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RENTALAGREEMENT This Deed of RENTALAGREMENT is made and executed on this 16th day of January (16-0113) by and between: Sri

, RRR SSSS, Address Here after referred to as “OWNER” of the One Part, Sri XXX YYY, Address Here after referred to as “TENANT “of the One Part,

without causing any damages to the walls. owner in physical possession and enjoyment of the same the tenant having approached to his to rent the same house premises enter into this deed of rentagreement.Possession of the leased premises immediately accords tolaw. and pay the rent on or before 10th of every month. The tenant/Owner shall give two months previous notice in writing if desires to vacate the rented premises. 5. 4.. The tenant shall not attended to any repair. without the permission of the owner. SCHEDULE The Scheduled premise is situated at ADDESS In witnesses whereof the Tenant and the Owner have put their respective signatures to this rental agreement on the day. The Tenant and the owner agree the period of this agreement may be further extended according to mutual consent in this behalf.Whereas the owner of the house property bearing Address ----Facing House building consists1Hall. The tenant shall not sub/let the rented premises to any other person but shall give back possession to owner only. The tenant fails to pay the rents regularly or fails to act according to the terms and conditions of this agreement. the owner is at liberty to resume Possession of the leased premises immediately according to law. 6. 2BedRoom. Every 11 months to be renewed further enhancement of 10% of the rent shall be given by the tenant to Owner. 8. alternations etc. 3. The tenant has paid an advance sum of Rs. fixtures and fittings etc. 2. 9. 7. The Rental Agreement is for the period of 11(Eleven) Months commencing from 17-01-2013. 40. 10. The tenant accepts to pay enhance 10% excess rent to the owner 11. this rental agreement is executed w i t h the following terms and condition: 1. and if any damage shall be made good by the tenant himself at his own expenses.500/-(Ten Thousand and five hundred) per month. month and year first above written on the present of:- Witnesses:- 1) (TENANT) 2) (OWNER) .000/-(Forty thousand only) in cash as advance deposit to the owner.10. The tenant shall pay the electricity charges and water charges according to their meter fixed on respect of the rented premises. The tenant shall keep the rented property always in good condition and tenantable condition. The rent is mutually agreed and fixed Rs. Kitchen AttachBathRoom and toilet.