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As India’s leading retailer, Pantaloon Retail inspires trust through innovative offerings, quality products and affordable prices

that help customers achieve a better quality of life every day. We serve customers in 9 cities and !" rural locations across the country through over #$ million square feet of retail space.

Pantaloon Retail is the flagship company of %uture &roup, India’s retail pioneer catering to the entire Indian consumption space. 'hrough multiple retail formats, (e connect a diverse and passionate community of Indian buyers, sellers and businesses. 'he collective impact on business is staggering) Around "" million customers (al* into our stores each year and choose products and services supplied by over ",""" small, medium and large entrepreneurs and manufacturers from across India. 'his number is set to gro(. here, manifesto encourages us to e+plore une+plored areas and (rite ne( rules to create ne( opportunities and successes. they focus in striving for a glorious future gives us strength and the ability to learn, unlearn and re,learn our ability to evolve. 'he customers (ill not -ust get (hat they need, but also get them (here, ho( and (hen they need any product or service. 'hey (ill not -ust post satisfactory results, they (ill (rite success stories. 'hey (ill not -ust operate efficiently in the Indian economy, they (ill evolve it. 'hey (ill not -ust spot trends, they (ill set trends by marrying our understanding of the Indian consumer to their needs of tomorro(. It is this understanding that has under(ritten our success and (ill help us succeed in the future as (ell. they share the vision and belief that their customers and sta*eholders shall be served only by creating and e+ecuting future scenarios in the consumption space leading to economic development. 'hey (ill be the trendsetters in evolving delivery formats, creating retail realty, ma*ing consumption affordable for all customer segments . for classes and for masses. In potential employees, they value

Pantaloon Retail ma*es every effort to delight its customers. in over 9 cities across the country. (e operates multiple retail formats in the lifestyle segment of the Indian consumer mar*et. As India’s leading retailer.: million square feet.6%ALUE!$0ed by its format divisions . 9overing an operational retail space of over >.a<aar stores.68A053 #. Pantaloons. tailoring store formats to changing Indian lifestyles and adapting products and services to their desires. 0ed by its lifestyle formats .ig .ig .6 0I%32'703 4.R3'AI0 4.PRODUCT LINES IN WHICH PANTALOONS ARE INDUL ED INTO! PA/'A011/22 is indulged into businesses li*e ) #.25PP0I03R2 • In retail they have made their place into #.a<aar stores and 4"" %ood .a<aar. is a (holly o(ned subsidiary of Pantaloon Retail =India6 0td. the company operates #!4 . 4. India’s favourite fashion chain has !: stores across the country offering the most popular loyalty program &reen 9ard. Pantaloons and 9entral. that has been created *eeping in mind the gro(th and current si<e of the company’s value retail business.6 LI"EST#LE!$Pantaloon Retail is focussed on driving the gro(th of the lifestyle retail business. .a<aar and %ood . among other formats. %uture 8alue Retail 0td.

In 4""A) Pantaloon Retail launches India’s first seamless mar*. the supermar*et chain is launched.brand retail outlets across the nation. In 4""9) Pantaloon Retail celebrates its first 2hopping %estival across all retail formats in *ey Indian cities. in . In #99A) 'he Pantaloon 2hoppe. 9entral. mar*ing one of the fastest e+pansions of the hypermar*et format any(here in the (orld.• In suppliers section they have made their place into #. the home building and improvement products retail chain. .angalore.based /ational Retail %ederation convention in /e( 7or*. In 4"">) . In 4""$) Pantaloon Retail (ins the International Retailer of the 7ear a(ard at 52. In 4""!) @ome 'o(n.angalore and @yderabad. and 3merging Retailer of the 7ear a(ard at the World Retail 9ongress held in .a<aar crosses the #"".ig . store Pantaloons in Bol*ata.6. our e+clusive mens(ear store in a franchisee format is launched across the nation. In 4""#) Pantaloon Retail launches three . ft. In 4""4) %ood .62'AR'I/& '@3 PR19322.ig . In #99$) Pantaloon Retail enters modern retail (ith the launch of the first >""". 'he company starts distribution of branded garments through multi.a<aar stores (ithin a span of 44 days in Bol*ata. is launched along (ith consumer durables format 3<one and furniture chain %urniture .391?3 A 25PP0I3R 4.a<aar.arcelona.sq.a<aar. In #994) .

@igh quality of service. Pantaloons &ift 8ouchers are used as an effective medium in a company for building up) 3ffective motivational tool for employee 2. good ambience and implicit shopping e+perience characterise a typical Pantaloons %resh %ashion store.. De(ellery.Pantaloon Retail India 0td. 9orporates prefer vouchers over actual gifts because there is no ambiguity over (hether an employee li*ed or disli*ed his gift. 9osmetics. Pantaloons &ift 8ouchers are available in convenient denominations of Rs. In #99#) . 'hey are redeemable at all Pantaloons %resh %ashion stores across India. 8endor F 9lient &ifting . Why Pantaloons &ift 8ouchers are given to employeesCCCCCCCC Pantaloons %resh %ashion is the lifestyle departmental store chain of %uture &roup. In #9>$) 'he company is incorporated under the name of ?an< Wear Private 0td. is launched. Pantaloons. 4:". • SOCIAL CHAN ES THAT TOO& PLACE WITH PANTALOONS !$ &ift (isely.AR3.. ma*es an Initial public offer =IP16. •*ing area that companies can pass on to their employees. one of India’s first formal trouser brands. ?obiles. #"".&ift a 8oucher. Perfumes. 1ffice Accessories E lot more for the entire family. 9hoosing gifts is one decision. 3ach 2tore offers variety of products ranging from Apparels. :"" E #""". an Indian denim brand is launched.

the customers gets habituated (ith the discount schemes.the success spea*es. NE ATI%E E""ECTS O" SOCIAL CHAN ES ON THE E'PLO#EES AND CUSTO'ERS !$ • • When one employee is given gifts or incentives then the employee (ho has not got the motivational incentives gets demoralli<ed.and . 8arious 9onsumer 2chemes E Promotion POSITI%ES E""ECTS O" SOCIAL CHAN ES ON THE E'PLO#EES AND CUSTO'ERS !$ When pantaloons thought of gifting vouchers to their employees and their customers this had some positive effects on the customers and emplooyees they are ) • • • • • the motivation increases. Incentives to 2ales %orce 5. the employees get encouraged to (or* the inhouse events motivates the employee the sales force are given bonus and incentives for encouragement and performing events E celebration &ifting to employees 4. In. various discount schemes are given to the consumers . the e((e)ts o( these )han*es on the +evenue )ost o( the )ompany! (e *no( that (here the future group is standing no( .

.the profit margin of the company has gone considerably high . the sales of the company has drastically increased from some period of time because of the motivation given to their employees. ...