A year of dropping school

It was late when I realized what I missed and that time will never come back, the past has passed. School was the best time of my life. School is over now but some things that are still a part of me are the moments I spent with my friends and the ultimate happiness I got from them. Just like many others of my age, I had not entered the kitchen. Household work was over my head. But life took a sudden turn after I completed my grade 10. My mom fell terribly ill. The private hospitals refused to admit her due to her serious condition. They said she would not make it. Being the eldest daughter of the house, the challenge of taking over stood in front of me. I was all broken but my mom’s eternal love and encouragement made me set to face it. I faced a stark reality of dropping school for a year that changed me in many ways. Me being a sixteen year old girl, not knowing what and how a mother should be played the role of as mother to my mom and at the same time to my siblings and my new born sister. I did everything a mother would do for her. My sister learnt my smell and touch as a mother, she became like unto my own daughter. I cherished every moment I spent with her. I served the whole family like a “housewife”. Even though I was busy at home, I often visited school to meet my friends. I never thought dropping school would matter this much. I not only missed a year of schooling but also a part of my life, a part that was so dear to me. That year ended and I joined school once again. I ran to the school with happiness, without realizing the challenge that was waiting for me. I was in grade 11 but my friends had advanced a year, they were in grade 12 now. The unbearable fact that all my friends were still together, having the same fun and I felt like I was left alone in this world. Being at home had changed my mentality. I had to adjust to a new batch where I failed to make space among them as they already had their friend circle. Instead of being a disturbance to them I kept distance from them trying to cope up.

Today I would smile and say. They are the same as they were before but I had changed. I got a sister who was like a daughter to me. even after four long years my mom is still sitting beside me to love and encourage me ever again. “All’s well that ends well”. I have also managed to get back my place among my friends. Through the difficulties of life I learnt values and got the experience that many didn’t have yet. “Jako Rakhe Saiyan Maar Sake na Koi”. I even gained a lot. I have learnt not to break but to accept and fight the challenges of life. The end result being that. So in the words of Shakespeare. In a year when I lost a lot.Another year passed and my friends were off to college. . changed for good.

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