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Charles F. Kerchner, Jr.

[address redacted for this copy] [address redacted for this copy] [address redacted for this copy] 12 November 2008 Dear Congressman Dent: You may not be aware, but there is now a case before the U.S. Supreme Court Justice Souter regarding the challenge of Obama’s “natural born citizenship” per the Constitution. It’s named “Berg vs. Obama.” Have your staff verify this with the U.S. Supreme Court if you per chance you do not believe me. Obama has never produced a certified vault copy, long form copy of his birth records. The press has ignored this issue and never asked him about it, like many things with Obama, so he personally never had to publicly address it. He has never publicly stated, “I am a natural born citizen of the U.S. per the U.S. Constitutional requirements”. This reminds me of Clinton’s word dodging and weaving on the sex cases. But this would be a far worse situation for our country if Obama has pulled off a hoax on the voters because no one ever directly asked him and forced him to state the above publicly and prove it. See these links about the Supreme Court case. The case has not been dismissed as the online bloggers supporting Obama say it has. That was another case dismissed but not this one. Justice Souter now has Berg vs. Obama and has given Obama until 1 Dec 2008 to respond to Berg’s charges. Atty. Berg’s address and phone is: Philip J. Berg, Esquire, 555 Andorra Glen Court, Suite 12, Lafayette Hill, PA, 19444-2531, Cell (610) 662-3005, (610) 825-3134 See Docket Number 08-570 at the U.S. Supreme Court:
See this for an explanation of the difference between what Obama has provided to try and prove his natural born citizen status, and what he has not, i.e., a certified long form vault copy:
See this short video which also clearly explains what Obama has provided and what he has not. The author of this video has offered a $1,000,000 Reward Offered for a Certified Copy Long Form Obama Birth Certificate: Information article on the constitutional issues of the case:

Please be aware of this lawsuit in the U.S. Supreme Court. Check with the court and Justice Souter yourself or have your staff do it. Then for the sake of our constitution’s integrity, please be prepared to support any challenge to Obama’s citizenship when his constitutional qualification and “approval to serve” process starts pursuant to the original constitution article II, and the 12th, 14th, and 20th amendments to the U.S. Constitution, in regards to the Electoral College and also in Congress. As a Congressman you are sworn to uphold and defend the Constitution. You should not vote to approve Obama to serve until he has supplied certified copies of the original long form documents and that those documents prove beyond any doubt that he was naturally born in Hawaii and not Kenya as his paternal grandmother in Kenya states. Please require Obama to produce a certified vault copy of his birth records now, for all to examine as to what they say and don’t say and what witnesses to the birth are stated therein, or do not vote to qualify him. I he will not produce the proof now, ask him to withdraw from his President Elect status and allow the Electoral College to select another qualified person for President as provided for under the 20th amendment to our constitution. Carefully read section 3 of the 20th amendment in particular as to what happens if the President Elect “fails to qualify” in the Electoral College or Congress. This is a Constitutional crisis in the making that Obama has chosen to obfuscate on and delay on and hide behind lawyers and not speak publicly about or personally answer the question directly, since no one in the Press or Congress has asked him to date. John McCain pre-cleared all his issues for his citizenship with the U.S. Senate prior to his running against Bush in 2000. Obama did not. Now that the question is being asked, and since a lawsuit asking the question has been in process since before the DNC convention, it would be a simple matter for Obama produce a vault copy of his birth records, but he did not then and has not up until now. He has only produced a short form computer generated Certification of Live Birth (COLB), for which anyone in Hawaii in 1961 could have registered even with no supporting witnesses, whether the child was natural born or not, as the above links explain. Thus Obama’s mother or maternal grandmother in 1961 could have fraudulently declared via affidavit that Obama was born in Hawaii with no witness, when in fact he was not, simply in an attempt to get citizenship in the sate of Hawaii. That was permitted in Hawaii in 1961 even if there were no third party witnesses to the birth such as a doctor or mid-wife or nurse or EMS personnel, etc. This birth would have been the under aged mother’s first birth and as with most first births would not have been easy. All this, plus the paternal grandmother in Kenya saying Obama was born there while the mother was visiting the father in her 9th month of pregnancy, is why this needs to be cleared up. Please publicly hold a press conference and call on Obama to produce the required long form documents now! Our country and the Constitution demands this be resolved sooner rather than later! Sincerely, Charles F. Kerchner, Jr.