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Shirley Pigott MD

301 Woodway
Victoria, Texas 77904
Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Executive Director Colonel Steven McCraw

Texas Department of Public Safety
P O Box 4087
Austin, Texas 78773-0001

Dear Colonel McCraw,

Dr. Eric Grosch, who spoke with you earlier today, asked me to send you a summary of my
case in response to your requests of him.

As a private primary care physician, having practiced in Victoria for 26 years, I am

concerned about the future of medicine, particularly as it relates to the impending shortage
of primary care physicians. For years I have fought for our survival. Our future is bleak
indeed, for a number of reasons, some of which are illustrated in the corruption I have
uncovered in Texas government and physician political organizations and the retaliation
against me I have experienced.

Those who would control medicine for their own financial benefit, such as the insurance and
pharmaceutical industries have placed persons in strategics positions, both to promote their
products and to retaliate against anyone who might stand in their way. Apparently I am a
sore thumb who needs to be cut off. While I am not certain who is behind retaliation
against me, I know how it is being expressed, and some of the players involved. Some of
them are in state agencies; their actions against me have been criminal.

The harm which has been done to me has been great and ongoing. The Executive Director
of the Texas Medical Board, Mari Robinson, whom I have openly alleged as being guilty of
multiple felonies has, as of March 24, 2009, destroyed my small 26 year old medical
practice. I have hard evidence, in altered DPS videos, that certain DPS officers, and the
District Attorney in Wharton County, are complicit with her. While some of the events I
relate may have happened "by chance", others have not been by chance at all. The
collateral damage imposed on my family has been great. After telling me, "You are going to
lose your medical license, go to prison, and bankrupt our family, my husband of 39 years,
committed suicide on January 7, 2008.

On September 29, 2007, I was stopped at night on Hwy 59 north, between El Campo and
Wharton, for speeding 9 mph over the limit. Two DPS officers frightened me, but refused to
allow me to go to the next lighted, populated area. Neither would either identify himself.
The second officer to arrive on the scene began breaking into my car with his heavy
flashlight after telling me he was going to break in and remove me by force. I have learned
by searching the Internet that this officer, DPS Sgt Daniel Terronez, has a long history of
violent behavior.

I told him I would flee if he began breaking into my car and that's what I did...directly into
the path of an oncoming 18-wheeler, which he had to have known was coming, because he
was facing it. I was almost killed. A high speed chase followed for the next 93 seconds.
Then, gaining some composure, I slowed to less than the limit and stopped within the city
limits of Wharton, where local law enforcement were waiting. I was arrested and spent the
night in jail. My car was seized without a warrant. My private financial information was
searched, without a warrant.

Three months later, a Wharton County Grand Jury indicted me for two counts of "fleeing
arrest with a vehicle". I was offered a plea bargain, dependent on my giving them my car.
I said, "No".

Nine months after the event, a new Wharton County Grand Jury indicted me for "aggravated
assault of a law enforcement officer in the line of duty, with a deadly weapon", the car I was
driving. Moments before I was handed the indictment, the DA again tried to get me to take
a plea bargain, and give them my car. By then, I knew their seizure of my car and their
search of my private financial information violated my 4th amendment rights which prohibit
unreasonable search and seizure. Giving them my car would deny me any right to appeal.
Again, I said, "No".

By this time I was practically at war with the medical board and had uncovered extensive
corruption, much of it involving its executive director, Mari Robinson. I documented a half
dozen or so felonies I was personally aware she had committed and wrote various persons
and committees with jurisdiction. I publicly identified her as being "next to go". There was
never any response from responsible individuals.

On February 6, 2009, at a regularly scheduled meeting of the medical board, during time
allotted for public testimony, I spoke before the whole board enumerating felonies of which
I was aware. There was no immediate response.

A couple weeks later, however, I received notice that the board intended to suspend my
license. There had been no new complaint and no new evidence on any of the several
complaints they had kept open on me for the last five years. ...only my testimony to the

Using an altered DPS video which showed the high-speed chase repeatedly, TMB staff
convinced a TMB Disciplinary panet that I was "mentally impaired" and that my conduct was
"dishonorable and unprofessional". With nothing whatsoever related to patient care in the
recent or distant past, they determined that I was a "continuing threat to the public health"
and suspended my license on an emergency basis. The next morning they sent a press
release to my hometown newspaper stating as much. The newspaper printed it word-for-

My practice is destroyed. My patients, some of whom have also been harmed greatly, are
either without medical care or have gone elsewhere.

Without the altered videos, this harm would have been more difficult to inflict. Not only
have I, my family, and my patients been harmed, if this corruption continues unchecked,
there will be no end in sight to the harm inflicted upon private citizens by state agencies in

Your department has jurisdiction. The health, safety, and lives of my fellow Texans are at
stake. I urge you to investigate and prosecute the guilty to the fullest extent of the law.

Shirley Pigott MD, Executive Director
Texas Medical Board Watch
361-652-9474 cell
361-894-6464 home


1) Information I have provided to Representative Geanie Morrison's office who was to meet
with your staff today.
2) Internet document which states a 22 year old unarmed Hispanic male was shot in the
back and killed while fleeing from DPS Officer Daniel Terronez
3) Copy of permanent injunction against DPS by the Southern District of Texas Federal
Court, requiring it to produce a DPS video it claimed to have lost.