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DAILY LESSON PLAN Date 28/7/2013 Class 4 Mawar 1 Subject Science No of student 41 Duration 70 mins Time 11.15-1.

05 pm Students ability Weak

Topic Subtopic Objectives

: Nuclear energy : 6.3 The proper handling of radioactive substances : Understanding the awareness of proper handling of radioactive substances

Learning Outcome : By the end of this lesson, students should be able to: a) describe the correct way of handling radioactive substances and radioactive waste, b) Explain the need for proper handling of radioactive substances and radioactive waste.

c) Describe the types of radioactive wastes Scientific and Thinking Skills Pre-requisite knowledge : Observing, identifying, classifying, comparing and contrasting , analyzing, reasoning : Students should be already able to:

a) Explain Nuclear Fission, Nuclear Fusion and Uses of nuclear energy b) Explain about Chernobyl Disaster Teaching and learning approaches : 1) Recall the previous lesson in set induction 2) Guided learning and expository approach in the developmental phase

Teaching aids / technology Scientific attitudes and noble values

: Teaching Courseware Cd, Whiteboard, Power Point Presentation : Enthusiasm in learning, cooperative, Gathering information with patient, confidence, respect

Lesson plan activities Phase Content Teacher activities Teacher ask: View teaching courseware cd about and discuss the following: Induction Phase [ 5 minute] other nuclear disasters, Chernobyl nuclear disaster and Teacher randomly calls any name to explain. Confidence Discuss the following: Handling of radioactive Development phase ( 20 minit) substances and radioactive waste. 1. Teacher ask them to listen carefully 2. Teacher also show the animation nuclear fusion and nuclear fission 3. Teacher carry out activities in Teaching Courseware Cd Student look at the textbook while listen to teachers explanation. Moral Value Respect, Confidence, analytical thinking Teaching Courseware Cd. 1. Do you still remember about Chernobyls Disaster? 1. Answer the question given by the teacher Teaching Courseware Cd. Moral value Students activities Tools Note

Tools 2nd Development phase (20 minutes) Discuss and observe following: a) Images formed by a plane mirror, b) The characteristics of the image formed by the plane mirror. c) Images formed by convex and concave lenses. 1. Teacher show video animation of images formation by a plane mirror 2. Do some exercise in activity Teaching Courseware Cd Student takes note. Teaching Courseware Cd Thinks rationally

Closing and Reflection phase ( 15 minute)

1. give out summary conclusion on the whole topic that has been learned 2. Discuss handout.

Discuss the conclusion of the topic that has been learned during the session Discuss handout

Response to the question asks by the teacher Student discuss and answer

Handout Moral value Analytical thinking