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MICROSOFT SOFTWARE LICENSE AGREEMENT WINDOWS 8.1 Thank you for choosing Microsoft Windows 8.1.

This is a license agreement between you and Microsoft Corporation (or, based on where you li e, one of its affiliates! that describes your rights to use the Windows 8.1 software. "or your con enience, we# e organi$ed this agreement into two parts. The first part includes introductory terms phrased in a %uestion and answer format& the 'dditional Terms and (imited Warranty follow and contain greater detail. )ou should re iew the entire agreement, including any linked terms, because all of the terms are important and together create this contract that applies to you. )ou can re iew linked terms by pasting the forward link into your browser window once the software is running. The Additional Terms ontain a !indin" ar!itration la#se and lass a tion $ai%er. I& 'o# li%e in the (nited States) these a&&e t 'o#r ri"hts to resol%e a dis*#te $ith Mi roso&t) so 'o# sho#ld read them are&#ll'. +' a e*tin" this a"reement or #sin" the so&t$are) 'o# a"ree to all o& these terms and onsent to the transmission o& ertain in&ormation d#rin" a ti%ation and &or Internet,!ased &eat#res o& the so&t$are. I& 'o# do not a e*t and om*l' $ith these terms) 'o# ma' not #se the so&t$are or its &eat#res. *nstead, you should return it to the retailer for a refund or credit, if any. -o$ an I #se the so&t$are. We do not sell our software or your copy of it + we only license it. ,nder our license, we grant you the right to install and run that one copy on one computer (the licensed computer!, for use by one person at a time, but only if you comply with all the terms of this agreement. Typically, this means you can install one copy of the software on a personal computer and then you can use the software on that computer. The software is not licensed to be used as ser er software or for commercial hosting, so you may not make the software a ailable for simultaneous use by multiple users o er a network. "or more information on multiple user scenarios and irtuali$ation, see the 'dditional Terms. Ma' I ma/e a !a /#* o*'. )es, you may make a single copy of the software for backup purposes, and use that backup copy as described below. What a!o#t #*datin" the so&t$are. *f you install the software co ered by this agreement as an update to your e-isting operating system software, the update replaces the original software that you are updating. )ou do not retain any rights to the original software after you ha e updated and you may not continue to use it or transfer it in any way. This agreement go erns your rights to use the update software and replaces the agreement for the software from which you updated. 'fter you complete your update, some apps may not migrate or may be incompatible with Windows 8.1 and additional software may be re%uired to play back or record certain types of media, including ./.s. Can I trans&er the so&t$are to another om*#ter or #ser. )ou may transfer the software to another computer that belongs to you. )ou may also transfer the software (together with the license! to a computer owned by someone else if a! you are the first licensed user of the software and b! the new user agrees to the terms of this agreement. To make that transfer, you must transfer the original media, the certificate of authenticity, the product key, and the proof of purchase directly to that other person, without retaining any copies of the software. )ou may use the backup copy we allow you to make or the media that the software came on to transfer the software. 0 ery time you transfer the software to a new computer, you must remo e the software from the prior computer. )ou may not transfer the software to share licenses between computers. )ou may transfer 1et 1enuine Windows software, 2ro 2ack or Media Center 2ack software only

use. which are separate from the software features. or network. and you may not= use or irtuali$e features of the software separately& publish. e-cept if the laws where you li e permit this e en when our agreement does not. some features of the software may connect to Microsoft or ser ice pro ider computer systems to send or recei e information. or to try to gain access to any ser ice. *n certain circumstances. supplements. account. What does this a"reement a**l' to. )ou may not always recei e a separate notice when they connect. Microsoft uses the information it collects through the software features to upgrade or fi. Many of these features can be switched off or you can choose not to use them. The software is licensed to run on only one processor on the licensed computer. this license does not gi e you any right to.com7fwlink78linkid9:8. you may do only what your law allows. lease. b. the software will automatically contact Microsoft or its affiliate to confirm the software is genuine and the license is associated with the licensed computer. and you may install only one of those ersions. The first time you connect to the *nternet while using the software. -o$ does Internet a ti%ation $or/. )ou agree that we may collect. -o$ do $e #se 'o#r in&ormation. The software includes multiple ersions (such as ?:>bit and <@>bit ersions!. 'o# ma' not !'*ass or ir #m%ent a ti%ation. and also any Microsoft updates.(ser S enarios a. unless other terms come with them. Are there thin"s I0m not allo$ed to do $ith the so&t$are. or disassemble the software. the media on which you recei ed the software. copy (other than the permitted backup copy!. Multiple ersions. This agreement applies to the software.the software and otherwise impro e our products and ser ices.4 5ecause acti ation is meant to identify unauthori$ed changes to the licensing or acti ation functions of the software. 5ecause the software is licensed. *t also applies to Windows apps that are included with Windows. and disclose the information as described in our 2ri acy 6tatement at go. ' hardware partition or blade is considered to be a computer.:<:. ADDITIONAL TERMS 1. *n this agreement. not sold. "or e-ample. and ser ices for the software.together with the licensed computer. data. *n that case. )es. Microsoft reser es all rights (such as rights under intellectual property laws! not e-pressly granted in this agreement. Computer. Li ense Ri"hts and M#lti. This process is called 3acti ation. *f you connect your computer to the *nternet. and to otherwise pre ent unlicensed use of the software. we share error reports with rele ant hardware and software endors so that they can use the information to impro e how their products run with Microsoft products. rent. decompile. . or lend the software& transfer the software (e-cept as permitted by this agreement!& attempt to circum ent technical protection measures in the software. 3computer4 means a hardware system (whether physical or irtual! with an internal storage de ice capable of running the software. *f you choose to use any of these features. in an unauthori$ed manner. When using *nternet>based features or Microsoft "amily including personal information. *n particular. you agree to send or recei e this information when using that feature. Does the so&t$are olle t m' *ersonal in&ormation. re erse engineer. you may not use those features in any way that could interfere with anyone else#s use of them. we also share it with others.

d. C Bemote . and contact information of the party gi ing it.esktop and Bemote 'ssistance technologies.ispute by . whether in contract.ispute.esktop. does not reduce the number of licenses you need. Aardware or software you use to multiple. Bemote 'ssistance. the facts gi ing rise to the dispute. which is a written statement of the name. )ou may allow up to :. )ou may access certain editions of Windows software running on a separately licensed host computer from this computer by using Bemote . each irtual computer. and the physical computer. Multiple or pooled connections.6.nited 6tates. is considered a separate computer for purposes of this agreement. . on any of these other de ices. 3. C 1.e ice connections. Content protected by digital rights management technology or other full> olume disk dri e encryption technology may be less secure in a irtuali$ed en ironment.esktop. or reduce the number of de ices or users that access or use the software.ispute means any dispute. statute. howe er. ordinance. Bemote . Bemote 'ssistance allows one user to directly connect to another user#s computer. e. This license allows you to install only one copy of the software for use on one computer. This section does not mean. print ser ices. *f you use irtuali$ation software to create one or more irtual computers on a single computer hardware system.or pool connections. *nternet information ser ices. whether that computer is physical or irtual. 'pplication.esktop or similar technologies is licensed for outbound use from this computer. . )ou may only use such hardware or software if you ha e a license for each copy of the software you are using.ispute. other de ices to access the software installed on the licensed computer for the purpose of using file ser ices.ispute4 will be gi en the broadest possible meaning allowable under law. )ou may allow any number of de ices to access the software on the licensed computer to synchroni$e data between de ices. Mail to Mi roso&t .se in a irtuali$ed en ironment. action. or use the primary function of the software (other than the features listed in this section!. and the relief re%uested. this 6ection : applies to any dispute E2CE3T IT DOES NOT INCL(DE A DIS3(TE RELATING TO T-E ENFORCEMENT OR 4ALIDIT5 OF 5O(R) MICROSOFT0S) OR EIT-ER OF O(R LICENSORS0 INTELLECT(AL 3RO3ERT5 RIG-TS.c. *n the e ent of a dispute. or other contro ersy between you and Microsoft concerning the software (including its price! or this agreement. Dotice of . . Bemote access. warranty.. you or Microsoft must gi e the other a Dotice of . The software contains Bemote . b. f. or any other legal or e%uitable basis. )ou may use Bemote 'ssistance or similar technologies to share an acti e session without obtaining any additional licenses for the software. *f you want to use the software on more than one irtual computer. *f you li e in the . tort. that you ha e the right to install the software. regulation. address. +indin" Ar!itration and Class A tion Wai%er a. and *nternet connection sharing and telephony ser ices on the licensed computer. )ou must send any Dotice of . usually to correct problems. you must obtain separate copies of the software and a separate license for each copy.

days. or call 1>8. fees. then 6ection : (arbitration! will not apply to those parts. those parts will be se ered and proceed in a court of Claims or disputes must be filed within one c. or if the alue of the dispute is GHI. all disputes will be resol ed before a neutral arbitrator. No ar!itration or *ro eedin" $ill !e om!ined $ith another $itho#t the *rior $ritten onsent o& all *arties to all a&&e ted ar!itrations or *ro eedin"s. "or more information.lin/id=1>9>77. or less. or less whether or not you are an indi idual or how you use the software. costs. )ou and Microsoft agree to the terms go erning procedures.isputes will also apply.77. fees. . )ou agree to commence arbitration only in your county of residence or in Eing County. it is permanently barred.. To commence arbitration. To the e-tent permitted by law. 'fter <.c! or in arbitration (6ection :. An' *ro eedin"s to resol%e or liti"ate an' dis*#te in an' &or#m $ill !e ond# ted solel' on an indi%id#al !asis. .ispute to you by . 'rbitration procedure. 6e erability.. Washington. Microsoft agrees to commence arbitration only in your county of residence. 6mall claims court. g. I& 'o# and Mi roso&t do not resol%e an' dis*#te !' in&ormal ne"otiation or in small laims o#rt) an' other e&&ort to resol%e the dis*#te $ill !e ond# ted e? l#si%el' !' !indin" ar!itration "o%erned !' the Federal Ar!itration A t @AFAABC. The one>year period begins when the claim or dispute first could be filed.e is found to be illegal or unenforceable as to all or some parts of a dispute. its 6upplementary 2rocedures for Consumer>Belated . you or Microsoft may commence arbitration. *f such a claim or dispute is not filed within one year.6. whose decision will be final e-cept for a limited right of appeal under the "''. Class action wai er.>HH8>H8HJ. Neither 'o# nor Mi roso&t $ill see/ to ha%e an' dis*#te heard as a lass a tion) *ri%ate attorne' "eneral a tion) or in an' other *ro eedin" in $hi h either *art' a ts or *ro*oses to a t in a re*resentati%e a*a it'.. *f the class action wai er in 6ection :..Cor*oration) ATTN6 LCA AR+ITRATION) One Mi roso&t Wa') Redmond) WA 78891.mi roso&t. f. see adr. )ou may also litigate any dispute in small claims court in your county of residence or Eing County. .com7fwlink78 linkid9:@I@JH to the '''. e. h. and incenti es.6. or otherwise to your e>mail address. any claim or dispute to which 6ection : applies must be filed within one year in small claims court (6ection :. submit the form a ailable at go. Microsoft will send any Dotice of .:. Microsoft will promptly reimburse your filing fees and pay the '''#s and arbitrator#s fees. d. if the dispute meets all re%uirements to be heard in the small claims court..d!. 5inding arbitration. *n a dispute in ol ing GHI. Mail to your address if we ha e it.. 'ny court with Furisdiction o er the parties may enforce the arbitrator#s award. and incenti es at go. 'ny arbitration will be conducted by the 'merican 'rbitration 'ssociation (the 3'''4! under its Commercial 'rbitration Bules. *f you are an indi idual and use the software for personal or household use. )ou and Microsoft will attempt to resol e any dispute through informal negotiation within <..ispute is sent.com7fwlink78linkid9:818H@. *nstead. days from the date the Dotice of . )ou may litigate in small claims court whether or not you negotiated informally first. 5o# are "i%in" #* the ri"ht to liti"ate @or *arti i*ate in as a *art' or lass mem!erC all dis*#tes in o#rt !e&ore a D#d"e or D#r'. om<&$lin/<. *nstead. A &orm is a%aila!le at "o.

>.:<: and information that may be presented to you in the Windows user interface. Choi e o& La$ The laws of the state or country where you li e go ern all claims and disputes concerning the software (including its price! or this agreement. for e-ample.with the remaining parts proceeding in arbitration. in accordance with the Windows 8. A ti%ation a. Be>acti ation. "or more information about acti ation. e-cept that the "'' go erns all pro isions relating to arbitration. and product key of the software. *f any other pro ision of 6ection : is found to be illegal or unenforceable. .:<:. *n either case. *f you ac%uired the software in any other country. the type of operating system.uring acti ation. *n More on how acti ation works. *nternet and telephone ser ice charges may apply. The software will notify you whether the installed copy of the software is properly licensed. the *nternet protocol address of the computer. see go. browser. under the laws of your state or country. . 6ome changes to your computer components or the software may re%uire re>acti ation of the software. The software will notify you if the installed copy of the software is improperly licensed or includes unauthori$ed changes. unfair competition laws. Microsoft uses this information to make the *nternet>based features a ailable to you. b. )ou may also ha e rights with respect to the party from whom you ac%uired the software. This information includes the ersion. improperly licensed. implied warranty laws. c. that pro ision will be se ered with the remainder of 6ection : remaining in full force and effect. for unFust enrichment. and information deri ed from the hardware configuration of the computer. acti ation will fail and the software will attempt to repair itself by replacing any tampered Microsoft software with genuine Microsoft software. )ou can also acti ate the software manually by *nternet or telephone.com7fwlink78 linkid9:8. )ou may not be able to obtain certain updates or upgrades from Microsoft if your copy of the software is found to be improperly licensed. including breach of contract claims and claims under state consumer protection laws. you ac%uire an application that relies on one of those ser ices.com7fwlink78linkid9:8. such as your *nternet protocol address. and name and ersion of the software you are using. and in tort. the software will send information about the software and your computer to Microsoft. you may recei e reminders to obtain a properly licensed copy of the software.+ased Feat#resE 3ri%a ' 6ome software features use *nternet protocols. the software will automatically connect to Microsoft for acti ation. or include unauthori$ed changes. and the language code of the computer where you installed the software. 'cti ation failure. including consumer rights. the laws of that country apply. This agreement describes certain legal 6ome *nternet>based features may be deli ered and updated at a later dateKif. *f the licensed computer is connected to the *nternet.. 9. This agreement does not change those other rights if the laws of your state or country do not permit it to do so. which send to Microsoft (or its suppliers or ser ice pro iders! computer information. language. Internet. .1 2ri acy 6tatement at go. or to help . if the licensing or acti ation functions of the software are found to be counterfeit. )ou may ha e other rights.uring online acti ation.

efender is regularly updated through Windows . using the malicious software remo al tool most recently downloaded to your the software safer or more reliable. Windows . including by disabling the software#s ability to play protected content if Windows .microsoft. such malware and other potentially unwanted software rated 3high4 or 3se ere4 will automatically be remo ed. f. Windows digital rights management technology. )ou may disable the software#s reporting functionality by following the instructions found at go. a. a report will be sent to Microsoft with specific information about malware detected. it checks with Microsoft for compatible online music ser ices in your region and new ersions of the player. *f turned on. and you agree to use the 6mart6creen "ilter only in conFunction with Windows or *nternet 0-plorer. *f you use the Windows .pdate ser ice will be re%uired for proper functioning of the ser ice. from time to time. including iruses. Windows .com7fwlink78linkid91. 6ome content owners use Windows digital rights management technology (.efender and Windows . and will be downloaded and installed without further notice to you.pdate. )ou agree that Microsoft may include a re ocation list with the licenses.pdate. This remo al may result in other software on your computer ceasing to work or your breaching a license to use that software. *f you choose the recommended security settings when you first start using the software. More information can be found by isiting the *nternet 0-plorer 2ri acy 6tatement at go. the 6mart6creen "ilter will check the addresses of webpages and downloads you attempt to iew against a fre%uently updated list of webpages and downloads that ha e been reported to Microsoft as unsafe or suspicious. *f enabled. g.pdate. *2 < Detwork 'ddress Translation (D'T! Tra ersal ser ice (Teredo!. 6mart6creen "ilter. bots. 3spyware4. display.pdate ser ice in the software. Windows . c. 3adware. distribute. copy.1::. 6mart6creen will also check downloaded programs that you attempt to run against a list of commonly downloaded or run programs to help you make more informed trust decisions. Windows . This information is used to help protect your computer from malicious software. b. 5y enabling 6mart6creen in either Windows or *nternet you consent to this feature. e.I. The software may periodically scan for and remo e malware from your computer. or store any data pro ided by the 6mart6creen "ilter. Windows Media 2layer.efender will search your computer for many types of malicious software (3malware4!.@<. *t is possible that software that is not unwanted may be remo ed or disabled.4 and other potentially unwanted software.BM! to protect their copyrights and other intellectual property. Teredo will attempt to locate a public *nternet 2rotocol . When you use Windows Media 2layer. collect. 'fter the scan completes and at regular inter als. d. )ou may only use Windows Media 2layer as described at go. rootkits.BM fails. and other information about your computer. )ou may not. 0ach time you start your licensed computer. as well as to impro e the software and other Microsoft products. updates or downloads to the Windows . Malicious software remo al. errors. *f you use Windows . worms. either manually or by enabling or authori$ing any software or ser ice.efender.

The information sent from your computer by Teredo is used to determine if your computer is connected to the *nternet and if it can locate a public *2 < ser ice. This occurs automatically when your licensed computer is connected to a public or pri ate network. i. )ou can switch off the acti e %uery feature through a registry setting.com7fwlink78linkid9:8. When you click on or mo e your mouse o er an 'ccelerator in *nternet 0-plorer. cookies may be set.ip <. then Teredo will periodically contact the Microsoft Teredo ser ice o er the *nternet. you may only use the Windows 6tore under the terms a ailable at go. 'n administrator can disable this update feature. h.1::. see go. Those terms also contain information about Windows Dotification 6er please read the cookies section of the 2ri acy 6tatement at standard computer information.. and delete cookies. 'ccelerators.B( of the current webpage. k. n. the update feature of the software can obtain and install the correct dri er on your computer. This feature determines whether a system is connected to a network by either passi e monitoring of network traffic or acti e . This update upgrades your pro iders with the latest features. *f you choose to use online features in the software. To learn how to block. The %uery transfers only standard TC27*2 or . *f so.J standard encrypted information. Windows < (*2 <! ser ice on the *nternet. see go. "or more information.D6 or ATT2 %ueries.igital certificates. information is sent to maintain a connection with the *2 < ser ice. any of the following may be sent to the applicable ser ice pro ider (which may not be Microsoft!= the title and full web address or . Detwork o er the * )our computer may not ha e the dri ers needed to communicate with hardware that you connect to your computer. . such as new icons or search suggestions. *f you use a program that re%uires Teredo to use *2 < connecti ity.com7fwlink78 linkid9H@1H.D6 information for routing purposes. or if you configure your firewall to always enable *2 < connecti ity. and any content you ha e selected. Lnce the ser ice is located. "or more information. The software will download an update to the data on your computer about search pro iders. Cookies. l. Windows apps or any preinstalled apps in your 6tart may use Windows Dotification 6er ice.1::. The software uses digital certificates to confirm the identity of *nternet users sending M. 2lug and 2lay and 2lug and 2lay 0-tensions. but does not occur on managed networks such as enterprise domains. but the software will try to perform the update se eral times if it does not successfully download the update. such as online Aelp and 6upport. and to erify the integrity and origin of file contents. control. 6earch pro ider update. The software may retrie e and update certificates. .I. The only information sent to Microsoft is standard computer information and the name of the ser ice re%uested (for e-ample teredo. )ou agree that we may send you notifications as described in the Windows 8.com7fwlink78 linkid9:8.com7fwlink78linkid9:@<<J@. F. and the list of trusted certification authorities. *n addition to the terms of this agreement for *nternet>based features. to digitally sign files and macros. certificate re ocation lists.1 2ri acy 6tatement and Windows 6tore terms of ser ice. This is a one>time update.!.

(*dates and (*"rades )ou may only obtain updates or upgrades for the software from Microsoft or authori$ed sources. Fonts) I ons) Ima"es) and So#nds a. sounds. )ou may temporarily download the fonts to a printer or other output de ice to print content.com7fwlink78linkid9:@<??8. *cons. your proof of license is the genuine Microsoft certificate of authenticity label with the accompanying genuine product key. and you may also choose to reinstall any Windows app by downloading it from the Windows 6tore. Calendar. To identify genuine Microsoft software. Windo$s A**s Windows apps (such as Mail.nless other terms are displayed to you or presented in the app#s settings. and other ser ices may be offered only to users of genuine Microsoft software. you may access and use its or contact the Microsoft affiliate ser ing your country for more information. or you want to find out if you are a Nualified 0ducational . and your proof of purchase. 18. you agree the ser ices that you access from the Windows apps are go erned by the Microsoft 6er ices 'greement at go. F. and the use of those ser ices is sometimes go erned by separate terms and pri acy policies. and e. Certain upgrades.@< linkid91. isit microsoft. and you must be a Nualified 0ducational .4 *f you want to find out more about academic software. b. your proof of purchase is the proof of purchase for the Windows 8 software that you updated from. .microsoft.ser. or for Windows apps that access Mbo. )ou can access each Windows app from its corresponding tile in 6tart. )ou can iew these terms and policies by looking at the app#s settings. Limited Ri"hts 4ersions 6ome ersions of the software.com7legal7li etou. )ou may choose to uninstall any Windows app at any time. 6ome of the Windows apps pro ide an access point to online ser ices. *f you ac%uired and downloaded the software online.ser ices. and licensed to you under this agreement. *f you ac%uired and downloaded the software ia the Windows 6tore. see howtotell. )ou may not sell software marked as 3D"B4 or 3Dot for Besale4. and media only from the licensed computer. 7. are distributed for limited purposes. )ou may not share the sample images. your proof of license is the genuine Microsoft product key for the software that you recei ed with your purchase. and you may embed fonts in content only as permitted by the embedding restrictions in the fonts. like Dot for Besale and 'cademic 0dition software. and your proof of purchase from an authori$ed electronic supplier of genuine Microsoft and 2eople! are apps that are de eloped by Microsoft. "ont components. 2roof of purchase may be subFect to erification by your merchant#s records. 8. and media pro ided with the software or use them for any . 3roo& o& Li ense *f you ac%uired the software on a disc or other physical media. While the software is running. see go. We continuously work to impro e the ser ices and we may change the ser ices at any time. support. you may use its fonts to display and print content. The ser ices may not be a ailable in certain countries. 6ome Windows apps include ad ertising.ser to use software marked as 3'cademic 0dition4 or 3'0. While the software is running. images. the -bo-. )ou may choose to opt out of personali$ed ad ertising by isiting choice. images.:. "or more information about 1enuine Windows. included with Windows. sounds.

1.1 4ideo Standards TA*6 2BL.0L *D CLM2(*'DC0 W*TA TA0 '5L/0 6T'D.NET Frame$or/ The software includes one or more components of the . "LB 'D) LTA0B .nited 6tates and7or other countries.com7info7nareturns. 5) ' CLD6.0L 2BL/*. TL 2BL/*. 11.CT *6 (*C0D60.M0B 0D1'10.asp-. )ou must also comply with all domestic and international e-port laws and regulations that apply to the software. and the terms contained in web links . 1:. '.'B. Geo"ra*hi and E?*ort Restri tions *f there is a geographic region indicated on your software packaging.0. -. Ado!e Flash 3la'er The software may include a ersion of 'dobe "lash 2layer.(. call (8. TA0 M201>@ 2'BT : /*6.0 DL (*C0D60 *6 1B'DT0.6 (3/*. and end use. contact Microsoft for information about Microsoft#s refund policies.< if you use the .htm. DLD> CLMM0BC*'( . which you may use only as described at go.D0T "ramework. . and you cannot obtain one where you ac%uired the software.0CL.CA /*.com7fwlink78linkid9:@8I?:.com7fwlink78linkid9<<@.M201('.C 600 WWW. which include restrictions on destinations. 6ee microsoft.3art' 3ro"rams This software contains certain third>party programs.com7fwlink78linkid91@1?JH and microsoft. 11. (. 'dobe and "lash are either registered trademarks or trademarks of 'dobe 6ystems *ncorporated in the . LB 6A'(( 50 *M2(*0. S#**ort and Re&#nd 3ro ed#res Microsoft pro ides limited support ser ices for properly licensed software as described at support.60 L" ' CLD6. updates.. *D ' 20B6LD'( 'D.0 /*.'B.M0B TL (i! 0DCL.64! ' (ii! .! M*CBL6L"T or see microsoft. Entire A"reement This agreement (together with terms accompanying any software supplements. 'D. and ser ices that are pro ided by Microsoft and that you use!.microsoft. Third.CLM. )ou agree that your use of the 'dobe "lash 2layer is go erned by the license terms for 'dobe 6ystems *ncorporated at go. /C>1.D.0L. 19.other purpose. "or further information on geographic and e-port "BLM ' /*.7LB W'6 L5T'*D0.0B (*C0D60.*T*LD'( *D"LBM'T*LD M') 50 L5T'*D0.0 '/C. then you may acti ate the software only in that region. )ou agree that your use of them is go erned by the license terms pro ided with those programs. "BLM M201 ('. M201>@ 2'BT : /*. DLD>CLMM0BC*'( 'CT*/*T) 'D..'( 2'T0DT 2LBT"L(*L (*C0D606 "LB TA0 20B6LD'( 'D. 'D.com7worldwide. end users.> 4is#al Standards and 4C.0L TA'T W'6 0DCL. isit go. *f you purchased the software from a retailer and are seeking a refund.1:><A4C and M3EG.0L 6T'D.com7common7international. .60.D0T "ramework components to conduct internal benchmark testing. TA0 /C>1.0B TA0 '/C. 1>. 1F. or in Dorth 'merica.

updates. )ou understand that by using the ser ice.B(s into your browser address bar.com7fwlink78linkid9<<@. are the entire agreement for the software and any such supplements.com7fwlink78linkid91.:<: (Windows 8.I (Windows Media 2layer! go.< (.or by following the instructions in the 'ction CenterKWindows 'cti ation within the you ratify this agreement and the linked The links containing terms that bind you and us are= C C C C C C C C go.listed in this agreement. )ou agree that for each ser ice or included app that is go erned by this agreement.(*/0 Terms of .com7about7legal7en7us7intellectualproperty7useterms7default. )ou can re iew this agreement after your software is running by going to microsoft.com7legal7li etou (Mbo. you will read the terms for that ser ice before using the ser ice. and ser ices (unless Microsoft pro ides other terms with such supplements. and you agree to do so.com7fwlink78linkid9:818H@ ('rbitration 2rocedure! 2ri acy 6tatement! go. )ou can also re iew the terms at any of the links in this agreement after your software is running by typing the .se! go. or ser ices!.@<.D0T "ramework Terms! go.com7fwlink78linkid9:@8I?: ('dobe "lash 2layer (icense Terms! . There are also informational links in this agreement.com7fwlink78linkid9:@<??8 (Microsoft 6er ices 'greement! -bo-. and also specific terms linked in this! go.com7fwlink78linkid9:@<<J@ (Windows 6tore Terms of .asp.

I:><?JJ& or isit"ement.com7info7nareturns. This limited warranty does not co er problems that you cause. The limited warranty starts when the first user of your copy of the software ac%uires that copy. days. ' section near the end of this agreement e-plains how you can make a claim under the limited warranty. and 'frica. :. you can reco er only direct damages up to the amount that you paid for the software (or up to GI. and lasts for one year.nited 6tates and Canada.! M*CBL6L"T& ia mail at Microsoft Customer 6er ice and 6upport. I& 'o#r lo al la$ allo$s 'o# to re o%er other dama"es &rom Mi roso&t e%en tho#"h this a"reement does not) 'o# annot re o%er more than 'o# *aid &or the so&t$are @or #* to H98 (SD i& 'o# a G#ired the so&t$are &or no har"e. The damage e-clusions and limitations in this agreement apply e en if repair. Mi roso&t e? l#des all im*lied $arranties) in l#din" those o& mer hanta!ilit') &itness &or a *arti #lar *#r*ose) and non. contact Microsoft ia telephone at (8. I& 'o#r lo al la$ reG#ires a lon"er limited $arrant' term) des*ite this a"reement) then that lon"er term $ill a**l') !#t 'o# an re o%er onl' the remedies that are des ri!ed in this a"reement. "or limited warranty ser ice or information about how to obtain a refund for software ac%uired in the . *reland. . Microsoft gi es no other e-press warranties. guarantees.. 1.LIMITED WARRANT5 Is there a LIMITED WARRANT5 &or the so&t$are. I& 'o#r lo al la$ does not allo$ the e? l#sion o& im*lied $arranties) then an' im*lied $arranties) "#arantees) or onditions last onl' d#rin" the term o& the limited $arrant' and are limited as m# h as 'o#r lo al la$ allo$s. What i& Mi roso&t !rea hes its $arrant'. What i& Mi roso&t !rea hes an' *art o& this a"reement. Customer Care Centre. you must contact either Microsoft *reland Lperations (imited.ublin 18. . Lne Microsoft Way. or 'frica. Microsoft warrants that properly licensed software will perform substantially as described in any Microsoft materials that accompany the software. or conditions. 'trium 5uilding 5lock 5. the Middle 0ast. 6andyford *ndustrial 0state. 5o# ma' not re o%er an' other dama"es) in l#din" onseG#ential) lost *ro&its) s*e ial) indire t) or in idental dama"es. updates. *f you ac%uired the software in 0urope. Carmanhall Boad. or that are caused by e ents beyond Microsoft#s reasonable control.htm. 5es. Transferring the software will not e-tend the term of the limited warranty. Middle 0ast. 2rior to refund. *f you ha e any basis for reco ering damages from Microsoft. 'o# m#st #ninstall the so&t$are and ret#rn it to Mi roso&t) $ith *roo& o& *#r hase. whiche er is longer. 0urope.C WARRANT5 3ROCED(RES )ou need proof of purchase for ser ice under the limited warranty.nited 6tates and Canada. 'ny supplements. or replacement software that you may recei e from Microsoft during that year are also co ered. so those limitations or e-clusions may not apply to you.6. or other damages. 6ome states and countries do not allow the e-clusion or limitation of incidental. if you ac%uired the software for no charge!. Microsoft *reland Lperations (imited makes the limited warranty. or that arise when you fail to follow instructions. your only remedy is the repair or replacement of the software. . We also ha e the option to refund to you the price you paid for the software (if any! instead of repairing or replacing it. conse%uential. Bedmond. but only for the remainder of that one>year period or for ?. *f Microsoft breaches its limited warranty. To make a claim under the limited warranty. or the Microsoft affiliate ser ing your country (see . W' J8. replacement or a refund for the software does not fully compensate you for any losses or if Microsoft knew or should ha e known about the possibility of the damages.

1 0pping Boad. *f you ac%uired the software in another country. @. Lther countries. contact Microsoft to make a claim at 1? :. *f you ac%uired the software in 'ustralia. contact the Microsoft affiliate ser ing your country (see microsoft.com7worldwide!.OCCOBOen>us . I8& or Microsoft 2ty (td.com7worldwide!.microsoft. ?. 'ustralia.=Win5lueOB8O:O0.('*. 0. Dorth Byde D6W :11? 'ustralia.