseer s
your soul , you wi l l spontaneousl y recognize the perfect next note to
pl ay i n the magni ficent symphony of joy that surrounds us.
Synchronicity– I n & Out of Your Mind
I bel ieve the word “ synchronici ty” was coined by Carl Jung, i n an
attempt to descri be the occurrence of events both wi thi n one’s mind
and outsi de of one’s mi nd at the same ti me.
If you’re thi nki ng about something and then you noti ce some
strange coi nci dence in the worl d around you that reflects that
thought, that woul d be synchronici ty. It’s a cl ue that you’re thinking
i n li ne wi th your unconsci ous or preconsci ous.
Synchronici ty can be real l y hel pful when you have a clear
i ntenti on wi thi n you. When you have a clear desi re or purpose, you
wi ll find that there are many coi nci dences outside of you that will
reinforce your abi l i ty to accompl i sh that desire or purpose. That
cl ari ty of thought and intenti on wi thi n you can be manifested outsi de
of you i n ways that you woul d thi nk woul d have be i mpossi ble to
control – things that are much bi gger than your physi cal infl uence.
Thi s synchroni sti c dance can coalesce in ways that al l ow you to
take shortcuts towards your goal . Maybe you have a goal to do a
project that invol ves maki ng a connecti on wi th someone of
i mportance. You have no i dea how you woul d ever be i n touch wi th
hi m but you have a very clear i ntenti on that you want to do thi s
project and that person i s going to need to be invol ved in order for
you to accompl ish your goal. You may fi nd, as your i ntenti on
becomes stronger and clearer, coi nci dences – serendi pi ties – appear,
whi ch bri ng you cl oser to maki ng that connecti on. They gi ve you
shortcuts to having that connecti on wi th that person.
Thi s al so hi ts on the idea of “ si x degrees of separati on.” There is a
theory that you are connected to every person on the pl anet by no
more than si x rel ati onshi ps, so that if you knew just the ri ght si x
rel ati onshi ps to work through, you’d be able to be i n contact wi th
whoever you want to be i n contact wi th on the pl anet. You just have
to know whi ch si x rel ati onshi ps; whi ch can become very
Wayseer s t h i n k i n Wh o l es 145
compl i cated. But something l i ke synchronici ty can hel p you wi th
Now, see, the appropri ate usage of synchroni city as far as I can
tel l , i s to hel p you move toward your hi ghest good and to gi ve you
feedback about where you are coming from. For instance, if you keep
bumpi ng into the same ki nds of people wi th the same kinds of
i ssues, you can be pretty certai n that you too share those same i ssues
and the reason you keep runni ng into others wi th your i ssues i s to
gi ve you an opportuni ty to heal that issue through your encounter
wi th them.
Synchronici ty always starts insi de of you wi th your inner
i ntenti ons. So, you need to be very clear on what your purpose i s,
and to make sure that your purpose i s i n ali gnment wi th your soul’s
deeper desires, wi th your own spiri tual val ues, wi th what i s true and
good because you can just as easi l y have synchronici ty wi th
egotisti cal purposes that l ead you i nto circles of others wi th those
same ego dri ves.
You coul d want something and you coul d start manifesting
coi nci dences that’l l hel p you have that something that you want.
There’s a whole cul ture around the i dea that, if you want somethi ng
and you start seeing coinci dences around that wanti ng, i t must be
pre-destined to be a good thi ng; that you must be on your spiri tual
path because you’ve wanted something and now you are seeing
coi nci dences that seem to be avai l ing you of what you want.
However, thi s i s not necessari l y true.
Coi nci dences and synchroni ci ty around what you are wanting,
does not mean i t i s reall y the best thing for you. It just means that
you want i t enough that you are mani festing these coinci dences. So,
the proper thing, the thing to be aware of is that whatever you want,
whatever you choose to do, whatever i ntenti ons you hol d i nsi de of
you, wi ll in some way be attracted to you. The more powerful l y you
are al i gned wi th what your deepest val ues and desi res are, the more
powerful l y you wi l l enjoy the happy l uck of synchronici ty.
Because you are a Wayseer and have a greater consci ous
connecti on wi th your unconsci ous desires, you wil l l i kel y manifest
146 Th e Wayseer s
much more in the way of synchroni ci ties. Also because you are a
Wayseer who i s often looki ng at the bi g picture – taki ng a hol istic
view of things and seeing in wholes – you are much more l i kel y to
noti ce synchroni ci ties. And fi nal l y because you are a Wayseer who i s
more prepared to fol l ow a spontaneous impul se – wil l ing to turn on
a di me – you are more li kel y to use synchronici ties to your
Got Devotion?
Know “What for?”
& Honor Your Priorities.
“Obstacles cannot crush me.
Every obstacle yields to stern resolve.
He who is fixed to a star
does not change his mind.”
~ Leonardo da Vinci
Part of the human condi ti on seems to be a compul sive
unwil l ingness to pri ori tize wel l . We all focus our energy on so many
things, but i t seems we continual l y neglect what matters most.
Successful Wayseers don’t become preoccupied too earl y wi th
concrete methods and tacti cs. They real ize those are just secondary
deci si ons. The pri mary choi ce i s “ What’s the purpose?”
I remember whenever I used to share my cockamamie “ i t’l l be
HUGE and we’ll make tons of money” busi ness i deas wi th Ben of
Ben & Jerry’s. He would al ways remind me in hi s friendl y slow
voi ce, “ Soooooo – What for?” and I woul d immedi atel y become
aware once agai n of the gui di ng pri nci ple he al ways hel d: Having a
greater soci al good is the gui di ng purpose of any worthwhi le
Hol ding to thi s one princi ple i s clearl y more val uable to hi m than
getti ng riches without i t. Yet, he has become qui te weal thy because of
Wayseer s t h i n k i n Wh o l es 147
hi s clari ty of purpose, his choi ce to remai n undi stracted by “ the fast
buck” and hi s wi l li ngness to experiment wil dl y whi le getti ng where
he trul y wants to be.
To cl earl y hol d an i ntenti onall y chosen vi si on while
experi menting wi th many ways to make that vi si on a real i ty has
much power. Wi th a clear and firml y hel d vi si on you can overcome
the di stracti ons that get so many of us off course.
Wi thout a clear purpose i n mi nd you mi ght spend most of your
ti me and energy on urgent, uni mportant di stractions instead of goi ng
for your true goal . Di stracti ons can even take on a l ife of their own
and preoccupy you with shall ow fi xati ons l i ke, “ I want tons of
money, fast.” i n lieu of your true goal s, which are probabl y cl oser to,
“ I want to bring great val ue and li fe i nto thi s world.”
What is The Purpose of Your Life?
What we fear is not death.
What we fear is that we have wasted life.
I n our darkest moments we are afraid that
our highest calling will go unanswered.
To know the deepest purpose of your li fe i s to know clearl y
where to put your focus. When you clearl y know your purpose you
fi nd i t easy to say “ no” to everythi ng el se and to move forward
ruthlessl y towards the accompl i shment of your l ife’s hi ghest goal s.
“This will be our response to violence: to make
music more intensely, more beautifully, more
devotedly than ever before.”
~ Leonard Bernstein
A true devoti on wi l l set you free. A true devotion wil l fil l your
heart and fuel your day. For a Wayseer, great devoti on i s the onl y
path to true success.
148 Th e Wayseer s
“Failure” Doesn’t Really Exist
“A baseball player who misses two out of three
times is deemed to be one of the most successful
batters ever.”
~ Russell Bishop
Wi th Great Devoti on, nothing i s “ fail ure.”
It’s all “ learning” & “ practi ce.”
In the same year Babe Ruth hi t more home runs than any pl ayer
i n the hi story of basebal l , he al so struck out more ti mes than any
other pl ayer. In the same year that Mi chael Jordan scored more
poi nts than any other basketball pl ayer in the NBA, he al so mi ssed
more shots than any other pl ayer.
Successful venture capital i sts have a saying, “ fai l fast.” They
understand that 9 out of 10 busi nesses fai l . They al so understand that
the 1 out of 10 that actual l y succeeds wi ll make them ri ch. So the
adage “ fai l fast” means get through the fai l ures as quick as possi ble
so you have ti me for more successes.
“If I had to do it all over again,
I'd make the same mistakes … only sooner.”
You are li ke Babe Ruth and Mi chael Jordan (both Wayseers) so
get used to i t. Taki ng more wi l d swings al l ows you to make more
home runs. Taking more shots hel ps you make more baskets. Ri sking
more fai l ures i s what gi ves you the opportuni ty to have more
Edi son thought i t woul d take just a few weeks to i nvent the bul b,
but i t ended up taki ng hi m al most two years of “ mi sses” before he
reached hi s goal . It’s sai d he tried over 6,000 di fferent carboni zed
pl ant fi bers, l ooking for a carbon fil ament for hi s l i ght bul b.
Wayseer s t h i n k i n Wh o l es 149
“Genius is one percent inspiration
and ninety-nine percent perspiration.”
~ Thomas Alva Edison
A Clear Higher Purpose +Taking Risks =Eventual Success
Thomas Edi son’s purpose was not just to get a si ngl e bul b to li ght
up, but to l i ght up the whole worl d wi th this inventi on. By focusing
on the hi gher intenti on of inventing an entire l ighting system rather
than just a single li ght bul b (with a wi l li ngness to keep taking ri sks
and trying things), Edi son succeeded where others failed.
Edi son’s choi ce hel ped hi m i nvent an entire l i ghting system
i ncl udi ng wiring, pl ugs, connectors, and such that coul d be used to
l i ght thousands of bulbs, not just one. Thi s i s l argel y why he i s gi ven
credi t for i nventi ng the li ght bulb (while others had si mil ar cl ai ms),
because it was hi s inventi ons that gave the world a way to actuall y
use hi s li ght bul b – whi ch was hi s clear hi gher purpose.
Life and death
Otto Rank al so introduced the i dea of the inner psychic struggle
between l ife and death. He sai d we have a "life instinct" that propels
us to become i ndi vi duals, competent and independent, and a "death
instinct" that retreats us back into the womb to be part of a fami l y,
communi ty, or humani ty.
We al so experience fear of both l ife and death. The "fear of life" i s
the fear of separati on, l onel iness, and al ienati on; the "fear of death" i s
of getting l ost in the whol e, sl i pping into obl ivi on, l osing our speci al
i dentity in the great oneness of being.
Rank's earl iest work concerned birth trauma, whi ch i s a reminder
of the horror of our origi nal separati on from God. Our subsequent
l i ves are fil led wi th separati ons, begi nning wi th this birth trauma.
After bi rth, there's weaning, potty trai ni ng, disci pl ine and work,
judgment and heartbreaks … But to avoi d these separati ons i s,
150 Th e Wayseer s
l i terall y, to avoi d l i fe and choose death – never faci ng the inner
horror of separati on squarel y, never fi ndi ng out what you are
capable of, never leaving your fami l y, your mother, your comfort
zone, or the womb. You must shed al l of these to become the hero.
Then to face the death fear you must shed al l the bel iefs that
make up the ori ginal wounds that shaped your ego – and face the
obl i vi on of the self you created to protect you from the horror of the
separati on.
So you must face your fears, recogni zing that, to be full y
devel oped, you must embrace both the separati on of “ li fe” and the
reli nqui shment of your separati on i n “ death.”
The Fear of Death
= the Fear of Goals
To make anythi ng a defini te GOAL i s to destroy i ts appeal to the
neuroti c Wayseer:
“For the goal is an end
and the end is death for the neurotic.”
~ Otto Rank

The fear of goal s i s a primary trouble for many Wayseers. We can
see how thi s trouble pl agued Leonardo da Vi nci. He barel y fini shed
anything he began – but when he di d actual l y fi ni sh something, how
amazing i t was.
Compl eti on = Death symbol i cal l y. Thi s doesn’t bother the
Normal type so much because each completi on i s seen as just a ti ny
parti al death – no bi g deal . However to the Theta Wayseer type –
who experiences li fe i n wholes – each completi on can l oom l ike
obl i vi on and the total fear of death may accompany this end. Often
because of thi s total death fear, a Wayseer wi l l do everything i n their
power to abort the total compl eti on of something.
Wayseer s t h i n k i n Wh o l es 151
“Art is never finished, only abandoned.”
~ Leonardo da Vinci
The act of putting out – of gi ving – whi ch the heroi c Wayseer
type percei ves not onl y as a birth but al so as a dyi ng – the neurotic
Wayseer avoi ds at al l costs. The neuroti c only takes i n – only
consumes – they try to gi ve nothing out. They seek to complete their
egos constantl y at the cost of others, and without payi ng for i t.

Because the neurotic Wayseer type, refuses to gi ve their energy
completel y to their tasks, they become i nwardl y di ssoci ati ve,
spl i tting off i slands of thi s left over psychi c energy. These i sl ands of
unused psychic energy – stol en from their proper expressi on – serve
as a secret l ife reserve for that dark hour – the moment of death – in
the del usi onal subconsci ous pl an that one coul d hoard l ife and
extend i t thi s way. So instead of being full y alive and engaged in
their present l ife the neuroti c Wayseer wi l l indul ge in oversleeping,
overeati ng and over-rel axi ng (i n i ts vari ous forms, whi ch incl ude sex,
al cohol , drugs and procrasti nati on) in order to stave off the fear of
death for awhile, by beli eving they are maki ng deposits into a l ife
extending reserve, but thi s reserve does not exi st.
“Somebody should tell us, right at the start of our
lives, that we are dying. Then we might live life to
the limit, every minute of every day. Do it! I say.
Whatever you want to do, do it now!
There are only so many tomorrows.”
~ Pope Paul VI quotes (Italian Pope. 1897-1978)
The typi cal neuroti c Wayseer i s an i ndi vi dual who ki l l s off a part
of his being – reminiscent of an ancient sacrifi cial ki ll i ng i n order to
protect himself from retal i ati on from the Gods for being a coward
and contri buting less than they coul d be. In doi ng thi s, they have
made themsel ves i ncapable of l i ving.
Your opportuni ty as a sel f-aware Wayseer i s to confront this
horrible death fear head on. To recogni ze, i n every l i ttle thing that
symbol i zes i ncompleteness in your l ife, that you can fearlessl y face
152 Th e Wayseer s
your mortali ty through i ts completi on and by doi ng so set more of
your being free.
Wi th each completi on, you wi l l be rewarded for your bravery
wi th massive releases of energy, vi tal i ty, creati vi ty and joy. This i s
the boon of your heroic journey. Do thi s often enough and you wi ll
be rewarded wi th great weal th, heal th and happiness.
“Genius begins great works;
labor alone finishes them.”
~ Joseph Joubert
As you progress through the agony of completion, experiencing
the thri l li ng release of putti ng each incomplete project to rest, you
wi ll probabl y learn to onl y start what you intend to fini sh, because
suffering through the compl eti on of something you never real l y
wanted i s a most horrendous fate.
“The true genius shudders at incompleteness - and
usually prefers silence to saying something which
is not everything it should be.”
~ Edgar Allan Poe
The final reli c of the fear of death and completi on i s the wakeni ng
of your i nner awareness of what each completi on tel ls you about the
way you have spent your preci ous l ife. When you avoi d completing
something you can avoi d the awareness of what i ts eventual
completi on may tel l you about you. What i f i t’s not “ good” enough?
What i f i t shows I’m i ncompetent? What if i t i s not – i n the end – the
work of geni us of whi ch I am capabl e? Wi l l I not be remembered by
the medi ocri ty of thi s compl eti on?!
“I have offended God and mankind because my
work didn't reach the quality it should have.”
~ Leonardo da Vinci
To master completi on, you must begin by taking your sel f (your
ego), your creati ons and your death much less seri ousl y. When you
Wayseer s t h i n k i n Wh o l es 153
don’t take your self seri ousl y, completi on becomes easy because
what you l ose by i ts compl eti on (your legacy and your li fe) i s not
seen as so i mportant.
When you stop taking your sel f seri ousl y, you wi l l stop
defendi ng against its demi se and in that reli nqui shment of defense
you wi ll become i nti matel y aware of the graceful i mpermanence of
every aspect of l ife. Thi s wi ll l iberate you to enjoy the moment and
complete your goal s wi thout anxiety.
“If you realize that all things change, there is
nothing you will try to hold on to.
If you are not afraid of dying,
there is nothing you cannot achieve.”
Fi nall y, incompleti on in the face of death i s a waste of li fe. You
are given l ife to complete i ts purpose. When you hesi tate or retreat
from the opportuni ties to l i ve up your l i fe ful l y, you wi l l experience
the intolerable gui l t of wasti ng li fe. It is this gui l t that wi l l wei gh you
down and drain your zest for l ife – because now i n order to reach
each new experience of bei ng trul y al i ve you must fi rst be faced wi th
the gui l t of havi ng rejected your previ ous opportuni ties to ful l y li ve
l i fe. You are thus caught in a li feless hol di ng pattern – devoi d of
vi tal ity or enthusi asm – until you can overcome the gui l t of your
earlier wasted moments of l ife.
Thi s gui l t may l ook l i ke anger or hurt or resentment, but i t i s –
underneath i t al l – gui l t for having not been the greatest expressi on
of you, of your soul i n a previ ous moment. You must cast off this
buried gui l t and meet thi s moment anew, throw al l your being i nto
your present opportuni ty to express the greatness of your soul.
“As a well spent day brings happy sleep,
so a life well spent brings happy death.”
~ Leonardo da Vinci
154 Th e Wayseer s
Thi s princi ple has been descri bed in reli gi on as gui l t or karma.
Gui l t in Chri sti ani ty leads to purgatory – i f i t i s resol vable – and Hel l
i f i t i s not. The resol vable gui l t can be processed over in purgatory by
reli ving those “ fal len” moments. In eastern rel i gi on, the Karmi c
Wheel i s a way of describi ng the princi ple of havi ng to complete and
resolve each moment you have wasted in l ife – onl y you keep coming
back to thi s worl d (being reincarnated) again and again unti l i t is
accompl i shed.
Whichever bel ief system you subscribe to, the message i s thi s:
You are here to li ve up your li fe so total l y that your eventual death
becomes a happy respi te.
“The goal of all life is death.”
~ Sigmund Freud
Procrastination & Completion
“It's easier to resist at the beginning
than at the end.”
~ Leonardo da Vinci
Here’s another reason why you procrasti nate. You have
experienced the power of your spontaneous i nsi ghts to render
useless al l you have struggl ed to do, because these insi ghts reveal
short-cuts and offer questi ons you never thought to ask. You coul d
struggle for hours searching your house for your wallet onl y to
di scover it’s been in your back pocket the whole ti me. It i s the
spontaneous i nsi ght that reminds you where your wallet i s, so why
bother doing all that searching in the first pl ace?
You coul d spend weeks on a project, pursui ng a particul ar
approach onl y to di scover in one momentary fl ash of insi ght that al l
you have done can be compl etel y transcended in a single move. If
you had just l ooked at the project from thi s new perspecti ve, ri ght in
the beginni ng, you could have done the project better and done i t in
days i nstead of weeks. So why start the project i n the first pl ace?
Wayseer s t h i n k i n Wh o l es 155
For example: You coul d struggle years (or decades!) saving every
penny to reach the goal of having a mi ll i on dol l ars, or you coul d
reach that same goal in just a few short months wi th just one bri l li ant
i dea.
For Wayseers, bri l l iant i deas come easil y and suddenl y when
we’re open to them. Take Alex Tew’s story for example:
“ It was a muggy summer's ni ght late in August (2005),
the ti me around mi dni ght, and there I was, l ying on my bed
wi th a notepad, brainstorming i deas to make money for
[col lege]. I thi nk I'm quite a creative person, so I wanted to
come up wi th an i dea that was unique and would hopefull y
capture people's i maginati on, but wi th the whole purpose of
maki ng money. No poi nt bei ng shy about i t! I think we bri ts
can someti mes be too shy about money. Well bugger that, I
DO NOT want to be a broke student!
So anyway, after an hour of two of jotti ng random things
on paper, the i dea seemingl y popped out of nowhere.
Al most li ke my subconsci ous mi nd had been ticki ng over i n
the background, working i t al l out. So i t just ki nd of
happened. That's about i t. I scri bbled i t down and wi thin
about 10 minutes a pi cture of what needed to be done had
Alex’s i dea was to make a si mple homepage wi th a mi l l i on pi xel s
on i t and sell adverti si ng space on it for a $1 per pi xel . He cal led it
The Mil l i on Doll ar Homepage. Four months l ater Alex’s crazy li ttle
i dea had made hi m a mi ll i on dol l ars wi th very li ttl e effort.
Alex coul d have done what others do when they need money for
school . He coul d have just got hi msel f a job. But then, he’d probabl y
be a mi l li on dol l ars poorer i f he di d. By not getting ri ght to work on
the project of maki ng some money for school , but instead taking
some focused ti me to let hi s unconsci ous mi nd gi ve hi m the best
sol uti on, Alex used “ procrasti nati on” to hi s advantage.
No wonder you choose to procrastinate! Why struggle to do
anything, when you know there’s a good chance a powerful
156 Th e Wayseer s
revelati on wil l come to you duri ng the process and show you a
completel y di fferent and better way to accompl i sh what you set out
to do? Why let yoursel f be bl indsi ded by another one of your
revelati ons? Why not just rel ax and enjoy yoursel f wi th other
di stracti ons whi le you wai t for i t to come?
“I’m just distracting myself from waiting.”
~ My son John (age 5)
Here’s an i mportant di sti ncti on: Alex was di sci pli ned enough to
use hi s “ procrastinati on” ti me to reall y focus on the problem and
al l ow hi s mi nd to come up with many possi ble sol uti ons unti l he
stumbled upon something capti vatingl y bril l i ant. Then he had the
passi on to act on that brill i ant i dea i mmedi atel y.
Often us Wayseers have trouble getting enough moti vati on to
focus l i ke that. We’re too good at i gnoring our own problems until
they become di sasters. So often what i s mi ssing is the moti vati on and
energy and focus to real ly think about our projects i n the first pl ace.
A great remedy to thi s lack of focus i s to i mmedi atel y engage i n
the ini ti al struggle of doing your project the ol d fashi oned way, while
keeping clear in your mi nd, “ there has got to be a better way.” The
sheer contrast between your current experience of drudgery, and
your knowledge that there’s probabl y some bril l iant sol uti on to your
problem – whi ch woul d render completel y useless everything you
are toi l ing wi th – wi ll at very least moti vate your mind to stay
focused on finding that transcendentl y, “ better way.”
Someti mes your ini ti al struggle is the key to unl ocki ng your great
revelati ons! Without your struggle, your mind has no i mpetus to
provi de you wi th the revelati on.
“I have wasted my hours.”
~ Leonardo da Vinci
So yes, bei ng a Wayseer, at someti me during the completi on of
your project, you wi l l likel y be struck wi th an amazi ng insi ght into
the nature of your project that completel y toppl es al l of your
previ ous concepts and plans for i t. You wi ll want to start your project
Wayseer s t h i n k i n Wh o l es 157
from scratch in thi s better, completel y new way. Real izing thi s, at
l east subconsci ousl y, you used to think something al ong the li nes of
“ Why bother begi nning now, then? Why not just wai t for that
spectacul ar insi ght and then begin. Won’t that save me a great deal of
struggle?” The answer i s “ no!”
The onl y way you get to have that amazi ng i nsi ght, that
paradi gm shift of thought, that out of the box sol uti on, is to engage in
your project – encounter the frustrating complexities of your current
approach to achievi ng i ts goal s. Onl y through thi s i mpetus, onl y by
way of this payment to the gods of your awareness, may your
consci ous mi nd grow ti red of rel yi ng on i ts own struggl ing
meekness, and may your unconsci ous mind offer the reward, the
eli xir to your struggle.
“Everything you want is out there waiting for you
to ask. Everything you want also wants you. But
you have to take action to get it.”~ Jules Renard
Alternating Struggle & Rest
“Men of lofty genius when they are doing the least
work are most active.”
~ Leonardo da Vinci
Your greatest breakthroughs wi l l occur when your mind i s quiet.
It i s then that the subtle whi sper of fate can lead your awareness to
your next great advance. However, thi s pri vi lege must be earned
wi th the sweat of your brow. These subtle hints onl y come to a trul y
quiet mind and a trul y qui et mi nd is often onl y won after a satisfying
struggle wi th your si tuati on. Once your ego’s habitual tacti cs are
suffi cientl y exhausted, your mind wi l l rel ax and fal l open to a greater
wi sdom.
One way to experience thi s phenomenon is to exerci se to the
poi nt of exhausti on and i mmedi atel y after you fi ni sh your exercise,
158 Th e Wayseer s
l ay down on the fl oor and let your mind drift. It i s at thi s ti me that
you wi l l experience greater cl ari ty.
“It takes a lot of time to be a genius,
you have to sit around so much doing nothing,
really doing nothing.”
~ Gertrude Stein
So i t i s wi th the subtle hi nts of geni us that come from your deep
and powerful unconsci ous. They are onl y recogni zable to one who
has asked the hard questi ons and exhausted the confi nes of al l his
preconcepti ons around a parti cul ar problem. For onl y after one has
thrown themsel ves against the wal l too many ti mes for the arrogance
of the ego to sustai n i tsel f, does one tend to surrender hi s pri de and
trul y invi te di vi ne aid.
“When I am weak, then am I strong.”
~ 2nd Corinthians 12:10
So i t i s that great vi ctories and breakthroughs are won fi rst by the
force of struggle, then by the enl i ghtened recepti vi ty of true rest.
Thi s i s how the muscle strengthens i tself, struggl e then rest,
struggle then rest.
“Every now and then go away, have a little
relaxation, for when you come back to your work
your judgment will be surer. Go some distance
away because then the work appears smaller and
more of it can be taken in at a glance and a lack of
harmony and proportion is more readily seen.”
~ Leonardo da Vinci
Wayseer s t h i n k i n Wh o l es 159
The Power of Hyperfocus
“As every divided kingdom falls,
so every mind divided between many studies
confounds and saps itself.”
~ Leonardo da Vinci
Once you have struggled and then rested, all owing inspirati on to
concei ve i tself in your mi nd, you wi ll gai n the impetus to gi ve 100%
of your bei ng to the mani festati on of that inspiration.
When Leonardo woul d fi nal l y engage in hi s work; he
woul d l ock-on. “ When he was working, he woul d ri se
before dawn, cl i mb the scaffol ding and paint from sunri se to
sunset; the brush never l eaving hi s hand. More often than
not, he woul d forget to eat and drink. – Then he mi ght do no
work at al l for 2 or 3 days, careful l y examining the work he
had done… On some days he woul d take hi s brush, pai nt
one or two strokes, and then suddenl y leave.”
~ Monteau Bondello (recalling Leonardo da
Vinci painting the Last Supper)
You, as a Wayseer, have the amazing abil i ty to “ lock-on” to a task
and hyperfocus on i t unti l i t is done. Thi s super-human level of
focus and determi nati on comes rarel y, but when it comes – watch out
there i s nothing that can stand in your way.
“Thou, O God, dost sell us all good things
at the price of labor”
~ Leonardo da Vinci
Cooperate with me or Die!
Because Wayseers see in wholes, and thus see how everyone can
work seamlessl y and i nterdependentl y, they are natural l y
cooperati ve and thus have a geni us for medi ating confl i ct and
160 Th e Wayseer s
movi ng towards harmony. The Wayseer – Mathemati cal Geni us and
Nobel Laureate John Nash (featured in “ A Beautiful Mi nd” ) –
showed how a Wayseer can even use math to express hi s profound
l onging for deep human i nterdependence and cooperati on to be
reali zed.
Al so because Theta Wayseers deal al most excl usivel y in wholes,
and al most never i n parti al s, competi ti on becomes all-or-nothi ng –
we are ei ther cooperati ve and i n harmony as 'one' or we are deeply
separate and in mortal combat as competi tors. Thus competi ti on i s
either fierce or not at al l – whi le for Average or 'partial ' types,
competi ti on can be a very l i mi ted and pleasant play wi th a tiny
fragment of the death wish.
To Theta Wayseers, the concept of competi ti on i s so unnatural
that i f ingested and assimi l ated too deepl y i n their subconsci ous is
deepl y destructi ve. It resul ts in a spl i tti ng off of their mind i nto
fragments and fuel s neurosi s and di ssoci ati ve disorders. On the less
extreme end of the spectrum, thi s deep seated fear of competi tion
creates massi ve anxiety around any percei ved areas of separati on in
their l ife. Separati on i s any area where you feel your i nterests and
those of others di verge.
Remember that you run hot or col d with your percepti ons,
because you percei ve in wholes. So when you see someone as being
“ wi th you” , you experience great cl oseness to them. But when you
see someone as “ separate and against you” that against-ness
saturates your every percepti on of that person so thoroughl y that
you begin to see them as “ evi l .”
Ul timatel y, the onl y thing that’s reall y evil i s the bel ief that others
are trul y separate from you. Consequentl y, by hol ding to the
convicti on that you and your adversary are the same; you can heal
al most any rel ati onshi p.


Wayseer s ar e Dr eamer s
“The future belongs to those who believe
in the beauty of their dreams.”
~ Eleanor Roosevelt
Listen to Your Soul
There are three aspects to your consci ousness. There’s the
personal i ty, there’s the wi tness, and there’s your soul .
The personal i ty – or ego – i s very l oud, very compel l ing, and
qui te reacti ve. The soul i s quiet and sti l l . The witness is your “ gap”
between sti mul us and response, where you choose between your
personal i ty and your soul i n any gi ven moment.
The wi tness chooses what you are. Are you your ego-personal i ty
or are you your soul ? It is your wi tness that chooses i n every moment
whi ch you wi ll appear to be. When you wi tness to your personal i ty
(or ego), you experience and express the effect of all of the social
programming that you have been indoctrinated wi th since bi rth.
When you wi tness to your soul , you experience and express what
you came into thi s l ife for – and you experience the grandeur and
beauty of genui ne feel i ng.
It i s wi se to take ti me every day to be sti l l and si lent and al low
your soul to whisper i ts desires i n your consci ousness. Thi s
162 Th e Wayseer s
“ whi sper” may take many forms. It i s onl y the content that real ly
matters. Thi s content wi ll be pi cked up pre-consciousl y and wil l hel p
i nfl uence what informati on reaches your awareness throughout the
day. Thi nk of your preconsci ous as a gatekeeper of sensory
i nformati on. Let your soul speak to thi s gatekeeper wi thout
i nterrupti on from your ego. If you are careful to do this often
enough, you wil l notice a change in your environment. Si tuati ons
wi ll appear easier, more manageable. You wi ll have a clearer i dea of
what i t i s you are going after. You wi l l be more courageous in
achieving what your soul real l y wants to achieve.
“I searched the Internet looking for answers … I found none.
I searched my heart … and found many.”
There i s a pattern to fol l ow here:
Li sten to your soul . Daydream, medi tate, enjoy unstructured time
… Play & Pray.
Reinforce i n your mi nd’s eye the di recti on you are gi ven.
Vi sual i ze your soul’s desi re as al ready accompl i shed. Repeat this
i magery until you are given something new from your soul .
Go about your busi ness. Do what needs to be done. Clear away
the rubble in your l i fe – the unfini shed acti ons, the “ to do’s” , the
promi ses, and the commi tments.
When you run into trouble, move your mind back to that fl ui d,
more dreamli ke pl ace and all ow your unconscious mi nd to fi ll your
awareness wi th encoded answers to your di lemma. Use your soul as
your questi oner, because your personal i ty wi l l ask poor questi ons
and get confusing answers. But your soul knows the ri ght questi ons
to ask and your unconscious mi nd i s ready to answer thi s cal l .
“When a soul wishes to experience something,
she throws an image of the experience out before
her and enters into her own image.”
~ Meister Ekhart
Wayseer s ar e Dr eamer s 163
Dreaming in a Sea of Answers
“I have discovered that it is of some use that when you lie in
bed at night, and gaze into the darkness, to repeat in your mind
the things you have been studying. Not only does it help the
understanding, but also the memory.”
~ Leonardo da Vinci
“ An emi nent New York professor rel ated an i l l ustrati ve
story. He had been searching for a parti cul ar chemical
formul a for some time, but wi thout success. One ni ght,
whi le he was sleeping, he had a dream in whi ch the formul a
was worked out and displ ayed before hi m. He woke up,
and in the darkness he exci tedl y wrote it down on a piece of
ti ssue, the only thi ng he coul d find. But the next morni ng he
coul d not read hi s own scri bbl ing. Every ni ght thereafter,
upon goi ng to bed, he woul d concentrate hi s hopes on
dreaming that dream agai n. Fortunatel y, after some ni ghts
he di d, and he then wrote the formul a down for good. It
was the formula he had sought and for whi ch he recei ved
the Nobel Pri ze.”

Wayseers Lost in the Dream
Wayseers tend more towards Theta brainwave states – meaning
they are often hal f dreami ng. Thi s i s parti cul arl y obvi ous wi th
Wayseer chil dren. When you say something to them, i t often doesn’t
regi ster. When they don’t want to compl y wi th what you are saying
they bl ock you out of thei r pri vate dream experience. So i t’s l i ke your
chil d i s sleep-wal ki ng, sleep-runni ng, sleep-cl imbi ng, sleep-li ving!
You can’t shake them; and that often won’t rouse them from their
waking dream anyway. They are determined to l i ve out whatever
waking dream they are having, and they wil l stubbornl y cl ing to
exactl y what i t i s they’ve set out to experience in thi s dream. Any
164 Th e Wayseer s
sensory input that confl i cts wi th their intended dream wi l l be
bl ocked out.
People operati ng from this dreamy state seem horri bly self-
absorbed and sel fish – like they thi nk no one el se exi sts or matters –
and thi s may not be far from the truth, because i n the dream-state,
people are dream fi gures trying to infli ct thei r wi ll on the dreamer.
The dreamer just wants to have hi s dream; so he wil l bani sh people
from his real m of percepti on if they aren’t pl ayi ng to his scri pt. He
wi ll al so di stort people in hi s mind so that they appear to be pl ayi ng
to hi s scri pt, even when they are not. (Al so, because thi s is a form of
usi ng people, i t creates gui l t within the dreamer).
Thi s dreamy refusal to acknowledge or respect any boundaries,
di recti ons, requests, or pl eadi ng from a parent can so frustrate and
anger that parent, that they may become openl y hostile toward the
chil d. “ Wake UP!! – YOU insolent mani ac! Why won’t you l i sten to
me?!” they may cry to thei r chi l d. Unfortunatel y all thi s does i s
i ntroduce darkness into their dream – or temporaril y shake them up
enough to wake them for that moment, but at the expense of real l y
hurti ng and upsetti ng them.
These Wayseer chil dren tend to make much noise – as i f i t’s an
attempt to wake themsel ves up. What appears to be a l arge part of
the moti vati on for being i n a half-sleep i s an avoi dance of the pain
and despai r of feeli ng rejected, i gnored and al one. Wayseers have an
ul tra hi gh need for inti macy and soulful connection – and when they
don’t find that i n their outsi de worl d they seek i t wi thin from their
dreams. Thi s i s the root of the pseudo-narci ssi sti c tendencies of
The Struggle to Wake Up
Al l of thi s i s not onl y true for Wayseer chil dren. It i s true for
adul ts too, but for a somewhat mature ego, the dreaminess i s
consi dered a form of narci ssi sm.
Wayseer s ar e Dr eamer s 165
What makes al l thi s dreaminess qui te val uabl e i s that these
Wayseers are channeling the intel l i gence of their profound and
powerful unconsci ous mi nd through thei r day-dreaming acti vi ty.
Through thi s hal f-dreami ng acti vi ty these Wayseers wi l l be bringing
unconsci ous truths out into the open. They wi ll be leading the way to
greater truth and di scovery, al bei t often at the expense and comfort
of the people cl ose to them.
many cl ose friends and relati ves want to scream to thi s i ndi vi dual.
When you are not happy wi th your si tuati on, you ei ther engage
(fi ght) or you go hal f-asleep (fli ght). Your hal f-asleep state can
become the insti gati on of your di sorder if you do not manage your
states appropri atel y. Half asleep i s a great way to di scover
transcendent sol uti ons to i mpossible problems, but i t’s al so a patheti c
way to avoi d the pai n of your l i fe. Theta brai nwaves are what
domi nate your dreamy state, but that must be bal anced wi th Al pha
brai nwaves, which make you come ali ve physicall y and hel p you feel
wi de awake. Al pha brai nwaves are encouraged through physi cal
encounters and exerci se. Al pha brainwaves are al so ampl i fied in
natural dayli ght whi le communi ng wi th nature. Running around in a
grassy fiel d i s a great way to wake up and increase your Al pha
brai nwaves. Maybe that’s why fiel d sports are so popul ar.
When you are engaged, you become inti matel y aware of all the
confl i ct in your l ife and that i s qui te upsetting. Take heart. Have
courage. Your onl y way out i s through awakening; not sli ppi ng i nto
the obli vi on of sleep.
I know it’s di fficul t to wake up to al l the chaos of l i fe at ti mes, but
remember, “ This too shal l pass.” Beyond that ini ti al horror of waki ng
awareness is the energy and confi dence to keep goi ng, because you
wi ll start seeing a way out of your scary predi cament – and beyond
that is the thril l of vi ctory.
“Take the first step in faith. You don't have to see
the whole staircase, just take the first step.”
~ Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
166 Th e Wayseer s
Being Brilliant & Awake
In order to be bri ll i ant, you first need to wake up. Anyone who’s
gotten out of bed on a col d and earl y morni ng knows how much
courage that can take.
Bono – l ead si nger for U2 – learned to wake hi msel f up so he
coul d communi cate the songs he heard in hi s mind more powerful l y
to the outsi de worl d. He woul d jump up and down, jog around, get
hi s bl ood pumpi ng and break into a sweat before he sang hi s
spontaneous stream-of-consci ousness l yrics. Out of that came great
songs l i ke “ In the name of Love” and “ Bad” wi th i ts tel l ing l ine “ I’m
wi de awake!”
Be Kind to the Dreamer
Ever wonder who chooses the contents of your dreams?
Is i t you? Is i t some mysteri ous other-i ntel li gence? Or i s i t just
Any good student of Freud's woul d say that dreams are made
from our unconsci ous mi nd. They are a summati on of our secret
thoughts, wi shes, fears and gui l t. Dreams may feel l i ke they have a
reali ty outsi de of our own thi nki ng, but they do not.
I watched the movie Vani ll a Sky the other ni ght. I l ove how it
shows the role gui l t plays i n our dreams. Gui l t can turn happy
dreams i nto ni ghtmares. Gui l t can rob us of our greatest joys and
repl ace them wi th self-puni shment. In our dreams gui l t can take the
form of stal kers chasing us.
If li fe i s but a dream, then guil t is what messes up our li fe. We
cannot have a happy l ife i f pangs of gui l t hol d our joys i n check. We
must fi rst di ssol ve our gui l t before our powerful unconsci ous mind
wi ll see us as deserving of happy dreams of l ove and grati tude.
Wayseer s ar e Dr eamer s 167
Now i t i s clear why so many saints and enli ghtened ones have
devoted their li ves to servi ce. It i s a si mple way to absol ve oneself of
gui l t. It gi ves the dreaming mind reason to be ki nd to the dreamer.
Share What You Love
& the Money Will Follow
I al ways found, “ Do what you l ove and the money wi l l foll ow” to
be too pat – too Pol l yanna – too i mpracti cal . It seems to count on
some benevolent Force i n the Uni verse to come to the rescue and
reward you for i mpractical courage.
The other detractor to that saying i s the exampl e of al l the
“ starving arti sts” out there. They’re doing what they l ove, hoping the
money wi ll fol l ow, but it’s not. Or maybe i t i s, but i t mi ght not get
there unti l after they’re dead.
The statement, “ Do what you l ove and the money wil l fol l ow”
trusts i n the power of l ove, which I agree wi th, but i t does not seem
to take into account the princi ples of money, commerce, transacti ons
and weal th.
My friend, Marti n Sussman, once sai d to me, “ the amount of
weal th a piece of currency produces i s based on how much it i s
ci rcul ated. If you take one $20 bi l l and stuff i t under your mattress,
and you take another $20 bil l and pay a masseuse for a massage, and
she then uses that $20 to buy a dress, and the store owner then uses
that money to buy l unch and the restaurant owner uses that money
to buy the groceries and pay the cook and the cook uses that money
to pay hi s rent, and the grocer uses that money to pay the farmers;
that $20 bil l – starting wi th your ori ginal transacti on – has produced
an accumul ati on of $80 of servi ces and weal th through i ts ci rcul ati on.
So i t i s wi th money that the more i t i s shared the more overal l
weal th i t produces.
168 Th e Wayseer s
That bei ng the case that ol d awkward cl i ché, “ Do what you l ove
and the money wi ll fol l ow” mi ght be more hel pful and true i f i t were
to be “ Share what you l ove and the money wi ll fol l ow.”
It i s through the sharing of what you l ove that val ue i s brought
i nto the worl d – the doing i s onl y a fracti on of the process.
Thi nk of a guy who l oves watchi ng hockey. If he just si ts around
watching hockey, because he i s doi ng what he loves, chances are he
won’t be making much money.
However, if he shares the l ove of watching hockey, by hel pi ng
others to see the games too, say by bei ng a hockey sportscaster, then
he i s actual l y sharing what he l oves and i t is easy to see how money
wi ll foll ow.
Another example i s if you are a salesman who sel l s cars, but you
l ove boati ng. You mi ght not want to give up your sales career, buy a
boat and go broke boati ng – you mi ght want to become a boat
salesman instead. That way you are sharing what you l ove – boating
– not going broke trying to si mpl y do what you l ove.
Shari ng invol ves having a genui ne encounter with others. Doi ng
can be done in i sol ati on. Do you see the di fference? Do you see how
to just “ do what you l ove” can encourage sel fi shness and escapism,
whi le having the courage to “ share what you l ove” engenders greater
awareness and selfless service to others?
Which approach do you think “ the money wi l l foll ow” ?
“ But how does thi s appl y to one’s art?” a fell ow Wayseer once
To gi ve you some back-story, the parti cul ar arti st who asked this
questi on l oves peoples’ eyes. She i s captivated by the soul that she
sees through their eyes and thi s makes her want to draw their
portrai t.
I responded, “ It can be your mi ssi on to share what you l ove
through your art. Share the beauty that you see i n peoples’ eyes.
Powerful l y ampli fy the soul you see i n those eyes, so that everyone,
who l ooks at your portrai ts, i s taken wi th the soul their eyes convey.”
Wayseer s ar e Dr eamer s 169
Your opportuni ty i s to create and promote what you l ove to
behol d. For through that creati on and promotion you are making
more of what you l ove and shari ng i t wi th the worl d.


Sur fing t he Unconscious
Wayseers are Adventurers
Crisis is a terrible thing to waste.
The unconsci ous mind i s an uncertain pl ace. It i s tumul tuous.
Li ke a great ocean, it can carelessl y toss you around wi thout any
regard for your tiny consci ousness.
Those who l i ve on the edge of the unconsci ous are a rare breed.
These are the ones who can stare into the abyss and feel more al ive
for i t. They are content wi th uncertainty. They trust the one thi ng
that stri kes fear in most people’s hearts – change. They hope for that
qual i ty of li ving cal led adventure. They are the Wayseers.
The unconsci ous mind i s ful l of adventure, because as soon as it
uproots your consci ousness from control of the ego, i t takes you on a
wi l d ri de through all the material that your consci ous mi nd has been
unwil l ing to see.
To l i ve in a pri maril y Beta brai nwave state is to l ive in a down-to-
earth landl ocked state. Al l of your experiences wi ll tend toward the
mundane – your experience i s dry and concrete. Thi s i s a great state
i n which to do your taxes, accounti ng, pay the bi ll s, and deal wi th the
mundane aspects of physi cal exi stence. In these states you wi l l l i kel y
be attenti ve, detai l oriented, methodical and bored.
To embrace a pri mari ly Al pha-Theta brainwave state i s quite
another experience. To l ive i n Al pha-Theta brainwave states i s to l i ve
172 Th e Wayseer s
on the edge of perpetual adventure – to be constantl y charting new
frontiers, expl oring new terri tory, pushing the envel ope, and di ving
i n to the jui ce of l ife. These brai nwave states are hi ghl y creati ve,
completel y outl andi sh (no pun i ntended), inexpl i cabl y deep and
profound. Every moment, every moti on, every detai l i s another piece
of evi dence for a di vine answer bei ng scrawled across the sky of your
consci ousness.
The ol d adage “ Have your head in the cl ouds and your feet on
the ground,” i s good gui dance for how to l i ve on the cusp of Al pha
and Theta brai nwave domi nance. Theta i s the receptive feminine
i ntui ti ve regi on of thought, the proverbi al “ head i n the cl ouds.”
Al pha i s the projecti ve mascul ine “ gut” l evel of thought, i t i s the
proverbi al “ feet on the ground.” Al pha i s what gi ves your Theta
i nspirati on tracti on in your physi cal l ife.
When you are l i vi ng from the Al pha regi on of your mind, you are
grounded and externally aware. You have both feet planted firml y
on the ground. If you feel li ke you may be too spacey, dreamy, or
di sconnected from your outer real i ty, then you need more Al pha.
One way to i ncrease your Al pha state i s to wal k barefoot on the
grass. You are l i teral l y planting your feet on sol i d ground thi s way. It
may sound hokey or overl y symbol ic, but i t real l y works.
When you are l iving out of the Theta regi on of thought, even
numbers aren’t just dry data anymore; they are l i ving symbol s of a
di vi ne mystery. The symbol i sm that saturates every moment of
consci ousness i s beckoning you to arri ve at new awarenesses of the
potenti al your si tuati on offers you.
Nothi ng is ordinary in these states – i t i s al l transcendent and
subl i me. This i s not a good pl ace to do your taxes from – far too
much creati vi ty l i ves here (and the IRS has been known to do i ts best
to squash creativi ty.) … but here i s an oasi s to di scover sol uti ons to
the deeper mysteries of your l ife, thi s i s the place to be.

Su r f i n g t h e Un c o n sc i o u s 173
Levels of Consciousness
Si gmund Freud taught that there are level s of consci ousness.
Each level has i ts own speci al properties and relati onshi p wi th our
overal l l i fe experience:
Conscious (tiny): the consci ous mind onl y hol ds what you are
i mmedi atel y aware of. You can tal k about your consci ous experience,
you can mani pul ate the i tems in your consci ous mi nd and you can
think about them in a l ogi cal way.
Pre-conscious (small): the pre-consci ous (or subconsci ous) mi nd
makes up your ordinary memory and i s l i ke a gate-keeper of what i s
al l owed i nto your consciousness. So al though you aren’t necessaril y
aware of what’s going on in your pre-conscious mi nd, you can
readil y access i t.
Unconscious (huge): Freud taught that thi s part of the mi nd i s
not directl y accessi ble to consci ous awareness. In part, he saw i t as a
dumpi ng ground for urges, feeli ngs and i deas that are rejected by
your consci ous mind – most often they are associ ated wi th pain, and
confl i ct. Accordi ng to Freud, when feeli ngs and thoughts are rejected
or denied by the consci ous mi nd they do not just go away. They si t in
your unconsci ous exerting i nfl uence on your body, acti ons, dreams
and consci ous awareness. Thi s is where most of the work of the Id
and Superego take pl ace.
Materi al passes back and forth easil y between the consci ous and
the preconsci ous. Material from these two areas can al so sli p i nto the
unconsci ous.
Iceberg Metaphor
for the Levels of the Mind:
“Water is the driving force of all nature.”
~ Leonardo da Vinci
174 Th e Wayseer s
The unconsci ous mi nd is often represented by water. A model
that Si gmund Freud and Carl Jung use to descri be the level s of the
mi nd is an iceberg. The part of the iceberg that is above the surface of
the water i s your conscious mi nd. Consci ousness i s the part of your
mi nd you know directly. It i s where you are sel f-aware of your
thoughts, feel ings, senses and intui ti ons. It i s through consci ous
acti vity that you see yourself as an indi vi dual . It’s the part of your
mi nd that contai ns informati on i n your i mmedi ate awareness.
Beneath the l owest level of your consci ousness, there i s a
waterl ine (to stay wi th thi s i ceberg metaphor), beneath thi s waterline
i s the rest of the iceberg – the preconsci ous (or subconsci ous) and the
unconsci ous.
What Freud cal l s the unconsci ous, i s what Jung cal l s the
“ personal unconsci ous.” Here you wi l l fi nd thoughts, feel ings, urges,
memories and i mpul ses that are rejected by your consci ousness.
Experiences that do not reach consci ousness, experiences that are not
congruent wi th who you thi nk you are, and thi ngs that have become
“ repressed” make up the materi al beneath the level of consci ousness.
Onl y 10% of an i ceberg is trul y vi si ble (consci ous) while the other
90% i s submerged beneath the water (bel ow consci ousness i s
preconsci ous and unconsci ous).
The Preconsci ous coul d be 10% to 15% whi le the Unconsci ous i s
overwhel mingl y huge and coul d be anywhere from 80%-97% of your
mi nd’s capaci ty.
Al though not di rectl y accessible, materi al in your personal
unconsci ous has gotten there someti me duri ng your l i feti me. For
example, the words you choose to descri be yourself, why you pick a
particul ar partner or your career may be choi ces you reached
consci ousl y. But i t i s more l i kel y that these choi ces have been
i nfl uenced by personal unconsci ous materi al l i ke your parents’
preferences, formati ve chi l dhood experiences, and even televi si on
programming you may have seen. You do not think about these
i nfl uences consci ousl y when you make your deci si ons, but
unconsci ousl y your mi nd bursts forth wi th thi s unconsci ous
programming under the vei l of si tuati onal choi ces.
Su r f i n g t h e Un c o n sc i o u s 175
Depth psychol ogi sts hol d that most of your deci si ons are
determined by unconscious factors.

Unconscious Body Signals
Your unconsci ous mind runs most of your body functi ons. It runs
your di gesti ve system, your i mmune system, etcetera, and your
unconsci ous mind has the capaci ty to use your body as a
communi cati on channel to reach your consci ous awareness. For
many the most they percei ve i s that they are suddenl y si ck or have
heartburn, a nervous stomach, a headache, sweaty pal ms or any
myri ad of physi cal ail ments that are chal ked up to chance. But what
i f your unconsci ous mi nd is trying to tell you something wi th
i ncreasi ng i ntensi ty, by generating these ai l ments? This questi on i s
exactl y what got Si gmund Freud the medi cal doctor to become the
father of modern psychol ogy and psychoanal ysi s.
Freud had many patients who had physi cal symptoms and
maladies with no underl yi ng physi cal cause. He then noti ced that
they had dreams that reflected psychol ogi cal causes for these
symptoms. He later sai d “ Dreams are the royal road to the
unconsci ous.” But ori ginal l y what ti pped Freud off that there was
even such a thing as the unconsci ous mind was patients wi th
physi cal symptoms wi thout physi cal causes.
The son of George Soros (the great bi ll i onaire currencies investor)
descri bes how hi s father recogni zes hi s back pai n as a messenger
communi cating to hi m from the deep wi sdom of hi s unconsci ous
mi nd, whi ch George Soros uses to hel p hi m select his investments
(and surf hi s unconsci ous):
176 Th e Wayseer s
“My father will sit down and give you theories to
explain why he does this or that. But I remember
seeing this as a kid and thinking, ‘At least half of
this is bull.’ I mean, you know the reason he
changes his position in the market or whatever is
because his back starts killing him.
He literally goes into a spasm,
and it's his early warning sign.”
~ Son of George Soros,
billionaire currencies investor
As I've become more inwardl y honest, I’ve devel oped awareness
of subtle unconsci ous clues sent to me through my body. My throat
wi ll ti ghten when I am speaking wrongl y, lying or mi sleading myself
and others wi th what I am saying. I take thi s to mean, "Whoa! Off
course" from my deeper wi sdom. If I'm not too firml y entrenched in
my ego at the moment, I wi l l qui ckl y change the subject or the
content of what I am sayi ng i n order to re-align wi th the hi ghest
purpose of the moment.
I al so have these twi tches al l throughout my body - very subtle,
i mpercepti ble to other people, smal l strands of muscle somewhere in
my body wi l l unexpectedl y twi tch in order to del i ver me a message.
If the twi tch i s on my left si de I have come to understand thi s means
'no' or 'false' to whatever thought was passi ng through my mi nd in
that instant. If the twi tch i s somewhere on the ri ght-hand si de of my
body, i t i s a si gn of affirmati on of whatever I was thinking at that
moment. Thi s is basi c self intel li gence.
Then I can often subconsci ousl y escal ate thi s i nformati on for
confi rmati on to my hi ghest wi sdom and I wil l get a li ght sensati on
and a buzz on the top ri ght of my skul l as i f I were bei ng touched
there tenderl y - then I know a hi gher i ntel li gence has gi ven approval
to my consci ous thought at that moment. Thi s very phenomenon has
l ed the wri ting of thi s, whi ch has met wi th some gentle edi ting from
what I experience as a higher source.
Su r f i n g t h e Un c o n sc i o u s 177
“I believe that imagination is stronger than
knowledge - myth is more potent than history
- dreams are more powerful than facts
- hope always triumphs over experience
- laughter is the cure for grief
- love is stronger than death”
~ Robert Fulghum
Your unconsci ous mind i s hol i sti c, meaning i t thinks i n wholes.
So whenever you are stuck i n the mi ddle of somethi ng, your
unconsci ous mind tends to have the completi on of that somethi ng
wai ting for you. It's li ke when you sing the mel ody or knock the
rhythm to the famous "Shave and a hair cut ... Two bi ts!" If you were
to stop before singing the l ast two notes, your unconsci ous mi nd
woul d leap in to compl ete i t for you. Such i s the way al l your
problems can be solved, si mpl y START the mel ody and your
unconsci ous mi nd wil l work day and ni ght to complete your
si tuati on. That i s why affirmati ons and vi sual i zati ons work so wel l .
That is why just di ving i n and begi nning something has so much
more power than wai ting for 'the ri ght ti me'. Once you begi n i t, once
you are commi tted to seeing an acti on through, your unconsci ous
mi nd rushes to your ai d to hel p you complete i t.
It i s al so i mportant to be aware that besi des your unconsci ous
mi nd you must have a good gui dance system. If you al l ow your ego
to be your gui de you wi ll merel y mani fest ever l arger portrai ts of
your own ego. All of your problems wi ll be mul ti pl ied in the ever
i ncreasi ng i mage of your ego. If you choose to invi te the “ sti l l smal l
voi ce” of God for hi ghest good (al so known as “ compassi on” or the
Hol y Spiri t), thi s Spiri t wi ll gui de your unconscious mi nd to provi de
you wi th answers that manifest grace i nstead of bi gger problems.
Thi nk of your unconscious mi nd as a neutral genie of a magi c
l amp that gi ves you free wi shes. Thi s genie wi l l answer your
questi ons and grant your wi shes no matter how troublesome thi s
178 Th e Wayseer s
may be to you. So i t i s you who must be careful what you ask for,
because any error in your request can have far-reachi ng and
di sastrous resul ts. There i s an old curse that goes “ May you get what
you want!”
Your ego can onl y ask questi ons based on your soci al
condi ti oni ng. So these questi ons wi l l just be regurgi tati ons of what
your parents and your cul ture have programmed you to ask. These
ki nds of questi ons, when asked, rarel y have a truly posi ti ve outcome.
On the other hand, your soul came into thi s li fe wi th questi ons –
good questi ons – that deep down you trul y l ong to hear the answers
to. It i s rediscovering what these questi ons are that wi ll bring you
Always use God, Compassi on, Jesus Christ, the Hol y Spiri t or
another ambassador of Absol ute Goodness to gui de you i n what
questi ons you ask your unconsci ous mind. Then you are usi ng your
power wi sel y.
“When human power becomes so great and
original that we can account for it only as a kind of
divine imagination, we call it genius”
~ William Crashaw
“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”
~ Leonardo da Vinci
Beauty and elegance are the quali ties of inspirati on. The
unconsci ous mind wil l often offer beautiful and elegant sol uti ons to
your problems – and i t i s preci sel y thei r beauty and elegance that
i mmedi atel y makes us aware of thi s parti cul ar thought or vi si on’s
val ue.
Thi s i s why physici sts and mathematici ans are concerned wi th
the elegance of a formul a or theory. It i s elegance that si gnal s this
Su r f i n g t h e Un c o n sc i o u s 179
answer i s not a compl i cated and contri ved concocti on of the ego. This
answer has the si mpl ici ty, beauty and grace of truth.
The unconsci ous mi nd seeks to make the conscious mi nd whole.
The unconsci ous mind restores bal ance, completes the incomplete
and fi nishes the song i n a graceful twi st. Your vastl y powerful
unconsci ous mi nd knows how i t can i mpress your consci ousness
wi th beauty and so i t uses wholeness, elegance and beauty as a form
to si gnal “ pay attenti on to thi s.”
Another i mpressi ve qual i ty of most unconsci ous i nsi ghts i s the
perfect fi t. Li ke that piece that fits perfectl y in the di zzying ji gsaw
puzzl e, the sol uti ons offered by your unconscious mi nd can sol ve
every nuance of your si tuati on so preci sel y with such quintessenti al
perfecti on that i t feel s as i f God had desi gned your entire l i fe in
preparati on for unvei li ng thi s breathtaking sol ution.
Your experience of “ I had no i dea. … I had no i dea! How coul d I
have mi ssed thi s al l that ti me?” Thi s experience coul d be cal led a
revelati on.
Or if you want to see i t more objectivel y, these dawns of
unconsci ous geni us awaken you to the real i zati on that the uni verse
shines forth i n si mple and perfect radi ance, and conti nues to do so,
whether you’re ever aware of i t or not.
“Human subtlety will never devise an invention
more beautiful, more simple or more direct than
does nature because in her inventions nothing is
lacking, and nothing is superfluous.”
~ Leonardo da Vinci
Beauty is Truth
How coul d anythi ng be wrong in a moment of perfect beauty?
That’s how answers are gi ven to us, our perception i s merel y shi fted
to see the perfect beauty of a parti cul ar si tuati on. If you thought there
was a problem before you saw the beauty of the moment – in
180 Th e Wayseer s
wi tnessing that perfect beauty – the sol uti on becomes clear, because
the sol uti on is part of that beauty.
What we once saw as ugl i ness was merel y hal f the pi cture. When
we don’t see the beauty of a si tuati on – we are onl y seei ng hal f of the
pi cture. Once we see the whole pi cture, we notice the subl i me beauty
of how every answer is part of the questi on. It i s often the poor
questi on that draws a li ne between i tsel f and the answer we are
l ooki ng for. Once we see the beauty of our si tuation, we begi n to ask
better questi ons and the answers are clear. We real i ze then that every
ugl y “ problem” i s actual l y a beauti ful si tuati on, that through too
l i mi ted a view, we have mi sunderstood.
Forgi veness i s another way of descri bing thi s ul ti mate problem
sol ving process. Forgi veness sees how one i s trul y perfect and in
wi tnessing that perfecti on i n al l i ts beauty, the ugl i ness i s di ssol ved
i n the context of that subl i me beauty.
“There are no problems – only solutions.”
~ John Lennon
The Whole Disaster
In our repressed and mechani zed society, the “ messiness” of
i rrati onal unconsci ous impul ses is seen as a grave threat. These
i mpul ses betray the control led soci al norms. They force us to l ook at
what is real l y happening to our soul s beneath the cool di si nterest we
charade around in.
A great spiritual teacher once taught that the first step towards
enl i ghtenment i s to admi t that “ your l ife i s in a mess.” So i t i s what
Wayseers naturall y do. They expose the mess, whi ch i s just bel ow the
surface of everyone’s soci al veneer.
The bourgeoi sie maintain their pl ace in society by keeping the
status quo. The bourgeoisie i s the part of the mi ddl e cl ass that spends
most of their ti me mai ntai ni ng and reinforci ng the soci al norms of
their communi ty, mostly out of fear of l osing soci al status. They
don’t l i ke having the proverbi al boat rocked; because if their
communi ty shi fts in any way, chances are their pl ace in i t wil l
Su r f i n g t h e Un c o n sc i o u s 181
col l apse. It i s easy to see why the Normal type behaves thi s way,
because the Normal type i s far less able to adapt to change than
During ti mes of change Wayseers thri ve, because of their
adaptabi li ty, ingenuity and novel ty seeking behavi or. On the other
hand, during peri ods of monotony the Normal type thri ves because
of the comfort they find i n a steady adherence to societal , cul tural
and soci al rules, pl us the enjoyment they find i n performing the same
repeti ti ve duties, day in and day out.
Si nce 90% of the worl d popul ati on i s the Normal type, you can
see why so much of our society revol ves around abi ding by rules and
regul ati ons. If you take a cl ose l ook at our school systems, you’l l note
that, (more than even teaching readi ng, wri ting and arithmeti c), they
i ndoctrinate students into a cul ture of rules. Boundaries are
i mportant to be aware of, but when rules are worshi pped over
common sense or compassi on, then that i s when the Wayseers i n the
ranks tend to take matters i nto their own hands.
Most Normal types on some level recogni ze that they are onl y
contri buti ng to their organi zati on as a “ cog i n the wheel ,” not as a
l eader or free thinker. They have spent the better part of their l i ves
training to become reall y good at pl aying their part as thi s “ cog in the
wheel ,” and that i s where they get thei r pri de from. If that “ wheel ”
changes, chances are that their particul ar pl ace as a cog i n that wheel
wi ll be outmoded.
While Wayseers would celebrate the opportuni ty to do
something new and di fferent, thi s terrifies the Normal type. The
Normal type’s fear i s that they wi l l be unable (or unwil l ing) to adapt
and they wi l l be abandoned by their organi zati on as useless. So,
these Normal types wi ll do everythi ng in thei r power to keep things
as they are.
As l ong as everything appears fine, the bourgeoi sie gets to keep
their comfortable l ot i n society. They are the l ast who woul d admi t
there i s a mess ri ght bel ow the surface of things. The bourgeoi sie
mai ntai n their place in society by subduing insurgence, shaming the
unexpected, and snuffing the spiri t of Wayseers. Anyone not
182 Th e Wayseer s
fol l owing the “ rules” of society i s swi ftl y put down by the
bourgeoi sie.
A commonl y gi ven reason for their approach to l i fe i s “ because
i t’s al ways been done that way.” Thi s kind of thinking dri ves
Wayseers nuts. Wayseers are al ways finding new flaws to fi x and
new ways of doing things, and thi s threatens the Normal types
around them. If the Normal type has some ki nd of authori ty over a
Wayseer, that’s when rebel l i on i s l i kel y to occur.
A coll aborator in thi s bourgeoi s conspiracy i s the severe neuroti c
Wayseer type. The severe neurotic i s wounded from their earl y
experiences of having their own spontanei ty and innovati veness
puni shed out of them. They now feel the fear of that puni shment
bei ng repeated whenever anyone wi thin their sphere of infl uence
exerci ses that same kind of spontaneous freedom. They al so have
i nternal ized that puni shment so that whenever they themselves have
a spontaneous i mpul se, they subl i mate i t through an i nner form of
torture. So now, instead of encouragi ng freedom i n their fell ow
Wayseers as their true Wayseer nature woul d suggest, they have a
reacti on response to spontaneous freedom that reminds them of all
the puni shment they once endured. That’s when they tend to get a
sadi stic charge out of forceful l y suppressing and punishi ng these
other Wayseers.
So, not al l of the bourgeoi s oppressors are Normal types. Some of
the worst of them are wounded neuroti c Wayseers who can’t stand
to see others enjoying the freedom they never got to.
Remember, the power of the Wayseers i s our deep connecti on
wi th the unconsci ous and our abil i ty to freel y and spontaneousl y
reveal deep truths. This is threatening to the Normal type because of
i ts di srupti veness. The messy truth that erupts from the depths of the
unconsci ous mind si mply doesn’t fi t ni cel y in the establ i shed “ order”
of a rules based society.
Thi s spontaneous freedom i s threateni ng to the severel y neurotic
Wayseers because these revel ati ons are often messy and remind
them of wounds they have endured for si mi l ar behavi or.
Su r f i n g t h e Un c o n sc i o u s 183
To further ti p the odds i n the favor of suppressi on of deep and
genui ne emoti on, technol ogy now hel ps defend our society’s
i ncreasi ngl y l i feless status quo. You may note that whenever there i s
a chance encounter wi th a deep and genui ne truth – or whenever
there i s an inti mate moment well ing from our depths – there is
al ways a cell phone to save us from that beautiful experience.
“That’s the beauty of Television. Whenever there
is something really important happening on TV …
you can always turn the channel.”
~ Bono
Developing Your Gift
for Problem Solving
It has been sai d that Wayseers have, on average, 20% hi gher IQs
than the rest of the popul ati on. Thi s i s due l argel y to the amazi ng
problem sol ving capaci ty of Wayseer wired brains.
Most IQ tests are desi gned to prefer l ateral thi nki ng abi l ity over
l i near thinking because it i s a greater si gn of hi gh i ntel l i gence. Al bert
Ei nstei n was pri mari l y a l ateral thi nker, as was Thomas Edi son,
Benjami n Frankl i n, and Leonardo da Vinci .
Lateral thinking i s a problem-solvi ng approach where you
attempt many different angles in order to find a sol uti on. You thi nk
"outsi de the box" and you di scover many new ways of framing
problems rather than stayi ng stuck.
People who are hi ghl y capable l ateral thi nkers are great sol uti on
fi nders; i nventors, entrepreneurs, pi oneers, expl orers and artists.
Their temperaments tend to be creati ve, energeti c, i mpul si ve and
"di stractible" because those are the quali ties that faci l i tate great
l ateral thinking abi li ty. Leonardo da Vinci epi tomi zed thi s ki nd of
184 Th e Wayseer s
Wayseers excel at lateral thinking abil i ty. Lateral thinking i s most
effecti ve in certain envi ronments - generall y si tuati ons where there is
l i ttle or no establ i shed procedure for success - si tuati ons where the
sol uti on must be di scovered as opposed to merely regurgi tated.
Most entrepreneurs, inventors and pi oneers find themsel ves i n
ci rcumstances where strong l ateral problem sol vi ng abi l i ty i s a
greater asset than any formul a one mi ght have memori zed. Lateral
thinking i s creati ve and di ffi cul t to teach anyone who doesn't al ready
have a penchant for i t. It i s the opposi te of l inear thi nki ng, which is
the kind of thinki ng encouraged and graded for in most publi c
school systems.
“If you are a genius, boredom can be dangerous.”
~ Sherlock Holmes on PBS
MENSA ri ddles can be used to further devel op and hone thi s gift.
MENSA ri ddles offer the fol l owing therapeuti c benefi ts to Wayseers:
1) Diffi cul t, someti mes baffl ing, geni us cali ber MENSA ri ddles
are often compell i ng enough to capture the attenti on of Wayseers
and evoke their hyperfocus.
2) Good MENSA ri ddles have sati sfying and elegant sol uti ons,
whi ch are in and of themsel ves reward enough for the mental effort
requi red to crack them.
3) MENSA ri ddles are a great mental workout – si mi l ar in effect
to physi cal exerci se – because they cal m and focus the Wayseer mind
by releasing pent up energy.
4) MENSA ri ddles bui l d sel f-esteem wi th each subsequent vi ctory
and show the neuroti c Wayseer how bri ll i ant they real l y are.
5) The mental effort requi red to do MENSA ri ddl es effectivel y
exerci ses your Wayseer mi nd, making you smarter and smarter. (I
have seen my problem-sol ving abil i ty boosted dramati call y si mpl y
by doi ng a handful of MENSA ri ddles every day for just a few
Su r f i n g t h e Un c o n sc i o u s 185
6) The sol uti on finding abi l ity that doing MENSA ri ddles
devel ops in your mind makes sol ving other day-to-day li fe problems
surpri singl y easier.
If you woul d l i ke to try a coupl e great MENSA ri ddles refer to
Appendi x A at the end of thi s book.
The Socratic Method
“I never teach my pupils; I only attempt to provide
the conditions in which they can learn.”
~ Albert Einstein
The Socrati c Method i s a way of educating yourself by the
ori ginal meaning of the word “ educate.” The Latin meaning of
educate i s “ to draw out.”
Socrates found the best way to cul ti vate wi sdom i n his students
was not by tel li ng them things – which i s cal led di dactic i nstructi on –
but to have them tel l hi m things, which i s now called Socratic
i nstructi on.
Di dactic instructi on is when the lecturer i mposes i nformati on on
students. So the di dacti c method basi cal l y means the student si ts and
consumes informati on, and i s expected to learn by that process.
Socrates strongl y bel ieved that the di dactic process di d not
cul ti vate any real wi sdom. It, at best, encouraged students to be good
regurgi tators of i nformati on. In a di dacti c si tuati on, students often
memori ze informati on and repeat “ facts,” wi thout ful ly
comprehendi ng what i t was that they were repeati ng.
Si nce Socrates was a teacher of great depth and of qui te subtle
phi l osophy, he needed a way to teach his students in a much more
thorough, i mpactful way. What he discovered was that the Socratic
Method – whi ch is basical l y to ask good leading questi ons of hi s
students – woul d draw out of them powerful new reali zati ons
through thi s questi oning process.
186 Th e Wayseer s
Basi call y, in the Socrati c Method, i t is the students that are
comi ng up wi th the informati on. It is the teacher that i s suppl ying
i nspirati on for coming up wi th that i nformati on. So good questi ons,
good speaki ng assi gnments i f you wi ll , all ow students to start
speaki ng and start coming out wi th surpri si ng new real i zati ons.
Thi s i s al l based on the princi ple that the truth is i nsi de of you,
and everythi ng you need to know you al ready know, you just mi ght
need hel p navi gating and accessi ng that knowledge.
How can you practice the Socratic Method?
You can practi ce the Socrati c Method by fi ndi ng a friend or hi ri ng
someone who wi ll genuinel y li sten to you with the real i ntent to hear
your deepest wisdom speak. You wil l be amazed what happens
when one person l i stens to another wi th the expectati on of heari ng
something powerful and profound.
Once you have a great li stener to hel p you, speak on whatever
subject you are most interested in learning about. The other thi ng is if
you al ready feel l i ke you have somewhat of a grasp on the subject,
you can speak about that and become more masterful of that.
What is i nteresting about the Socratic Method i s that i t is used al l
the ti me but by the peopl e who espouse to be “ teachi ng” – but they
are real l y the learners because they are the ones being educated. It
turns out that we as a culture have teachi ng and learning reversed!
Al l of those “ thought l eaders,” who are pai d to l ecture on
particul ar subjects are often the ones who are learni ng the most from
their own lecture, because they have a captive audience that i s
performing the Socrati c Method for them.
So, fi nd your audience! Whether you need to start wi th a friend
or ask someone to hel p – just start speaki ng. Start “ tal king out” al l of
your i ssues. What you wi ll di scover i s as you continue to speak, if
you have a good l istener who i s trul y l i stening for your deepest
wi sdom to speak, i s that there i s actual l y some sort of deeper
Su r f i n g t h e Un c o n sc i o u s 187
connecti on that makes you smarter. Just by bei ng l i stened to thi s
way, you are actual l y smarter!
You can use the Socrati c Method to overcome your neuroti c
tendencies and exerci se your wil l , by doing publ ic presentati ons.
You can hel p yourself di scover the abi li ty to articul ate geni us
sol uti ons by combining the Socrati c Method and Image-Streami ng
process descri bed i n thi s book.
The Birth of Unconscious Genius
Deep unconsci ous insights into profound awareness of your
si tuati on wi ll someti mes break into your consci ousness. These
i nsi ghts are usuall y a statement against what you have been trying to
think consci ousl y and rati onal l y. If you have a percepti on, posi ti on,
or bel ief you hol d dear, chances are you are worki ng hard trying to
prove i t and your consci ousness i s vi gil ant against i nformati on and
arguments that mi ght disprove it.
Your unconsci ous mind – i f gi ven the chance – wil l break through
i n direct opposi ti on to any inaccurate consci ous bel iefs to which you
are cl inging too ti ghtl y.
Carl Jung often sai d there i s a pol ari ty between the unconsci ous
and consci ous. There i s push and pul l between these two aspects of
your mind.
Your consci ous mind keeps trying to frame the wi l d ti des of your
unconsci ous mi nd. By frami ng thi s vast ocean of thought your
consci ous mind for a moment feel s in control , safe and stable. On the
other hand, your unconsci ous mind washes up agai nst your ari d
l i ttle desert i sl ands of consci ous “ control” wi th the unpredi ctable but
l i ving ti des of truth. The truth i s that there i s no “ control ,” there just
is. The l i ttle desert i slands of control are an i l l usi on in your
consci ousness that make you feel distinct. But your unconsci ous
mi nd is not separate from you – i t is you.
188 Th e Wayseer s
The unconsci ous mind recogni zes the dual i ty and treachery of
l ogi c without soul , of ego i l l usi ons of control, of jeal ous i sl ands of
i ndi vi dual i sm hel d agai nst oceans of l ove and mercy. The
unconsci ous mind can knock down the ego’s i vory towers, because
the unconsci ous mi nd i s i n control of 90% of what you do. So i t i s
that any untrue convi ction you hol d too dear, any unhel pful belief
you i dentify wi th too strongl y, can be overruled by your unconsci ous
mi nd.
If there i s any sel f-decepti on in your stance – when you l east
expect i t – your unconsci ous mi nd wi l l burst forth, toppl i ng your
sel f-decepti ons down along wi th every l i ttle thi ng those del usi ons
have propped up i n your l i fe.
You Are Not Just Your Conscious Mind
You are not your consci ous mi nd – you onl y wi sh you were,
because you wi sh you had control . But you don’t because your
unconsci ous mind i s so much more powerful i n i nfl uencing the
course of your li fe – much more than you even real i ze.
You wi sh you had control because you believe you are
responsi ble for creating yourself – that you are a “ sel f-made man” –
but you are not.
Your consci ous mind has no real control . It onl y has moments of
vol i ti on. The course your l i fe takes wi ll either be one of struggle or
ease, but ei ther way you are goi ng to end up i n the same place
eventuall y. (Mind you, that “ pl ace” here i s not necessari l y
somewhere physi cal , or si tuati onal , but that pl ace is honesty.)
Because, eventuall y, no matter how hard you struggle against i t –
even i f i t’s with your last breath – you wi l l encounter the truth of
your being and you wi ll ei ther be amazed or ashamed. You get to
There i s a struggle wi thin you, between what you thi nk you
bel ieve – the perspecti ves you cheri sh and i denti fy wi th – and a new
truer awareness struggling to be born. Before this new awareness i s
ful l y born, there i s the pai n of labor, the anxiety of bei ng l ost, the
Su r f i n g t h e Un c o n sc i o u s 189
gui l t of ki l li ng your ol d views – of ki l li ng who you were i n order to
be born i nto the awareness of who you trul y are.
Breakthrough anxiety
“Every great idea starts out as blasphemy.”
~ Bertrand Russell
Whenever a new perspecti ve i s born, i t si gnal s the demi se of i ts
predecessors. Whenever a true breakthrough in thought occurs i t
rattles a l ot of cages, i t destroys what many hol d dear, i t forces
everyone to face the di scomfort of bei ng wrong, and forces them i nto
change. The more wi de-sweeping the i mpact of your breakthroughs
the more anxiety and gui l t you are l i kel y to feel duri ng the birthi ng
of that creati on.
“Genius is always allowed some leeway, once the
hammer has been pried from its hands and the
blood has been cleaned up”
~ Terry Pratchett
The anxiety i s al so due to the tremors you feel in the shaki ng of
your self-worl d rel ati onshi p. Your sense of i denti ty i s threatened.
Your worl d i s not as you thought i t was before. You are di soriented
i n the vastness of the new paradi gm you have concei ved. Your old
foundati ons are found faul ty, weak and wanting and you must now
uproot to the new and unknown.
Si nce your sense of sel f and your sense of your worl d are
i nti matel y intertwined, the rattli ng of your sense of your worl d
i mpl i ci tl y rattles you. If the worl d i s no l onger what you thought
before, then wi th regards to your rel ati onshi p with your worl d, you
are no l onger what you thought you were.
An Extreme Example
I had a dream l ast ni ght that I was a sol dier in a war – onl y in thi s
war there were strange customs. We met as a group of si x sol diers
190 Th e Wayseer s
wi th a group of si x enemy sol diers and we were to pl ay some sick
game of strategy, ski l l and marksmanshi p that woul d leave most of
us dead and the few left l i ving were the vi ctors.
I was freaked out. I shot the first enemy general to move in thi s
“ game.” He was “ ful l of honor” so, even after bei ng lethal l y shot by
me, he retraced his steps and attempted to perform his “ move”
cleanl y wi thout any i llegal interrupti ons. I just kept shooting at hi m
unti l he was dead. I was that freaked out.
Then I began shooti ng other members of the enemy team that I
thought mi ght retali ate for my mi sdeed. As the dream went on, I
di scovered to my horror that I hadn’t understood the context of what
was happening – we had cal led a truce wi thout my reali zing i t – and
I was not a hero, but a vil l ain. Thi s defi nitel y shook my percepti on of
my worl d and thus shook my percepti on of me.
The Authentic Encounter
On a more peaceful note, an authentic emoti onal encounter wi th
someone wil l always change, to some degree, your sel f-worl d
rel ati onshi p – and to what degree you cannot know until the
encounter has passed. So wi th every surrendering to an authenti c
encounter you are letting go of all you hol d dear, possibl y to never
return to that senti ment.
Thi s i s a huge ri sk as far as our egos are concerned. Our ego’s
power and sense of control i s based on attachment to our vi ew of the
worl d, and a single authenti c encounter can uproot al l of that
attachment leaving us wi thout any ego foundati on wi th whi ch to
comprehend our worl d and mani pul ate i t to our benefi t.
The anxiety we feel stems from the apprehensi on of thi s
momentary rootlessness, thi s di zzying and di sorienting fal l ing away
from our previ ous stronghol ds on our worl d view. Thi s is the anxiety
of the ‘nothi ngness’ prescribed by Buddhi st doctri ne.
But final l y at the cul minati on of thi s great birthing ordeal you
wi ll experience unspeakable joy – for you have found yoursel f new
and reborn, fresh and new, with greater i nnocence and vi tali ty at
Su r f i n g t h e Un c o n sc i o u s 191
your command. You have arrived wi th the mythol ogical “ el i xir”
descri bed i n Joseph Campbel l’s famous Hero’s Journey. The worl d
may someday thank you for that.
Wayseers are distinguished from the Normal type i n their
capaci ty to accept and l i ve more ful l y in this ambi gui ty. Being
adventurers and ri sk-takers, the thri ll of the unknown – even if i t i s
of the sel f – i s worth the adventure.
Clearing the Rats from Your Cellar
“The depth and strength of a human character are
defined by its moral reserves.
People reveal themselves completely only when
they are thrown out of the customary conditions of
their life, for only then do they have to fall back on
their reserves.”
~ Leonardo da Vinci
In the end, the reason soci al programmi ng works i s because i t lets
people disgui se their unconsci ous gui l t and aggressi on wi th a face of
i nnocence.
Freud sai d ” Ci vil i zati on began the first ti me an angry person cast
a word i nstead of a rock.” So i t i s wi th soci al programming, we are
taught to behave in a soci al l y acceptable way – which means we
deny what we are and become what i s acceptable. We do not do
what we are i mpel led by our soul s to do, instead we do onl y what
our soci al condi ti oning al l ows us.
Thi s works wel l for the Normal type, because they are natural l y
much more repressed than Wayseers anyway. So si mpl y mol ding
their overall repressi on to mi mi c soci al and soci etal norms i s quite
easy and pleasant for the Normal type.
On the other hand, Wayseers have very li ttle natural repressi on
avai l able to them. So there i s often not enough of this natural
192 Th e Wayseer s
repressi on avai lable for them to cover al l the soci al boundaries they
are tol d to heed – bei ng i s far too irrepressi ble to control this way.
Just to fi t i n and avoi d puni shment most Wayseers do try – but they
have to use vi gi l ant consci ous moni toring i nstead of being able to
rel y on the natural bed of repressi on Normal types enjoy. Duri ng
their vi gi l of consci ous repressi on the Wayseers begi n to feel strai ned
and cl austrophobi c – li ke they are going to burst – unti l at l ast they
fi nal l y do burst.
The Wayseer psyche is not desi gned for repressi on – i t i s
desi gned for clearing. Cl earing i s the i mmediate release of
unresol ved unconsci ous i ssues through physi cal , verbal and
emoti onal expressi on. Thi s i s a beauti ful heal ing phenomenon, but i t
can be qui te unseeml y from the “ cool ” soci al perspecti ve.
Wayseers are at their best when they are surfi ng the ti de of their
unconsci ous i mpul ses and choosing the waves of i mpul ses that
ori ginate from their soul s. These unconscious i mpul ses lead
Wayseers to do wi l d and spontaneous things that are often subli mel y
perfect for the moment they happen i n. The trouble i s they are often
not-at-all anti ci pated by cul tural /soci al and soci etal norms. These
acti ons are purel y ori ginal and unexpected. Because of thi s they
threaten to undermine the very fabri c the Normal type has based hi s
repressed exi stence on – and so these acti ons are often met wi th
much di sdai n and shaming.
Al so these acti ons – because they are often actions of clearing –
reveal l ayers of col lecti ve unconsci ous gui l t and hosti li ty, which in
the l i ght of day can be healed. Because most are not comfortable
bei ng affronted wi th one’s guil t and hosti l ity, there i s the strong
temptati on to “ ki ll the messenger.”
A Wayseer must often clear al l thei r subconsci ous gui l t and
aggressi on first, before reaching the beauty of the di vine impul ses
beneath. We cal l this uncomfortable peri od “ Clearing the Rats from
your Cel l ar.”
Based on C.S. Lewi s’s metaphor of “ rats in the cel l ar,” we can
come to understand a pri mary difference between Wayseers and the
Normal type.
Su r f i n g t h e Un c o n sc i o u s 193
“ The excuse that i mmedi atel y spri ngs to mi nd, i s that
the provocati on was so sudden or unexpected I was caught
off my guard. I had not ti me to col lect mysel f. Surel y what a
man does when he is taken off guard is the best evi dence for
what sort of man he i s. Surel y what pops out, before the
man has ti me to put on a di sgui se, i s the truth.
If there are rats in the cell ar you are most l i kely to see
them i f you go i n very suddenl y. But the suddenness does
not create the rats. It only prevents them from hidi ng. In the
same way, the suddenness of the provocati on does not make
me an i l l tempered man. It onl y shows me what an i l l
tempered man I am.
Now that cel l ar i s out of reach of my consci ous wi l l . I
cannot, by di rect moral effort, gi ve myself new moti ves.
After the first few steps we real i ze that everything whi ch
reall y needs to be done i n our soul s can be done onl y by
~ C.S. Lewis
For the most part the Normal type has the door to hi s cel l ar
ti ghtly l ocked – meaning his consci ousness i s firml y cl osed, ti ghtl y
repressing the vici ssi tudes of hi s unconsci ous mi nd. On the other
hand Wayseers – bei ng more open to consci ous awareness of the
unconsci ous desi res and impul ses – has left hi s door to the cel l ar ajar;
and rats wi ll escape every now and then.
The cel l ar i s a powerful pl ace, and – once i t i s free of rats – i t i s a
storehouse of amazing weal th that can suppl y one wi th an
abundance of creative inspirati on and bril l iance. But whi le rats sti ll
l urk i n thi s storehouse, one wi ll be subject to i nevi table disturbances
by them. Since Wayseers can onl y hol d the door to thei r cel lars
cl osed wi th great effort and consci ous exertion – i t i s best to
surrender to the task of cl eari ng out the rats, instead of merel y trying
to hi de them behi nd a flimsy door of consci ous repressi on.
Surrender to the task of cl eari ng the rats out of your cell ar, for
once you have accompl i shed thi s you wil l be rewarded wi th the boon
194 Th e Wayseer s
of abundant energy, creati vi ty and grace – you wi l l be li ving as a
‘total human;’ from cel lar to atti c; and you wil l be able to harness a
power so great i t has been the subject of every mythol ogy since the
dawn of man.
“Even the richest soil, if left uncultivated will
produce the rankest weeds.”
~ Leonardo da Vinci
Refusi ng to clear the cel l ar condemns one to always being
haunted by thei r scratching and screeching, knowi ng all the while
that you do not have the means to i gnore your rats l i ke most people
do. The l onger you i gnore these rats in your cel lar – the more they
mul ti pl y. Clear out your cel lar and cul ti vate your garden, for only
then i s there peace for you.
How to Clear the Rats from Your Cellar
The si mplest way to describe a process of clearing rats from your
cel l ar is just “ shoo them out.” That means you just “ get out”
(express) every “ rat” you encounter i n your consciousness.
If you feel angry, don’t deny it – express i t. If you feel
embarrassed or self-consci ous, don’t “ pl ay i t cool .” Instead, openl y
and publ icl y acknowledge your embarrassment or shyness.
There i s a subtle but very i mportant pri nci ple you must heed
whi le you do thi s, though. You must NOT i dentify wi th any rat you
are expressing. These rats are not you. They may have been l i vi ng
and breeding in you, but they’re not you. It’s l i ke the germs of a virus
that has i nfected your body; thi s vi rus may infect you but that
doesn’t make you the vi rus. You are something magni fi cent and
beauti ful that you’ll di scover in your cel l ar in the absence of these
If you i denti fy wi th a rat – say the rat i s anger – you mi ght
express some anger and at the same ti me thi nk “ Boy, I’m an angry
person!” The moment you do that – the rat has mul ti pl ied and i ts
Su r f i n g t h e Un c o n sc i o u s 195
offspring has been gi ven entrance back i nto your cel lar. Always
remember, you are NOT what you are expressi ng!
What you need to do to be full y ri d of each rat i s to trul y forgive
i t. When you trul y forgi ve something, you no l onger have any
attachment to where i t goes from there – you have freed i t from al l
judgment i n your mind. That i s what you must do as you encounter
each rat – express i t (bring i t out i nto the l i ght of ful l consci ousness)
and forgive i t. And forgi ve yourself for judgi ng yourself for
harboring i t!
Encounter Groups
Encounter groups – especi al l y ones wi th ski l led faci l itators – are a
great way to ri d yourself of many rats in your cel lar very qui ckl y.
An encounter group i s a group of people who come together wi th
the purpose of reaching greater honesty with each other and
themselves. Organi zed encounter groups are often at least a few days
l ong and involve acti vi ties desi gned to reveal and cast out the rats in
partici pants’ cell ars. As the trust level i ncreases i n the group the
other people encourage you to become more genui ne and in doing so
you begi n to rel ax your gri p on your cel lar door – so the rats come
pouri ng out. But because the group i s expecting thi s of i ts members
thi s pouring out of rats i s appl auded and encouraged i nstead of
sti fled the way i t usual l y i s in our everyday cul ture.
You wi ll fi nd wi th the caring support of an encounter group you
can purge years’ worth of rats in just a couple of days.
The quali ties of a good encounter group are that it encourages:
+Trust in the process
196 Th e Wayseer s
The Fallacy of Self-Determination
Now that you reali ze that you have a cel l ar, you must al so begin
to noti ce that your cel l ar i s the foundati on of your being – meaning it
i s what wi ll determine your l ot in li fe (pun intended).
Have you ever wondered why no matter how hard you
consci ousl y try to “ change your l ife” there seems to be some invisi ble
and overwhel ming force i nsi de you that pays vi rtual l y no mind to
what your ego wants – i t just moves you according to i ts whi ms?
Wel l , that’s your cell ar, your foundati on, your unconsci ous mind and
i t i s what directs your desti ny – not your ego. Your ego, being self-
decei ved and l usting after control wi l l try to make i t seem li ke you
have consci ous control of your l i fe – but you don’t. That’s just an
i l l usi on – an ego-centri c del usi on.
Your unconsci ous mind i s vastl y more powerful than your
consci ous mind, which is the domai n of the ego (or sel f concept). To
presume to be able to determine your ego sel f and have that ego self
determine your destiny i s a fall acy that your unconsci ous mind wi ll
gl adl y toy wi th.
If you want to infl uence your li fe in a posi ti ve way you must
purge your unconsci ous mi nd of the rats of guil t (self hatred). Then,
because your unconsci ous mi nd wi l l be free of sel f-hatred it wil l bless
you wi th the joyous si tuati ons of self–l ove.
Remember i t i s your vast unconsci ous mind that determines your
fate. You must learn to l ove your fate as a way of learning to l ove
your unconsci ous mind, whi ch in the end i s part of your true bei ng.
Amor Fati
Ni etzche wri tes about the l ove of your fate – “ amor fati .” It is
experienced duri ng that moment of surrender when you di sl ocate
from the wants of your ego and actuall y want what your soul wants.
In thi s instant you feel the ecstasy of steppi ng away from your ego
and becoming wi de awake.
Su r f i n g t h e Un c o n sc i o u s 197
Free Will – A Story of Recovery
“A choice made out of ignorance is not choice.
It is the most effective and subtle way
to empower one's enemies.”
~ Sun Tzu, The Art of War
Wi l l grew up i n a traditi onal American househol d. His parents
stayed married. They l i ved in the suburbs. They coul d afford to send
hi m to col lege. He was one of the “ l ucky” ones to have the things he
had as a chi l d.
When Wil l was three years ol d, he fell off hi s tricycle. His dad
was ri ght there. Hi s dad coul d have comforted him, but he di dn’t. He
di dn’t know how. Instead of acknowledging Wi l l’s pain and sadness,
Wi l l’s dad just wanted to fi x hi m up. “ C’mon. You’re tough.” he sai d,
“ Don’t cry.” He dusted Wi l l off, patted hi m on the back and tried to
teach hi m to be “ tough” by buryi ng hi s feeli ngs.
Thi s event was Wi l l’s first memory.
When Wi ll needed a hug from hi s father, hi s father was
uncomfortable wi th i nti macy. When Wil l needed understanding
from hi s father, hi s father di dn’t understand empathy. When Wil l
needed hi s dad to be there wi th hi m i n the pain and di sappointment
of fall ing off hi s tricycle, hi s dad just coul dn’t go there.
As Wil l grew up, he experienced many inci dents wi th hi s dad,
just l i ke the tri cycle fal l. Every ti me the responses were the same.
Wil l woul d be overwhelmed wi th feeli ng and hi s dad woul d become
very uncomfortable and resort to tryi ng to hel p Wi l l stop all those
“ unhappy” feeli ngs. Every ti me thi s happened, Wi ll became more
and more uncomfortable wi th hi s feel ings, just l i ke dad.
When Wi ll was four he watched his dad gi ve fl owers to hi s mom
when he got home from work some days. He knew how much his
mom l oved getting fl owers from dad. He coul d sense the l ove she fel t
because of them.
198 Th e Wayseer s
One day Wil l’s mom seemed particul arl y upset. That l oving way
about her just wasn’t avai l able. Wi l l was struck wi th the i mpul se to
bring her some fl owers so she coul d feel that l ove agai n.
He ran across the yard to the nei ghbors’ garden and saw al l sorts
of chrysanthemums, daffodil s, and dai sies. He al so found tul i ps
sprouting from the ground, all in a neat row. “ Oooh, how
wonderful !” he beamed to hi msel f, “ Mom i s goi ng to be so happy
when I bri ng her all of these fl owers.”
Di l i gentl y and earnestl y, wil l reached wi th hi s tender li ttle hands
and grabbed stem after stem. He had to use al l his strength to detach
the fl owers from their roots. Eventuall y his arms were overfl owing
wi th hi s bouquet of freshl y pi cked fl owers. Wil l , feeli ng qui te
sati sfied, ran back home to gi ve them to hi s mom.
He was so excited to give al l the beauti ful fl owers to hi s mom,
that when he got to the door he forgot to take off hi s shoes. They
were caked wi th dirt and mud from the garden. Obl i vi ousl y, he ran
through the house cal li ng i n hi s squeaky l i ttle voi ce, “ Mommy! – …
Mommy! - …”
Al l of the sudden he heard a scream from behind hi m, “ Wil l iam
Jeffery Lawrence! What in God’s name have you done?!!! You stupi d
l i ttle brat!” She hollered as she cl osed i n, “ Who do you thi nk you are
destroying Mrs. Smi th’s garden l i ke that?! She i s goi ng to be furi ous!
And now l ook what you’ve done to our new carpet!! You have
rui ned i t!!! How many times have I tol d you to take your shoes off i n
the house?!!!” she screamed hysterical l y as she hovered over hi m
spanking hi m frenziedly, “ Go to your room!! And take off your
shoes, damn-i t!”
Wi l l was crushed. He went up to hi s room and buried hi s face i n
hi s pil l ow and sobbed for over an hour.
Wi l l had been earnestl y foll owing his i mpulse to offer l ove and
joy to hi s mother, but the reacti on he encountered was overwhel ming
anger and hosti l ity. “ What i s happening?” hi s l i ttle heart si lentl y
wondered as he endured hi s mother’s wrath. Overwhel med wi th
shame, Wi ll began to hate hi msel f for making hi s mom so unhappy.
Su r f i n g t h e Un c o n sc i o u s 199
As Wil l grew up, he experienced many inci dents l i ke thi s wi th hi s
mom; and also wi th rel ati ves and peers. Whenever he woul d
trustingl y foll ow an i mpul se to express l oving he woul d be met with
merci less shaming. It didn’t take l ong for Wi ll to begin to di strust
those i mpul ses to be l oving towards others. It just felt safer for hi m to
hol d them insi de.
By the ti me he was twenty, Wi l l was no l onger free. He no l onger
trusted hi s feel ings or his i mpul ses. Al l he coul d trust were the rules
of conduct that had been beaten into hi m. He became i mprisoned by
the condi ti oning of hi s chi l dhood.
Wil l’s curricul um i s not uni que. Almost al l of us have been
through i t. And al most al l of us continue to suffer, to thi s day,
because of i t.
Wil l matured from a free feel i ng, i mpulsi ve chi ld i nto a frozen,
tough and wi thdrawn adul t. Wi l l’s feel ings were wel l repressed and
hi s acti ons became cal cul ated. He knew how to get the ki nds of
responses that he wanted and that’s what he did. He got approval
from people whom he wanted to please, because he di d what was
expected and “ responsi bl e.” He got good at this game. Now instead
of l ove being hi s inspirati on, just making l ife work hi s way and
winning became hi s ambi ti ons.
He stil l had memories of the effervescent sparkle of hi s youth, but
they were wel l dul led. Deep down he longed for the innocent playful
joy of hi s chil dhood, but he was resi gned to the noti on that i t woul d
be i mpossi ble to have i t back, or at very l east, completel y
i rresponsi ble. He woul d never go there again.
Wel l i nto hi s mi d-li fe, Wi l l knew nothi ng of hi s soul . He cowered
i n fear, he robbed, he cheated and he l ied hi s way through l ife – all i n
the name of wi nning. He was no cri minal , because he di d al l of his
robbi ng, cheating and lyi ng legal l y - i n the vast ethi call y neutral
arena of busi ness. If he commi tted any cri mes they were spi ri tual
cri mes. Onl y Wil l never suspected that he was doing anythi ng
wrong. He saw hi mself as a “ good person.” He read sel f hel p books
and medi tated. He ate vegetari an food and recycl ed. He spent years
200 Th e Wayseer s
“ improvi ng” hi mself. Sure i t was a bi t narci ssi sti c, he woul d freel y
admi t, “ but it was essenti al to succeeding,” he woul d argue.
Wil l had no real friends. He onl y i nvested hi s preci ous ti me and
energy wi th people he felt he coul d gain from materi all y. Wil l was
determined to get ahead at al l costs. People l ost their humani ty in his
mi nd and were seen as merel y assets or l i abi l i ties. Opportuni ties for
exerci si ng compassi on and tenderness i n hi s deali ngs were ecl i psed
by hi s i ntense focus on doi ng onl y what was guaranteed to “ work.”
Thi s atti tude led Wil l down some pretty dark passages in hi s mi ddle
During thi s peri od of intense ambi ti on, Wi ll chose more and
more not to trust li fe, i ncl udi ng anything or anyone in i t. More than
that, he was sl owl y di scovering that he coul d not even trust hi msel f.
Wi l l preferred control anyway. He di dn’t need trust i f he coul d
just control things – and people too for that matter. So for a peri od,
Wi l l chose to seek control instead of trust at every pass. He even
devel oped a gleeful sati sfacti on in how easy it was for hi m to wrestle
control away from others.
Wil l di d win a great deal of control and he grew qui te ri ch and
powerful . Hi s career had become hi s drug of choice. After al l , his l ife
was pretty sad and l onel y when he wasn’t pl aying “ the bi g shot” in
the busi ness worl d. His rel ati onshi ps were i ncreasi ngl y shal l ow,
empty and abusi ve.
The pai n of faci ng the enormous l ack of i nti macy i n hi s l ife, often
l ed hi m to dri nk and womani ze. When he fel t rejected, he woul d go
i nto a binge, eati ng everything in si ght. He would tell hi mself that he
“ deserved i t,” because of how hard he worked, as he packed down
hamburgers, pi zza and ice cream. Other ti mes, when he fel t l onel y he
woul d binge on sex or fantasy; spending hi mself i nto a mil d coma.
Hi s hedoni sti c habi ts started to own hi m, and everythi ng he di d
started to have a franti c compul si ve qual i ty about i t.
Wi l l started becoming fat and ol d ahead of hi s time. Each day fel t
more l i ke hell than the last. “ What i s happening to me?” he thought.
He was so good at being “ in control ,” but now he coul d hardl y
Su r f i n g t h e Un c o n sc i o u s 201
control hi msel f. Every morni ng, after a ni ght of binge dri nki ng, binge
eati ng, chain smoking, and emoti onless sex, he woul d wake up angry
wi th hi mself.
Every morning he would say “ That’s i t, I’m going to get control
of my l ife today.” Onl y he woul d repeat the whol e sad epi sode all
over agai n that next ni ght.
Something was wrong. As much as he wanted to stop hi s bad
habits, there was some irresi sti ble force i nsi de him that woul d bui l d
and bui l d and buil d until he crumbled under the pressure and went
for a “ fi x” to escape i t.
He knew thi s stuff was rui ni ng hi s l i fe, but there was something
much stronger than hi m, i nsi de hi m, driving hi m over the edge again
and again and agai n. He coul dn’t seem to stop the momentum of the
day no matter how hard he tried. He fel t desperate.
That i s, unti l a mi racle happened. One day Wi l l deci ded he was
just going to be honest. He was tired of bull shi tti ng his way through
l i fe. He was great at getti ng hi s way by pretendi ng to be something
he wasn’t or pretending things were di fferent than they reall y were.
From then on, he was just goi ng to be hi mself and tel l i t l i ke i t i s, no
matter how scary that was – no matter how risky that was to his
career or hi s popul ari ty or hi s rel ati onshi ps.
Thi s took great sel f-forgiveness. Wil l used to deceive hi msel f and
others because somewhere along the way he deci ded the real Will
was just not good enough. He had devel oped an artifi cial “ Wi l l,” a
persona that served as a charade that he coul d use to gain admirati on
and presti ge. The trouble was that no one coul d ever trul y l ove this
artifi ci al “ Wi l l” that he presented to the worl d, because i t wasn’t real
– i t wasn’t real l y hi m. Al l that ti me that Wil l pl ayed thi s charade he
gai ned much admirati on and presti ge but he never had l ove. Any
ti me someone approached hi m wi th genui ne l ove, he unconsci ously
deflected it on the basi s that that l ove was intended for hi s persona,
not hi m. Wi l l di dn’t bel ieve he deserved l ove, i n fact Wi l l hated
hi msel f.
202 Th e Wayseer s
Through the grace of sel f-forgi veness Wi ll began to see the
goodness and i nnocence i n hi msel f beyond all of hi s sad confusi on
and bad behavi or. When Wi ll final ly started al lowi ng hi msel f to be
genui ne and natural he di scovered a subtle and humble beauty about
just being honest. And whenever one of hi s honest acti ons led hi m to
experience “ negati ve” responses from the worl d, he forgave hi mself
for any judgments li ke, “ I shoul dn’t have!” on the recogni ti on that
the real vi ctory was hi s honesty.
Wi th the release of energy from the forgiveness of each self-
judgment, Wi ll coul d see hi s genuine i mpul ses more clearl y. He
di dn’t try to change them. He just observed what hi s i mpul ses led
hi m to. Soon, through hi s greater awareness of hi s i mpul ses, he
noti ced a pattern. Whenever he had an impul se, to be more honest or
trusting or l oving, and he i gnored i t, he woul d soon begin to feel an
i rresisti ble compul si ve need to eat, or dri nk, or have sex.
Wi l l tried foll owi ng hi s impul ses instead of i gnori ng them. Many
ti mes fol l owi ng hi s i mpul ses invol ved doing thi ngs that were way
outsi de of Wil l ’s comfort zone. It meant letti ng go of control,
becoming vul nerable agai n and trusting. Hi s impul ses led hi m to
stretch his comfort zone over and over agai n, confronting hi s fears of
i nti macy, honesty, openness and spontanei ty. He found hi mself
bei ng more transparent, more vul nerable and sharing more of
hi msel f wi th others. When he di d, he saw how wel l recei ved he was,
and he woul d get a burst of enthusi asti c energy. Wi l l was starti ng to
feel al ive again – thanks to hi s rel inqui shment of the gui l t of
decepti on.
However, every now and then Wi ll woul d al low hi mself to be
open, honest and vulnerable and he woul d get shot down or shamed.
At first these di sappointments woul d upset Wil l , and hol ding the
upset in, soon he woul d fi nd himself in binge mode agai n. He di dn’t
judge hi mself for bi ngi ng though, he just watched hi mself do what
he di d, and he forgave i t. As Wi l l watched and observed the feel i ngs
that led to his bi nges more honestl y, he real i zed that he never real ly
l et hi msel f express hi s hurt, his sadness and hi s di sappoi ntment. So
Su r f i n g t h e Un c o n sc i o u s 203
Wi l l began to l et i t out. He let hi msel f scream. He let hi mself cry. He
l et hi mself beat a punching bag or pil l ow. He let hi msel f weep.
Wi l l was surpri sed to discover that there were so many hurts he
had never let hi mself face. Now, one by one, he was facing them and
al l owi ng hi msel f to go through al l the emoti ons that came wi th them.
He created a safe environment in hi s home where he coul d trust hi s
feel ings and express them any way he needed to, wi thout the fear of
judgment or shame. For a whole year Wil l seemed to cry al most
every day over a l oss, a hurt or a sl i ght he had not had the chance to
mourn from hi s chi l dhood, from hi s father and hi s mother. The
memories of hi s youth weren’t so dul l anymore. He was becomi ng
whole again.
Wi l l al so recognized that he needed to have a separati on from hi s
parents. Al though he woul d onl y see them every few weeks, that
became too much. He recogni zed that he woul d al ways feel terri ble
and regress to his ol d habits after bei ng around them. He woul d
often feel cl osed, ashamed, wi thdrawn, and dri ven to prove hi mself
agai n for days after their vi si ts or phone call s. This was getting in the
way of hi s heal ing, and Wi l l finall y saw i t for what i t was.
So, courageousl y Wi l l ini ti ated a temporary separati on from hi s
fol ks. Hi s mom took i t pretty hard. She made it personal and she
tried to use guil t as a pl oy to mani pulate him back under her
i nfl uence. Hi s dad acted l i ke he di dn’t care, whi ch onl y hurt Will
more because al l he ever wanted was to be i mportant to hi s dad. But
Wi l l stood strong, and trusted the inner wi sdom that tol d hi m this
was the best thi ng for him to do.
Once he was out from under hi s chi l dhood dependencies and
patterns wi th hi s fol ks, Wi l l bl ossomed. He fel t stronger, more
respectful and more inti mate wi th others. He was able to see that
many of hi s i nsecuri ties, bl ocks and neurosi s were not hi s at al l , they
were merel y rel i cs passed down to hi m from hi s parents. Wi l l was
fi nal l y able to let a l ot of that baggage go.
Eventuall y Wi l l made an amazing discovery. All of that confl i ct
i nsi de hi m was beginning to di ssi pate. He woul d feel an i mpul se and
he woul d trust hi msel f to express i t. He woul d have an emoti on and
204 Th e Wayseer s
he woul d let i t out. His di dn’t need to stop i t. He had made friends
wi th hi s spontanei ty and humanness. Those i mpul ses, when fought,
woul d bui l d insi de hi m unti l they overpowered hi m and compelled
hi m to compul si ve behavi or and sel f abuse. But those i mpul ses were
actual l y a good thing i f he just let them out and di dn’t try to control
them. When he just let them be what they were and trusted thei r
spontanei ty, the i mpulses hel ped hi m express hi mself gentl y,
l ovi ngl y and honestl y. The i mpul ses hel ped hi m deepen hi s
rel ati onshi ps and di scover hi s divine creati vi ty.
Al l those ti mes he had denied hi s i mpul ses, they snowbal led i nto
a destructi ve pressure that woul d inevi tabl y get the better of hi m.
But now that he had the awareness and forti tude to trust hi s
i mpul ses, they began to work miracles through hi m.
There was new effervescence and sparkle to Wil l’s li fe. Hi s days
were fil led wi th the beauti ful awareness of i nnocence and a
l i ghthearted playfulness. He al l owed hi s spontaneous i mpul ses to
l ead hi m to do the most mi racul ous thi ngs.
Wi l l had become free agai n.
Thanks to forgi veness.


The Need f or Encount er
Neuroti c Wayseers need to learn to use the outer worl d
therapeuti cal l y as opposed to tryi ng to avoi d or control i t.
Emotional Honesty
“God allows us to experience the low points of life
in order to teach us lessons we could not learn in
any other way. The way we learn those lessons is
not to deny the feelings but to find the meanings
underlying them.”
~ Stanley Lindquist
Nowadays our cul ture seems to have veered towards promoting
affectlessness – meaning we col lecti vel y are under group pressure to
mi ni mi ze our emoti onal response to our experiences. Thi s i s what it
means to be “ cool.”
Maybe thi s i s an arti fact of our cul tural overemphasi s on
appearance as opposed to content and our esteem for the appearance
of neutral i ty. Genuine emoti onal neutral i ty i s an accompl ishment
that i s often exhibi ted in great leaders, but that genuine neutral i ty
comes through intense encounter and maturati on through the
crucible of experience. Thi s maturati on into genuine neutral i ty
actual l y exposes true wi ll and makes i t more accessi ble and potent.
206 Th e Wayseer s
“Wisdom is the daughter of experience.”
~ Leonardo da Vinci
When we are “ pl aying i t cool ” or being pol i ti cal ly-correct we are
usuall y arti fici all y minimi zing the possibi li ty of being emoti onal ly
affected by our experiences, in an attempt to appear more evol ved
than we actual l y are. However, i n actuali ty, we are di stanci ng
oursel ves from the objects of our experience – the very encounter
whi ch used to exci te our affecti on and our true wil l .
Judgment is dishonest.
“Nothing can be loved or hated
unless it is first known.”
~ Leonardo da Vinci
Every moment in your l i fe can become the most i nexpli cabl y
powerful encounter wi th creati on.
The things that keep you away from these powerful encounters
wi th li fe are your unresol ved emoti onal hurts. You’ve had formati ve
experiences that so upset you, you shut down emoti onall y i n that
area of your awareness, because you deemed i t unsafe. Now
whenever you are requi red to parti ci pate i n that area of your
awareness agai n i t evokes that trepi dati on and you shut down your
true al pha/theta emoti onal centers and go i nto a superfici al beta level
si mul ati on of what you’ve taught yourself i s the onl y safe reacti on to
a si tuati on li ke that. Noti ce you are now in your reacti ve mi nd, no
l onger able to respond openl y and appropri atel y (wi th regard to
your true wants) i n those si tuati ons.
Basi call y, i t i s judgment that got you here. At some point you
took on a judgment about somethi ng and from then on forward –
unti l you forgive that judgment – you are forever removed from
experiencing a powerful encounter wi th that aspect of your l ife.
As you grow ol der and you accumul ate judgments about every
l i ttle nuance of your exi stence, you become increasi ngly cl osed-off
Th e N eed f o r En c o u n t er 207
from genui ne encounter experiences. You l i ve your l i fe more and
more li ke a l i feless droi d condemned to your past programmi ng,
condemned to never taste each moment in li fe freshl y, but to only
si mul ate for yourself a sense of “ taste” generated purel y from the
memory of something simi l ar. You are no l onger i n the moment, but
i n a fog of your own maki ng – of your own judgments. Li fe grows
i ncreasi ngl y dul l and meaningless in thi s state and despair becomes
the overwhel ming feel ing here.
“You do ill to praise, but worse to censure, what
you do not understand”
~ Leonardo da Vinci
The choice to judge rather than to know i s the cause of the l oss of
peace. Judgment i s the process on whi ch il l usi ons but not knowledge
Judgment always i nvol ves rejecti on. It never emphasi zes onl y the
posi ti ve aspects of what i s judged, whether i n you or in others. What
has been perceived and rejected, or judged and found wanting,
remains i n your unconsci ous mi nd because i t has been percei ved.
Judgment Halts Genuine Encounter
“Experience does not ever err; it is only your
judgment that errs in promising itself results
which are not caused by your experiments”
~ Leonardo da Vinci
One of the i l l usi ons from whi ch we suffer i s the belief that what
we have judged agai nst has no effect. Thi s cannot be true unless you
al so bel ieve that what you judged against does not exi st, but we do
not bel ieve this, or we woul d not have judged agai nst i t i n the first
pl ace.
In the end i t does not matter whether your judgment i s ri ght or
wrong. Ei ther way you are pl aci ng your beli ef i n the unreal –
removing yoursel f from genui ne encounter. This cannot be avoi ded
208 Th e Wayseer s
i n any type of judgment, because i t i mpl ies the belief that experience
i s yours to select from.
You have no i dea of the tremendous release and deep peace that
comes from meeting yourself, si tuati ons and others total l y wi thout
judgment. When you recogni ze what l ife i s, you wi l l real ize that
judgi ng i t in any way i s wi thout meani ng. In fact, l i fe’s meani ng is
l ost to you preci sel y when you are judging i t.
“The truth of things is the chief nutriment of
superior intellects.”
~ Leonardo da Vinci
Al l uncertainty comes from the belief that you are under the
coerci on of judgment. You do not need judgment to organi ze your
l i fe – because i t i s your unconsci ous mind that di ctates the course of
your li fe anyway – and you certainl y do not need judgment to
organi ze yourself.
In the presence of true knowledge, all judgment i s automati cal l y
suspended, and thi s i s the process that enables geni us to repl ace
medi ocri ty.
You are very fearful of everything you have percei ved but have
refused to accept. These are the rats in your cell ar. You believe that,
because you have refused to accept them, you have l ost control over
them. Thi s i s why you see them in ni ghtmares, or in the pleasant
di sgui ses that seem to be your happier dreams.
Nothi ng that you have refused to accept can be brought into your
awareness. These rats are not dangerous in themsel ves, but you have
made them seem dangerous to you.
When you feel tired, i t i s because you have judged yourself as
capable of being tired. When you judge people, i t i s because you
choose to see them as unworthy. When you judge yourself you must
judge others, if onl y because you cannot tolerate the i dea of bei ng
more unworthy than they are. Al l thi s makes you feel tired because i t
i s essenti al l y di sheartening.
Th e N eed f o r En c o u n t er 209
You are not real l y capable of being tired, but you are very
capable of wearyi ng yourself. The strai n of constant judgment i s
vi rtual l y i ntolerable. It i s curi ous that an abil i ty so debi li tating woul d
be so deepl y cheri shed. Yet i f you wi sh to bel ieve you control real i ty
– i nstead of just surrendering to i t – you wi l l i nsi st on hol ding on to
judgment. You wi l l al so regard judgment wi th fear, believing that i t
wi ll someday be used agai nst you. Thi s belief can exist onl y to the
extent that you bel ieve i n the effi cacy of judgment as a weapon of
defense for your own ego’s authori ty over the unconsci ous mind.

= Encounter + Energy!
I have a two and a hal f year ol d son. He i s the happiest, most
exuberant, pl ayful, energeti c, enthusiasti c chi l d I have ever known.
He i s al most perpetual l y enjoying hi s own l i ttle party. To hi m every
moment i s an opportuni ty to jump, dance, sing, yel l , throw, spi n,
smash, and l i ve i t up. He’l l run over to our cl othes hamper and
gl eeful l y throw the whole thi ng over, dumping all of the cl othes onto
the fl oor wi th his si ng song proclamati on, “ I make a mess! I make a
mess!” To him a mess is a good thing. It i s fun and sensual and a
wonderful state to l avish i n. Thi s horri fies a part of me.
I was taught messes are “ bad” and “ wrong” and “ i rresponsible”
and reflect poorl y on my own sel f worth. There i s a programmed
i dea in my head that screams out i n horror and woe at the si ght of a
mess. Freud says I was potty-trained too strictl y. My wife agrees.
So I’l l have a “ hard” day of “ work.” You know, making
“ i mportant” phone cal l s and handl ing “ urgent” si tuati ons, cleani ng
up or avoi di ng “ messes” of al l ki nds. (Everything in quotes are
judgments I have chosen to pl ace on those experiences, in case you
di dn’t notice.) So after a “ busy” and “ weari ng” day of judgi ng almost
every experience that comes my way; I am “ fried.” The reason I
exerci se so much judgment at work i s because somewhere al ong the
way I was taught that I am “ responsible” when I exerci se “ good
210 Th e Wayseer s
judgment” and I am “ i rresponsi ble” when I don’t bother to use my
“ better judgment.” So I’ve spent decades devel oping a set of rules for
my behavi or and percepti on, whi ch in one way or another have been
approved as “ good judgment.” Remembering and pl ayi ng by al l
those rules can be exhausti ng over the course of a day.
So i t’s ei ght o’cl ock and I am feel ing fried. I don’t want to i nteract
i n any more si tuati ons because I am so tired of the effort i t takes each
ti me I am compel led to judge the si tuati on and behave accordingl y.
So I am stuck in business-judgment mode and I just want to vegetate
i n front of the TV where the onl y judgment left to make i s what to eat
and what to watch, whi ch are rel ati vel y easy “ unimportant” cal l s.
However my son has spent the day pl aying. He i s just enjoying
the wonder of bei ng al i ve. He i sn’t wearied by a day of judgment. He
i s inspired (i n-spiri t) by hi s own atti tude of pl ayful ness and peace.
So here I am turning up the vol ume on the TV, doi ng my best to
i gnore and bl ock out his exuberance. I just can’t take it. It hurts to
perceive, because i t reminds me what a hel li sh day of judgment I’ve
had by contrast. And I actual l y chose to have that day ful l of my own
Judgment i s wearying. Accepti ng someone el se’s judgment of
who you shoul d be or what you shoul d do wi l l wear you out. If you
l et go of judgment, you can just observe and learn. You wi l l naturall y
just fol l ow your bl iss. You may take more “ ri sks” but you’l l al so have
much more energy to fuel your newfound bri l l iance.
Forgiveness: the Elixir to Judgment
“The essence of genius is to
know what to overlook.”
~ William James
The way back from the emoti onal l y deadened heart of judgment
i s through forgi veness. Forgi veness states not that you are “ wrong”
or “ thi s i s wrong” , but acknowledges “ I do not understand.” When
Th e N eed f o r En c o u n t er 211
you acknowledge that you do not understand you open the way for
the truth to reveal i tsel f to you. Truth i s beauty, so i f you are not
seei ng the beauty of a person or si tuati on, you are not seeing the
truth. There must then be a judgment in your mi nd bl ocking your
experience of the present truth. Di scover that judgment and forgive
i t, and then the beauty of the moment can reveal i tsel f to you,
showi ng you the truth of your own beauty i n return.
Patience i s of great hel p i n the process of forgi veness. For often
the reason we rush to judgment is because i t is intolerable to our
ego’s sense of securi ty to be left in wonder. It i s our ego’s di sdai n for
wonder – for having to humbl y admi t “ I do not understand” – that
compel s us to rush to judgment.
“Patience serves as a protection against wrongs as
clothes do against cold. For if you put on more
clothes as the cold increases, it will have no power
to hurt you. So in like manner you must grow in
patience when you meet with great wrongs”
~ Leonardo da Vinci
Encounter with Death
“While I thought that I was learning how to live,
I have been learning how to die.”
~ Leonardo da Vinci
Every act of creati on is an encounter wi th the li fe i nstinct and the
death insti nct. When you trul y create, you are releasing your l ife
force i nto the object of your creati on. To a Wayseer (a ‘total human’)
who thi nks in wholes, thi s release of l ife feel s total , and thus is
experienced as an encounter wi th death.
To l i ve ful l y, a Wayseer must embrace their own death. They
must be wi l li ng to let themsel ves go into the abyss of the unknown
and to rel ish every moment as their l ast. It i s onl y i n thi s fearless
212 Th e Wayseer s
dance wi th death that a Wayseer becomes trul y al i ve, for they have
faced thei r fear of death and can now experience the unencumbered
joy of li fe.
“If you don't know how to die, don't worry;
Nature will tell you what to do on the spot, fully
and adequately. She will do this job perfectly for
you; don't bother your head about it.”
~ Michel de Montaigne
The same i s true about l ife once you accept your encounters wi th
death honestl y.
Death Anxiety
“Pain and death are part of life. To reject them is
to reject life itself.”
~ Havelock Ellis
Death anxiety i s due to self-decepti on about one’s own mortal i ty.
When we deny or reject the awareness of our own eventual death, we
are li ving in a mani c state that i s in effect a state of running from
one’s own desti ny. This i s accompanied by massi ve subconsci ous
anxiety that traps one on the del usi onal si de of the l i fe and death
i ssue.
“In the last analysis, it is our conception of death
which decides our answers to all the questions that
life puts to us”
~ Dag Hammarskjold
Anxiety i s not so much the resul t of a fear of something as it i s the
resul t of l yi ng to onesel f about the eventual i ty of that something
happeni ng. For example, i t was once thought that women who were
rejected by their mothers had hi gh level s of general ized anxiety.
Then i t was di scovered that thi s was onl y the case for mi ddle and
Th e N eed f o r En c o u n t er 213
upper-class women. Women from poor backgrounds who were
rejected by thei r mothers di dn’t seem to have general i zed anxiety. It
was then di scovered that the key di fference was that girl s i n poverty
who were rejected by their mothers were well aware of this rejection
whi le i t was happening. Their mothers made no pretences to hi de
thi s rejecti on of them. That’s just how i t was and they got on wi th
their li ves. However, in mi ddle and upper-class fami lies, gi rl s who
were rejected by their mothers were al so l ied to about i t. Their
mothers secretl y rejected them all -the-whi le pretending to l ove them,
for the sake of appearances. These women experienced massive
general ized anxiety, because their consci ous mind was i n fear and
confl i ct wi th what their unconsci ous mind al ready knew.

So i t i s that the fear of death may be the inhi bitor to the creative
act, but sel f-decepti on regarding death produces a general i zed death
anxiety that i s a perpetual i nhi bi tor to genuine l ivi ng and enjoying a
creati ve li fe.
The Need for Limits
“The difference between genius and stupidity is
that genius has its limits.”
~ Anonymous
Wi thout l imi ts there woul d be no need for art, and thus no need
for the arti st. Li mi ts represent death – the ul ti mate l i mi t of human
experience. Wi thout death there woul d be no anxi ety to l i fe. Wi thout
l i mi ts there woul d be no i mpetus for art. Art i s first the respect of the
gi ven li mi ts and then the creati ve transcendi ng of those l i mi ts. First is
the canvas, wi th i ts i mpl i ci t edges, li mi ted and ordi nary. Then the
great arti st comes and pai nts the canvas to the poi nt that the i mage
on the canvas becomes i nfi ni te; completel y transcendi ng the edges.
But i t was first the arti st’s encounter wi th those edges – those l i mi ts –
that evoked the l i mitless i n hi m.
The medi ocre artist fil l s a canvas wi th beauti ful i magery. The
great heroi c arti st transcends hi s canvas and fil l s the worl d.
214 Th e Wayseer s
Transcend your canvas and fi l l the worl d!
“There shall be wings! If the accomplishment be
not for me, 'tis for some other.”
~ Leonardo da Vinci
The consci ous mind i s a l i mited mind – in fact the consci ous
mi nd seems to be nothi ng more than a tiny circle drawn in the sand
of an endless beach. The unconsci ous mind i s the beach, the ocean,
the pl anet – everythi ng. The unconsci ous mind i s unl i mi ted and
unencumbered. The role of the heroi c arti st i s to bring the freedom
and l i mi tlessness of the unconsci ous mi nd for an instant i nto the
real m of l i mi ts, where i ts arti facts shi ne l i ke beacons of hope –
procl ai ming “ Even thi s can be overcome! There are no li mi ts. There i s
no death!”
Encounters Can Help You Focus
In order to focus for an extended peri od on a particul ar task that
you need moti vati on for, find a di stracting environment that you can
bl ock out. The sti mulation of your encounter with what woul d seem
to be a li vel y and di stracting environment mi ght hel p your mind
move into a greater al pha state and fuel your focus on the task that i s
normal l y too weak on stimul ati on to hol d your focus.
Go outsi de i nto your unconsci ous mi nd and work on your thesis
amongst the buzz of l i fe bei ng l i ved - the muse wi ll find you there
and whi sper in your ear your lessons for the day. For i t i s your
encounter wi th li fe in al l i ts forms that brings shape to that deep
wel l spring of i deas that i s your unconsci ous mi nd. Your art i s the
di scovery of the space (gap) where you and your unconsci ous fi nal l y
That is why the beach or a hi ke in the mountai ns often brings
such unexpected inspirati on. You wi ll do your greatest thi nki ng
ami dst your most powerful encounters.
Th e N eed f o r En c o u n t er 215
True creati vi ty is an act of joining - of reuni ting - your
consci ousness wi th a smal l rejected element of the unconsci ous. In
your art you are expressi ng the psychi c release of energy by thi s
reuni on.
Creative & Sexual Encounters
Creative encounters are si mi l ar to romanti c and sexual
encounters. The arti st encounters something that i nspires a uni on
between subject and medi um – hi s soul shapes the medi um in i ts
i mage – the offspring i s art. Li kewi se the romantic and sexual
encounter inspires a union between two people – the surrenderi ng to
the shaping of another’s soul .
Thi s i s why Wayseers can be so promi scuous in nature. They are
fi l led wi th the i rreduci bl e need to fil l that gap between subject and
object – thee & thou – you and me. We want that connecti on – that
uni on – that joini ng – and wi thout it we feel unspeakabl y al one. Our
l oneli ness envel ops us and sinks us into despair.
The onl y ti me we feel trul y alive and i n l ove is when we are
partaking in the act of joi ning or creating – when we are swept up i n
the joy of a subl i me encounter. Everything el se pal es i n compari son.
Everything el se makes us weak. For the mere thought of not joining
or creating fi l l s our hearts wi th the dark pri mordi al terror of l osing
Some Wayseers learn to ful l y channel their l onging i nto pl atonic
acts of joining or creating – they may discover inti macy wi th Eros in
their dreams and their creati ons – enough to contai n the their
abundant creati ve/sexual i mpetus. But al as many Wayseers fi nd they
can onl y be sati sfied wi th many romanti c human encounters. We
have a l ong hi story of Wayseers known to be qui te promiscuous,
(several recent examples i ncl ude John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther
Ki ng, Jr. and Bil l Cli nton).
216 Th e Wayseer s
The People of Greatest Achievement
Have High Sex Drives
The foll owing i s an excerpt from Napoleon Hi ll ’s cl assic, Think &
Grow Rich:
“ The emoti on of sex has beneath i t the possibi l i ty of
three constructi ve potenti al i ties, they are:
1.) The perpetuati on of mankind.
2.) The maintenance of heal th, (as a therapy, i t
has no equal ).
3.) The transformati on of medi ocri ty i nto geni us
through transmutati on.
Sex transmutati on is simpl e and easil y expl ained. It
means the swi tching of the mind from thoughts of physical
expressi on, to thoughts of some other nature.
Sex desi re i s the most powerful of human desires. When
dri ven by thi s desi re, men devel op keenness of imagi nati on,
courage, wi l l-power, persi stence, and creati ve abi li ty
unknown to them at other ti mes. So strong and impell ing is
the desire for sexual contact that men freel y run the ri sk of
l i fe and reputati on to i ndul ge it. When harnessed, and
redirected al ong other lines, thi s moti vating force mai ntai ns
al l of i ts attri butes of keenness of i maginati on, courage, etc.,
whi ch may be used as powerful creati ve forces in li terature,
art, or in any other professi on or call ing, i ncl udi ng, of
course, the accumul ati on of ri ches.
The transmutati on of sex energy cal ls for the exerci se of
wi ll -power, to be sure, but the reward i s worth the effort.
The desi re for sexual expressi on i s inborn and natural . The
desi re cannot, and should not be submerged or eli minated.
But i t shoul d be gi ven an outlet through forms of expressi on
whi ch enrich the body, mi nd, and spi ri t of man. If not gi ven
Th e N eed f o r En c o u n t er 217
thi s form of outlet, through transmutati on, i t wi ll seek
outl ets through purel y physi cal channel s.
A ri ver may be dammed, and i ts water control led for a
ti me, but eventual l y, i t wi ll force an outlet. The same i s true
of the emoti on of sex. It may be submerged and control led
for a ti me, but i ts very nature causes i t to be ever seeking
means of expressi on. If i t i s not transmuted i nto some
creati ve effort it wil l find a less worthy outlet.
Fortunate, indeed, i s the person who has di scovered
how to give sex emoti on an outlet through some form of
creati ve effort, for he has, by that di scovery, l ifted hi msel f to
the status of a geni us.”
~ Napolean Hill “Think & Grow Rich”
The Need for a Mentor
Repeated encounters wi th a good heroic Wayseer mentor are
most hel pful in hel pi ng the young or neuroti c Wayseer to fi nd hi s
voi ce. The mentor stands as an example of successful l y expressed
wi ll . The mentor serves as a templ ate for the apprenti ce Wayseer to
di scover hi s own i nner truth and expressi on of the divine wi l l .
Thi s mentor serves as a most tangi ble form of encouragement
that trust in one’s own creative i mpul ses (as i rrati onal and fearfull y
uncontroll able as they may seem) can have powerful l y posi ti ve
resul ts.
“ By a happy chance, a common theme l inks the l i ves of
four of the famous masters of the Hi gh Renai ssance --
Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael and Titian. Each began
hi s artisti c career with an apprenti ceshi p to a pai nter who
was al ready of good standing, and each took the same path
of fi rst accepting, then transcending, the infl uence of his first
master. The fi rst of these, Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519),
218 Th e Wayseer s
was the el der of the two Fl orentine masters. He was taught
by Andrea del Verrocchi o (1435-88), an engagi ng painter
whose great achievement was hi s scul pture. Verrochi o al so
had consi derable influence on the earl y work of
Mi chel angel o. Verrocchi o's best-known painting i s the
famous Bapti sm of Chri st, famous because the youthful
Leonardo i s sai d to have painted the dreamy and romantic
angel on the far left, who compares more than favorabl y
wi th the stubby l ack of di stincti on in the master's own angel
i mmedi atel y besi de hi m.”

Spontaneous Brilliance
Often the most effective and expedient way to conquer a
challengi ng task i s to “ just do i t.” Thi s i s not just an ad sl ogan – thi s i s
a princi ple at the heart of Zen. Most people have l earned one way or
another to do a l ot of thinking and pl anni ng around acti ons that they
are about to take whi ch are i mportant to them.
The obvi ous moti vati on behi nd thi s “ pl anning” i s to avoi d
maki ng mi stakes. The trouble i s that more often than not, all the
pl anning in the worl d i s frui tless in avoi ding error, because you
rarel y have al l the data you need. Li fe i s so compl ex and unexpected
that pl ans are easi ly thwarted by “ the gods.”
If i nstead of removing yoursel f from a scary and i mmedi ate
encounter wi th the object of your task, you just go for i t. You wi l l
experience that powerful encounter. Most l i kel y you wi l l l ive
through i t, and from that experience you wi l l have gai ned vol umes of
feedback on how to do i t better next ti me.
Ri chard Branson had a mantra that hel ped hi m bui l d hi s mul ti-
bi l li on dol l ar Virgin Empi re …
“Oh screw it. Let’s do it!”
~ Richard Branson, Wayseer & Rebel
Billionaire CEO of Virgin
Th e N eed f o r En c o u n t er 219
True Will (Love) Vs. Apathy
“I have a very strong feeling that the opposite of
love is not hate – it's apathy.”
~ Leo Buscaglia
Apathy i s a result of disengagement wi th your l ife encounters.
Pl aying i t cool , acti ng pol i ti call y correct, suppressing emoti on,
denying your truest desires al l resul t i n apathy and depressi on.
As our cul ture progresses to greater level s of honesty, people
who are just pl ayi ng i t cool are no l onger interesti ng or desirable. It i s
honesty – hot, ali ve and fi l led wi th the fire of emoti on – that i s what
we now crave.
For the l ast 30 years, “ That’s cool .” was the mantra of the
cul turall y progressive; but now “ that’s hot” seems more i nl ine wi th
what we trul y want to experience.
Heaven & Earth – Theta & Alpha
“The knack of flying is learning how to throw
yourself at the ground …
and miss.”
~ Douglas Adams
To move beyond what i s proven to the more mysteri ous and
powerful dynami cs of the esoteric worl d, we must take on fai th as
our new compani on. We must trust that what the poet and mysti c
have to say i s equall y i mportant to that of the staunch “ real i st.”
If you are an Al pha Wayseer, chances are you prefer the more
grounded wri tings of “ practi cal,” “ provable” science, but I encourage
you to fol l ow in the footsteps of the great scienti st Leonardo da Vinci
and embrace the deep inexpl icable wi sdom that art can convey when
i t i s ful l y surrendered to.
220 Th e Wayseer s
If you are a Theta Wayseer chances are you resonate more wi th
the esoteric musings of great arti sts and mysti cs, because they
descri be the inner stirrings that you al ready know.
The greatest Wayseers – i ncl udi ng Leonardo da Vi nci and Al bert
Ei nstei n have expanded their minds to become both Al pha and
Theta, by appreciating both science and mysti ci sm as relevant and
hel pful sources of knowledge. Thi s i s the ulti mate duty of the
Wayseer, to connect heaven and earth.
The Miracle Impulse
Fol l owing a genuine encounter you may experi ence a miracle
i mpul se. There i s a power i n you that can li teral l y save the worl d.
There i s a power in you that is so vast that you are afrai d to face i t.
The sheer magni tude of thi s strength i s so great compared to the
l i ttleness you have i dentified wi th that you have devel oped
mal adapted defenses i n the attempt to avoi d your strength. The
sayi ng “ He doesn’t know hi s own strength,” appl ies to you and you
have al ways suspected thi s to be the case.
What is the Miracle Impulse?
The mi racle i mpul se i s the force deep i nsi de of you that has the
power to l i terall y save the worl d. You have al ways known this
i mpul se, because i t never ceases, but you may have forgotten by now
how to handle i t.
Often thi s i mpulse i s heavi l y repressed and distorted, because
most people are far too uncomfortable releasing thi s ki nd of power
from their minds. Thi s book i s a reintroducti on to your i nheri tance as
a chil d of God who has the God gi ven gi ft to work mi racles. All you
need to do i s learn to recogni ze your miracle impul se for what i t i s
and learn to submi t yoursel f to the Authority wi thin you who knows
how to use i t wel l .
Th e N eed f o r En c o u n t er 221
Somewhere al ong the way your mind may have been fi lled wi th
i deas that inhibi ted your full expressi on. That i s okay. You can
always recover. When you accept i deas that li mit you, they’l l do just
that. When you accept ideas that l i berate and strengthen you, they’l l
do just that.
Hopeful ly as a chil d you were not shamed away from your own
deepest truth. Hopeful l y you are sti ll aware of a pl ace i nsi de of you
that you fi nd more trustworthy than anythi ng the worl d can ever
show you. Hopefull y you are ful l y aware of a fountai n of
spontaneous wi sdom that pours forth from i nsi de of you. But, i f you
have l ost si ght of this pl ace, i t’s okay. Your mi racle i mpul se wi ll
gui de you back.
If you have l ost si ght of the fountain of power and heal ing insi de
of you, then you may have devel oped some adverse coping
mechani sms to stabil i ze yourself. Some of the things you may use to
relieve the pressure of the miracle i mpul se are recreati onal sex,
masturbati ng, sports, drinking, compul si ve gambl ing, overeati ng,
pi cking your nose, obsessi ve compul si ve behavior, strong habi ts or
addi cti ons.
If you have an “ addi cti ve personal i ty,” i f you are obsessive
and/or compul si ve, or i f you are manic-depressi ve you are blessed. It
may not seem l i ke it ri ght now, but you have a gift. These condi ti ons
are symptoms of a strong, minimal l y repressed miracle i mpul se.
Your onl y problem i s in channeli ng the overwhel mi ng force of your
mi racle i mpul ses. Learning to channel your mi racle i mpul ses
constructivel y wil l take work and dedi cati on, but the rewards to you
wi ll be vast.


Wayseer s Ar e Ir r epr essibl e
Wayseers have dangerousl y l ow repressi on levels.
Repressi on i s an inhi bi ting factor in our mi nds, whi ch
desensiti zes us and mi ni mi zes the intensity of experiences.
Repressi on keeps the i mpact of pain, joy, spontaneous i mpul ses and
empathy in check. It i s a way of stabil i zing our percepti on.
When we have li ttle repressi on, we are more sensi ti ve to the
winds of our psyche; we are more compel led by the urges of our
bodies; we are more subject to the deep i mpul ses wi thin each of us to
connect wi th each other.
We feel more pai n. We feel more joy. We may cry more, but when
we l augh it i s way more genui ne. We feel hurt easi l y and, i n turn, we
mi ght overesti mate how much pain others are feel i ng. Our sensi ti vi ty
to each other i s hei ghtened and we tend to share the emoti ons of
those around us.
Because we repress ourselves less, we are natural l y more open –
and more sensi ti ve to how open others are towards us. Often thi s
l eads to feeli ng terri bly al one. We sense the potential depth of
sharing and tenderness avai l able in our rel ati onshi ps, but we wi tness
others wi thhol ding from us – and, i n turn, us from them. We li ke
bei ng with our fami l y and our friends, but we are frustrated by how
l i ttle they offer of themsel ves; and we are frustrated by how li ttle
they are wi l li ng to receive of us. So we often feel al one, even when
we are wi th our fami l ies, wi th groups of our friends, or with our co-
224 Th e Wayseer s
workers. It’s l i ke being i n a desert, knowing there must be water
somewhere – there must be i nti macy somewhere.
We are thi rsty for those true connecti ons wi th others. Our throats
are parched and bl i stered from al l the dry emotionless conversati on
we engaged in. Our relati onshi ps are wi thering before our eyes and
we don’t know what to do about i t. Our throats constrict to the point
that we can barel y continue our mechani cal and l i feless negoti ati ons
wi th our co-workers and busi ness associ ates. We have reduced
everyone in our li ves through our endless manipul ati ons to get to
our materi al goal s. But what good are these goal s wi thout i nti macy?
Our thirst for deep and genui ne relati onshi ps has gone so l ong
unanswered that i t manifests in al l sorts of anxiety. Our cul ture tel l s
us that thi s can be cured wi th the l atest psychoacti ve pi l l , but we are
al l too aware that i t i s our hearts not our brai ns that are in pain. Al l
we trul y want is to have our heart’s burni ng thi rst quenched wi th the
l i ving water of honest soul ful shari ng. It is our nature to need deep
trusting connecti ons wi th each other; and we have denied i t too l ong.
When our repressi on is lowered, we become al l too aware of the
aching need i n oursel ves for genuine inti macy. We may feel al ienated
and hopeless when we can’t find others who wi ll l ower their
repressi on too, so they can experience the joy of genui ne shari ng wi th
We can onl y survi ve so l ong wi thout the experience of deep
connecti on. When our desi re to connect i s denied we feel horri bl y
empty and pretty soon we begin to pani c. Because we are so
i ntensel y sensi ti ve to separati on, not bei ng al l owed to connect is l i ke
not being al l owed to breathe. We are easi l y upset by di shonesty and
superfici al i ty i n our rel ati onshi ps. We become fati gued by smal l talk
and shal l ow conversati on, because we want the real thing. We want
communi on!
Wayseer s Ar e I r r epr essi bl e 225
Impulse Repression
Another catch about being irrepressible i s that we are al so more
open to our i mpul ses. When i mpul ses come, we may not choose to
fol l ow them, but we do feel them – someti mes qui te intensel y. Our
i mpul ses can come from di fferent aspects of our consci ousness and
they can lead us to do almost anything.
Growi ng up we usual ly l earn not to trust our i mpul ses. Most of
us, from the ti me we were potty trained, or earl ier, learned that in
order to be a good boy or gi rl and thus worthy of l ove we must
subl i mate and control our i mpul ses. In order to sati sfy thi s percei ved
requi rement we devel op new habi ts to wrestle control from our
spontaneous i mpul ses, di recting energy i nto predictable and
appropri ate behavi or; such as learni ng to always wai t and get to a
toi let when we have the impul se to “ go.”
But our bodi es are not the onl y pl aces where our i mpul ses can
come from.
In our cul ture we i denti fy pretty strongl y wi th our bodies. We
aren’t usuall y taught to see oursel ves as souls. Every behavi oral
modi fi cati on demanded of us rei nforces the message “ I am just thi s
body and I must control mysel f. My i mpul ses are not to be trusted at
al l .”
It’s easy to see how our cul tural envi ronment encourages no
di stincti on between our bodies and our soul s; between physi cal
i mpul ses and spiri tual ones. Unfortunatel y when we are chi l dren we
unquesti oningl y accept and i nternal i ze the di ctates of our
environment. We bel ieve the messages tel li ng us that our i mpul ses
are wrong. So we stop trusti ng our i mpul ses. Because we experience
many i mpul ses comi ng from the deepest part of oursel ves, we stop
trusting oursel ves. Our soul ful expressi on i s denied and i ts energy is
subl i mated into conformi st behavi or. Someti mes we rebel agai nst
conformi ty, but even then we are merel y conforming to non-
conformi ty.
Through our vi gi l ance agai nst our i mpul ses we begi n to l ose our
natural spontanei ty. Then in our l onging to “ act natural ” we often
226 Th e Wayseer s
begi n fabri cati ng complex i nner schemes and habi tual dances that
si mul ate spontanei ty usi ng rapi d but very careful l y pre-
choreographed behavi or.
Al as, in the end thi s never sati sfies us and we search for other
ways to fi ll the voi d. To fi l l thi s voi d, we’ll try al most anything.
Addiction & Compulsion
When you deny the ori gi nal acti on that your deep i mpul ses
i mpel you towards, you are bl ocki ng yoursel f. You are denyi ng your
own soul . You are not livi ng anymore – you are bowi ng to cul tural
rules in a sad roboti c way. You have denied yourself and others the
joy of you.
When God gi ves you a mi racle to perform, i t i s usual l y an act of
joi ni ng fearlessl y wi th someone. You are gi ven the directi on and the
energy to perform thi s mi racle by the di vi ne source of l ife. If you
refuse thi s cal l , you may be able to use your ego’s wi l l to deflect from
the directi on your soul cal l s you to, but you are sti l l stuck wi th al l the
energy that was gi ven you to perform that miracle. You can
temporari ly destroy moments of grace and force them into ego-tri ps
– that’s your choi ce – but that di vi ne energy cannot be destroyed. It
wi ll tear you apart insi de unti l you release i t or squel ch it.
That’s where compul si ons are born. There are many behavi oral
ways to di ssi pate your energy. Compul si ve sex, eati ng, drinking,
drug use, gambl i ng, work, sport, and exerci se are al l appropriate at
ti mes but can be easi l y overdone. They are often used compul si vely
as cul tural l y acceptable forms of miracle impul se deflecti on and
suppressi on.
Wayseers & Eidetic Imagery
Wayseers may al l be what psychol ogi sts cal l eidetic imagers.
(Ei detic i s pronounced "eye-DETT-i ck.") This means that you have
Wayseer s Ar e I r r epr essi bl e 227
the capacity to i magine and vi sual i ze i magery that i s bri ght, clear,
ful l -col or, mul ti-di mensional and i mmersi ve.
Normal types do not do thi s. When they i magi ne something i t i s
usual l y col orless and two-di mensi onal.
Ei deti c vi suali zati on i s simi l ar to havi ng a photographi c memory
and i t requires hi gh level s of Theta functi oning. Wayseers who tend
to have more Theta will probabl y have an easier ti me generating
ei deti c i mages in their mi nds. Thi s abi l ity to harness ei detic i magery
presents a huge double edged sword for Wayseers.
So l et’s tackle the downsi de first. Ei deti c i magery can be used by
your i maginati on to mock-up i ncredi bl y i mmersive scenari os. In
these scenari os you can experience what that scenari o woul d be l i ke
and even convince yourself that thi s ei deti c experi ence you’re having
i s real . You can li terall y manufacture your own li fe experiences this
way. It’s fantasy on steroi ds.
The trouble i s that you can use ei deti c i magery to so di stort the
truth i n your own mind that you start bel ievi ng your own fantasy.
Then you can start sel li ng thi s sel f-decepti on l i ke i t’s the truth. Others
wi ll bel ieve i t, because there’s no evi dence in your del ivery that
you’re lyi ng – that’s because you now bel ieve your own lies.
Thi s i s a very powerful dark-magi c that has been used to decei ve
many people.
Adol ph Hi tler i s an i nfamous example of how one coul d use hi s
own powers of ei detic imagery to convi nce an entire nati on of his
own sel f-decepti ons.
Jacques Lusseyran was a bl ind spy for the French resi stance
duri ng Adol ph Hi tler’s rei gn. He was a great spy, despi te hi s
bl indness, because he always knew when he was being l ied to. He
coul d hear whether someone was tell ing the truth or l yi ng by the
subtle difference i t would make i n the i ntonati on of thei r voi ce. This
i s obvi ousl y a great asset for a spy to have.
Jacques Lusseyran tel l s the story of how horri fied he was when
he first heard Adol ph Hi tler giving a speech on the radi o. He knew
228 Th e Wayseer s
then that thi s man had a terrifying power because of the things Hi tler
coul d say, wi thout any evi dence i n the intonati on of hi s voi ce that he
was l yi ng.
(You can read more about Jacques Lusseyran i n his beauti ful
autobi ography And There Was Light.)
The i ssue wi th sel f-decepti on i s that i t’s completel y destructi ve to
both yourself and to others. It’s an abominati on of the truth. You l ose
track of what’s true and fal se and you don’t even know anymore
when you’re l yi ng. You become increasi ngl y soci opathi c when you
al l ow your own fantasies wi th ei deti c i magery to cl oud your
percepti on of truth. You get so removed from what’s true and good
i n yourself that you can become completel y l ost.
What Wayseer Therapy i s desi gned to do i s hel p you di scover
these sel f-decepti ons in yourself and root them out. Al though there
may be certai n pol i ti cal , business and negotiati ng advantages to
bei ng a good l iar, the skil l comes wi th its share of negati ve baggage.
The baggage that we are concerned about in Wayseer Therapy i s
neuroti ci sm whi ch i s based on sel f decepti on. Essential l y a neurotic
Wayseer i s a sel f-deceived Wayseer. A neuroti c Wayseer has l ost
track of hi s own genuine i denti ty and i s l i ving out a l ie.
The key to your true brilliance is honesty.
“What is demanded of genius is love of truth.”
~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Leonardo da Vinci , l i ke Si gmund Freud and many other greats
accompl i shed thei r greatness through their deep honesty. Many of
Freud’s and da Vi nci’s works are uncomfortably honest for many
people to take – such as Freud’s descri pti ons of the dark wi shes of
the ego, the death wish and the oedi pal wi sh or da Vinci’s
courageous and scary wi ll i ngness to di ssect and draw the i nner
worki ngs of the human body.
Courage i s a precursor to great honesty and both of these
geni uses had the courage to di scover things the rest of humani ty had
proven too ti mi d to unearth.
Wayseer s Ar e I r r epr essi bl e 229
“Beyond a doubt truth bears the same relation to
falsehood as light to darkness.”
~ Leonardo da Vinci
Your Subconscious Gatekeeper
Our sense system i s li teral l y bombarded wi th terabytes of
i nformati on every moment. It woul d be completel y overwhel mi ng to
be aware of every l i ttle nuance – every scrap of sensory informati on
at any gi ven moment.
Our minds have devel oped ways of handl ing al l that
i nformati on. The subconsci ous mind fi lters thi s data and onl y keeps
i n consci ous awareness the data that appears to be most self-servi ng.
The unconsci ous mi nd then serves as the reposi tory of al l the
i nformati on that has been rejected by consci ousness.
The subconsci ous mi nd then i s li ke a gatekeeper for your
consci ousness. It onl y allows your consci ous mind to sense what you
have al ready tol d i t i s hel pful for you to be aware of.
Here’s a true story about how powerful your subconsci ous mind
reall y i s i n making sure you onl y sense what you expect to sense.
When Col umbus l anded i n the Cari bbean, the nati ves l i teral ly
coul d not see hi s shi ps. These nati ves’ subconsci ous mi nds had no
reference point for any boat as huge as Col umbus’s caravel shi ps. So
when they l ooked towards these shi ps, thei r subconsci ous minds
woul d censor out thi s i ncomprehensi ble informati on. Thus their
subconsci ous preconcepti ons of what was possi bl e woul d not all ow
them to see the shi ps.

Then the shaman of the tri be (the Wayseer) noti ced ri pples out i n
the ocean but coul dn’t see what was causing them. Hi s wel l honed
i ntui ti on kept tell ing him to pay attenti on to that. For days and days,
thi s shaman fol l owed hi s intui ti on and focused on the potential
ori gin of these ri pples. Fi nal l y the shaman was able to use his ei deti c
i maginati on to mock-up somethi ng cl ose enough to what a caravel
shi p l ooked li ke for hi s subconsci ous to grab hold of i t. Then i t let the
230 Th e Wayseer s
i mage of the real caravel shi ps break into hi s awareness. He was
fi nal l y able to see the caravel shi ps!
Once he saw the shi ps the shaman coul d hel p others see them
too, by gui ding their percepti on. This requi red the trust and
credi bi li ty that he already had wi th hi s people.
Subconscious Programming
You can program your subconsci ous mind wi th ei deti c i magery,
because your subconscious mi nd does not know the difference
between experiences you mock-up wi th your i maginati on and
experiences you reall y have. Both experiences l ook equall y real to
your subconsci ous mi nd.
Scienti sts have done experi ments where they put ei deti c subjects
i nto a PET scan and have them l ook at an object or i mage. They l ook
at the areas of the brai n that l i ght up and are activated by the si ght of
that i mage. They then take the i mage away and ask the subjects to
cl ose their eyes and i magi ne that i mage. When the subjects do thi s –
si mpl y i magini ng the i mage l i ghts up and acti vates the same regi ons
of thei r brains agai n.
So every ti me you i magine somethi ng eideti call y, your
subconsci ous responds as i f i t were real l y happening. Thi s i s how
you can work yoursel f up emoti onal l y – whi ch i s a subconsci ous
acti vity – just by what you think about. It i s al so why you have to be
careful about what you make your subconsci ous mi nd bel ieve reali ty
i s.
If you program your subconsci ous mi nd wi th too much fantasy,
you may find that your physi cal and emoti onal reacti ons to things
become wi l dl y ineffective. Thi s is a primary difficul ty for neurotic
Theta Wayseers, because they tend to use fantasy to escape their
fears, instead of facing them.
Getting Good Feedback Past Your Subconscious
One of the most i mportant things you need in order to get good
at achieving a speci fi c goal i s ti mel y and accurate feedback. This
Wayseer s Ar e I r r epr essi bl e 231
feedback lets you know how your thoughts and acti ons are hel pi ng
or hi nderi ng your accompl i shment of that goal .
Good feedback i s readily avai l able i n most si tuati ons. However,
when you are neurotic, your subconsci ous mi nd fil ters al l the
feedback you get through the lens of any sel f-decei ved fantasies you
have programmed i t wi th. Not even honest, hel pful and appropri ate
feedback can hel p you, because the feedback you’re getti ng is being
di storted through the lens of your sel f-decepti ve stories.
Remember, all the feedback you get i s fil tered by the gate-keepers
of your del uded subconsci ous, (whi ch has been programmed by
whatever ei deti c i magery you’ve been mocki ng-up i n your mi nd).
If you’ve all owed yourself to indul ge in sel f-deceptive fantasies,
then after a whi le, onl y feedback that rei nforces your del usi ons is
even al l owed i nto your consci ous awareness. These self rei nforcing
l ies make you less and less effecti ve and less aware of what would
reall y work for you i n your si tuati on. These fantasies can become so
confusi ng that you even forget what i t i s you really want in l ife.
You coul d l i ve out your entire l i fe chasi ng after something that
you don’t reall y want; al l because at some poi nt you started
mocki ng-up fantasies that so confused you that they made you want
other thi ngs.
Imagi ne this: You reall y want somethi ng so you try to go after it
honestl y and that doesn’t work. So then you try l yi ng to get i t and
that sti ll doesn’t work, because your l ie i sn’t convi nci ng – everybody
knows you’re just tryi ng to get the thing you want. Finall y, you
mi ght mock-up i n your mi nd an i mage of your being the kind of
person who woul d want something other than what you real l y, so
that you can get cl oser to what you real l y want undetected. The
problem is, you mi ght immerse yoursel f in thi s il l usi on of pretending
to want somethi ng el se so deepl y, you actual l y forget what you reall y
wanted in the first pl ace.
Now you have entered a worl d of sel f-decepti on where you
actual l y start to bel ieve that you are someone other than who you
reall y are. People treat you di fferentl y now and maybe you actual ly
232 Th e Wayseer s
get cl oser to that thing you ori gi nal l y wanted. But you no l onger
remember that you want that now.
As soon as you enact this ki nd of self-decepti on, you qui ckl y l ose
awareness of what you real l y want. You start hopelessl y chasing
goals that wi l l never ful fil l you.
Some popul ar substi tute goal s are status, money, power, a house
i n a parti cul ar l ocati on, a nice kind of car, a nice ki nd of job, a nice
ki nd of romanti c partner, etc.
You can make up al l these stories about what you want and thi nk
that’s goi ng to do i t for you. You can make yourself bel ieve, “ I’m
goi ng to be happy when I fi nal l y have that.” But when you are sel f-
decei ved all your substitute wants are merel y defenses against the
fear of never getti ng what you real l y want.
Maybe all you reall y want i s to be l oved. Maybe al l you real ly
want i s to feel cheri shed. Maybe what you reall y want i s to feel free.
But those real wants are buried under a pi le of what we’l l call
pseudo-wants. Those pseudo-wants are often chosen because being
seen as wanti ng those things seems to get you cl oser to what you
reall y want.
Let’s say al l I reall y want i s to feel val uable. I l ook around me and
I see that people who are ri ch and famous get treated li ke they are
more val uable than others. So you create a pseudo-want – you fi gure
then, “ I want to be rich and famous.” And as you start pursuing that
you reali ze that i t’s not easy to get ri ch and famous by just goi ng
di rectl y after that. So you devel op another pseudo-want that you
bel ieve wi ll hel p you get ri ch and famous. You deci de, “ I want to be
a rock star.” And then you start pursuing that and you reali ze you
need to have another want to get you there, so you deci de, “ I want to
be a great gui tar pl ayer.” So you start real l y practi cing the gui tar, but
soon you reali ze that – for the most part – great gui tar pl ayers are “ a
di me a dozen.” There are a mi l li on great gui tar pl ayers out there and
onl y a few of them ever get ri ch and famous. Now you’ve spent so
much ti me tryi ng to get ri ch and famous that you forgot to be
val uable. And al l you real l y wanted i n the first pl ace was to feel
val uable.
Wayseer s Ar e I r r epr essi bl e 233
Do you see how adopting the self-decepti on of pseudo-wants can
di stract you from having what you real l y want?
You wi l l never feel trul y ful fi l led unti l you get real l y honest
about what i t i s you reall y want. It’s usual ly somethi ng pretty
si mple. When you get clear about that, you’l l find that maki ng good
choices in your l ife becomes pretty si mple too.
You can stil l have goals for materi al thi ngs but they won’t matter
so much and when they don’t matter so much you can be much more
strategi c and patient about the way you go after them. You’l l be
much more effecti ve and you’l l al so be able to see the i mportant
things you were afrai d of l ooki ng at before.
Here’s an exerci se to help you on your way:
Thi s exerci se i s best done out-l oud and preferably wi th a partner
who you feel safe bei ng very open wi th.
1) Pi ck somethi ng you want.
2) Say “ I want ______.” (whatever i t i s)
3) Then say “ I want _____, because it wil l make me feel
4) Then say, “ What I real l y want i s ___.”
5) Take whatever you ended wi th wanting i n step 4 and
repeat step 1 using i t. Keep repeating thi s cycle unti l you
di scover what you real l y, real l y, reall y want.
Don’t Make Goals Too Important
When you are bl indl y pursui ng a goal ; when you have made it
the most i mportant thing i n the worl d to you, you are l i kel y to have a
l ot of fear wrapped up i n not getting i t. If you have a l ot of fear
wrapped up in not achievi ng a parti cul ar goal , it’s going to be very
di ffi cul t for you to l ook at anything that’s tell ing you that you’re not
achieving that goal .
234 Th e Wayseer s
Any negati ve feedback you get about achievi ng a goal that
you’ve made too i mportant becomes threatening to you. Your
subconsci ous emoti onal sel f may even try to bl ock thi s feedback.
There’s a bi g problem with that.
If that goal becomes so i mportant that any ti me you get negative
feedback or feedback that tel ls you that you’re off course, you are
l i kel y to go i nto deni al . Deni al seems a l ot easier than facing the scary
reali zati on that you are not reaching your goal the way you’ve been
goi ng about i t.
What you’l l be tempted to do i s keep going into deni al about all
the feedback that’s letting you know that you’re off course. When
someone surrounds themsel ves wi th “ yes men” that’s where they are
comi ng from.
In that deni al , you are actual l y maki ng it less l i kel y that you wi ll
accompl i sh the very thing that you have made so i mportant.
“The first and most important thing is to determine and
accept the worst thing that can possibly happen. It’s important
to do this, because once you accept the worst thing that can
happen, you can then stop worrying about it happening.”
~ Bob Parsons, CEO of
So the way to accompl ish somethi ng i s to make i t not fearful l y
i mportant. You let yourself care, but not that much.
You care enough to l ook at the si tuati on honestl y and to do what
i t takes to get to where you want to go; but you don’t care so much
that you are moti vated to go i nto denial and l ie to yoursel f because
you’ve become so afrai d of fail ing.
Negati ve feedback can be very scary, especi al l y if you’ve got the
attai nment that of goal wrapped up wi th your i denti ty and sel f-
worth. It’s possible to wrap the accompl ishment of something so
cl osel y to your i denti ty that the possibi li ty of not accompl i shing i t
threatens your i dentity. When something threatens your i denti ty, thi s
threat can be felt as severel y as i f the threat were on your very l ife.
When somethi ng gets to be that i mportant you need to let go;
Wayseer s Ar e I r r epr essi bl e 235
because anything that threatens the i dea of accompl i shi ng that goal
wi ll feel l i ke a threat to your own exi stence, and you wil l not be
maki ng clear deci si ons that way. Thi s i s particul arl y true for
Wayseers because you tend to make thi ngs “ al l or nothing” and you
have a very powerful i magi nati on that can run away wi th you.
Remember you tend to think in wholes, so what woul d 100%
total fai l ure on your 100% most i mportant goal fee li ke? Death. Death
i s the archetype of 100% fai l ure.
You don’t operate at 30 percent l i ke 9 out of 10 people do, you
operate at 0-10% when you’re bored or resting or you operate at
100% when you are reall y goi ng after something. So when you start
experiencing fail ure on something you’re giving 100% effort to, i t can
feel l i ke death, because to fai l when you gi ve 100% can
subconsci ousl y be seen as 100% fai l ure.
Here’s a possi ble reason that this evol ved. If you are out hunting
and you are fail ing at hunting that coul d li teral l y mean death for you
and your fami l y. So the fai l ure to reach a goal li ke spearing a caribou
mi ght feel l i ke death if you’re not achieving i t. You mi ght feel l i ke
you’re dying and that mi ght motivate you to keep going after that
cari bou – no matter what. Al so when you are pushed to your max
and you’re col d and starving and ti red, you probabl y can’t handle
any more in terms of negati ve feedback, so that’s a hel pful ti me for i t
to be bl ocked out.
Hopeful ly your regul ar li fe experience i s not that precari ous and
that intense. However, when you consi der maki ng that “ cri ti cal ”
sales presentati on or when you think about approaching that “ all
i mportant” potential soul -mate that you’ve got the crush on, that can
feel li ke li fe and death to you because you have wrapped up so much
of your i denti ty in the outcome of that experience.
The problem wi th thi s overl y seri ous mi nd-set is that you’re
stoppi ng yourself from learning and growing, because you’ve made
i t too i mportant and too scary to gather good feedback from the
experience. If you can relax and have fun wi th these encounters in
your l i fe you’ll find yourself being more open and more honest; and
you’l l fi nd everythi ng fl ows more easil y and naturall y.
236 Th e Wayseer s
There’s always going to be another sales presentati on
opportuni ty, there’s al ways goi ng to be another chance to encounter
your potenti al soul -mate, but if you don’t start taking things less
seri ousl y and let yourself be open to feedback (no matter how
humbl ing), you won’t be able to grow and i mprove as easil y.
When you’re open to feedback and wil l ing to learn, the next ti me
you can do a l ot better. Often the very fi rst step in learning to
accompl i sh a diffi cul t goal i s learning how far away you are from
that goal .
Don’t take your self too seriously
“A man is least himself when he speaks as himself.
Give him a mask and he will speak the truth.”
~ Oscar Wilde
One way to make rapi d i mprovements towards your goal s i s to
stop taking your sel f seri ousl y. (Yes, I’m sayi ng your sel f, not
yourself on purpose, because we are tal king about just your ego here,
not your whole being. We are just tal ki ng about the part of you that
i dentifies with your name and your address and your career, etc.)
When you don’t take your sel f seri ousl y, even your most cri ti cal
goal s are taken less seriousl y too. Everything you percei ve – except
when you are enli ghtened – i s percei ved i n rel ati on to your sel f. So
by taking your sel f less seri ousl y, everything in your l i fe becomes
l ess seri ous, much more enjoyable and easier.
Your self is the i denti ty you, your parents and your communi ty
hel ped shape i n you from birth. Thi s i denti ty i s not reall y you. This
i dentity, thi s sel f, i s just a random assortment of beliefs about
yourself and the worl d that, for the most part, are untrue.
Nobody can real ly tell you the Truth – capi tal T. That kind of
Truth i s beyond words. So everything you’ve been taught –
everything that has been used to program your brai n i nto seeing
yourself and your world the way you see i t, is a l ie. It can’t be the
Wayseer s Ar e I r r epr essi bl e 237
Truth, because the Truth i s beyond teaching, beyond any set of
bel iefs that can be taught.
Even so, aren’t your bel iefs a decent approxi mation of the truth?
Or aren’t your beliefs at l east mostl y true? Don’t they at least hel p a
bi t?
Wel l , onl y i f you don’t take them too seri ousl y. You coul d think,
“ I know what’s happening here.” Now, that thought can serve you,
but onl y i f you don’t take i t seri ousl y, because if you take any
thought too seri ousl y, that’s how you l ock that thought i n your
consci ousness and el i mi nate the opportuni ty for you to di scover
something truer. That’s why people take thei r sel ves seri ousl y … i t’s
a way of l ocki ng their sel f i denti ty i n their minds against al l the
feedback coming in that says “ your sel f concept is out of whack.”
If you were to use the thought, “ I know what’s happening here,”
wi thout taking i t too seri ousl y i t mi ght hel p you have some pl ayful
confi dence. However, if you do take i t seri ously, that’s when you
become arrogant, you mi ss the opportunities to l earn, because you
are so focused on defendi ng your sel f percepti on of “ knowing what’s
happeni ng.”
The same i s true about your own sel f concept. Don’t take your
i deas about who you are too seri ousl y, because they are li kel y to be
qui te fl awed. You mi ght thi nk you know who or what you are, but
al l that i s based on a belief i n a self concept started at birth and
reinforced wi th very little input from you for the fi rst seven to twel ve
years of your l i fe. Don’t bel ieve i t’s true!
Don’t take that sel f that you think you are seri ousl y. Look i n the
mi rror and real i ze “ That i s not me – i t i s merel y a reflecti on of who I
think I am fi l tered through al l of my preconceptions of how I think I
l ook.”
When you stop taki ng your sel f seri ousl y, you open the
opportuni ty for you to do anythi ng – because now no spontaneous
i mpul se wi ll threaten your self-concept. A sel f-concept, not taken
seri ousl y, has very l i ttle control over your acti ons, because you no
l onger worry about vi ol ati ng i t. You no l onger worry about vi olating
238 Th e Wayseer s
i t, because i t’s not you anymore – i t’s just an idea – an i dea about
who you are that was given to you by your parents and your cul ture.
You Were Born Spontaneous and Free
You weren’t born all pent-up i n your sel f-concept and
programmed to be normal and fi t-in. You were born to be
spontaneous and free. And you shoul d stay that way. Thi s i s where
your beauty i s.
Over ti me you may have devel oped memories – mental i mages –
that kept you “ in l ine.” These mental i mages are a col lecti on of
ei deti c memories of al l the ti mes you behaved honestl y and
spontaneousl y and were i n some way shamed or puni shed for that
Eventuall y, i f you devel op enough negati ve mental i magery it
wi ll serve as an overwhel mi ng case against your choosing to be you.
Because of thi s, your present behavi or and attitudes may be very
di sconnected from the true you. Remember how bori ng i t i s to l ive
di sconnected from your true self compared to when you were a free
and easy chi l d.
When you carry around a huge subconsci ous catal ogue of
memories desi gned to determine every one of your acti ons, your life
becomes one monotonous re-run after the next.
If you’re just doing what you al ways do – that’s because i t’s what
you’re programmed to do. You’ve been programmed by your
parents, your cul ture and the people who’ve had power over you
when you were young.
Imagi ne thi s: You are met wi th the opportuni ty to do somethi ng
amazingl y spontaneous and i mpul si ve. You get that feel ing i n your
gut, l i ke you’re about to jump out of an airpl ane, when you consi der
fol l owing thi s powerful impul se. It’s outrageous and i t’s total l y you.
What i f you refuse thi s cal l ? Your mind fl oods with i magery of all
sorts of fai l ure, retributi on, shame, gui l t and heartache that you
mi ght associ ate wi th taking thi s kind of i mpul sive ri sk.
Wayseer s Ar e I r r epr essi bl e 239
Do you know where all that trepi dati on came from? When you
were a young chi l d, you depended on adul ts for your survi val.
Chances are these adul ts weren’t completel y aware of the amazi ng
beauty that you just had natural l y. You were spontaneousl y beautiful
and sincere because you were un-adul t-erated.
Because you’re a Wayseer you were probabl y pretty i mpul si ve as
a chi l d. Chances are most adul ts weren’t appreci ati ve of your
unexpected i mpul si ve moves. Your i mpul ses led you to do things
that were threateni ng to their sense of control .
Your pure unadul terated i mpul ses, full of spontaneous wi sdom,
most l i kel y vi olated the li mi ted beliefs and expectati ons of the adul ts
around you. I bel ieve your purest i mpul ses come from wi sdom far
wi ser than the human intel lect. I bel ieve they stem from the col lective
unconsci ous, whi ch al ways knows more than we do and ini ti ates
these impul ses wi th the greater good in mi nd.
Your i mpul si ve expressions woul d probabl y wreak havoc on the
pl ans of your caretakers, but who says their pl ans were good ones?
You have been puni shed many ti mes for bei ng transcendentl y ri ght;
doi ng what no one knew at the time had to be done. You may have
saved your communi ty years of trouble wi th one l i ttle catastrophe
you made that di stracted them from making a bi gger one; but
nonetheless you were l i kel y the one to get puni shed for your servi ce.
Remember the old adage:
“A good deed never goes unpunished.”
The adul t fi gures of your chi l dhood had no i dea what they were
doi ng when they abused your del icate system of miracul ous
i mpul ses. They had no idea how incredibl y ri ght you were. They had
no i dea of the mi racles you shed wi th every li ttle release of impul sive
geni us, because i t was so far beyond their comprehensi on that they
probabl y squashed it out of fear and i gnorance and maybe
unconsci ous jeal ousy at your bril l iance. Your brill i ance betrayed thei r
egocentric control and medi ocri ty.
What egos do to suppress God’s wi sdom i s puni sh those who
become Hi s messengers. You were Hi s messenger and so you were
240 Th e Wayseer s
puni shed ceaselessl y unti l , maybe you no l onger chose to be Hi s
messenger agai n.
Puni shment and severe repri mands are desi gned to break the
Spi ri t. They are desi gned to shock the reci pient i n order to embed
negative associ ati ons wi th whatever was just expressed. That
negative associ ati on i s often stored i n your memory as ei detic
i magery. It now serves the purpose of i nfl uencing your subconsci ous
choices around that kind of expressi on. Think of thi s psychi c i magery
as bri cks i n a wal l between you and your truest wi ll .
At first, the bri cks seem to merel y act as deterrents against you
bei ng so spontaneous and free. In the begi nning of this
i ndoctrinati on you can sti l l see beyond these bricks in order to sti l l
occasi onall y express your true wi ll . But that negati ve imagery keeps
bei ng bui l t up repri mand after repri mand until you are no l onger
free; until you are no l onger you.
Eventuall y these bri cks can pi le up so hi gh that they cast a l ong
shadow over the l andscape of your soul . You may forget what i t ever
was you trul y wanted and you may become a sl ave to society’s rules.
Thi s wal l stands as a warning against being too free and honoring
your genuine wil l . It sets up a confl ict in you. Wi l l you choose to
heed the wall and onl y do what the worl d has tol d you to – or wi l l
you go ahead and fearlessl y do what your soul whi spers i s i t’s truest
desi re for you thi s very moment?
If your mom or dad was here ri ght now, real izing what they had
done, you know they woul d probabl y be deepl y saddened by it.
They mi ght say something l i ke, “ I had no i dea the i ncredi ble beauty
you were offering us. I never meant to cause thi s shame. I onl y hope
you can fi nd your true wi l l agai n.”
So hol d no grudges, because that i s not your path to heal ing.
Your parents di d the best they coul d. Now i t i s your turn to take
your progressi on and heal i ng to the next level .
When you start choosi ng your own wil l , i t i s l ikel y you wi ll go
through a peri od of deep confusi on. You wi ll noti ce your
spontaneous i mpul ses leadi ng you to work li ttle mi racles throughout
Wayseer s Ar e I r r epr essi bl e 241
your day. But you may al so fi nd i t difficul t to navi gate your li fe
wi thout the opi ni ons of others steeri ng you. Now i t i s ti me for your
i nner wi sdom to become your gui de; and that can take some getting
used to.
The key here i s to learn to remember what it i s you are here for.
Your genuine soul ful i mpul ses wi ll show you the way. But that wall
may l oom l arge and behind that wal l i s everything you forgot you
Remembering what
you forgot you forgot
Have you ever have run upstairs to get something and then
found yourself there, and had to ask yourself "what am I doing here?'
Ever watch previews and forget what movie you were there to see?
Thi s i s the story of your li fe if you don’t li sten to your soul .
What are you conscious of?
“ Shoul d you read thi s chapter, or the next?” “ Shoul d you
subscri be to cable, or DSL?” “ Shoul d you watch Jay Leno, or Davi d
Letterman?” “ Do you really want to super-si ze that?” These are not
real choi ces, they are distracti ons. They pul l you away from your
deeper choice. They drag you i nto a trance of i nformati on overl oad.
They seduce you away from your true rel ati onships wi th others.
These deci si ons steal what l i ttle room for i nti macy you stil l have
l eft in your busy li fe.
You may be tempted to steal a moment that you coul d have
shared wi th someone you l ove; but i nstead you exchange i t for
something el se. You mi ght use that moment to read a senseless trade
journal article, watch another TV show, downl oad another piece of
useless Internet data; al l in the hopes that thi s new medi a wi ll
somehow save you from yoursel f. The endless sea of informati on
242 Th e Wayseer s
keeps pul li ng you deeper and deeper unti l i t overwhel ms you. Your
mi nd begins to race. Franti cal l y you wil l throw good ti me after bad,
hopi ng you wi l l not drown before you are vi ndicated from thi s
careless dive.
Al though you see yourself maki ng deci si on after deci si on, they
al l lead to nothi ng, to nowhere, just deeper into the hole. No more
i nput wi l l save you now. No clever deci si on wi ll set you free. You
have forgotten somethi ng far more i mportant.
For, i t was not i nformati on, but devoti on that coul d have saved
you al l al ong.
You see, we can be entrenched in a Pavl ovi an scri pt of sti mul us-
response decisi on making. We can experience ourselves as no more
than emoti onal droi ds. We can l ose consci ousness of our very bei ng
and ali veness. It i s then that we are unaware of the greater choi ce,
dangl ing hi gh from the heavens, reaching down to touch us, just
above our heads. All we need to do i s l ook up from our tasks and we
wi ll see i t once again.
Because we are human, we l ong for more. We feel a cal li ng to a
greater experience, but often we just don’t remember where to l ook.
Someti mes when I go to a movie, I am overwhel med by the
comi ng attracti ons. I become so capti vated by the dazzl ing i magery,
sounds and stories that I actual l y forget which movie i t was that I
was coming to see. Then I wonder, “ If, i n just ten minutes, i t i s so
easy to forget the enti re purpose of my movie-goi ng adventure, then
how easy must i t be to forget, over many, many years, the entire
purpose of my l i fe?”
It i s not just that we forget why we came, i t i s even worse. We
forget that we have forgotten why we came. We don’t even have the
memory of a memory to wonder about.
Li vi ng consci ousl y i s rememberi ng constantl y. It i s i mperative,
for i f at any moment we forget, we may not remember again for a
l ong l ong ti me. We wi ll not even real i ze that we have forgotten,
because we wil l al so have forgotten that we have forgotten.
Wayseer s Ar e I r r epr essi bl e 243
So easy i s i t to forget. So sl i ppery and subtle i s the sl ope down
i nto the trance of l i ving unconsci ousl y. And how can we know, for
every sl i p from consci ousness becomes, by defi ni ti on, unconsci ous.
When we are nodding off, fal l ing back into that hel pless trance,
l et us kindl y nudge each other awake. Let us show one another that
there i s always further to go, sti ll hi gher to li ft. Let us hel p carry each
other through those vulnerable ti mes, when tears are all that can be
mustered; because on the other si de of those tears i s where freedom
i s found. Wi thout l ove to remi nd us of our mi ssion, i t i s far too easy
to forget, to drift off … and to sl i de back down, down into another
daydream, down into that pi ti ful trance; and thi s ti me, the trance
may l ast our entire l ifetime.
However, if i nstead of daydreami ng about what we shoul d do
tomorrow, we real ize thi s opportuni ty to choose how we wi ll l ook
upon “ ri ght now.” Thi s i s the greater choi ce, and then we are free.
Instantl y, on that pi vot of choi ce, our whole consci ousness swings.
We are more ski l lful and awake. Our vi si on i s clear. Our eyes are
bri ght wi th anti ci pati on. Our ol d and dreary worl d has become new
again. Suddenl y, we experience the wil d expansive freedom of l i ving
consci ousl y. Thi s i s the ul ti mate rush.
Let your consci ousness regai n i ts natural buoyancy. Let your
consci ousness fl oat hi gh above the chaos to a place where si mple acts
of ki ndness, heal ing and sharing become the natural focus.
There is a pl ace li ke that, you know. Al l you must do i s put
yourself there.


Tr anscending Addict ion
What i f anythi ng done compul si vel y, was the resul t of repeatedl y
subl i mating our true i mpul ses?
Because i mpul si ve expressi on i s so often regarded as
"unacceptable" by our cul ture, us i mpul si ve Wayseers have been
thoroughl y trained to distrust and subl i mate our frequent i mpul ses.
So i n order to "control " our i mpul ses maybe we devel op cultural l y
acceptable channel s to rel ease thi s l i bi do energy for each i mpul se.
The soci al l y acceptable channel may be eati ng, may be smoki ng,
may be dri nki ng, may be worki ng, or maybe i t’s exerci se. Whatever i t
i s, i t's probabl y something much more contained and controlled than
expressing a spontaneous i mpul se - l i ke ki ssing a stranger.
While our spontaneous i mpul ses may be di srupti ve - they are
al so heal thy.
Unfortunatel y, when we begin to consci ousl y force the release of
that i mpul si ve l i bi do energy into the same control led, predi ctable
acti on again and again, that acti on qui ckl y becomes habitual .
Al though ulti matel y sel f-destructi ve thi s compul si ve l i bi do
subl i mati on feel s safer than the honest expressi on of our many
uni que, unpredictable (and often soci al l y dangerous) spontaneous
i mpul ses.
It's hi gh ti me for us Wayseers to let those true spontaneous
i mpul ses express through us honestl y. Hug your nei ghbor, ask that
246 Th e Wayseer s
stranger out, don't be afrai d to shout. It's far better than becoming a
“Cowardice” – A Story of Addiction
Once there was a cowardl y man who knew nothing of hi s true
Self. He cowered i n fear, he robbed, and stole, cheated and l ied his
way through li fe. He had no friends, except for those who he fel t he
coul d gain materi al l y from, but they were not “ real friends” in hi s
mi nd, they were “ assets.” Thi s cowardl y man di d not trust life
further than he coul d throw i t; and more than that, he coul d not even
trust hi msel f. He wanted control instead of trust and at every pass he
found ways to take control away from the trusti ng.
Thi s man was sad and very l onel y and he turned to bad habi ts to
ease hi s pain. He drank, and he womanized; he bi nged and he
smoked; he was compul si ve and abusi ve with himsel f and others.
Thi s cowardl y man started becomi ng fat and ol d ahead of his
ti me. Each day fel t more l i ke hel l than the l ast. “ What i s happeni ng to
me?” he thought. He was so good at steal i ng control , but now he
coul d hardl y control himsel f. Every morning, after a ni ght of binge
drinking, binge eating, bi nge smoki ng, or bi nge sex, he woul d wake
up angry at hi mself. Each morni ng he woul d say “ That’s i t, I’m going
to get control of my l ife today.” Onl y he woul d repeat the whole sad
epi sode al l over again that ni ght.
Something was wrong. As much as he wanted to stop hi s bad
habits, there was some irresi sti ble force i nsi de him that woul d bui l d
and bui l d and buil d until he crumbled under i ts magni tude and went
for that “ fi x” to rel ieve the pressure. Some days i t was gambl ing,
other days i t was stuffi ng hi msel f wi th food, or wasti ng hours
downl oading porn. Fi nall y there were days when al l he coul d do was
get l oaded and pass out to escape the torture of his own mi nd.
He fel t desperate.
That i s, until one day, he made an amazing di scovery. He didn’t
need to stop i t. Thi s force that woul d buil d insi de him, overpoweri ng
Tr an sc en d i n g Ad d i c t i o n 247
hi m and compell ing hi m to compul si ve behavi or and sel f abuse, was
actual l y a good thi ng. He had just not channeled i t well .
Thi s irresi sti ble force had the power to work miracles. Instead of
trying to control i t, subvert i t, subl i mate i t, second guess i t, suppress
i t or fi ght i t, he coul d just al l ow the force to spontaneousl y work
through hi m. When he let the force work through hi m, the moment
he fel t that tingle of anti ci pati on, it woul d spontaneousl y push hi m to
do the most mi racul ous things.
Wayseer Addiction Therapy
“Recent investigations have found that up to 50%
of individuals with continuing ADHD symptoms
have a substance-use disorder.
ADHD appears to represent an independent risk
factor for substance abuse.”
OF SCIENCES (June 1, 2001)
Ri ght now, as you thi nk of your addi cti on, I’l l bet you have many
powerful and confli cting feeli ngs washi ng over you in successi on.
Waves of l onging. Waves of guil t. Waves of regret. Waves of
compul si on. Waves of deni al . Waves of anxiety. Waves of
depressi on.
We are not victi ms of these feel ings. We are in charge, once we
accept hel p. The hel p i s an invi nci ble force wi thin us, whi ch once we
l earn to work wi th i t, wi l l not onl y hel p us hold these waves back,
but wi ll reali gn our energi es to be used constructivel y.
Addi cti on i s the mi sinterpretati on of subconsci ous i mpul ses,
acted upon and reinforced wi th gui l t (sel f-hatred). It i s a massive
waste of ti me. It i s al so an attempt to attack oursel ves, and those
around us, by wi thhol ding the greatest gi fts we can offer.
248 Th e Wayseer s
Those of us wi th addi cti ve tendencies possess a huge potential .
We have managed to repress a good deal less of our own i mpul si ve
nature. Ordi naril y the l ack of “ adequate” level s of repressi on is met
wi th much cul tural reprimand. Thi s potenti al i s so powerful , that i f it
i s not expressed i t becomes qui te a burden. It i s al so so powerful that
when i t i s expressed, i t can obl i terate sorrow, pain and entire chunks
of the space-ti me continuum. Let me explain.
There i s a theory that, at every moment, we are offered heaven-
on-earth (perfect peace and joy), but we consi stentl y refuse it. So,
space-time exi sts to give us the ti me and space to experience the
i ntolerable pai n of not accepti ng peace and joy, all owing us to final l y
reali ze that we do in fact want to accept everl asti ng peace and joy.
And when we do, we are final l y free.
Unti l then we get to experience every form and degree of pain we
wi sh. We can get real l y down and dirty. We get to rol l around in it
and wal l ow in i t. Then one day, we hi t our threshol d for pain and we
start to look for another way. Thi s book i s (hopeful l y) about the other
The other way i s al ways there, wai ting for us. It i s a constant
i mpul se that bui l ds in us unti l we express i t or subl i mate i t. When we
express i t, we are overwhel med wi th joy. When we subl i mate it, we
feel great di scomfort unti l it i s expressed later, usuall y in a
destructi ve way. It is the mi racle impul se.
Wayseers wi th addicti ve or extreme behavi or li kel y have very
strong miracle i mpul ses. When we don’t express these i mpul ses they
get bottled up i nsi de and make us real ly uncomfortable. We feel
i tchy, scratchy, l i ke we’re going to jump out of our ski n. (Our ego is
based on our ski n so we’re real l y preparing to jump out of our egos!)
Now, we have a choice. Do we have the courage to al l ow the miracle
i mpul se to express itself? Or do we subli mate i t i nto a more
“ controlled” expressi on of our consci ous choosing?
Most of us have learned to subl i mate our miracle i mpul ses from a
very young age. Our parents just di dn’t understand and coul dn’t
handle just how ri ght we were when we woul d let those mi racles ri p
Tr an sc en d i n g Ad d i c t i o n 249
as ki ds. So we learned to repress our miracle i mpul se. But a
subconsci ous i mpul se cannot be full y repressed; i t wi l l get out i n one
form or another.
You know that feel ing just keeps buil ding unti l you can’t repress
i t anymore. It’s no use fi ghting yourself. You just can’t win. When
you are your own opponent, you must also l ose.
Our egos want control, so they conti nue to try to reroute al l of
our expl osi ve impul ses i nto one “ control led” and “ predi ctable”
expressi on. Unfortunately, that expressi on may have seemed more
cul turall y appropri ate in the beginni ng phase of thi s rerouting
process; once a cri tical mass of i mpul ses are bei ng rerouted into the
same compul sive expressi on channel the frequency of thi s kind of
expressi on becomes EXTREME. It has become addi cti ve behavi or.
The Solution?
Repress the addi cti ve behavi or? C’mon we know that doesn’t
reall y work. We can’t deny i t. Ever noticed how many “ recovering
addi cts,” of other behaviors pick up smoking as they try to subl i mate
their ol d addi cti on? This i s just another rerouting. We’re trying to
sol ve the problem with the same kind of thinking that made i t i n the
first pl ace.
Many of us have heard of the sexual -i mpulse or the fi ght-or-
fl i ght-i mpul se, but most of us have not consi dered the miracle
i mpul se. You see the mi racle i mpul se i s the king of al l i mpul ses. It i s
the strongest i mpul se we have and yet we don’t even know i t’s at
work because we have put so much effort into suppressing i t’s
expressi on!
Here’s why: Expressi ng a mi racle impul se is seen as very
dangerous to our ego. Miracle i mpul ses, if al l owed to express
themselves, can seem qui te embarrassing. That i s because we don’t
know where they come from. They inspire words and acti ons, whi ch
our consci ous mind does not understand. We fear what we do not
understand, thus i f we are attempting to consci ousl y direct the
mi racle i mpul se we wi l l become afraid. Thi s i s why we must
250 Th e Wayseer s
surrender to the miracle i mpul se and al l ow It to work us. We feel
responsi ble for its expressi on, but we’re not. It is a hi gher power at
work through us. A power that we have learned to deny i s i nsi de us.
So, for addicti on therapy, add more of what you want –
attempti ng to merel y take away what you’re hooked on wi ll leave
you feel ing empty, vacant and terri fied – but instead crowding out
the undesi rable wi th the good wi l l make you feel ful l and content.
The good wi l l eventual ly become a habi t and i t wi ll take over any
remembered gl i mmer of cravi ng for your ol d addi cti ons.
A Story of Two Dogs
One morni ng after a restless ni ght
I approached my spiri tual master
And confessed,
“ Master, i t i s li ke there are two dogs
Battl ing for command of my heart
One dog represents the yearnings of my Soul
The other dog represents the yearnings of my flesh,
These two dogs are strong,
and the battle that rages i n my heart is fierce.
I am afrai d the battle coul d go ei ther way.
Tell me master, how can I know whi ch dog wi ll wi n?”
The master cal ml y smi led,
wi th a twinkl ing of recogni ti on in hi s eyes,
he sai d, “ You can know, because the dog that wi l l win …
… i s the dog that you feed.”

Tr an sc en d i n g Ad d i c t i o n 251
Where is the “Method” already?!
Some of you may wonder, “ Where’s the method here?” What i s
the exact formul a for l i ving as a happy, heal thy, successful Wayseer?
The answer i s, the absence of method is the best method. It i s the
reli nqui shment of all methods that leads a Wayseer into their
bril l iance. Wayseer Therapy i s the urgent imperative, “ Know
thyself.” For onl y sel f-knowledge can l i berate a Wayseer to di scover
their bri ll i ance and thei r greatness. Any rules or methods – l ike
we’ve menti oned earl ier – wi ll l i kel y get i n the way.
Methods are i nherentl y outsi de of you. They are the external
rules that most Normal types worshi p. Wayseers, however, become
corrupted by external rules when they worshi p them l i ke i dol s.
Methods and rules are dead, they are not responsi ve to ever
changing circumstances li ke the l i vi ng Way.
Methods inherentl y contain “ shoul ds,” directions or rules that
too often become fal se gods. Wayseers have an i nner gui dance
system that is far superi or to any outer di recti ve; and the key to
fol l owing that gui dance i s to surrender the feeli ng of needi ng any
outer frameworks, systems, l aws, rules or methods to tell you what
to do.
Rul es and methods are those things you have been taught all
your l i fe to honor more than your very own heart and soul . What
confusi on and disconnecti on you have suffered because of that! The
person on the brink of sui ci de i s often cornered by “ shoul ds,” whi ch
they bel ieve, cheri sh and honor over the cal li ngs and needs of their
own heart, to the poi nt that they feel the need to ki l l themsel ves to
Wayseer Therapy i s an anti-method. It is an inocul ati on against
rules and rule-worshi pping neuroti ci sm. It is the thing that wil l hel p
you shed all the li mi tations that have been pl aced on you, bel ievi ng
you needed to fol l ow someone el se’s way instead of having fai th i n
your own infi ni tel y intel li gent i nner Gui dance.
252 Th e Wayseer s
Anything l inear, full y comprehensi ble, and “ set i n stone” wi ll
onl y inhi bi t you and make you more neuroti c, especi al l y i f you
ri tuali ze i t. Ci vi l i zati on is based on tryi ng to set things i n stone. Look
at all the rules, l aws, and stone structures ci vil i zati on has bui lt. These
things, over thousands of years of ci vi li zati on, have not overcome the
most basi c of human tragedies. Society cannot save you. It can onl y
expl oi t you and further its own mindless agenda. It i s as sure to fail
you as i t has fai led the rest of the worl d throughout ti me.
You have been indoctri nated to honor the fundamental
prerequi si te of ci vi l izati on: “ Foll ow our rules and you’l l be safe.” You
have been puni shed agai n and again until you accepted that rules
carry wi th them greater authori ty than your own i nner knowing.
“Then the worst thing happened that could happen
to any fighter … he got civilized.”
~ “Mick” in Rocky III
So why do you seek and accept outer di recti ves for your own
l i fe? Because you are afrai d of the answers you wi ll find in your
heart. Because you have been tol d al l your l i fe that your heart wi l l
get you into trouble; and i t will. But the ki nd of trouble that your
heart wi l l get you i nto i s the sweetest trouble you wi ll ever have. It i s
the jui ce of l ife. It i s the wi l d girlfriends or boyfriends, the crazy jobs,
the i mpractical pursui ts, the unpl anned adventures, the unexpected
babies. It i s al l the choices that “ shoul d” have resul ted in di saster, but
somehow became the greatest events of your li fe. That i s where your
heart i s leading you. That i s where no method or rules ever can.
Your heart wi l l lead you on wi l d journeys where you wil l
experience l ife to i ts ful lest. You may not have a perfectl y bal anced
checki ng account. You may not al ways be able to find your keys. But
when you are fol l owing your heart none of i t wi l l matter so much.
Your keys mi ght be l ost, but you wi l l have found your own soul . You
wi ll feel ali ve and vi brant and you wi ll be doi ng the good work. Your
l i fe wi l l become the great adventure that movies are made of, and
you wi l l finall y be the hero.
Do you sti l l want a method? Here’s your method:
Tr an sc en d i n g Ad d i c t i o n 253
Every day, let yourself become a l i ttle more free. Every day
fol l ow your deepest i mpul ses a bi t more heartil y. Every day spend
more ti me foll owing your heart and less time bowi ng to the rules in
your head. Every day become more relentlessl y honest wi th yourself
and others. Every day do somethi ng so spontaneous that i t makes
you feel trul y ali ve. Your spontaneous i mpul ses, your connecti on to
Gui dance, your unfettered trust i n your own impeccable insti ncts;
that shall be the “ method” to your madness.
So now you can say there i s method to your madness. But you
and I both know that the i deal i s no method; there i s si mpl y geni us
behind your madness, and you are finall y recogni zing i t. You are
tapped into the Di vine Order; and you are finall y reali zing that the
resul tant “ madness” you express mi ght be a good thing.
“In a world full of people, only some want to fly –
isn’t that crazy? … You know we’re never going
to survive – unless we get a little crazy.”
~ Seal
Methods are l i ke software CDs for your brai n. Whi le the software
i s sti l l onl y on the CD, and thus external to the computer, i t i s sl ow
for i t to l oad. Si mi larly whi le you operate by methods that are
outsi de of you, your acti ons wi l l be sl ow and forced as opposed to
spontaneous and free. The i deal i s to take an outer method that
seems attracti ve, di scover the underl ying princi ples that make i t
work, and i nstal l the underl yi ng pri nci ples into your consci ousness.
Then you are not “ acting” accordi ng to the tyranny of outer rules;
but instead you are powerfull y “ being” i n spontanei ty and freedom
wi th the gui dance of well chosen inner pri nci ples. My son, John once
sai d to me, “ I don’t even need the CD i n my computer. I just go there
ri ght away … I used to need the CD, but now I don’t.” When you l et
go of methods and rules and trust your i nner guidance, you can “ just
go there ri ght away.” Instead of stumbli ng over deci si ons, tryi ng to
pl ay by man-made rules, you onl y need fol l ow one rule, your heart’s.
That i s how you wi ll be once you get the hang of l i ving your l ife
freel y, honestl y, spontaneousl y. At first you’l l have to remi nd
254 Th e Wayseer s
yourself that i t’s okay to just be you i n every moment, and do
whatever you feel l i ke doi ng. But soon you’ll see how powerful l y
posi ti ve and productive the real you i s when you just l et yourself be.
You’l l learn to trust that the i mpulses of your heart are for the
hi ghest good, no matter how much trouble they may seem to cause.
Now you can release yourself from al l you thought you were and
become what you trul y are. What keeps you bound i n chains other
than your own bel iefs about what how you “ shoul d” be?
Someti mes i t seems as i f we’d rather fail , than succeed. We’d
rather be smal l and unnoti ced than be l arge and a target. We’d rather
pretend to be weak than be seen as strong.
So much of l i fe i s wasted, seeking wi thout fi ndi ng, trying wi thout
actual l y doing, just going through the moti ons trying to l ook li ke
you’re fol l owi ng the rules. You coul d be fol l owi ng your own heart
i nstead and then everything you do i s a victory. When you foll ow
outer directi ves, there is al ways someone else to bl ame for your
fai l ure. But when you shed al l that, you have no one to bl ame your
fai l ure on. No one to say to, “ See? Look what you made me do.” You
become 100% responsi bl e and 100% response able. You are fi nal l y
empowered to l ive your own l i fe to the ful lest.
Let yoursel f experience that uneasy feeli ng of real i zing your vast
power and becoming aware of how much l ife you’ve wasted just
pretending to be small . On the other si de of that grief i s the freedom
to reall y enjoy the rest of your l ife.
Fei gning weakness often feel s cozy and famili ar. It wraps a
bl anket of l i mi tati ons around your li fe and keeps you “ safe” i n your
pl ace. On the other hand, to cl ai m your strength i s to throw that
warm bl anket asi de; and reali ze and breathe in the invi gorating air of
the spaci ous worl d of opportuni ties. Thi s worl d i s subtl y offered to
you everyday. Li mitlessness i s exhi l arati ng! You are powerful i ndeed
when you trul y come al ive.
To cl i ng to a single method to unl ock your bri l li ance i s to l i mi t
the very expressi on of your l i mi tless bri ll i ance. The neurotic
l i mi tati on of your expressi on i s to deny the spontaneous creative
Tr an sc en d i n g Ad d i c t i o n 255
bril l iance that i s yours, i n order to adhere to some antiquated
“ shoul d” that you l earned. The very reason you have needed to read
thi s book instead of just goi ng out i nto the vast and breathtaking
worl d and revel ing i n your own power and majesty, i s that you
bel ieved that you needed to be tol d how to l i ve. The truth i s that you
al ready know how, you just need to trust yourself.
"Whoever says to this mountain, `Be removed and
be cast into the sea,' and does not doubt in his
heart, but believes that those things he says will be
done, he will have whatever he says. Therefore I
say to you, whatever things you ask when you
pray, believe that you receive them,
and you will have them."
~ Jesus Christ – Mark 11:22-24
Believe in your God gi ven power! You have i t. Al l you’ve got to
do i s trust it. Trust your heart. Trust your deepest i mpul ses. Trust the
Sti l l don’t bel ieve me? Watch thi s 60 second cli p and ask yourself
“ Do any of these great Wayseers appear to fol l ow an outer method?”
Watch i t here:
Surrendering to the Miracle Impulse
There are three aspects of the surrender required when
expressing a mi racle i mpul se.
Surrender to the awareness that you are in fact experiencing the
cal l of a mi racle impul se. Surrender to your heart’s control of the
expressi on of thi s miracl e i mpul se. (Without your heart’s wi sdom
and gui dance many miracle i mpul ses can become mi sfires, depleting
and confusing you.)
Surrender to the person you are cal led upon to express your
mi racle i mpul se wi th. Thi s may i nvolve a major act of forgi veness on
your part. The level of i nti macy and trust requi red may be quite
256 Th e Wayseer s
uncomfortable for you. You must rel ax your inhi bi ti ons and all ow
yourself the ti me and space to express your miracle i mpul se the way
you are inwardl y gui ded to.
Forgi ve any self-judgments you may try to lay upon your own
behavi or or worthiness of thi s miracle. Recogni ze that fear or shame
of an expressed miracle i mpul se i s si mpl y due to your i nherent l ack
of understanding of what a miracle real l y i s and who you reall y are.
Common and clear examples of miracle i mpul ses bei ng
expressed occur in acts of chi l dbi rth. Chi l dbirth has been sai d by
many mothers to be “ faith renewing.” You wi ll eventuall y note that
al l miracles, when expressed, are faith renewi ng.
When di scerning i f an impul se you feel i s truly a mi racle i mpulse
to be surrendered to – trust your heart.
Trust your heart – because your heart knows the truth. Your
heart can tel l truth from fal sehood. Your heart can gui de you to
honesty and offer you the deepest most powerful answers – i f onl y
you’l l ask and l i sten.
We’ve gotten so used to bowing to “ expert opinions” that we’ve
forsaken the opini ons of our own hearts. That’s how we’ve been led
so far astray.
The onl y rel i able expert i s i n your heart. Margaret Mead sai d,
“ Art i s the l anguage that i s the language of the heart.” Start li stening
to i t and heed what your heart tell s you.
That’s what bei ng the hero i s al l about! That’s the way i t works.
God speaks through your heart.


Jour ney of t he Wayseer
Blind Ambition
In recent ti mes “ vi suali zati on” has captured the i maginati ons of
many Wayseers. It has been used by everyone from Ol ympi c athletes
to pop stars to business executi ves to get an edge on their
competi ti on. It’s also now being used as a tool for acqui si ti on of
speci fi c materi al things and li fe si tuati ons and bei ng referred to as
some ancient “ secret” .
The truth i s that whi le posi ti ve visual i zati on i s a powerful tool for
di recting the wi ll and the impul ses towards speci fi c outcomes, the
overuse of thi s tool al l too easi l y devol ves i nto bl ind ambiti on. You
see, when you fi ll your mind’s eye wi th vi sual i zati ons of your
materi al desires or fantasies, you bl ock your receptivi ty to
transcendent vi si on. You become as bl ind as non-vi si onaries chasi ng
outcomes that may be i n stark contrast with the Way.
Your i mpul ses are perverted from heroi c to egoi c, often becomi ng
sel f-serving, destructi ve and del uded at the expense of your honor,
di gni ty and awareness of Truth and the Way. Symptoms of thi s
i ncl ude anxiety, OCD and sel f-medi cating habi ts.
Your Miracle Impulse
The mi racle i mpul se i s the source of the American i mpul se – i t i s
a response to a deep col lective need. When you are worki ng wi th
258 Th e Wayseer s
your mi racle i mpul se, what you are doing i s engaging in a co-
creati ve act. You're becomi ng a co-creator with everyone who has
si lentl y, i nwardl y cal led out a parti cul ar need to whi ch you have the
uni que opportuni ty to respond.
Carl Jung spoke about the col lecti ve unconsci ous. The col lecti ve
unconsci ous resi des even more deepl y beneath your personal
unconsci ous and what i t does i s i t merges everyone's personal
unconsci ous into one great ocean of unconsci ousness, one great
mi nd.
So, as you peer into the depths of your unconsci ous mi nd
through dreams, through vi si ons, through meditati on, through
prayer; as you peer i nto those depths, at times what you may
gl i mpse i s somethi ng that many woul d cal l psychic. It i s something
that i s beyond your own personal abi l i ty to know. It i s something
that i s beyond your own personal senses. And what that i s at the
very begi nning i s the col lective unconsci ous, i s the mergi ng of al l
mi nds together. And in that collective unconscious i s stored every
want, every need, every soul that cal l s out for hel p; i t reverberates
through thi s col lecti ve unconsci ous.
Not everyone i s able to l i sten to what's happening in their
unconsci ous, let al one the depths of the col lective unconsci ous. Not
everyone is wi l li ng to. But there's a certain kind of soul , a certain
ki nd of mi nd that i s open to thei r great unconsci ous, which i s
somehow exposed to this materi al in a way that i s far more vi sceral
and far more profound than most people experience.
Thi s person coul d be called a recei ver because what they're doing
i s recei ving all of the material of the unconsci ous, and they're
recei ving i t semi -consciousl y. They're recei vi ng i t through their
bodies if i t’s a gut feeli ng or through their spirit, their transcendent
vi si on i f i t’s a fl ash of i nspi rati on.
Ei ther way, what one can recei ve when they are a recei ver i s the
cal l from all of their brothers and si sters throughout the worl d. Every
l i ving being makes cal l s vi rtual l y every moment of the day, and these
cal l s are for what they need in that moment. If there was a great war,
there may be many, many, many cal ls all for the same desire. That
Jo u r n ey o f t h e Wayseer 259
desi re may be to stop the vi olence, to stop the war, or for God to hel p
them survi ve that moment. If there was a great famine, agai n those
cal l s may be many and al l of them may be cal l s for the same kind of
assi stance. When there are many cal l s for the same thing they have a
mul ti pl ying effect on each other.
When one recei ves a cal l , i f they choose to answer i t, the step
between answeri ng the cal l and hearing the call i s the vi sceral feel ing
of the miracle impul se. The cal l doesn't have to be a mi l li on souls
cal l ing out for hel p i n one parti cular instant. It coul d be much
si mpler than that. It coul d be a single soul across from you at a coffee
shop who simpl y needs to feel connected, who's maybe l onel y or in
despai r, and that they are cal li ng for connecti on. They are cal l ing for
someone to just reach out to them and let them know that they are
worthy of merel y bei ng spoken to or smiled wi th. It can be as si mple
as that. If you are open, what you woul d experience i n that moment
i s a miracle i mpul se.
I call thi s a miracle i mpul se, because it is a co-creati ve response. It
i s not merel y an i mpulse from withi n your own body or l i mi ted sel f.
That woul d be a regul ar impul se. That's a physical i mpul se. That's an
i mpul se of the i d, as Freud may cal l i t. But we're tal ki ng about a
deeper ki nd of i mpul se. And thi s deeper ki nd of i mpul se actuall y
begi ns wi th a call ing from another soul or from many other soul s –
even though you feel i t in your own being. When you respond to an
i mpul se l i ke that, you are becoming a mi racle worker, because by
answeri ng the cal l you are offering the greatest service one soul can
render to another – l ove.
You i nwardl y recei ve thi s cal l ing, thi s desi re, thi s need, and
through the i mpul se you are invi ti ng your system, your being, to
respond to that need. And so you feel thi s i mpul se wel l up i nsi de
you to maybe reach out to that stranger i n the coffee shop. Maybe i t's
just a smi le, maybe i t's sayi ng hel l o and asking them how their day is
goi ng. Or maybe that impul se is to actuall y go out and create some
sol uti on to a famine or to a war. To somehow respond to a cal li ng –
any cal l ing – that you experience i nsi de your heart i s an act of l ove.
260 Th e Wayseer s
As a miracle i mpul se ri ses from your heart into your
consci ousness, you have the opportunity to allow thi s i mpul se to
express i tself through you. And when you do, you are working a
mi racle. And when you work that mi racle, onl y gl adness fi nds you.
You feel on top of the worl d. You feel a rush of bri ll i ant energy come
through you. You feel a rush of i nspi rati on where seemi ngl y
i mpossi ble problems are so easi l y sol ved. You may not know where
these i deas are comi ng from, but they're comi ng through you and
they're mani festi ng through you, and you're able to start new
ventures and start new creati ons and do amazi ng things through this
i mpul se.
Thi s i mpul se i s l i ke a ti dal wave of l ove and geni us and
i nspirati on that can come through you; that surges through you.
Many may contend, “ I'm not famil i ar wi th that.” Maybe you're more
fami li ar wi th a hungry feel ing that won’t go away causing you to
overeat, or a feel ing that you need to escape wi th a desire to
overindul ge i n alcohol, or some other drug, or some other
compul si on. Maybe you think that you are just a hypersexual person
that just needs to get l ai d al l the ti me. Or maybe you thi nk that you're
just someone who needs to clean all the ti me, or someone that needs
to work al l the ti me, or someone who needs to wi n or be ri ght al l the
ti me – you reali ze you just compul si vel y need some vi ce. Wel l I say
to you, what you are experiencing there is the squelching of your
mi racle i mpul ses. When you go i nto addi ctive, compulsi ve or
habitual behavi or, what’s happening i s you’re feeli ng those mi racle
i mpul ses, you're sti l l hearing the call , but you're not answering it.
You are subverti ng your i mpul ses. You are subli mating your
i mpul ses, as Si gmund Freud woul d say, into less heroi c, less l ovi ng,
more comfortable expressi ons. We subl i mate our i mpul ses into
particul ar channel s that are comfortable for us. While you may not be
comfortable approachi ng that stranger in the coffee shop, or you may
not be comfortable putting forth your bri ll i ant sol uti on to the call ing
you feel to hel pi ng ease the worl d's hunger, or you may not be
comfortable breaking out of your cubi cle and going and starting that
beauti ful new busi ness creati on that i s call ing to you or that book
that has been singing to you for so many years, aski ng you to write i t
Jo u r n ey o f t h e Wayseer 261
and to release i t i nto the worl d; you and the worl d are far worse off
for not taki ng that leap of fai th.
When you receive a mi racle i mpul se you can express i t or you
can subl i mate i t. A young chi l d expresses miracle i mpul ses al most
dai l y. We don't noti ce i t; we just think of it as thi s beautiful
enthusi asm that chi l dren have, as thi s care-freeness, as thi s
wi ll i ngness to approach strangers wi th bri ght eyes and happy smiles,
a wi l l ingness to say and do things that are completel y inappropri ate,
but for chi l dren we are wi ll i ng to recogni ze these things as just so
funny and cute and adorable and beautiful . And so we see chi l dren
just constantl y expressing thi s beauty of their humanness, and that's
why we l ove l i ttle chi l dren so much. Now I'm talki ng about the real l y
l i ttle ones, the ones who are about two, three years ol d. They're at a
pl ace where they are actual l y able to communi cate as human bei ngs,
to wal k and tal k and do things, but sti l l thei r egos have not been
devel oped yet. And because they don't have a powerful ego structure
subl i mating their miracle i mpul ses, forcing their i mpul ses i nto
standardi zed channel s, because they don't have thi s oppressi on on
their systems they're abl e to express so beauti ful l y, so tenderl y, so
genui nel y, so authenti cal l y, i n each moment that i t becomes heali ng
to be in their presence. By being in the presence of small chil dren, we
can experience miracle after miracle that they freel y work. They
actual l y respond to our i nner call ings, our i nner l ongi ngs, in some
way to hel p and heal us.
However, as soon as the ego structure comes i nto place, we
program these chil dren to bel ieve that they must “ control” their
behavi or and that thei r i mpul ses are i nappropriate. It's not okay to
shout in church. (Does God think so?) That i t's not okay to run and
pl ay. That i t's not okay to do whatever they are led to do through
their hearts. Chi l dren learn as they get ol der that to express a miracle
i mpul se i s someti mes so al arming and so startl ing and so offendi ng
to authori ty fi gures around them, that they must subl i mate these
i mpul ses to stay out of trouble. To subl i mate means to wrestle that
energy of the i mpul se and push i t i nto some di fferent predi ctable
expressi on.
262 Th e Wayseer s
Maybe there i s someone in the environment that i s very
di sturbed and a chil d recei ves a miracle i mpulse to do something
that woul d hel p knock that disturbance out of the person – i t's l ike
casting out of demons; and chi l dren can do i t al l the ti me. But as
chil dren get ol der and they bump into adul ts who have demons or
di sturbances wi thin them, and they knock that demon or di sturbance
i n the adul t to hel p di slodge i t, gi vi ng the adul t a great opportuni ty
to heal . However, the adul t i s often i nsulted and offended by the
chil d and wi ll try to puni sh and shame the child for exposing their
demon. The adul t may try to egoti sti cal l y l ash out at the chi l d for that
great i nsul t to their ego.
Adul ts take themsel ves far, far, far too seri ousl y. And when you
take yourself too seri ousl y, what happens i s you are unwi l li ng to
even acknowledge your weaknesses, acknowledge your despair, and
acknowledge whatever di sturbances you have because you take al l
those di sturbances very seri ousl y too. And you thi nk “ If there's
something wrong wi th those di sturbances, then there's something
wrong wi th me.” And so adul t egos can be i ncredi bl y vi ci ous when a
di sturbance i s poi nted out i n them, and di sturbances are constantly
poi nted out, knocked into, and di sl odged by miracle impul ses. That's
what miracles are for.
Mi racle impul ses are for heal ing, for connecti on, for joi ni ng, and
for creati on. And so, as a chil d continues to be puni shed for
expressing their mi racle i mpul ses, conti nues to be shamed for
expressing thi s miracle impul se, what a chi l d learns to do i s, instead
of actual l y expressing themsel ves in a heal ing capaci ty, they learn to
take that i mpul se and channel i t i nto another behavi or such as eating
and other addi cti ve and compul si ve disorders.
And so your opportuni ty now i s to start recognizi ng your miracle
i mpul ses – your call ings to act – your cal l ings to gi ve. These cal l ings
are the same as “ the cal l ” of the hero's journey. When the hero
answers “ the cal l ,” they are answering a cal l from the col lecti ve
unconsci ous – a call from other soul s for hel p. And in answeri ng “ the
cal l ,” the hero begins the expressi on of a miracle. The miracle i s the
journey. The miracle i s being a hero.
Jo u r n ey o f t h e Wayseer 263
That i s why heroes seem to have thi s di vine protecti on around
them. That no matter what comes their way, somehow they make i t
through. Somehow they have i ncredi ble grace to get through the
most compl i cated struggl es. That grace i s what ushers through the
mi racle. And that miracle i s the resul t of that deep call that the hero
i s answering. And that cal l i s gi ven by the needs and cal li ng out of
other soul s.
Whenever a soul i s in need of anythi ng, that call , whether spoken
or not, enters into the col lective unconsci ous. And when many are
cal l ing at once for something, for the same need, for needi ng the
same sol uti on, you may be that hero who i s receiving that cal l and
sayi ng to yourself “ Thi s needs to be invented.” “ Thi s needs to be
brought into the worl d.” “ Thi s creati on needs to happen.” And as
you hear your cal l ing to thi s creati on, i t makes you a l i ttle
uncomfortable because you go, “ Whoa, I know thi s one. I've gotten in
trouble for chasing one of these i mpul ses before.”
Yes, you do. You do know this one – and yes i t probabl y wi l l get
you i nto trouble. The hero always gets i n trouble. The hero al ways
gets i nto a ti ght bind because that i s the worl d's way of challengi ng
the hero to make sure they are honestl y wi l li ng to surrender to that
i mpul se, to surrender to that miracle. It's the chal lenge. It's the ti ght
bi nd. It's the uncomfortable si tuati ons that separate the wheat from
the chaff.
If you are trul y wi l li ng to work a mi racle, you need to have the
fai th that that miracle wi l l not be sti l l-born. That al l of the work and
effort put towards pursui ng that mi racle wi ll be “ worth it” .
Unfortunatel y, if you have spent the l ast 10 years, 20 years or 30
years or 50 years denying your miracle i mpul ses – al l owi ng your ego
to rei gn over your heart, al l owi ng your ego to subl i mate your miracle
i mpul ses into di storted expressi ons – then i t i s qui te li kel y and quite
possi ble that the upper l evel s of your unconscious mi nd are fi l led
wi th al l sorts of di sturbances, distorti ons and your own demons. So
for you to just bl i ndl y try to trust your mi racle impul ses as they come
through, you may find yoursel f i n qui te a predi cament. You may fi nd
yourself having very confusi ng experiences.
264 Th e Wayseer s
What can happen, as this miracle i s trying to come through your
mi nd and you have 20 years of unresol ved junk that the i mpul se has
to push through to reach your consci ousness, i t gets knocked around
by the junk. The mi racle i mpul se can get di storted by the junk, and
when i t finall y does come through you may come out wi th junk.
Maybe some of that junk i s sel f-hatred. Maybe some of that junk i s a
bel ief in unworthi ness. As miracle i mpul ses bounce into that junk
and get di storted by the unworthi ness junk, and the self-hatred junk,
what you mi ght experience is an i mpul se to do something that is
i ncredibl y bad for your, which woul d be the perfect expressi on of
sel f-hatred and unworthiness.
And you can actual l y create a si tuati on of vi sceral experience. Of
why you shoul d hate yourself, and why you are unworthy. And yet,
that ori gi nal i mpul se started as a miracle way down deep. And an
ori ginal i mpul se was divi ned way down deep, but as i t came up
through al l the junk of 20 years of ego rei gn over your consci ousness,
i t becomes a confusing experience. And you may experience gui l t
and despair for even allowi ng that impul se to express i tsel f at all .
You mi ght say to yourself, “ Next ti me I have an i mpul se l i ke that I
wi ll just eat i t away, or drink i t away, or sex i t away; because I never
want to go through that agai n.”
Wel l , what you have just experienced there i s the path of the
mysti c, the wil d man, the monk. See, the mysti c, the wil d man, and
the monk actual l y have to go through those tri als and tri bul ati ons to
clear al l of the junk. Often, mystics, wil d ones, and monks – go off the
reservati on – swearing to a l i fe on the fri nge, a li fe without a fami l y
or responsi bi l i ty, a li fe of poverty because through those choices they
eli minate their responsibi l i ties in their l i fe. Then as they go through
al l of thei r unconsci ous junk, as al l of those demons and di sturbances
come through, they're not hurti ng others through that. They're
hopeful l y wi thi n the protecti on of their own space, or in the wi l d, or
i n a monastery or someplace where those mi racles can express
themselves in di storted fashi on and the onl y peopl e that are affected
by i t are others who have al so agreed to be on that journey.
Jo u r n ey o f t h e Wayseer 265
Through the agreement of a monastery, everyone agrees to be on
the journey towards di vi ni ty, then as al l that junk comes up there's
great understanding and the lessons can be learned by many. And
through that col lecti ve i t can accelerate the process dramatical ly
because not everyone has a di fferent demon. There may be demons
or di sturbances that are shared. And so i t onl y takes one event of
heal i ng for the enti re group to be free of that di sturbance. And so thi s
group pursui t of the miracle i mpul se, thi s group devoti on to Chri st
or to God or to the divine wi thin, to the Buddha, thi s devoti on leads
to a well spri ng of miracle impul ses and leads to a cri si s of heal ing.
If someone who has rent to pay, or a mortgage to pay, chil dren to
take after, someone in a rel ati onshi p that they have promi sed i n one
way or another to support i n a parti cul ar way – they woul d not be
clear to parti ci pate in such a unpredictable expressi on. Someone who
has worl dl y obli gati ons is compromised. They can't choose that path.
Or, if they do choose i t, they wi l l choose it at the expense of watching
people they care about suffer because of their choice. And for the
ki nd of person, the kind of recei ver, who real ly feel s the miracle
i mpul se, to watch someone suffer at their hands i s i ntolerable. And
so what we often do i s deny our miracle i mpul ses agai n, because we
can’t predi ct how they wi l l turn out. We si mpl y start destroying their
expressi ons and putting them into predi ctable behavi ors so that we
can have predi ctable outcomes so that we can adhere to the
expectati ons of those we care for who are counting on us. But, i t i s a
si lent desperati on because we know every ti me one of those miracle
i mpul ses comes up, deep down insi de we have the gui lt of denyi ng
yet another cal l . Through the perpetual denying of those cal l ings,
that gui lt bui l ds and bui lds and eats away at us from the insi de.
The Way of the Pioneer
But there i s another path. If you cannot devote yoursel f to the
turbulent li fe of a wil d man, then there i s another way for you to
express miracle i mpulses whi ch won't be so di srupti ve. And that i s to
take on the li fe of the creati ve one – the pi oneer. The pi oneer i s the
great arti st, the great entrepreneur, the great i nventor, the great
266 Th e Wayseer s
i nnovator, risk-taker and leader. The person who excel s in these
pursui ts i s a receiver.
They are recei ving the cal l from other soul s, saying we need thi s.
Hel p us. But instead of answeri ng that cal l directl y through their
hearts and through their systems and al l owing that call to transform
them from the i nsi de first, they devel op a channel through their
psyche. It's a mi l dl y di ssoci ative channel . It's li ke a tunnel that goes
up from their depths from where they receive miracle i mpul ses,
tunnel i ng up past al l their unresolved “ junk” right up i nto a clear
expressi on of geni us. And so they create thi s tunnel that bypasses al l
of the demons, al l of the junk that their egos have accumul ated over
their entire l i ves. They bore a clear channel , ri ght passed their most
di ffi cul t disturbances and demons, i nto their deepest depths where
the miracle i mpulse ori ginates.
By creati ng that channel what they're able to do i s al l ow di vini ty
to come up through them. Al l ow these miracle impul ses to come up
through them into one very particul ar specific form of creati on or
expressi on. That form of creati on or expressi on is not threateni ng to
them because they have suffi cientl y dissoci ated from that expressi on.
And so now miracles can come forth through thi s channel , avoi ding
all of the junk and resul ting in bri ll i ant creati ons.
Thi s i s why many great artists and pi oneers can offer such
amazing breakthroughs and be such tormented soul s. They are not
actual l y receiving the benefi t of their own creati ons. They may be
recei ving adul ati on for them, but they are not actual l y experienci ng
the depth of what they are creating, because they are di ssoci ated
from them. So the great arti st, the great entrepreneur, the great
pi oneer – these can be deepl y di sturbed people. Many pi oneers tend
to be consi dered jerks, abrasi ve, unkind, self-absorbed. Yes, al l of
those are usual l y true, but at the same ti me they're al so miracle
Though pi oneers often don’t experience the healing consequences
of the miracles they usher into the worl d through their di ssoci ati ve
channel s, at least they are not pl agued as dearl y as they woul d be if
Jo u r n ey o f t h e Wayseer 267
they di d not express these i mpul ses at al l and compl etel y subverted
them into some sort of compul si ve behavi or.
Instead of subverting their miracle i mpul ses i nto a bl untl y
compul si ve behavi or, they subvert them into a creati ve endeavor that
i s just more predictable li ke an art form, a new venture, an inventi on,
a problem that needs solvi ng. And they become reall y, real l y ski l led
at that endeavor. They become hyperfocused on that endeavor so
that they can clear a channel for i t.
10,000 Hours
10,000 hours of practi ce has been shown to be about the amount
of ti me i t takes to clear a rel i able channel for bril li ant expressi on i n a
gi ven pursui t. 10,000 hours of channel clearing practice gi ves a
framework and structures to your i mpul ses al l owing you to release
control of them al l owing for Mi racle Impul ses to express themsel ves
through your craft untarni shed by consci ous interference.
The more you focus on a channel of communi cati on – whether
that’s a form of art, a sport or any other pi oneering pursui t – the
more you focus on that pursui t, on that craft, the more you rai se that
pursui t to an art form where your geni us can shine through and you
can be clearl y expressing miracles through that channel . The more
you clear your creati ve channel , the more miracle i mpul ses can come
through clearl y, bri l li antl y, vi brantl y. And every ti me those miracles
come through, i t rocks your worl d. Oh, i t does. You have to
surrender to the mi racle i mpul se. You have to surrender.
You’l l know that at any gi ven moment that channel coul d cave in
a bi t and i nstead of a mi racle coming out cleanly, i t coul d come out
as a gross di storti on – an embarrassment – an i ncredi ble fail ure.
That’s the ri sk that you have to be wil l ing to take wi th each new
mi racle you attempt to express. That i s why we l ove the great
creators. That i s why we l ove the great arti sts. That is why we l ove
great pi oneers, great i nnovators, great music stars, great inventors,
great entrepreneurs – because on some level we recogni ze the ri sk
that they took all owi ng that miracle i mpul se express through them.
268 Th e Wayseer s
We recogni ze that at some poi nt they had to choose perfect
vul nerabi l i ty to al l ow that to come through.
But the reason we don't cal l them saints, the reason we don't, it
woul d be inappropri ate for us to see them as sai ntl y necessaril y, is
because they are onl y doi ng i t i n one very particul ar context – one
di stinct channel. So i f you take a great si nger or rock star and you put
hi m in another si tuati on as an entrepreneur or even just on a talk
show, you mi ght say wow, he was so bri l li ant on stage, but i n this
context he seems so patheti call y human, so average. Maybe he seems
even less than average because we have such expectati ons for hi m.
But i t's because he hasn't devel oped a channel for hi s mi racle
i mpul ses to come through in thi s other context. So, again, thi s great
rock star, this great miracle worker on stage, becomes just another
person subl i mating their mi racle impul ses on a talk show.
Thi s i s what we can become i n our pursui t as the arti st, as the
entrepreneur, as a pi oneer – one who has a very di screte and specific
channel for expressing our miracle i mpul ses. But that at least gi ves
us some experience of the mi racul ous power wi thin us. It's a step
cl oser to the di vine wi thin. It's better than nothing … much better
than nothing.
When the Guilt is Cleared
At least through the givi ng of the arti st, of the creator, of the
pi oneer, of the entrepreneur, there's a resol uti on of the gui l t for not
expressing the mi racle impul se. As that gui lt i s resol ved agai n and
agai n, the absol uti on clears a channel to the col lecti ve unconsci ous.
And more and more mi racles pour forth through these people,
through these creators, as that gui l t i s rel inqui shed; the reflecti ons of
that l ack of gui l t fi l l thei r li ves. And thi s i s why they seem to have
such wonderful support i n their li ves. Thi s is why great pi oneers
seem to suddenl y be gi ven great weal th and great fame, and all of the
worl dl y trappings that one mi ght want.
It i s the gui lt wi thi n us i s what hol ds those things back in our
l i ves. It's what makes poverty. It's what makes hunger. It's what
Jo u r n ey o f t h e Wayseer 269
makes desperati on and l ack. That's what gui l t does. And the more
that you i gnore your miracle i mpul ses, the more that you i gnore that
di vi ne thrust wi thin you that i s trying to answer the cal l s of many;
the more you deny that, the more guil t you feel , the more
i mpoveri shed you wil l feel . So don't i gnore it.
At very least, find a hobby where you can start a creati ve channel
– where you can start diggi ng that tunnel through your subconsci ous
and unconsci ous mi nd – where you can start channel ing the miracle
i mpul se through you and expressi ng i t. Because the more you do
that, the more you express that, through thousands and thousands of
hours of practi ce, or toi li ng or worki ng or pi oneering or expl oring –
the more you’ll be able to rel y on your mi racle impul ses to save the
Thomas Edi son had to practi ce about 10,000 times before he got
the li ght bul b to work. But through all of that practi ce, final l y the
mi racle made its way al l the way through hi m and he had i nvented
the li ght bul b. Ti ger Woods hi ts the bal l thousands and thousands of
ti mes, so that that one ti me he needs a miracle, hi s channel i s clear
enough for i t to come through hi m. The great si ngers practice
thousands and thousands of hours so that when they get on stage
and they need that miracle to come through them, there i s a clear
channel .
The entrepreneur may start ten businesses, sinking thousands of
hours of effort i nto them, before they find their eventual success. But,
through al l of those earlier busi nesses what they are actual l y doing i s
clearing that channel – clearing that space – al lowi ng room for the
mi racle i mpul se to fi nall y come through them when they do have
their bi g success.
And so I i nvi te you to start devel opi ng your channel , so that you
too can experience the greatness of your own divini ty – the beauty of
becoming a hero in your own l i fe experience – a hero that answers
the call.
270 Th e Wayseer s
The Hook of Self Judgment
When you have no self-judgment you have swagger. The
doorway for others to judge you and knock you down i s reall y onl y
opened when there’s a hi nt that you are not “ okay” wi th some aspect
of yoursel f or your expressi on. Then that al lows others to make
criti cal comments that stick.
So i t’s hol di ng a self-judgment that gi ves others permi ssi on to
judge you. As soon as that self-judgment i s gone you can be
expressing the exact same way but there’s no issue. But as soon as
you have sel f-judgment, then people wi l l hook into that to pul l you
So how do you get ri d of sel f-judgment?
There are two ways; the easy way and the hard way.
The easy way i s forgiveness. Direct i mmedi ate forgi veness, whi ch
means Di vine wi tnessi ng yourself – means seei ng yourself as an
expressi on of God’s grace – no matter what your judgments may try
to tel l you to the contrary. It al so means not holdi ng the val i di ty of
some judgment above your own self-val i dati on.
The hard way i s joi ni ng. When you can’t forgi ve you must join.
“ If you can’t beat ‘em join em.” Thi s means you must actual l y put i n
all the work of i mpeccabl y adhering to whatever rules your
judgment cl ai ms you have vi ol ated. Then once you have mastered
whatever rules you had rai sed to the level of fal se gods; through
your effort and di sci pl i ne you wil l get to the point where you have
ri sen above them.
By adhering to those rul es and then ri sing above them you’l l
have come ful l circle and you’l l real ize yes I can fol l ow those rules
perfectl y AND that’s not the “ end al l” . Now that I ful l y understand
those rules I don’t need them anymore. And wi th Di vi ne witnessing
and forgiveness that’s what you’l l have to do to get to freedom.
You’l l have to put in all the work to prove to yourself that there’s not
something fundamental ly wrong with you – and so therefore that
Jo u r n ey o f t h e Wayseer 271
judgment i s unwarranted and furthermore i s not saying anything
about the fundamental “ you” .
Ironi cal l y after all that you wi l l find that you have l i kel y returned
to exactl y the same expressi on you once judged yourself for except
now that expressi on has become purified and freed of the sti nk of
sel f-judgment.
When you need vali dation - when you need to know that you are
fundamentall y okay, you are subject to the vici ssi tudes of rules,
judgments and the opinions of others.
If you’ve got all these bad habi ts or “ tensi ons” you are forced to
communi cate and li ve around your own personal obstacle course of
things (experiences and expressi ons) to avoi d. Most of these you
don’t even real i ze are habi ts – they are si lent invi si ble “ bi ases” that
quietl y direct your li fe and rel ati onshi ps the same way over and over
agai n. Li ke a cul tural bi ases, we are often not even aware of our own
presumpti ons and cul tural programmi ng.
Because of your bad habi ts, your conditi oni ng, your bi ases there
are many “ col ors” and “ notes” and modes of expressi on that you
can’t even use. You are l i mi ted in who you can express yoursel f as
and these li mi ts may be bl ocki ng the true expressi on of who your
soul i s, causi ng great i nner di scouragement and despai r; and causing
great frustrati on wi th your l ife experience.
Now i f you were to clear every ego barrier, every tensi on and
frustrated communi cation channel – then you woul d sti l l have a
certai n way of expressing yoursel f – but that woul d be the free and
true expressi on of your soul . Don’t worry about becomi ng too
vanil l a, meek, uninteresti ng or washed out i n your honesty, because
the convi cti ons and intri gues of your soul wi l l come out l oud and
clear when you are free of ego barriers. You won’t be less compell ing;
you wi l l be more compell i ng.
Here we are going to present to you a counter-habit – an anti-
habit – that rel inquishes your negati ve, l i mi ti ng habi ts. As you
i mplement thi s anti-habi t the fear may ri se up that you are
destroying who you are – but rest assured you cannot remove (or
272 Th e Wayseer s
destroy) who you trul y are from your being – you can onl y remove
what wasn’t real l y you anyway.
Thi s habi t wil l gi ve you perspecti ve that hel ps you ri se above
your current percepti ons to see a great meaning and purpose to your
l i fe beyond pleasing those for whom you formed your habi ts to
protect yourself from, and them from you..
Thi s anti -habi t i s the channel of communi cati on. The habit that
we’re teachi ng i s how to clear that channel of communi cati on that
has al l these roadbl ocks and bad behavi oral habi ts. If you keep on
jumpi ng off the channel of communi cati on just to get through the
day (or the moment or the song or the encounter) – you keep
breaki ng communicati on. We need to clear the channel s we i ntend to
use to communi cate our geni us with the worl d – wi th the masses –
we need to do the work to clear that channel . That means creati ng
habits that keep that channel open.
That means that just because your “ superi ors” once beat you
down for expressi ng your mad geni us once doesn’t mean you need
to throw temper-tantrums your whole l ife every ti me somethi ng
moderates the expression of your mad geni us. If somebody says
“ Hey, we need you to compromise.” the temptati on i s to tantrum
and cl ose off your communi cati on channel s and refuse to
communi cate with people who perceive as trying to suppress you or
your creati vi ty. Thi s response onl y marginal izes you. Thi s atti tude
springs from angry unforgi vi ng memories of bei ng suppressed
before – and you don’t want to experience that pai n again. But
shutting down and tantruming i s not the key. Instead, keep your
communi cati on channel s wi de open and use your geni us to address
(and circumvent) your suppressors. Mi chel angel o di d thi s to the
commi ssi oner of the Si sti ne Chapel when he was forced to drape the
fi gures of one of hi s masterpieces. He di dn’t just tantrum and shut
down. He mi schievousl y pai nted the face of the commi ssi oner on the
l owest, most hel l-dri ven fi gure i n his mural .
The anti-habi ts offered here are onl y habi ts so long as you need
al ternati ve habi ts to counter your existing web of bad habi ts. That
may sti l l feel unnatural , because you shoul d be able to “ just rel ax and
Jo u r n ey o f t h e Wayseer 273
be yoursel f.” But when was the l ast ti me you tried to “ just rel ax and
be yoursel f” ? Di d i t work? Chances are that i t di dn’t, because you
can’t possi bl y conceive of what you reall y are whi le your mi nd is
i mprisoned by fal se bel iefs of what you are.
Once you are exerci sing your new habi ts, then you can more
readil y exorci se all of those demons you i nternali zed l ong ago, whi ch
tel l you, you are not you.
Removing the Blocks to Love
When you sense a bl ock (whi ch i s al ways i n some way a bl ock to
l ove) your next step i s to use forgi veness to clear a channel . It’s often
easier for others to see and sense your bl ocks – often much easier
than i t i s for you to notice your own – but they wi l l generall y not tel l
you di rectl y about your bl ocks out of poli teness, awkwardness or
When your communi cati on channel is not open, you may be
sending messages and “ communi cating” from your perspecti ve, but
i f your channel of communi cati on is not open the intended reci pient
may not be getting the message – may not be actual l y recei ving the
communi cati on. Now i f they let you know that they di dn’t get the
message the frustrated, i mmature way to handl e that i s to bl ame
them for not recei vi ng it – when i t i s much more appropri ate (and
much more advantageous) to l ook at how you may have failed to
deli ver the message, di scover your bl ock and remove i t.
Thi s i s why i t i s usually qui te hel pful and expedient to work
through your bl ocks i n the context of your rel ationshi ps where you
can encourage those you are in rel ati onshi p wi th to poi nt out your
bl ocks to l ove and communi cati on.
Wayseers & Normal Types
The truth i s you need to be a mad geni us that knows how to be
supported by the Normal types. We li ve in a cul ture where
repressi on is a much more accepted form of decepti on than
di ssoci ati on. Repressi on works much better at mai ntai ni ng “ order” in
ti ghtly popul ated societies. There are too many of us now. The boat’s
274 Th e Wayseer s
too ful l for there to be too many Wayseer “ rockers” . So for those of us
Wayseeers (who were born to rock) – onl y the ones who have
devel oped clear communi cati on channel s wi th the “ normal ones”
wi ll be supported and cel ebrated.
Up unti l now, onl y a tiny trickle of creative geni uses have been
all owed through the crack i n the barrier to publ ic acknowledgement,
l egi ti macy, and support. There are many more geni uses out there
than have been all owed i nto the publ ic consci ousness (as much as
20% of the U.S. popul ation). But less than .01% get all owed into the
publ i c consci ousness – and those are the ones who are somewhat
watered down – they’re hi ghl y creati ve – but they’re not usual l y the
mad geni uses that coul d turn the worl d on i ts head if l i stened to.
Those ones we tend to suppress and if we can’t suppress them, we
crucify them.
Recentl y the geni uses that have gotten through are bri ll i ant i n a
mostl y non-threatening way. Li ke any NBC programmer knows –
we’re al l si tting here going, “ Why are al l these shows so stupi d? So
uni nspi red?!” These guys know thi s is what thi s society can handle,
thi s i s the amount of chal lenge, and thi s i s just the ri ght amount of
provocati on that the masses can handle.
There’s the dose of “ watering down” in order to make i t pal atable
and di gesti ble by the regul ar people. That’s where the fi l ter occurs.
That’s where any real mad geni us feel s i nsulted and compromi sed
and rai ls against i t.
Know What Your Communication Channels Can Handle
When you have a “ hi t” or a popul ar response from those on the
recei ving end of your communi cati on channel s, honor the feedback.
Just as you do wel l to appreci ate negative feedback about your
communi cati ons in order to further clear your channels; i t i s
i mportant to appreci ate and honor the posi ti ve feedback you get
from a clear channel expressi on.
A good clear communicati on channel can support and sustain a
l i feti me of soul ful creativi ty if i t i s cul tivated and protected. There i s
a di sci pl ine to thi s.
Jo u r n ey o f t h e Wayseer 275
U2 i s a great example of honoring, cul ti vating and maintaining
their good communication channel s. U2 wri tes many more songs
than ever see the li ght of day on thei r al bums. But onl y the songs that
fi t their “ sound” are all owed to pass through the communi cati on
channel that i s the U2 brand. If they were to pass a song too many
through the U2 brand that di dn’t fi t the brand – di dn’t fit through
that channel , the fans on the receivi ng end of the U2 channel would
l ose trust i n the channel and i t woul d – metaphori cal l y speaki ng – be
l i ke cl oggi ng a pi pe wi th something that di dn’t fi t i t ri ght i n the first
pl ace. That’s why al most al l U2 songs sound sort of the same –
because they al l need to fi t through the same pi pe – the same trusted
communi cati on channel cal led “ U2” . So there are many unreleased,
bril l iant, mad geni us songs composed by U2 that wil l never be
released as U2 so as not to cl og the channel.
Thi s i s an i mportant lesson for al l of us creators. Once you have a
brand – a communi cation channel – that supports you in further
communi cati on – celebrate i t and be aware of i ts l i mi ts so that you
don’t cl og i t wi th communi cati ons that do no fi t thi s channel yet. You
can culti vate thi s channel and stretch i t a bi t wi th each new
communi cati on, but you must be di scerning like U2 or the NBC
programming execs who recognize the fragi le nature of
communi cati on channels (especi al l y l arge ones) and are careful in
choosing whi ch communi cati ons wi l l best fi t through and increase
the channel .
Smart communi cators “ pi ck a cause,” they choose a si ngle
communi cati on intention and bui l d the channel for that
communi cati on through deli berate repeti ti on of the same i ntenti on
over and over agai n in di fferent ways unti l it i s recei ved. Li ke a chil d
who asks “ Can I have ice cream now?” in different i ntonati ons over
and over and over again unti l you can no l onger resi st, you relent
and gi ve them the i ce cream.
It has al so been shown that if you want to convince someone of a
statement, the mere repeti ti on of that statement increases how much
they bel ieve i t. So i f you were to say to someone “ You shoul d cut
your hai r.” Each ti me you say i t, they wi l l bel ieve i t a l ittle more.
276 Th e Wayseer s
If when you are communi cati ng you can total l y focus on
deli vering a single intenti on, eventual l y you wi l l become so ski lled at
(your communi cati on channel wil l be so open for) communi cati ng
that intenti on that i t wil l be irresi stible i n i ts power.
What i s your heart’s song?
What i s your single i ntenti on for al l your communi cati on?
Your Heroic Journey
Your Ameri can i mpul ses can propel you al ong a voyage of
di scovery – a heroic adventure – the hero’s journey. Your i mpul ses
may be subtle or they may be strong, but they gui de you even when
you aren’t aware of i t – especi al l y when you aren’t aware of the
powerful choi ces you are maki ng.
How many of the most pi votal events in your li fe seem to happen
al most by chance. If chance were true – and that powerful , your l ife
woul d be a meani ngless series of random events of whi ch you had
l i ttle to no control over or even less of a genuine relati onshi p wi th.
Your l i fe woul d be happening to you vi rtual l y i ndependent of who
or what you are. Your efforts in li fe woul d be meaningless in the face
of the endless onsl aught of ti dal waves of outrageous fortune. You
may be carried or buried by these waves, but the questi on i s who
deci des?
If i t i s not chance, but some greater intel li gent force that operates
i n your l ife, then I argue that it i s your miracle i mpul ses which
propel you al ong your journey. The massi ve choi ce you make that
deci des whether you are carried by the sea or buried by it, whether
you end up on shore or are caught up i n a ri p ti de of sorts i s chosen
by your Soul i n communi on wi th the Spi ri t of Truth through the
unconsci ous channel of your i mpul ses.
You may fi ght these choi ces, but that i s l i ke rail i ng at the ti des.
Your ti ny egoi c desi re for control is more i ll usi on than real . Your tiny
ego may use selecti ve memory and selecti ve senses to tri ck you into
fol l owing a drama unfoldi ng that i sn’t even there. Thi s drama i s the
Jo u r n ey o f t h e Wayseer 277
drama of one al l al one fi ghting the current for their li ves, wrestl ing
and keeping control through vi gil ance and wrath over a ti ny scrap of
space and ti me you cal l your l ife.
There i s a hi gher choi ce – one of surrender and mi rth – where
your l i fe becomes a joyful ri de and your impul ses rush in to help
effortlessl y gui de you, not undermine you. This is the hero’s journey
where your i mpul ses are your part of a handshake with the di vi ne.
Cal led “ invi si ble hands” by Joseph Campbel l , your hand cl asped i n
the hand of the di vi ne leads you al ong a voyage escorted by angel s
whose invi si ble hands create i mpossi ble turns of fate whi ch hel p you
succeed in your adventure.
The Hero’s Journey
I think when I say thi s, I may speak for a generation. When I was
a chi l d, I wanted to be a Jedi Kni ght from George Lucas’s epic tale,
Star Wars. Sure i t was just a great story, but something rang true
about i t. The Jedi Knight was a symbol of something far more
profound and archetypal than just a movie character.
What has become clear is that the hero’s journey – a mythol ogi cal
story templ ate that many great movies are based on – i s a system of
gui deposts for a great Wayseer l i fe.
The Hero’s Journey i s a story templ ate discovered by Joseph
Campbel l that is at the heart of al most every great mythol ogi cal story
of heroi sm throughout the hi story of manki nd.
Mythol ogy can tell us secrets about the deeper nature of things.
They have been refined over hundreds of years through the cruci ble
of retel l ing. When something i n a mythol ogi cal story rang true, it
stayed in the tale to be retol d to others. If something in the story di d
not ri ng true i t tended to be forgotten i n the retell ing. When a story
stays ci rcul ating l ong enough i t i s refined to the poi nt that i t becomes
a myth. A myth i s a story that clearl y conveys the underl ying
i neffable truth of the human experience.
278 Th e Wayseer s
If you l ook at the many Hero’s Journeys used i n cinema and
stories you wil l note that al l of the heroes are cl assi c Wayseers.
Luke i n Star Wars can’t be a si mple farmer on an i sol ated pl anet,
l i ke hi s aunt and uncle i nsi st he shoul d be. He needs to be ri ght
where the acti on i s and so, i n true Wayseer form, he joi ns the Rebels
agai nst the Evi l Empire.
In another cl assic Hero’s Journey based movie, The Matri x, Neo
can’t be content as an anonymous software programmer working in
a cubi cle for an oppressive corporati on. So he takes the red pil l from
hi s rebel computer hacker mentor, because he has to know the truth
of his exi stence. He l ongs i n hi s heart for the Great Adventure.
Something call s to us from these stories, because we recognize
oursel ves in these heroes. We Wayseers need the Great Adventure to
feel trul y al i ve.
The Hero’s Journey seems to be a hi dden message for all us
Wayseers that there i s an al ternati ve to spending the rest of your l ife
i n a cubi cle.
There i s a saying that “ The unexami ned l ife is not worth l i vi ng.”
Thi s may be true, but even more relevant to Wayseers is the retort
that “ The un-l ived l ife i s not worth examining.”
The Hero’s Journey call s us to l i ve our l ives in a remarkable way.
To l i ve fearlessl y, to battle the false gods of our l i ves and our
cul tures, to surrender to the kind of struggle that turns mere mortals
whi te wi th trepi dati on.
You as a Wayseer were put here to live the Hero’s Journey – not
just watch i t on TV. When you are not “ on your journey” you have
that fami li ar sinking feel ing that your l i fe i s being wasted.
Lucki l y today we have an anal ysi s of the archetypal Hero’s
Journey that offers a road map, showi ng you where you are and
where you are goi ng i n rel ati on to thi s predesti ned journey that you
can no l onger deny.
Jo u r n ey o f t h e Wayseer 279
“One must choose in life between
boredom and suffering”
~ Madame de Stael
I hate to break i t you, but as a Wayseer your l ife wi l l be a
struggle. Al l heroes struggl e. It can be a gl ori ousl y good struggle i f
you surrender to your journey, but i t wi ll be a struggle nonetheless.
Li ke a good workout – or a hi gh spiri ted sports competi ti on – the
struggle can be exhi l arati ng and redeeming when you bri ng the ri ght
mi ndset.
Ei ther you struggle, as you must, whi le you press forward
through your own Hero’s Journey; or struggle wi th al l of the vi ces,
addi cti ons, depressi on and di sorders that befal l a Wayseer who is
Refusi ng the Cal l .
Sensi tivi ty to the ring of truth and trusting your heart wi ll be an
i mperati ve on your Hero’s Journey. Let go of your consci ous self. Let
your feel i ngs gui de you now.
“There is something in every one of you that waits
and listens for the sound of the genuine in
yourself. It is the only true guide you will ever
have. And if you cannot hear it, you will all of
your life spend your days on the ends of strings
that somebody else pulls.”
~ Howard Thurman
If you go onl ine to you wi ll find
an outl ine of the archetypal Hero’s Journey by whi ch you can
navi gate your new l ife.
280 Th e Wayseer s
How did you succeed? … “I had to.”
“Geniuses are the luckiest of mortals
because what they must do is the same as
what they most want to do.”
~ W. H. Auden
Once you are on your hero’s journey, I’m sorry to say, you can’t
go back. You can never go back. Your l i fe wi ll never work agai n the
ol d way, because you no l onger wi l l fi t i n that smal l pl ace that you
were once squeezed into.
And i t’s not just that you won’t fi t back in your ol d l i fe and your
ol d ways – there’s something even more mysteri ous and more
powerful that wi l l stop you i f you try.
If you begi n your hero’s journey and then deci de to qui t and go
back to your ol d way of l i fe, all of the doors that you once opened
easi l y wi l l cl ose i n your face. You won’t be able to get the same ki nd
of jobs you easi l y won and faked before. You won’t be able to get
your way wi th the same tri cks that used to work so easi l y before,
because now they’ve l ost thei r magic. Your tri cks l ose their magi c
when you’re no l onger self-decei ved and you don’t believe your own
B.S. anymore. Everythi ng that was once easy for you to fake, wi ll
become hard if not i mpossi ble. When you have changed, the sad
pl ace you once cal led home wi ll no l onger let you i n.
Thi s i s the “ tough l ove” si de of God and the invisi ble hands that
shape your l ife. Thi s i s the power of your unconsci ous mind to
overwhel m your si l l y l ittle schemes to try to escape your desti ny.
Thi s i s the gi ant and powerful unconsci ous mi nd subtl y but
powerful l y forci ng your hand towards what i t knows i s best for you.
Or, i f you are more spiri tual l y minded, you mi ght enjoy seeing this
as some amazi ng di vi ne force movi ng you forward al ong your path,
not all owing you to stray.
When you are too neuroti c and have neutrali zed your own wil l ,
your unconsci ous mind wi ll find ways to make fate force your hand.
Thi s all ows you to take the necessary steps on your journey while
Jo u r n ey o f t h e Wayseer 281
al leviating the gui l t of bei ng different from what you were taught
you shoul d be. “ Di vi ne interventi on,” “ Angeli c assi stance” and
"Invi si ble hands" are posi ti ve expressi ons of thi s phenomenon.
Often i f you l i sten to great arti sts when they are asked, “ How did
you do i t?” they answer something li ke, “ I never gave up. It was very
di ffi cul t. I suffered a l ot. But I just had to do i t.”
“Genius is perseverance in disguise”
~ Mike Newlin
The key here i s that the artist is reveal ing, “ I had to do i t.” I used
to think thi s meant something l i ke, “ I was si ngle mi ndedl y bent on
doi ng it.” And to some degree i t does. But after travel ing a ways
al ong my own journey, I have di scovered something deeper about
that statement.
One morni ng after suffering another devastati ng bl ow to my ego
i n my attempts to return back to the fake but comfortable way of life
I once had, I real i zed that I no l onger had much choi ce about my own
career. I coul dn’t take my ol d career back – there was always what
fel t l i ke some supernatural force that woul d stop me at every turn.
Al l sorts of thi ngs beyond my control woul d rush i n to stop me from
retreating to my ol d l i fe. It was so bl atant at ti mes that i t became
painful l y comi cal.
I real ized that wi th regard to doi ng the work I was cal led to do, I
no l onger coul d avoi d doi ng i t – at least wi thout experienci ng
si gnificant penal ties. As far as doing what I was bei ng led to do, “ I
just had to do i t” or I woul d conti nue to suffer a relentless parade of
unexplai nable setbacks and frustrati ons. There was no way out of it:
To continue to resi st my destiny meant I woul d have constant
frustrati on. To accept the journey to my destiny, (as scary as i t
seemed), meant maybe one day, wi th enough humi l i ty and patience,
I coul d actuall y succeed agai n. The great news i s that new success
woul d not be wi th some goal or career that my heart was not reall y
i nto, i t woul d be a success for my very soul .
So, when an accompl i shed Wayseer says they, “ just had to do i t” ,
what they are reveal ing i s a subtl e but extraordinari l y powerful
282 Th e Wayseer s
aspect of commi tment to one’s truth. When you fi nal l y all ow your
heart and soul to commit to your true purpose, there i s no stopping
you. Not even you can reall y stop you anymore. You can ki ck and
scream and tantrum and del ay, but somehow that greater part of you
keeps rai sing the stakes unti l you finall y give up and do what you’ve
al ways deepl y wanted to do.
The same experience i s l i kel y to become evi dent i n your l ife as
you accept your own Hero’s Journey i n becomi ng a relentlessl y
creati ve heroi c Wayseer. Don’t seek your ol d comforts, because their
appeal wi l l evaporate in the heat of your newfound passi ons. Don’t
cl ing to your ol d i deas of safety, because those il lusi ons of protecti on
wi ll di ssolve in the l i ght of your newfound strength.
Si mpl y persevere in expressi ng the truth of what you are; and the
unmi stakable force of invi si ble hands wil l ensure your eventual
achievement. Envi si on your supreme cal l ing and real i ze: You can do
Jo u r n ey o f t h e Wayseer 283
“Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the
chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness.
Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation),
there is one elementary truth the ignorance of
which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that
the moment one definitely commits oneself, then
providence moves too. A whole stream of events
issues from the decision, raising in one's favor all
manner of unforeseen incidents, meetings and
material assistance, which no man could have
dreamt would have come his way …
Whatever you can do
or dream you can,
begin it.
Boldness has genius,
power and magic in it!”
~ W. H. Murray in The Scottish Himalaya
Expedition 1951, quoting Goethe (in bold).


Your Hear t Wil l Sing
Your heart i s the most exal ted organ of your body. God speaks to
you through your heart. When you gi ve your heart authori ty in your
l i fe, i t i s a way of gi ving your l i fe to God. When you surrender to
your hi ghest call ing, your heart sings.
The song is sung differentl y by every heart, but the meani ng i s
al ways the same. Each soul has thei r own speci al way of singing their
heart’s song.
Your heart’s song i s a reflecti on of your greatest purpose and
your greatest contri buti on. When you are trul y expressing your heart
and soul , when you final l y surrender to what you reall y are, your
heart wi l l be singing.
Others can sense when your heart i s singing and are moved by i t.
They may not know why, but there i s somethi ng di fferent about you
– somethi ng vi brant and beauti ful .
When your heart si ngs i t means you are offeri ng your devoti on to
something bi gger than your sel f. You are devoti ng yourself to the
hi ghest form of l ove and compassi on avail able to you. You are no
l onger worshi ppi ng your own ego; you are worshi pi ng the deep
Truth that we all share.
Your heart comes ali ve when you are li ving your purpose.
Ask yoursel f at every turn, “ What am I worshi pping?”
286 Th e Wayseer s
From Punishment to Peace
Redempti on occurs through surrendering the dual i ties of ri ght or
wrong, good or evi l . These i deas are of the ego. Embrace the non-
duali sti c truth of your heart’s wi l l , whi ch i s i mpeccabl y obedient to
God’s Truth.
When you choose your heart, you are choosing The Great Wi l l
beyond your own smal ler ego wil l . You are being l i ved through by
Love. You are no l onger maki ng yoursel f in your own i mage; i nstead
you are all owi ng Love to create through you – to shape you i n the
i mage of the divine.
Thi s i s Grace.
Thi s i s God’s Musi c.
Thi s i s “ It” .
“Someday, after mastering the winds,
the waves, the tides and gravity,
we shall harness for God the energies of love,
and then, for a second time in the history of the
world, man will have discovered fire.”
~ Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Turn on to what you are.
Tune i n to transcendent Love – the Way.
Let go of all rules but one – Love.
Then express yourself with total freedom and come al i ve.
I t’s time.


A Special Invitat ion
Thank you for taking this extraordi nary journey wi th us. You are
among a di sti nguished group of fel l ow Wayseers who wi ll transform
our worl d i n uni maginable ways. Because you’ve made i t to the end
of thi s book, you are clearl y goi ng to be one of the Wayseer success
If you’d l i ke to meet other Wayseers l i ke yourself, please check
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One of the best ways for you, as a Wayseer, to reall y learn
something i s to teach i t and share i t wi th others. You can hel p fel l ow
Wayseers express themsel ves i n this worl d as posi ti ve creators
i nstead of succumbing to neurotic abuses. You can hel p them by
i nviting them to take thi s amazing journey too.
Our pri sons are full of Wayseers who never recei ved the
gui dance they needed to become posi ti ve producti ve creators. The
most destructi ve Wayseers are the ones who have most i nternal i zed
the judgments of society for their spontaneous, i mpul si ve, creati ve
energy, taking on the i denti ty of “ the cri mi nal ” instead of “ the hero” .
You can hel p troubled Wayseers regai n their sel f-worth and their
bril l iance, by sharing the teachi ngs of thi s book wi th them.
Who do you know who i s al so a Wayseer? The answer can’t be
far. If you’re a Wayseer yourself, you are probabl y related to a few
288 Th e Wayseer s
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A Spec i al I n v i t at i o n 289
Appendix A: MENSA Riddles
The Light Bulb Problem:
Imagi ne you are outsi de a cl osed room wi th no wi ndows and one
door. You cannot see inside thi s room unti l you open the door.
There are three l ight swi tches in front of you. Each swi tch is
connected to a di fferent one of three l i ght bulbs insi de the cl osed
room. Al l the li ght bul bs are currentl y off and thus al l three swi tches
are currentl y i n the off posi ti on. You may fl ick on and off any of
these swi tches as much as you l i ke UNTIL you open the door and go
i nsi de the room to wi tness the state of the li ght bul bs. At that point
you may no l onger change the swi tches.
You may onl y open the door ONCE. THEN you must be able to
tel l which swi tch i s connected to whi ch l i ght bul b. In thi s scenari o,
how can you, wi th 100% certainty, tel l whi ch swi tch goes to which
l i ght bul b?
The Burning String Problem:
You have two lengths of string, whi ch al though they are not the
same length, wi l l each take exactl y 30 minutes for a fl ame to burn
from one end of the string to the other. The strings do not burn
evenl y, so the posi ti on of a fl ame, as i t burns through a string, wi ll
not afford you any specifi c knowledge of how much ti me the stri ng
has been burning for. Al l you know i s that i t takes exactl y 30 mi nutes
for a fl ame to burn from one end of each stri ng to the other end.
Wi thout using a ti mepiece, how can you use these two strings
and matches to measure out exactl y 45 mi nutes wi th al most perfect
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290 Th e Wayseer s
MENSA Riddle Solutions
WARNING: Do not read these solutions until you’ve already
got a solution. A good MENSA ri ddle can be hard to come by. You
may even want to have a friend check your sol uti on for you and just
tel l you if you’re ri ght or wrong, so you don’t ruin i t for yourself. The
process of di scovering the sol uti on yourself i s incredibl y val uable.
The Light-bulb problem: I have seen thi s problem sol ved i n two
di fferent ways …
Sol uti on 1: Turn on one swi tch (cal l i t “ swi tch one” ) and let i t stay
on for a whi le. Then turn that “ swi tch one” off and turn on another
swi tch (cal l i t “ swi tch two” ). Open the door to the cl osed room and
walk insi de. The li t l i ght bul b i s obvi ousl y connected to “ swi tch
two” . Now touch the two unl i t l i ght bulbs. The hot unl i t li ght bulb i s
connected to “ swi tch one” . The cooler unl i t l i ght bul b i s connected to
the swi tch you never turned on.
Sol uti on 2: Turn on one swi tch (cal l i t “ swi tch one” ) and let i t stay
on for a year. Then come back and turn on another swi tch (cal l i t
“ swi tch two” ). Open the door to the cl osed room and walk i nsi de.
The l i t l i ght bul b i s obvi ousl y connected to “ swi tch two” . Now
examine the two unl i t l i ght bul bs. The burned-out l i ght bulb i s
connected to “ swi tch one” . The sti ll fresh unl i t l i ght bul b i s connected
to the swi tch you never turned on.
The Burning String Problem: Li ght one of the strings afl ame, not
just on one end, but on both ends si mul taneousl y. When the two
fl ames reach each other (wherever al ong the stri ng that may be), you
wi ll know you have measured out exactl y 15 mi nutes. Immediately
l i ght one end of the other string and al l ow that to burn all the way
through for the final 30 mi nutes. Voil a! 45 minutes.
For more ri ddles vi si t:


Acknowl edgment s
Thank you John and Ava for showing me the Way.
Thank you, Heather for bei ng my inspirati on, the yi n to my yang,
and my best friend. Thank you for hel ping me make thi s book
happen. If i t weren’t for your ki ndness, your patience, your belief in
me, your ti reless l i stening, and your edi ti ng of thi s book may have
never been fini shed.
Thank you, Marty Sussman for bei ng such a good friend and
busi ness partner. Our work together has kept me afl oat. You were
generous with me when you di dn’t need to be and you hel ped me
fi nd the wil l to do thi s work. You once tol d me “ You gotta do thi s!”
and i t l i t a fire under me.
Thank you, Russel l Bi shop for shari ng the journey wi th me and
showi ng me what a powerful agent si mple honesty i s. Your honesty,
i mpeccabi l ity, and inner-trust have inspired me.
Thank you Mari anne Wil l i amson for wel coming me i nto your l ife
wi th such faith, showing me what the author’s li fe i s real l y l i ke and
encouraging me to become one mysel f. Thank you for prodding me
to complete thi s book.
Thank you to Otto Rank for devel oping the most amazi ng
therapy, sadly forgotten by hi story, but joyful l y resurrected here.
Thank you Ned Hal l owell for our l unches together and all the
encouragement you gi ve.
292 Th e Wayseer s
Thank you, Dave LoVecchi o for reminding me of the “ rats in the
cel l ar,” and for joining me on thi s i deal isti c crusade.
Thank you Kyle Hunt for our great di al ogues together. You
hel ped me arti culate the Wayseers message more clearl y. Thanks for
bei ng the keeper of the flame for Wayseers on Facebook too.
Thank you, Mom and Dad for hel p wi th edi ti ng; but more
i mportantl y thank you for i ntroduci ng me to much of the thought
l eadershi p that have helped shape the i nsi ghts i n thi s book.
Thank you, J.C. for being my hero.


About t he Aut hor
Garret LoPorto, rabble-rouser, acti vist, depth-psychol ogi st,
wri ter, speaker, U.S. & Internati onal patent-pendi ng inventor, and
successful entrepreneur, has been written about i n The New York
Ti mes, Money Magazi ne, The London Fi nanci al Ti mes, The Boston
Gl obe and many other newspapers. He and his projects have al so
been featured on nati onal televi si on, incl udi ng CNN and ABC, and
on Ni tebeat, MIT TV and New Engl and Cable News.
He was the founder and CEO of a mul ti-mi ll i on dol l ar technol ogy
& medi a company. He has worked in Mi crosoft Research – a
presti gi ous think tank where some of the most gi fted thinkers
perform advanced work i n computer sciences.
He has lectured at such venues as MIT, The Universi ty of
Massachusetts and The Computer Freedom and Pri vacy Conventi on.
He l i ves i n Concord, Massachusetts wi th hi s wife, Heather, and
their chil dren.

To book Garret LoPorto for your event or i nterview, please call
800-827-1230 or emai l



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