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A. Papers to be prepared: 1. _______ Verification with Certification as to Non-forum Shopping 2. _______ Notice of Appearance (if services of counsel was secured when there is a case filed) 3. _______ Notice of Appeal (if services of counsel was secured for purposes of appeal)

B. Documents Needed: 1. _______ Current Community Tax Certificate (CTC) of party _____________________________________ _____________________________________ (CTC can be secured from the city or municipal government where you reside. You could also secure this from the Provincial government located in capitol building.)

In securing CTC, the following information is needed: Name: __________________ Sex : ___________________ Age: ____________________ Address: __________________ Birthdate: __________________ Birthplace: __________________ Income for the previous year: _______________ (Fees varies depending on the income declared. For students and non-working, fee is at about P6.00. For income below P10,000 monthly, the fee is usually at P200.00.) (If the Law Office will secure the CTC, it will charge P100.00 for services.)

2. _______ Birth Certificate of children of the spouses _________________________

________ case folder ___________________________________________________ (This consists of the documents. If the client does not have a complete copy of the document or only few documents are found.) . handling of conflict and anger) C.) 2.) 5. You need to pay a certain amount (less than 50. _______ Police blotter ( in cases of physical abuse and others) _______________ (Police blotter can be secured from the police station where the incident has been reported.(Birth Certificate can be secured from the Civil Registry of where the child was born. This is different and does not usually have the registry number. papers and pleadings filed and received in connection with the case. It has a registry number. ________ Narration of Facts and Events of the relationship of the Spouses (from courtship. and the client would like to secure the services of the Law Office then the following are needed: 1.) 3. handling of children. then the law office could go to the court and have a complete copy of the case with a minimal fee plus photocopying expenses. ________ Pictures __________________________________________________________ 7. ________ Notice of Withdrawal ___________________________________________ (This notice is duly signed by the client and that of his previous counsel informing the Court that the lawyer is withdrawing in the instant case. wedding. ________ Title and Tax Declaration of Properties of the Spouses _____________ 6. The Certificate of Live Birth is the form submitted by the hospital to the Civil Registry at the time of birth. _______ Marriage Certificate of Spouses ___________________________________ (Marriage Certificate can be secured from the Civil Registry of where the marriage has been celebrated or can be secured from the National Statistics Office) 4.00) for the certified true copy of the police report. If there is a pending case handled another lawyer.