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Science Investigatory Project Proposal

(2nd Quarter)

Patricia G. Presillas VII- Leonardo Da Vinci Teacher Aljon Morato

to make them want to be near. Materials needed: Cologne is simply a watered down or diluted form of perfume. Germany back in 1709 by Giovanni Maria Farina. It is meant to attract others. .“Chilli Cologne” People wear perfume and cologne to feel like they smell clean and fresh or sexy or elegant. It was first made in Cologne.

they can create unique colognes. . chilli powder. A cologne or cologne water blends oil extracts. Although ancient cultures made perfumes. it can be used more liberally and is sold as after shave or body splashes in addition to fragrant sprays. The main ingredients used in cologne are water.Because cologne is not as strong or as perfume. alcohol and other fillers into a light-scented fragrance. Through experimentation. By following certain procedures and using some simple ingredients. Many people interested in the ancient art of perfumery make their own customized blends of fragrances. alcohol and fragrance. you too can make a homemade cologne. Cologne should always be kept in a cool area with a closed lid so the fragrance does not dissipate too quickly into the air. You'll be needing some paper towels. the origin of cologne or cologne water dates back to the 1700s. glass bottle with airtight cap and a small funnel. Colognes contain lower concentrations of essential oils by volume than perfumes.

Situate the bottle on the paper towel and place the funnel into the bottle top. cheap. 1.Procedure: Hygiene is an important part of feeling confident and good about yourself. Men and women both enjoy smelling fresh. Even if you are on a tight budget. These perfumes and colognes can be expensive. Americans spend nearly two billion dollars each year on women's fragrances alone. clean and attractive. Place some paper towels on a table. . well. According to a survey by marketing research company NPD Group. Sterilize the bottle and cap by cleaning them thoroughly in hot water. Dry the bottle and cap with paper towels. you can still have a signature scent by making it yourself. Measure out all the liquid ingredients into plastic cups. and the cheaper versions often smell. 2.

Choose the fragrance of the cologne by experimenting with different blends of essential oils. Smell the paper and select the blend of essential oils that is most agreeable to you. Use unscented rubbing alcohol that is 70 percent ethyl alcohol. 6. add five drops of each selected essential oils to the liquid contents in the bottle. Glycerine is a fixative or stabilizing agent that can preserve the cologne fragrance for a longer time. Add a few more drops of the essential oils if you desire a . 4. Put the cap on the bottle. glycerine and vodka or rubbing alcohol into the bottle. Smell the contents of the bottle to check the fragrance. stir to blend the cologne ingredients and reopen. With the eyedropper.3. Use the eye dropper to place some drops of different oils onto the paper towel. Pour the pre-measured water. 5.

Determine how much cologne your perfume bottle will hold by filling it with water and pouring it into a measuring cup. water and fragrance to use. -OR- 1. Shake the mixture gently before using your homemade cologne. Conversely. . add a little more water if the scent is too strong. Allow the freshly prepared cologne mixture to rest in a location that is preferably cool and dark. This will help you establish how much alcohol. 7. Recap the bottle.stronger scented cologne. Leave it there for approximately two weeks.

you would pour in about 3 ounces of the vodka. Drop a mixture of fragrance or essential oils into the alcohol and water mixture one drop at a time. shaking it every one to two days. 3. Allow it to sit in a cool. It is important to use distilled water. becoming rich and mellow. Fill the bottle about 3/4 full of alcohol. Stick to one or two fragrances for your first batch if you are nervous about mixing scents. because it has been purified and is free of chemicals that might interfere with the fragrance. dark or shaded area for about a week. Fill another 25 to 30 percent of the bottle with distilled water. The scents will blend together. . 5. 4. if your bottle holds 4 ounces. For example.2. Close the bottle tightly and shake it well.

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