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Signaling between Exchanges



Signaling between Exchanges



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Signaling between Exchanges Objectives General Signaling Information Signaling via PC 3! "in#s S&mmar'

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Ever' tele)hone call is controlle* b' signals which are transmitte* between the exchanges+



1 Objectives .Siemens Signaling between Exchanges 5.)on com)letion of this cha)ter0 'o& will #now the )rinci)le of signaling between the exchanges+ 1o& will be able to • • 2escribe the main *ifferences between channel/associate* signaling an* common channel signaling+ 3ame the a*vantages of the common channel signaling metho* 2 TW2103EU01 EG-0001 .

!1EG/!!!1 3 . 1 .Signaling between Exchanges Siemens are two main signaling metho*s6 CAS 4Channel Associate* Signaling5 CCS 4Common Channel Signaling5 .2 General Signaling Information 3ot onl' s)eech signals are transmitte* between exchanges0 b&t also switching signals 4e+g+ start0 en* an* *ial signals5+ .-21!3E.he exchange of these switching signals is calle* signaling+ Fig.

3 4 TW2103EU01 EG-0001 . 2 -ith CCS0 the com)lete signaling )rocess for all s)eech channels is affecte* via one common channel+ Fig.Siemens Signaling between Exchanges -ith C7S0 the signals are sent via a signaling channel which is firml' allocate* to the s)eech channel+ Fig.

!1EG/!!!1 5 .-21!3E.he label in*icates to which s)eech channel a certain *ata bloc# belongs+ Fig.Signaling between Exchanges Siemens -ith CCS0 the signaling is transmitte* via *ata bloc#s of variable length an* $4 #bit8s+ . 4 .

Siemens Signaling between Exchanges 5.he channel is allocate* as follows9 6 TW2103EU01 EG-0001 . Signaling via PC! " #in$s C%S via PC! " #in$s -ith channel associate* signaling 4C7S50 the signaling for all 3! s)eech channels is transmitte* in channel 1$ in the PC 3! s'stem+ In this case0 channel 1$ is allocate* to ever' s)eech channel onl' for a short )erio* of time+ Fig. 5 .

6 CCS via PC! " #in$s Any channel 4exce)t channel !5 in any PC s'stem can be &se* as common signaling channel+ .) to a))rox+ 2!!! s)eech channels can be serve* b' a common signaling channel+ 7 fixe* allocation of channel 1$ as with C7S is not absol&tel' necessar'+ Fig. 7 .Signaling between Exchanges Siemens :or each )&lse frame0 the signals for 2 s)eech channels are transmitte* sim&ltaneo&sl' in the ( bits of channel 1$+ 7fter 1$ )&lse frames the signaling allocate* is re)eate*+ Fig.!1EG/!!!1 7 .-21!3E.

4 Summary Signaling .here are two metho*s of signaling between exchanges6 Channel associate* signaling CAS an* common channel signaling CCS -ith CAS 0 channel 1$ is &se* for the transmission of signaling+ -ith CCS0 an' channel 4exce)t channel !5 can be &se* for &) to 2!!! s)eech channels in an' PC s'stem+ -ith CCS0 *ata bloc#s of variable length with $4 #bits8s are transmitte*+ 8 TW2103EU01 EG-0001 .etween Exchanges • • • • .Siemens Signaling between Exchanges 5.