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SOC101 Introduction to Sociology
Final Term Examination – Spring 2006
Time Allowed: 150 Minutes

Question No. 1 3

Marks :

Ahmar is a student of sociology. He is working on population study, name three significant areas of population that he can study. Question No. 2 ___________ is the property-less working class. Proletariat Bourgeoisie Mediocre Industrialists Question No. 3 Marks : 1 Marks : 1

Thomas Malthus’s theory of population growth summarizes that ________________________. Population increases geometrically while the available food supply increases arithmetically. Although population increases geometrically, technological innovation will guarantee adequate food supplies. Increase in the food supply inevitably lead to increase in population. Population increases in direct proportions to the available food supply. Question No. 4 Marks : 1

In a traditional society, status and roles were characterized by few statuses, mostly ascribed and few specialized roles. True False Question No. 5 Marks : 1

expects that by ___________ all children will complete their primary education. Keeping in view the above mentioned situation. 8 Marks : 1 Marks : 1 The government of Pakistan. 9 Marks : 3 Ch.The concept of social integration was proposed by ________________. his daughter also wants to go abroad for higher studies. he strictly refused her. Question No. he has two children. When she tried to get permission from her father. one daughter and one son. Merton Herbert Spenser Question No. 6 The adoptions of those social patterns that have resulted from industrialization are called___________. Marks : 1 Question No. Moreover Ch. Ahsan according to the gender stratification. pursuing the policy of Education for All (EFA). Clan Kinship Tribe Class Question No. Ahsan is a well known land lord in his district. 7 _________ is a social bond that is based on blood. his son is studying in England. 11 10 Marks : Marks : 1 . Ahsan does not give any importance to the females of his family and only involves his son in any kind of decision making. marriage or adoption that joins individuals into families. 10 Cultural change means______________. 2010 2020 2015 2025 Question No. explain the behavior of Ch. Change in patterns of behavior Change in the laws of society Change in the technology of the society All of the given options Question No. Both are competent. Karl Marx mile Durkhiem Robert K.

Asim and Atif are friends. 12 ___________ means assigning students to different types of educational programs. which states that social stratification is based on two classes. How Atif will explain Max Weber’s point of view? Question No. Asim favouring Karl Marx’s point of view about social stratification. Marks : 1 Question No. Their teacher gives them an assignment on “social stratification”. While Atif inclined towards Max Weber’s point of view about social stratification. Both are the student of sociology. 13 Marks : 1 .

19 Marks : 1 Marks : 1 _____________ mobility is the up and down movement of individuals and groups in socio. Question No. 14 Marks : 1 ________________ stratification refers to society’s unequal distribution of wealth. 17 Marks : 3 Ahmad is a student of sociology. What kind of fears he can face regarding the new occupation. Distribution Size Composition Migration Question No. Presently he is working on one cause that “ideas can bring change”. Question No. 16 Marks : 3 Zeeshan moved from rural to urban area in search of job. He is conducting a research on “causes of social change”. Question No. Role set Role conflict Role description Role exit Question No. To guide him. The available occupation in urban area can cause mental illnesses and conflicts. power and privilege between men and women. explain this cause of social change.__________ is the study of interaction of living organisms and their natural environment.economic scale. 18 _________ is to occupy many statuses simultaneously. 15 Marks : 1 __________ of population refers to the dispersion of people in a territory. like rural-urban densities. Vertical Horizontal Latent Intra-generational Question No. 20 Marks : 1 . Caste Class Gender power Question No.

status and __________. enlist any three. Question No. True False Marks : 1 Marks : 1 Question No. 23 Endogamy is the practice that mandates marriage between different social categories. 25 Traditional societies are governed by heterogeneity in the cultural values. 24 The ________ is “Crude” because it does not take into account the risk of having births. Keeping in view the Demographic Transition Theory. Marriage joining two partners Marriage uniting three or more people Marriage uniting one male and two or more females Marriage uniting one female with two or more males Marks : 1 Marks : 1 Question No. True False Marks : 1 Question No. 22 Polyandry refers to a____________. 21 The shift from high to low mortality and fertility is known as the _______________.In Weber’s theory of social stratification. CBR CDR Mortality None of the given option Question No. Maham and Hamza took admission in the school at grade one. Question No. 26 Marks : 3 Ali. Question No. three overlapping elements are social class. 27 Marks : 10 Ahmad is studying the links of birth rates and death rates to a society’s level of industrialization. 50 percent of students dropped out prior to completion of their primary stage from their school. There could be number of reasons. how will he explain the four stages? .

Question No. 29 Marks : 1 ___________ societies actively encourage other societies to seek more efficient forms of energy and convince people about new technologies. The importance of change No choice of human expanding Eliminating gender stratification Existing sexual violence Question No. 32 Bourgeoisie welcomed the industrial revolution because the new technology increased the productivity and profits. Matrilineal Bilateral Patrilineal Neolocal Marks : 1 Question No. 28 ___________ is a system which traces kinship through males. 30 Marks : 1 Sociologists are interested in studying the environmental problems that result from the specific actions of individuals. True False Marks : 1 . Caste Class Industrial Traditional Question No. so they are also social problems. True False Question No. 31 Marks : 1 __________ is not related with the basic feminist ideas.