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Thinking about people nowadays and their preocuppations I have noticed the huge impact that crime have

on the people of society and their life. We see all the time at TV, or in newspapers and magazines, news about crime, unsolved criminal problems and strange disappearances. Which could be a killer's profile What characteristics would it have !nd most importantly, how these crimes could be stopped These are "uestions that I have put a long time ago and I'd like to find an answer. #ince age $% I was attracted to this area. I was watching the &iscovery 'hannel series whose topic was investigating crimes and disappearances, and I was fascinated by how these people investigate and resolve minor crimes helped by minor clues. #ince then I want to work in this field to help reduce crime and help people live in a more peaceful city. !t the age of fourteen, I thought that if I choose an economics high school will help me in the future. I believe that mathematics and economy develop our minds, our logical thinking and keeps us focused. I also studied (nglish, which will help me fulfill my responsibilities. I think that living to a foreign country is a challenge that is ready to accept and make this my opportunity to build a better future. !nother area that I'm attracted is psychology, particularly because criminology and psychology have a very close connection. )irst time when I had contact with psychology was in the second year of high school thus gaining a base in this area. I've always been interested to discover new things about the characteristics of human nature. The first book I read on the sub*ect was +,sychology and 'rime -yths and .eality+ by ,eter !insworth. This book helped me to better understand both criminology and psychology and gave me the first answers to my "uestions. Then I realized that I can help to reduce the degree of crime in this world and my desire to work in this field has become increasingly strong. /owever, I was also involved in volunteer programs organized by my high school that tried to help disadvantaged children or health problemsI think it is inhuman to abandon a child and even more so when he or she has a disability. The coordinator of these programs was a teacher who inspired me a lot and helped me become a more responsible person. I was also a member in the high school volleyball team because volleyball is one of my favorite sports. I have participated in various competitions, such as0 local and regional championships where we got $st place 1nd place respectively.

murder.'onsidering this I think this course is perfect for me because it allows me to study criminology with everything involving it 2terrorism. . youth crimes3. dedication and a great interest in this area. #tudying the behavior of criminals and investigate crimes will always be a challenge. I believe that criminology re"uires mental strength. violence in crimes. I chose to study criminology at a university in the 45 as it allows me more opportunities than in another country and I think that will help me very much to fulfill my dream of working in this field. I wish to work in this area as it allows me the opportunity to work in a field that shows great diversity. I hope that in a few years I will get to work in a police station as a criminologist. a multitude of challenges that I'm ready to accept them and meet them with devotion and interest.