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501. HC - Highway Commercial District.

] 1. Specific Intent. It is the purpose of this District to provide an area which, in addition to
providing for uses which service the day to day needs of surrounding residential areas,
service other commercial uses which are advantageously located near a major highway, serve
J highway uses or serve greater geographical areas either as individual uses, a combination of
uses or as part of a shopping center which may consist of one or more buildings either under
common ownership or unified control.
J 2. Uses Permitted by Right. Land and buildings served by public water and public/community
sewer in an HC District may be used for the following purposes and no others, unless a
Special Exception as provided for in Section 501(3) or Conditional Use as provide for in
Section 501(4) is granted:

I A. Retail and wholesale sale of goods, prepared foods and services, except adult
J bookstores.

B. Business, professional or governmental office or studio.

C. Banks, savings and loan associations, finance companies or similar types of

D. Municipal use.

E. Funeral Home/Crematorium.

F. Commercial school for the teaching of trades, arts or skills.

G. Personal and household service establishments such as, but not limited to barber
shops, beauty shops, laundromats, laundry and dry cleaning shops, tailor and
seamstress shops, and shoe and appliance repair shops.

H. Fire Company.

1. Plant nursery.

J. Motels and hotels.

K. Restaurants, taverns and similar types of establishments, except cabarets.

L. Offices of plumbers, masons, carpenters, heating contractors, homebuilders and

similar personnel.

M. Club or lodge for fraternal or social purposes provided that all activities shall be
conducted within buildings or structures.

N. Indoor Theater and place of indoor amusement or recreation.

O. Lumber and building materials supply establishments.

P. Golf course, driving range or miniature golf course, or tennis courts.

Q. Motor vehicle service station, subject to:

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(1) All automobile parts, dismantled vehicles and similar articles shall be store:
within a building. .
(2) All repair activities shall be carried out within a building.

R. Repair garage, subject to:

(1) All repair activities shall be performed within a building.

(2) All outdoor storage of dismantled vehicles; automobile parts and similai
items shall be screened from view in such a manner that the outdoor storage
of materials is not visible from adjoining properties or public streets.

S. Car wash, subject to:

(1) No water used in the washing of cars shall be discharged onto public roads OJ
onto other properties.

(2) Car washing activities shall be carried out within a building.

(3) An approach drive or parking area to accommodate a minimum of four (4:

cars per bay shall be constructed, except that in the case of a facility when
only one (1) is provided the approach drive or parking area shall be
constructed to accommodate a minimum of ten (10) cars.

T. Self-Storage units.

U. Telecommunication Towers: See also separate Communications Tower Ordinance.

V. Office of veterinarian.

W. Hospital/Surgical Center.

X. Jr. College/College/University.

Y. Convenience store with fueling stations.

Z. Auto Sales Lot subject to Section 607(10).

AA. Shopping Center subject to Section S02.8.A.

BB. Forestry activities, including, but not limited to, Timber Harvesting per Sec. 629

Cc. Accessory uses and structures to the above permitted uses when on the same lot as
the permitted use per Section 602 & 603.

DD. Yard Sales per Section 637.

3. Uses Permitted by Special Exception. The following uses are permitted when Special
Exceptions are granted by the Zoning Hearing Board in accordance with Section 902(8):

A. Churches or similar places of worship.

B. Nursing home, convalescent home, personal care home or retirement home.

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C. Accessory uses and structures to the above permitted uses when on the same lot as
the permitted use per Section 602 & 603.

l,., 4. Uses permitted by Conditional Use. The following uses are permitted when a Conditional
Use is approved by the Board of Supervisors in accordance with Section 808.

J A.
Bed and Breakfast per Section 636.

Accessory uses and structures to the above permitted uses when on the same lot as the
permitted use per Section 602 & 603.

5. Area, Yard and Height Regulations.

J Highway Commercial District MAXIMUM PERMITTED
50 percent oflot area
75 percent oflot area
Per separately deeded parcel or combination of, 10,000 square feet

l '111 Per leased pad site 5,000 square feet

l 'lill
At street line
At building setback line
100 feet
100 feet
OPEN AREA 15 percent oflot area
Total 60 feet
One Side 30 feet
I REAR YARD 30 feet
Self-Storage Units 30 feet

6. Performance Standards. In addition to the applicable performance standards of Section 608

the following performance standards shall apply:
A. When the side and/or rear yard of a lot adjoins land zoned other than commercial or
industrial, or used for residential purposes, a twenty foot (20) buffer strip suitably
landscaped to provide a screen, and in which no paved areas or structures, except
retaining walls and/or fences are permitted, shall be provided within the side and/or
rear yard adjoining the land not zoned commercial or industrial or used for
residential purposes.
, .
, . i
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B. Drive-thru service is permissible provided it can be conducted with a safe aJ
orderly traffic pattern with sufficient waiting area for vehicles waiting to place aJ
pick-up orders, as demonstrated by traffic plans and studies submitted by tJ
applicant. Drive-thru service must be 10-ft from the property line. Covered Driv
thru must meet setbacks.

7. Design Standards. The design standards defined in Section 607 apply to all uses in an H

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