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Recruitment and Selection Process Checklist

Requisition Number: Position Title: AAP Code: Underutilized for Women or Minorities?: Department

Date Posted: Date Filled: Date Audited: HR Administrator: Hiring Manager:

A 1 2 3 4 5 6


Process Yes No Responses Recruitment Process Was a search plan developed? If so, please attach. Where was the position posted externally? Please attach copies NA NA of the ads. Were the general summary and qualifications of the ad(s) accurate? Did the ad(s) direct job seekers to apply online? Did the ad(s) contain the AA/EEO tagline? Was the applicant pool reviewed to ensure diversity prior to reviewing resumes? Please attach a copy of the EEO report used. What efforts were made to increase the applicant pool for NA NA females and minorities?

B UChicago Jobs Screening Process (Applicant Statuses) 1 Did all applicants meet the required qualifications? 2 If not, were the statuses changed to “Does not Meet Qualifications - Manual?” 3 Did everyone that was considered apply online? If no, why not? 4 How was the applicant pool narrowed? Please attach documentation. 5 Was the screening criteria documented at each stage?


UHRM - Employment Services Email: Phone: 773-702-8900


on what? How were the scores evaluated? What other criteria were used to narrow the applicant pool? Are there documented reasons why the applicants were not selected? Please attach. a list of the questions. NA NA D Hire Information 1 What were the reference checking questions? Please attach. Provide a list of those applicants interviewed (in person).Employment Services Email: employment@uchicago. 3 Was the background check and MVR cleared if applicable? 4 What did you base your salary recommendation on? NA NA 5 Was the salary offer equitable? 6 Was the standard offer letter used? Please attach. and the outcomes. a list of the Phone: 773-702-8900 2 .Recruitment and Selection Process Checklist 6 7 8 9 10 C 1 2 3 4 5 6 Process Yes No Responses NA NA Provide a list of those applicants phone screened. and the outcomes. UHRM Reviewer: Notes and Recommendations: UHRM . 2 Who were the references and what were the responses? Please NA NA attach. Were the phone screen and interview questions job related? Were the phone screen and interview questions applied consistently? Were the statuses changed appropriately? Selection Guidelines Who made up the interview team? Did the interview team include females and minorities? Were the interviewees tested? If so.