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KNOW ALL MEN BT THESE PRESENTS This Deed of Absolute Sale, executed and emerged on this _____day of _______________ at Bagumbayan, Bula, Camarines Sur by and between: CANDIDA GARCIA-PONTANAL, of legal age, Filipino, widow, and a resident of Brgy. Bagumbayan, Bula, Camarines Sur herein after referred as the VENDOR, and FREZEL GREFALDEO PONTANAL, likewise of legal age, Filipino, single, and a resident of Brgy. Bagumbayan, Bula, Camarines Sur, herein referred as to as VENDEE.

WHEREAS, the VENDOR is the wife and the legal heir of the late JULIO PONTANAL, who died in state in 1993 and left a real property at Brgy. Bagumbayan, Bula, Camarines Sur, more particularly described as follows: OCT No. 7324 (2116) Free Patent No. 9348 Lot No. 285, Cad-294 Bula Cadastre “Beginning at a point marked “1” of Lot No. 285, Cad-294, being N.61-29’W290.87 m, from B.B.M No. 3 of Bula, Province of Camarines Sur, thence N.88-51’E, 96.15m to point 2; N. 8720’E, 150.57m. to point 3; S.05-57’E, 76.84m to point 4, S. 84-59’W164.85 to point 5; N.8159’W, 11.19m to point 6; S 86-34’W., 81.50m to point 7, N 0126’E., 85.19m to point 1, point of the beginning. Containing an area of TWENTY THOUSAND AND FOUR HUNDRED AND EIGHTY ONE (20,481) SQUARE METERS, more or less. All corners are marked by B.L. Cyl. Conc. Mons Bounded on the N by Lot 286, of Cad-294; on the E., by Pawili river, on the S., by Lot 276, and 284, of Cad-294, and on the W., by Road. Bearing true.” WHEREAS, for and in consideration of TWENTY FIVE THOUSAND PESOS (P 25,000.00), Philippine Currency, in cash paid by the VENDEE. The VENDOR has agreed to sell, transfer and cede unto the above mentioned VENDEE, his heir and assigns a portion of the VENDOR’S share, containing an area of only THREE HUNDRED (300) SQUARE METERS; WHEREAS, the said 300 square meters portion of agricultural land is located at Brgy. Bagumbayan, nearby to the residential house of the Vendor, CANDIDA GARCIA-PONTANAL, along the Provincial Highway of Bula, Camarines Sur.

______ at Bula. CANDIDA GARCIA-PONTANAL Vendor FREZEL GREFALDEO PONTANAL Vendee ________________________ Witness ____________________________ Witness Republic of the Philippines) Province of Camarines Sur) s. known to be the same person who executed the foregoing instrument of Absolute Sale and she acknowledge to me the same is her free voluntary act and deed. Camarines Sur. and warrants peaceful ownership and possession thereto. ____________ Series of ____________ . the Vendor has absolutely sold. Camarines Sur. 06555560 issued on 01-03-2004 at Bula. ______ at Bula. 496 nor under the Spanish Mortgage Law and the parties have agreed hereto to register the same under the Provision Act No.s. transferred and ceded her lawful ownership over the portion of agricultural lot to herein VENDEE. free from liens and encumbrances whatsoever and that she will defend its title against claimant thereunto whomsoever. ____________ Book No. IN WITNESS WHEREOF. 3344 as Amended. the parties have hereunto affixed their signatures on this ____ day of ____________ . WITNESS MY HAND AND NOTARIAL SEAL Doc. No. Municipality of Bula) BEFORE me on this ___ day of ____________.WHEREAS. both signed by the Parties and their instrumental witnesses. personally appeared the Vendor with CTC No. This instrument consists of two (2) pages. ____________ Page No. Camarines Sur. That the above describe property is not yet registered either under Act No. by way of this Deed of Absolute Sale.