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You never know how many people like you until youre dead, just look at my brother, who

attended his funeral aside from the two of us? People can lie to your face all the way through life, friends who arent friends and just full of words, only death brings the truth in life. You get forgotten, abandoned, ignored. Women crying at your grave, youd be crawling in women. What use would they be in death? Necrophilia? Thats disgusting. Well itll be reassuring to Richards spirit at least that so many women cried over him. He loved the sea didnt he? Well im giving him back to where he came. The sea was his mistress, he always said there were two ladies in his life. You, the woman he loved. And the sea, the woman he lived. Scene. Ext. Open village street. A man is walking down the street in a black suit, a woman joins him walking solemnly in black attire. A priest is reciting a passage in a graveyard, reading from a book. We are gathered here today to celebrate the life of Richard *****, a valued member of the village, now returned to the home of our Lord as we consign his spirit to the sea. What is there to say about Richard, that hasnt been before? Struck down in a tragic magpie attack; he was a sailor, a friend, a lover and a brother. As he is delivered now back into the arms of God, we bid Richard, go in love, and go in peace The man & woman continue walking through the village, the priest reads from the book and scatters dirt. The man & woman are standing on a dock, watching the sea as the priest finishes reciting. The man takes a drink from a whiskey bottle, empties the rest off the dock and drops the bottle, the women grabs his shoulder. Scene. Int. Jasons Kitchen. Jason is sitting at the kitchen table reading a letter from a typewriter. VO Hello Jason. If youre reading this, then I am dead. If living together the past few years has taught me anything then youre probably not taking this too well. Dont worry about me; I hope it was an honourable death. Id like you to look after Claire, shes been through enough. Seeing as you already own 50% of the house, Ive left my share to her. Everything else is yours so you can distribute as you like, I dont exactly need it now where Ive gone. Oh and concerning everything else, theres a catch. Ive left you a present, the only condition is you

dispose of it in a way I would approve of. If Claire agrees then everything is yours, shell know. See you around Jason, your brother, Richard Camera slowly pans back as he is reading, alongside extreme close-ups of the words. Ends with a side shot of the table, Jason at one end and the Urn at the other.

Scene. Ext. Back Garden/Balcony/Window Jason is sitting, staring vacantly, talking almost to himself.. Do you remember that time we were drinking in The Ferry after the rugger? Wales lost and you were so sloshed you brought fresh drinks for everyone in there, I thought all that whiskey was gonna give you a hernia. And then you were throwing chips at the seagulls on the way home, good times good times. Though I suppose you dont remember seeing as youre a pile of bonfire ashes. What am I supposed to do with you? sigh. Good job you didnt die in June or youd make some brilliant fertilizer for the begonias, might get a decent flower pot out of you though The doorbell rings. Jason looks through and sees Claire. Lets go find out what the grieving ex girlfriend wants, shall we? Scene. Ext. Garden table. Establishing shot of village/house? So hes told you? Claire questions Yes. Well, told isnt exactly the best word Jason brandishes the letter Jason, youve left him to watch us from the house and you say his death hasnt affected you? Claire looks sideways, at the Urn in the window. Claire, im fine. If anything his death brought us closer together, at least he listens to me now. Ever since Dad sigh we just drifted, he never really talked You do know thats why he took the job on the boat? He said it felt like your connection had just gone Scene. Ext. Hill? Jason is sitting on a hillside, holding the Urn, looking at it and talking to it. Occasionally he stares out over the landscape/village. What do you want me to do? You never told me If I left you my ashes, the decent thing to do would be to tell you where to scatter them. I thought you wanted to be buried

Scene. Ext. Flashback Richard loved me Jason, and he loved you too. Not once did he say hed abandoned you. If he left you his ashes, he left them for a reason C Yes but for what reason? J He never told me. Its funny, he would talk to me for hours about how torn up you were after your dad died, but not once did he mention himself dying. Your brother regretted all the missed time, every moment on the sea he couldnt make your birthday, or family meals, or when you would just call and he wasnt around. Richard said once, he used to go down to the beach and sit for hours, just thinking about all the regrets and what would happen if he left you C Scene, Ext, Hill. Pt 2 Jason looks back at the Urn But you havent left, youre still here Your brother regretted all the missed time, every birthday, every phone call. If he could give that back, he would Claire The urn seems to have an almost mesmerizing quality, Jason looks at it longingly with Claires words in his mind. Is that why you came back Richard? You want a second chance? Jason takes a few moments to deliberate this Okay Scene. Int. House Jason finds a pen & notepad in the house. He begins writing a list on the paper and scrawls THE BROTHER LIST


Scene. Ext. House Jason is sitting at a table, having a candle light dinner in the evening; the urn is sitting on the other side of the table, almost as a second diner.

He concedes that the time spent with the Urn lately hasnt been with his actual brother, and is a pathetic attempt to make up for the lost time. Why should I care when youre dead, it never mattered when you were alive Jason reflects on the happiness they had the opportunity to do, albeit it not in the correct fashion. He has an emotional break down. Next morning Claire gives Jason the envelope with Richards final message. The urn was just a tool for him to get over his brothers death. Inside was actually flour, deliberately misleading. Claire knew all along but lied and kept it secret so Jason could discover it on his own, he would only discover when he had got over his grief. Jason scatters the flower on the beach/sea, symbolically giving Richard back to the sea. Earlier on in the film, Claire mentions flour several times, tie this into the reveal. Jason/Claire running down the street to the beach as VO of Richards letter talks, and Jason occasionally pauses to reveal his expositions and why he is running to the beach with the urn.