SUBSTITUTE ORDINANCE ("City has proposed WHEREASthe City of Chicago hosting the sumrner Olympic ) Games including Paralympic

the Gamesconstiiuting partthereof(the "2016Garnes") in a 2 0 1 6a n d : WHEREAS, pursuing honorof hosting 2016 Games, in the the the Cityhas worked coopefalively Chicago with 2016 an lllinois (the nolfor-profit corporation "Bid Committee") whichBldCommittee forn]ed the purpose assisting represeniing Cityin the was for of and the Olympic process accordance International Gamesbrd applicalion in with Olympic Commitee ( lQe ') prolocols, and WHEREAS. eatly 2A07 the Bid Commitlee in submitted City'sbid application the malena lo the UnitedStates s ("USQC in connectlon lhe USOC Olympic Commjltee with s ) seleclion theUnited of Slates'host candidate April city in 2007, and WHEREAS, connection suchbid application, by ordinance in with and adopted the by CityCouncil the City(the"CitvCouncil') March14,2007andpublished the Journal of on in of Proceedings the CityCouncil suchdateat page99145 oi page99276 (the"Uqlqb lor through 2007 Ordinance the City Council authorized Citys execution the undertakings the of and ), agreements described theMarch in 2007Ordinance; and WHEREAS, April 14, 2007 the USOCselected on the CitVas the UnitedStaies Applicant for the 2016Gamest City and WHEREAS, June 4, 2008 the IOC selecled on the City as one of the finatfour Candidate Cities the 2016Games; for and WHEREAS, ordinance by adopiedby the Cty Councilon January13, 2009 and published theJournal Proceedings the CityCouncil suchdateat page52202 in of of for through page52317 (the Januarv 2009Ordinance"). CityCouncil the authorized Cily's the execulion of the undertakings agreemenis and described the January in 2009Ordinance, including. withoul limtation, HostCityContract substant y theformatlached a in al theretot and WHEREAS, HoslCityContract the prlmary the is legaldocument shaI govern that the organrzalron operation the 2016Games, and of and, if the City is selected hostlhe 2016 to Games,rrust be executed lhe Cityandthe USOCon October 2009, dayprior the by 1, the to IOC'sselection lhe hostcilyon October 2009; of 2, and WHEREAS, following IOC'S the selection the hosicityfor the 2016cames,the lOC of shallalsoexecute HostCilyContract, the which shalibecome binding uponsuchpartiest and WHEREAS, Augusl in 2009, IOCissued f naiformof HostCityContract the the the for 2016Gameswhichis attached thisordinance ExhibitA(the"Final to as HostCitvContract') and WHEREAS, Citydesires reaffirm City's the to the undertakings agreements set and as forlhin lhe March 2OO7 Ordinance the January and 2009Ordinance, the exhibiis and thereto and10supplement slrchordinances further by aulhorizing City's lhe execution the Fina Hosl of

CitvConlracl. and W H E R E A Sf. t h e C l y i s s e e c l e d s t h e h o s tc t y f o r t h e 2 0 1 6 G a m e st,h e B i d a (the Cornmittee the 20'16Garnes for Committee be reconstituled the Organizing will into "Organizing and Committee"); WHEREAS, Commitiee shall incude to organize. the purposes lhe Organizing of Commiltee andthe Organizing conduclpromote, sponsor, supporl and hoslthe 2016Games shall governed a board direclorsi be by and of of of WHEREAS, Cilyis a horne unilof government virtue theprovisions the rLrle by the any andperlorm 1970, as such, mayexerclse power Constilution the Staleof lllinois of of and pertaining itsgovernmenl affairsi therefore, anyfunciion to and now, O B EI T O R D A I N EB Y T H EC I T Y O U N C IO FT H EC I T Y F C H I C A G O : D C L adopted the findings lhe City as of SECTION The loregolng 1. recitals hereby are of Council areincorpofaled and herein madea part thisOrdinance and "X4?fQI') to hereby the of SECTION The C ty Council 2. authorizes lvlayor the City(the in the execute deliver behalf theCitythe Final and on of HostCityContract substantially formoi by signatory maybe required the as Exhibit to lhisordinance to designale A and suchaddilional oi lhereunder. Cityshal The IOCandfurther authoflzes City perforrnanceits obligalions the s Hosl to timely appropriate amounts suflicienl paytheobligationsthe Citypursuant theFinal to of (if as by CityConiract any),andthe Cilyhereby lo taketimely action reqLlired lawto covenants provisions thlssentence carry ihe approprialion oul of SECTION3. lf the City ls selected the hosl city for the 2016 Games persons as and Commitlees the Blldget on occupying posltions Chairpersons the Cily Council the of of for of Government Operations and Finance shall be members the board of direclors the Organizing Committee. sEcTloN4. lf the Cityis selecled the hostcityfor the 2016Gamestheorganizing as provideto a joint commitlee the Budgetand Governmenl Commitlee has agreedto of quarterly reports whichshall operations and the Finance Committees lhe City Council, of (1) and include notbe limited thefollowing report therevenues of but to information: a financial if expenses, including expenses whichthe Cily was reimbursed, any, o{ the Organizing for agalnst the Committee, whichincludes comparison the aclualrevenues and expenses a of (2)a financial expenses conslruction and Organizlng Commlltee's forecasl revenues. oi budgel; plansubrnitted lhe IOC \^/ilh to costs which includes comparison theforecasts the original a of (3) an updale conslruclion and andlhe mostrecent forecasts: on budgets, schedules progressi (5) (4) an analysis the Organizing of Committees slaff diversity, a repod on MBEAryBE (6) procured the Organizing by Committee uiilizalion; an updaieon ihe amoLrnt insurance of provided s!ch insuranceincluding statusof a redevelopmenl and the coverage the by of replacemenl agreernent the Olympic for Village, whichshallmandate purchase capital the (7) a slalusreport guarantee requrre Council insurance a comparable or and City approval, regarding and all requesis pfoposals for issued the by any for and requests qualfrcations amounts Organizing Commiltee on all award copies offinal conslruct contracts. finalcontract and the identifications conlractors subcontraclors whom awardswere madeand to of and ng information have anylh of regarding whether not contractors subcontractors donated or or

valueto the Ofganizrng Commrttee:(8) a siatusreportregarding the OrganzingCommittees compliance th the goals and objectives forthin the l,4emorandum LJnderstanding w of dated sel March26 2009 (9) copiesof f nancial reportssubmilted the IOC which includes annual lo lhe auditof the Organizing to Committee and any reporlssubmitted the Slaie of lllinos provided however that proprelary or olherwrseconfident informat shall be redacled prior lo al on tenderng lo the Counclt and (10) an update regardrngthe status of the Ofganzing po|cy, ncluding form requred to be execuled lhe board Commitlee's confliclol interest lhe by ol directorsand lhe senior offlcersof the Organizng Commiltee Copies of such torms execLlted membersof the Organizing by Committee's boardof directors. chiefexecutive officer and his or her d recl reportssha be posledon the Organizrng Committee websrte s The Organlzing Commitleehas further agreed 10 post on ils website lhe above-mandated qLrarterly reportsas well as the documenls which the quarterlyreportsrefer n a manner to wh ch is easiy downloadab and machine e readab e SECTION5. The Clly Councilmay direcl lhe City's InspectorGeneralto reviewthe quarterly reports filed by the Organizing Committee and lo advlsethe Councilregafding issues rarsed therein The CityCouncilmay also commission publicinteresl ndependenl organizations to adviselhe Councilregarding issuesconcerning 2016Games the SECTION 6. lf any provisionof this ordinance shall be held lo be invalid or unenforceab for any reason,the invalldily unenforceability such provision e of of shallnot affect anv of lhe otherprovisions thjs ordinance of SECTION7 Ali ordlnances. laws, resolulions, motronsor orders in conflict with this ordinance aae herebvamendedor reoealed the extentof such conflict The March2007 to Ordrnanceand lhe Janua.y2009 Ordinanceas amendedand supplemented hereby,and the granted authority and approvals thereunder, shallolherwise conlinue full fofceand effect in SECTION 8. T^ s ororna'rce tls sha takeeffeclLrpon passage a1d app,oval

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