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HK 450 assembly.

The purpose of this article is to assemble the HK 450 kit in a logical sequence so that no part mounted should be in the way of the next part to be installed. This is for the completion of the kit. (with servos and motor). Some steps can be done independent from the assembly sequence and some steps can be changed around without causing an obstacle later on. Spares are not packed according to replacement part numbers. Some packets in the kit: The frame. Mounting plate.

Screws etc.

Tail boom; tail struts etc.

Tail Parts & Paddles.

Vertical stabilizer.

] Place the gear side of all servos facing towards the . Feed the drive belt through the rear end of the helicopter and slide the tail boom to the front of the helicopter. Roughen the shaft with a file. 2. Refit the complete motor mounting plate with motor. Remove the motor mounting plate (F017) and install the motor. Place CA on the shaft and slide the gear back into place. maintaining the orientation. to fit the top servo). Slide the tail servo rod holders and the servo mounts onto the tail boom. 3. the shaft should turn clockwise (viewed from the right side of the helicopter). Ensure the correct direction of rotation and adjust the belt tension. Cut a piece (10 to 25 mm) off the plastic tube provided. Place the drive belt over the drive gear. Check the direction of rotation of the tail rotor shaft. (Loosen the tail boom clamp screws a few turns). (a flaw reported that some comes loose). It is easier to install the screws from the inside and to hold the plastic "nut" on the outside. Fit the vertical stabilizer. the front holes are higher than the rear. Slide the tail servo rod (F025) through the holders (holder . Fit the ball on the servo side (inside) of three control arms. Feed the belt through the tail boom. using the screws provided with the kit. . Ensure the glue does not protrude above the edge of the gear. Tighten the tail boom clamp screws. It will interfere with the main gear.1. Untie the drive belt on the tail unit (F028) found in the "tail parts" bag. (Picture "screws" packet A). (You may need to remove the screw and collar indicated. The right servo should be in the bottom slot and the left servo in the top slot. [Should the servo arm touch the main gear when too much negative pitch occur. Change the front linkages around (longer link to the right). Slide the tail boom backwards to tighten the drive belt. Clip the tube into the hook on the horizontal stabilizer holder. Fit the pinion and lightly tighten the grub screw. it will slide and not jam into the gear. Clip the rear link into place. Move the gear upwards (if it is loose).) Use pan head screws and/or washers to preserve the plastic slot. This indicates the top side of the mounting plate.holder) and fit the ball links. Install the servo's. (Looking from the side. Glue the bottom gear of the belt drive unit (F016) in place (on the shaft) with super glue or epoxy. When the belt end is moved in a clockwise direction (viewed from the top).

(Front screws) 7. Remove the center ball link from the swashplate. (standard setup) Place each counter weight against the paddle and tighten the grub screw. Loosen one grub screws that is holding the screws. Getting the main gear (F020) ready for installation. Slide the bar through the hole. (Save these screws to mount the tail struts). (about 23 turns) Measure the distances to center the flybar. 6. Slightly tighten any grub screw. using the shaft screw and collar provided in "Tail Parts" bag. Insert the nut and tighten. (The bottom ends are angled forward). Tightly pinch the flybar control set (F006) and the flybar seesaw holder (F003) together before removing a screw. Place the flybar in the hole. Fit the screw through the gear and shaft. (Washers remain in place). pushing the other screw out. Mount the landing skids on the bottom plate (F018). in the hole of the flybar. Install the paddles. Fit the bottom plate assembly. Place onto tail strut and screw into place. (white mount from "Paddles & vertical stabilizer" bag). Slide the flybar to the center position. Glue the tail strut ends onto one side of the tail struts. Slide the collar on the shaft downwards and tighten the grub screws. in place. Slide the counter weights (F009) on to the flybar. Fasten these ends on the body with the screws (and collar) saved from step 4.4. Install the main shaft unit aligning the holes in the shaft and gear set. Glue the end tips on place. Slide one rubber stopper on to each landing skid pipe. 5. Slide the pipes into place and fit the rubber stoppers. There are very small washers held in place by each screw. Place the gear set in position. Installing the flybar. Place the spacer in position on the main gear. Fit the horizontal stabilizer. . Put glue into the remaining tail strut end.

(F014) Fasten the center link back into position onto the swashplate. . 12. 10. 8. 9. Install the tail rotor blades. Install the tail servo. Install the mounting plate (F013). 11. Mount the anti rotation part.(Both tail strut ends could be glued at once if the correct placing is ensured). Fit the grommets into place on the canopy. Space the tail servo rod holders and glue into place. Mount the canopy holders.

The final product including visibility improvement (for me).For interest sake: I had nothing to modify on the blades I received. .