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Christmas Activities Reindeer Edition is a packet of reindeer activities for the Christmas

The packet includes:

1. What I Know About Reindeer write information about a reindeer {can include non-
fiction writing and how reindeer are depicted during the Christmas holiday}. (p. 3)

2. Lets put Santas reindeer in ABC order! put the names of Santas reindeer in
alphabetical order. (p. 4)

3. Reindeer Craftivity directions on p. 5. Use with pet reindeer writing on page 8. (p. 5-7)

4. Let me tell you about my pet reindeer! write about a pet reindeer by completing
sentence starters. Use with reindeer craftivity on p. 5-7. (p. 8)

5. I saw one of Santas reindeer! write about what you saw Santas reindeer do first,
then, and last. Includes reindeer illustrations. (p. 9)

6. Lets find reindeer words! complete a word search by circling the words in a grid.
Write a sentence using one of the words. (p. 10)

2013 First Grade Schoolhouse
credi ts
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2013 First Grade Schoolhouse

Let s put Santa s rei ndeer
i n order!
Dancer Cupid Blitzen
Dasher Rudolph Comet
Prancer Vixen Donner
2013 First Grade Schoolhouse

Rei ndeer Crafti vi ty

Mat e ri al s
9 x 12 construction paper light brown, medium brown,
and bright colored.

tan yarn and ribbon (optional)

Di re ct i ons

Make copies of p. 6 on light brown construction paper.

Make copies of p. 7 on medium brown construction paper.

Cut out face, ears, and antlers. Glue onto bright colored
construction paper.

Add yarn and red ribbon to cutesify the reindeer.

Can be used as a bulletin board display with the Let me tell
you about my pet reindeer! printable.

2013 First Grade Schoolhouse

reindeer face and ears
2013 First Grade Schoolhouse

2013 First Grade Schoolhouse

Let me tel l you about my
My reindeers name is
I found my pet at
I keep my reindeer in
My reindeer especially likes to
My reindeer does not like to
My pets favorite food is
I take care of my reindeer by

The most special thing about my reindeer

2013 First Grade Schoolhouse

2013 First Grade Schoolhouse

b u i f z c a l f a
t r w o h h d i u r
p w f z o t k c y c
c R u d o l p h l t
g x r j v a m e x i
a n t l e r s n v c
n e s q s l e i g h
v r e i n d e e r y
reindeer hooves fur
antlers Arctic calf
Rudolph sleigh lichen
2013 First Grade Schoolhouse
Use one of the words in a sentence.