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Mekonnen Kenneth Mungara Girma Assefa Philemon Baaru Evans Ruto Stephen Chebogut Ishhimael Bushendich John Kelai Julius Chepkwony Gosa Girma Patrick Korir Wosen Zeleke Cutbert Nyasango Dickson Marwa Prodigal Kumalo Gladwin Mzazi Debela Feysa Patrick Biwot KEN/1982 ETH/1982 KEN/1990 ERI/1977 ETH/1980 KEN/1973 ETH/1986 KEN/1981 KEN/1984 KEN/1985 KEN/1991 KEN/1976 KEN/1986 ETH/1981 KEN/1977 ETH/1992 ZIM/1982 TAN/1982 ZIM/1982 RSA/1988 ETH/1988 KEN/1987 2.06.25 2.06.46 2.07.01 2.07.34 2.07.35 2.07.36 2.07.43 2.07.49 2.07.49 2.08.02 2.09.09 2.09.09 2.09.09 2.09.36 2.09.36 2.10.56 2.11.48 2.12.53 2.16.03 debut (61.12 half) debut (62.37 half) debut

PACEMAKERS 30 Sibusiso Nzima 32 Michael Mutai 33 Soyekwo Kibet 34 Philemon Yator

RSA/1986 KEN/1983 UGA/1992 KEN/1992

pace 25km pace 30km pace 30km pace 30km

WOMEN ELITE ATHLETES MUMBAI MARATHON 2014 F51 F52 F53 F54 F55 F57 F58 F59 F60 F61 F62 F63 F64 F65 F66 F67 Dinknesh Mekash Etalemahu Kidane Asnakech Mengistu Aberu Mekuria Helalia Johannes Yuliya Ruban Eunice Kales Tsega Gelaw Workitu Ayanu Ehite Bizuayehu Alem Kifle Bizunesh Urgesa Fatna Maraoui Eunice Jeptoo Abebu Gelan Gladys Kipsoi ETH/1985 ETH/1983 ETH/1986 ETH/1983 NAM/1980 UKR/1983 KEN/1984 ETH/1990 ETH/1987 ETH/1988 ETH/1988 ETH/1989 ITA/1977 KEN/1983 ETH/1990 KEN/1986 2.25.09 2.25.49 2.25.50 2.26.07 2.26.09 NR 2.27.00 2.27.19 2.28.38 2.29.25 2.29.52 2.30.13 2.31.09 2.37.22 2.39.01 debut (67.57 half) debut (69.11 half)

PACEMAKERS 36 Stefan van den Broek 37 Stijn Fincioen

BEL/1972 BEL/1980

pace women pace women

MEN ELITE ATHLETES MUMBAI MARATHON 2014 1 Evans Cheruiyot KEN/1982 2.06.25 Evans is a former Chicago Marathon who run five times below 60.00 over half marathon in his career and won a Bronze medal at the World Half Marathon Championships. Evans comes from a Kalenjin-Keiyo family and started running in 2004. Besides running, he likes to play pool and darts. In Mumbai, he aims to run the best time of the field. 2013 2011 2011 2009 2009 2008 2008 2007 2007 2007 Linz Marathon Chicago Marathon Dubai Marathon Fukuoka Marathon Boston Marathon Chicago Marathon Rotterdam Half Marathon World Championships Half Marathon Milan Marathon Rotterdam Half Marathon 2nd 6th 2nd 5th 8th 1st 2nd 3rd 1st 1st 2.09.57 2.10.29 2.08.17 2.09.46 2.12.45 2.06.25 59.29 59.05 2.09.16 59.12

2 Eshetu Wendimu ETH/1982 2.06.46 Eshetu comes from a farmers family in Cheki, Ethiopia. As a nephew to one of the world’s best athletes, Sileshi Sihine, Eshetu got inspired by long distance running through his relatives. So he started running in school. Besides running, he likes to swim. As training is going on really well, Eshetu is confident that he will do well in Mumbai. 2012 2012 2011 2011 2011 2010 2010 2010 2009 2008 Paris Marathon Dubai Marathon World Championships Marathon Paris Marathon Dubai Marathon Dubai Marathon City Pier City Half Marathon Berlin Half Marathon Delhi Half Marathon African Championships 10.000m 6th 11th 12th 3rd 3rd 3rd 2nd 1st 2nd 3rd 2.07.54 2.07.28 2.13.37 2.07.33 2.08.54 2.06.46 59.52 60.16 60.02 28.56.36 (high altitude)

4 Lawrence Kimaiyo KEN/1990 2.07.01 Trains in the group of well-known Kenyan coach Patrick Sang who coaches the likes 2011 London Marathon champion Emmanuel Mutai en Olympic Marathon Champion Stephen Kiprotich among others. Lawrence started running in 2008, inspired by his cousin Lucas Rotich (26:42.98 and 59:44) and finished school in 2009. He went immediately to the roads. Besides running he is a small scale farmer who has 8 cows and land on which he grows maize. In his sparetime he likes to watch Premier League Footbal (favorite team Arsenal) and he likes to read novels (last one was “the river between” from Ngugi Wa Thiongo). 2013 Hamburg Marathon 2012 Kosice Marathon 2010 Turin Marathon 3rd 1st 2nd 2.10.27 2.07.01 2.11.45

5 Yonas Kifle ERI/1977 2.07.34 Yonas represented Eritrean already many times at various World Championships and Olympic Games. He has won a bronze medal at the 2005 World Half Marathon Championships. 2012 2010 2009 2008 2007 2007 2006 2005 2002 Seoul International Marathon London Marathon London Marathon London Marathon Amsterdam Marathon World Half Marathon Championships World Championships Cross Country World Half Marathon Championships World Half Marathon Championships 8th 9th 6th 7th 5th 5th 7th 3rd 4th 2.08.51 2.14.39 2.08.28 2.08.51 2.07.34 59.30 61.13 61.05

6 Hailu Mekonnen ETH/1980 2.07.35 Former track specialist Hailu had a very successful career in the early 2000. He won Bronze twice at the World Championships Cross Country, run world class times over 1500m to 5000m in track before changing to road racing in 2005. He was also one of the pacemakers when Haile Gebrselassie set the World Record over 10km in Doha in 2002, Hailu then finished 2nd in 27.39 himself. Haile spent some years in Japan running for a corporate team and speak Japanese quiet well. 2012 Hengshui Marathon 2012 Tokyo Marathon 2011 Tokyo Marathon 1st 8th 1st 2.08.01 (course record) 2.09.59 2.07.35

2010 Amsterdam Marathon 2010 Paris Marathon

5th 8th

2.07.37 2.09.01

7 Kenneth Mungara KEN/1973 2.07.36 Kenneth (former Mumbai Marathon winner) has an incredible career in marathon, he participated in 19 marathons so far, he finished 10 times on the podium and out of those he won 8 marathons. At age 40, Kenneth Mungara of Kenya lives and trains in the small town of Limuru, located on the eastern edge of the Great Rift Valley about 30 miles North-West from Nairobi. Altitude of the town is about 2800 meters. Kenneth lives on a small shamba (Swahili for farm, or small land holding) on the edge of Limuru with his wife Esther, and their three children (son Ian and daughters Grace and Mary Ann). Kenneth started running in 2005 at the late age of 33 years. In 2010 Kenneth ran the fastest time ever on Canadian soil to win the Toronto Waterfront Marathon with a time of 2:07:58. In all, Kenneth won the Toronto Waterfront Marathon four times (2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011). Remarkably, at 40 years of age Kenneth Mungara won the 2013 Nairobi Standard Chartered Marathon in October. Winning in Nairobi for anyone is not an easy feat when considering the depth of Kenyan talent that the event attracts and the high altitude (1600+ meters elevation), not to mention winning as a Masters (40+ age division). 2013 2011 2011 2010 2010 2010 2009 2009 2009 2008 2008 Nairobi Marathon (high altitude) Toronto Marathon Prague Marathon Singapore Marathon Toronto Marathon Prague Marathon Toronto Marathon Prague Marathon Mumbai Marathon Toronto Marathon Prague Marathon 1st 1st 2nd 1st 1st 7th 1st 3rd 1st 1st 1st 2.11.40 2.09.51 2.07.36 2.14.06 2.07.58 2.10.53 2.08.32 2.10.29 2.11.51 2.11.01 2.11.06

8 Girma Assefa ETH/1986 2.07.43 Former Mumbai Marathon Champion Girma Assefa is delighted to return and try to retain his title he won in 2011. He started his career running for a corporate team in Japan. He spent many years on the track there and built a strong athletic base and knows a bit of Japanese and enjoys many aspects of the Japanese culture; including the food. He has won many Asian marathons and is a good athlete in hot and humid conditions. He is a defending champion of Mumbai and really back to top shape now and ready to return to the top of the podium in 2014. He is an extremely devoted family man and spends the majority of his free time aside from training; playing with his children and meeting with friends.

2013 2012 2011 2011

Chongqing Marathon Chongqing Marathon Paris Marathon Mumbai Marathon

6th 2nd 5th 1st

2.11.28 2.10.37 2.07.43 2.09.54

9 Philemon Baaru KEN/1981 2.07.49 Philemon Baaru comes from the Kikuyu region close to Nairobi. He started running in 2001 and has since then gained some experience in marathon running. He hopes to win the race in Mumbai and to set a good time. When he is not training, he enjoys playing badminton. 2013 2012 2011 2010 2008 Kosice Marathon Kosice Marathon Porto Marathon Nairobi Marathon (high altitude) Nairobi Marathon (high altitude) 6th 2nd 1st 2nd 2nd 2.11.25 2.07.49 2.09.51 2.11.11 2.11.01

10 Evans Ruto KEN/1984 2.07.49 Evans Ruto started competing internationally in 2005 and ran his first marathon in 2008 in Dusseldorf. Since then he competed in several marathon in Europe and Asia. Besides running, Evans enjoys watching football and spending time with his wife and his son Reagan. As his last marathon victory dates back to 2010, he is eager to win another marathon. 2013 2012 2012 2010 2009 Gyeongju Marathon Kosice Marathon Dusseldorf Marathon Ljubljana Marathon Cologne Marathon 4th 3rd 5th 1st 1st 2.09.55 2.07.49 2.10.10 2.10.17 2.08.36

11 Stephen Chebogut KEN/1985 2.08.02 Stephen started off his marathon career running the Nairobi Marathon in 2009, he then caught the attention of coach William Kiplagat. After 12 months training Stephen came to Europe for his first marathon which he won in Reims clocking a sub 2:10 mark. He then went on to improve his personal best to 2.08 in Paris and a year later he won his second marathon in his career in Istanbul. Stephen started running while he was still in school. He had to run to school every day to be there on time. Later he was inspired by international athlete Luke Kiptoo to make athletics his profession. His goal for Mumbai is to finish in a top three position. 2013 Gyeongju Marathon 6th 2.10.20

2013 2012 2011 2010

Dubai Marathon Istanbul Marathon Paris Marathon Reims Marathon

12th 1st 6th 1st

2.09.20 2.11.05 2.08.02 2.09.38

12 Ishhimael Busendich KEN/1991 2.09.09 Ishhimael comes from a big farmers family in Mont Elgon County. Nowadays he lives together with his wife and two children. His inspiration to start with athletics was his uncle Suleiman Simotwo, as well as Mangata Ndiwa (World Juniores Cross Country Champion in 2006) who comes from the same village as Ishhimael. Ishhimael listens to gospel music in his free time. 2013 2013 2012 2012 Ljubljana Marathon Vienna Marathon La Rochelle Marathon Enschede Marathon 4th 7th 1st 1st 2.10.32 2.12.30 2.09.12 2.09.09

13 John Kelai KEN/1976 2.09.09 Won Brussels Marathon in 2004 finishing from the wrong side. In the last 500m of the race, officials sent John the wrong direction which made him finishing from behind instead of the front of the finish line. This accident made him instantly famous. 2013 2011 2010 2010 2009 2008 2007 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 14 Zhengkai Marathon Mumbai Marathon Commonwealth Games Marathon Enschede Marathon Mumbai Marathon Mumbai Marathon Toronto Marathon Mumbai Marathon Enschede Marathon Enschede Marathon Brussels Marathon Singapore Marathon Julius Chepkwony KEN/1986 3rd 5th 9th 1st 6th 1st 1st 3rd 1st 1st 1st 2nd 1st 1st 1st 2.16.28 2.11.05 2.14.35 2.12.17 2.12.23 2.12.23 2.09.30 2.12.27 2.12.05 2.11.44 2.11.00 2.19.02 2.09.09 2.10.31 2.14.28 2.09.09

2013 Ljubljana Marathon 2013 Madrid Marathon 2012 Eindhoven Marathon

2012 Barcelona Marathon



15 Gosa Girma ETH/1981 2.09.36 Gosa Girma is a tough marathoner who made his debut in Milan Marathon last year on very short training and finished in a sprint with the eventual winner taking second in 2:09 debut time. 2013 Ljubljana Marathon 2013 Milano Marathon 2012 Karlsruhe Marathon 5th 2nd 4th 2.10.50 2.09.36 2.14.00

16 Patrick Korir KEN/1977 2.09.36 Patrick Korir comes from a farmers family in the Rift Valley Province. After he finished his studies he faced some difficulties finding a job so he decided to start training and was hoping to make a living out of it. After some difficult year he made his breakthrough and finished second in Toulouse marathon. Later on he joined DAP management and his success story continued. Patrick plans to invest his earning in buying a house for his parents, to pay studies for his sisters and brothers and to save some money which he will invest in his farm as soon as he retires from athletics. 2013 2013 2012 2011 Kosice Marathon Rome Marathon Madrid Marathon Toulouse Marathon 1st 10th 1st 1st 2.09.36 2.11.32 2.12.07 2.11.36

17 Wosen Zeleke ETH/1992 2.10.56 Wosen Zeleke was born in Jama Wollo in Ethiopia. When he turned 17 he moved to Addis Ababa to go to school. At that time, he also started running motivated by legendary Haile Gebrselassie. He ran his first marathon in Beijing where he took the fourth place. 2013 Warsaw Marathon 2013 Marathon St Mont Michel 2012 Beijing Marathon 3rd 2nd 4th 2.10.54 2.12.13 2.11.20

18 Cutbert Nyasango ZIM/1982 2.11.48 Cutbert started running at the age of 18 years and since then represented Zimbabwe at several Championships. He is dreaming of becoming a coach after his athletics career, but he is also interested in farming. As farming takes a lot of time, he will wait with farming till he has finished his career. Besides running, Cutbert likes to spend time with his wife and kid,

going to church and reading running magazines. He also likes to watch television, especially Liverpool and Barcelona matches as he is a big fan of these football clubs! 2012 2012 2012 2011 2010 Fukuoka Marathon Olympic Games Marathon Lisbon Half Marathon World Championships Marathon Boston Marathon 9th 7th 5th 16th 11th 2.11.48 2.12.08 62.26 2.15.56 2.12.40

19 Dickson Marwa TAN/1982 2.12.53 Over the past seven years Dickson has become a stable value to represent Tanzania on various international championships such as the Olympics, World and African Championships and Commonwealth Games. 2013 2013 2011 2009 2009 2003 TCS Bangalore 10km Sapporo Marathon All African Games Half Marathon Rotterdam Marathon World Championships 10.000m Gold Coast Marathon 6th 4th 6th 13th 16th 1st 28.50 2.15.17 65.22 2.13.23 28.18.00 2.12.53

20 Prodigal Kumalo ZIM/1982 2.16.03 Prodigal was born in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe but now lives in South Africa with his family. He started running professionally in 2002 after being introduced by a friend. Before that, he was a professional soccer player. Besides running, he enjoys working at a running shop and likes to swim in his free time. Running Mumbai marathon is like a dream coming true for Prodigal, his aim is to run sub 2.20 and he hopes to make the top 10. 2013 2012 2010 2010 2009 2008 Umlazi Marathon Comrades Marathon 90km Old Mutual East London Marathon Comrades marathon 90km Durban Marathon Soweto Marathon 1st 14th 1st 11th 5th 6th 2.24.44 5.43.04 2.20.13 5.50.54 2.16.03 2.22.22

21 Gladwin Mzazi RSA/1988 debut South African Gladwin Mzazi was born in the province of Eastern Cape. He currently lives in Pretoria where he combines his training with a Sport Management study at Tshwana University of Technology. Gladwin’s biggest victory was this year, winning the half marathon

at the Universiade in Russia. He showed that he is in a good shape, by improving his personal best at the Airtel New Delhi half marathon in 2013. 2013 2013 2012 2012 22 Airtel New Delhi Half Marathon Universiade Half Marathon World Championships Half Marathon South African Champs Half Marathon Debela Feysa ETH/1988 7th 7th 1st 18th 3rd 61.12 63:37 63:46 61:38 debut 62.37

2013 Rabat Half Marathon

23 Patrick Biwot KEN/1987 debut Patrick Biwot will make his international marathon debut in Mumbai. In 2011 he ran his first and only marathon in Kenya. Patrick is the first born in a farmers family. He started training after dropping school because his parents were not able to pay his school fees. Patrick likes to read study books and he likes to watch athletics videos.

WOMEN ELITE ATHLETES MUMBAI MARATHON 2014 F51 Dinknesh Mekash ETH/1985 2.25.09 Dinknesh, which means “wondrous one” in Amharic, grew up in the town of Bekoji, the renowned “Town of Runners”. As a young athlete she was brought to Addis Ababa by the organization ‘Running Across Borders’ and given coaching, accommodation and support to pursue a running career. She was the first to be part of the program and a classic example of what they are trying to do in East Africa: use sport to help youth achieve success in life. In 2010, Mekash traveled outside of her country for the first time, flying to Scotland to participate in the Loch Ness Marathon. She won in 2:46:39. She was surprised by seeing radiators used for heating the home. The arrival of the mail each day also caught her attention. She was inspired by her niece Elfenesh Alemu (4th in 2004 Olympic marathon, 2003 Tokyo winner) in the beginning of her running career. Tiki Gelana has been an inspiration for her as well, who is her training partner in the group of Getaneh Tessema. After a second place in Mumbai last year, she hopes to takes the win this time! 2013 2013 2012 2012 2011 2011 2010 Paris Marathon Mumbai Marathon Hamburg Marathon Eindhoven Marathon Rome Marathon Riga Nordea Marathon Loch Ness Marathon 4th 2nd 6th 3rd 9th 2nd 1st 2.25.09 2.28.46 2.29.56 2.30.31 2.34.44 2.38.04 2.46.39

F52 Etalemahu Kidane ETH/1983 2.25.49 Etalemahu Kidane is an experienced marathon athlete and has already finished top three in the marathon of Cologne, Hamburg and Hengshui. She was born Bekoji, a town which is home to some of the best distance runners in the world like Kenenisa Bekele and the Dibaba sisters. It was at the elementary school in Bekoji where Etalemahu started running. As many Ethiopians, Etalemahu is religious and likes to read the bible. In Mumbai, she wants to improve her personal best and wants to win the race. 2013 2012 2012 2011 2009 2004 2000 Ljubljana Marathon Hengshui Marathon Hamburg Marathon Cologne Marathon Amsterdam Marathon African Championships 5000m World Junior Championships 3000m 4th 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 1st 3rd 2.31.33 2.28.03 2.25.49 2.34.44 2.31.11 16.25.83 9.11.55


Asnakech Mengistu

ETH/1986 6th 1st 3rd

2.25.50 2.31.55 2.25.50 2.33.32

2013 Seoul International Marathon 2010 Milan Marathon 2009 Tempe Marathon

F54 Aberu Mekuria ETH/1983 2.26.07 Aberu Mekuria comes from a farmers family in ‘the town of runners’ Bekoji in Ethiopia. As many inhabitants of Bekoji, Aberu started athletes in school. She really enjoyed going to school. Nowadays, Aberu is one of the athletes training in Getaneh Tessema’s group in Addis Ababa. So far she has run six marathons and won three of them; Hengshui, Eindhoven and Cologne. Last year she took the third place in Mumbai, this year she will definitely go for the top position. 2013 2013 2013 2012 2012 2011 Hengshui Marathon Rotterdam Marathon Mumbai Marathon Eindhoven Marathon Hannover Marathon Cologne Marathon 1st 5th 3rd 1st 2nd 1st 2.26.07 (Course Record) 2.29.04 2.29.03 2.27.20 2.30.17 2.32.24

F55 Helalia Johannes NAM/1980 2.26.09 NR Helalia Johannes comes from a very religious family so she spends her free time reading the bible and going to church. And she will never start a race without praying. She also takes much care about her family and she even bought herself a small truck so she can transport things to support her family. Besides running, Helalia works for the Namibian Army. She has represented Namibia at various championships. She ran the national record at the 2012 Olymipcs where she took the 12th place. 2013 2012 2012 2012 2011 2011 2010 Tokyo Marathon Olympic Games Marathon Vienna Marathon Airtel Delhi Half Marathon Dublin Marathon All African Games Half Marathon World Championships Half Marathon 6th 12th 3rd 5th 1st 3rd 16th 2.29.30 2.26.09 (National Record) 2.27.20 71.43 2.30.37 71.12 71.57

F57 Yuliya Ruban UKR/1983 2.27.00 Yuliya Ruban is a three times Champion of Ukranian cross country nationals 2005\06\07. Yuliya Ruban transitioned to the marathon in 2009 and was selected for her country’s national team to 2011 World Championships in Daegu. In 2009 Ruban started training with Igor Osmak, a former coach of World Marathon Majors winner Irina Mikitenko (2:19:00). The result was a steady improvement in her marathon result in Frankfurt last year with a 2:27:44. The performance in 2011 Boston Marathon brought her a new PB of 2:27:00. On November 13th, 2011 she’s got her Champion title in Turin. 2013 2012 2011 2011 2010 Prague Marathon Olympic Games Marathon Turin Marathon Boston Marathon Frankfurt Marathon 7th 22nd 1st 10th 7th 2.34.50 2.34.47 2.27.10 2.27.00 2.27.44

F58 Eunice Kales KEN/1984 2.27.19 29 year old Eunice Kales moved to the marathon distance in 2013. She is a mother of two kids within a family of 4 brothers and 6 sisters. She is from the Pokot ethnic group a very small (650,000) grouping of peoples in the far North of Kenya and trains in a small town called Kapenguria about 2-3 hours from Eldoret. She likes to be stylish and braids her hair often something that is a hobby for her. Running is in the family with her brother John Kales a former pace maker for the World Major Marathons leading athletes up to 30km in London, Fukuoka, Berlin and assisting the likes of Haile, Kebede and the late Wanjiru to course and world records. Brighton marathon in April 2013 was special for her because she not only won and beat the course record on her debut (2.28.50) but her brother John Kales was there to witness the achievement as he was a pace maker for the elite male group. Her younger sister Diana also runs but has not yet been to any race abroad. Eunice ran her second marathon in Melbourne, Australia (2.27.19) in October - a PB and a stepping stone onwards in terms of her experience of marathon. Mumbai marathon will be her third marathon and the most prominent as it Gold label. She is looking forward to it and confident she can continue her strong form. At a minimum she would like to get a PB and then place as high as she can in the field. 2013 Melbourne Marathon 2013 Brighton Marathon 2010 Berlin Half Marathon 2nd 1st 2nd 2.27.19 2.28.50 69.50

F59 Tsega Gelaw ETH/1990 2.28.38 Tsega Gelaw represented Ethiopia once at the World Junior Cross Country Championships in Amman. Later she moved to road running and won her debut marathon in Marrakesh. Later on she won more marathons in China, France, and Morocco. Her goal for Mumbai is to break her personal best. 2012 2011 2010 2010 Macao Marathon Istanbul Marathon Eindhoven Marathon Marrakesh Marathon 1st 3rd 2nd 1st 2.31.48 2.28.38 2.30.10 2.32.09

F60 Workitu Ayanu ETH/1987 2.29.25 As a 16-year old girl, Workitu was inspired by Olympic Champion Derartu Tulu to start running. She has represented Ethiopia at various championships. After giving birth she came back to marathon running in 2013 and finished second in Rennes and Sydney. 2013 2013 2011 2010 2009 2004 F61 2013 2013 2012 2012 F62 Sydney Marathon Rennes Marathon Rome Marathon Paris Marathon World Championships Half Marathon World Championships Cross Junior Ehite Bizuayehu ETH/1988 1st 1st 1st 1st 2nd 2nd 6th 5th 13th 4th 2.33.20 2.33.23 2.29.37 2.29.25 70.35

2.29.52 2.29.52 2.43.52 (High Altitude) 2.32.19 68.58 2.30.13 5th 1st 6th 2.30.13 32.39 34.00 (high altitude)

Seville Marathon Hawassa Marathon (Ethiopia) Lens Marathon Maroilles 20km Alem Kifle ETH/1988

2013 Rome Marathon 2013 Dubai 10km 2012 Great Ethiopian Run

F63 Bizunesh Urgesa ETH/1989 2.31.09 Former Mumbai and Istanbul Marathon Champion Bizunesh Urgesa is a very nice person and great to be around; always very lively and happy. She is a very tiny lady but she can make big

things happen and although she does not have the fastest PB; she has an ability to control a race and she runs very well to her surrounding; i.e. the weather, course elevation, etc. 2013 2011 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2005 Istanbul Marathon Mumbai Marathon Beyrouth Marathon Mumbai Marathon Istanbul Marathon World Junior Championships 3000m African Junior Championships 3000m World Youth Championships 1500m 4th 5th 2nd 1st 1st 2nd 2nd 3rd 2.31.16 2.32.28 2.32.52 2.31.09 2.34.19 8.58.90 9.12.10 4.19.34

F64 Fatna Maraoui ITA/1977 2.37.22 Fatna started running in Morocco when she was 12 years old, following her oldest sister’s steps. 15 years ago she started her professional career when she moved to Europe and later in Italy – where she got married. She is now a mother of two. She loves listening to Bruno Mars’ music, especially during long run. On her free time, she enjoys walking with her kids and go shopping. And she loves travelling and discovering new places, different cultures and taste different food 2013 2012 2011 2007 Turin Half Marathon Udine Half Marathon Cremona Half Marathon Venice Marathon 2nd 5th 3rd 4th 72.58 74.09 70.08 2.37.22

F65 Eunice Jeptoo KEN/1983 2.39.01 Eunice Jeptoo started athletics in primary school when she realized she was talented. Her dream is to become a famous athlete and to win one of the major marathons in the future. She also runs to improve the life of her family. She is looking forward to Mumbai marathon as Mumbai has an excellent reputation in the world. 2013 2010 2008 2007 Nairobi Marathon Nairobi Marathon Rio de Janeiro 10km Pombal Half Marathon 4th 6th 5th 3rd 2.40.28 2.39.01 34.55 79.38

F66 Abebu Gelan ETH/1990 debut In 2009, Abebu ran 67 minutes at the RAK half marathon and finished in fourth position. She was injured and on maternity leave in 2011 and 2012 but now she is coming back now strong. She is happily married to Bekana Daba, CR holder of Houston Marathon.

2009 2009 2009 2008 2007

World Championships Half Marathon RAK Half Marathon Peachtree 10km World Championships Half Marathon World Championships Cross Junior

21st 4th 4th 6th 13th

71.33 67.57 31.45 70.59

F67 2013 2013 2013 2013 2013

Gladys Kipsoi Paris Half Marathon Rabat Half Marathon Strasbourgh Half Marathon Nancy Half Marathon Reims Half Marathon

KEN/1986 1st 2nd 1st 1st 1st

debut 69.11 70.23 72.38 71.14 71.45