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As at ἕፂ29/08/2008
Top Holdings ሯᝁᏮṚ(%)
Gold 32.90
Copper 13.90
Aluminium 12.70
Lead 8.80
Zinc 7.60
Current Portfolio Exposure ኡᗾ᥺ᗑᖔᏮṚ(%)
Base Metals ᥺ኄᗑ▩ 48.10
Precious Metals Ჩᗑ▩ 45.30
Cash ᩟ᗑ 6.60
Schroder Alternative Solutions - Gold and Metals Fund A Acc
Investment Objective ᏮṚኡ₴
The Fund's investment objective is to generate growth in the long term through investment in
gold and metal related commodity instruments globally*.
Cumulative Performance ᪘≋ᗇ᩟(%) Key Information ᥺ᗑṚ᠔
Unit NAV ᭅፒṚᩥᩆ᝹ USD8.86 (ᜐᇤ)
Hi/Lo (Past 12 mths) USD10.28/8.46 (ᜐᇤ)
Annualised return (3 yrs) N/A
Annualised Volatility (3 yrs) N/A
Beta (3 yrs) ᑉሷ(3ጆ) N/A
Sharpe Ratio (3 yrs) N/A
Management Fee ᾈᩞጆᲧ 1.5%
Initial Charge ᝫጞῤ⎿Ყ 5% p.a.
Performance Fee ᗇ᩟Ყ 10% of the positive
performance subject
to High Water Mark
principle (please refer
to the relevant offering
Current High Water Mark USD10 (ᜐᇤ)
Fund Manager ᥺ᗑ᷹ᩞ Robert Howell &
Paula Bujia
Launch Date ᧥ቃሕᮽ 7/08
Fund Size Ṛᩥ᝹(millionጰᷧᇤ) USD87.59 (ᜐᇤ)
Units Available ᭅፒ┭፴ Accumulation (᪘≋)
Financial Year End 30/9
Schroders InvestLink Code 932
Bloomberg Ticker SAGMAAD
ISIN CODE LU0371156497
In accordance with SFC regulations, the performance figures of this Fund with less than 6 months'
activity (launched on 7 July 2008) cannot be divulged.
Asset Type Ṛᩥᇬ፬(%)
Futures ᮽ᫧ 76.40
Swaps, ETFs ᧡ᮽྐྵኯᔳᔏᲪⅧ᥺ᗑ 15.60
Equity ᖫ᩾ 1.40
Cash ᩟ᗑ 6.60
Source : Schroders. NAV-NAV in USD with net income re-invested. The Fund size quoted includes all classes of the Fund.
Investment involves risks. Past performance is not indicative of future performance. Please refer to the relevant offering documents for further fund details including risks factors. The Fund may use
financial derivatives instruments (FDI) as part of its investment strategy. For risks associated with the use of FDI and investment in securities in emerging markets, please refer to the relevant offering
documents for details. This material is issued by Schroder Investment Management (Hong Kong) Limited and has not been reviewed by the SFC. The Fund is authorised under Chapter 8.4A of the SFC's
Code on Unit Trusts and Mutual Funds as a “Futures and Options Fund” but such authorisation does not imply official recommendation. Potential investors should be aware that such investment involves
market risk and should be regarded as long-term investment. In addition, such investment will seek to gain exposure through investing principally in commodity related derivatives which carry substantial
risks, including risk of loss of a significant portion of their principal value. The performance of a commodity investment may perform to a greater or lesser degree than the underlying commodity spot price
depending on market conditions. As such, these instruments are subject to special risks that relate to the movements of prices in the commodity markets. You are advised to read the relevant offering
document and understand the risks involved prior to making any investment decision.
* The Fund will not acquire any physical commodities directly. The Fund will not enter into any contracts relating to physical commodities other than commodity futures, warrants, swaps, and options
Ṛ᠔ᑳᶐ : ᙿⓨ⁽ྺ᥺ᗑᗇ᩟ሳṚᩥᩆ᝹⁀(ᜐᇤ)ᝃᾌྸጒ᡾ዉᏮṚྺኄ᥺ᗑᇓṚᩥ᝹ᇅᨿ῅ᒄᔏጙ┭፴ྺ
ᖔᝨ⋃ྸṄᧆ⅑ᥙ↜ጙ┥←ᥪሑኼྺኄሑኼኚᙿⓨ⁽ᏮṚᾈᩞ(ᝬᯠ)ጙ᝞ᇩቜቅᰪྸሑኼኅᒜᝬᯠ━ᒉᇺᮽ᫧ᑦᥐὴỻᓄឬᵱ⌣↜ྺኄ᥺ᗑᠨ⇸━ὴᵱᖔ࿤ᭅፒᗡ᣿ᇺᇘᮄ᥺ᗑዽᘁ࿥᪆8. 4Aᬘ⍊ῤቔᛄ࿬ᮽ᫧ᇺᮽ☁᥺
* ኄ᥺ᗑᇏᵱᖗ᧚⎿ᆘỷᖅᥛᘗྺᤫᥛᘗᮽ᫧ྐྵῤᖫ☁━ྐྵ᧡ᮽᇺᮽ☁ዠᜍቩྸኄ᥺ᗑᇏᵱᝄከኽፙᒄሷᾹỷᖅᥛᘗጙ┥ᖔዠᜍྺ

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