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Quartz - Halogen SOFTLIGHT
DATA SHEET 02/04/03

This Botticelli Softlight is utilizing 2 linear quartz-halogen lamps with R7s caps and there are 2 different overall length versions (that must be specified on order): • 189 mm 230-240V lamps available Max. Power 1.250W per lamp (tot. 2.500W) • 118 mm 120 V & 230-240V lamps available Max. Power 1.000W per lamp (tot. 2.000W) The use of such fixture makes possible the blending of shadows and penumbra without the need of bulky reflecting panels. The two lamps can be individually turned ON or OFF and they are arranged inside the optycal system in such a way that the projected soft beam will only change in intensity when adding or deducting the function of a lamp, but it will not change the effect on shadows.
• • • • • • • • Compact, highly efficient Soft-Light linear tungsten-quartz-halogen filament lamps having R7s sockets and length of either 118mm. or 189 mm. Rugged and Lightweight Carbon Steel housing with low glare black epoxy powder coating, with front supports for filter frame and egg-crate for beam control. Egg crates are available in two types of thickness and are stackable in front of the unit. High efficiency convection cooling. Fold down front panel for lamp compartment access without dismounting front accessories Standard units are equipped with Special aluminum reflector with frosted reflecting surface on lamination, to obtain a super soft and diffused projection but still minimizing reflection losses. White reflectors are available on request The accessories are secure regardless of the orientation of the fixture. Accessories have been designed for one hand installation. Available with either positive lock manual yokes for comfort and ease of handling, or pole operated yokes which can be used via the lighting pole for Panning and Tilting the lights as well as manually, since the mechanical activators are equipped with clutches. It is possible the conversion between the two types.

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M.O. USA 12. America 110 V / 0-60 Hz P. Tilting ±90° Horizontal from horizontal +45° C Max Top 0. 2. +39 06 934991 Fax +39 06 9343489 www. America 2 x TOGGLE 10 A Lamp Holder R7s Spring Type Rotary 25 A 2x Toggle 10 A Power Cable Protection Class Protection Type Max.7 kg 13 kg kg 24. Sides .CHARACTERISTICS & PERFORMANCE DATA DESCRIPTION Power Input Power supply Switch on the fixture VALUE Max.67 kg. Housing Surface Temperature Weight of Fixture Europe America 2 3 x 14 AWG 3 x 2. Front 2.26 kg.5 m. 2500W Europe 230 V / 0-50 Hz M.4 ° Lighting fixture: Max. De Sisti Lighting S. 10A Cecchina . P.p.O.2 m. Europe Dimensions in mm.O.O.desisti. Back 0.O. Via Cancelliera. frame USABLE LAMPS Length-watt-filament ANSI 189 – 625 – sc 8 189 -1000.5 mm H07RN-F TYPE SO 90° C rating 90° C rating Class 1 – it requires ground connection IP 22 102° C P.31 kg.5 mm tickness 49 mm tickness 1.2 m.Albano Laziale (RM).4 m. USA Weight of Eggcrates Weight of color 8 189 – 1250 – sc 8 118 – 1000 – sc 8 EKM - 230 v LIF P2/10 P2/7 P2/12 P2/20 120 v ANSI Not available Not available Not available FCM P2/28 LIF WORKING CONDITIONS Working Position Ambient Temperature. M.8 12 kg 11. ta Minimum distances from inflammable surfaces Lamp: any for tilt position MAX +\.A.O. Tel.

colour frame (3117. 5 mt.100).O. 3113.40). 3112. two 10A toggle switches. silver paint reflectors 2 mt.000/2.N. Pole operated stirrup with 28. P. Steel tube (M. cable. thickness 49 mm. M.250/2. stirrup (3112. cable. Via Cancelliera. BOTTICELLI UP TO 1.40).O.000 .110 BOTTICELLI UP TO 1.300. 1 1/8"). 10A Cecchina . P. cable. cable.O.110 BOTTICELLI 2 LAMPS ACCESSORIES TYPES & MODEL NUMBERS MOD. 3110. with top end for attachment to "C" clamp..000 W. spigot (D. +39 06 934991 Fax +39 06 9343489 www. silver paint reflectors. for lamp lenght 118 mm.110. two 10A toggle switches. colour frame (3117. thickness 24.100).250/2.110. colour frame (3117. M.I.40 3110. Softlight for lamp lenght 189 mm.O.O.I.Albano Laziale (RM).O. BOTTICELLI UP TO 1. stirrup (3110.00 mm.000/2. silver paint reflectors. Tel. spigot (B. M.5 mm.300. 25A rotary switches. stirrup (3112. 5 mt. Softlight.) Egg-crate. with top end for attachment to "C" clamp. 1 1/8"). Softlight.100)...S.S.p. colour frame (3117.00 mm.desisti.) stirrup with 28. 25A rotary switch.40 3112.40).40 3112. for lamp lenght 118 mm.100 3116.A. Softlight.110. 2 mt.110 BOTTICELLI UP TO 1.N) Pole operated stirrup with 28.40 3116. Colour Frame De Sisti Lighting S.500 W.200 3117. M. spigot (B. DESCRIPTION Botticelli for 230V-240V Operation 3110.. P. silver paint reflectors.) stirrup with 28.O.110.57 mm. spigot (D.110.110.40).O.100 OPTIONAL & ACCESSORIES Steel tube (M. P. Egg-crate.O.100).110 Botticelli for 120V or 230V Operation 3111.BOTTICELLI 2 LAMPS VERSIONS & MODEL NUMBERS MOD.57 mm. for lamp lenght 189 mm. stirrup (3110.500 W.O.