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White Paper

Miradore - Making diversity manageable

Miradore for Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

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White Paper

Miradore - Making diversity manageable

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White Paper

Miradore - Making diversity manageable


Managing multiple diverse IT environments in a cost-effective manner can be challenging with existing software products. Traditionally, Managed Service Providers (MSPs) must invest in multiple systems in order to meet the demands of customers wishing to outsource their IT infrastructure. These systems require service providers to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars at the beginning of the contract on operational support systems. In such circumstances, costs can only be reduced by either increasing the customer base or securing long-term contracts. Miradore is a web-based IT lifecycle management system specifically designed to help managed service providers address these challenges. With Miradore’s pay-as-you-go licensing model, there are no initial investment costs and MSPs can easily bundle Miradore licensing costs into their customers’ service fee. In addition, MSPs always get the latest version of Miradore, free of charge, to keep them constantly up-to-date whenever technologies or operating systems change. Miradore provides: • • • • • • • • • • Asset, inventory, and configuration management Remote operating system deployment and software distribution Software usage metering and software license management Event monitoring and incident management Automatable tools for employing power saving initiatives Self-service capabilities for end-users Business-driven reporting and key performance indicators Automated user data backup Mobile device management for Android, iOS, Symbian, and Windows Phone devices Integration with 3rd party products



Existing solutions from large software providers assist in managing large-scale multi-location environments. However, to date these solutions present four factors that limit service providers from offering device lifecycle management services efficiently. 1. Existing systems use traditional methods to install the base operating system. Due to the static nature of imaging technology, MSPs maintain dozens of images relating to different customer requirements, hardware models, locations, and language settings etc. 2. Changes made to devices during their lifecycle are not recorded and are therefore lost during a hardware failure or hardware refresh. This increases the time spent by IT resources restoring devices to the user’s original state. In addition, software license information is typically lost and/or out-of-date, putting organizations at risk during a software audit. 3. A separate management system is required for each customer. Given that the typical cost for a 1000-device installation is between $150,000 USD and $500,000 USD, the costs can be astronomical when this is multiplied by the number of customers.

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White Paper

Miradore - Making diversity manageable

4. Current management systems are slow to install and deploy in a customer environment. There are no or limited integration features that enable an environment to get up and running within days.



As Miradore is developed by IT professionals for IT professionals, we know the challenges MSPs face on a daily basis: • • • • • Installing a new workstation or server and maintaining initial installation images is timeconsuming and expensive Changes made throughout a workstation’s lifecycle are not recorded and therefore lost during upgrades or hardware failures License and asset information is not available or out-of-date and user data is not backed up Managing an increasingly diverse set of IT and mobile devices is challenging and usually requires multiple separate management systems There is no integrated dashboard to show the “big picture” of your IT environment

Miradore is highly automated and cuts initial workstation installation time by up to 87%. Our solution also helps MSPs efficiently manage workstations across the device lifecycle – the solution is based on ITIL best practices to ensure consistent high quality. Because it imports data from existing user directory, patching, and security environments, Miradore also lets MSPs track the overall quality of your customer’s IT infrastructure from one console, allowing you to see the big picture.



Multi-customer support With Miradore’s multi-instance installation, MSPs can install multiple customer instances on a single hardware platform, eliminating the need to invest in new hardware for each new customer, and reducing equipment and power costs. Alternatively, MSPs can install separate instances of Miradore for each customer and use the MSP management console to gain a consolidated view of managed instances. With Miradore’s revolutionary approach to hardware and software modeling, MSPs can reuse hardware models, device drivers, and software packages created for one customer across all their customers’ environments to maximize reuse and minimize rework.

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White Paper

Miradore - Making diversity manageable

Miradore MSP console is a service that collects information from multiple Miradore instances and provides an overall view and consolidated reporting of Miradore environments at a single point for integrating asset information with other systems. Miradore MSP console comes with the Miradore, but it has to be installed separately. Real-time asset management With Miradore’s real-time asset management system, MSPs always have up-to-date information about all of their customer’s assets from workstations and laptops, network devices and mobile devices, to software purchased and installed on managed devices. Since the easy-to-use web-based interface is employed by all IT functions (helpdesk, on-site support, managers, and installers), asset information is continuously updated whenever a change is made, giving MSPs real-time information. In addition, Miradore’s 3rd party connectors for Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft WSUS, Antivirus systems, etc. ensure maximum asset integrity by cross-referencing all information sources. Integrated configuration management One of the main challenges for managed service providers is how to track changes made to workstations and servers throughout a device’s lifecycle. In the event of hardware failure or hardware refresh this information is typically lost and onsite technicians spend hours of additional time restoring a device to its original state. With Miradore’s built-in change management system, software that is installed or removed from a workstation or server is automatically recorded in the configuration management database. When a device is reinstalled, all the user’s information is re-applied to the device, eliminating the need for technicians to spend hours restoring the device to its original state. Every action in Miradore is recorded and logged, helping MSPs achieve more transparency across all of their customers’ operations and improve SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley Act) compliancy. Automating software and configuration changes Miradore employs a fully automated tool for distributing a software or preconfigured policy to a single device or thousands of devices with just one click. All media needed for installation operations can be centrally stored and automatically replicated on network share or HTTP(S) installation points. Miradore uses a modular approach to software packaging by separating software licenses, software media, and the software installation configuration to allow the same package to be used across all customer environments. When software is installed to a device, the software package asks the database for the software serial number and also the closest installation point containing the media. The software package then uses this information to install the software on the remote workstation or server.

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White Paper

Miradore - Making diversity manageable

Operating system installation Miradore has a fully automated initial installation tool, which includes bare metal operating system installation and assigned software package installation. With Miradore, MSPs can upgrade their customers to the latest operating system remotely without the need for onsite technicians. In addition, all software packages delivered by Miradore are recorded on a per-user basis, enabling all the necessary applications to be automatically installed in a zerotouch fashion during a re-installation. This enables customers to achieve up to 87% cost savings compared to traditional methods. Automated user data backup With Miradore’s Endpoint Backup, desired directories are automatically backed up to a predefined network share or portable drive and the progress is recorded within Miradore’s web console. Before technicians replace a workstation, they can verify if there is a consistent copy of the user’s data to reduce the risk of data loss. Once installation is complete, the technician can initiate restoration of the user’s data. Self-service capabilities for end-users Miradore’s Self-service portal, available in 16 languages, enables end-users to install approved software packages without contacting the MSP helpdesk — saving both time and resources. With the help of the Self service portal, end-users can also view and revise information concerning devices that have been assigned to their responsibility. In addition, they are able to view the backup status of their devices and manage support tickets in the portal. Key performance indicators and reporting Using Miradore’s device and user quality indexes, MSPs can easily identify by customer, location, or device which devices have missing patches, outdated virus definitions, or have not been seen on the network for a defined period. Advanced reporting allows custom reports to be generated on assets, devices, installed software, software license compliance, software package distribution, user accounts, and quality indexes.
Miradore Annual Costs: - 75%

Case study: Annual installation time savings using Miradore in a 3000-PCs environment Average PC life cycle is 4 years, 1000 PC installations per year Using traditional methods Installation of one PC takes 2 hours => 1000 PCs x 2 hours = 2000 hours Total: 250 days/year With Miradore Installation of one PC takes 0.25 hours on average => 1000 PCs x 0.25 hours = 250 hours Total: 31 days/year Savings: 219 work days per year (87.6% savings) Savings: 1 FTE~60 000!/year, i.e. 20! per PC

Traditional methods



1000 Hours



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White Paper

Miradore - Making diversity manageable

Cross-platform support simplifies management processes Miradore is specifically designed for managing heterogeneous IT environments containing desktops, laptops, servers, tablets, smartphones, and network devices. Therefore, all management processes for different hardware and software platforms have been seamlessly integrated as one web-based management solution that allows performing the day-to-day operations for all managed devices in a similar way. Miradore supports the following operating systems: • • • • • • • Windows 2000 SP4, Windows XP/2003/7/2008, Windows XP Embedded/POSReady CentOS 6, Debian 6, Fedora 15, OpenSUSE 11.4, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6/6.1, SUSE Linux Enterprise 11, Ubuntu 10.04 LTS/10.10/11.04 Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard/10.7 Lion Android 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, 4.0 Symbian 3, Symbian Anna, or Nokia Belle iOS 4.0 and later Windows Phone

Miradore implementation When deploying a new management system to customers, MSPs face many challenges from identifying hardware models, the types of device drivers required by these models, software media required by the customers, developing software packages for the customer to support remote deployment, and 3rd party connectors to extract important information from Active Directory, Antivirus, or other management systems. Miradore can automatically detect all the customers’ devices to populate a complete asset and configuration database automatically and therefore eliminate the need for manual data entry. IT technicians can remotely deploy the Miradore client to all identified devices and start the required remote operations. With the help of Miradore’s revolutionary architecture, MSPs can utilize current software packages, hardware drivers, and current Miradore server hardware across their entire customer fleet, minimizing implementation time and increasing cost efficiency and quality.

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White Paper

Miradore - Making diversity manageable


One of the biggest benefits to Managed Service Providers is the elimination of large capital investments for new customers and the cost of upgrading existing systems to the latest release. Miradore’s licensing model is based on a per-device monthly fee, which includes future software versions. This means that even as customer numbers fluctuate, MSP costs always adjust accordingly.



Miradore increases cost efficiency and brings add-on value for Managed Service Providers by providing real-time visibility and control into your multi-customer IT infrastructure through a single infrastructure and unified solution. With Miradore’s bare metal installation process and our revolutionary Driver Management and Software Packaging system, Managed Service Providers are able to achieve over 87% cost savings as compared to products using traditional installation methods. In addition, Miradore dramatically cuts management system implementation times with integrated built-in best practices and unified toolsets allowing new customer environments to be implemented in days instead of months compared to similar products. Let us show how Miradore’s unique solution can save you significant amount of time, labor, and expense with increased quality. Contact Miradore today to see how we can optimize your cost savings. Visit for more information.

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