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FUTURE TRENDS – MOMENTIVE "I never think of the future. It comes soon enough." A.


Momentive states that it is a really sustainable company and that it is always trying to do the best for the moment and for the future. The operational excellence, the corporate responsibility and the product sustainability make us believe that the company will continue its development in the same way that it developed until now. The Momentive company has reached its maturity point and it will try to remain in that particular spot for as long as possible and not get into the recession section of the curve. 1

Fig. 1: The business cycle of the Momentive company2

1 2

and Momentive. It is predicted that this particular industry will quadruple its potential until 2050. It is predicted that the world will go through another period of unprecedented development in the next 40 years.2: The energy demand by area The chemical industry will have a great role also in the production of energy. . There will be a huge need of change in most of the companies that activate in the chemical industry because there are going to be many challenges in the requirements from their clients. in particular. everything will evolve in the future and the chemical industry. As the graph above shows. there are going to be new economic leaders in the world and many of the things we know will change over the time.In order to make predictions about the future of the company. will also have to adapt and make the needed changes in order to provide excellent goods and services and to maintain and develop their relationships with the customers and suppliers. we will have to analyze the evolution of the industry as a whole. Fig. but it will also force the industry to excel in what it does best: technology and innovation. The chemical industry is going to have a really important role in all the new developments (as it already had in the previous revolutions). will not only affect the chemical industry as an industry itself. the energy demand will grow really much until 2030 which means that the chemical industry has a really bright future and that there will still be a need of this particular industry. in general. The enormous challenges that the climate and the vast economic and demographical development are going to bring. New industries will appear and some of the current ones will lose relevance.

the company will invest money in innovations and will be able to adapt itself and keep up with the changes that will appear. due to the challenges that the environment. “World Population Prospects.un. but it will still be on the market In the first case scenario. environments will bring. Population Division of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs of the United Nations Secretariat.There are some predictions that say that in the future. UN world population scenarios. If it manages to keep up with the changes. green: high scenario3 I think that in the future development of Momentive there are two main things that can happen:  The company adapts itself to the changing environment and innovates in order to meintaing its competitiveness  The company won’t be able to adapt to the changes and will be overcome by its competitors. Fig 3. 3 http://esa. blue line: base scenario. there will still be a huge growth in the next decades and it states once more the importance of the chemical industry (we will all need its products in order to have a better life).org/unpd/ppp/index. The 2007 Revision” . the political/economical etc. The chemical industry might get through its second revolution through the following decades. the chemical industry will be able to show its full potential and to get more concentrated on creating value and not only high profits.htm. it is supposed that there will be a transition from the manufacturing model to innovation and growth. Demographically speaking. Momentive is one of the first 50 companies in the chemical industry in the world. it will maintain its position. yellow: low scenario. the clients.

384 millions $ and in 2012 it has spent 138 millions $ in the same department. The company spends a great amount of resources on R&D: in 2011 the company spent 147. the operations are really strict and everything is really well planned (only knowing the fact that the company is one of the first 50 companies in its domain in the world. we can conclude that the processes. the amount that was spent on R&D is smaller than the one from 2011. In 2012. . but we have to admit that 2012 was a hard year. It shows a great care for innovations and new technologies. a will of maintain the current position and permanently adapt to the changes that occur in the environment. with a really accentuated financial crisis. the management and so on are really efficient).As we discussed earlier.