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Alex Collier On The Next Dimension – 1998


Patte : Hi, this is Patte Purcell welcome to the Next Dimension Out of this world talk radio on talk America, tonight my guest is Alex Collier, the author of ‘Defending Sacred Ground’ – The Andromedan compendium, Alex had a very unique experience in that he has been in direct contact with the Andromedan extra terrestrials for over 20 years. Good evening Alex are you there?

Alex : Yes Patte I am, hi.

Patte : Hi how are you

Alex : I’m great.

Patte : Were going to be discussing some very interesting aspects of your contact with the andromedans tonight including extra terrestrial existence, time travel, underground bases, and the world as a hologram, and I know that you will be enlightening our listeners as to a lot of these areas, we do have a quick break that we have to go to and when we come back we will start with Alex, and for all of those who would like to contact him your new web site is www, is that right?

Alex : That is correct

Alex Collier On The Next Dimension

Patte : Okay, is there a number that they can call to receive more information if they like or get a copy of your book?

Alex : Yes there is, its 303-215-1923.

Patte : Okay we will be back in a moment if you have questions for Alex were at a 1-888-22TALK and we will be discussing Alex’s direct contact with the Andromedan extra terrestrials when we get back.


Patte : Hi this is Patte Purcell welcome back to the next dimension out of this world talk radio on talk America my guest is Alex Collier author of Defending Sacred Ground, the Andromedan Compendium. Alex, Why don’t you just go ahead and tell us about how you were first contacted by the Andromedans.

Alex : I was 8 years old it was in the northern peninsula of Michigan, and it was a family picnic, and it was in the middle of the afternoon, and I experienced what would be considered classic missing time, and basically I was beamed on board a space craft and when I woke up I was lying on a table and I was being given an exam by two beings, two men, one was very tall, with light blue skin, with no hair, and the other was a very small man, pale white and they introduced themselves, and what was amazing was that I had absolute instant recognition to them.

Patte : Really

Alex : Yeah, it was like I absolutely know them. You know how when you meet somebody you just know you know them?, it was like that they spoke to me telepathically, very much like we’re talking now, except there were no words, they didn’t move their lips, but I heard them just as clear as your hearing me, and some of your listeners, it just, the whole thing evolved, from there, that first time they

Alex Collier On The Next Dimension showed me who I was, my relationship to them and basically the experience began that moment.

Patte : Now you were eight years old at that time when you said that you were beamed on board, were you taken up in some tractor beam, or do you recall that portion of it.

Alex : Well, it, you know, its not exactly a tractor beam, no I did not recall the first time how I got on board, but, you know, obviously since then I’ve learnt how it works. Essentially what it is, you know the laser pointer that you use on a board during a lecture?

Its a blue light and its literally that thin, and what happens is the minute it scans and touches your body, it breaks down all of your atoms, and your atoms travel up this beam light as if it was optical fibre, on board the craft

Patte : Wow!

Alex : Once your there you assimilate back into your original form and there you are [laughing]

Patte : and there you are

Alex : and there you are.

Patte : Go ahead, when you said that they showed who you were, how did they show that to you

Alex : Well while we are sitting on the table Patte, they, put this little cap on my head and it looked, like a yarmulke. It was some kind of a metal, alloy, except it

Alex Collier On The Next Dimension had a hole in the centre, and immediately, Moraney had this little clicker in his hands, and on the walls were there were no monitors, TV’s, there was just nothing but bare wall suddenly, monitors, and the things began to appear, on the wall like out of thin air, and, the monitors had images, they were literally showing movies, some were monitoring my physicality, for which I think was more for them then it was for me.

The screen, that was very much like a television screen but it was liquid, it its made of a liquid, its like our television but its liquid, and because its liquid, it gives a complete, 3d dimension, its almost as if you could jump into, the screen and be, there, that’s how real it is.

I saw all these scenes, and as I’m watching these scenes in front of me, I’m getting totally emotionally involved, and by the time it was over I absolutely had total recognition, that what I had just seen, was me, that I had seen specific events, that were past life experiences for me, now this whole process, seemed like it was 15 minutes, but later, I was told that it was the equivalent of 4 hours I had been watching all of this.

Patte : You mentioned the name Moraney, was that the taller one or the shorter one?

Alex : Moraney is the taller one, Vasais is the shorter one.

Patte : Vasais, okay. now you said that you had this instant recognition of them and that you knew who they were, did they show you their inner relation with them

Alex : No it did not

Patte : Okay how did you recognize the fact that you, you knew them or had this contact with them, was this just telepathic knowing or?

Alex Collier On The Next Dimension Alex : No no no, on a soul level the recognition is there, that’s how most of us have deja vous.

Patte : Okay

Alex : Because the soul recognizes someone’s energy. You know, when you meet somebody that you meet for the first time, or you think you’ve met them for the first time, and you have this instant recognition, this instant liking, it is your soul acknowledging the fact that it knows the vibration of the person you’ve just met.

Okay and our conscious and our subconscious, our conscious mind doesn’t know that because its here in real time, we’re in the moment, where your subconscious doesn’t know time. It doesn’t know time at all, it records things, and blends things all at once, whether its a present life or a past life.

Through my conversations with them, afterwards and the continuous teachings, I came to learn, when they were here 62,000 years ago, and this was at a point on our planet when, there had been a huge, family feud, more or less, to say, between the family of Enki, and the family of Enlil, the Nibiru tribe, that was here that Zecharia Sitchin refers to and talks about. The Enlil tribe had left for a while, and the Enki tribe or the Enki family, more or less was in control of the planet, for a short time and they opened it up to all the other different races.

In other words they tried making it a showcase, because its so diverse, or our planet used to be so diverse, with so many different altitudes, and geological formations and life forms, I mean its just as splendid place, and, the Andromedans were invited here and they had a colony, a small colony, here for approximately 62 years, between 62-65 years, and they were at that time.

Patte : Okay, Alex, we do have to a quick break, but we’ll be back in a couple of minute, and we’re speaking with Alex Collier, if you have a question we’re at, 1888-822TALK.

you know earth can really grind you down. a lot of the gauges and things like that can just disappear. The scout craft that usually comes is approximately 30 ft in diameter. is an area where they load cargo. A lot of things are liquid. there not like our computers. not always.Alex Collier On The Next Dimension [Commercial Break] Patte : Hi. by any stretch. The cock floor would be more or less. a lounge area. it could go once six months. the middle level would be considered the cockpit. but I absolutely don’t understand it how it is that way. the control room. It has 3 floors. how often are you in contact with them? Alex : Well Patte. and then it could be. they have a laboratory. where they take samples and they put them in storage. They’ve explained it to me once. there virtually . this is Patte Purcell. So there’s no pattern. I prefer to go onboard. tell us what the ship is like. and just to be in their space. there was a period of 10 years I didn’t hear from them at all. and the first floor which would be the bottom floor. my guest is Alex Collier. its weird. 3 levels. Alex. there’s no pattern. in a way. once eight months. they take samples. its also where they develop there holographic pictures that they take of. the navigational computers. a resting area. and researching. sometimes its strictly telepathic. stars. you know it could be several times a week. we were discussing your first visit with the Andromedans. their bigger on the inside then they are on the outside. and all the ships are like that. [both laugh] Patte : We all know that. What’s the ship like. once a month. different planets. Alex : Its really no frills. and things they are exploring. Alex : No no. because its always nice to get away from gravity here. some kind of a cryogenic freeze. Patte : Do they always take you onboard?. welcome back to ‘The Next Dimension’ out of this world talk radio.

they’re an extension of an ancient Lyran colony. and I need to differentiate this. some people would call it cloak. floating cities. and explain this because so many people.Alex Collier On The Next Dimension all identical. with the exception of the mother ships. so many people get that wrong. the motherboards are just these huge versions. and star constellations. Patte : So they’ve always been here basically? Alex : Yeah we’ve always been watched Patte : Are they hiding behind the clouds like I’ve heard? Alex : I wouldn’t say hiding behind the clouds. and they literally disappear from us even they’re right there. all they have to do is raise the vibration of their craft 7 octaves.” You know. the universe has 100 trillion galaxies. that is not a universe. that when I’m talking . of the smaller craft. or are they far away from us? Alex : No there’s a lot of activity in our solar system right now. we live in a galaxy. you know. Patte : So who exactly are the Andromedans? where are they from?. some people would call it stealth. and you know. Patte : Are they floating around our earth. that’s where we have a central sun. its just that as our technology gets better we’re seeing more and more. except they are literally. we’re the only planet in the universe. and what’s there purpose here? Alex : Well. and there’s no other life in the universe. and there always has been. and we have all the other stars and planets and planetary systems. Most of the human race in our galaxy. when they are talking about space. that rotate around it… That is a galaxy. they say – “well our universe.

lets talk about what their message is. Alex we’ve gotten through some of the basics. and we’re starting to communicate and we’re going to start sharing some more stories. welcome back to the ‘Next Dimension’ out of this world talk radio. we have to go to news real quick.Alex Collier On The Next Dimension about the galaxy. no ones found the end of it. One of these contactees down in South America has actually contacted us. since I’ve been on a couple of radio shows I’ve been getting some information back that there are other people. Now the human race did not originate there. my guest is Alex Collier. you know. what we know ourselves to be. and we’ll be discussing. but we’ll be back in a few minutes. our colony or were a colony that came out of Lyra. . Alex. Patte : Okay. apparently the human race was first seeded or colonized. in the ancient Vega system that we know of as Lyra. more about the Andromedans and Alex Collier author of ‘Defending Sacred Ground’ we’ll be back in a moment. I’m not the only one Patte : Okay Alex : There are three others. To date. at least from the Andromedans. My understanding is that there’s going to be a long more and. Now. [commercial break] Patte : Hi. and why have they contacted you? Alex : Well Patte. They. The universe is so big that no one has found the end of it yet… [laughing] Okay. this is Patte Purcell. they’ll say well does he mean the universe? and I don’t. they do not know exactly where the human race came from.

that everything’s okay. definitely suffering from an identity crisis. not only them but many other colonial races that were here. You know. I once asked them what our future was going to be. you can accomplish. and I was killed before I could leave. we want you to know that on a genetic level you are considered royalty. their response was really quite profound. and that its going to be okay. more of you would not even be able to understand your potential. In a nutshell that’s their message. generation after generation because you are not aware of the history behind world events. But it will involve taking full responsibility and having mutual respect for each other. for a very very long time. we as a race are. so many people talking about love and light. they basically came back to say hi. There message is there are a lot of problems here and a lot of the problems you have not caused.000 years ago they were forced to leave. why we’re here. how we got here. Patte : Okay Alex : They’re not ones to sugar coat it. so. their message in a nutshell. I’ve heard so much. that is just not an easy thing to answer. and. to help. we’re . has been you have been manipulated. Now there referring to us here on earth. and that’s never been their message. but you are propagating. Patte : Wow Alex : Whatever you put your minds to. that had been invited here. and its obvious we have not learnt from the past because. we do not know who we are. you have incredible potential.Alex Collier On The Next Dimension When they were here 62. you know Patte. where we’re going. In their opinion. and your race. There message has been primarily to try to educate. to touch base. You know.

I mean there have been several times. welcome to the next dimension out of this world talk radio. we were given water. I’m sorry we’ll have to take a quick break we’ll be right back Alex : Okay Patte. try to get through it. Alex you said that we’re being manipulated. who is doing the manipulation? . my guest is Alex Collier. and you know. we were fed. and Mr Sitchin talks about this in his books. Patte : and this was Nibiru? Alex : Nibiru. was during the time that Nibiru was here.. but I would suggest everybody read them. where we united as a race. The Earth Chronicles. but the very last time. Alex. and we rebelled. is this part of this manipulation is to keep us in this kind of chaotic state? Alex : Yes because there was a time. They thought nothing of it. Patte : You said that we’ve been manipulated. to a group of extraterrestrial races that were here and we were treated like slaves. the truth is they slaughtered us like we were cattle. As far as wars and so on and so forth. [Commercial break] Patte : This is Patte Purcell. yes. as long as we did what we were told. in history the bible refers to ‘let us confound them and change their languages ‘ Patte : Okay. several times. and they’re not an easy read. but the minute we didn’t behave. we united because we were slaves. things remained relatively calm.Alex Collier On The Next Dimension continuing to create a lot of what’s been in our past.

its where we’re the furthest end of our galaxy. let me just say that there is a hierarchy and it primarily stems out of Orion. The reality is all of you as a soul come from some place else. even Nibiru manipulated us. visiting our planet. a very large group of us. we all come from some other place. or Terrans as we’re known outside. now because of so many extraterrestrial in the last.Alex Collier On The Next Dimension Alex : Well Patte there are several groups of extraterrestrial races. your a Buddhist. and have been manipulating us. none of us as souls on this planet were born and hatched here. or not. and whether your a Christian. your a Moslem is doesn’t change anything. None of you. let me try to explain who I have been taught by the Andromedans we are. that’s just the reality of it. Then there have been those lone groups. but I first want to tell everybody. a consciousness that lives forever. and there have also been reptilian races. you know this was an outpost. as souls. it doesn’t matter. staying here. which ever life you choose to evolve. including myself. whether you want to believe this or not. folks. in a second. whether you think I’m crazy. okay. and you know come back and forth. Now. at least off planets. some other dimension. and its purpose is to experience life. your a Jew. that have also visited. we talked about the genetics and I’m going to get to that. Again let me go back to set this up. that everyone of you has a soul. some other realm. coming here. . okay? Patte : Okay Alex : Now. such as the Dow. but the reality is. Sirius B. there have been some from Betelgeuse. 22 million years. for some reason. which the people here on earth here call the Grays. that have been here. to discover who you are to become all that you can be. choose to incarnate into this physically which we know ourselves as earth beings. that records.

both in the past and I’m told. there are also many human races. even in the present. but its all part of the programming to keep us thinking small. and have used in the past. there have other also. it will never be proven. its because much of the life that is on our planet. This does go on. because of all the interaction earth has had with so many different races. okay its just not true. have bared children. so much life. was brought here by other races. there are people folks. and they get to three of four months and suddenly the pregnancy is terminated. this is why we have. and yes there are races that can do this. races. we as as race. there have been. this occurs for example with the Grays. This is why in the fossil records they have discovered. with extraterrestrials.Alex Collier On The Next Dimension It was an outpost. that many very very advanced races use. so many extinct animals and other plant life that are fully formed. so you see. I’m now taking about all of us on planet earth. to leave our galaxy to go to other galaxies. that moves just outside our solar system. Patte : [makes noise of astonishment] Alex : Okay?. According to the Andromedans. so much has gone on with extra terrestrials. especially women who know they have been implanted. we are along a trading route. Now. This notion that everything evolved from a single cell is rubbish. . there are other stories of women being taken on board where they’ve met their children. it is rubbish. extraterrestrials that have been left behind. okay. that moves just outside out of our solar system. they teach it as proof but it isn’t. so much diversity. any many of them are human races. extraterrestrial races that are human that have come here and co-mingled. are the sum total of 22 different extraterrestrial races. the seed has been put inside of them. with our race. they would stop here for whatever reason. and the baby is gone. I want you to know that.

in our galaxy like this. you know this is a very dangerous time.Alex Collier On The Next Dimension Patte : that’s incredible- Alex : and they say that we are royalty. the bubble is bursting and its going to be a very wild ride Patte. lowering of the population. for all of us on the planet. some things for the better and some definitely for the worst. Alex we do have to take another quick break. they want to just stay in their 9 to 5. they’re not really in charge. and what’s going with . Patte : Wow. and we’ll be back to discuss a little more about this. it is. political leaders. I think it was – either. things are radically changing. Barbara Marciniak. They’re really not. Patte : Yes Alex : But nobody wants to hear it. Patte : Okay. Because of this. Patte : This is a very important time though isn’t it? Alex : Yes ma’am. but you know there’s an agenda. because our governments are completely irresponsible and the people that are running it. [both chuckle] Nobody wants to hear it. watch football drink beer and I’m like – GOD we’re never going to evolve like this. this is kind of like a living library huh? Alex : Exactly! and I think somebody’s actually said that before. that we’re the only ones. you know. to lower the population of the planet and there setting everything up to do that. the ONLY ones.

We’ll be back in a moment with Alex Collier – Defending Sacred Ground. have kind of seeded our planet why are they now trying to lower our population? Alex : Well Patte. we go from. something happened to our DNA and suddenly within 2000 years. They would just get in their ships and they would leave. They resent the fact that we have the abilities that we have. [commercial break] Patte : Welcome back to the Next dimension. going way way way way back and there are some extraterrestrial races. and this has actually scared some races. we’ve evolved very very quickly. and their not necessarily human. my guest is Alex Collier author of Defending Sacred Ground. that we can evolve so quickly and their doing everything they can to hold us back. and to take our rightful place in the galactic family. regressive races that simply do not want to see us evolve. way in the brunnies and at the end of the galaxy. and I guess you could say that many races were very irresponsible about some of their actions when they were here.Alex Collier On The Next Dimension the government. Alex if we are in fact. Because part of our DNA. and didn’t give us a second thought. out of this world talk radio on talk America. it is primarily and I will use this term often. its not exactly like that. these barbarians to being able to create space flight. its not all of them that are trying to do it. who see us as beasts. and we didn’t start out to be an experiment. and just either go home or continue on with their mission or their scientific expedition. the kind of experiment of the universe. that all of these. you know we were. different extraterrestrials. whatever it was they were doing. has to do with the primate race. and they have been for a very very long time Patte : Are these like the Orions and the … . but what happened was.

They would prefer that we just stay right here. that you know. it means literally learning to work together. for 10 years I have been speaking publicly and I just keep saying this over and over again. that’s the only frustrating thought but - Alex : Hold that thought Patte : Hold that thought when we go to the news and when we come back we will discuss about what we can do to draw up ourselves together and to come up to the potential that we have and that we really are. from Ursa were saying that you know. we talk about love and light. Now that doesn’t mean giving up freedom. not really so much that. and we just stay out of the way. Alex : that sounds great! Patte : I know they do. there are groups from Orion. absolutely do not want to see us evolve. or if you want to explore other things and maybe go back to that. You know this is a very complicated subject and if you want to go down that road. it doesn’t mean giving up your individual liberties and it doesn’t mean having to screw someone over for money or power. so we can all evolve together. We truly are. we can do it.we’ll back in a moment. Betelgeuse. and start working as a race. ladies and gentleman we are so awesome. we just have to believe in ourselves and we have to start putting all of our petty differences aside. so how do we draw ourselves together as a group in something positive? Ooops… I guess we have to go to the news break.Alex Collier On The Next Dimension Alex : Yes ma’am. we can do that. Ursa minor. with Alex Collier author of Defending Sacred Ground . But you know Patte. Sirius B. Patte : Now you were saying – I would like to go on that thing because this is a very positive show. they absolutely do not.

excellent. how are you this morning? Patte : Fine. how are you? Ed : good. that we project from ourselves and our holographic 3d reality you know like our little knickknacks and everything else like that . Defending Sacred Ground.’ We do have a caller right now. how come your not sleeping [laughs] Ed : I stayed up for you Alex Alex : I’m honored Ed : I had to do it. Ed : Oh hi Patte.spiritnetwork. go ahead Ed. excellent piece of work I do have some questions. My guest this hour and the next hour for the rest of the night is Alex Collier the author of ‘Defending Sacred Ground – The Andromedan Compendium.Alex Collier On The Next Dimension Alex : okay [commercial break] Patte : Hi this is Patte Purcell welcome back to the next dimension on talk America and live on the internet. Ed in Texas who is listening on the internet who has a question all one word. and I don’t want to jump ahead of what your talking about but I would like you to comment on the Andromedans being very – what’s the word I want to use – amazed at the things we have. this morning? Alex : I’m going well. Hi Alex how are you tonight. first of all. listeners you can listen at http://www. I’ve read your book.

Alex Collier On The Next Dimension Alex : Aha. actually we do have to take our top of the hour break. but we’ll be back in a moment with Alex and Ed from Texas and I’ll be answering that question as soon as we come back from break [Commercial break] Patte : Hi this is Patte Purcell welcome back to the next dimension out of this world talk radio on talk America and live on the internet. we wanted to get that question out before we went to break. I mean I’m sorry but we will get back. My guest is Alex Collier and we just had a question from Ed from Texas about what the Andromedans think about all of our preoccupation as I would guess would be materialism and stuff is that correct? Ed : more or less. mean why we put so much energy into those things? Ed : Yes Alex : You know – okay that’s a great question. they do not understand why we do not really want to know about our past. [feedback then loss of signal for 3 minutes] How are we going to as a race stand and create something that benefits everybody?. they don’t understand why we do not practice or want to explore voluntary introspection. that fulfils the needs of the many or are we going to continue to play this game where the needs of the few are fulfilled and everybody else suffers. . is there time to answer the question? Patte : You know. it has to do with how we use a lot of our energy Alex : okay.

Patte : How do you suggest we band together?. that we want somebody else to fix it for us and I once asked Vasais about our future.Alex Collier On The Next Dimension Ed : right Alex : you know. is this going to be done individually and each person develops their own sovereignty and therefore it just kind of does the 100th monkey theory? . I am really worried and this is the answer he gave me ‘responsible freedom of self determination becoming truly self confident and free to unconditionally be responsible for oneself’ and here’s the key phrase ‘without being coerced to accept some higher authority. and our past. or why we don’t change it or why we don’t honestly look at ourselves. they don’t understand why we don’t take responsibility for it. and that what we’re creating for our future and fix it. and so many people just don’t want to take responsibility Ed : I’ve been trying to walk my talk and I’m beating my head against the wall talking to people about things. you know. to be fully responsible. we’re in trouble. what were creating isn’t working and they do not understand why we don’t see it. we’re in trouble.’ And that’s an individual decision by each one of us to be that way. because I’m worried. you know where I’m coming from with that Alex : yeah well you know the educational system has successfully made sure that there are very few critical thinkers Ed : they disempowered generations? Alex : yeah. and um you know.

that’s just the way it is. in other words you know. let me just put it to you this way and I will deal specifically with the United States of America. Nobody wants to do it. that’s only part of it. we’re just considered a natural resource and we are extremely vulnerable in the next six months to nuclear terrorism. Alex : Yes ma’am. This thing with Monica Lewinsky Patte : Yes . biological terrorism and the only way America is going to be saved is by the people. We are extremely vulnerable now… Our Governments totally corrupt. and it isn’t going to happen. We talk about it but nobody does anything. Nobodies willing to stand up and take the heat. there block and paid for that’s just the way it is. And fewer others are willing to stand behind them and really take the heat. they just want to continue to go on thinking that its going to work itself out and fix itself. but very few people want to stand up. to make the changes. look we need to get rid of everybody there and start over. its been run by corporations. take responsibility and say.Alex Collier On The Next Dimension Alex : Patte. Patte : When you said to get rid of everybody how do–? Alex : We fire them Patte!. its going to have to be a grass roots level. its been run by men and extraterrestrial that live underground that don’t give a damn about us. Patte : Fire them. the people are going to have to save the United States it isn’t going to be the government. it doesn’t give a damn about us. You know this thing will Bill Clinton and I know we’re kind of getting off this is an issue I want to talk about. and everybody knows it. and this is where we become a country of gossip.

. Alex : That’s what the whole thing is really all about Patte : Okay Alex : That’s what its about Patte : We do have to take a quick break here [laughing] but we will be back and we have a caller holding from Vegas as well. Okay and where are those nuclear missiles targeted? They pointed at us… Patte : Us Alex : Their pointed at us Patte. so now they’ll hit their targets where before they couldn’t even get them off the ground. yeah. their pointed us and we gave them the technology for money. Patte : This is what the whole thing is about.Alex Collier On The Next Dimension Alex : You know this is not really the issue. he got a special waiver which gave the Chinese the guidance missile technology they needed for their nuclear missiles. sure he lied. Alex : : Thanks Ed if your still there Patte : Okay thank you Ed very much for calling in… Be back in a moment. Lorell Space Corporation. okay. gave the Chinese top secret technology for guidance missile systems. and he was the largest donator to the democratic party. and the reason he got a waiver to do it because he gave Bill Clinton a lot of campaign contributions. I’ll tell you what the real issue is. okay. and its treason. The real issue is treason. he commit perjury and he probably obstructed justice but this is not the issue.

was there anything in particular about what’s going out in our galaxy that we need to be aware of? . from Christina in Vegas who very much would like to ask you a question. my guest is Alex Collier author of Defending Sacred Ground. this is Patte Purcell welcome back to the Next Dimension. first of all I hope they sold them the Titan missile guidance system. but lets face it we’re not honorable as Americans when we sell technology Alex : I agree Christina : We probably sold them something cracked anyway. the one that cracks up that we can’t even get up there. harbingers of things to come. Now the two people that you are telepathically in contact with have they mentioned anything about the solar flares the gamma rays. Christina are you there? Christina : Yes I am here. Alex we have another call. you know. Hi Alex Alex : Hi Christina Christina : How are you? Alex : I’m good Christina : All right. Getting onto something a little different.Alex Collier On The Next Dimension [commercial break] Patte : Hi. out of this world talk radio.

its not the planets but by the Sun. Alex : Yes ma’am. stars. pole shift. throughout the galaxy. something that occurs on a fairly regular basis. to its new axis. and rotates. generally the planets follow suit. I know that there’s all kinds of people saying all kinds of things. One other quick question Alex : Yes ma’am . where the planets going to be fried and all this stuff Christina : aha Alex : It just isn’t going to happen. Ed dames. that makes sense. and what happens is that when it flips. even planets pole shift. Okay. it puts off a new tone and frequency and the other planets re-align themselves to that over a period of time… Its always been this way Christina : ahum. but that’s what they say it is. According to the Andromedans. and what it does is that the tone and frequency of our solar system is dictated by the sun. the sun sets the tone. is that. This is an occurrence that happens and what happens is that once the sun does it. where they will rotate on their axis.Alex Collier On The Next Dimension Alex : Well there’s a lot going on in the galaxy but lets just talk about our sun for a moment. apparently our sun electromagnetic field has just finished a pole shift and the electromagnetic field of the sun has not set itself. they’ve intervened several times already and other races have intervened as well. both good and bad. in other words its flipping back and forth which is causing a lot of flare activity and the Andromedans have said that if it doesn’t balance itself out in the next 85 to 93 days that they are going to intervene to do this they are going to balance the magnetic field Christina : Great that there’s somebody out there watching us.

not much but a little bit more Alex : [laughing] well not enough Christina : [laughing] Alex : Not enough. just because we cant get out there and do it with signs or get some notice about it because our liberties would be taken away doesn’t mean we can’t consciously do it and I think that’s what’s going on Alex : Christina. Okay.Alex Collier On The Next Dimension Christina : Now. supposedly there’s a portal over the middle east and I was wondering if you have any information regarding that. you know its that we’re not united. I think we’re lazy. that’s a great question and Christina I can answer it this way. if that’s the case. where they just want to kill themselves all the time? Alex : Oh. well its seems like they are fighting brother to brother I think we are a little more united in the United States. this is the best answer I can give you. why is it only 25% of the population votes? . because it seems that if we’re all genetically royal what happened to that part of the country where they just want to. I think we’re really lazy. the people who think they’re in charge. Prejudice – is an extra terrestrial perspective we have been taught to hate each other. Christina : A lot of people want to stand up and do something and it does have to be a grassroots thing but lets face it. as a world. because as long as we hate each other we will never unite and evolve as a race. they just get rid of people who start these grassroots movements. we will constantly sabotage each other. Christina : Hmm. let me ask you this then. of pulling things together in a positive way. I think on a conscious level that a lot of people are trying to raise the situation.

and its great listening to you Patte : Okay. I don’t know Christina : Well thanks for your time Patte : I’ve just got to say we have to the news real quick Christina : Okay I’m going to let you go. thank you Christina.Alex Collier On The Next Dimension Christina : Oh I think your going to see a big voter turn out this time Alex : That would be great Christina : Yeah. But on a lighter side I have something to ask you Alex Alex : Yes ma’am Christina : [laughing] Is Al Gore a walk-in cause he doesn’t look too animated [giggling] Alex : [laughing] I don’t know. its you know. thanks. We do have to go to the news real quick and then we’ll be back with Alex Collier Defending Sacred Ground. 1:30 in the morning here [laughing] . I think we will. You want to go ahead and give your number out real quick Alex? Alex : If you want information regarding anything call 303-215-1923 please business hours don’t call now.

. Right now we have art from Brenning Pennsylvania on the line. I guess you have a very important question for Alex. yes. Go ahead [Art is barely audible] Art : Alex Alex : Yes Art : Am I on? Patte : yeah [laughing] Alex : Hey Alex : dot com. out of this world talk radio on Talk American networks. I’d also like to mention that our callers will be receiving a free subscription to the auroran holistic journal and research directory which contains our news letter. [commercial break] Patte : Hi this is Patte Purcell welcome back to the Next Dimension. Patte : Okay great we’ll be back in a moment right after the news. my guest is Alex Collier author of Defending Sacred Ground.Alex Collier On The Next Dimension Patte : Or check your web site at www lettersfromandromeda.

Alex : Yes sir. my understanding is that they have sometimes instead of being 3600 years apart. they’ve come 4200 years. but I can tell you this quite honestly. Art : …web site about that… paraphrase parts … about what the possible consequences [unclear] Patte : Neither can I. sometimes 5700 years. the protocol force. Sitchin’s 12th planet. The first has to do with the niburans. Alex : That’s inaccurate. its more of a. 15. Many of the Niburians. There coming back there is an advanced force. Art : This according to him has a period of 3600 years.000 years Art : When’s is it due back? Alex : The planet or the craft itself I’ve not been told that. or Niburu are here in our solar system now. we’re having a problem hearing art through the lines here I guess you can hear him Alex but we’re not able to hear him at all Alex : okay.Alex Collier On The Next Dimension Art : I have a question although maybe you want to answer one at the time. do you want me to repeat the question? Patte : yeah maybe repeat the question . well it is a planet but its been hollowed out it’s now actually a space craft. it basically travels anywhere it wants. you know. that is already in the solar system. but its not exactly a planet.

treatment of us in history. evolve. because we have a legitimate right to survive. but the family of Enlil the natural born son of Anu. the biblical flood of Noah. Art : On the web site you said that Moraney mentioned that if he was asked to leave he would do so. Some have treated as as equals. was a tilting of the planet on its axis which they did mechanically to try to wipe us out. to exterminate the race and that’s why the Andromedans and other races are here to make sure that doesn’t happen again. my concern is that we’re in trouble because of their past. . I wish I knew. I mean we’re just nothing but a natural resource and the last flood. All I can do is keep you posted when I get new information. His question was making a reference to an announcement on our web site. I don’t know art what’s going to happen next.Alex Collier On The Next Dimension Alex : Okay. and again I refer to Sitchin work Art : Yes I know that Alex : They hate us. Alex : If the council told him to leave they would have to Art : Yes. they have the power to do that? Alex : Yes sir they do Art : and his duty bound to obey? Alex : that’s the impression I was given. about the fact that they’re here and what those consequences would be for us and the answer is Art.

Art : You might want to explain that for people who don’t really understand that Alex : Okay. Art : That’s a big order Patte : Before we answer we do have to take a quick break. I don’t know that. Alex as I recall you mentioned that the one reason that the Andromedans are here is that they in their future. at some point they discovered tyranny and they traced in back to our galaxy is that correct? . Art : Well isn’t it true that they are also from our future? Alex : Yes sir. We are getting to hear Art now so its working but we’ll be back in a moment with Alex Collier and art from Weding Pennsylvania. Art did do you have another question? Art : Yes we left it kind of hanging in the air. so they have an investment in seeing that this thing balances itself out. [unclear] would stay here because what happens here affects their future.Alex Collier On The Next Dimension Art : If that was to occur then the fly over would not happen is that right? Alex : I don’t know that sir. We’ll be right back. [commercial break] Patte : Hi this is Patte Purcell welcome back to the next dimension out of this world talk radio my guest is Alex Collier and we were talking to art from Weding Pennsylvania.

We opened up these holes in time. to our solar system? Alex : Yes sir. you know we really had no business with the technology and according to Moraney its supposed to be another 150 years before we actually invented time travel ourselves. gave scientists on our planet. not one. but anyway these races gave us this technology. they both just exhausted themselves to where there and just basically went in their opposite directions. Okay to give a little galactic history. The conflict was never really resolved. to go back in time and alter events in the past that create 400 linear time in our future. to our solar system Art : I’m sorry. tyranny in our galaxy and this is one of the reasons why the Andromedans and other races are here. This time travel technology became known as the Montauk project. but three… holes in time which also created three parallel realities of earth. Now apparently extra terrestrial races from Orion and other groups that are regressive have been using these time – these tears in time. technology.Alex Collier On The Next Dimension Alex : Yeah. We didn’t know what we were doing. a very very long time ago there was a war in our galaxy and it was primarily between the human races and the reptilian races and the two sides slaughtered each other to the point where there was really no winner. time travel technology. the Orion constellations. we without knowing what we were doing created a tear in time. . And what happened was. Now what happened was that a group from Sirius B under the guidance of the Orion – a consortium out of Orion. not two.

I don’t honestly know enough about that and that’s a great question. Patte : Does one of the things that they’re altering like the perception of what happened when Christ was on the earth to manipulate the people into thinking it was a different scenario then it really was? Art : Do you want to get into that Alex? .Alex Collier On The Next Dimension This is why they intervened and stopped literally all portal time travel through these tears. if you go back to the past and alter the event and when you get to the present you have a paradox. I don’t know if it was. they’ve literally been sealing them up and blocking them and have literally quarantined the solar system from time travel because they realized that these specific races were going back and altering certain events so that the outcome would be different from the way it was… Does that make sense? Art : Yeah when they altered these events. You know the old story that if you went back and kill your father would you then be born? Alex : I don’t know that that’s necessarily true Art. if they actually go back and change an alternative reality. yeah. I don’t know if I have an answer for you. my understanding is that they’ve been altering the original reality. no. you know when you time travel it doesn’t necessarily mean that they go to a parallel reality. and that would be in an parallel reality? Alex : Well - Art : Because doesn’t that lead to a paradox? If the events. Art : So they’re really travelers in both space and time Alex : Well yeah.

. and everybody looks to the government and everybody looks to the coming of the Christ. Patte : That’s right. and you know a lot of people are waiting for a savior that may not be coming. Patte : That’s – for me I think that’s a very important thing for our listeners to hear. we may need to be our own savior. we’re disempowering ourselves Patte : Right Alex : We’re totally disempowering ourselves by waiting to be saved. you know. is that there is no savior and if we continue to look for a savior we’re placing expectations on what may turn out to be extra terrestrials or whatever to be our saviors— Alex : Right. but that there’s also rumors that Putika [?unclear] may be some ET groups that may try to play out. that we’re here to save ourselves Art : Not only that but I might interrupt. it didn’t happen that way at all. you may not like my answer.Alex Collier On The Next Dimension Alex : [laughing] One of my least favorite subjects to talk about. the next savior down the line who’s going to fix everything and I think your message is very important. Patte I can address that but you know. Patte : Though I probably already know your answer and I’m not afraid for you to say it Alex : It didn’t happen the way we’ve been taught.

are these groups. are they reptilian or are they more humanoid? Alex : Well there humanoid but they have partial scales Art : Okay Alex : They were a colony originally. the Grays Art : By the way. that’s exactly right Art : I don’t know which groups they are Alex : It would be the Dows. basically slaves. so it seems that they’re not saviors at all Alex : That’s right. prisoners to work those mines .Alex Collier On The Next Dimension Alex : play it out Art? is that what your going to say? Art : I’m sorry? Alex : To play it out Art : Yeah to make it appear that they’re coming here as saviors and all this love and light sort of thing. my understanding is that it was a work colony that – in other words there was a lot of mining in Orion – some of the constellations in Orion were mining minerals that they needed in the Sirius constellation and the actual race of Sirius B were the workers that were brought there. these creatures from Sirius B.

Earlier on you had mentioned about how suddenly man evolved very very quickly and I’ve think the twist in that [unclear] the idea with the messing of the DNA you know in the anthropology studies. over so many millions of years to become the race that they are now. but there were also human races here too which we’re not being told about Art : Yeah Alex : You know I mean they’re finding records of man as we know ourselves you know in the fossilized record but they keep it quiet because they don’t want to take the time to rewrite history and say geees we were wrong Art : Yeah Alex : You know they would rather just propagating the lie you know to protect their precious little hierarchy . where the king is god Art : yeah. evolved.Alex Collier On The Next Dimension Art : I see Alex : And they’ve you know. But again they’re very stuck on monarchy. we’re savages all this suddenly promagnum (sapiens?) man appears Alex : Right Art : And doesn’t that fit in with Sitchin’s idea that they took the hominid apes and altered the DNA and gave them a little bit more intelligence? Alex : Ah yes sir.

you had one more question Art : Yes the gentleman you were just talking with in Hawaii [referring to shift report] Patte : Yes . Art. the author of Defending Sacred Ground and we were talking with Art from Weding Pennsylvania who has one more question and then we will be discussing some things like holograms and some of the other races.Alex Collier On The Next Dimension Art : And isn’t it true that— Patte : I’m sorry Art and Alex we have to go to break and we’ve got the shift report up so we’ll back after the news okay Alex/Art : Okay Patte : Right Alex : Bye bye Patte : Bye bye [ shift report with another guest ] Patte : Hi this is Patte Purcell welcome back to the third hour of the next dimension my guest is Alex Collier.

Were going to have a physical pole shift. it can be. it can be Patte : Because some of the guests that I’ve had.Alex Collier On The Next Dimension Art : Mentioned about the magnetic changes. we’ve discussed the shift just a lot. yes ma’am. no I haven’t. Patte : Is it going to be very world drastic? Alex : Yes ma’am it is. the magnetic changes in the earths magnetic field – made reference to it – have you been following this business with the homing pigeons? Patte : Homing pigeons. as you can probably tell [laughing] some of the guests I’ve been having saying . I’m not familiar with it Art : Apparently the homing pigeons used the magnetic lines of course as their homing device and recently in the paper there was an article about – I think it was near Pittsburg where some 2000 pigeons were released and only about 20 of them got home so Patte : Can you comment on that Alex? Art : Yeah the electro magnetic field of our earth is fluctuating and this usually occurs before a physical pole shift of the planet – the electromagnetic field will rotate and realign itself and then the planet will follow and again this is all in response to the sun Patte : So your expecting – are the Andromedans telling you we are going to have a pole shift or is it? Alex : The highest probability is any time between now and the year 2003.

Its up to us right [laughing]? Alex : Yes ma’am it is Patte : Okay did that answer your question for you Art? Art : Yes it did Patte : Okay well we appreciate your call Art : Yes thank you very much Patte Patte : All right. That it is made up of light. color and sound. planes – or whatever you want to call it. and all matter is made up . including ourselves are holographs. bye bye Art : Good night. good night Alex Alex : Good night art Patte : One of the things that I want to discuss with you was with the fact that we are actually in a hologram – I was reading that in your book Alex : According to Andromedans the entire universe which involves all of the dimensions.Alex Collier On The Next Dimension that through consciousness and through different methods of people working on this – through meditation and through [unclear] talking about the fifth mode of prayer that we are softening some of these effects and hopefully they won’t be quite as drastic as has been predicted but you never know.

with a frequency. okay how does the soul get in here? it has to create the space okay. so save your thought we’ll be right back okay Alex : Okay. [break] . It has to create a physical form that is acceptable by. When we come back we’re going to have a nice span of time. your going to kill me [laughing] but we have to take a break Alex : Another break Patte : Okay this is our short one. Is that what we’re saying? Alex : Yes ma’am. and how does it create the space. and they’ve even said that were all holograms. lets look at the process of birth. Patte : Our physical bodies are holograms? Alex : Aha. we’ll say earth. Patte : So basically the third dimensional hologram – when we are seeing something outside of ourselves that’s basically a mirror in 3d dimensional form. okay? Here you have a soul a soul attaches to a physical – a soul wants to incarnate into third density. color sounded frequency that will be able to integrate into this holograph which we have which we call third density— Patte : Alex. yeah. For example.Alex Collier On The Next Dimension of that depending upon the frequency of the light and color and the sound will dictate the density of which it is.

30 seconds a few second. for a time. how can that be? where did you go. what we know as our universe is a series of layers of frequencies and vibration and within that hologram contains a level of frequencies of harmonics that we exist on. how can that exist?. they are now some place else. whether its 10 seconds. but there no longer in physical body. right now . Now its a real experience okay. you know. our progression of lifetimes we would come to understand that we truly do choose our parents for the purpose of the experience that we need to. It exists because the universe. but it isn’t here yet. and they have an experience. to an embryo and as it grows and it matures in the mothers body it is here. so when a person has a near death experience they leave their body. we have to create the space so what we do is we attach to a body. they go to some place. You understand? Patte : Yes I understand Alex : Okay. Okay Alex lets start over with this [laughing] Alex : Okay so if every single one of us had cognitive memory of you know. that we choose to have. Now how do we as a soul. Patte : Okay Alex : For example. which they use extensively and its a holographic camera. Now Patte they can take a picture of you. It isn’t actually the birthing processing where now that physical now has its own space on. and that can only be if it was a third density. the Andromedans have a camera. they’re considered dead. Now when they come back to their body and they relate what experience they had some people are like.Alex Collier On The Next Dimension Patte : Hi this is Patte Purcell welcome to the next dimension we’re back with Alex Collier. that is just as real to them. a spirit come into third density to experience physical reality. even though it is not as dense as physical. you know.

10 years in our linear time. my soul. Patte : Yes. literally. holo what?’ they won’t even know what your talking about. but there able to take it apart and look at various times in your life of who you were. so when your talking in the book about we’re moving into the 4th dimension and the 5th dimension Alex : Yes ma’am Patte : Okay. and depending on the setting of this camera. And then what they do is they take it apart and they look at specific times in your life and its like a video but its actually a picture. everybody’s soul is literally multidimensional. and we wonder why we’re only using you know 12 to 15 percent of our brain you know. it is a holograph. it is a true account of who you are. its like a snapshot. what your experiencing. and its a holographic camera. this is where I am now. it can be set for. when you have say reached the 4th dimension or the 5th dimension . I mean you say holograph to most they’ll say ‘you know. 20 years in our linear time. and we’ve limited our self tremendously. if they took a picture of you now it would contain your entire life from now back to conception. everything about you okay. because what your experiencing now here in the present your not consciously aware of other experiences your soul is having on other levels because we have separated ourselves from the concept of a holograph into linear thinking. there’s nothing else that exists. how – would you explain to the listeners. or it can even go back to moment of conception. the soul. which is something that were doing right now. your soul. Now we are so stuck in linear time that it is very difficult of people to conceive the concept that everything is a holograph. and that’s all there is to it. of your mum and your dad. Now this one picture contains.Alex Collier On The Next Dimension this moment. They’ve taken lots of these kinds of pictures of our planet and the reason they say they can do this is because it is a holograph. that this is it. which I thought was very interesting in your book about how you will know.

they’re seeing things in their peripheral vision. the entire body will experience all emotion. you will think of somebody and they will immediately call you. and they’ll look and it isn’t there of course. what we call spirit. you will also be able to see spirit. or they felt something. many of us are already in the 4th dimension and its consciousness Patte : How does it look different then the 3rd dimensional consciousness? Alex : Color. As opposed to – you know just feeling it in a certain part of our body. and it will become more and more [music in background] prevalent – is this another break? Patte : Yeah [both laugh] Patte : We’ll be be right back in a moment. weather its the heart. they’ll see things walk by them. you will begin to experience more telepathy. the mind. go past them. Telepathy. the throat. in other words those kind of things will become more and more physical. they’ll see things in the room. but to the peripheral vision they know they saw something. the solar plexus. this is great stuff. which is really just another dimension.Alex Collier On The Next Dimension Alex : Well according to the Andromedans. many people can – are already beginning to experience this. its color its frequency its sound. the first thing that will strike us will be the different in colors. in other words. but to us on a physical level. the whole body will humm. You will actually begin to hear other peoples thoughts about you.this is. we’ll be back with Alex Collier in a moment . it will also be a difference in the depth of emotional experience Patte : Depth of emotional experience Alex : Experience… If the body. we will also. directed to towards you. it will vibrate.

in. That’s why some of the ancient— some of the people in India can actually do a meditation and literally levitate themselves Patte : Right Alex : Because they raise the frequency of their atoms to make themselves light. whether its an emotion. peoples physical form. and that’s why he begins to levitate [Patte talks over] Patte : But where would he go? would there be people in the 3rd dimension at the same time that somebody are like. the 5th dimension or we will all be interacting on the same plane. because as we move through 4th into 5th we will actually see pictures. Whether its an experience. and you will know exactly what it is. will rotate at a higher frequency. of what’s causing the blockage. and you were just telling me things like telepathy and beginning to see spirits Alex : Yes. to see what we would call spirit. or will people kind of all be in the 4th . for instance if I’m 3rd dimension will I have people that I can see and work with that are in 4th dimension. and we’ll be able to walk through physicality because as we evolve the atoms that make up our physical form which is held together by intent. who is talking about some of the changes we’re experiencing.Alex Collier On The Next Dimension [commercial break] Patte : Hi this is Patte Purcell welcome back to the next dimension my guest is Alex Collier. Which means we become less and less dense. from going from the 3rd to the 4th. 4th to the 5th dimension. we will be able to really help each other as well as ourselves. you will see it. also Patte my understanding is that as we move through it you’ll be able to look at people and you will automatically see physical dysfunctional in them.

they’re completely wide open and unless we continue to encourage that openness in them. Its going to be the children that are going teach us because they’re so wide open. with doing what I’m doing I meet some incredibly interesting people. they don’t understand why their physicality limits them because in their mind they’re wide open. they loose it. that recognition.Alex Collier On The Next Dimension dimension at the same time. and threes sometimes. That the children will be able to literally walk into 4th and 5th density and will come back to each their parents how to do it and to prepare them for what’s on the other side. and. some on the 5th dimension – is that – are they kind of these certain people that have certain abilities or are we all right now in the 4th dimension Alex : We all have it Patte : We all have it? . For example. They do not understand how they can see themselves in their minds doing it and they can’t do it physically. they start becoming like their parents. Patte : So we’re interacting. Some of these people have of course abilities like touch healing and psychic abilities and – are some of these people like say on the 4th dimension. and as you know toddlers go through terrible twos. and then they become you know. their past life. but physically they can’t do it. they dismiss it. we have a toddler. and then they begin to dismiss that part of their past. I’ve asked them about it and what he told me was is that the children become frustrated because they can remember their past life times and in their mind they see themselves doing something. and then all move into the 5th dimension at the same time? Alex : The scenario I was given by Moraney and Vasais is this that it would probably be the children first. Cause their minds are far advanced then their bodies – the physical form. and they get frustrated. and other challenges. cause its very interesting of course. I’m a dad.

I know we have to go. are some of us in the 3rd. and some of us in the 4th and some of us in the 5th but we’re all interacting at the same time. some of us are in the 4th. I believe there are four or five people people on the planet now that can literally go from 3rd to 5th one of them being Sai Baba. It’s a decision that people have to make you know. 1-888822TALK with Alex Collier [commercial / news break] . and it sounds easy but it isn’t Patte : Oh I know Alex : Its all based on programming and conditioning you know. You said something about the golden arches being aqua-marine or something [Alex and Patte laugh] Alex : Yeah we’ll get to that. take a news break. but lets talk about when we come back how does the fifth dimension differ from say the 4th. Patte : So are we all – well I guess my question is this – are we all in the 4th dimension right now or are we all.Alex Collier On The Next Dimension Alex : We [unclear] have to be ready to do it [??] but it’s a choice. Alex : Some of us are in the 3rd. How long is the break? Patte : Its just be a few minutes we’re going to take a news break so if you want to get up and stretch a little bit that’s fine and well be back in a moment. Patte : And the fifth dimension.

Alex Collier On The Next Dimension Patte : Hi this is Patte Purcell welcome back to the next dimension on talk America and our guest is Alex Collier we’re talking about now the difference between the 3rd. Yes. just— Alex : Yeah. 4th and going into the 5th dimension. that would be a great analogy. when you move from fourth to 5th density we’re talking about a color spectrum of 223 color sound frequencies so its more than double and it affects primarily the physicality the most Patte : In what way? Alex : Well there are colors that we’ve never seen before. there are things that (sigh) lets see. is a color and sound frequency made up of 72 different frequencies within 3rd density there are 72 levels of sound and color okay? Patte : Okay Alex : Now that’s what makes up our physicality. 4th dimension. what they were showing in ‘Contact’? when she went up their and on that other – I don’t know plant or whatever that she ended up going and it was so liquid and so vibrant?. Now when you move from there. its almost a wave. 5th density is more fluid. that would be an excellent analogy. . you move from 72 to 98 sound and color frequencies. it is so hard to describe Patte : Is it like in ‘Contact’ (the film)?. it is almost liquid. when you move into the 4th dimension which they say is primarily consciousness which affects the mind and everything associated with intent – and that’s a word they use a lot. its intent.. it is almost. 5th density is a color – what we know as 3rd density. there are colors. So what’s the difference between the 4th and 5th dimension? Alex : The biggest shift is the physicality.

its imperative that you know who you are because you will create what you think. I haven’t been able to explain it.Alex Collier On The Next Dimension Patte : I thought that was tremendous Alex : Yes. its like that. Does that have anything to do with it going more into a love vibration? Alex : I think so Patte : I guess we do have a take a break [both laugh] Alex : Your kidding . Where at that level things are much quicker – you don’t have the same element of time. or expression of thought and emotion to relay what it is that we’re going to be experiencing. it is so profound and its almost instantaneous that’s why its important to evolve. I can’t be angry with them anymore. and there’s an awesome responsibility associated with that. And I just wondered if that’s part of the shift to the 4th dimension. and I don’t know. you know we can do the same things here but there’s always that factor of time. and I can’t be real angry and all. the ability to create is incredible. to really know who you are you know when you more through the different levels to get to that place. Several years ago I guess I was very caught up in the conspiracy theory [laughing] okay. and the I guess the not so good feelings about the government and all of these things that were going on. its as as if were going to have to literally create an entire new vocabulary. Patte it is so hard to describe because there are no words here to describe the experiences. everything takes time here. all I can do is like love these people and feel this thing in my heart that um. Patte : I have a question for you. in fact you don’t even think about time and because your physical body is not so dense you will have longer life spans in a single physical form and gravity is different. and now I find myself unable to not. I’ve noticed this .

but we will be back and we have a caller holding and we we’ll have a question when we come back with Alex. I have to wear a belt though Patte : You have to wear a belt? Alex : When I go with them. because they’re from literally the 5th that’s where they are. that’s where their consciousness is. that allows me to be with them but still maintain a 3rd density body. because otherwise my atoms would just scatter Patte : Wow Alex : Yeah. never ending breaks. it creates a force field around my body. its pretty interesting Patte : I bet it is interesting [laughing] Alex : And they’ve been lots of times Patte I don’t want to come back . and unless this belt that will hold my atoms together what it does is – I put on this belt the moment I get on the ship and it literally puts. before we take our caller.Alex Collier On The Next Dimension Patte : No. we’re with Alex Collier we’ll be back in a moment [break] Patte : Hi this is Patte Purcell welcome back to the next dimension. Alex have you in being on the ship have you been in the 4th and the 5th dimension Alex : Yes I have.

on how bad things are here but if we go into ourselves and we have a peaceful centre in ourselves and we had Gregg Braden on last week who talked about the fifth mode [?] of prayer and they have digital proof that feeling when you pray. it’s hard to but you know. feeling the earth under your feet and praying rain and thanking God for that is the way that we change this. feeling the rain on your face. we are creating the outcome on this. then isn’t everybody basically a mirror of ourselves? so aren’t we mirroring back to ourselves what we believe? . isn’t that what were really here for? Alex : Yes ma’am it is.Alex Collier On The Next Dimension Patte : This isn’t the greatest place right now is it? [laughing] Alex : No. don’t you feel that we are here like on a mission to help bring this consciousness up. and if we focus our energies on what’s bad in the world that’s all we’re going to see and we focus our energy on the peace within this is what were going to create. and so what I was getting to with the hologram. We create. praying rain. at times. Patte : It is. you know we can put all our focus on. its just the resistance to change though. definitely frustrates me per say you know everybody talks about it but when it really comes down to making the change very few will walk the talk. Alex : That’s exactly right Patte : And so we really. smelling the rain as it hits the earth. its pretty depressing. Art by saying we’re in a hologram which I believe we are. you know its like. Patte : You know what I came to to believe after what I felt was a resistance thing for so several years its not about changing anybody else its about changing yourself because when you change yourself then you change your reality.

so many people aren’t even aware of what their thinking most of the time. and we’re not just being. I don’t Patte : We are one with all though aren’t we? Isn’t— Alex : Yes we are but we. humm. and easier said than done you know but.Alex Collier On The Next Dimension Alex : Yes. recognizing that we are all connected and that we are all one and that there is no separateness Alex : There isn’t Patte : And that whatever we’re seeing out there is a reflection of our thoughts and trying to maintain our awareness of that consciousness we do have. we are constantly creating ourselves over and over and over again. right its important to keep our head in the right place Alex : Well it is and its also important to be consciously aware of all of our thoughts you know. Patte : How about breaking ourselves of the habit? that’s probably. And um. Patte : Right. we’re not – somehow somewhere the teaching about self broke down and you know we’re not preparing our children to be fully integrated human beings. constantly are putting ourselves in self imposed loneliness and I don’t know how to break people of that habit. that’s how unaware of themselves they are. but we. And everything you think about will manifest or put you in a place of where your thinking you know. Go ahead did you have something to say Alex : I just said it was very well said . you know we’re not learning ourselves or teaching how to be at one with all.

Ed are you there [laughing] Ed : Yeah I’m here Alex : Are you still awake I cant believe it Ed : Of course I’m awake [Alex laughs] Patte there’s just not enough time in the next dimension Patte : I know! Ed : Alex with all the chemicals in our water such as fluoride. kind of beating down our consciousnesses and toxins etc.. We have Ed in Texas that has another question for us. what was the other part of that ? Ed : Well I was mentioning about fluorides . I wanted you to make a comment about the copper in our systems and how increasing the copper can restore some of our brain capacity and our nervous system capacity Alex : That’s a great question. the vibrational frequency of the body. and I’m talking about colloidal copper we know that’s absorbable into the blood stream what it does it creates an automatic seal to an electromagnetic energy which means that our brain frequencies and our brain capacity is less influenced by outside magnetic waves. to manipulate somebody’s thinking by technology it also means that you you will increase the frequency. and you know. in other words we were all blue bloods and by adding copper back into our diets.Alex Collier On The Next Dimension Patte : Oh thank you. Apparently our original physical form was copper based. which means that is very difficult brainwash. by adding this mineral because it itself vibrates and its directly connected to the planet. you mentioned that earlier. we got into other things and now your busy.

The greatest thing is that it opens and makes your nervous system vibrates at a higher level which means that the higher your nervous system vibrates the more soul. and you need this and you need that and we all know people who are like that. colloidal copper in their diet. its a terrible terrible thing. it basically shuts down many parts of the brain and almost totally shuts down psychic ability. they say well you need grounding. and I felt. your soul can attach to the physical body. you know Val Valerian at the Leading Edge website has done extensive research and a lot of others. For an example there are some people you will see that are just not in their bodies their not there okay. in will automatically help their soul ground to their nervous system it just means they’re not fully attached and the soul attaches to the physical body in the nervous system. you know. that’s what soul attaches Ed : Is that strictly colloidal or does that include cheatable copper also? Alex : Either. those are people. Ed : I wanted to put in another plug in for your book cause I’ve followed this extraterrestrial thing for years. city water and are still psychic. What they need is copper. .Alex Collier On The Next Dimension Alex : Oh fluoride Ed : About the hypocampus Alex : Yeah. and your book really hit inner source within me. But you know. fluoride water. what its doing to the body. Copper. by adding copper back into the diet as a mineral basically helps the body in all levels. I can’t wait for the next one to come out. Its amazing that some people you know drink a lot of water.

we’re going to have her on the show and she will tell us how to make it for pennies [laughing] Alex : Yes its not that difficult Patte : No. and [laughing] you know. For example colloidal silver is one of the best protections against virus and diseases its sounds like its pretty easy and she also advises using micro water. Ed : Thank you both so much Alex : Your welcome Ed Patte : Okay thank you we have to take a quick break again. We’ll be back in a moment with Alex Collier – Defending Sacred Ground. you know. more alkaline water to raise your frequency which is very interesting… Alex : There’s a lot of things that people can do and they’re very simple. the FDA wants to take it off the shelves they want it outlawed because it’s cheap it’s simple and all .Alex Collier On The Next Dimension Alex : Well hopefully it will just be in few months. 303-215-1923 if you’d like to contact Alex and www lettersfromandromeda. and other races that have come here. my guest this evening has been Alex Collier author of Defending Sacred Ground. [break] Patte : Hi this is Patte Purcell welcome back to the next dimension. to the system to help protect against electromagnetic frequencies which I find is real interesting because I met a doctor a couple of weeks ago that is out of Sedona. and next to nothing to do. it’s called Ancient Whispers and its the history of our solar system. I do want to mention that next week my guest will be Bart Smyth[sp?] on energetic healing and tai chi and also the author of ‘bliss is everywhere’ which is Mark Jones and you were talking about using or adding copper. colloidal water.

there’s always a price. you know they don’t want us to be educated so we can be self reliant. shelter and clothing Alex : Yeah Patte : Taking care of our children and everything that goes along with the more responsibility we abdicate to somebody. viruses cannot exist with the body with that stuff there.Alex Collier On The Next Dimension you got to do is get a jug of water throw a silver. Patte : [laughing] So anyway we have a just a few more minutes here and I would like just to give you an opportunity to give our listeners what message you would like to give to them from the Andromedans or anything that you think would be of a . a real silver coin in there and drink it and you know diseases. the more power they take over us. its about being sovereign Alex : Yeah it is Patte : Taking responsibility for ourselves. not working to big brother to provide us with food. We’ve complicated our lives way too much Patte : They want to make it look difficult but actually its very simple Alex : It really is. Alex : That’s exactly right. its about control Patte : Yes. and other things that people can take. you know the herbs. Its amazing that the knowledge that’s out there. self responsible. its real simple stuff. because if we’re all like that nobody has control over us. And that’s what its about.

I’ve had several threats. I’m creating my reality. and each one of us has to do it in our way. I’m responsible for myself. I really appreciate it. I mean you know. unfortunately we have to end on that note cause we’re up to a news break again. your creating your reality. and again. and vice versa. [end of show] . it was a wonderful show. and you know ladies and gentleman. thank you so much. and I’ve had a lot of challenges. I thank you and to all of my listeners and to you I say namaste the god in my salutes the god in you. please do not turn on each other.Alex Collier On The Next Dimension special important and also make sure to give your phone number and web site again okay. I’m not creating the guys reality down the street. I just want you to know that I really love our race. 303-215-1923 get his book. I would just like to just say something you know. he is Patte : Right Alex : And I’m not responsible for him. Patte : So search within right? Alex : Well that’s where it starts. we really need each other Patte : I guess. we need to make an investment in ourselves. Alex : Okay. You know there’s just not one way. its different for everybody and anybody that says ‘hey this is the way’. on behalf of myself. there’s no one person that has all the answers. there’s no one way to do it. I know what we can become. and we need to make some changes. you’re going to love it. and you know ladies and gentleman. but I can’t do it alone. I’ve been trying to share this information for 10 years. I’ve had a lot of security issues.

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