How did It Begin?

How did it begin for me to understand about issues relating to the new world order and other related issues? I guess individuals would want the answer to that critical question. It was a long journey for me to comprehend a lot of the truth. It’s great to see a new century, a new year, a new decade, and a new era in time in general. Well, it started a long time ago. When I was growing up, I have always had a sharp intellect. I would read literature and watch various television shows including presentations to get a feel of the world. Life is filled with lessons and it’s important to keep my mind level headed regardless of the pain that came may way. I have a strong will and won’t let circumstances reduce my

personal strength. Witnessing debates in my home and other locations enabled me to develop my critical thinking skills as well. I was gifted. Virginia is certainly an interesting place with a mixture of rural and urban surroundings. I live in an urban area, so as time continued forth, I have an urban mentality on certain aspects of my life. I’m not ashamed of where I’m from or what I am. I am what I am. When I was a child, I remember in the late 1980’s looking at PBS shows like Contact. In the late 1980’s, I was in Kindergarten. During the late 1980’s, I’ve even looked at Night Court. I remember looking at Ghostwriter, Where in the World is Carmen Sandeigo, and even TGIF on ABC back in the early 1990’s. If you were from my generation, you would have keen awareness of some of these shows. It was a Golden era for my life. Even in the late 1980’s when I was in Kindergarten, I remember hanging out with friends, playing in the heat for hours, and having a joyful times. Presently, I throw all of those childish acts away and it’s time to think plus act like a man. Life was more colorful and less simplistic in those days. I will mention that back in the late 1980’s and the 1990’s, society was less politically correct in many ways. Back in those things, you can say certain things that now extremists might call you a terrorist for. It was a vibrant time back in those days. I remember the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, the California Earthquake back in 1994, and walking to various locations in the hot sun. I was in Kindergarten way back in the fall of 1988. Now, there are kids born in the 1990‘s who are beginning to be 19 and 20 years old. Today, I don’t

scapegoat anyone or play the blame game. I legitimately expose evil, but you can’t display any form of bigotry and claim to be authentically real. I’m accountable for my own actions, but we have every right to rebuke nefarious evils in any place in order to create the necessary reformations in our world.
These were the times when I was in elementary school. I came into Middle School in late 1994. In school, I had great grades consistently. I’ve developed my mind even in the 1990’s to learn about historical figures, other languages, a myriad of cultures, other religions, and theology. I never had a formal religious belief system until the mid-1990’s when I became a Christian. Back in those days before 1995, I never been inside of a church unless it was a funeral or a special occasion. I questioned religion and went into studying various religions until I became a Christian. That’s probably why I outline a skeptic tone toward the apostate religious establishment (with puppets like Rick Warren, Billy Graham, Jesse Duplantis, Creflo Dollar, etc.) in the USA plus all over the Earth. I do subscribe wholehearted to the tenets of the freedom of religion and the as basic human values. In studying subjects relating to religious matters, I picked up on information outlining the new world order. Back in early 1997, I heard of John Hagee (though he embraces Ecumenicalism and other heresies today) talking about the new world order, the Great Seal, and

freedom of conscience

the Illuminati. The Great Seal has tons of esoteric symbolism from the capstone less Pyramid to the All Seeing Eye of Horus. John Hagee believes in the false doctrine of dual covenant theology or that Jewish people don’t need to embrace Jesus Christ to be saved. John Hagee is more of a neo con than in previous years. He exposed Bill Clinton in legitimate ways, but genuflect George W. Bush’s policies. He even called for a military strike in Iran, which will undoubtedly create chaos in the Middle East. I reject an invasion of Iran completely for a myriad of reasons. That Illuminati-related information intrigued me, so I began the journey to investigate more about the new world order. John Hagee years ago, legitimately exposed the heresies of Romanism, the Inquisition, the Vatican link to WWII (including Hitler plus the


the Vatican’s history of anti-Semitism & Jewish

etc. He did a great job in doing that to his credit. Later, the media and the religious establishment elite criticized him so harshly (for exposing the Vatican. Remember that exposing the Vatican & the Jesuits‘ real history publicly is taboo even in 2010), that Hagee was forced to be an Ecumenical compromiser today. It’s a shame that he fell into compromise so badly. I want to make this known. I will never compromise my religious creed. I will always expose the Vatican plus any other apostate or heretical religious ideology. The new world order deals with the idea that an unified world religiously, politically, and economically is the only way to develop tranquility. I of course don’t agree with that since the concept of the nationstate is certainly a viable option in solving complications nationally including internationally. In the late 1990’s, I begin to understand more about religion and Christianity. This was a time when a bunch of wild events were transpiring from Columbine to Olympic bombing in Atlanta, Georgia. These occurrences shifted a great deal of American culture. In the late 1990’s, politics entered my way. In those days, I was politically neutral.


This is Yitzhak Rabin and Yassir Arafat shaking hands before Rabin was assassinated. He was murdered, because some believed that Rabin was giving away too many concessions to the Palestinians. Yet, the Palestinians and the Israelis have the right to live in the Middle Eastern region with tranquility and fundamental equality.

Even during the 1990’s, America was less polarizing than it is today. Back then, you could communicate with people most of the time about politics without being too emotional or even personal. Most of my family were Democrats back then though and most of them are Democrats today ironically. Now, I realize that both the Republicans and the Democrats are very alike (since the leadership of both parties support the war on terror, the Patriot Act, free trade deals, the banker bailouts, NSA warrantless wiretapping, and other policies). Each of those parties are funded by corporate banking interests. It‘s like these groups manipulate the populace in a “political football,” while token measures are implemented to calm the masses. Radical solutions are rejected by the establishment since the establishment knows full well that the destruction of this evil system (along with the rebuilding of a better system) is one key solution in giving true equity among the people. Presently, I’m politically independent. Bill Clinton was experiencing the Monica Lewinsky scandal during that time in 1998-1999. I was in the 10th grade during that time span. Later, I’ve looked at shows and I’ve witnessed Charlton Heston via a documentary talking about the 2nd Amendment. Heston is famous for the movies he done. He also believed in individual liberty, civil rights, he promoted environmental care, he rejected man-made global warming, and he opposed the evil of abortion. From that moment onward, my views are set in stone. This caused me to be pro-

life and pro-Second Amendment 100% in 1999. A history teacher back in 1999 during high school asked our class to raise our hands if we were Pro-Life and ½ of the class raise their hands to confirm that they were Pro-Life. I rose my hand. Abortion certainly has a far more sinister agenda than some realize. That agenda isn’t just about murdering unborn babies, but their body parts are sold for money. Abortion on demand restricts a nation from developing its culture in its full potential. I’ve started to look at the Internet around 1999 and 2000 to see websites pertaining to these subjects. It’s funny since I first used the Internet back in 1994. The Internet wasn’t popular back then until 1996 when the Olympics came about. The Internet was actually invented by the CIA in the late 1960’s via the Pentagon’s DARPA program. The Internet like we see it today existed in 1992. I first heard about Freemasonry in high school in about 1998. What was strange was that a Masonic Lodge was across the street from the high school I was in. Now, across the street from the Lodge was a church called Talbot Baptist Church in Granby Street (in Norfolk, VA). So, in my opinion, the Lodge influenced the church and the high school I came into (which of course was Granby High School). I guess some people already know the place. Some people might even known who I am possibly. I also found out that some students in the art class drawn the Masonic square and compass on their portfolios. So, I investigated Freemasonry (by looking in encyclopedias, etc.) until 1999 when I found out that Masonry wasn’t Christian or biblical. I realize that Masons use deception on its lower levels members (as admitted by high level Freemasons like Albert Pike), they praise false gods, and they promote the new order of the ages (or the new world order). Freemasonry embrace the Mysteries even found in the Kabbalah. I found tons of facts on Freemasonry from as well. Shriners (a group that you must be a Mason to join) have been caught in sex scandals for years. Shriners swear an oath to Allah and Muhammad, which is anti-Christian. I found plenty of sources backing up my views on Masonry as well since 1999. There are 33 degrees in the Scottish Rite, but over 33 in some European Lodges though. The Hardtruth website by Robert Howard caught my eye (in the year 2000) since to me it was the best site in that time that dealt with exposing the global elite. The site is preserved to this day. Its words, fonts, and the way Robert Howard depicted his information certainly inspired me to create my own information. That site inspired to me to carry forward with my beliefs and to not be ashamed of what I believe in. What woke me up ultimately was a gradual groups of events in my life. I was always taught to think for myself and be independent, so I independently researched life’s mysteries so to speak. That is one of the reasons in my opinion why I was born in this Earth. The year 2000 was when the Supreme Court allowed George W. Bush to become the President of the United States (after months of debate). The election of 2000 was contentious and even when George W. Bush was Inaugurated, protests occurred in Washington, D.C. Folks were angry and the polarization of America reached into new heights. I didn’t vote in 2000 since I wasn’t old enough to vote. What did I thought about

Bush back then? Back then, I was neutral to see what George W. Bush would do. Later, I knew more about his agenda by September of 2001.

In 2001, I’ve looked at a lot of literature from Tracy’s’s webpage. After viewing its literature, I was more than convinced to disagree with false religions (like the Jehovah witness, Islam, Romanism, the New Age Movement, etc.). Especially, the information exposing the false doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church interested me in 2001. Tracy wrote that the Jesuits committed wicked deeds and Romanism had errors (like calling a man Holy Father, believing in forcing priests not to marry against their will, and using devotion to idols or statues. These things aren‘t even remotely outlined in the Holy Scriptures). I even emailed her on an issue before. She is a nice woman. I read Jack Chick’s works in 2001 as well. September 11th came and it inspired me even further to fight for the truth. I was 17 when the event occur. I would 18 later on in 2001 though. Within 2 weeks after the attacks, I realized that 9/11 was an inside job (along with knowing about the esoteric links to the attacks). In the weeks after 9/11, folks were in a almost daze like atmosphere where anger and paranoia existed in the streets. In other words, people walked around the streets in a shocked daze for weeks after 9/11. Some mosques in America were harmed and I don’t agree with those evil actions at all. The official story of 9/11 have been questioned even by members of the CFRinfiltrated 9/11 Commission. There is no evidence that Osama bin Laden personally crashed planes into the Twin Towers. Al-Qaeda can’t stand down NORAD, explode buildings, use war games, trained terrorists in government facilities, warn officials of an attack, etc. Also, no plane crashed into Building Number Seven.

The building was a block away from the Twin Towers, but it crashed into the ground in a symmetrical fashion in the afternoon of 9/11. That is why scientists and physicists believe that high powered explosives like thermate caused the Twin Towers to fall down into the ground. Buildings just don’t fall by themselves, especially skyscrapers. The Madrid Building in Spain was burning for hours with its steel skeleton intact. Firemen in NYC said that they heard explosives going off in the Twin Tower buildings. The government shipped the remains of the Trade Towers into China and India. There were no real investigations of these objects. These unanswered questions and evidence of an inside job (It’s a conspiracy anyway since more than one person carried out the attacks of 9/11) have created the 9/11 Truth Movement. The 9/11 Truth Movement is strong and it’s still with us to this very day.

The 21st century in America made violations to our rights more apparent than the 1990’s with the Patriot Act, warrantless checkpoints, forced blood testing among some cops in various locations, militarized local police officers countrywide, fusion centers spying American citizens illegally, DHS documents comparing innocent patriotic citizens to terrorists, locking up people peacefully preaching in the street, police brutality, taser attacks

against innocent human beings, and FEMA Camps secretly being built nationwide. People have expressed strong reservations about these realities especially about the evils of water boarding and the X-Ray unzipping DNA machines being constructed in airports nationwide. There are militarized VIPER teams in cities that violate our rights additionally. Biochips inside of children have been popularized by the government and some corporations.
It’s a slick & sick police state that some elitists want. In late 2001, Fritz Springmeier’s work caught my eye. This developed my understanding about the Illuminati greatly. accurately pointed out that the Bush Family is related to the Merovingian bloodline, that the government in America was caught using mind control, select bloodlines have inordinate influence in the world stage, and the new world order deals with the idea of creating an Utopia. 2001 was a life changing moment in my life in tons of ways. Fritz Springmeier’s writing style (and the way he uses his words together) is a great influence on me as well just like Robert Howard. I’ve started to evaluate my life more and I became more able to learn new facts faster. In that time of late 2001 also, I first heard of Eric Jon Phelps. I read his famous interview with Rick Martin. It was an eye opener. Some of the words that Eric Jon Phelps said like the Vatican link to some Nazis including the Ustashis, some of the vaccines having poisons in them, Bill Clinton being a Jesuit Georgetown supporter, the Receptus Textus contribution to the preservation of the Scriptures, Malcolm X exposing the truth that the KKK and the NOI have the same paymasters, JFK rejecting the union of church and state, the Jesuit’s antiliberty agenda, the Freemasons and Jesuits working together in history (one example is how Jesuit Edmund Walsh working with Freemason Douglas MacArthur), etc. have been confirmed each and every time (as the years pass by). I heard about the Vatican links to the Vietnam War as early as 2000. I don’t agree with Eric’s views on racial issues (as I believe that all humans are born equal and have the same God-given rights. People have a right to live in where they want. You have a right to marry who you want irrespective of their race. Love is Love. I will mention though that I will always love black women. I will always cherish and respect sisters. Black women always gave me encouragement, advice, having legitimate discussions about subjects, and inspiration when I was going through the good times and the bad times in my life. Their kindness, inner warmth, and potent strength always motivates & inspires all people to be better people. They have a special place in my heart and I will always defend black women. I will respect all women too. All true believers in God are all God’s children), but he was at least man enough to bring this vital Vatican connection to the new world order into the forefront. Without him, a lot of people would be kept in the dark about these things.

Fritz Springmeier

For years, I knew that America has a secret history that much of the public didn’t know about. The first time I even heard about Sir Francis Bacon desiring to use America as apart of a New Atlantis plan was in late 2001 via Cutting Edge Ministries (That’s a ministry that has shown the truth on many levels). I read . having Masonic architecture and Freemason David about Ovason’s opinion that D.C. was constructed based on the movements of the stars. Ovason’s book believing in that view was approved by Masons, so it isn’t biased at all. I’ve discovered that Sirius is embraced in Masonry. Sirius is the Dog Star and it was in the sky prominently during the late Summer among the Northern Hemisphere. This was during the time of great flooding occurring in ancient Egypt. Ovason wrote about the Pythagorean Y pattern in the Tiber River of Washington D.C. as well. What’s ironic and funny is that Sir Francis Bacon was the father of the scientific method, but he followed the occult (which is not scientific. Bacon loved the Kabbalah and other forms of mysticism). George Washington’s plan for Washington was to be in the mode of 10 square miles in a square pattern to outline completion. In the near future, I will show more information about America’s secret past. So, that will occur. Liberty to the Captives Ministries is about a great ministry that reminds us not only to repent to God, but have discernment about the issues in this world. I wrote literature

Washington D.C

about Freemasonry and the Illuminati in 2002. When you get down to it, the leaders of the Bohemian Grove, the Freemasons, the OTO, the Vatican/Jesuit network, and other like groups are filled with occult influences.

Sarah Palin (whom some want to be the Republican nominee in 2012. She recently spoke in a Tea Party Convention in early February 2010 in Nashville, Tennessee. More facts definitely prove that Palin have been turned out so to speak into being a critical puppet by the neo cons), Barack Obama, and George W. Bush aren’t graduates from the University of Texas. The horned sign has many meanings from love to support of the occult. For thousands of years, this sign relates to the pagan Mysteries. Evil is common among political figures. Greg Palast wrote a book entitled “The Best Democracy Money can Buy.” In the book, it proved that vote fraud occurred during the 2000

election. He wrote that about 58,000 black Americans were denied the right to vote in Florida on the basis that they were “felons.” This was shown later to be a lie. Vote fraud occurred in the 1960 election and in decades since. So, I’m oppose to all forms of corruption worldwide. Barack Obama, George W. Bush, and Sarah Pain are all 3 people who are controversial figures in the political world. Some individuals either agree with them or don’t agree with them.

In 2003 was a breakout year for me. 2003 was the first time, I’ve shown my literature to the public. I’ve finished the Skulls and Bones expose back in 2003 and another work on the history of Freemasonry. The Iraq War started up in 2003. I was 19 going on into 20 in that year. I’ve developed my Blog in 2005. I’ve meet new people and been on Forums for many years now. Reading a lot of books, listening to speeches, and looking at many videos in the 21st century certainly have given me a wide range of insight that I wouldn’t of gotten if I was brainwashed by the wiles of the world. In the streets, I’ve meet real people of all different kinds of races and backgrounds. I appreciate them all. I’m a competitive person, so I want to be the best that I can be. I want to succeed and I want to inspire others to succeed in life as well. Our health is important to protect. In the past few years, I’ve increasingly understood the danger of substances like aluminum, fluoride, aspartame, and genetically modified foods. The EPA regularly supports the fluoridation of our water supply when fluoride can harm our brain function, our bone structure, and our immune system. The government has been caught on many times testing poisons on the civilian population and trafficking illegal drugs into America (via the CIA). The late Gary Webb, ex-Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, and other researchers have proven this point. When did I knew about Greek Fraternities and the Boule? For years, I thought that fraternities were conduits to the elite, but they were just benign organizations. Later, in the 21st century, I found that GLOs use false Greek gods and goddesses as their role models, they enact strange rituals, and they swear oaths (like in Freemasonry when God said don’t swear oaths at all). I first vaguely learned about the Boule in December 2005 when I found that WEB DuBois was allied in the Boule. I didn’t do that much research into it until 2007. About 2008, tons of people in the alternative media began to pick up on it. The Boule is a fraternity entity that tries to infiltrate the African American community. The good news is that many black Americans (and people of many backgrounds) are exposing the Boule for its links with the corporate elite (like Boule member and Trilateralist Vernon Jordan helped Bill Clinton to visit a Bilderberg meeting), its many evil deeds, and its nefarious history.

Barack Obama and his campaign that was something that I’ve never seen before. Tons of people supported him and it was inevitable that he would win the election against John McCain (because most people conceived of John McCain following similar policies as Bush, which is accurate on many levels). Although, many individuals didn’t realize that Barack Obama is carrying forth the same agenda of George W. Bush in promoting illegal military strikes in Pakistan, the warrant less wiretapping, the promotion of the United Nations (oh Yes, the U.N. was found by corporate money in Rockefeller owned land controlled by the G-8 not the Group of 77), and the entrenched corporate lobbyists (plus Wall Street bankers, who are some of the people who created the economic recession that we witness today) in the Obama administration. In 2008, there were tons of peer pressure among those around me to vote for him. I had to follow my conscience and I voted for a Third Party person. Individuals need to

beware what type of CHANGE THEY GET. The mainstream media is more into the left/right paradigm now with puppets like Bill O’Reilly, Glen Beck (he hypocritically acts like he‘s for the common man, but the Mormon Glen Beck is receiving a paycheck from Knight of St. Gregory Rupert Murdoch. Murdoch is the biggest media kingpin on Earth), Rachel Maddow, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Keith Olbermann (he claims to be for the regular people, but he receives a paycheck from GE, which is a military industrial complex war instrument. He‘s notorious for lying about pro-life citizens in America, while praising Hern. Hern is the man who compared humans to eco-tumors), and others. They have their allegiance to a specific ideology or political party and omit promoting real solutions to our problems. It’s about theater, disrespecting people with whom you disagree with, and political agitation. Therefore, I am my own man when it comes to find the real truth on various issues. There has been political shake up like the election of Scott Brown to the Senate in the state of Massachusetts. I always hope that America will improve itself, but I don’t want a sheeple filled mentality in the United States. We should discern our problems and make various corrections in our lives. Some believe that this is a result of an Independent movement of people to fix up the chronic complications in America. When I further research this man, he appears to be more of the same in this Republican/Democratic bread & circus theater. They have been heavily infiltrated by the CFR since 1921 including other high level groups (like high level Freemasonry, the Knights of Malta & Vatican related groups, the Bilderbergers, the Pilgrim Society, etc.). There are plenty of proofs for this. Scott Brown is apart of the Lions Club, he supports abortion, he agrees with the war on terror Crusade (killing Sunni and Shia Muslims), he believes in the torture technique of water boarding (now this act is called by neo conservatives as “enhanced interrogation,” which hasn’t efficiently stopped terrorism), and promotes the imperfect health care system in Massachusetts. He believes in creating a national ID card system to handle illegal immigration when immigration has been a blessing in American society. National ID cards violate liberties of citizens as well. A lot of the Tea Party crowd became deceived by Brown. He claims to supports the Second Amendment, but still want restrictions of gun rights against innocent, law abiding citizens. Scott defeated Coakley and Coakley has problems promoting liberties as well. Scott Brown wouldn’t radically endorse economic populism like taking on some of the lackadaisical policies of Wall Street. Real economic populist solutions include a promotion of production of infrastructure, having legitimate services given directly onto the people as apart of the General Welfare [This is apart of the JudeoChristian concept of compassion for the poor], and getting rid of the harmful derivatives. It were people like George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, John F. Kennedy, William McKinley, and others that all have supported such

policies that benefited the American society economically, which the Austrian Economic proponents omit in typical fashion. Economic populism is necessary to improve our economic vitality in the world. The major problem with the Austrian school of economics is that it believes that submitting to a major metal like gold and letting the economy near crash via doing nothing (along with promoting deflation that reduces the money supply and increases the risk of a big recession just like hyperinflation does) is a feasible option in solving our problems. You don’t endorse a policy of doing nothing to try to alleviate the negative effects of a recession. You do something actively in desiring to lower unemployment, to increase Real & Potential GDP, and enhance our consumer price index. These indicators and a myriad of others denote the essence of true economic growth. Some of what this system promotes are true like the concept that private property is important to preserve, and that there should be no coercion in education. The Austrian crowd is right that the IRS is a collection agency for the mega banks having legitimate complications, and that the 2nd Amendment is an individual right. Yet, this system isn’t perfect (as some of their proponents use the Austrian School in a veiled way in order to scapegoat the poor for the crimes of the rich). They believe in a mystical and mythical invisible “free market” hand alone is needed to make tranquility when the international bankers have exploited the markets for centuries in the world. Now, according to the author David Peter, he said that the Hayek international credo is based on limited sovereignty or trying to eliminate the concept of the independent nation state. See, Hayek wrote that he desired nations to be merged economically into one single federation to be apart of a supranational authority that’s powerful. This is key new world order promotion & near global government promotion 101. Hayek is the godfather of the Austrian economic system. This is from his own words as found in his “The Road to Serfdom” book. Now, you know why in this year of 2010 I woke up about the economic deception. Hayek‘s desire to attack the nation state and wanting a world federation is against true economic, religious, and political liberties completely. Notice how Austrian economic supporters would never refute this since it ends their paradigm. The super rich elite (via Foundations, the CFR, some in Wall Street, etc.) keep the poor and the middle class fighting each other on issues, so real independent solutions aren’t enacted to develop into true economic reform. It’s as simple as that. Today, the private non-governmental entity called the Federal Reserve issue currency, loan it to the banks at interest, and in turn, the banks speculate. This is certainly wrong and unconstitutional since the Constitution says that Congress should issue and regulate our currency as found in Article I, Section 8. When a corrupt, privatized economic entity that issues currency can BYPASS Congressional appropriations, Executive signing, and Treasury issuance of credit, this can lead intto Weimar Germany & Hitler possibly. In a further extension of thinking, private banking cartels have harmed our nation for centuries. They fund the Left/Right paradigm

and these banking cartels control much of our government today (You can just follow the money to witness that truth). These big Wall Street-influenced banks even as Carroll Quigley admitted want to centralize wealth unto their own hands in an oligarchy. Ever since especially late 2009 and early 2010, I’ve had a revolutionary new thinking on economic issues. Sometimes a man will have to re-evaluate his thinking on certain subjects, but my core convictions are still the same (of believing in one God, accepting individual liberty, being pro-life, respecting the 2nd Amendment, loving national sovereignty, rejecting population control, disagreeing with forced vaccinations, and agreeing with political & religious liberties). A lot of the new information that came towards me opened my eyes to disagree with the extremes of Austrian Economics (which in essence is a slick form of cartel-capitalism) and Communism. So, I do believe in free enterprise and limitations on governmental power. Yet, I also believe in compassion towards the poor and legitimate regulations on the actions of corporations & businesses too (as cited in the Constitution). The government was created to be for the people and controlled by the people, not by a select group of corporate, pro-oligarchy interests at all. Business and the government can’t do what they want whenever they conceivably desire.

Today, I issue a lot of my work on is a great place to show the truth in unique ways. I can create information on that I can’t do on other sites. What is my favorite work on here? I believe it’s the “History of Freemasonry” article. The reason is that I’ve expressed everything that I wanted to outline in detailing the history of Freemasonry including my dissent of Freemasonry. Also, I redeemed myself in creating a better history of it than back in 2003. The words crystallize the concepts about religions, people, history, various ideologies, and other Secret Societies spanning back thousands of years. That work on Freemasonry lists source after source to back up my claims. That is why it resonated among a lot of folks since that work was real. I also like the Secret Societies Then and Now work. I wrote this years ago and

put it up in with new editions even in 2010 about new subjects. The most popular work in Scribd is “Greek Fraternities.” I believe it’s popular since it expose a panorama of information about Fraternities, Secret Societies, Ron Paul, the Left/Right paradigm, etc. that a lot of people even in the “alternative media” refuse to expose. I like the expose on Greek Fraternities myself since for years I knew of these facts and now it was time to organize it plus present it to people. In our time and our generation, we’re not afraid anymore of writing and talking about these subjects. I like creativity and I certainly love to make my views known in the world before I die. Succinctly with sound judgment and true courage, obstacles in life will be over come. That spirit of determination will be motivation for all of us to improve the conditions on Earth.

In my life, I regret the mistakes I’ve made. Yet, I will never regret me being born, I will never regret the place I live, and I will never regret the lessons about reality that inspire me to go into even higher heights in my life. The future will be uncertain in many levels, but what’s certain is that I will continue to have my core convictions. I will create my information and communicate my words until I’m dead. Tons of individuals are still waking up. That is why at least thousands of human beings (which included Tea Party people and those from across the political spectrum. Some sources say thousands came and others believe that as high as about 2 million people came in D.C.) recently protest the evil policies of the government (like cap and trade, the banker bailout, the violation of our civil liberties, etc.) in Washington, D.C. days ago. People realize that the banker bailout is mostly benefiting the multinational corporations much more than the American people. One example is how the London Evening Standard reported that Goldman Sachs is given $800,000 to each staff member in record average payouts. Jobs outsourced overseas, record unemployment, war deficits, and bailouts of rich banksters are causing problems in our economy. There are millions of dollars sent to senior executives of Goldman Sachs in London as well according to Paul Craig Roberts. Some are trying to infiltrate the Tea Party movement as proven by Steve Lefemine who include people like CFR member Grover Norquist. Norquist founded the Americans for Tax reform in 1985. He’s an ally of Newt Gingrich and he helped to draft the Contract with America. He has headed the group since. Even though Norquist is a “Protestant,” he married a Palestinian Muslim named Samah Alrayyes. This is America, so he has a right to marry whatever woman he wished to, but the Scriptures says don‘t be yoked with unbelievers. Norquist have worked with Muslim organizations for years. He also has ties to the Council on National Policy. The CNP is blatantly pro-Vatican and endorse the war on terror including covert eugenics ties

according to Paul and Philip Collins. The CNP and people like Norquist (who even questions voluntary prayer in schools presently) are used to continue the left/right paradigm in order to stir Republicans and conservatives into conformity of the power elite.

This is the skyline of Downtown Richmond, VA
Not all Muslims are extremists as the media constantly portray them as. Yet, the establishment or the power elite definitely funds Muslim extremists as an excuse to permit the war on terror (which has been stirred up by the influence of Western intelligence plus governments worldwide for decades). They use the radicals as an asset in trying to built their globalized world. I’ve been thinking about Lawrence Vance and war. He’s right on war. War is unabashedly apart of destruction and have met out the worse in humanity. Wars have been involved in death, therefore I don’t agree with war mongering. There should be no war whatsoever, but we live in an imperfect world. I do believe in self defense,

Life is something else. Ups and downs are apart of it, but the realization of overcoming challenges makes life that much more fulfilling. Some of my relatives talk with a deep
but not war for the sake of an immoral cause. Southern accent and some don’t. I speak with an American accent that is a

mix of Southern and East Coast. When I get excited in laughter, I let my Southern accent show a lot. Many of my relatives live in the Richmond area (Richmond is hilly and it’s an interesting city. I‘ve been to a hospital, the state Holocaust Museum, a religious church building, homes, Richmond’s downtown, and other places in Richmond), Cape Charles, Baltimore, Southampton County, and across the nation. I’ve seen Portsmouth’s Downtown before. It has a lot of history over there with tons of museums pertaining to politics, history, and sports. It has an old school feel to it. Portsmouth is just across the Elizabeth River from Norfolk. A lot of people realize that Hampton Roads is home to tons of athletes, musicians, political leaders, etc. of numerous backgrounds. In a real personal way, I believe that Hampton Roads is a microcosm of the errors and legitimate qualities in American society. A lot of tensions in America are better or has lessen than decades ago, but we still have a long way to go in solving our economic, racial, civil liberty, etc. problems in the USA including the world. You will have look at yourself in the mirror and figure out what are you going to do to improve society in general. It’s a new era for me now since soon I will be in my late 20’s. Maturity is a must in this day and age. In the future, I will be married and have children. Now, it’s time to further develop my life and prepare for the future. In real life, I’m a very nice person. I’m especially interesting in learning about religious liberty since Christians even in Canada plus America are violated of their religious liberty rights all of the time. Religious liberty violations against other religions (not just Christianity) is even worse in other countries worldwide.

This is part of Downtown Norfolk, Virginia. Norfolk, VA is a vital part of Hampton Roads. People already know this. Although all of the places in Hampton Roads are unique and special in their own ways.
Life can be wild at times. One important thing is to never change your legitimate character. In other words, we should be the same when we are with anyone. We shouldn’t be ashamed of what God created us to be. We should always stand up for ourselves and stand up for the truth. We should stand and help people around us as well. A lot of people in today’s world hate the diversity of human personalities, but I don’t. I respect the truism that people come into different

sizes, personalities, and backgrounds. God made this happen since God loves diversity. I respect diversity, because the world with the same personalities, etc. would be bland. Unique people and spice in life can be joyful. So, a person of any race or ethnic group should never be ashamed of what they are. Let no one intimidate you, let no one crush your spirit, and stand tall in life. I was taught that by my father and my mother. I live that creed by being respectful toward others, yet showing legitimate strength as well. Now, this is a new era for me. I have tons of

literature yet revealed. I will reveal them in the future like always. 2009 is over and I can’t wait for the adventures in life that will exist for me in 2010 plus beyond. So, I will disagree with the new world order agenda, the eugenicist social engineers, and their agents. That is why people know that some things are wrong in the world and we should fight to improve our society. I will

promote civil liberties, freedom, the right to life, and solutions in order to empower human beings. I will promote the abhorrence of tyranny. Certainly, me embracing my core convictions will be a reality of mine forever. Nothing is going to change that.
By Timothy

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