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Workforce planning Workforce planning information is beneficial in the process of developing a workforce plan.

It involves achieving our desired profile through:    forecasting future needs for employees in different roles, predicting the availability of such employees, and developing strategies to match supply with demand.

Vacancy is identified

Approval to recruit is sought Approval to fill positions and that the local area may have specific approval processes as well. The clearly identifies the rationalization underpinning the need to recruit by providing:  a clear understanding of the need for the position  the key role of the position  how the position fits into the e isting structure  the alternatives considered by the manager  agreed workforce planning priorities!needs  budget implications

Duties, tasks and responsibilities are defined Job analysis "ob analysis involves a systematic investigation of #obs using a variety of methods, to determine essential duties, tasks and responsibilities. "ob analysis is crucial to the identification of relevant skills and competencies. It involves obtaining ob#ective and verifiable information about the actual re$uirements of a #ob, and the skills and competencies re$uired to meet the local area and %niversity&s needs. "ob analysis facilitates accurate recruitment and selection practices, sets standards for performance appraisals and allows appropriate

that the appointee may need to establish and maintain. *ecruitment planning enables the manager to consider a process and strategy to:   +arket the benefits of becoming an employee of the %niversity of . hence the need for review. It focuses on actual re$uirements of the position. skills and training re$uired to perform the duties and responsibilities of the position. The position description is the base document used in the management of the employee&s performance as outlined in the %niversity&s performance management scheme. not on a person or their performance and measures the content!work value and not the volume of work. however few positions remain the same over a long period of time. Identify and communicate the %niversity&s uni$ueness to potential applicants. The position description is a key document in the process as it provides a clear picture of the position to the members of the selection panel and to the potential candidates and should accurately reflect the nature of the role and the re$uired sills. accountabilities and outcomes e pected of the position. It should also identify core relationships such as client groups. .A to potential applicants. 'omparing the skills possessed by employees with the results of #ob analysis can greatly assist in workforce planning strategies and restructuring or redesigning #obs to reflect the re$uirements of the local area Position description is written The position description should provide applicants with a clear indication of the duties. A position description provides information relating to a role at a given point of time. Position is evaluated Job evaluation and classification overview "ob evaluation is the process used to measure the relative #ob worth of positions within an organization at a point in time.classification!reclassification of positions. The work value of the position is dependent on a range of factors including the e perience. knowledge and attributes (selection criteria) necessary for successful performance in the role. If there is already an e isting position description this should be reviewed before the start of a selection and recruitment process.

/ighlight the work areas strengths %se appropriate applicant assessment methods.employee profile.       'reate an -ideal-!-high performing. 0valuate the selection practices in an effort to ensure continuous improvement of the recruitment and selection practices. creative advertising strategies). %tilise innovative talent sourcing methods (eg . i!e as appropriate Who Custo 1inalize #ob description Approve advertising sources 2btain estimates and approvals 3lace ads 'ollect resumes 0valuate effectiveness of advertising efforts 4egin review of resumes Interview candidates *efer finalists to 5epartment /ead 5epartment /ead interviews finalists 'heck references . +aintain consistency and fair treatment of all applicants. *ecruit internationally.