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Golf, as a sport

8ecognlzed as an lnLegral managemenL Lool for :-/%3' $6'7>7/1, ?-'(
<7?876'7/-, /-%;#0@7/1 and <-A-'#67/1 :3/31-073' ?@7''?, wlLh Lhe Wall SLreeL
!ournal quoung a sLaggerlng 67° of CLCs belleve lL Lo lend a helplng hand Lo
a success sLory!

lL provldes Lhe opporLunlLy Lo, lnformally, develop aurlbuLes lmperauve Lo
achlevlng success such as 80-3BA7%=, (37%,, 83'8$'3%-< 07?@ %3@7/1 and
7/<7A7<$3' 0-?6#/?7"7'7%=C

Why a simulator?
ln mosL lndlan clues, lack of space, ume and an avenue Lo Lraln are lssues
whlch are lmperauve Lo deal wlLh - an lndoor slmulaLor provldes you wlLh
[usL LhaL experlence.

1here lles no greaLer ablllLy Lhan Lo LranslaLe a real world experlence lnLo a
vlrLual dynamlc wlLh excellence and accuracy

Who doesn'L dream of playlng Colf ln Lhe comforL of Lhelr home, noL havlng
Lo walk long dlsLances ln Lhe heaL? Who doesn'L lmaglne drlvlng Lo Lhelr
clubhouse ln peak summer heaL, slpplng a chllled drlnk and en[oylng Lhe
beauLy of Lhe game - lnuCC8S!


Why our product?
AbouLColf's hardware employs proprleLary D+03@ :38,7/- A7?7#/ LhaL ls
masLerfully englneered Lo collecL repeaLable daLa, lncludlng ?,#% ?,36-, ?,#%
%=6-, "3'' ?67/ and ?,#% %03E-8%#0=.

Cur sLrucLures are consLrucLed wlLh LesLed, quallLy maLerlals deslgned Lo
wlLhsLand even Lhe besL golfer's sLrengLh and speed.

Cur soûware ranges from scenlc and worldly drlvlng ranges Lo an easy-Lo-use
and sLaLe-of-Lhe-arL user lnLerface - and everyLhlng ln beLween.

Why our product?
8egardless of Lhe slmpllclLy of lLs funcuonallLy, Lhe -00#0
F$#B-/% 7? '-?? %,3/ 3/ 7/8,, ln a 3u envlronmenL meanL
usually for Lhe ouLdoors!

We provlde #A-0 GH 8#$0?-? from dlñerenL corners of Lhe
world - each havlng been exLenslvely research and vlrLually
rebullL - for your eyes only!

What can I do with AboutGolf?
Þlay 23 dlñerenL compleLe courses
1ee oñ and pracuce your swlng on
Lhe drlvlng range!
System Applications
• Corporate Events
• Product Launching
• Golf Training Programs
• Exhibitions
• Concerns
• Parties
• Various other occasions

Competing in the
driving range
• Hit the Bull’s Eye
• Straight drives
• Longest drives
• Putting excellence

Competing on the
golf course
• Play a full round
of 9 or 18 holes!
• Closet to the pin
• Longest drive

Few Event Photos
Birthday Party at Taj Hotel, Delhi
Golf Event at Hotel Taj Westend, Bangalore
Panasonic Open 2013, at DGC, Delhi
Golf Training Camp at American Express
Corporate Office, Gurgaon
Callaway Corporate Event , Gurgaon
Corporate event at Hotel Le Meridian, New
Model School Golf Event at DGC, New
Platinum Jubilee at Doon School, Dehradun
Callaway Product Launch at Hotel Janpath,
New Delhi
Birthday Party at Liberty House, Panipat Corporate Dinner Party at IHC, New Delhi
Events in our calendar
I-0# J/<73 K6-/ - 2009-2012
L% &#A-0/#0 M$6 - 2009-2012
N07B?, K6-/ - 2010-2012
+#=#%3 M$6 - 2010-2012
O3/3?#/78 K6-/
P=<-0 M$6
Q-',7 &=:@,3/3 M'$" evenL

We also provlde for corporaLe evenLs and one day cllnlcs, wanung
everyone Lo [oln ln on Lhe celebrauon!
Current locations
!aypee Creens, new lrlends Club, Alr lorce Colf Course ln new uelhl

AmlL LuLhra, vl[ay Chabbra and uplnder ZuLshl from new uelhl

Alr lorce PCs khadakwasla and 8angalore

We have also recenLly execuLed a purchase order from Lhe Lodha
Croup, ln Mumbal, for Lhelr upcomlng upscale ColfLlnks pro[ecL ln