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Oil Smart Pump Switch

Installation Manual
Oil Smart® Pump Switch: The Oil Smart® Pump Switch is a stand-alone pump Controller; it will operate any pump up to 1HP. It is an industrial grade switch that differentiates between oil and water used to control pumps in elevators, transformer oil containment areas, underground vaults, marine, and other applications. The Oil Smart Switch can be an integral part of the pump assembly or a stand alone component wired to the pump or a control valve. Since 1995, the Oil Smart Switch has been the reliable choice for safely pumping water. Installation of the unit allows you to comply with State and Federal regulations while reducing the risk of adverse publicity, fines and expensive cleanup costs. Features:            Directly controls sump pumps 0 to 1 hp(piggyback): quick installation Available in 120 VAC, 230 VAC 50/60 Hz., or 12/24 VDC No expensive electrical panel required Sensors differentiate between oil and water Differential between on and off comes in 2.5″or 6″ models Available with or without a piggyback plug Helps satisfy elevator code ASME A17.1 and EPA, The Figure 1: Oil Smart® Pump Switch Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure Plan UL Certified File E183129, CE Certified Includes Complete Mounting Brackets and Hardware No Moving Parts. Patented Electronic Control. Solid-state sensing device that differentiates between oil and water. Incorporates two level sense points, pump ON, pump OFF

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Preventive Maintenance: The Oil Smart® Pump must be kept clean. If the switch is submerged in water during initial installation, it must be cleaned. Clean with a rag and household rubbing alcohol or kerosene. Consistent inspection and preventive maintenance ensures longevity and proper operation of component.

Operation: When water comes in contact with the short (on) sensor, the pump will turn on. The pump will remain on until water clear the long (off) sensor. If oil comes in contact with the on sensor, the pump will not turn on; however the pump switch will activate and pump water from under the oil.

Oil Smart Switch Installation:
Caution: Remove any float switch that is currently in use or supplied by pump manufacturer. If pump has manual/auto set, switch to manual. 1. Branch circuit protection shall be provided by the installer; it must be sized according to pump/motor specifications. 2. Mount Oil Smart Pump Control panel with enclosed mounting hardware to pump discharge pipe. The off sensor of the Oil Smart Switch shall be positioned at least 3” above the impeller of the pump.

Testing: Place your thumb on the short sensor of Oil Smart® Pump Switch and the pump will turn on. While touching the short sensor, touch the long sensor “off” with your fingers. Remove your thumb from the on sensor and begin to move your fingers down the off sensor. Remove your fingers from off sensor and the pump will turn off. OR Fill up sump area with water, when water reaches the on sensor, the pump will turn on and remain on until water clears the off sensor.

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Specifications: Model OSS20R OSS20R6 OSS20PBP R OSS20PBP 6 OSS20R6E Volts 120 60Hz. 120 60Hz. 120 60Hz. 120 60Hz. 230 50/60Hz. Max. Load 1HP 1HP 1HP 1HP 1HP Assembly Bare Leads Bare Leads Piggyback Plug Piggyback Plug Bare Leads Pumping Range 2.5” 6″ 2.5″ 6″ 6″

Testing Made Easy! A concept offered only by SeeWater Inc.Contractors have the luxury of testing the Oil Smart switch and alarm at any common receptacle prior to installation and during critical troubleshooting. Test with your fingers -no oil or water required! Applications  Elevator Sump Pumps  Electric Utilities ( Substations, Power Plants, Underground Vaults, and Transformer Barriers  Any Industrial Sump or Marine Application

121 N. Dillon Street | San Jacinto, CA 92583 Voice: (951) 487-8073 | FAX: (951) 487-0557