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This course in marketing research aims at familiarizing the participants of the MBA program with scientific research and its various methods in the field of management. The focus of the course is applied and decisional. It aims at providing the relevant inputs to the participants so that they could study systematically various complex management problems and provide information and solutions for the same. Besides the course work the participants shall be re!uired to undertake a market research pro"ect incorporating the research techni!ues studied during the semester

MMS 205

Credit Units: 04

Course Contents:
Module : !"ture "nd sco#e o$ %"r&etin' rese"rc( Marketing research as input in decision making process Marketing research and marketing information system. Applications of marketing research #lanning a research pro"ect$ #roblem identification and formulation. %esearch &esign$ 'xploratory &escriptive and 'xperimental research designs Market research on the Internet Module : )"t" collection %et(ods (bservation Methods and )uestionnaire Method )uestionnaire &esign$ *teps in constructing a !uestionnaire types of !uestions Attitude measurement and *caling techni!ues$ %atio interval ordinal and nominal scales. +ikert,s scale Thurstone scale *emantic differentiation method etc. #ro"ective techni!ues. Multidimensional scaling and perceptual mapping *ampling decisions$ *ampling frame sample selection methods- #robability and non- probability sample size Application of sampling methods to marketing problems. Module : )"t" collection "nd $ield $orce .ield work procedure. /ommon sources of error in the field work. Minimizing fieldwork errors Tabulation of the collected data Module *: )"t" "n"l+sis , Tests of significance 0 t . and chi-s!uare &ata analysis-II$ /orrelation and %egression techni!ues &ata analysis-III$ (ver-view of Multivariate Techni! analysis con"oint analysis /luster analysis Module * #re-1riting /onsiderations .ormat of the Marketing research report /ommon #roblems 'ncountered when preparing the marketing research report. #resenting the %esearch %eport Module * : Selected "##lic"tions o$ %"r&etin' rese"rc( Identifying market segments #roduct research *ales research and Advertising research

E-"%in"tion Sc(e%e:
Co%#onents .ei'(t"'e /01 C 23 A 4 CT 24 EE 53

Te-t 2 Re$erences:
Text: Malhotra 6aresh7 Market %esearch - 8th 'dition-#9I /hurchill :ilbert A +acobucci &awn7 Marketing %esearch$ Methodological .oundations ; th 'dition *outh 1estern References: +uck &avid < And %ubin %onald * Marketing %esearch *eventh 'dition #rentice 9all of India Beri :c. Marketing %esearch *econd 'dition Tata Mc:raw 9ill Thomas 9. 1ancott and %. 1ancott Introductory *tatistics for Business and 'conomics <ohn 1iley and *ons 6ew =ork. Burns Alvin / and Bush %onald .$ Marketing %esearch 4th 'dition #earson 'ducation Software: *tudents can use *#** 24.3 for analyzing the data for marketing research. T(e so$t3"re is "v"il"ble in t(e co%#uter l"b4