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FMP Treatment.

Hello Jason
Scene. Ext. Opens overlooking a hillside. A funeral procession is walking up the hill, the lead mourner is holding an urn raised high, walking slowly. A woman in black is in the procession, seen fleetingly, weeping as they walk. The procession stops at the top of the hill, surrounding a lone headstone with a plinth beside and the urn atop. The woman in black weeps at the graveside, speaking briefly about how she misses him, and will always be devoted to him. He was taken so young it was just an accident. There is a disturbance, and the procession turns to look at a lone figure standing a distance away on the hillside. The lone figure dashes up to the headstone, stops abruptly in front and falls to his knees, head bowed forlornly. The woman in black looks perturbed and asks who he is, one of the procession reveals he is the brother of the deceased. The brother makes a prayer in latin, pulls out a bottle of whiskey, gulps, spits over the headstone, and makes a ritual of dousing the whiskey over the grave and ground whilst chanting latin. The bottle is discarded. With a grief stricken cry, he grabs the urn and opens it, grabbing fistfuls of the ashes and throwing it to the wind. The procession looks on in horror. Scene. Int. Jasons House. The woman in black is sitting at a table drinking with Jason. She asks how did he know his brother? Not well, he replies. But why did you..? WIB Its a ritual. A cleansing ritual one brother performs for another. Ive been to four funerals this year, and its only February. I have 15 brothers, so far.. So far? WIB. Questioning. Jason shows her a range of picture frames on the wall of his brothers. Our mother had an eye for the men. Im the sixteenth son of the sixteenth man, so far as we know. They move back to the table. There could be more of you? WIB Who knows? And the ritual? WIB Looks at her. To dispel the family curse One brother dies, and the next always passes quickly after. Im the last one How long do you have left? WIB 14 days from Richards death

FMP Treatment. Whens that? WIB About half 3 next Wednesday afternoon. She looks at him, tense. The doorbell rings. Jason looks up, its the post. She excuses for the toilet. He picks up an envelope and opens it, a dvd falls out. Without waiting, he plays it. It is a dvd from his brother Richard. He greets him, acknowledging he is dead if Jason is watching this. He warns him of the family curse, and the real reason they all die suspiciously. There is a woman, kind and beautiful, who grabs the heart of all Glamorgan brothers across the land, a woman so fiery and passionate that she entrances them with her love. However so bountiful a woman brings such dear a price, her very presence reaping death and disaster to those who come close. It is not old age that ensnares Glamorgan men, dancing with them to the grave as aged men, but an inescapable encapsulating woman that captures the heart of every Glamorgan man and unknowingly delivers them to the reaper. Is it through accident, or a more sinister endeavor, Richard does not know. Stay away from this woman, I met her at Duncans funeral, she found Duncan at Uncle Williams. She WILL find you, you are the last of the Glamorgan line, its your duty to survive. Theres a curse on this family Jason and that curse is her. Stay away from this woman, stay alive. The dvd finishes. Jason thinks back quickly to Richards funeral, flashbacks of the woman surface. He grabs his coat, shouts to the woman he forgot an urgent task (melon picking) and dashes out the house. She watches him run down the road, confused. Scene. Ext. Jasons Garden Jason is in the garden reading the newspaper. He spots her walking from over the hedge, so hides behind a bush. She looks at the door, calling for him. He doesnt respond and she leaves. Scene. Int. Kitchen Jason is using the sink, he hears her calling his name, he ducks down and hides as she walks past the window and peers in, then walks off. Scene. Int. Bathroom Jason is in the bath, she is calling for him outside, he hides again. Scene. Int. Bedroom Jason is getting changed, the woman is outside calling at his window, he hides away in his cupboard.

FMP Treatment.

Scene. Ext. Garden Jason is playing golf, she calls him from behind the hedge, he misses the shot, grimaces and runs away again Scene. Int/Ext. House Porch Jason finishes making breakfast and carries it outside to eat on the veranda/porch. As he walks outside, the woman is sitting in one of the two seats, waiting for him. He sits and offers her breakfast, enquiring why she is adamantly following him. She replies that he has a kind soul, he needs to grieve (shes come to help) and, if the curse is true, accept his approaching death. Ive already grieved You grieved for Richard, you didnt grieve for yourself. WIB What? You need to grieve for your soul Jason, only then will you not fear dying. She leaves. Scene. Ext. Table He is sitting at a table thinking it over, looking at a picture of Richard. The woman appears, walks up and sits down. She looks at him Jason pauses. He takes time to consider it. He relents. So whats your choice? WIB Life. I want to live. To drink the dregs from the cup of human existence and not leave a drop. She smiles. Ive even wrote a eulogy.

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