Fayth E.

Young Overcast -chapter 8
She swerved into an empty space and stepped out into the cold rain. I watched as black lacey umbrella pop open and float to my side of the door. I stepped out under the umbrella beside Alice,I had to hold it so I could stand errect. "I'm so glad you didn't inherit your mother's fashion sense. Your so gorgeous I would drop into a pile of ashes if you didn't accompany that beauty with fashion." She sniffed seriously and I smiled. I loved my family if I must leave I couldn't not visit them or maybe I could only stand so much and I would have to come back...Maybe Jake was right about me not being able to leave them. I could see how he was right now. "Nessie, what are you going to do for your birthday? You must do something extravagant.Oh, we'll need you the perfect outfit..."She mused. I chuckled lightly."Alice, we have almost a month to plan it and I was actually hoping you would plan it.Which means it would take a maximum of two days to plan. It doesn't need to be big or anything though." She shrugged as we walked into the big enterance of the mall. She threw away the umbrella without a second glance,like it was a napkin or such. "It never hurts to plan ahead,Nessie. You never know when complications might come along and destroy it all." I raised my eyebrow. "Except for you right?"I asked grinning.She shrugged again and grinned back."Maybe" she retorted. Once inside the main part of the mall we removed our coats and draped it over our handbags. It had always flattered me that people stared at our family and thought we we're so marvelous. I watched out of the corner of my eye as a younger teenage boys nearly walked into one of the pillars while he was staring,his mouth agape.I managed to muffle a giggle.

Alice pulled me into the nearest designer shop in the big mall, in about ten minutes she had a mountain of clothing in her arms. I just sauntered around looking at things,this was to formal for my particular style. I rocked on my heels as she checked out. It was always funny to watch the clerks gape at the price then already stunned pull out a shiny silver card and hand it to them without a care or fret. When she was done Alice turned on me. "Buy something,we didn't drive all this way for nothing."She hissed. "Oh please," I mummered,"You just like driving your car."I smiled. After that I bought a couple of pointless things. We made our way down the stores buying whatever appealed to us in the least.Watching the same expression over and over on the clerks face.It would never get old. I was begining to become hungry . "Alice," I whined,"Can we at least take a break so I can eat?" She frowned but led the way ,unwillingly, to the food court. It was small and rinky dink with not much variety but vending machines a snack shack. I settled with a greasy pretzel and we found a place and sat down. As I picked at it I tried to make petty conversation. "How much shopping are you planning to do?" I asked quietly. "We've only covered the first floor ,Nessie. So much more."She said keenly. I frowned and knocked the excess salt off the pretzel. We sat in silence until I finished with my disgrace they called food. I looked up to find her staring at me intensely. "What,Alice?" I asked absentmindedly. "I-...Do you and Jacob ever plan to get married?" She asked to fast for human ears.I grimaced and looked down,I slowly composed my features. "You're just looking for a excuse to plan another party aren't you?" I joked. "I'm serious.Really.Do you plan on it?" She asked.I sighed and frowned, not even bothering to cover up my uncomfort on this topic of converstation. "We're not even really together yet,Alice. What's the point of trying to be if I'll just have to leave him later on. So we can hurt more? Don't think so." "That is true, but, Nessie, I may not see the future when it's you and him but I

can't imagine you two seperated from eachother.You're a package." Unexcusable and unexplainable anger pulsed through me. "It doesn't even matter."I snapped throwing my paper into a trashbin about ten yards away and making a big thud.I stood up quickly snatching up my bags and purse."Lets go shop for some dang stuff,"I growled. We walked up to a fancy shop with dresses, I liked to look at them. They seemed so unique in their own little way,like me.Alice noted my mood change and said,"Ah, the glories that fashion can do on a person." I turned to smile at her then froze.Fashion wasn't something that normally caught me off guard but this dress was absoultely gorgeous. Could vampires...imprint...on apperal? Seemed that way right now anyhow. It was strapless and deep turquiose with a black rose running up the side. I felt my head tilt as something clicked.I knew this dress. Edward had shown it to me once...We were flipping through pictures of my..."breed" and I had seen it in there somewhere.How queer... The lady who had worn it in the painting had it handed down to her.Well, perhaps not in the technical sense of the word.She had felt like...she simply could not resist this dress. Though every single person that had owned it had great stregnth and ability.So why was I attracted to it? I sure didn't have anything truley amazing about me. "Alice, I want that dress." I hissed at her. "It is very amazing.It must be designer since it's in a case..." She mused on. She pulled me over to where a tall woman clerk was folding fancy overpriced hoiseries into small fancy bags. "Excuse me ma'am, we would like to try on that dress in the case if you don't mind helping us out."Alice said politely,her eyes warm honey. She looked up and gaped at Alice then blinked rapidly and hesitant. "I'm not supposed to unlock it unless I ha-" She was cut off by Alice. "It's not out of our price range,"She snapped then thrusted a fifty at the lady. The lady nodded professionaly and strode to the case and pulled out the dress and handed it to me carefully.

"It look's your size. It's old though so who knows."She said chomping gum, "I'll have to stand outside of your dressing room though.Policy,ya' know." Alice huffed impatiently and shoved me into the nearest dressing room. I put the dress on slowly and carefully and zipped it up. I heard Alice gasp then giggle before I even had a chance to look in the mirror. When I did my first enitial reaction was shock. It was gorgeous. Then came the adoration.It went well with my pale skin and even better when it flushed red.It was barely to my fingertips, showing off my long legs that looked longer with stilletoes on ,the silk clung to my curves and showed off my bust.My dark chesnut hair had grown just a little past my shoulders in a wavy river. "We're getting that.No arguing." Alice said when I returned back outside with her and the clerk. The clerk looked dumbfounded at Alice's words.She stared at her with incredilous eyes full of shock. "Do you not care about the price?" She asked appalled. Alice shrugged and flashed her the shiny credit card."Now are you going to help me check out or am I going to have to do it myself? She asked and the clerked hurried behind the big cash reigster. After that we just bought some random accesories and such until my father called to see if we were ready to go.We raced home with our days loot,very pleased at what me managed to scavange. When we got home I sat in the cottage alone.It was getting dark and I hadn't talked to Jacob since early this morning and he always called me when he would be out late. I hadn't believed him one bit when he said it was "wolf stuff." Soon minutes turned into hours at it was nearing eleven-PM.I contemplaited for about three seconds then flipped open my phone,dialed his number and pressed 'send'. He answered after only two rings. "Nessie,Is something wrong?"He asked gruffly,he sounded wore out. "Jacob!" I said relieved,"Nothings wrong,where are you at?" "I'm still on the rez with Billy.Where are you at?" "Cottage,there's nothing to do.I miss you,you've been gone all day." I whined

pointlessly.I could hear how much this pleased him with his reply. "I bet you have no idea how much I've missed you."I wasn't going all mushy tonight so I changed the subject. "When are you coming home?" I asked in a whiny tone. "All I can tell you is before day break,Ness.No promises." I grimaced."You're not telling me something, Jacob." "Well,you don't tell me a lot of things,Renesmee."He snapped. It was odd of him to use my real name and a bad tone with me. "Like what?" I snapped back confused. "For one the whole secretive thing with Jasper." "Jacob Black, I would tell you if I could."My tone was flat and emotionless. "Whatever,Nessie. I guess it doesn't matter, like always.See you later." There was no sound on the other end of the signal except static. "Love you." I mummbled to the person that wasn't there. My fingers trembled and my eyes pricked and the lump rose in my throat threating to break me down into a helpless sob attack.I flipped the phone shut and hurled it at the door. Before it clattered and shattered against the wall and pale hand flickered up and caught it. "Problem,love?" Edward asked his eyes full of concern. "Nope," I replied in a clipped tone."Going to bed,love you." I stalked into my room and kicked my heels off and layed on my bed,ontop of the covers still fully clothed.Tears streamed down my face as I ventured into the most desired at this point sleep.*********

I had only been asleep for about an hour when I heard something outside. "Nessie!" A farmilar husky voice called,"Open the window or I'm breaking it."It threatend.I layed there unsure of what I wanted to do. "I'm serious,Ness." he said,"Okay fine...five...four....three..." I flitted to the window and shoved it open then stepped aside.He climbed in

and I glared at him.Not sure wether I wanted to smack or bear hug him. He smirked and I growled quietly back at him. "Aw, c'mon don't be like that. There's no point,sweetie."He said quietly and I glowered at the petty sweet nickname. He wrapped his arm around my waist and dragged me back onto the bed to lay beside him. "I didn't mean to be rude to you.I swear.I'm so,so,so sorry."He said. I hadn't realised I was crying until he brushed his hand across my face to wipe away the escapin tears from my cheeks. "New record,"He mummbled,"Made you cry twice in two days.Great." I didn't want him to see me sad, he was already suffering more then me. I turned over and snuggled into his broad warm chest. "I needed to talk to Jasper because I realised something that could help us." "Help us with what?" He asked calmly stroking my hair. "Battles.Well,when and if they come anyways." I explained slowly. "How?" He pressed "That... I can't tell you." I mummbled. "Oh," he hesitated for a minute,"if it involves you in danger it's out.Got it?" I shrugged "I don't even have to be within a five meter distance of them." "Good." He replied and kissed the top of my forehead.I usally rejected this kind of contact but there was really no point to anymore,I'd given up. It was silent for a long moment before he spoke again. "Want to know what I was doing down at La Push?"He asked I shrugged again."You don't have to tell me if you don't want to, Jake." "I was talking to Sam about leaving."He mummered into my hair. "What'd he say?" I wondered already half asleep again. "It would be difficult,once your alpha you can't just abandon your pack and all of your duties.I'd be running all the time,but he also said...." "He also said..." I pressed after a minute of silence. "There's a way me and you could be together and be closer to here..." "How?" I asked anxious now.

"We could get married.That way you'd be mine ,only mine." He couldn't hide the longing in his voice,which was worse. I already wanted to so bad though I shouldn't and I loved making him happy and I could see how happy we would be...not could but would be.But for crying out loud we'd kissed twice.But then again I wanted it so bad...to bad.I listened for any sign of my parents approaching then asked quietly,"when?" "It'd have to be sometime between October and December.You're leacing pretty much right after Christmas is what Edward said."He shrugged. I took a deep breath,I needed to think logically but couldn't so it jsut burst through my lips before I had a second thought. "Okay."I said barely audible but in a positive sure tone. "Seriously? You're serious?"He asked stunned. "I'm serious but are you?" I teased but he didn't reply. He grabbed my face almost roughly and pulled it up to his and kissed me intently.There was no need for me to pull away.What I'd been trying to put off was already going to happen.He was the one that had to pull away for air.He was beaming head to toe. "Just don't think about it around Edward yet." I laughed breathlessly. "I love you."He replied,still smiling. "Always and forever." I vowed

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