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Inspection and Automotive Companies. those who are taking internal Training Classes for Worlds Leading Oil. and the Institute organizes its work to obtain maximum benefit from this powerful resource. The object of the Institute is to promote and advance the science and practice of NonDestructive Testing. relies on the support of personnel. used widely in Foreign Countries. We are committed to produce the best professionals in the field of NDT. as well as on the job practical.About us: Decibel NDE Training Institute is the Professional Institute for Non Destructive Technology in Kerala for all those engaged in Non-Destructive Testing/Examination. World class training standards are available for the student’s right in our Institution. are taking classes in our Institution. DECIBEL NDE is to provide dedicated training in the field of Non Destructive Testing. . diagnostic engineering and all other materials and quality testing disciplines. DECIBEL NDE is promoted by the NDT professionals who have been very active in the development of NDT technology and applications and also in the training of NDT professionals in India and abroad Faculty International faculties. In achieving this aim. and the advancement of the science and practice of the subject. It is concerned with the education and training of its members. companies and other organizations in the NDT industry. Construction. The individual expertise of the members adds up to an immense body of knowledge and expertise. the Institute. We are following Adaptive Learning System. which includes both classroom training. which employs a permanent coordinator. Gas.

Imported equipments. European Placements are operated from United Kingdom. Chemical. Our National placement operations are conducted directly from our Indian Office. Either an X-ray machine or a radioactive source . is a nondestructive testing (NDT) method of inspecting materials for hidden flaws by using the ability of short wavelength electromagnetic radiation (high energy photons) to penetrate various materials. Level I & II. Calibration Units etc are available for handful of learning. Imported Software from world Centre for Material Joining Technology provides Remarkable Experience for the students. Radiography Testing [RT]: Radiographic Testing (RT). Arabian Placements are operated from UAE and American Operations are done by our US based placement network. Petroleum. Placement Desk We are proud to say that we are having the largest placement network round the globe. Courses Offered by Decibel Nde Decibel Nde Training Institute Offer’s World Class International Courses in NDT. Our placement associates are at India > United Arab Emirates > United Kingdom > Australia > United States of America.Equipments World Class NDT Equipments are available for the students to have practical session. or industrial radiography. Test Specimen. Quality and Welding Inspection for Crafting World Class Professional to the Oil. Construction & Automotive Field ‘Choose Decibel Nde to make your Professional Career Bright’ Basic NDT Courses.

and the principle that the magnetic susceptibility of a defect is markedly poorer (the magnetic resistance is greater) than that of the surrounding material. They make use of an externally applied magnetic field or DC current through the material. because neutrons can pass with ease through lead and steel but are stopped by plastics. Co-60. in this sound is introduced into the test object and reflections are returned to a receiver from internal imperfections and geometrical surfaces of the part Magnetic Particle Testing [MT]: Magnetic particle inspection processes are non-destructive methods for the detection of defects in ferrous materials. Neutron radiographic testing (NR) is a variant of radiographic testing which uses neutrons instead of photons to penetrate materials. Ultrasonic Testing [UT]: Ultra sonic testing uses the transmission of high frequency sound waves into a material to detect imperfections with in the material or changes in material properties.(Ir-192. The most commonly used Ultrasonic testing method is Pulse echo. water and oils. This can see very different things from X-rays. . or in rare cases Cs-137) can be used as a source of photons.

and fatigue cracks on in-service components. but for inspection of ferrous components magnetic-particle inspection is preferred for its subsurface detection capability. Penetrant may be applied to all nonferrous materials. or ceramics). This course includes an outline of the fundamental requisites for personnel performing visual inspection of welds and provides an introduction to visual examination related to welding. It constitutes an important aspect of practicable quality control for weldments with joints that require testing. cracks.Liquid Penetrant Testing [PT]: Dye Penetrant inspection (DPI). Participants will follow a course programme based on AWS text and workbook on Visual Inspection. also called Liquid Penetrant inspection (LPI). It has been proven in numerous situations that an effective programme of visual inspection will result in the discovery of the vast majority of those defects which would be found later using some other more expensive non-destructive test methods. Visual Testing [VT]: Visual inspection provides the basic element for evaluation of structures or components being fabricated. LPI is used to detect casting and forging defects. is a widely applied and low-cost inspection method used to locate surface-breaking defects in all non-porous materials (metals. plastics. and leaks in new products. Welding . Hands-on practical sessions will be conducted to allow participants to use these inspection tools for measurement of welds on actual specimens or replicas.

In a TOFD system. Advanced NDT Courses. Measuring the amplitude of reflected signal is a relatively unreliable method of sizing defects because the amplitude strongly depends on the orientation of the crack. mapping and recording of corrosion. sizing. . TOFD is a computerized system that was invented in the UK in the 1970s for the nuclear industry by Dr. the signals picked up by the receiver probe are from two waves: one that travels along the surface and one that reflects off the far wall. When a crack is present. Instead of amplitude.inspectors will also find that this course greatly enhances their performance and preparation for the AWS Certified Welding Inspector Certification. The use of TOFD enabled crack sizes to be measured more accurately. the depth of a crack tip can be calculated automatically by simple trigonometry. Ultrasonic Testing Level II A: Course covers Normal Beam Inspection. Maurice Silk. One of the probes emits an ultrasonic pulse that is picked up by the probe on the other side. Introduction to TOFD: Time of Flight Diffraction (TOFD) method of Ultrasonic inspection is a very sensitive and accurate method for nondestructive testing of welds for defects. there is a diffraction of the ultrasonic wave from the tip(s) of the crack. Using the measured time of flight of the pulse. TOFD uses the time of flight of an ultrasonic pulse to determine the position of a reflector. In undamaged pipe. a pair of probes sits on opposite sides of a weld. This method is even more reliable than Radiographic testing of a weld. so that expensive components could be kept in operation as long as possible with minimal risk of failure. HIC and other flaws found in plates and pipes of various sizes.

beam-path.Admission to this course is restricted to candidates who have practical experience of at least 6 months.1 Ultrasonic Testing Level II C: This is a progressive training course. These course covers TKY weld examinations as per API RP 2X.Job practical for this course without any prior fees.101 Module is embedded with Post Level II A in Ultrasonic Testing. Ultrasonic Testing Level II B: In Depth training on Advanced Ultrasonic Testing The Course covers Plate and Pipe butt weld examination as per ASME Section V and AWS D 1. surface distance for curved surfaces Construction of a Flaw Locating Rule for TKY Weld Inspection Applying different acceptance criteria Report preparation . All other candidates can contact with the course coordinator to schedule your seats and fee structure. Admission to Level II C will require the candidate to pass the Level II A and Level II B. Students who already completed Ultrasonic Testing Level II DB. The DB.101 Module from Decibel NDE can directly take admission after their On. Topics: Construction of Beam Profiles Construction of DAC Curves Flaw sizing techniques Transfer correction Mode conversion effects Testing UFD for Vertical and Horizontal Linearity Selection of probes Reserve Gain Internal Reflectors Limit for probes Construction of weld cross section involving curvature using profile-gauge and other methods Estimating change of angle.

. Welding Inspector etc. Marine. Construction etc... Interested Candidates please contact the Course Co-coordinator for More Details..*Contact Course coordinator for Admissions and Scheduling the Course Radiography Testing film Interpretation: This course is designed for certified Level II RT personnel. Construction etc. Various codes and standards are included along with rigorous practice in interpreting a large number of radiographs containing natural defects. For Industries like Oil field. Marine. Various International Companies and Inspection Agencies. Certified Quality Controller This is the Special course designed for the BE/ B-tech Graduates & Diploma Holders to mould their career as an Quality Controller. Other Courses Welding Inspection This is the Special course designed for the BE/ B-tech Graduates & Diploma Holders to mould their career as a Welding Engineer.. Inspection Engineer... This Course is also approved by Various International Companies and Inspection Agencies. ISO 9712. For Industries like Oil field. NDE. International Committee for NDT. ...coordinator etc.. This Course is crafted & approved according to the standards of American Society for Non Destructive Testing... Petro Chemical Refineries. Petro Chemical Refineries. American Welding Society.

for the Final Sessions (New System for Practical Classes) so students may handle highly complicated tasks with ease. Practical Materials. during Job. BE. Students who are going to appear for Sixth Semester Examination (BE/B-Tech) or Final Semester Examination can also register for this Course. B-Tech. Admission for this Course According to Institutional Policies Admission are opened as First Come First Basis. For Diploma Students those who have completed their Fourth Semester can join for this Course.) All students should bring scientific calculators to the class daily Study materials will be provided from the Institution itself. Imported Calibration Blocks. Qualification Qualification to attend this course will be. All students must provide Vision certificate during the time of Admission. M-Tech. Strike Notes to This Course International Faculties those who are proudly taking classes for Multi National Companies will be taking Classes. (If they are a group not less than 10. The admission fee for this course is Rs: 10000 and balance fee can be paid as two equal installments. Organized Software for Examination Dumps may make the Examination Preparation More Easier and Effective. Special classes can be offered for students from same institution. Software's. This leads to evaluate the Students timely. so the students can have classes with handful of assets. Real-time Practical Progressions are used. Infotainments etc will be a part of added advantage for this course. Diploma in Production/Mechanical/Instrumentation/Petroleum Engineering etc. the Format of Vision Certificate can be downloaded from the Download Section of our Website and can have signed by a Registered Ophthalmologist.Interested Candidates please contact the Course Co-coordinator for More Details. .

CSWIP Preparatory Course: The course will serve as a sound refresher in welding inspection. The main emphasis is on what a professional welding inspector should know in actual practice. Course participants will undergo a rigorous programme to get them well versed with the codes/standards in use. particularly for practicing welding Inspectors and anyone aspiring to be an AWS-certified welding inspector. In depth Practical and Theory based debates to improve all candidates interpersonal Knowledge and skills will also be conducted After Successful completion of this course you could be enough confident to attend the Level III Examination conducted by ASNT . the fundamentals of welding inspectors. the fundamentals of welding inspectors. Course participants will undergo a rigorous programme to get them well versed with the codes/standards in use. NDT Level III Preparatory Course: This course is crafted for Level III aspirants and involves detailed theory. particularly for practicing welding inspectors and anyone aspiring to be a TWI. For Students those who are going to appear Sixth Semester Exam and Final Semester Examination can also have the admission for this course by providing the documents states their qualification AWS-CWI Preparatory Course: The course will serve as a sound refresher in welding inspection.More Certification can be clubbed along with this course by attending parallel batches.CSWIP -certified welding inspector. and actual hands-on examinations of weld replicas with various inspection tools. and actual hands-on examinations of weld replicas with various inspection tools. Special Fee Discounts will be available for Group Registration. The main emphasis is on what a professional welding inspector should know in actual practice. applications and classroom exercises and class examinations.

Q. Interactive class system may prepare the students more efficient for Examination. 80 % is the minimum required score for a pass in all NDT examination. {Examination & Registration fees are included in the Course fee. All Theory Examination's will be conducted by Two qualified Invigilators (Level III/Btech) and Two Online Level III Personnel’s.Examination Fees. Examinations will be separate for all Subjects and a minimum of 80 % is required to pass. International Educational pattern are using for evaluation and certain test may be conducted through Online. while registering for examination each time. according to SNT-TC-1A recommended practice standard. Specification & Practical. Examination is also a Major part of this course. Internal Performance will be also considered for the final result. hence the students could know whether he is pass or not.C examination Pattern As for all courses. Commonly specification can be said as an 'Open Book Exam' Practical examination will be with the equipment used for each method. . Welding Inspection & C. Two chances are available for each candidate. Examination will be based on a written procedure and Evaluation will be in accordance with the procedure provided.} For third chance the student should pay an amount of Rs: 500 as Re. For NDT Methods Level I & II. General examination will be an Online Examination. Specification exam is also an Online Examination on which any of the International Code or Standard will be provided. General. which will be based on the fundamentals and theory of the subject. Practical Examination's are conducted by Certified ASNT or ACCP Level III Personnel's according to present Practical Examination Standards in CQC Curriculum.Examinations NDT Course Exam Pattern For all courses separate Exams will be conducted. the examination will be based up on the provided codes and standards. Scores of each General and Specification examination can be know right after the examination itself. three examinations will be conducted. for each examination he is required to appear.

United States. B-tech. Admission to Advanced NDT Courses Candidates those who have at least 6 month NDT Experience can attend Advanced NDT Courses. Students Completed their Sixth Semester Engineering and Second year Diploma/Bsc can also join for this course. Students Completed their Sixth Semester Engineering and Second year Diploma can also join for this course. Admission to Certified Quality Controller Course Candidates those who have BE.A Module Candidates who are taking DB 101. sometime this might be the reason for the international approval of this course. B-tech. Diploma. Australia & Germany are adopted for the regular evaluation of student’s performance. After Introductory course candidates can move to Basic Courses as per their Interest. .A Module as their course package are nominally moved to Basic NDT Course and Then to Advanced NDT Course as per the Normal Rules of our Management. Admission to Welding Inspection Course Candidates those who have BE.. Admission Procedures Introductory Course Candidates who are not directly in relation with NDT field can join to this join course as an entry level. For entry level candidates the course is moduled in a special way and it's name is DB 101. Bsc Science or equivalent can join for this course. Decibel Nde will be the first Institution in India to blend up such a wide culture to educational system. +2/VHSE or Equivalent is the Minimum Qualification required.Educational System Followed in United Kingdom. Admission for Basic NDT Courses Candidates those who have at least a +2/VHSE or equivalent can apply for the admission to NDT courses conducted by Decibel Nde Training Institute. Diploma or equivalent within 4 years of their course completion can join for this course.

30 am to 3. Students should provide 10 passport size photographs of 3. Along with the marks the candidate should have 100 % attendance record. Scholarship of Rs: 1500 is available for all students those who are attaining 96 % as their composite marks. Necessary Stationary. All candidates who are willing to attend the course should be enrolled his name before the course starts.5 cm X 3. before Conformation the candidate who has booked the seats earlier will be informed about the conformation. Normal class hours will be from 9. Normally Morning sessions are for theory and afternoon sessions are for practical. for providing person to person individual keen attention from the instructor. So if he is willing he can confirm it at that time. Coffee/Tea. Course Fees Includes Study Material. Lodging is available near Decibel Nde at Nominal rates. 100 % attendance is required for all courses. it can be allotted to any candidate who is waiting for Seat Conformation.Normal Admission Procedure's based for NDT Courses Decibel conducts all courses mentioned in the course section of the website on different schedule in a year Admissions are restricted to 10 students in a single batch. Admission Fee for all other course can be collected in detail from the Course coordinator since there will be variation on it from time to time All students are requested to bring a Scientific Calculators for class and an Eye test certificate from a Registered Ophthalmologist for Vision Acuity and Color Differentiation.30 pm. All candidates are treated as equal . Extra Practical/theory hours if necessary.5 cm size (latest) during their admission. Students can opt for Online Registration for Admission booking and for Seat Conformation you could pay an amount of Rs: 10500 at Decibel Nde Training Institute or As Demand Draft Drawn in favour of ‘Decibel Nde Training Institute’ and conform your seat's Booked seats are on prior evaluation of the management.

unauthorized copying or reproduction will lead to the violation of copyright act and may punishable according to the country law of responsible person and also of Indian Constitution. No Guarantees are provided for placements. Decibel E-mail service is only provided for Institutional Personnel' Decibel Nde has full right to modify the management rules and to change terms and condition's at any time. Any change on above furnished details may come without any prior notice. All details regarding course. consult it with the course Instructor it's upon full control of the instructor. No classes will be taken again without solid reason. Attendance is a must factor for all classes. course scheduling.Common Rules & Regulations All student's are suppose to be at classes by sharp time allotted to them. As opportunities come we will inform our students about it. No refund will be provided after that. Career through placement service is offering from our placement desk Decibel Jobs. Study materials are prior property of Decibel Nde Training Institute. course fees etc are under solid intention of Decibel Nde. if any such cases are there please inform it to the Director in person or mail to the director at director@decibelnde. Unauthorized Scholarships will not be provided on any circumstances Decibel Nde Training Institute never guarantees any 100 % Placement. No other request will be considered. No extra fess should be paid for that. Registration conformed Student's who wish to discontinue can do it before the initial classes start. Students are requested to bring a scientific calculator to their classes on all days Duration of course and timing's may change from situations. all are according to the management decision. Scholarships are awarded by our Director so scholarship granting will be under the consideration of our director's personal evaluation. . If any case of leave is He will take necessary action up on it. though we have achieved it till now.

etc are the Registered International Trademarks of their established owners/societies/organizations Decibel Nde Training Institute Plainfield. Palakkad dist Kerala. AWS.Fees Structure & Duration COURSES Radiographic Testing Ultrasonic Testing Magnetic Particle Testing Liquid Penetrant Testing Visual Testing Welding Inspection Certified Quality Controller Ultrasonic TOFD Advanced Ultrasonic Testing Level II A Advanced Ultrasonic Testing Level II B Advanced Ultrasonic Testing Level II C TKY Radiographic Film Interpretation AWS-CWI Preparatory Course CSWIP Preparatory Course ASNT NDT LEVEL III Preparatory Course NDT Technician (With Promotional Code ) Level I Rs: 5300 Rs: 5600 Rs: 3500 Rs: 2500 Rs: 4500 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Level II Rs: 5700 Rs: 6600 Rs: 4500 Rs: 3500 Rs: 5500 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Direct Level II Rs: 8000 Rs: 8000 Rs: 6000 Rs: 4500 Rs: 7500 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Other N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Rs: 20000 Rs: 35000 Rs: 15000 Rs: 3000 Rs: 6500 Rs: 12000 Rs: 9500 Rs: 10000 Rs: 10000 Rs: 10000 Rs: 15000 Duration 15 Days 15 Days 5 Days 5 Days 8 Days 30 Days 60 Days 6 Days 5 Days 6 Days 10 Days 5 Days 5 Days 5 Days 7 Days 20 days * Course Fees May Be Mail: info@decibelnde. Near Civil Court Main Road Pattambi. ASME. India 679303 Phone 09895027721.decibelnde. We have used such names here only for the information purpose and there is no intention to misuse their name by using it here in this brochure. . CWI. 09995427742 NB: Names like ASNT. For More Details Log on To: www. CSWIP. We never intend to be it as ours. Level III. all the rights on registered trademarks are owned by their registered owners itself. TWI. API.