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Dear members,

I am sure, all of you had a wonderful and joyous Deepavali- the festival of lights which we celebrate to mark the victory of ‘Good’ over ‘Evil’. Fortunately or unfortunately, after lighting the lamps of ‘Good Virtues’, many evil facts were unearthed one by one- like 2G scam, Army Land scam, corruption in IPL and CWG. This list is endless and the amount of money involved is mind boggling. The nation and the society pay heavy economic and social costs of corruption. It affects the very fabric of the society. It is a vicious circle- corruption distorts the value system and a distorted value system leads to more corruption. The need of the hour is an Iron Man, who would be able to iron out things by his iron discipline. The key solution of corruption and low ethical system is self discipline like that of Ferrum personality. The Essence of Ferrum and its alloys is well illustrated by Dr. Anita Salunkhe through her cases and vast knowledge. Dr. Pragna Juthani has brought to light a lesser known side of Ferrum through its proving symptoms & rubrics with a case illustration. Dr. Varsha Pednekar, in her inimitable style has given an insight into study of Ferrum through repertorial study. Dr. Pravin Jain has beautifully illustrated the picture of ferrum in different age groups of pediatrics.


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The person. please do communicate and share. if you care for Homoeopathy. and if it’s a good one. So. We are pleased to announce that our subscriptions of Vital Force have crossed the mark of 700 and it’s also been subscribed by doctors all over India!! This speaks volumes of the quality of matter presented in our magazine.    We have an interesting crossword on Ferrum group prepared by Dr.Boenninghausen Repertory. it helps others to utilize it in their own practice. “Sharing is Caring”. though this magazine has printed their work with all due respect and with open mind to various ideas that they want to put across to you. If it is a bad experience. Anecdotes. it will help others from making similar mistakes. who solves this correctly and sends it early.S.The editor does not necessarily subscribe to the line of thinking of various authors. (Hom. Juthani M. will be rewarded handsomely!! So get down solving it at the earliest!! It is a well know idiom.D. Rachana Bagaria. Humor or any other topic related to Medical field.           Yours in Homoeopathy. Pragna S. it becomes one’s moral duty to share one’s experiences and knowledge attained there from. especially Homoeoapthy. the readers.) P.             Flash News A prize will be declared for the best article of the year 2010-2011 on Hahnemann day of 2011 So send in your entries soon!! VITAL FORCE  Page 2  . The topic for the last issue of this year is Boger. So. We look forward to your participation in the form of Articles. Please send your articles to dr_pragna@hotmail.

but reports are normal since 15 yrs Menses: Menopause F/H: Thermals: Perspiration: Craving: Mo. when mother was in hospital. she will get the same death as her mother “Gharat dadpan yete”. Sometimes she used to feel that mother is around. Read Patrika of son & came to know that he’ll not have kid.Headache Profuse on head. felt very bad about that.” Has guilt feeling about that.DM. Fruits. After her mother’s death. HOT Sun < . But she has no relation with him since 16 yrs. Chief complaints:1] K/C/O DM 2] K/C/O HTN. Renal failure. J. she couldn’t go to meet her. because of that went alone to Europe as someone challenged her that she can’t go alone. his wife will die in middle age etc. Mental with life space: Mother expired in last may 2009. Anxiety conscience.Palpitations—Taking Telma 3] K/C/O Lumbar spondylosis 4] Cholesterol increased 5] Acidity < 4pm 6] Vertigo 7] Sneezing < morning Watery coryza 8] Fatty degeneration 9] K/C/O hypothyroidism. Fear of death. VITAL FORCE  Page 3  . A. so got scared a lot. Feels that if something will happen to me. when mother was alive.    ESSENCE OF FERRUM Dr. but her son helped her to come out of that. HTN. brother refused her wish to meet her mother in his house (weeping).Mother used to stay with her brother.Mother used to stay with her brother. So before the death of her mother. Takes challenges.. Anita Salunkhe (MD) CASE 1: Name: Mrs. Fear that husband will die as his weight is too much. Delusion of smells. feels depressed. she used to get the same smell. “maze kahi chukle nasel na???(I had done any mistake or what). Fear of being alone. Long back. feels that mother is sitting besides her (weeping) In the evening. At that time she was crying for long time and trembling. her urine used to smell. Suffocative feeling. so mother died. Father – DM. Used to brood over the fight between her and brother. Age: 56 yrs. Feels that how her mother died.

strong • Anger trembling with • A/F: Checked perspiration • Jesting • Courageous • Sun < • Excitement. GIT. jovial. Excited. Redness of cheeks when get excited. sincere.physically and mentally. Urine routine. Cholesterol. Pus cells. A/F: Checked perspiration. Previously – Strong . Impatient. INV. ANALYSIS: • Fear of death • Death thoughts of • Anxiety conscience of • Precision of mind increased • Fastidious • Firm. Speed. calcium. sensitive. S. Conscientious. S/A: Blood. Confident. LDL. PPBS.227. FBS.ESR – 44. Feels lethargic.Trace. excitable • Superficial redness REMEDY GIVEN: Ferrum Phos 200 (1) Ferrum-Phos Fear death of +2 D/D: Phos Phos Fear death of +3 Death thoughts of +1 Anxiety conscience of +1 Precision of mind increased +1 Jesting general +1 Courageous +1 Anger trembling with +1 Excitement +2 Anxiety conscience of +1 Fastidious Jesting general +1 Courageous +1 Anger trembling with +1 Excitement +3 Constitution: Nervous. Jesting. VITAL FORCE  Page 4  .4-6/hpf. Bones. perfect in work. blood vessels.8.81.: 14/4/10 .Protein. anemic with the false plethora easy flushing. R. Fastidious.4. S.    Trembling when angry.162.

language problems or opposition in any form. of (+2) • Firmness (Allen) (Lach. they feel they have to do something about it. to (Kent) • Indolence ordinary matters. everything. A variation on the theme could be that they have to force themselves to study. They are intensely sympathetic and if someone is bothering them. Another variation could be that they have to do their very best to make contact with others. or to keep your friends • Location: right sided. They feel that they are the ones on whose shoulders rest the responsibility to keep up the contact Essence: • The idea that you have to do your very best to be allowed to study. They feel that they have to be firm and bold on behalf of their friends. even if they are being hindered by. parturition after. • Thermals: Chilly Rubrics: • Ailments from indignation (Allen) • Anger. alternating with sadness (Kent) • Fear death. while (Kent) • Courageous (Allen) • Discontented. It may be that they have had little chance in life to learn anything. as to (U) (Allen) • Insanity.    Ferrum Firm Standing ones ground Perseverance Beatings Irritability Phosphoricum Communication Sympathetic Friends. apathy exciting events. reading. puerperal (Kent) VITAL FORCE  Page 5  . madness delivery. They have to keep up the communication. with (Kent) • Anxiety conscience. for instance. acquaintances. with (Kent) • Excitement. neighbors Brothers Homesickness Language and learning Curiosity and travel Restlessness and fears They feel that they have to stick up for their friends and their brothers. Squilla) • Firmness morning (U) (Allen) • Hurry (Allen) • Indifference. and now they must do their very best otherwise they don’t deserve this opportunity. of • Busy (Allen) • Concentration difficult studying. trembling.

hard stools. loss of facts.    • Intolerance annoyance (U) (Allen) • Intolerance hindrance.S. for (Clarke) • Pessimist (Allen) • Precision of mind increased (U) (Allen) • Sadness. Mental with life space: Childhood was in vasai…parents were uneducated…wanted to study but parents did not allow her to study…parents told her to stop studying after 7th std …but her fiancée insisted that she should study and only then he will get married to her…studied BEd. (Boen) • Starting. Stools: Constipation. from sudden (Knerr) (Verat-v) • Memory weakness. about (Allen) • Jesting. from (U) (Allen) • Irresolution. indecision trifles.. 2] Pain in the knees while descending. seem evening (U) (Allen) Complementary: Kali m. general • Mania. of (U) (Allen) • Intolerance vexation of (U) (Allen) • Irresolution. Now 105 kg Pain in the chest since 3-4 yrs Dyspnoea while walking up to 1st floor. Chief Complaints: 1] K/c/o HYPERTENSION Weight increased after c-section. with (+2) (Knerr) (Lach) • Shrieking. indecision evening obstacles. brain congestion of. Thermal: HOT Age: 48 Thirst: 3-4 lit/day. startled (Knerr) • Stupor (Boen) • Temperament phlegmatic (Knerr) • Temperament phlegmatic leuco-phlegmatic (Clarke) • Timidity (Allen) • Trifles important. morning agg dyspepsia.. B. Urine: N.during school days used to feel that her should have been educated…friends parents are educated and my parents are not educated…(pratishthecha problem hota)…felt that I should also have a good house…when parents used to come to school used to feel that other students are looking at them…got married when she was 21…in 83 got daughter…husband used to do social work…pt felt that he should give time to her…had interest in education…was interested in writing VITAL FORCE  Page 6  . 3] Cervical spondylosis since 15 yrs Generals: Appetite: Normal. Nat m Case 2: Name: K.

triglycerides – 183.i am a failure in case of my own beloved daughter…feels luck was less…does meditation…in school teaches Marathi…creative. MURIATICUM SELF PITY NURTURING MOTHER ATTENTION SELF AWARENESS VITAL FORCE  Page 7  .Generous.husband expired 12 yrs back…did not weep because she had responsibility of her children…used to feel I should get money fast…I should be with best people…best school…her ideal was dhirubhai ambani….says I had got status because of my husband…I should maintain it…she thinks that while getting married daughter saw looks and nothing else…that time she felt that when she wishes I should respect her…I have not just brought them up me tyanchyat kalagun vikasit kele ahet…but her got married to wrong people they were evil people…feels I should have stopped my daughter…feels guilty…I damaged her life…I am not a good mother. S/A: Blood. need to maintain the position &start facing opposition. Side: Right.. joints especially right side of shoulder joint. DM. Remedy: Ferrum Mur 200(1) FERRUM FIRM STANDING ONES GROUND PERSEVERANCE BEATING IRRITABILITY 4TH ROW & 8TH COLUMN Theme. Wt: 105.8 daughter and son are very intelligent…after husband died had to struggle…had to take care of the finances and also social things….    poems…likes creative work……wanted to work with social organizations…does not like routine…feels like doing something for someone…felt nav asayala pahije…felt revolting…that girls should not be considered inferior…used to write articles on this…writes prayers….Inferior and lat wall ischemia..capacity to protect self.Charity…feels nice when people clap at her…cannot tolerate lie… I am not after money…I am happy people read my books…I will get my daughter married again.. Analysis: • Perseverance • Firm • Self pity • Guilt feeling that she has not done good for her children • Strong to take care of her family • Wants identity • Optimistic • High BP • Cannot tolerate opposition • They feel that they have to remain strong to take care of their children. BP: 140/90. S. I am possessive about my daughter…I don’t like that my children don’t have chalakhipana Inv: ECG .

They are easily irritated by their children because they feel that they have to be brave and grown up. steadily carrying on with their task. In quite a few Ferrum cases I first gave Kali-m with partial success. with quarrels. they might even get extremely irritable. But I had to keep repeating Kali-m because some of the complaints kept coming back. being the eldest child. for instance by becoming a school teacher. This is a Ferr-m situation. Both remedies have the feeling that they have to be a good mother. until I discovered that Ferr-m was the similimum. Fe So4. They feel they have to be because they must be able to take care of others. both for the mother as well as for the children Essence: They feel that they have to remain strong in order to be able to take good care of the children. This mother is a person who knows what she wants and if the children don’t obey they can get a smack. A variation on this theme is the situation where they have a mother who is very firm. But she doesn’t want to hear any complaints from them about that. But what are the essential differences? Ferr-m has the feeling of being forced or forcing themselves.    Main feeling: Ferr-m greatly resembles Kali-m in its mental symptoms. And there is often a common childhood history of being the eldest child and having to help their mother. 7H2O] Theme: • Having problem with relationship. As a child they often had to help. In Kali-m the feeling is one of duty. which is why we sometimes get confused between these two remedies. They are also easily frightened. sang. They really like to have children and to look after them well. whilst Kali-m lacks this compulsive element. They may even make it their profession. demanding behavior. Mind: They are bold and resolute. Rubrics• Anger (jahr) • Anxiety • (U)Anxiety chest in heart region of insupportable almost in heart disease (jahr)-2mark • Anxiety perception with • Irresolution (Jahr) • Sadness(Knerr) • Sighing (hering) • Sighing involuntary(Knerr) [cal phos . The aggravation at 3 am is also a common symptom. • Having idea that they have to stand firm in their relationship. Or they may have a mother who has her own career and who doesn’t have so much time for the children. VITAL FORCE  Page 8  . she doesn’t allow any fuss. • Strong person. They can’t tolerate opposition or criticism very well.ignatia] • Talk indisposed to (Allen) • Unconscious coma during (Allen) Compare: Nat Mur. FERRUM SULPH [Sulphate of iron. selfish. Because Ferr-m is more forced in their activities there is a greater chance of irritability.

• Irritable • Perseverance • Task Duty Work • Maintaining • Craft Use • Force • Ability Perfectionism • Heavy Pressure • Routine Order Rules • Resistance Opposition • Control Exam VITAL FORCE  Page 9  .amel-cold air . • Have great desires to share their emotions with their partner to create a mutual understanding . • Side: Left Unique: • Gall bladder pain • Noises. • They feel their husband should play a part in bring up the children & share in house hold duties. stable. Clinical: • Bulimia • Watery painless stool • Worms • Basedow’s disease • Anemia. menorrhagia in • Pain toothache menses during menorrhagia FERRUM • Firm personality: solid. hemolytic chlorosis • Menorrhagia • Chorea • Convulsion • Injuries . Even sound made by their partner can make them angry. steady. blood . This is true but their reason is that their partner has given up & lost all enthusiasm because of continuous pressure by her.but it doesn’t happen –so the result is feeling of irritability towards partners & towards others especially when other don’t respect their space.    • There is feeling of standing all alone in the task to make the relationship work& feels that they are the only person who is doing anything towards it while their partner is just neglecting the relationship. ringing.sprain distortion • Gall bladder pain • Cardialgia • Chlorosis Characteristics: • Pulsation internally • Distracting pain in calves and feet –Allen • Toothache -agg-warmth .

Behind Hanuman Mandir. 'having neglected their duty. Anxiety of conscience: They suffer from great feelings of guilt and anxiety of conscience.I have resistance. Dr. Suppression: They are not allowed to listen to their own feelings. They usually have very high moral standards and even very minor faults may be seen as major misdeeds. which they would experience as a heavy beating. can also result in a feeling of having failed. having committed a crime. Opp. This takes the form of being sensitive to other people's opinions. steady. sudden and unexpected beatings from their father who used to be unpredictable in his moods. That is why the characteristic of Ferrum is that they have to remain steadfast and resolute. They can’t sit still and do nothing. determined. stable.blogspot. Restlessness: Because they feel hurried and persecuted. having to fulfill some sort of task. Mumbai: 400 071 www. their behavior tends to be restless. This leads us to the second characteristic trait of this group: suppression. Perseverance: Ferrum people have the delusion that they will be pushed aside. This is more than a sense of duty.    • • • • • • Calculating Observed Criticism Planning Failure Guilt Crime Concentration Pursued Tried Ferrum personality: Solid. They are afraid that others will give them a negative remark. That is why they can’t tolerate contradiction or Interference with their plans Beating: Ferrums is that they have often been beaten in their childhood. or having done something wrong. The police represent the law. they have to hold out. so they are afraid to lose their place. Anita Salunkhe Mind Heal Homeopathy Gurudev Apartments. thoughts and wishes. B-Wing. For instance. This guilt can be totally out of proportion to the so called crimes they have committed. as they had to constantly be on their VITAL FORCE  Page 10  . Telephone Exchange. pressure and opposition. Ground Floor. They have to persist. Feeling: ‘I must protect and defend . Crime: Having to live up to something. They easily let their own emotions be suppressed by outside forces. They feel compelled to do something against their wish and have to fight against it Forced: They all have the feeling that they have to do something. This has made them very wary. It is a compulsive feeling that they have to fulfill some sort of task.mindhealhomeoclinic. and their delusion is that they have committed a crime. Chembur Naka. they have to comply with the wishes of someone else. . Perseverance also has an element of compulsion. . they have to comply with some sort of rule. This is expressed in the delusions: being pursued by the police.

  The  material  is  significantly hardenened and strengthened by impurities from the smelting process.   Irritability. choleric temperament.    STRONG and SENSITIVE  FERRUM  Dr. forming much  of Earth's core. Pragna Juthani M.  MIND:  The SENSITIVE nature of ferrum is understood from the following symptoms:  Hering:        Kent:  Allen:  Anxiety as after committing a crime.L  Tyler.    Thus.  M.     On  studying  this  remedy  from  the  source  books  like  Hering’s  Guiding  Symptoms.  easily excited. trifles about‐ 2    Company aversion to. since both were used by Hahnemann without distinction. visits. least contradiction angers.  Emotional. presence of other people agg. women are weak. general hemorrhagic diathesis. chlorotic.D. as if guilty of a crime‐ 2    Anxiety.  Under  this  head  are  included  symptoms  from  Ferrum  metallicum  pulveratum  and  Ferrum  aceticum. (Hom)    The  proving  of  Ferrum. conscience. Preparation: Triturations of pure metallic iron.  that  basically  ferrum  is  a  very  soft  and  sensitive  remedy.    Pure  iron  is  soft  (softer  than  aluminium). little noises.   Rubrics:    Anxiety.   Nervous. and it is the fourth most common element in the Earth's crust. fear of apoplexy. drive him to despair. anxiety. of intimate ‐2    Fear of apoplexy‐ 2 VITAL FORCE  Page 11  .  It  appears  hardened on the outside because of the carbon element in it. the symptoms ‐ 2      Company aversion to. dark hair. pettish. with throbbing in pit of stomach. disputative.  TEMPERAMENT:  Choleric. noise.  the  understanding  I  gathered  is  as  follows:  CONSTITUTION:     Adapted to persons of sanguine.M‐  M. solutions of the Acetate and triturations of the  Carbonate.  we  see  by  analogy.  Iron is a chemical element with the symbol Fe (Latin: ferrum) and atomic number 26. such as carbon.  Allen’s  Encyclopedia. (Hering). It is the most common element in the whole planet Earth. horror of conversation.  Phatak  and  Boericke. hysterical feeling.  the  element  was  done  with  following  preparation  as  given  in  Allen’s  Encyclopedia.   The sensitive woman who needs Ferrum has a flushed face and is often complaining because she  gets no sympathy. and even the society  of her cherished friends.   From slightest cause.  Constant desire for solitude. friends. such as crackling of a newspaper. quarrelsome. yet have a very red face.  but  is  unobtainable  by  smelting.  Suited to persons who are very weak and thin. delicate. It is a  metal in the first transition series. (Ferrum carbonicum is also included).  Kent’s  Lectures.

    Haughtiness and self‐contented look.  Moderate mental exertion improves many symptoms. easily excited. ernest    Trifles seem important  SUMMARY:  From the above.  VITAL FORCE  Page 12  .  imaginative. quarrelsome. taciturn‐ 2  Weeping.   Violence. noise. being a left sided remedy. disputative. insists that he is right (after four hours). contradiction from‐ 2    Contradiction is intolerant of‐ 2    Excitement. even her children's  caresses increased her bad temper. is very sensitive. and wanted them to leave her in solitude. everything irritated or depressed her. i. look self contented    Positiveness    Serious. creative.      Ailments from anger.      Excited by slightest opposition. contradiction from slightest‐ 2    Haughty. quarrelsomeness. restless. from crackling of news papers. which alone was pleasing to her. quarrelsome. sad stories affect her profoundly  Hysteria  Irritability. least contradiction angers.  Allen:  Ill‐humor.   Rubrics:     Anger. He is nervous. There’s anxiety over  small matters because of the nature of doing things in a systematic and orderly manner. philosophical and hysterical. we infer that Ferrum Metallicum. desire to be silent. excitable. became she hated to  see or talk to them. immoderately   The STRONG nature of ferrum is understood from the following symptoms:  Hering:  Pettish. especially restlessness of legs. even‐ 2  Mood. Alternating – 3  Restlessness‐ bed driving out of‐ 3  Sensitive. indisposed to talk. spiritualistic.( Right brain dominance suggests sensitive nature. indifferent even to subjects in which he usually took active  interest.) He is sensitive to noise and hence has aversion to  company.                      Horrible things.        anxious. oversensitive to noise‐ 2   Talk indisposed to. everything irritates or depresses her. joyfulness was impossible. she was often rude to those about her. disinclined for everything.e Right brain  dominant. tearful food. being artistic.  Vehement.  Excited by the slightest opposition.

M.  5) Agg – rapid motion.     ‐ painless diarrhea. not take any domination.        of intestinal villi ‐ causing easy vomiting.  2)  Laxity of Muscles ‐ of blood vessels ‐ causing easy hemorrhage. colicky griping pain. must keep the limbs moving. G.   Lot of antibiotics  anti – parasitics. hence lot of  more  since  1  lethargy.Com  Occupation: Prof. T.  overeating. In  morning.)  8) All sour things disagree. dogmatic but not dictatorial. though he will not force that on others. dyspnoea. Vijayakar writes in his book‐ Disputatious. Graph. Heaviness in abdomen  till get clear stools.    At the same time.  6) Canine hunger‐ “Double the amount of ordinary meal was hardly sufficient. weakness.  Dr. formed stools only  after 5 months age.  ‐ Sleep disturbed.  ‐ Frequent deworming ‐ tape  worm expelled with dysentery.  He feels I am right. diarrhea  with mucus. congestion..    Sex: Male    Education: B.  ‐ Frequent urge for stools  7‐ 8/day.  FEW MARKED PHYSICAL GENERALS:  1)  Overexcitability and Sensitivity of the Nerves‐ oversensitive to pain. prolapsus of rectum.  Since birth freq. This makes him self‐righteous. at the same time. but. caps.T   SENSATION  MODALITIES < least overeating < immediately  eating after  < eating at odd  times  > sleep++  > after passing  stools  > drinking hot  drinks‐ tea or  coffee.  3)  All the sufferings come up during rest ‐ palpitation. to least noise. no desire  to work        Sister: 0    Father: 47yrs.  4) Amel‐ gently moving about.   month   ‐ Stool watery.”  7) Good remedy for Obesity (calc.                                     ‐Restlessness when keeping still.I.       Following is a case to help us understand this theory in a better way:  Case Registration No: M‐ 50  Patient Name: Mr.    Address: Thane  Mother:  45 yrs.     VITAL FORCE  Page 13  .  ACCOMPANIMENTS  Lot of salivation++    Lethargy sp.    Age: 28 yrs. pain in abdomen on least  since 14‐15 yrs. he is conscientious and gives importance to trifles.   Religion: Hindu  Brother: 1 younger    CHIEF COMPLAINTS:  LOCATION  1. flushed face though anemic. uterus. vagina. with mucus and  blood. in coaching class. vomiting without nausea.

  taking  private  tuitions. GF ‐ HT.  Unremembered. CVA due to haematoma.  I  would  like  to  stay  alone. drinks alcohol.  I  don’t  have  shame  of  going  around  in  dirty  clothes.    ASSOCIATED COMPLAINTS:  NS.  Eat  lunch  in  2  minutes. age.  Also.  Good. N/L/E‐54/31/13.  I  have  apprehension  meeting  new  people.P‐ 110/ 86mmHg     Pallor‐ mild    P/A‐ NAD  CBC‐ Hb. age and 14 yr. Then can’t eat more.  Perspiration:  Scanty.  had  to  take  a  drop. Mat.  technical  and conceptual studies.  Pat.  so  much  tension  at  home.‐ 12.  In college ‐ heavy smoking. Pat.  were  very  ill.  GENERAL EXAMINATION:  Pulse‐ 80/ Min.  Tobacco‐ since 10 yrs ‐7‐8/d. sweat very little. now 1 at night.  MGM  and  MGF. GF ‐ Asthma.  I  will  not  let  anybody  enter  my  private  space.  even  go  to  hotel  alone.  I  am  very  fast  in  everything. I can’t listen to anybody’s lecture. WBC‐7300. Easy satiety. GM‐ HT.  DIAGNOSIS:  Ulcerative Colitis  MIASM:  Psora‐Syphilis‐ Ulcerative inflammation of bowels.  I  am  very  quick  in  logical. great GF – cancer. occ.   Cannot tolerate cold at all. Pat.  to  whom  I  was  very  attached.  Also.7.  As  I  am  perfect.  I  had  taken  computer  engineering.  Hot food+++. (Quick) I take my own decisions. even after exertion.    Egotism ‐  As  a  teacher.  I  just  find  solutions  (Courageous).  Endoscopy‐ Findings s/o Ulcerative colitis.  but  because  of  bowel  problem.  do  not  get  nervous  with  problems. (Reserved).  I  can’t  disclose  things  easily. Less.  PATIENT AS A PERSON   Appearance:  Appetite:    Cravings:  Thirst:    Moderate built with sharp bony structure.  LIFE SPACE INVESTIGATION:   At  present.  I  want  them  to  be  perfect. small quantity. can’t eat food that has become cold.  very  strict. I would not take  anybody’s dominance beyond a certain area.  even  hit  students  if  they  are  not  perfect  in  their  studies. Sleeps without fan as draft of fan intolerable– C4H0 (CHILLY).    VITAL FORCE  Page 14  .  I  don’t  think  I  will  be  able  to  express  it  to  anyone. but after eating feels heaviness abdomen. I do not even listen to my father.  Jaundice twice at 7 yrs.  At long intervals.:       B.  I  am  a  fighter.  INV.   I  do  not  like  to  meet  people.  Sleep:    Dreams:  Habits:  Thermal:  F/H:    P/H:     Disturbed due to frequent urge for stool and abdominal pains.

 Sleep  disturbed.      Cannot share his tensions  with anybody  Likes to stay alone  Reaction   Very responsible  Particular in work    Egotism    < contradiction      Am a fighter.    ANALYSIS:   Event   Studies      Decisions         School.  Fastidious. 5‐6/day.                Contd agg. but can’t eat. Pain SQ.  Pain. Passes mucus in stool.  passes lot of mucus in stool. with  little  VITAL FORCE  .  Reserved  Company  aversion  to. self esteem  Reserved  Positiveness  Contradiction intolerant of   REMEDY: FERRUM MET 200 I dose  FOLLOW UPS:    Date  10/11/06    17/11/06        01/12/06        22/12/06                         Symptoms      Sleep>. Feels hungry. with much mucus and abdo.  Slight change in stool frequency.  Dictatorial. with ↑  abdominal pain. immediately  eating after. not become  nervous. Appetite>.  Domination  intolerant of. college      TOTALITY OF SYMPTOMS:  Egotism.      Initial agg.     Stools‐ frequency 7‐8/day.  Ambitious. find solutions    Very few friends   Inference  Conscientious. stools frequency ↑↑.   Inference Treatment  Fer Met 200 1 dose   Placebo        Placebo        Placebo    Page 15    Craving Hot food  Thermal state: C4H0(CHILLY)  Abdominal pain > sleep  Feeling  Quick in studies  Strict about studies      Takes own decisions‐ feels  I am always right  Confident  Not like to be dominated.  Positiveness.  but abdo.

 at the end of a few weeks.  Appetite good.    Stools 1‐2/day.  semi solid in consistency. painful   improvement in  freq. ‐Obs.  mucus in stool ↓. but final and slow improvement.  the  first  remedy  that  was  chosen on entire totality gave aggravation of symptoms for 1‐2 months followed by complete amelioration  of complaints in the right direction. We may know by observing the action of a  remedy what state the tissues are in. no mucus.  with colicky abdo.    Loose stools with mucus since 2‐3 days. sleep>>. Stool freq. Sleep>  Coryza less. stools 1‐2/day. of stools    Amel. but for  many years you may go along with prolonged aggravations. pain. boil on nose since  4‐5 days. there is some hope that  finally the symptoms may have an outward manifestation whereby he will attain final recovery. A/f outside food. If. without suppression. as well as know something about the prognosis for the patient. slight abdo.    Loose motions 4‐5/day with mucus since 1  week. semi solid  consistency. pain  Burning sensation stomach.” VITAL FORCE  Page 16  . Kent’s 2nd Observation that states. “Then the second  observation is.  mucus less. Slight coryza since 2‐3 days    Occ.          23/01/07      24/02/07        29/03/07        24/04/07      23/05/07      21/06/07        15/07/07        Frequency stool‐ reduced to 4‐5/day. less. 2          Indisposition                            Exteriorisation  on skin      Placebo      Placebo        Placebo        Placebo      Placebo      Placebo        Placebo    INFERENCE:  In  this  Acute  Exacerbation  of  Chronic  disease  of  Ulcerative  Colitis. no mucus or blood. no abdo.. pain. You will find in such a patient there was the  beginning of some very marked tissue change in some organ. even  after eating outside food. he is a  little better and his symptoms are a little better than when he took the dose.    CONCLUSION: This inference is testimony to Dr. not disturbed by loose stools or  pain abdo. the long aggravation. Pain abdo. Sleep >>     Sleep >>. 2‐3/day. stools‐ 1‐2/day. Appetite >>. of  symptoms after  long agg. pain abdo. Appetite>. pain     Appetite good. no abdo.

 it is not power they are  after in itself. thermally Hot.  Nux is zealous to achieve his ambition. Depression sets in as soon as they can't live up to their own  expectations. they strive to  correct things and go ahead. more effect on nervous system. thermally Chilly. he lacks courage. They don't give way. His disposition is Timid. achievers.  Ferrum is left sided. choleric temperament. works to preserve his  job and not for power. like iron gate.D. straight and to the point.   LYCOPODIUM‐  It is similar to Ferrum in being Haughty. suffers from constipation. The word firm says it all. is fastidious and ardent. they  are brave.:‐ 093222 52522 VITAL FORCE  Page 17  . But. thermally chilly. They feel very important in their position at the top.         Dr. constriction of muscles causing  ineffectual urge for stool.  Aur.  In the bargain to achieve his ambition. robust. He is a coward. gets frequent painless diarrhea. zealous. he gets estranged from his family. As soon as Aurum is unable to live up to his  responsibilities he is inclined to drop everything.  It is zealous to preserve its job. (Hom. Even if they fail.  Ferrum is very positive‐ optimistic and assertive. steadfast.  He is courageous and positive. it is more a determination that the job should be done properly. Enforcing routines:  discipline   Nux Vomica is Right sided.  AURUM MET –It is similar to Ferrum in being self righteous. Aurum. PRAGNA S.  Lyco.  Ferr. And  they want to be treated accordingly. Lyco  NUX VOMICA ‐ It is similar to Ferrum in being sensitive to noise. JUTHANI                           M. anxiety conscience of. Met is right sided.  Ferrum is Left sided. effect  on cardio vascular system. He  is not timid.  Lyco is basically very ambitious.    DIFFERENTIAL  DIAGNOSIS OF REMEDY:    Nux vomica. Although they look powerful.)  Advisory Secretary‐ IIHP Mumbai  Vice President‐ IIHP State branch  Clinic – Dadar (E) Mumbai 400 014  Mobile no.  Ferrum is Left sided. dogmatic. . to  achieve power. relaxation of muscles causing painless  diarrhea and vomiting. workaholic. Aurum cannot let down the  person or the task that has been entrusted into his care. is Right sided. thermally  chilly. GI affections. more effect on cardio vascular system. desire for  warm food. He is protective about his family. Hence he would be soft with and hard with inferiors.  He is very conscious about his responsibilities. but instead he goes about doing his work till the goal is achieved.

Pednekar. • Mood changeable. variable (1) • Sadness. (Hom) Here are some interesting rubrics regarding Ferrum met from Complete repertory:---• Delusion large surrounding are • Delusion surroundings capacious are • Excitement menses after • Sadness exertion amel. In all these 4 rubrics. dejection(3) • Restlessness nervousness (2) Ferrum Ars is present in following rubrics:-• Mood changeable.variable (1) • Restlessness bed driving out of (1) • Restlessness tossing about in bed(1) • Restlessness nervousness (3) VITAL FORCE  Page 18  . dejection(3) Ferrum Phos is present in following rubrics:-• Impetuous even (1):-. depression of mind. grade of Ferrum met is mentioned in the bracket. Varsha V..    CORRELATION OF MATERIA MEDICA OF FERRUM WITH CLINICAL CONDITIONS.variable (2) • Restlessness nervousness (3) • Restlessness bed driving out of (3) • Restlessness tossing about in bed(3) • Sadness. M. melancholy.D.only drug given • Restlessness nervousness (1) • Restlessness bed driving out of (1) • Restlessness tossing about in bed(1) Ferrum Iod is present in following rubrics:-• Mood changeable. Ferrum met is the only drug given with 1 grade. depression of mind. Below mentioned are other rubrics with Ferrum met in it along with other drugs.melancholy. Dr.

Ferrum has Pulsatilla as it’s antidote which is an antidote to Cinchona too. 2) In Ferrum. VITAL FORCE  Page 19  .e. comes to us with clinical symptoms of mental depression on anxiety. vessels. 3) According to Farrington. Correlation with clinical aspect:-If we go in depth of causes of anaemia. cheeks are bright red flushed though patient has anaemia & this is called by Farrington as Masked Plethora & the reason is irregular distribution of blood in Ferrum. 2) Cowperthwaite mentions “ Ferrum is never indicated in anaemia with torpid. patient complains of soreness of abdominal walls as if bruised. Now if we go through Cowperthwaite Textbook of Materia Medica. then here we are not treating nutritional anaemia but we are treating anaemia induced by deficiency of Vitamin B12 & folic acid which are not absorbed well by gastric mucosa leading to Megaloblastic anaemia. Ars or Iod added to Ferrum give excitability & restlessness to the entire personality. strong belief in self. It has power of dilating bl. Patient can not keep quiet & are better by very gentle exercises. sluggish conditions. So if a person with metal qualities such as performance. Quantity of iron supplied in the food is sufficient for the person to prevent him going into anaemia but assimilative process is to be corrected with Ferrum. but it’s not due to inflammation but due to dilated bl. Ferrum has 2 complementary drugs & those are. Allen’s views on Ferrum:--“Ferrum has been overlooked as a valuable remedy for inflammation of the thoracic organs with marked febrile excitement”. also in deficient intrinsic factors in gastrectomy cases.F. firm. one can think of Ferrum too. we get some really interesting clinical tips such as below:-1) Hughes says that regarding anaemia in Ferrum.    Correlation with clinical aspect:-We always have a portrait of Ferrum as very strong. So person with anaemia with low Vit B12 & folic acid level with other mentals & physical aspect matching we can think of Ferrum in such cases. defense.” 3) T. it’s not the element iron which is deficient in the food but the fault lies in the assimilative processes. Also. also in intestinal & jejunal resections provided he or she is having ferrum personality. This shows that Ferrum would be a better choice of drug in cases of malabsorption syndrome leading to anaemia. Cinchona (in anaemia from loss of fluids) & Alumina (in chlorosis). But above mentioned rubrics show the other side of Ferrum where Ferrum can become sad with depression & anxiety neurosis like symptoms where other elements added to the main basic constitution i. defensive personality with iron like will. Vessels by diminishing action of vasomotor nerves. Farrington mentions that:-1) Ferrum has action on blood vessels & it dilates them & so Ferrum pulse is not full bounding as that of Aconite.

Hotel Grand Central.    Change the texture of your thoughts. Opp. Pathologically bl. PEDNEKAR. AN IRON WEAPON & that is FERRUM with the help of which we can FIGHT various diseases. vessels are enlarged &with paresis of vasomotor nerves. Chembur. distension of blood vessels in temples & face.  Whatever we use is Wisdom. station. MD Clinic: Shah polyclinic. dropsy with severe haemorrhage. 1st floor.D. Correlation with clinical aspect:-Now this picture of a patient reminds us a case of dengue fever where patient is given antimalarials but to no avail & now he has gone into complications of dengue were blood count shows very low platelets & patient has started bleeding on that account.    4) Ferrum Phos is midway between Aconite & Gels in inflammation.  It is something we create. the way Ferrum personality fights & defends itself.  The future is not something we await. Sunil Sadan.)  VITAL FORCE  Page 20  . 5) Ferrum haemorrhage is midway between Cinchona (with prostration) & Ipecac (bright red gushing flow of blood) 6) Ferrums are used in intermittent type of fever where there is abuse of quinine. Pravin Jain M.(Hom. Near Chembur Rly. Mumbai 7   SMS GYAN  Whatever we receive is Information. If mental & physical aspect matches then we can think of Ferrum as life saving drug in complicated case of Dengue fever.   DR. Homoeopathic Materia Medica has given us a weapon.  How we use is Intelligence.  And your life will change. throbbing headache with enlarged spleen . VARSHA V.  Whatever we preserve is Knowledge. Here inflammation has not gone in exudation & discharge is blood streaked. Thus.  FERRUM IN PAEDIATRICS                                                                                                                                       Dr.

Hyperactive • • Sensitive to least noise. If they encounter a problem. They are task master. They cannot take no. pressure cooker etc) Hyperactivity is more at mental level. Strong and self willed. Adult Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel High morals. Cyrus very coolly said “I want bournvita now means I want it now”. After sometime he develops more positivity and he feels that whatever he does or thinks is always right. This is the authoritarian behaviour of ferrums. Whenever a task is given to them or a problem arises. They are authoritarian. But they have high morals. If anything does not happen as per their wish. Here the anger part is missing when they demand things. which is quite distinct from obstinacy. He becomes intolerant of contradiction. Feels they are right. they fight it positively. Gets easily angered when somebody contradicts him. Positivity and firmness is seen in all their actions. VITAL FORCE  Page 21  . they will not shy or run away from that. Positive. Decisions are instantaneous and can handle any situation. who flush easily and feel fatigued from any active effort. Slightest noise is intolerable. Whatever they say (instruction) has to be followed immediately. Nervous. They are very obedient and duty conscious. Constitution: Suited to child who are anaemic.Slightest contradiction aggravates. but will face it boldly. The maid had to give him bournvita. trouble shooter in all situations. (crackling of paper. Introduction Withdrawing • • Irritable . but mentally easily excited. Cyrus – 3 yr old child once told his maid to prepare bournvita for him. Contradiction Slightest contradiction aggravates. The maid was busy and hence she said that she will prepare it later. or they see any injustice. (here it seems very close to aurum). they become irritable and angry.    Axis:  Withdrawing + Hyperactive + anemic (Red cheeks – false plethora) Chilly + Thirsty + Right sided Authority + Contradiction intolerant + Hypersensitivity to noise + Easily fatigued + gentle motion amelioration. Physically he is indolent (gets fatigued easily). Keyword  Firmness: The main theme of ferrum is ‘Firmness”. A ferrum adult sets very high morals and values for himself.

it is very difficult to change it. bor. he finds him doing deceit or cheating. They cannot bite food. Entry points  Ruleout  The child wants cradle to sleep. They feel they are being forced. at night. Diarrhoea-painless. like their father doing something immoral. When mother tries to force feed them. They do not like solid foods. Does not want to talk. They love challenges and are positive and strong willed in execution of their duties. (Asar. Misanthropy. whom he has respected all these years. Does not want anyone to talk to him. VITAL FORCE  Page 22  . does not want to work. Once they are convinced about an idea. Ferrum adults are very sensitive and feel that they are being dominated by others (esp father) and hence they try to defy them by being non communicative and avoiding the sight of them. This triggers the pathology in him. They are dominating and dictatorial. they become red very easily. If the same thing is done by others they will fight and resist it openly. and their positivity makes them defy or challenge the force and later they react by moving away from the force. Kali-c). At the same time they have high respect and regards for them. They get fatigued very easily. They do not like to be rocked but are better by gentle motion. So they will put across their point. fight with them (not in public but privately) and then leave them and will never see their face. Toddler Toddlers do not like much of physical activity. They cannot stand slightest contradiction. and they always feel they are right. and want all the foods to be mashed and pureed. When suddenly his guru.    The problem for ferrum arises from their parents or from guru whom he respects a lot. Infant Ferrum infants are very sensitive to slightest noise. So when the problem is created by their near ones like their father or their guru. they will not accept it. Schooling Child Schooling children are very firm on their opinions. Reaction to examination  Reaction to stimulus  Anger – Inhibited Anger – Intrapunitive. Even does not want company of his best friends. Emaciated and feeble children.

POSITIVENESS. Aversion-meat. Always claims to be right. raw tomatoes. Tough and thick hair. eggs. if someone talks loudly or even if anything falls . Important feels his. Strong will. Exertion. Ferrum has a positive outlook towards their work.haughty. Haughty. Can’t tolerate hunger. Canine hunger alternating with complete loss of appetite Craving:. VITAL FORCE  Page 23  . so what? At least.    The child eats solid foods. Rest especially sitting still. If I didn’t get the prize. Goes to stage without fear. Nervous. Domineering. Amelioration  Walking gently. Thirstless Acts responsible and mature. he gets scared. Intolerance of eggs. Can be a bread winner and support the family from a very young age. Summer. Slight noise intolerable. Company aversion to intimate friends. looks self contented. we have tried.Tells elder brother to not spend much money and save. dictatorial.walks haughtily.Bread.( POSITIVE) Behaves egoistic. duty and accomplishments. Physical PQRS  • • • • • Aversion to solid foods and dry foods. The child sleeps in noisy environment. hysterical. Excited by least contradiction. FERRUM IOD HOT Patient clarified symptoms while giving the case.startles. Mind ­ PQRS  Irritable. Aggravation  At night. (STRONG) FERRUM MET WITHDRAWING/Ambi to hot Cries when sees strangers.

Doesn’t like to be disturbed – Tells even Parents/Grandparents not to shout at her. she never says. if they are loud. When approached. although she realizes. starts crying. Not affected by music.    On hearing loud noises.cries loudly. Bold/Aggressive Throws things / Shuts the door hard / Beats her father (Unrestrained force) Rude Very rude to talk. avoided & said – I am busy in drawing [While Case taking] Said – I’ve answered enough – I’m not going to answer a single question when asked again by the Doctor. never accepts. Very rude in talking to Doctor also. Dominates other kids. likes to see songs of films. If guests’ come. VITAL FORCE  Page 24  . Wakes from sleep from slightest noise. but she makes her things very clear. frustration. Egoistic It is impossible for her to say Sorry. like crackers.takes time to mingle. Likes to go out to travel. Self opinionated – I’m right – although she realizes she may be wrong – sticks to it. Dominating She avoids if she is asked to do what she is not interested in. FERRUM PHOS AMBI CHILLY / THIRSTLESS Cheerful and very talkative while Case taking. She is gadget crazy – learns easily – Laptop/Mobile. Creativity Likes to draw/paint. her defense is to cry or refrain from eating. FERRUM SULPH Hot/Thirsty Strong She communicates very clearly – It may be rage.

If I decide something. Dr. I rebel if I am not at fault. Mumbau400019 Phone: 24014001   LIGHT MOMENTS    When you doubt your power. can’t take Contradiction. Matunga C. Like music. keep 3 words in your pocket. Very Bold – If gets a push while walking.. Telang Rd.    You give power to your doubt. Strong smells cause headache.    VITAL FORCE  Page 25  . I take things as they come. Pravin Jain. TRUE. & TRUST  TRY for better future. She alone managed everything very strongly. New Mahavir Bldg. I don’t like to get diverted in anything else.  TRY.    When you start your day.  And TRUST in GOD. I easily adapt myself to any new surroundings. HomoeoCARE Clinic: 212 1st Floor.    Strong Husband had infarct & undergone Bypass Surgery. Spoke about Genital complaints without hesitation.  Be TRUE with your work. I take my own decisions. Very adamant – No means No. Can’t tolerate injustice – Could go alone at midnight to the owner of house to solve the issue as he had done some cheating – she couldn’t tolerate it.. M. abuses. Rly. Hearing sensitive – Gets up at slightest noise – Can hear slightest noise in other room.D.

RACHANA BAGARIA  1 2   3 4 5 6 8 7 9   Across: 1 Ferrum met has marked craving for? 3 Kali salt. bladder like appearance of Uvula” is an important symptom of Which Kali salt? 8 Remedy which is “Better by appearance of discharges & eruptions” 9 Ferrum met patient feels better in which weather VITAL FORCE  Page 26  . “Never well since Pneumonia” 6 “Oedematous.    CROSSWORD  DR.

    Nurse: a person who wakes you up for giving sleeping pills.    Life Insurance: A Contract That Keeps You Poor All Your Life.                             So That You Can Die Rich.    Down: 2 Ferrum series remedy where “Patient remembers forgotten things when half asleep” 4 Calc salt having Craving for Condiments with disorders of affected growth 5 Ferrum series remedy which is one of the trios of burning 6 Last member of Ferrum series according to Periodic table 7 Remedy for Paroxysmal.    Marriage: A Contract Where Boy Loses His Bachelor’s Degree                      And Girl Gets Her Master’s Degree!       VITAL FORCE  Page 27  . periodical Asthamatic cough   Solutions of Sycosis Issue:  Across:   3) Colic 5) Ovarian 7) Yellow 8) Avarice 10) Flatterer 11) Gout 12) Barometer 15) Fishy 17) Medorrhinum 18) Vanity   Down  1) Growth 2) Alcohol 4) Sarsaparilla 6) Polycystic 9) Seventy four 13) Gonorrhoea 14) Living 16) Psora  Funny definitions:     College: A Place where Dad pays and Son Plays.

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13. Rajinikanth never wet his bed as a child. that’s when the tsunami occurred in the Indian ocean. and designation. 17. 11.books. Rajinikant electrocuted Iron Man. Enclose reports – before and after. and he got what he deserved. The Bermuda Triangle used to be the Bermuda Square. 10. Rajinikanth has counted to infinity.and software used for repertorial totality and reference work as Bibliography Responsible : Authors are responsible for accuracy of quotations. 23.    GUIDELINES FOR AUTHORS The Vital Force Journal invits articles. 9. statements and conclusions expressed by an author are his own and do not necessarily reflect those of the Editors of the Vital Force. Rajinikanth kills Harry Potter in the eighth book. Rajinikanth has already been to Mars. Rajinikanth can make onions cry. e-mail. 3. Rajinikanth’s house has no Typing : Use A4 paper format. only walls that he walks through. The Editor reserves the right to edit and re-write all manuscripts and to reject articles without assigning any reason. contact no. and got it. Rajinikanth doesn’t need a visa to travel abroad. Rajinikanth doesn’t move at the speed of light. References : Give alphabetically with abbreviation in small type. Rajinikant proves Newton wrong all the time. Rajnikanth doesn’t answer nature’s call nature answers Rajnikanth’s call!!   VITAL FORCE  Page 29  . he isn’t lifting himself up. Rajinikanth once ordered a plate of idli in McDonald’s. Illustration : Drawings. Leave 0. 4. 19. book reviews and letters to the Editor. For report cases : Give exact reasons with repertorial analysis. 7. Its descendants are today called giraffes. he simply eliminates anything and everything that can provide the reaction. here is the collection of popular jokes on Rajnikanth: 1. because he only recognizes the element of surprise. recognized degrees. tables. that’s why there are no signs of life there. to make basis of prescription clear. 5. Only original manuscripts will be considered. websites. 8. Rajinikanth was feeling cold. The opinions. Give proper title. 22. Air hides in his lungs for protection. so brought the sun closer to heat the earth up.” 15. charts should be in black color as well as photographs which will be printed in black and white.5 margin on all sides. and data. author’s name. When Rajinikanth does push-ups. magazines. The only man who ever outsmarted Rajinikanth was Stephen Hawking. 21. There is no such thing as global warming. 24. Ghosts are actually caused by Rajanikanth killing people faster than Death can process them. “Did you mean Rajanikanth?” It simply replies. Every time he performs an action.. 20. …He is pushing the earth down. 16. 2 . 14. HUMOR  With all due respect to the great actor. 6. Rajinikanth once kicked a horse in the chin. Rajinikanth can strangle you with a cordless phone. Rajinikanth doesn’t breathe. 12. 18. If you spell Rajanikanth wrong on Google it doesn’t say. Rajinikanth sneezed only once in his entire life. We would require the article either on cd on you may send it via e mail to dr_pragna@hotmail. The bed wet itself in fear. he just jumps from the tallest building in Chennai and holds himself in the air while the earth rotates. “Run while you still have the chance.Rajnikanth can divide by zero. Light moves at the speed of Rajinikanth. Rajinikanth destroyed the periodic table. references. address. until Rajinikanth kicked one of the corners off. Photos: : With each article enclose 2 passport sized photos. single spacing typing. twice.