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Climate change materials resources for participants of NCVOs vulnerable people and climate change project

Name Climate science explained Producer Type of resource Where to get it spx?id=5917&terms=briefing When to use it (suggestions) Introducing climate change; Driver 6 climate effects elsewhere (table on page 2) Driver 6 climate effects elsewhere; Implications: so what does this mean for you? Could be good for helping people to clarify their personal view of climate change. May also be an effective way to prepare for talking about actions. Climate change driver 7: pressure for a low carbon society Climate change driver 7: pressure for a low carbon society Your notes

Green Alliance

Information leaflet

Decide game Act on Co2 carbon calculator new economics foundation

new economics foundation Dept of Energy and Climate Change

Board game - cut up and create from pdf Online self-assessment quiz Book cut up and create from pdf ate-change /index.html ion_book_final.pdf

Carbon Ration Book

Energy, transport and rubbish quizzes Water game and quiz David Attenborough 'The Truth About Climate Change'

Global Action Plan EcoTeams Global Action Plan EcoTeams

Online facil print out and cut up Paper cut up and create from pdf ams/take-action ams/take-action

Climate change driver 7 Climate change driver 5: drought

BBC new economics foundation Locality Shared Energy Toolkit

Video clip WdbXx0

Introducing climate change: a clear explanation of the human influence on the climate Climate change drivers; Implications Climate change driver 7 exploring personal carbon cutting choices and implications Introducing the difference between weather and climate; exploring peoples personal experiences of different weather; introducing drivers 1-5. Good icebreaker Exploring the difference between mitigation (carbon reduction to limit climate change) and adaptation (responding to inevitable climate change). Climate change driver 4 helps to build an understanding of the long term impacts of floods on households Climate change drivers

2027 newspapers

Paper resource Game - cut out and create from book A4 colour photographs to print out.

Order photocopies from Kate s/shared-energy-toolkit imatechange/training.htm (1a) imatechange/training.htm (1b and 4a) ll%20Floods%20Project/HFP_%20 FSL.php Order Powerpoint or pdf doc from Kate Order repeat pdf doc from Kate online or print-ready version OR request Word version to customise for your audience

Climate Walk

Weather flashcards Mitigation v Adaptation quiz plus leaf templates for action pledges

Community Forest NW

Community Forest NW

Game print and cut out.

Flood Snakes and Ladders Climate change drivers How will climate change affect? (trustee exercise)

Lancaster University NCVO

Game print out with onscreen elements Posters / Power Point slides


Booklet with prompt questions

Climate change drivers; Implications

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