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ASP.NET Questions ASP.

NET is a sophisticated engine using Managed Code for front to back processing of Web Requests. Part . .!escribe the ro"e of inetinfo.e#e$ aspnet%isapi.d"" andaspnet%&p.e#e in the page "oading process. inetinfo.exe is theMicrosoft IIS server running, handling ASP.NET requests among other things.When an ASP.NET request is received usuall! a file "ith .as#x extension$, the ISAPI filter as#net%isa#i.dll ta&es care of it '! #assing the request tothe actual "or&er #rocess as#net%"#.exe. '.What(s the difference bet&een Response.Write)* andResponse.+utput.Write)*, (es#onse.)ut#ut.Write $ allo"s !ou to "rite formatted out#ut. -.What .ethods are fired during the page "oad, Init $ * "hen the #age is instantiated +oad $ * "hen the #age is loaded into server memor! Pre(ender $ * the 'rief moment 'efore the #age is dis#la!ed to the user as ,TM+ -nload $ * "hen #age finishes loading. /.When during the page processing c0c"e is 1ie&State a2ai"ab"e, After the Init $ and 'efore the Page%+oad $, or )n+oad $ for a control. 3.What na.espace does the Web page be"ong in the .NET 4ra.e&ork c"ass hierarch0, S!stem.We'.-I.Page 5.Where do 0ou store the infor.ation about the user(s "oca"e, S!stem.We'.-I.Page..ulture 6.What(s the difference bet&een Codebehind78M0Code.asp#.cs8 andSrc78M0Code.asp#.cs8, .ode/ehind is relevant to 0isual Studio.NET onl!. 9.What(s a bubb"ed e2ent, When !ou have a com#lex control, li&e 1ata2rid, "riting an event #rocessing routine for each o'3ect cell, 'utton, ro", etc.$ is quite tedious. The controls can 'u''le u# their eventhandlers, allo"ing the main 1ata2rid event handler to ta&e care of its constituents. :.Suppose 0ou &ant a certain ASP.NET function e#ecuted on Mouse+2er for a certain button. Where do 0ou add an e2ent hand"er, Add an )nMouse)ver attri'ute to the 'utton. Exam#le4 'tnSu'mit.Attri'utes.Add 5onmouseover5,5some.lient.ode,ere $65$6 ;.What data t0pes do the Range1a"idator contro" support, Integer, String, and 1ate. .E#p"ain the differences bet&een Ser2er<side and C"ient<side code, Server*side code executes on the server. .lient*side code executes in the client7s 'ro"ser. '.What t0pe of code )ser2er or c"ient* is found in a Code<=ehind c"ass, The ans"er is server*side code since code*'ehind is executed on the server. ,o"ever, during the code*'ehind7s execution on the server, it can render client*side code such as 8avaScri#t to 'e #rocessed in the clients 'ro"ser. /ut 3ust to 'e clear, code*'ehind executes on the server, thus ma&ing it server*side code. -.Shou"d user input data 2a"idation occur ser2er<side or c"ient<side, Wh0, All user in#ut data validation should occur on the server at a minimum. Additionall!, client*side validation can 'e #erformed "here deemed a##ro#riate and feasa'le to #rovide a richer, more res#onsive ex#erience for the user. /.What is the difference bet&een Ser2er.Transfer and Response.Redirect, Wh0 &ou"d > choose one o2er the other, Server.Transfer transfers #age #rocessing from one #age directl! to the next #age "ithout ma&ing a round*tri# 'ac& to the client7s 'ro"ser. This #rovides a faster res#onse "ith a little less overhead on the server. Server.Transfer does not u#date the clients url histor! list or current url. (es#onse.(edirect is used to redirect the user7s 'ro"ser to another #age or site. This #erformas a tri# 'ac& to the client "here the client7s 'ro"ser is redirected to the ne" #age. The user7s 'ro"ser histor! list is u#dated to reflect the ne" address. 3.Can 0ou e#p"ain the difference bet&een an A!+.NET !ataset and an A!+ Recordset, 0alid ans"ers are4 9 A 1ataSet can re#resent an entire relational data'ase in memor!, com#lete "ith ta'les, relations, and vie"s. 9 A 1ataSet is designed to "or& "ithout an! continuing connection to the original data source. 9 1ata in a 1ataSet is 'ul&*loaded, rather than 'eing loaded on demand. 9 There7s no conce#t of cursor t!#es in a 1ataSet. 9 1ataSets have no current record #ointer :ou can use ;or Each loo#s to move through the data. 9 :ou can store man! edits in a 1ataSet, and "rite them to the original data source in a single o#eration. 9 Though the 1ataSet is universal, other o'3ects in A1).NET come in different versions for different data sources.

What does WS!@ stand for. /.rame"or& to 8IT com#ile the assem'l! on the installed com#uter.s inherit fro. .NET com#ati'le languages "ill get converted to MSI+.ode*'ehind is code "ritten in a se#arate file and referenced '! the . '6.e t&o properties co..uddi.ake sure the 2a"ues in t&o different contro"s .bo =o# do 0ou set &ith a co"u.. .asax including the 2lo'al. a Manager class could 'e derived from the Em#lo!ee 'ase class.Which . ItemTem#late. '-. This is "here !ou can set the s#ecific varia'les for the A##lication and Session o'3ects. ' . '9.ontrolTo0alidate #ro#ert! and Text #ro#ert!. .. .Which propert0 on a Co.ethod do 0ou in2oke on the !ataAdapter contro" to "oad 0our generated dataset &ith data.What is the ?"oba".5. .!escribe the difference bet&een in"ine and code behind. 6. .NET.e in a Repeater contro".bo bo#. ''. a data source to the Repeater contro". We' Services 1escri#tion +anguage.Where on the >nternet &ou"d 0ou "ook for Web ser2ices.ight use it. '5.p"ate . ':. '3. is$ and a good use for one.atched.ust create a Windo&s app"ication or Web app"ication to consu. S)AP Sim#le )'3ect Access Protocol$ is the #referred #rotocol. Exam#le4 With a 'ase class named Em#lo!ee. The . '.ethod . It can contain man! classes..True or 4a"seB To test a Web ser2ice 0ou .Na. A good use is reading data'ase data to an <M+ file to 'e sent to a We' Service. 1ataText.Can 0ou edit data in the Repeater contro".ust 0ou ca"" in 0our code$ in order to bind the data fro.E#p"ain &hat a diffgra.e this ser2ice.What is the transport protoco" 0ou use to ca"" a Web #age.an0 c"asses can a sing"e .on in e2er0 2a"idation contro". All . '/.org 3.ield #ro#ert!. )vervie" of assem'lies from MS1N '. MSI+ is the Microsoft Intermediate +anguage.Ao& can 0ou pro2ide an a"ternating co"or sche.NET .0 de2e"opers need an appreciation of it if at a"".What propert0 .Which contro" &ou"d 0ou use if 0ou needed to .alse. The Page class.NET frame"or&.Ao& .cs file$ is used to im#lement a##lication and session level events. No.Can 0ou e#p"ain &hat inheritance is and an e#a.e$ prior to setting the !ataSource$ to disp"a0 data in the co. htt#4==""".NET !@@ contain.alse -.asa# used for.Whats an asse.What base c"ass do a"" Web 4or.Whats MS>@$ and &h0 shou"d .TTP*2ET method to test.b"0. :ou must set the 1ataSource #ro#ert! and call the 1ata/ind method.True or 4a"seB A Web ser2ice can on"0 be &ritten in .p"e of &hen 0ou .ust 0ou set$ and &hat . -'.asax.What are the App"ication%Start and Session%Start subroutines used for.n na. -. 9. The 1iff2ram is one of the t"o <M+ formats that !ou can use to render 1ataSet o'3ect contents to <M+. .ust 0ou pro2ide$ in order to disp"a0 data in a Repeater contro". The 2lo'al. -se the AlternatingItemTem#late. When !ou "ant to inherit use the functionalit! of$ another class.ill $ control.Which te. it 3ust reads the information from its data source. :. Assem'lies are the 'uilding 'loc&s of the . Inline code "ritten along side the html in a #age. Web Ser2ice Questions . MSI+ also allo"s the . the "e' service comes "ith a test #age and it #rovides ..

.Ao& do 0ou 2a"idate the contro"s in an ASP . The #re*coded solutions that form the frame"or&7s /ase . cr!#togra#h!.lient side is done '! default.NET.rame"or&. ASP. '. * -sing #agination o#tion in 1ata2rid control.NET .NET.NET architecture. . -. data'ase connectivit!.anage pagination in a page. )ut*of*Process state management requires that all o'3ects stored in session are seriali>a'le. and manages the execution of #rograms "ritten s#ecificall! for the frame"or&. It allo"s the #age to save the users in#ut on a form across #ost'ac&s. is &no"n as the . In*Process stores the session in memor! on the "e' server.ommon +anguage (untime standard to 'ecome a . +r this can be done on"0 in the C"ient side. 5. A code can call or use a function "ritten in another language.What does the 8Enab"e1ie&State8 propert0 do. "hich is also a #art of the . This requires the a 5stic&!*server5 or no load*'alancing$ so that the user is al"a!s reconnected to the same "e' server.Ao& .+($.Ao& ASP .NET is supporting no&. the state of a #age is maintained in the in the #age itself automaticall!.ode is com#iled as a 1++.Ao& to . We have to set the num'er of records for a #age.What is s. Wh0 &ou"d > &ant it on or off. Part'.. . memor! management.Resource 4i"esB Ao& to use the resource fi"es$ ho& to kno& &hich "anguage to use. * When .Net sa!s AA languages are su##orted. It has a large li'rar! of #re*coded solutions to common #rogram requirements. * The "e' is stateless. )ut*of*Process Session state management stores data in an external data source. /. 3.Pthat "ill execute the #rogram. 0/.NET page.rame"or&. 0ie"State is used the retain the state of server*side o'3ects 'et"een #osta'ac&s. code is com#iled to Microsoft Intermediate +anguage MSI+ for short$.+( #rovides the a##earance of an a##lication virtual machine. and net"or& communications. .lass +i'rar! cover a large range of #rogramming needs in areas including4 user interface.+( together com#ose the . * The cursor #osition is maintained "hen the #age gets refreshed due to the server side validation and the #age gets refreshed.Can the 2a"idation be done in the ser2er side. "hich is stored as a hidden value on the #age 'efore sending the #age to the clients 'ro"ser. ASP.NET page.)/)+ and Perl. Item stored in 0ie"State exist for the life of the current #age.Ao& is . and is intended to 'e used '! most ne" a##lications created for the Windo"s #latform. -. * . "e' a##lication na2igation.an0 "anguages . The . Server side validation is also #ossi'le.E#p"ain the .NET .NET. The . data access. We have (ange 0alidator. The class li'rar! and the .TM+.rame"or& execute in a soft"are environment that manages the #rogram7s runtime requirements. and exce#tion handling.ent options a2ai"ab"e &ith ASP. It saves the server*side values for a given control into 0ie"State.@.rame"or& is a &e! Microsoft offering.State Manage.ode. The external data source ma! 'e either a S?+ Server or a State Server service. . so that #rogrammers need not consider the ca#a'ilities of the s#ecific . etc. /ut in ASP. * a language should com#l! "ith the . In . We can s"itch off the client side and server side can 'e done. then it ta&es care of #agination '! itself. . The . The class li'rar! is used '! #rogrammers "ho com'ine it "ith their o"n code to #roduce a##lications. The site 1otNet+anguages. This can 'e s"itched off = on for a single control 9. This is called as Managed . * Scri#ting is se#arated from the .NET .What is 2ie& state. Programs "ritten for the . 0ie"State allo"s the state of o'3ects seriali>a'le$ to 'e stored in a hidden field on the #age. Email 0alidator. This includes #ost'ac&s to the same #age$. this is done automaticall! '! the ASP.ommon +anguage (untime .NET environment.NET. and is not stored on the server or an! other external source.E#p"ain the "ife c0c"e of an ASP .NET ab"e to support .u"tip"e "anguages. :. 6.o"B The values are encr!#ted and saved in hidden controls. /. This Managed code is run in .ent Questions .What is 1ie&State. So after com#ilation to this I+ the language is not a 'arrier.NET language. '. This runtime environment. .NET . .e&ork is a soft"are com#onent that is a #art of Microsoft Windo"s o#erating s!stems.NET #rovides In*Process and )ut*of*Process state management.NET different fro.NET "as introduced it came "ith several languages. When the #age is #osted 'ac& to the server the server control is recreated "ith the state stored in vie"state.s stored in 1ie&State.What is the "ifespan for ite. numeric algorithms.NET. * -sing s#ecial validation controls that are meant for this. these 1++s can 'e executed on the server. 0ie"State is trans#orted to the client and 'ac& to the server. The Microsoft .anage.NET 4ra.+( also #rovides other im#ortant services such as securit! mechanisms.What are the different t0pes of Session state .

!o ?AC(ed asse. 6.What(s the top .. String/uilder is more efficient in cases "here there is a large amount of string mani#ulation. * A1).Net as a se#arate in*memor! data'ase "here in I can use relationshi#s 'et"een the ta'les and select insert and u#dates to the data'ase. When shou"d each be used.What does this do. :es.What are P!=s.u"tip"e data t0pes in S0ste.or0 for the s0ste. -. ''.0String 6. Tough ASP.'.. 9.What ports . What is the purpose of Port -3. Although the! are not visi'le or accessi'le via the class interface... S!stem.Contrast the use of an abstract base c"ass against an interface. Strings are immuta'le.What does this do. I can u#date the actual data'ase as a 'atch.u"tip"e<inheritance.u.String=ui"der c"asses. '-. The data value ma! not 'e changed. Ao& does this affect the &orking set. !ateTi.!oes CK support . '3.a#i.Write.!escribe the accessibi"it0 .Cop0To)* and S0ste.anding specific Securit0 per. sn <t foo.What(s the ad2antage of using S0ste. Wh0.issions. Where .e. ECE.What is a Windo&s Ser2ice and ho& does its "ifec0c"e differ fro.Ao& does the C.. >s there a significant speed difference. Ao& &ou"d this affect a s0ste. gacuti" D" E find Di FaboutG -.Write a standard "ock)* p"us doub"e check to create a critica" section around a 2ariab"e access. .NET and &hat is difference bet&een A!+ and A!+. No. What AC@ per. '/. i..parison$ &hat is obJect identit0 2ersus obJect equi2a"ence..What does the ter.standard. It is availa'le to classes that are "ithin the same assem'l! and derived from the s#ecified 'ase class.a#i.What is strong<t0ping 2ersus &eak<t0ping.e.Can 0ou store .C"one)*.Te#t.ean.!oes I>Tting occur per<asse.NET is stateless mechanism.Arra0.or0 an0 sing"e process on Windo&s can address. 5. :.What is the difference bet&een a.What is 4u""Trust. a ne" instance in memor! is created."Seria"iHer &ork. S!stem.Arra0. Note4 The varia'le value ma! 'e changed. ' . .NET c"ass that e2er0thing is deri2ed fro.Who is a protected c"ass<"e2e" 2ariab"e a2ai"ab"e to. 9.)'3ect.Ao& &ou"d one do a deep cop0 in . 3.issions does a process using it require.. design. '.What is the difference bet&een an ECE and a !@@.>n the conte#t of a co. :. 9. /. .What is c0c"o.d"" /.NET.NET.ount of . /.Write and Trace. '5.String is immuta'le.utab"e .. 5.. What are tenets of each 5.u. so each time a string is changed.Parse).E#p"ain current thinking around >C"onab"e..odifier Fprotected interna"G. I can treat the A1)..Wh0 is catch)E#ception* a". 3. the! are inherited.String and S0ste.What benefit does 0our code recei2e if 0ou decorate it &ith attributes de.ost a"&a0s a bad idea. CK >nter2ie& Questions ?enera" Questions. 'ut the! are not accessi'le.What(s the difference bet&een S0ste. '.portant.String/uilder "as designed "ith the #ur#ose of having a muta'le string "here a variet! of o#erations can 'e #erformed. .>s string a 2a"ue t0pe or a reference t0pe. a .What is A!+ .What is bo#ing.atic co. 2irtua" .What is the . Wh0 or &h0 not. '6.Equa"s)b* and a 77 b. 6.What is the difference bet&een !ebug.NET inter2ie& questions . No. It is availa'le to an! su'*class a class inheriting this class$.Arra0.p"e#it0 and &h0 is it i. S!stem. '.ust the0 be "ocated for debugging to &ork..String=ui"der o2er S0ste. .ust be open for !C+M o2er a fire&a"".b"ies ha2e 4u""Trust.ethod.What is &rong &ith a "ine "ike this. '.What(s the difference bet&een the S0ste.Te#t. -.Contrast ++P and S+A.b"0 or per<. :. 'ut the original immuta'le data value "as discarded and a ne" data value "as created in memor!.String. Which is preferred. >s this different than the . 3.What is the difference bet&een a !ebug and Re"ease bui"d.!escribe the difference bet&een a Thread and a Process.Are pri2ate c"ass<"e2e" 2ariab"es inherited. a.e.

6. /. An a'stract class is a class that must 'e inherited and have the methods overridden.ethod fro. Another difference is that structs cannot inherit. '. methods. An a'stract class is essentiall! a 'lue#rint for a class "ithout an! im#lementation. The! are im#lemented '! classes. In an interface class. 'ut not all 'ase a'stract methods have 'een overridden. define a set of #ro#erties.What happens if 0ou inherit . li&e classes.ent to be accessed using a unique ke0. and events. G. C"ass Questions . In an a'stract class some methods can 'e concrete. all methods are a'stract * there is no im#lementation.When do 0ou abso"ute"0 ha2e to dec"are a c"ass as abstract.What is the s0nta# to inherit fro. being o2er<ridden.What(s the i. 'ut as far as com#iler cares !ouIre o&a!.ethod na. )nce the #ro#er catch 'loc& #rocessed.What(s the . and defined as se#arate entities from classes. -.What(s the difference bet&een an interface and abstract c"ass.The .NET does su##ort multi#le interfaces. . The .ashTa'le.. /usiness logic and underl!ing code$ and 1ata from storage or other sources$. no accessi'ilit! modifiers are allo"ed. A sorted . resulting in a different. a c"ass in CK. 9.o#!To $ method co#ies the elements into another existing arra!.What(s the CK s0nta# to catch an0 possib"e e#ception. -.ode" co.What c"ass is underneath the Sorted@ist c"ass. /! calling Sort $ and then (everse $ methods. Structs are value*t!#e varia'les and are thus saved on the stac&. No.L :es.Can .u"tip"e interfaces. 3. :es.ents of the arra0 in descending order. /ut unli&e classes.lone $ method returns a ne" arra! a shallo" co#!$ o'3ect containing all the elements in the original arra!. . A class that cannot 'e instantiated.on"0 kno& as a three<tier app"ication. A catch 'loc& that catches the exce#tion of t!#e S!stem. interfaces do not #rovide im#lementation. 5. 6.e of the para. additional overhead 'ut faster retrieval.Exce#tion. Exam#le4 class M!Ne". . control is transferred to the finall! 'loc& if there are an!$.What(s an abstract c"ass.Can 0ou inherit . In an interface class.u"tip"e interfaces and the0 ha2e conf"icting . .ethodDpropert0 of a c"ass. To 1o4 Investigate . The &e!"ord EsealedF "ill #revent the class from 'eing inherited. 8ust leave the class #u'lic and ma&e the method sealed. This might cause a #ro'lem on a higher*level scale if similarl! named methods from different interfaces ex#ect different data. 3.Ao& can 0ou sort the e"e. Place a colon and then the name of the 'ase class.p"icit na. A dee# co#! "hich neither of these methods #erforms$ "ould create a ne" instance of each element7s o'3ect.ethods inside the interface..lass '.ent.NET co""ection c"ass that a""o&s an e"e. and are therefore #u'lic '! default. 5. Method and Propert0 Questions .What is the difference bet&een a Struct and a C"ass. The! all must 'e #u'lic. !et identacle o'3ect. :es.Wh0 can(t 0ou specif0 the accessibi"it0 . When at least one of the methods in the class is a'stract. /. :ou can also omit the #arameter data t!#e in this case and 3ust "rite catch CD.Can 0ou a""o& a c"ass to be inherited$ but pre2ent the . When the class itself is inherited from an a'stract class. H.Can 0ou pre2ent 0our c"ass fro.eter that gets passed into the set . ItIs u# to !ou to im#lement the method inside !our o"n class.odifier for . A shallo" co#! means the contents each arra! element$ contains references to the same o'3ect as the elements in the original arra!. Presentation -I$.E#p"ain the three ser2ices . being inherited b0 another c"ass. /oth #erform a shallo" co#!.ashTa'le. so im#lementation is left entirel! u# to !ou. :es. An a'stract class ma! have accessi'ilit! modifiers. .lass 4 M!/ase.Wi"" the fina""0 b"ock get e#ecuted if an e#ception has not occurred. Interfaces.What is an interface c"ass.u"tip"e catch b"ocks be e#ecuted for a sing"e tr0 state.

Can 0ou change the 2a"ue of a 2ariab"e &hi"e debugging a CK app"ication..0alue. -.ethod can be o2er"oaded.onsole or a text file de#ending on the #arameter #assed to the constructor. . The method or #ro#ert! can 'e overridden. :es. 5.>s CM@ case<sensiti2e.entation Questions .ive levels range from None to 0er'ose. :es.Ao& do 0ou generate docu.Wh0 are there fi2e tracing "e2e"s in S0ste. 0isual Studio . different order of #arameters.ethod o2erriding different fro. '.!iagnostics. 6. A!+.pi"er. use Trace class for 'oth de'ug and release 'uilds. Exce#tion test cases exce#tions are thro"n and caught #ro#erl!$. assert ta&es in a /oolean condition as a #arameter. Positive test cases correct data. and sho"s the error dialog if the condition is false.What does the ke0&ord F2irtua"G dec"are for a . The signature of the virtual method must remain the same. If !ou are de'ugging via 0isual Studio.u"ticast de"egate. '. No. H..ents. Single*line comments.or1/2 J command*line de'ugger. E2ents and !e"egates .ethod is not static.or1'g. .ethod to be static if the origina" . !ou must com#ile the original .NET. Attach the as#net%"#. In de'ug com#ilation.Where is the output of Te#tWriterTrace@istener redirected.@ file using the =de'ug s"itch. The #rogram #roceeds "ithout an! interru#tion if the condition is true. -.ents and DDD co.. !ou change the 'ehavior of the method for the derived class.Ao& is . 3ust #lace a colon. When overriding a method. 5. an inherited constructor to a specific base constructor. H.. A delegate o'3ect enca#sulates a reference to a method. .ented proper"0 &ith a co. 9.exe #rocess to the 1'g.+(.NET uses the 1'g.ents$ DN ND co.NET Web app"ication. G.and<"ine co.ethod do. The tracing dum#s can 'e quite ver'ose.e &ith the ..ethod o2er"oading.What are three test cases 0ou shou"d go through in unit testing.>f a base c"ass has a nu. )verloading a method sim#l! involves having another method "ith the same name "ithin the class.What debugging too"s co. It returns a read*onl!.Ao& do 0ou debug an ASP. #ro#er handling$.ber of o2er"oaded constructors$ and an inheriting c"ass has a nu. . 1ifferent #arameter data t!#es. To use .What(s a de"egate.ethod or propert0. for"ard*onl! ro"set from the data source. correct out#ut$. . 1ocumentation loo&s the de' it "ith the =doc s"itch. :es.+( J gra#hic de'ugger..What is the ro"e of the !ataReader c"ass in A!+.What are the different &a0s a . the CK fi"e co.What(s the difference bet&een the !ebug c"ass and Trace c"ass. -se 1e'ug class for de'ug 'uilds. K. !ebugging and Testing Questions . /. '. 1'g. and then &e!"ord 'ase #arameter list to invo&e the a##ro#riate constructor$ in the overloaded constructor definition inside the inherited class.Can 0ou dec"are an o2erride .What(s a . To the . The data t!#e of the value #arameter is defined '! "hatever data t!#e the #ro#ert! is declared as.What does assert)* .TraceS&itcher. A 1ata(eader #rovides fast access "hen a for"ard*onl! sequential read is needed. -. 3ust go to Immediate "indo".NET and !atabase Questions . G.entation fro. 3. different num'er of #arameters. multi*line comments. Each assigned handler method$ is called.or a##lications that are constantl! running !ou run the ris& of overloading the machine and the hard drive. /. A delegate that has multi#le handlers assigned to it. . '. allo"ing !ou to fine*tune the tracing activities. and <M+ documentation comments.ber of o2er"oaded constructorsM can 0ou enforce a ca"" fro. Note4 )nl! the &e!"ord virtual is changed to &e!"ord override$ 3.What(s the difference bet&een DD co.NET connections.NET S!O. CM@ !ocu. Negative test cases 'ro&en or missing data.

H.=et&een Windo&s Authentication and SQ@ Ser2er Authentication$ &hich one is trusted and &hich one is untrustedB Windo"s Authentication is trusted 'ecause the username and #ass"ord are chec&ed "ith the Active 1irector!. As a good rule.What are ad2antages and disad2antages of Microsoft<pro2ided data pro2ider c"asses in A!+. )+E*1/. . )+E*1/. thus storing the value on the stac&.NET is a . thus storing the o'3ect on the hea#. . 'ut also the version of the assem'l!.NET.'.What happens in . /. 1ura'le * the values #ersist if the data had 'een committed even if the s!stem crashes right after. A.What is the &i"dcard character in SQ@.ethod do &ith the connection obJect. 5. the S?+ Server authentication is untrusted.NET.What na.What connections does Microsoft SQ@ Ser2er support. :. a .What does the >nitia" Cata"og para. and <. 'ut requires S?+ Server license #urchased from Microsoft. so itIs not as fastest and efficient as SqlServer.E#p"ain AC>! ru"e of thu.NET la!er on to# of the )+E la!er. "here ever! #arameter is the same. so"2ed in .2lo'ali>ation and S!stem. including the securit! settings. The current ans"er is not entirel! correct.NET is universal for accessing other sources.A/ archive.b"0.What is the s. The connection string must 'e identical.eter define in the connection string. To 1o4 ans"er 'etter.o"ever.What does the !ispose . 1/H. !ou should not call the gar'age collector. 6.NET. -n'oxing converts a reference*t!#e to a value* t!#e.NET.)P: command. Isolated * no transaction sees the intermediate results of the current transaction$.b for transactions. 3. !ou could call the gar'age collector "hen !ou are done using a large o'3ect or set of o'3ects$ to force the gar'age collector to dis#ose of those ver! large o'3ects from memor!. An MSI installer.b"0 Questions . 9. and "ant to distri'ute the core a##lication se#aratel! from the locali>ed modules.(esources. Multi#le #rocesses must agree that the! "ill share the same connection. +etIs sa! !ou "ant to quer! data'ase "ith +ILE for all em#lo!ees "hose name starts "ith +a.b"0. A transaction must 'e4 G. Atomic * it is one unit of "or& and does not de#endent on #revious and follo"ing transactions.o"ever. S?+Server. li&e )racle. /oxing converts a value*t!#e to a reference*t!#e.Ao& is the !@@ Ae"" prob"e.e.NET. . the #ro#er quer! "ith +ILE "ould involve N+aMI. -.Ao& do 0ou con2ert a 2a"ue<t0pe to a reference<t0pe. 9.What is a pre<requisite for connection poo"ing. -. K. 6. The data'ase name to connect to. /. the locali>ed assem'lies that modif! the core a##lication are called satellite assem'lies.What are the &a0s to dep"o0 an asse. -se /oxing. 5. Windo"s Authentication via Active 1irector!$ and S?+ Server authentication via Microsoft S?+ Server username and #ass"ord$.NET.NET data #rovider is high*s#eed and ro'ust.or0 &hen 0ou =o# and Pnbo# a 2a"ue<t0pe. Assem'l! versioning allo"s the a##lication to s#ecif! not onl! the li'rar! it needs to run "hich "as availa'le under WinKH$. The "ildcard character is M.espaces are necessar0 to create a "oca"iHed app"ication.a""est unit of e#ecution in . When !ou "rite a multilingual or multi*cultural a##lication in . no Ein*'et"eenF case "here something has 'een u#dated and something hasnIt. this is usuall! not a good #ractice. 1eletes it from the memor!. since S?+ Server is the onl! verifier #artici#ating in the transaction. S!stem.When shou"d 0ou ca"" the garbage co""ector in . an Assem'l!. . Asse.onsistent * data is either committed or roll 'ac&. 3. '.What is a sate""ite asse. Microsoft Access and Informix.