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Eat your VEggiEs!
simplE Cooking mEthods
When your mother told you to eat you veggies, she knew best. Vegetables add color, taste, texture and bulk to your daily diet. South Carolina has dozens of different vegetables that can be prepared in literally hundreds of ways. Since there is no best way to prepare them, the thing to do is to eat your vegetables, lots of them, every day in a wide variety of ways, and prepare them in a variety of ways. Raw: Many vegetables taste fabulous just the way they are straight out of the garden. Lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, tomatoes, celery, onions, radish, carrots are obvious choices here. But they are just as likely to find themselves next to peas, beans and zucchini on a starter platter with dips. You can always make a salad. Steamed: Steaming heats the vegetable and softens it’s texture. It is gentler than boiling and allows the vegetables to maintain their color, if not overdone. Use a stainless steel steamer that will fit into most good size sauce pans. Make sure you use a pan with a tight fitting lid. There should be enough water to just touch the bottom of the steamer. Water should be simmering the whole time the vegetables are being cooked. Boiling: Boiling vegetables is really going out of fashion, but it’s a legitimate preparation method. The big concern is loss of nutrients. All cooking methods result in the loss of some goodness from the vegetables. If boiling, try to find a way to use the water the vegetables have been boiled in (i.e. to make a gravy or sauce) to bring those nutrients back to the table. Vegetables should be barely covered with water. Bring the water to a boil (covered) then slow to a simmer until vegetables are tender. Microwave: Very popular for vegetables as it retains color, flavor and nutrients. Trial and error will be your guide with microwaving as there are plenty of variables involved.

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However, a few guidelines will help... The more food you put into the oven, the longer it will take to cook. Underestimate your cooking time rather than overestimate. Undercooked food can be cooked some more. Over-cooked food is ruined. Food straight from the fridge will take longer to cook than that at room temperature. Stir Fry: Very rapid method of quick frying vegetables, meat (optional) and sauces in one pan to make a meal. The key to doing this well is preparation. All items to be cooked should be chopped to a size that will allow them to cook quickly in the wok. It is also important that the wok is heated to a high, consistent temperature throughout. Vegetables maintain their color and crispness with this sort of cooking. Baking: Baking is especially good for those ‘root’ vegetables like potatoes, turnips, carrots and beetroot. Chop into similar size pieces, brush lightly with olive oil and put in a hot oven to roast. Size of the pieces will determine the cooking time but expect at least 40 minutes. Outside is chewy, inside is moist and fluffy. Barbeque: If you are going to barbeque chicken or ribs, why not your veggies. This is primarily open flame cooking, so it could apply to a campfire as well. Cooking outside changes everything about food. You will need foil, fire and fresh veggies. Grease your foil, chop your veggies and put the closed packages on the grill. Add some butter and spices and be adventurous, it’s really hard to mess this up. www.CarolinaGirl.sc Online Magazine | 2009 56

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Business Resources
American Association of Home-Based Businesses • American Business Women’s Association • Better Business Bureau • Biztalk • Business Carolina • FastTrac SC • Federally Employed Women • First Gov • Go Daddy • National Association for Female Executives • National Association for the Self-Employed • National Association for Women Business Owners • National Association of Working Women• National Women’s Business Council • The NeighborWorks Network • SC Employment Security Commission • SC Government • SC Minority Business • SC Statewide Minority Business Development Center • SC Women’s Business Center • SC World Trade Center • Service Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE) • Small Business Administration (SBA) • SBA Online Women’s Business Center • US Department of Labor Women’s Bureau • US Women’s Chamber of Commerce • USC Small Business Development Center • Women@Work! Professional Network • Women Impacting Public Policy •Working www.CarolinaGirl.sc Online Magazine | 2009 57

Health Resources
Active Services Corporation - Adult Day Health Services • Administration on Aging • Aging Solutions • Arthritis Foundation • Carolina Senior • Center for Medicare and Medicaid • Children of Aging Parents • Medicare • National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke • National Institute on Aging • National Osteoporosis Foundation National Stroke Association North American Menopause Society

American Cancer Society • American Lung Association • Happy Days and Special Times HPV Vaccine and Prevention of Cervical Cancer • MyBiopsy • National Cancer Institute •SC Ovarian Cancer Foundation • Women’s Cancer Network

Family and Children
American Association of Poison Control • American Fertility Association •Before Pregnancy • Birthright International •DHEC Women, Infants and Children (WIC) • Girlology • KidsHealth • Ovulation Calendar • Planned Parenthood • Professional Doulas of Charleston • Resolve: The National Infertility Association • Southeastern Fertility Center

Local and State
Center for Medication Safety • SC Department of Health and Human Services • Healthy South Carolina Challenge • Professional Doulas of Charleston •SC Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) •Southeastern Fertility Center

American Heart Association •Heart Info • The National Coalition for Women with Heart Disease www.CarolinaGirl.sc Online Magazine | 2009 58

Mental Health and Addiction
National Institute of Drug Abuse • National Institute of Mental Health

Sexually Transmitted Diseases
American Social Health Association

American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists • American Fertility Association • American Medical Women’s Association • Before Pregnancy • Black Women’s Health Imperative •Center for Endometriosis Care • DHEC Women, Infants and Children (WIC) • Health Square • National Asian Women’s Health Organization •National Women’s Health Information Center • National Women’s Health Resource Center •Office on Women’s Health • Professional Doulas of Charleston •Resolve: The National Infertility Association • The National Coalition for Women with Heart Disease • Wisewoman • Women’s Health Project • Women Speak

Acupuncture Works • American Dental Association •American Diabetic Association • American Dietetic Association •American Obesity Association • Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America •Association for the Blind •Center for Disease Control and Prevention • Complementary and Alternative Medicine • National Eating Disorders Association • National Foundation for Treatment of Pain • National Headache Foundation •National Institute of Drug Abuse • National Institutes of Health • National Institute of Mental Health • US Department of Health Services

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National Women's Law Center • Pro Bono Legal Services • SC Bar Public Services • SC Legal Services • SC Collaborative Law Association • SC Law Help • SC Legal Services Programs •WomensLaw Divorce Divorce Net • Divorce Online • Divorce Support • Divorce Source Millennium Divorce

A Chosen Child Adoption Services • Adoption Network • Carolina Adoption Services •Carolina Children's Charity •Carolina Youth Development Center • Children in Crisis • Darkness to Light •Exchange Club Parent/Child Resource Center • Families Anonymous •Family Services • Family Violence Treatment Centre • Focus Adolescent Services • Family Help in SC • Girlology • Girls on the Run • Make-A-Wish Foundation • March of Dimes in SC •Mothers and More-National • North American Council on Adoptable Children • Net Mom • Parents Anonymous of SC • Parents Guide to the Internet • Parents Without Partners • SC Department of Social Services (DSS) •SC DSS Adotpion Services • WINGS for kids

Bonus Families • Stepfamily Foundation •Stepfamily inFormation • Stepfamily Network

American Association of University Women • Association for Continuing Higher Education • The Citadel • Clemson University • College of Charleston • George Street Observer Online • Columbia College • Women's Studies at Columbia College • Communities in Schools • Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - Charleston AFB • Furman University • Women's Studies at Furman University • Life Management Center • Limestone College • Lowcountry Graduate Center •Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) • MUSC Catalyst • National Women's Studies Association • SC Department of Education • Springfield College - Charleston • Trident Technical College • Continuing Education at Trident Technical College •Division of Continuing Education Summer Camps (Age 6-16) • University of South Carolina •Women's Studies at University of South Carolina •Webster University - Charleston •Webster University - Charleston Air Force Base • Winthrop University

Alcoholics Anonymous • B-WHO-U-R Network • Compassionate Friends • Darkness to Light •Florence Crittenton Programs of SC •GovBenefits • People Against Rape (PAR) •Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN) •Women of Color

Domestic Violence
My Sister's House •National Coalition Against Domestic Violence • National Domestic Violence Hotline

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